A Trip to Heaven and a Glimpse of God

A Vision of True Holiness





The Transfiguration of FATHER DIVINE.
'The Body of Glory"
Testimony of Mr. Elias J. Diana."

A portion of The Great Bronze door of The Shrine to Life at
The Mount of the House of the Lord.

A portion of The Great Bronze door of The Shrine to Life atThe Mount of the House of the Lord.



In 1948, in Nice, on the French Riviera, I was given a "SPOKEN WORD", an old issue from the thirties, where weekly messages and activities of the Religious Leader were expounded. I did not know then who Father Divine was. But I managed to read an article in that issue which captured my interest. The title was: "A trip to Heaven and a Glimpse on God." This was the first of two parts, and I was left hanging, and eager to read the rest of the story. But there was no way for me to find out, I was in France and the copy of the magazine I had in my hands dated from the middle thirties. Yet my mind was impressed.

So much so, that in 1956, being in Philadelphia, at FATHER DIVINE's headquarters I inquired about those "Spoken Words". They had, on South Broad Street, at 507, a library dedicated to the activities of the Movement. And there, as I remembered the date of the issue I was looking for, eight years later, I found the second part of the article. It was wonderful.

As I read, the story continued. Three Brothers in Christ, from the Church, were at Krum Elbow, a New York State property FATHER DIVINE was visiting at the time. It was a rural place with a farm and animals. The brothers asked about FATHER and were told He was at the barn. As they came in through the door, FATHER was climbing a ladder going to the upper level. He must have heard the brothers come in, but did not turn His Head. He stopped climbing, and suddenly HIS WHOLE BODY SHONE LIKE THE SUN. Light was emanating from HIS WHOLE BEING. The brothers fell on the floor. This lasted for a while, it felt like being lost in Infinity. There was no sense of time. Later on discussing it between themselves it was confirmed they all had seen and felt the exact same Vision. But it was more than that, they had seen, and had been engulfed in The GLORY OF GOD.

I understood why I had been attracted to the article years before. Since my teen age years and going through that devastating period of history in Europe, my desire had been to find a Purity of Life that would obliterate the cruel reign of man. And I had found the Answer in FATHER DIVINE. Not only His Teaching lifts you out of the quagmires and misunderstandings of human beliefs, but gives you a Vision of The Glory GOD has in reserve for you and the rest of the True and Faithful. It is in the Scriptures. He did not come only to establish you in a peaceful human environment, but HE IS HERE to change you from nature to Grace, not only spiritually but mentally and physically as well.

The Reality is, we are Spiritual BEINGS, embodied. And this means we do not demonstrate the shortcomings manifested by the Adamic which is a travesty of the Real. It is truly Wonderful and Uplifting. THANK YOU FATHER. Elias J. Diana- March 5,2003.

P. S.- A few years ago, in Los Angeles, at the Peace Mission where we live, we had the visit of a Brother from Sydney, Australia- Stan Archer. As we were talking about our respective experiences, I told him about that article in the "Spoken Word". And he, too, had read it in the thirties and was still impressed with it. We both rejoiced .... More than fifty years had passed, and we felt this was a preview of things to come. EJD


The two page article Mr. Diana referred to is herein reprinted from The Spoken Word of Saturday, July 13th, 1936.
by Arthur H. Howland
Reprinted from The Spoken Word of Saturday, July 18th, 1936, pages 10 and 11.


One of the oldest towns in the country Kingston was named "King's Town" in honor of the King of England, before the Revolution. Many of the deeds recorded in the County Clerk's office go straight back to the King, and land being deeded or "granted" by him personally to the recipient. Now the New KING has a residence there, and His followers are calling the place "King's Town" again.

The buildings on the Kingston Estate.

It is a staid, pleasant town. And turning a sharp corner, over a small bridge, a steep narrow street winds around to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Here are enormous lofty trees, elm, oak, rolling lawns, pleasing views. But the Residence itself is so amazing that a description is difficult. Every habitation is an "expression" of the spirits dwelling within. And it is difficult to believe that there is anywhere on this planet a more complete expression of "Perfection" than underneath the roof of this Kings-town Kingdom.

On 115th Street, (referring to the New York City Extension) the outer world seems to crowd in too close. The halls and rooms and offices are filled day and night with bodies-so many and so in motion that it is easy to miss the sense of heavenly orderliness. Of course in FATHER'S own office there is always a deep, perfect peace, and in the adjacent office. But upstairs and down, in and out, there is movement and sound.

There are occasional conjectures that FATHER may be planning to transfer His main headquarters to Kingstown. If He does this, there will doubtless be activity and something like bustle. But, as at Sayville the heavenly restfulness remains, so it will ever be at Kings Town. All the surroundings help to bring Heaven's Peace to the earth plane.

One hesitates to attempt a description of that interior. The sisters, especially, will be tempted to think we are exaggerating. They will say no actual dwelling made of real lumber and masonry, could be so perfect. Well, let them go and see for themselves. The Angel in Charge laughed, about it.

"Yes," she said, "someone asked me where we would have a place just to toss things-odds and ends. I, told them, there isn't going to be any such place." -and there isn't. Dining-room after dining-room, kitchen after kitchen, bed-rooms, dormitories, gardens; from bottom to top of the house and throughout the garden and lawn, nothing out of place, nothing unpolished or rumpled.

"See FATHER'S apartments first," said the,.angel. Then opening a door -'This is FATHER'S Dining Room."


A sparkling table, snow white linen, gleaming silver and glassware. Places set for forty or more guests. Tufted chairs. Just FATHER'S banquet hall.

Off the dining-room a small office, then another office near this. Across the hall- "Now this is FATHER'S Office."

