"The Constitution and its Amendments Have Been Drafted for the Purpose of
the Protection of the American People.

"The Constitution and its Amendments Stand as a Sword, as a Protection for You
Against Those Things That May Rise in Opposition to the Constitution Against You.

"We Are as Much Politically-minded and Constitutionally-minded
as We Are Biblically Minded." --- FATHER DIVINE

FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given Whilst at The Banquet Table,
King's Town Mansion, The Promised Land, N.Y.,
Saturday, May 6TH, 1939 A.D.F.D., TIME : 12:13 PM


with Bishop Simms

with Bishop Simms.





FATHER's lecture follows the song HE just sang before rising to speak,

'Out Of My Mouth Goes A Two Edged Sword; With It I Smite The Nations.'

Peace, everyone!

That little thought, as brought out in the composition and in the message as given, is well worth considering. I am sure there are millions and millions under this great democracy who have never stopped to consider it- the significance of the sword by which you are protected.

Politically, it has been understood, you are under the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments and the Constitution and its Amendments guarantee many things concerning your present existence- your protection, your liberty, your privilege and your prosperity- they have guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is plain to see, as I afore said: that as it is your protection, it is as the angel which stood as placed in the Garden of Eden to keep the way of the tree of life with the sword. Can you not see the mystery? Then the Constitution and its Amendments have been drafted for the purpose of the protection of the American people under this great republic, and men should live under the constitution politically according to the Constitution and its Amendments.


Some Laws Must Be Verified

For this cause there are laws, rules and regulations under the Constitution which must be verified by the Constitution before they can be recognized as constitutional. The constitutionality of many of the laws has been questioned. Many of the different rules and regulations in and under the Constitution are in violation to the Constitution. Men makes laws, rules and regulations at time prejudicially and maliciously. They make laws that might be set up as an allegation of antagonism to different individuals, for the purpose of carrying out the purpose and the plans of some special individual, but when you try these laws and ordinances and transcend the special state or county in which these laws are enacted, and carry the law on up to Congress and then to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the Federal Court, and they are passed upon and found out whether they are constitutional or unconstitutional, they can be verified then and only then, as being legitimate.

They may be classed as legitimate until the time comes when such laws shall have had the acid test, as we may term it to be. When such laws shall have gone to the Federal Court of the land and been sieved out and tested by the spirit of analyzation, by measuring such laws and weighing such laws on the Scale of Justice - the Constitution and its Amendments - when you see such laws are not constitutional, then and only then can you actually defy such laws justifiably, because you are not sure whether they are constitutional or unconstitutional until this test has been brought to the surface, unless you know the Constitution whereby such laws are in violation to the Constitution. But it is a privilege to know, under the Constitution and its Amendments, politically and nationally you are protected.


For Posterity

The Constitution and its Amendments guarantee life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and it paves out the way for your posterity, that you in the future, as reincarnated, as they may take you to be, in your descendants, might come forth into expression with the protection that the Constitution has given, from the signing of the Constitution, for the future, even as your posterity shall have come into expression. Oh, it is something to consider!

The Constitution, as a foundation and as the legalizer and as the adjuster of laws, rules and regulations, was drafted for the people, by the people, that they might live under the Constitution and according to the Constitution and have something to go by as a sample and as an example for other laws and ordinances that will be drafted from time to time under the Constitution.

Then I say, the Constitution and its Amendments stand as a sword, as a protection for you against those things that may rise in opposition to the Constitution against you, that you might have some protection under the Constitution whereby you might resort to when you find oppositions rising against you. Can you not see the mystery?

Then I say, it is a privilege to live in this democracy politically and nationally under the Constitution knowing that the Constitution and its Amendments will be your protection over and above every rule and regulation, over and above every opposition when the rules and regulations and oppositions are in violation to the Constitution. That is your hope and that is your redemption, to be under the Constitution and know that you are living, working and acting from every angle expressible constitutionally, and living exactly according to the Constitution from every angle expressible. Then under the Constitution and by the Constitution and its Amendments you are protected. That is the mystery.


Access For Expression

That is the political phase of it, hence it gives you an access for expression under the Constitution according to My teaching, to serve GOD to the dictates of your own conscience, through which way you will have an access to get out into true spirituality and in the act of bringing forth the Christ within you to fruition. That is the mystery for which the Constitution has granted you this privilege to serve GOD to your conscience's dictation, to your highest intuition's leading, that you might be able to bring to fruition within, that Christ that has been lying dormant from your earliest existence, and manifest perfection to humanity.

Then I say, under the Constitution of this democracy I came, and know within MYSELF that the Constitution and its Amendments, through men living according to the Constitution, they could advance the Christ within as well as externally in their consideration and bring forth the Christ to fruition that would give them and others victory over all undesirable conditions as the redeemer and savior of all humanity.

This is the work of your savior, His mission and His daily activities under the Constitution, paving out the way for the inhabitants of the earth, the true and the faithful, that they might express undisturbed the very spirit and the meaning of GOD's actual Presence among them, without being molested from any angle expressible.


