Wanamaker, New York, Receives Payment of old Account--$737.02



June 24 1955
Rev. Father M J Divine
764-772 Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pa,
re: John Wanamaker - New York vs- Rosia Seymour.

Dear Father Divine:

This will serve to advise you that Miss Precious Victory of 2064 Boston Road, Bronx, N. Y. has fully satisfied the judgment entered against her herein In the above matter on February 1, 1954 in the amount of $737.02, and that the same has been satisfied of record.

Miss Seymour I am sure at a great sacrifice and hardship on her part paid the major portion of the above amount during the past four or five months, and she is to be complimented on for her honest and conscientious effort in this regard, Yours very truly, (Signed) R. J. Kinnere RJK:EMK



"My Spirit Causes Them (My Followers) to Be Individually independent"




764-772 Broad Street Philadelphia 46, Pa.
July 22, 1955 A.D.F.D.

Mr. Raymond J. Kinnere, Atty.
Central Savings Bank Bldg.
2112 Broadway
New York, N. Y.
My dear Mr. Kinnere:

Your letter of the 24th ultimo has been received, although I have just reached it for reply, owing to the tremendous amount of correspondence pouring into MY Office from all parts of the world.

However, I do appreciate your having written, informing ME of the prompt satisfaction on the judgment against Miss Seymour in the amount of Seven Hundred Thirty-seven Dollars and Two Cents.

Had MY SPIRIT not changed her dishonest ways and caused her to desire to live righteously, soberly and godly, no doubt, you would not have been able to find her to collect from her. However, when MY SPIRIT changes the nature and characteristics of the people and causes them to live this Christ Life, they willingly make restitution for every act of dishonesty and they pay their just debts promptly. Furthermore, they no longer buy on credit or on installment plans for MY SPIRIT causes them to be individually Independent even as our Nation declared her Independence Documentally. Thus, they pay cash for all purchases and owe no man.

Thus, if Miss Precious Victory will abide in MY SPIRIT and MY MIND, she will continue in Righteousness and be a true American and a citizen of which the Nation can be proud.

Thank you again for having written and may I will that this finds you, even as this leaves ME, as I AM, Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every ATOM, fibre and cell of MY BODILY FORM.

Respectfully and Sincere, I AM

(signed) REV. M. J. DIVINE, MS. D., D. D.
(Better known as FATHER DIVINE)




Remarks of Miss Precious Victory Given Whilst at The Holy Communion Table of The Circle Mission Church, Home A
nd Training School, Inc., 764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sunday Evening,
July 31,1955 A.D.F.D., Time- 9:00 P. M.

Peace FATHER; Peace, MOTHER; Peace, everyone: I want to thank YOU, FATHER, for all of YOUR many Blessings to me! I came to YOU in September of last year at Woodmont, the first time I had ever seen our beautiful MOTHER! FATHER, I thank YOU, since that time the things that YOU have done for me I could never tell YOU, but I just want to thank YOU for so many things that YOU have done, that I know, FATHER Dear, only GOD could do! FATHER, You put YOUR Spirit in this body and since January of this year YOU have paid over a THOUSAND DOLLARS in BACK DEBTS! Only You, FATHER! (Thunderous applause resounds.) FATHER, I said that, because those are things that the natural eye can see; but FATHER, YOU have done things for this spirit and this mind that no one but YOU, GOD, knows! No one but YOU could do! FATHER Dear, for those things I thank YOU, I thank YOU!

FATHER, I want to thank YOU for all of the Blessings that YOU are sharing with the whole world today, because YOU are GOD. YOU could have kept them for YOU and YOUR beautiful Spotless Virgin Bride; YOU did not have to share them with us, FATHER Dear- but because YOU loved us so, and because YOU made a way for us to come into a Divine Inheritance by YOUR Divine Kindness, we are privileged today! (Again thunderous applause rings out.) FATHER, I want to thank YOU, thank YOU!

FATHER, I want to thank YOU how I know all of the thanks in the whole world could not praise YOU enough, but I want to thank YOU, FATHER, because I know that in these hearts and in these minds YOU are truly enthroned! ("So true!" came the reply.)

FATHER, I thank YOU because when I came to YOU there was no question. When YOU revealed YOURSELF to me as GOD ALMIGHTY there was no question in my mind. I came wholeheartedly to YOU, FATHER Dear. I want to thank YOU for that. I did not have to cut off all correspondence because when they wrote, they did not get any answer and they knew. They don't know whether I'm living or dead, FATHER, I thank YOU because I'm dead to that world, FATHER, I thank YOU.

