"Perfect Love Will Bring About Obedience To GOD And Man, To Law And Order,
To Keep GOD'S Commands." --- FATHER DIVINE .



  1. Perfect Love Will Bring About Obedience To GOD And Man, To Law And Order, To Keep GOD'S Commands.
    For disobedience causes punishment by GOD and man and then you call for mercy when mercy cannot be found.
    'But if you do that which is just and right, you will not seek mercy. All you need is justice; and justice being your portion you would be blessed more than that which would actually be due you..."
    Message - Given June 23,1941; 4:45 P.M.
  2. "I Do Not Fight With The Sword That Perishes."
    'I have long since declared scripturally, The wages of sin is death but the gift of GOD is eternal life!"
    'Therefore, you may rest assured when you continue in your wild career of vice and crime and sin and debauchery of every kind, dishonesty, incompetence and untruth, you may rest assured retribution is sure to come to you! if not in one way it will another for crime does not pay!"
    New Day, July 9, 1949; P. 6-9 Message - Given June 29, 1949; 5:35P.M.
  3. "Tips, Gifts And Presents...That Is The Cause Of The Vice And Crime Among The Higher Ups."
    'A true follower of Mine would not give a racketeer and a grafter and an underminer of our City, State and Federal Government, a dime!"
    New Day, Mar. 31, 1951; P. 4 Message - Given Mar. 23, 1951; 4:50 P.M.
  4. Rid Yourselves Of All Individual Greediness and You Will Rid The Coming Generation Of All Graft And Greed.
    'The graft and greed that have caused all of the nations of the earth to be at war, it came through and by the little simple petty greed by individuals indulging the children as infants in being greedy and teaching them to be greedy." Note P. 9, testimony witnessing the beneficial effects of FATHER'S work abroad.
    New Day, May 21, 1960; P. 8-9 Message - Given Oct. 31, 1938: 1:00 A.M.
  5. "We Shall Have A citizenry Of Honesty, Of Competence And Of Truth"
    Note remarks of Mr. Wm. H. Kelly of the Pennsylvania Board of Parole, on P. 3.
    '...The Pilgrim Fathers came to this country seeking religious liberty, and I came to bring about this religious liberty and to develop this religious modesty, morality and character; to bring these qualities to fruition in the midst of this people..."
    New Day, Feb. 19, 1955; P. 3-4 Message - Given Feb. 11 1955; 5:28 P.M.
  6. Fulfillment of the prediction "HE shall magnify the Law." "I came to make the laws of GOD to be imputed to the laws of men, and that the laws of men might be translated from vice and from sin and from selfishness and corruption, that they all might be converted to truth and justice instead of to violence."
    New Day, July 7, 1938; P. 28-33 Message - Given June 28, 1938; 3:05 P.M.
  7. Unless they are licensed physicians, you may know they are fakes.
  8. The Justice of Peace and others must be governed by the Law of the Spirit of Life as given from the magnanimous Presence of the ALMIGHTY, from HIS omniscience, yet with HIS mercy and compassion for good of all humanity.""The traffic regulation must be controlled by the Master Mind in the future. They must get their laws and regulations to be handed down, even to the County officials.
    New Day, May 26, 1938; P. 5-10 Message - Given May 20, 1938; 3:10 P.M.
  9. How Can Men Succeed When They Continually Create Destruction By Destroying Things For The Sustenance Of The Body And The Redemption Of Mankind?
    '...Men speak of the brutality of the different nationalities! You can be brutal by being destructive!"
    '...there are laws, rules and regulations under our constitution, in violation to the constitution. Such laws, rules and regulations we are not endorsing!"
    New Day, June 16, 1938; P. 19-22 Message - Given June 3, 1938; 3:15 A.M.
  10. I Shall Curb Adult Delinquency, By So Doing I AM Curbing Child Delinquency.
    '...Child delinquency can be curbed by curbing the cause and the effect together, by giving the whole nation a new birth of freedom under GOD!"
