"It (The Peace Mission) Is More than an Organization. It Is an Organism.
It Is a Living Organism That Is Going On."

"If All People Abroad Could See this Peace Exemplified, All Nations Would Learn to Love Their Brother,
and Again I Thank Father and Thank You All."


Figurine on The Great Bronze Door of The Shrine to Life at
The Mount of the House of the Lord.

Figurines on The Great Bronz Door of The Shrine to Life atThe Mount of the House of the Lord.



Remarks of Archbishop W. H. Francis


"Peace, FATHER DIVINE: Peace, Angels and Children: One would be very ungrateful and very unmindful of one's duty not to respond to the kind Words of FATHER DIVINE, if they did not arise on this occasion just to say a few words in appreciation of being here tonight.

Archbishop Francis: "Some of you are getting used to our coming here. I have been coming quite regularly for three short years, and I hope that I may come with you, but not to be counted with years, for with FATHER DIVINE and His people, years are not to be counted. In a world that is so full of trouble, anxiety, so sin-sick and so mentally sick, it is a great privilege and pleasure to be able to come to this Oasis, this one lovely Island of sweet, winsome smiles and exquisite courtesy...It is the one place where we can begin to look forward to a New Day ...a New Day where all can be free and equal as we have seen it so beautifully exemplified in the love and Spirit that we see exemplified, that you are imbibing from the Wonderful Spirit of your FATHER DIVINE.

"I am always so happy to come here. I am so happy to see so many faces that I am beginning to know you. I am so happy to see you smiling, so happy to see you imbibing the Truth that FATHER is teaching you. It is a great privilege, as I said before, to have this opportunity to grow up in this Organization. It is more than an organization. It is an organism. It is a living organism that is going on; that is leavening the lump in this cruel and hard world.

"When we see what is happening abroad in Japan, China and other places and see the chaos and brutality in the world, and see that little Word, that sweet, living Word that FATHER has taught you, conscientiously, and I must say truthfully, I count it a privilege to come here, and to see the full meaning of 'PEACE.' This is the only place that I can see that little word properly exemplified and properly lived. If all people abroad could see this PEACE exemplified, all nations would learn to love their brother, and again I thank FATHER and thank you all for your kind, winsome smile and I hope that you all will go from here, as you go out from here with your exquisite courtesy to show the world what FATHER DIVINE has shown you.

"Again I thank you so much. PEACE!"

20 West 115th Street, NYC, N. Y. October 9, 1937 A.D.F.D.









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