I thank YOU, FATHER, when I went back to New York to work, I asked YOU to shield me from all of those spirits, FATHER. I thank YOU! I thank YOU that I did not see anyone, and I thought if I see them first, FATHER, it will be wonderful! I thank YOU, FATHER. My first test was that somebody said to me, "You know that such and such a one is having a funeral." I said, "Let those that are dead in spirit bury those that are dead in the body! I'm not going to any funeral!" I thank YOU, FATHER and I thank YOU, MOTHER!

FATHER Dear, I thank YOU today for the beautiful homes that YOU have given us to live in, FATHER. It has been so sweet! Everywhere I have gone, YOU have made it so pleasant for me. So many times I was nursing, my cases were at night, FATHER, and I would hear them trying to quiet the children in the day so I could sleep! Only YOUR Spirit would do it! FA- THER, I thank YOU! I thank YOU! I thank YOU! And I thank YOU for that, FATHER!

FATHER, I want to thank YOU for all of the hearings that YOU have done through this body! So many people that did not even believe in YOU! I believe one wrote to YOU, I believe it was in the April the ninth issue of this year- Mr. Clarke. (The letter to which Miss Victory refers appears on page twenty-seven of the April 9th issue of The NEW DAY and is titled: "Appreciation of Follower's Services and of FATHER'S Teaching", and FATH ER'S Reply is titled: "He that Hateth Gifts Shall Live". (Miss Victory continues speaking:) FATHER, I want YOU to know that Mrs. Clarke is still living, and I thank YOU for that, because she had six weeks to live! She is still living, as of last week. (Loud applause resounds.) FATHER, I thank YOU for that!

The last case I had, the lady was eighty-three years old, in man's consciousness. FATHER, she had cancer and she said she did not want to live! I wrote to YOU, FATHER. I thanked YOU for her. FATHER, just before the fourth of July the lady went away to the beach for the summer. I thank YOU, FATHER! I thank YOU for everything! I thank YOU, FATHER, and I thank YOU, MOTHER!




"I Came to Make All Men Honest, Competent and True. - FATHER DIVINE

FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon Given Whilst at The Holy Communion Table of br> The Circle Mission Church, Home,
And Training School, Inc., 764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sunday Evening,
July 31, 1955 A.D.F.D., Time- 9:25 P. M.





It was shortly after a sister testified, that having not been a follower a year, FATHER blessed her to pay over a thousand dollars for debts that she had incurred, and through being persistent and working hard, she had satisfied her credit debtors in so short a time, for which she gave FATHER and MOTHER all the glory. When she concluded her testimony, a letter under "RIGHTEOUSNESS MARCHES ON" was read from the current issue of The NEW DAY of July thirtieth, in which she had paid over seven hundred dollars to Wanamaker's. This was a letter of appreciation to FATHER from Wanamaker's, acknowledging receipt of the payment, and FATHER'S Reply to them. It can be found on page thirty-one in the above mentioned New Day.

When FATHER arose to speak, to the supreme delight of one and all including many visiting guests, followers and friends, HE enlarged on same, stressing that HIS MARRIAGE was to propagate HONESTY, COMPETENCE and TRUTH; and it can be and is truly evidenced in business, profession, labor and trade, for truly, the MESSIAH, the MESHIACH has come, and as the old maxim goes, that has been handed down from Judaism:

'When the Meshiach comes, you will get your money!'
Truly, everyone can see, that has an eye, of discernment, that this is GOD, FATHER DIVINE'S ADMINISTRATION, and the Scripture is being fulfilled to the letter, for the time that has been, shall not be again, for Righteousness is covering the earth even as the waters the mighty deep.

For THY Words of Spirit and Life Almighty GOD, we humbly thank THEE!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is the inspirational composition sung just before FATHER arose to speak:)

It was April 29th, nineteen hundred and forty-six,
Sweet FATHER stole away and married HIS SPOTLESS BRIDE!
It was early in the morning, the rain began to fall,
But later on the sun began to shine.
It was a glorious day, CHRIST MARRIED TO HIS CHURCH!