    New Day, June 13, 1964; P. 17-20 Message - Given Dec. 11, 1945; 10:30 P.M.
  11. Trying To Get Something For Nothing. Re: flimflammers.
    'I have put MY Spirit in these, MY adherents, and millions of others, and I have caused them to walk in MY statutes! Where they once were thieves and robbers and bandits and every kind of an ill famed person, I have put MY Spirit in them and made them super-honest."
    New Day, May 26, 1951; P. 10-11,14 Message - Given May 19, 1951; 9:50 P.M
  12. I Have Magnified (The Law) and Caused it to Be Honored by Millions, While There Are Those Who Are Dishonoring the Constitution and Undermining the Foundation of Our Democracy.
    '...I have, and AM still holding revivals of Americanism by the spirit of GOD within them, by causing them to imbibe the spirit and the meaning of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence."
    New Day, July 23, 1966; P. 15-1`7 Message - Given June 28, 1942; 11:55 P.M.
  13. Subject: Crusade Against Juvenile Delinquency.
    New Day, Mar 14, 1953; P. 27-28 Interview - Given Mar. 6, 1953; 2:35 P. M
  14. Statement by FATHER DIVINE Feb. 14, 1954; 2:45 A.M., To HIS followers and the general public re: cooperating with the police department in bringing and end to crime. New Day, Feb. 20, 1954; P. 15
  15. International Gangster Converted and Inspired by the Spirit of FATHER'S Ever Presence, Now Commissioned to Preach the Gospel.
    New Day, Mar. 24, 1951; P. 3-4 Message - Given Mar. 19, 1951; 4:53 P.M.
  16. Underlying Cause Of Strikes In This Country Cause of the war in Korea. Subversive elements trying to undermine the foundation of our government.
    New Day, Feb. 10, 1951; P. 3-4 Message - Given Feb. 6, 1951; 5:12 P.M.
  17. The Carnal Mind Is Enmity Against GOD.
    RE: prisons can't really make men decent citizens unless they are changed.
    'They must have a change of mind and be convinced and convicted to that degree so as to see and know what they have thought and have done was wrong."
    New Day, Feb. 16, 1952; P. 20-21 Office talk - Given Feb. 7, 1952; 5:45 P.M.
  18. Re: Capital Punishment. 'It is a matter of impossibility to stop crime by capital punishment."
    'The fundamental of whom you say I AM, is the only thing and the only ONE that can prohibit or prevent vice and crime. Killing a man will not prohibit that spirit from going on, for as he is translated from one, he goes to another...more operative and more effective..." "Relax the conscious mentality - the great essential. - FATHER DIVINE
    New Day, Apr. 11, 1959; P. 8, 10 Message - Given Nov. 15, 1934; 1:50 P.M.
  19. International Gangster Converted and Inspired by the Spirit of FATHER'S Everpresence Now Commissioned to Preach the Gospel.
  20. Capital Punishment Profiteth Nothing In The Act Of Curbing Crime For The Same Spirit Will Get In Others.
    New Day, Jan. 12, 1939; P. 61-63 Message - Given Jan. 7, 1939; 1:10 p.m.
  21. We Mean To Implant In The Hearts And Lives Of The Youngsters...The true Expression Of Patriotism And Real Boy Scoutism. New Day, Feb. 12, 1966; P. 6 Message - Given Dec. 29, 1940; 9:27 P.M.
  22. Crime, Confession and Surrender Re: a young man, after being impelled to confess to FATHER, willingly gives himself up to the law. 'I have often said, when a person confesses and forsakes his sins and GOD has forgiven him, the very gates of the other place' cannot prevail against you, for you have been supremely emancipated from the sins committed and are no longer under that penalty." New Day, June 25, 1955; P. 9-11, 14 Interview - Given June 14, 1955; 4:35 A. M.
  23. FATHER DIVINE Solves Strike Problems.
    New Day, Feb. 2, 1963; P. 24-25 Feature Article - by Staff Writer
  24. "Take cognizance of this message, all little children ...those who are going to school the next morning, early; not only those who are called followers of MINE. But since I AM universal by nature and impersonal in characteristics, I say all children, for your own sake and for the sake of those with whom you are concerned, you should retire at night not later than ten o'clock."
