"I Was Glad When They Said unto Me, Let Us Go up to the House of the Lord."

"All Nations Shall Recognize the Presence of GOD on Earth Among Men"


FATHER DIVINE"S Sermon Given During the Dedication and Consecration of Woodmont,
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, September 12-13,1953 A.D.F.D. A. D. F. D.,
In the Auditorium Of the Unity Mission Church, Home And Training School, Inc. Of Pennsylvania,
907 N. 41st Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Time - 12:30 A.M.



The Unity Mission Church

The Uinty Mission Church



It was shortly After the Rosebuds had given a beautiful patriotic demonstration depicting chronologically FATHER'S WORK and MISSION up to the present time and HIS different proposals and letters of correspondence to the heads of the nations to ward off warfare and bloodshed, which was well received by a packed house with practically every bit of standing room taken, and at the conclusion, as afore said, FATHER, amid thunderous shouts and applause, arose to speak, and brought forth this dynamic and significant Sermon for the edification of one and all, AND IT IS WELL WORTH CONSIDERING.

Truly, as this was supposedly the finale to the glorious dedication ' and consecration of Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the LORD, the vibrations had been lifted high and all felt as if though they were on the Mount of Transfiguration and wanted to stay in that high and Holy state of consciousness to which they had been lifted, where they could contact their GOD, and all in reality could say, as said the 'Scripture:

'I was glad when they said unto me, let us go up to the House of the LORD.'

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is FATHER'S profound Sermon, with FATHER speaking as follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE! At this instance I have arisen once again to emphasize MY reason, yea, all of our reasons for being here and for these three days to celebrate the dedication and consecration of the International House and the Sermon on the Mount in the form of the Mount of the House of GOD.

We are happy to see so many visiting guests and pleased to know that I believe the majority of you have been convinced in what we have been trying to do and what, we have done. It has long since been expected that some day the Mount of the House of the LORD would be lifted up above the hills! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD ALMIGHTY!" exclaimed the masses.) We know you all know a Standard of morality, of modesty, of Holiness, of Virtue and of Honesty, all of these attributes and qualities have been established and that is second to none!

But as an abstract expression we are happy to say, the materialization of these things is taking place in our experience. I do not mean to go on just now, but just to call your attention to the fact that as GOD deals in the affairs of men, the Mount of the House of the LORD has been lifted up, for it was predicted and we are the fulfillers and partakers of this great unfoldment of Righteousness, for it tells you quite explicitly, the law shall go out and they shall say:

'Let us go up to the House of the LORD that HE may teach us of HIS Ways.

When any man can see a Standard of Perfection lifted up economically, socially, morally and otherwise, they will desire to come up to the House of the LORD that they may be taught of GOD, for it has been plainly predicted and declared:

'And they all shall be taught of, GOD.'

Though it has been thought upon, once upon a time as though what we represent here in America as many gods, but it is written and you all have seen, read and heard:

'Our GOD is ONE GOD.'

Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD! So glad!" again came the happy response.)

Because of this, we stand in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind,of Aim and of Purpose, uniting all nations of the earth together, and all nations shall recognize the Presence of GOD on earth among men, for which you all have prayed. Aren't you glad! ("Oh, so glad, FATHER Dear!" shouted the masses.) The very Spirit of GOD'S PRESENCE by such a recognition exemplified among you, is being reincarnated, reproduced and personified, for it is written:

'And the WORD was made FLESH and dwelt among us!'

Aren't you glad! ("Yes, LORD, so glad!" again came the response.) You can see the depicting of those messages cabled since nineteen hundred and thirty-eight to the heads of the nations to bar off warfare and bloodshed, to bring an end to inflation, to bring an end to oppression, to bring an end to suppression, segregation and discrimination and all of the evils of this present time: but when they fail to take cognizance of it, I HAVE THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN MY OWN HAND, AND I SHALL CARRY OUT MY PLAN AND PURPOSE TO THE LETTER TO BRING ABOUT THAT UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF' MAN AND THE CONSCIOUS REALIZATION OF THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, FATHER Dear!" sanctioned the throng.)

When the Pilgrim Fathers came to this country seeking religious liberty, one so well known as you might recognize in this great country, and one that was also seeking for the establishment of the Brotherhood of man with the recognition of the FATHERHOOD of GOD, William Penn came to this country and established here in this City, as it is called now, the City of Brotherly Love, but it was not carried out as he had planned it. Though it was the City of Brotherly Love, I could see that monster serpent prejudice raising its head here in this city of Brotherly Love! But I said, I SHALL NOT ONLY CRUSH HIS HEAD, BUT I SHALL CUT IT OFF! Aren't you glad!

("Yes, LORD! So glad!" shouted the masses.) I SHALL BRING AN END TO ALL DIVISIBILITY AND ALL DIVISION AMONG THIS PEOPLE AND THE NAME CALLED INTEGRATION WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST AFTER A WHILE! THAT NAME, WE NEED NOT TO CALL SUCH A NAME! get so far away from even the thought of having to be integrated, you will not even call the name!

I have broken that line of demarcation! I have brought an end to localization! I have given you access in this grace, wherein I stand that you might join the FAMILY of GOD Universally and do away with all thoughts, yea, the very thought of race, creed or color! We shall have a Righteous Government!