The Keynote To Salvation

In other countries you are not privileged to serve GOD to the dictates of your own conscience, for they have laws, rules and regulations by which you must go, but in and under this democracy, as it is a democracy, you have been granted the freedom of assemblage and the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. You have been granted the privilege to serve GOD to the dictates of your own conscience- that is the keynote to salvation by which you can follow the paved way your Savior has come in the act of bringing the Christ to fruition within, as the Redeemer and the Savior of men.

Then I say, copy after the this fashion I have shown you under this democracy, and each of you will eventually be emancipated from barriers and limitations of every adverse and undesirable condition, even emancipated from conventionality, from the mortal versions of men, from every angle expressible, and have your real emancipation and live eternally with and within your Savior.

Jesus said:"If you abide in me and let my words abide in you, you may ask what you will, it shall be done unto thee."

Then I say, you should abide in ME and let ME abide in you, and whatsoever you may desire of ME, that will I do. Then that is the mystery of the Presence of GOD under the Constitution and the significance of this democracy and this Constitution and its Amendments under which we are living, that the Christ might be brought to fruition within His people where they would not and did not and have not had the privilege to bring the Christ to fruition within them in other countries. Can you not see the mystery ?


Christ Coming To America

Then I say, it is a privilege beyond measure through MY condescension to come to America! Can you not see the mystery? Christ went to Nazareth that He might be called a Nazarene and to America that He might be called an American. Can you not see the mystery ? And under the American form of government, as they may call it, but as a real democracy, we stress you are privileged to serve GOD under the Constitution to the dictates of your own conscience. By being conscientious and sincere in all your activities, you will bring the Christ within to fruition, if you are governed by your highest intuition and will move volitionally according to the dictates of your own conscience. That is the mystery.

By this, the identical Christ that did have victory over death, "the other place", and the grave, will be in you, as being termed you, and you will have the same, such as He had in His own Personal Name. That is the mystery of overcoming.

Then I say, live in this recognition and build upon this foundation continually, and when men come to curse you or curse the movement or curse ME politically, you can have your flaming sword-- I mean the two-edged sword, the Constitution and its Amendments- glittering as bright as the intellectual ability of man can explain it, glittering and spangling at them; and when they come to curse you, as they do men who are trying to live evangelically, they will see you expressing under the Constitution and they will be obliged to say, as others have said concerning ME and MY activities, "They are constitutionally minded." Can you not see the mystery ?


They Cannot Do a Thing

They will be obliged to fall back as Balaam's donkey did when they had been forced by Balak to go down and curse Israel. Can you not see the mystery? When Balaam's donkey saw the Angel which typifies any one of you as representatives of the Movement, having the Constitution and its Amendments glittering as sparkling and spangling with a clear deliverance concerning the mystery and speaking nationally and politically, scientifically and accurately, they will be obliged to fall back from it! They just cannot do a thing! They cannot do anything politically when you have the political sword! They just cannot do a thing! They cannot do anything politically when you have the political sword! Can you not see the mystery?

And when they come to you religiously from the divers religions and organizations, as spiritual representatives, you can have also another sword which is the Sword of the Spirit- the Word of the Living GOD. And each of these swords are two-edged because they cut both ways. Can you not see the mystery?

Then they cannot hinder you and they cannot harm you! They cannot offend you and they cannot do their performance, for GOD HIMSELF will have all dominion and it is a matter of impossibility for HIM to be hindered. That is what it is all about!

Hence, you are well equipped with the Sword of the Spirit. They may have thought you would have been partially equipped with the Sword of the Spirit, as representatives of a religious movement apparently; but they did not know you would be equipped with the Sword of the nation- the Constitution and its Amendments- as your protections. Can you not see the mystery?


Politically and Constitutionally Minded

But we are as much politically minded and constitutionally minded as we are Biblically minded and Evangelical in our endeavors. GOD would not be GOD if HE was bound to the Evangelical world alone, or bound to the Spiritual world alone or Religious world alone. As GOD is Omnipresent, filling all space and absent from none, you will find HIM wheresoever man is found. That is what it is all about!

Hence, they cannot understand ME speaking politically, and not only politically bur nationally, and not only nationally in politics from a political point of view, but speaking diplomatically, internationally, to all of the dictators universally and causing them to come at MY Command!

Even though a good many of them may try to ignore ME, you can see MY Message has gone forth to them and they are trying to bring about Peace by negotiation according to MY plan and according to MY purpose, and by purchasing the divers lands in a legitimate and in an Evangelical way as I requested Germany to do with Czechoslovakia.

Then, I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition and to build upon such a foundation. Such a foundation is being substantiated, rooting deeper and deeper daily, where it is a matter of impossibility for it to be shaken, for it is earth deep and it is sky high, and I have declared the sky is nowhere and is nothing, but everywhere where there is nothing. Therefore it goes into Infinitude, in your ascended thoughts concerning the mystery. It has not a destination- you can just keep thinking. As far as you can think in the invisible, GOD is still there and still existing.

I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.







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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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