It begins to look as if, with the expansion and extension of His Universal Kingdom, FATHER is willing to reveal more splendor. All His other offices have seemed less fitting, less appropriate. This one is adequate. The King's Office, in the King's Palace.


"And here is His bed-room," said the Angel. "Come all the way in-" I suppose. we were holding back, scarcely daring to enter. We followed her in, standing in the quiet, beautiful room-all ready for HIS occupancy.

Out into the hall, peering into other bed-rooms, all sumptuously furnished. Then-"And here is 'Mother's Room.'" A large, gracious, peaceful, beautiful room.

Then to the upper floors. The third floor for sisters, the fourth for brothers. Every room a delight.

Down in the basement, then. Not the basement, but the floor on a level with lawn and garden. Here is another banquet hall; the hall for the workers and guests. The U-table all set for FATHER and HIS friends-room for forty or fifty here. And a kitchen adjoining. I had forgotten to mention that there is a kitchen, too, off from FATHER'S Own Banquet Hall. All equipped for service and work.

That made two kitchens, we had already seen-and not a thing out of place yet. A fire was burning slowly and cleanly in the range in the basement kitchen, and hot biscuits had just been taken from the oven and were steaming on the table.

Out into the little strip of yard dividing the main building from the long building in the rear. And here wonder of wonders, is another banqueting-room. This is evidently the real Banqueting House for the multitudes of the Followers when they assemble. About two hundred seated here-every place set. One could imagine the place filled with the songs and shouts of the faithful and the blest. And behind this dining room too, another kitchen, with low fire alive in the range And again, nothing out of place.

Upstairs here are the quarters for the brothers employed in house and farm. Mr. Lamb took us up here and as we went down the corridor he opened one door after another and looked in-like an officer inspecting his ship. But the brothers were ready, sure enough. Not a thing out of place; beds neatly made; desks in order. And in every room, a picture of FATHER, and the sense of His Presence.

Out on the lawn again we find Sister Peace Dove, who is building a cottage at a corner of the lawn. She shows us happily through this. We all sense that hers is but the first of a big series of happy dwellings that will cluster around this and other kingdom centers in the Promised Land.

Then on our way back to the city -Mr. Lamb wishing we had made it a point to visit Brother Joseph's farm, from which he said the mountain view was more beautiful than at any other spot.

So rolling again ,over the state highways and trying to steady our mind to take in the wonder of all we had seen and heard and particularly to interpret for ourselves life the marvelous Vision we had seen.

For this is what had happened.


The Transfiguration

Back at the Stone Ridge Farm House, after FATHER had left the table, we went out into the yard planning our departure. We could see FATHER walking about, quietly looking over this piece of work and that, conferring, planning. Then He seemed to be out near the barn.

The Stone Ridge Farm, Manor House




Then we did not see Him. Someone said He had gone into the barn.

We all felt we must see Him before leaving to thank Him for the visit and for the interview. Mr. Lamb, particularly wished to get instructions as to whether he was to leave with us or stay, and to learn the plans about going to New Rochelle, where a banquet was being served and , Father awaited. It was at this time probably a little before three o'clock

We went to the barn. Mr. Lamb first, I following. Andrew Peace behind me. Mr. Honaeel did not come until a few minutes later.

A plain flight of barn stairs led from the floor to a room above. All about the barn were the ordinary things one always sees-implements, bits of harness, pots of paint-just a barn. And halfway up the stairs, a figure standing still. FATHER was wearing that day His light gray suit, young-man style, with pleated back. His left foot was on a lower step His right foot resting on the step above. He was motionless, His face turned towards us.

Then there was no barn, no stairway .There was only the Mount of Transfiguration. And the Light shining from His Face.

I remember gasping "Oh, FATHER"

I was thoroughly conscious, thoroughly rational, thoroughly aware of all that was going on. The familiar objects about the barn came back. I even tried to analyze that Light that still shone on FATHER'S Face. I didn't want anybody afterward to say I had been fooled. That Light, where did it come from? Oh, it was In Him. And shining from HIM. Mr. Lamb said that the Light seemed to him to come from FATHER'S whole body. Mr. Honaeel who came in after we had been standing there three or four minutes, said, too, that the Light came from FATHER'S whole body, but particularly from His Face, and from His Eyes. Brother Peace said he was not conscious of a light but to him FATHER seemed to be standing not in the barn but as if poised above His whole Universe.

I can only repeat what the others told me and tell you what I myself saw. I saw Light: a Light that came not only from His Eyes, but from His Whole Face. a Light, I tell you, that blazed from His Eternal Spirit into my soul.

Then we were aware that He was speaking to us. It was of earthly things He talked, but the Voice was like no earthly voice. It seemed to come from very far away. Indescribably soft and gentle. His Voice seemed almost to be a part of the Light. He said they were expecting Him at New Rochelle; that He had not yet decided about going. But that some representative should be there. To Mr. Lamb this seemed a definite order that we should be on our way. Brother Peace and I were dumb. Brother Honaeel lingered a moment or two after we left the barn. He wanted to thank FATHER for the visit. He told us later that he did venture to creep up the stairway-but something about FATHER made him feel sure He did not wish to be disturbed--or even spoken to. So he came .away-and in a few more minutes we were on the road.

I still cannot figure out what the Vision meant to me. I believe it will be interpreted in due time-.

But one thought I have had- Although it was a barn, many things in it suggested a Carpenter Shop. Perhaps upstairs was the actual carpenter shop, where the carpentry for the entire farm is done.

Could it be, I wondered-that He was making a little Visit to the Old Carpenter Shop-and wished to be alone there-with His thoughts-and His memories?








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