    New Day, Oct. 15, 1949; P. 4 Message - Given Oct. 9, 1949; 4:55 A.M..
  25. I Shall Demand The Enactment And Enforcement Of The Lindbergh Law Upon Those Lynch-Mob-Violent Leaders And Their Representatives.
    'Wheresoever there is lynch mob violence in evidence and they take a man from one place to the other, they have kidnapped him even if they do not lynch him!"
    Re: the leaders in this government who directly or indirectly endorse and encourage lynch-mob violence and its horrible slaughter of innocent victims.
    New Day, Dec. 16, 1943; P. 1-4 Message - Given Dec. 13, 1943; 3:45 P.M.
  26. "I AM MY Law Personified"
    Note letter dated May 5, 1958. Philadelphia suggests FATHER offer HIS services to the City. "...I have entered in where the door is shut and I have made MY law of righteousness, of honesty, of truth and of justice the standard for all governments universally."
    New Day, Dec. 16, 1961; P. 13 Letter - Dated June 26, 1958
  27. When You Say "Judge Your Honor" You May Know You Are Speaking To GOD From The Angle Of Jesus As The Judge'
    '...The officials who will not judge the people with equity...they shall be impeached or dethroned or thrown out of office..."
    New Day, Nov. 29, 1958; P. 6-8 Message - Given Feb. 15, 1939; 3:20 P.M.
  28. FATHER'S Work In Advancing Integration.
    New Day, July 27, 1957; P. 17 Remarks - Given July 17, 1957; 7:23 P.M. By a New York City school teacher
  29. "We are endeavoring to get the good that is in GOD, and in a righteous and just- thinking people, into politics and into our governmental affairs, that the government might be run by righteousness, truth and justice transmitted from the Almighty."
    New Day, June 30, 1938; P. 16-25 Message - Given June 18, 1938; 9:30 P.M.
  30. "I Shall Clean Up The City...And All Communities Wherein I Preside."
    'The law is for the lawless and prison is the place for criminals!"
    'I AM backing the police department up in cleaning out this city and all other cities, of criminals who commit vice and crime and sin and debauchery of every kind."
    New Day, Aug. 26, 1950; P. 14-15 Message - Given Aug. 15, 1950; 4:35 P.M.
  31. Contributing to child delinquency, etc. Re: One who is publicly reprimanded for deserting very small children.
    '...Our work is not for the purpose of catering to child delinquency, neither for the purpose of catering to adult's delinquency."
    New Day, Aug. 16, 1952; P. 17 Important announcement - Made Aug. 8, 1952; 2:44 A.M.
  32. Re: child labor law detrimental to American children; children should be trained to be industrious, practical and profitable as well as seeking merely an education prepared to be practical and constructive, not destructive.
    'Train a child in the way he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it."
    New Day, Feb. 16, 1963; P. 4-5 Message - Given June 24, 1940; 3:16A.M.
  33. Subject:. Giving children money.
    '...so many of the children are being taught and given money to spend unnecessarily. It is the satisfying portion for graft and for greed..."
    New Day, Apr. 15, 1944; P. 17 Office Talk - Given Apr. 11, 1944; 4;10 A.M.
  34. GOD Requires Such Sacrifices As In The Days Of Old. Re: the number racket, sweepstakes, and various systems of gambling.
    '...I stopped millions from playing the numbers, from the sweepstakes and from other systems of gambling, from the petty crap shooter on the street corner to the gambling in the stock markets and other systems of gambling and racketeering..."
    New Day, Dec. 10, 1955; P. 4-5 Message - Given Apr. 17, 1941; 3:45 p.m.
  35. Capital Punishment Profiteth Nothing in the Act of Curbing Crime For the Same Spirit Will Get In Others
  36. We Will Cooperate With the Police Department Continually


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