"We Are Bringing an End to All Divisibility among Us.

"The Time Is Out for All Limited Concepts of Men in Using Discriminatory Words in Illustration"


Our Father's Sermon Given Whilst at The Holy Communion Table of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of Pa.,
764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monday Evening and Tuesday Morning
April 27 and 28, 1953 A.D.F.D., Time: 2:32 A.M.






Already the spirit of the festive occasion was in the air, as more and more of the Followers from every part of this and ot4er countries were arriving by plane, by train, by boat and by bus. One of the followers from California testified earlier in the services, how, when they were coming across the continent through certain states, the people were prohibited by those state laws from smoking on a public conveyance. He stated that this was but another evidence of FATHER'S great Work and Mission as it reaches out and contagionize's the city, state and federal government and their lawmaking bodies, to make such laws that are in harmony with the Fundamental Principles of Righteousness, Truth and Justice! -and with the MODEST C0DE! "No drinking, no smoking, no profanity, no vulgarity, no obscenity!"

Later in the Service, Mr. Wilson Jackson, who is Supervisor of a Veterans School for Shoe Repair, Tailoring, etc. arose to speak of his school and to invite Followers and others to attend. In so doing, even though he had already had an interview with FATHER and has known of FATHER'S Principles and HIS Stand on such things, he used some segregated terms which are never heard anywhere in any of our meeting places or Banquet Halls! - and continued to make use of such terms.

It was shortly thereafter that FATHER gave this profound Sermon, stressing once and for all times, the danger in spreading such profanity and obscenity and vulgarity; for we are ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE, and such as SEGREGATION and DIVISIBILITY shall be completely ABOLISHED from not only our vocabulary, but from the hearts and minds of the children of men! The Mouth of GOD has declared it and naught shall hinder HIM!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER Speaks as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: At this instance I have arisen to say, it is good to be here! In the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose we are bringing an abolition to all divisibility among us! Just as you heard one of the speakers say, if not a few, one or two - some of the states in the Union have legally adopted our MODEST CODE to a certain extent, and to that extent they do not even allow smoking, according to the statement! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, LORD!" came the instantaneous reply.) We are bringing an END to ALL DIVISIBILITY among us and we do NOT believe in SEGREGATION nor in the discriminatory practices of men in words, deeds or actions! (Loud applause rings out) The DISCRIMINATORY SYSTEM of men and the discriminatory practices of men in WORDS are DETRIMENTAL to the WELL BEING of them! ("So true, LORD!" came the immediate verification.)

The majority of you under the sound of MY Voice, as Real American Citizens, have been taught the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag-many of whom have been taught the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag and a good many supposedly teach it themselves and yet they do not stop to consider, it is just as much DETRIMENTAL to use DISCRIMINATORY TERMS AND DISCRIMINATORY WORDS of SEGREGATION as it is to SEGREGATE and to DISCRIMINATE! But YOU MUST ALL EVENTUALLY BE TAUGHT OF GOD!-for it is written of ME:

'And they shall all be taught of GOD!'

(Loud applause resounds.)

You cannot expect the teachers and professors of languages, nor of anything else, to be GOD, since GOD is the ONE and the ONLY ONE that shall teach you all! ("So true, LORD!" came the exclamation midst loud applause' ') I am happy to present to the world constantly and continuously, the -DOCTRINE of DEMOCRACY, AMERICANISM, CHRISTIANITY and JUDAISM and BROTHERHOOD as SYNONYMOUS! Being synonymous, we are no longer divided! WE ARE NOT REPRESENTING RACES, CREEDS OR COLORS! Even the TERM you commonly use out there in the world of ignorance when you are speaking of a dark complected person, or of a light complected person-the very TERM is VULGAR, ILL-BRED and UNREFINED! If I could be embarrassed, I would be embarrassed to hear such terms used in speaking of you as ladies and gentlemen, as American Citizens; as Christians; as Brethren of Democracy; as Representatives of Judaism -all synonymous; to use the discriminatory term in relation to ourselves as REAL CITIZENS of DEMOCRACY! If I could and would be obliged to put up with such, I would actually bow MY Head in shame!


I regret, the last speaker, or second to the last speaker, having a school so near here, having not heard of ME before! Although he was here a few days ago; desired to present his problem; in the which I readily and gladly received it! And I asked him to come and speak at any of our meetings any of our public meetings in the auditoriums and any of our private Banquets or dining rooms-and present his problem to us, and if any of our following desires to take up the course of shoemaking and of tailoring, if they can do so, it is a blessing for them. As he presents his case to you, it will be up to you to decide whether you desire to take up tailoring or shoemaking. But whether it be tailoring or shoemaking or any other industrial profession or trade, it is a blessing if you can acquire such if you do not have such; many of you of whom have such trades and have such professions may be teachers of the same! >

But I AM happy to cooperate with the gentleman in teaching you something that is INTERRACIAL, INTERNATIONAL! I mean, a trade that is not RACIAL! I mean, a profession that is not NATIONAL! Anything that is UNIVERSAL, even as MYSELF and MY SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, and ABSOLUTELY IMPERSONAL and UNSELFISH, I AM happy to have you to be ANYTHING that is DEMOCRATIC, EVANGELICAL, INTERRACIAL, INTERNATIONAL and ABSOLUTELY UNIVERSAL, as afore said, whether it be business, profession, labor or trade! (Loud applause rings out.)

As you see, in MY Audiences I have BROKEN that LINE OF DEMARCATION! The very CURSED TERM by which men are called, is a CURSE to one and all! (Again loud applause bursts forth in sanction of this.) When you use the term, a segregational term, and you make it a PRACTICE of using discriminatory practices in WORDS, in relating to our Fellow Citizens, you tend to sow the seeds of DIVISIBILITY and STRIFE and CONFUSION, if you would allow it to! I AM happy to say, I have lifted up a STANDARD of PERFECTION for HUMANITY! (Thunderous applause resounds.) I have lifted a Standard of PERFECTION for ALL of the INTELLECTUALS and all of the people ALL OVER THIS WIDE EXTENDED PLANE, so that they might live in Peaceful and Quiet Resting Places even as I AM, and have the MASTERY over the ECONOMIC SITUATION, over all limitations, over all adverse and undesirable conditions! Aren't you glad! ("Oh, yes, so glad, GOD ALMIGHTY!" exclaimed the joyous Congregation.)

The Message that has been read-in other words, that was read tonight, if you would take cognizance of it and the stressing of the Marriage of CHRIST to HIS SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, to HIS CREATION, to HIS CHURCH, you would see and know the time is OUT for ALL LIMITED CONCEPTS of men in using DISCRIMINATORY WORDS in illustration! (Loud applause resounds in sanction of this:) We are happy to present to you an audience, not only here but all over this City! -audiences recognizing the Actual Presence of GOD and believing and living in Democracy, Americanism, Christianity, Brotherhood and Judaism as synonymous! having brought an absolute abolition to all division among us.

So then I say to our visiting guests and friends, what I have said I have not said it for a sense of embarrassment, but if I could be embarrassed I would be embarrassed for even an insinuation of an expression as if though we are representing races, creeds and colors! We are representing DEMOCRACY, AMERICANISM, CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM and BROTHERHOOD as SYNONYMOUS! And when we teach in our daily schools and stress that little Document as a composition, "I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to this Republic for which it stands; One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!"- this is the FIRST STEP of REAL EDUCATION each and every one should learn! I thank you!








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