In the demonstration you saw Uncle Sam and heard the messages I proposed to him and them; but here and now you can see the ingathering of the people from all parts of the world. No more division, no more strife, for we shall have a Righteous Government and the Brotherhood of man and the FATHERHOOD of GOD shall be realized! All the nations of the earth shall come into it! Then there will be no more warfare and no more bloodshed; no more race riots and no. more lynchings! That's what I AM doing here in heaven today!

I need not say more at this instant. I believe I have said enough to stir up the nations' pure mind! 1 have said enough not only in Words, but in the actuated words of expression, for I have declared, I HAVE; BROKEN THAT LINE OF DEMARCATION AND BROUGHT AN END TO LOCALIZATION! That's why you have the privilege and the pleasure to go up to the Mount of the House of GOD, AND YOU MAY COME IN THE FRONT DOOR!

(Loud and seemingly unending applause took the building by storm.)

There was a gentleman called ME up or wrote ME, whichever, and said he was once the chauffeur for one of the owners there. Even though being a chauffeur, he was not permitted to go in the front door! I AM not holding no grudge nor emphasizing anything that one should hold against the tide of the time at that time, and the seasons of the time that brought about segregation and discrimination, inequality, oppression and suppression, because I had not brought an end to it as I have now! He testified the other day that he was happy to be there and he could come in the front door!

Even though it has been renovated and made new, some declare it's much better than it was before. You can come in and act and look like people-the kind of people GOD made! For it is true:

'Out of ONE BLOOD GOD created (or formed) all nations of men for to dwell upon the face of the whole earth.'

I'M GLAD YOU DO LOOK LIKE DIFFERENT NATIONS, BECAUSE THE BLOOD OUT OF THESE VEINS - OUT OF ONE BLOOD GOD FORMED ALL NATIONS OF MEN, THE SAME BLOOD IN THESE VEINS, TO DWELL Upon THE FACE OF THE WHOLE EARTH! (FATHER refers to the VEINS in HIS Beautiful Wrists.) Now aren't you glad! ("So glad, LORD!" shouted the assembly.) Now I would like to say, as . there seems to be thousands of people coming up to the Mount of the House of the LORD, at the conclusion of the open house which was today - in other words, it was Saturday, the twelfth - in sympathy for those who did not get a chance to go through, to express hospitality, I have decided to extend the open house one day longer. (As the audience cheered and applauded loudly, when it subsided FATHER vibrated through the power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT and said:) Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" shouted the assembly in one voice.) It has been extended at least one day longer, the same time to come and go through from 1:00 P. M. until 7:00 P. M. But since the House of the LORD, though it is the House of the LORD, it is not a general public place of worship! It has not been set apart for that. This is known as FATHER DIVINE'S and MOTHER DIVINE'S Country Estate. (Loud applause resounds as FATHER continues speaking:) Yet it does not belong to ME PERSONALLY, neither to MOTHER DIVINE Personally! IT BELONGS To THE. PALACE MISSION INCORPORATED, ONE OF OUR CHURCHES! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, GOD ALMIGHTY!" echoed the multitude.) But they have given us the right to use it according to our plan and purpose, and from that viewpoint we extend the right hand of fellowship to all people, for truly, this is the House of the LORD!

Again I say, those who desire to go out there, if you can go out there and get back, and stay until after seven o'clock Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening, you are welcome to do so. No drinking, no smoking, no profanity, no vulgarity or no undue mixing of the sexes!

Now let us all rejoice and be glad. What is it and what are you going to be glad for? ("GOD ALMIGHTY!" shouted the assembly.) I haven't done anything yet to what I will do! I shall set the prisoners free, and every obstruction in the way of decent citizens living in our cities and in our respective communities, I SHALL MOVE THEM OUT OF THE WAY AND GIVE YOU FREE ACCESS AS I DID JUST THE OTHER DAY! The judge ruled in a court proceeding against those representing the Boulevard Pool to prohibit those of different complexions such as MINE and otherwise, from going in there. The judge ruled that ALL PEOPLE shall have the right to go! Therefore, I have freed you so you can go to any public pool, swimming pool or any place or resort in the, State of Pennsylvania, the same as any other person, even if your complexion happens to be the same complexion of MY patent leather shoes. (FATHER in demonstration holds HIS little foot up so everybody can see HIS patent leather shoe, and continues speaking:) We have plenty of pools! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, ALMIGHTY GOD!" shouted the multitude.) And did not just become to have them! On the estate a swimming pool has been built and it's just beautiful! And citizens of America and of Democracy, all Christians and all peoples who desire to live a decent and respectable life, you are welcome to visit and participate in the blessings we have in storehouse for the children of men. I thank you.

PEACE, EVERYONE! It has just been brought to MY attention, someone has lost a lady's black handbag or purse whichever. It may be had for the asking by identification. Anything anyone loses under this Jurisdiction or under MY Jurisdiction over which I preside, it may be had for the asking. I thank you.

Anything else? I further wish to say, that it was mentioned in the program that we had called for an abolition to division, at it was men and many of those Stamps as depicted thereon have been fulfilled and they will be fulfilled more definitely as, we live in harmony with the great Universal Mind Substance.

As I have afore said and said many years ago when I first came to the City of Philadelphia, yea, the City of Brotherly Love, I did say, I have broken that line of demarcation and I have brought an end to localization! Localities and vicinities have no barrier for ME! I thank you.









GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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