(FATHER Speaks as follows:)



PEACE, EVERYONE! At this instance I have arisen to say, in short, in keeping - with that little composition, I AM happy to be MARRIED to MY CHURCH, MY SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, depicting the universality of GOD and of HIS MERCY and COMPASSION to all! Happy to say, that if you are a human being and unified in Spirit and Mind, and ONE with your GOD, I AM MARRIED TO YOU! That is why you all, great and small, men and women as it may be termed, are obliged to love ME so, as a person has never been loved before! (Thunderous applause resounds.) Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty God!" responded the vast assembly.) To live in such a recognition and to build upon such a foundation as this one, knowing the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose will bring all nations of the earth together and each and every individual will be united to their SAVIOR!

I need not say more at this instant, but as it has been depicted very explicitly concerning the Mystery of GOD'S Actual PRESENCE and of what others have been telling you, GOD is not a GOD of the dead, but a GOD of the living! GOD is not trying to, nor seeking to save one person or persons of one national origin, abstraction nor of expression!

'GOD so loved the world, HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life.'
You have heard the testimony of one having been converted apparently about a year or so ago, how she has paid more than a thousand dollars back in this short length of time, for We came to propagate Honesty, Competence and Truth and not for the poor only, but for ALL MANKIND! Out of the more than a thousand dollars, this sister, as mentioned, paid inside of a year, one of the bills amounted to seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars and two cents to one of the great concerns of our day, a multi-millionaire concern, and yet some think I came only for the poor! In that particular instance the Wanamaker's' holdings have been benefited to the extent of seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars and two cents, verified by their accountant, their attorney, as recorded in this issue of The NEW DAY.

I came to make all men honest, competent and true! I came to set the prisoners free, and yet I came as the poorest among men, but making many rich: giving to the rich as well as the poor the blessings of God through which the life of Christ was sacrificed, to bring about honesty, competence and truth!

It happens to be that this individual testified a little while ago and the correspondence in The NEW DAY from the Wanamaker's' holdings, attorney verified what she said. That is just one of the bills of which amounted to seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars and two cents, and yet she paid it to the company as though she was paying it to an individual pauper, because she knew it did not belong to her! That is what I AM doing!

So then, I would like to say, I have not done anything yet to what I am going to do! For all of the opposing forces of carnality universally, they are inadequate to retard MY advances! I hope you all will take cognizance of the WORDS that have been said apparently in this direction as expressions of appreciation. Those that have been sick are automatically healed! It is not anything I do from a Personal point of view, but as you contact ME mentally and spiritually wheresoever you may be, since GOD is OMNIPRESENT and with you GOD is EVER- PRESENT, your prayers can be heard and answered speedily, so you need not contact ME Personally! So take these thoughts to consideration and I will be with you.

I would like to say, the Supplements that have been given out with the copies of The NEW DAY, they are bespeaking MY WORK and MY MISSION in simple English as they are written. Aren't you glad! ("Yes, LORD! so glad!" came the enthusiastic response.)

So then I say, take ME along with you and if you desire to take the Supplement with MY Compliments and the copy of The NEW DAY you have, take it along with you and also take the Place Cards as given, for these are Scriptural predictions we are presently fulfilling. The Scripture has been quite explicitly fulfilled, that you see there are those from all parts of the world coming up to the Mountain of the House of the LORD, that We may teach them OUR Ways!

Who would not like to know how to live right, to do right and be right and save yourself and others from disasters, from disappointment and failure? You heard the little composition,.backing up the place card as given, saying "I WILL BLESS YOU!" The VIRTUE of MY SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE is sufficient to bless you without MY. saying a word, without an act of MINE as a Person, but that MY SPIRIT might have free access within and express to you. more definitely than what I could tell you Personally!

So then I say, take ME along with you, and the Place Cards, and observe what has been said, the prediction as given in the prophetic age on the Mount of the House of the LORD. That is to say, on the Mount of the House of the LORD place card, Woodmont; the quotation on the reverse side, speaking explicitly and telling you what GOD will do. I need not tell you again, but take ME along with you, and if you will contact ME sympathetically, sincerely and in all secrecy,

'. . .he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty!
You need not fear any disaster! You need not fear any accident! You need not fear any disappointment or failure! You need not think of having a puncture in your tire! It may sound foolish, but yet it is true! I mean in the tires on your car or in the tires on your landing gear of your airplane, no accidents, and no disappointment and no failures! Everything is blessed under your savior's care, for what said I concerning this mystery? I will bless your going out and I will bless your coming in! I will bless you in your storehouse and will bless you in your baskets and will bless you in your land if you love me and keep my commandments! I thank you.








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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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