"No Longer Division- No Longer Limited- but Having a Free Access in this Grace
Wherein We Stand.

"No Man Need Lack in GOD'S Abundance" --- FATHER DIVINE.


"Behold, the People Is One and They Have All One Language, and this They Begin to Do:
Now, Nothing Can or Will Be Restrained from Them to Do,
That Which They Have Imagined to Do!" Genesis 11:6



Our Father's Sermon Given Whilst at The Holy Communion Table of The Circle Mission Church,
Home and Training School, Inc.,
764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Saturday Evening, August 13,1955 A.D.F.D., Time: 6:20 P. M.



with the Bible Graduation Class

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE with the Bible Graduation Class



A large group from the National Sunday School Convention of the Mount Calvary Holy Church of America, Inc., were guests of FATHER and MOTHER at this particular Holy Communion Service, and several of them gave expression during the evening, including Bishop Bromfield Johnson from Buffalo, New York.

Many inspirational patriotic songs were sung, and also the famous inspiration taken from the Scripture- Genesis 11:6- "BEHOLD, THE PEOPLE IS ONE!" was sung. It was shortly after the singing of this particular composition that our Beloved SAVIOR arose and delivered this soul. stirring Sermon so deep to be considered!

Read, therefore these life-giving Words from the Wellspring of Salvation, for as FATHER has often reiterated, "I have not done anything yet to what I will do!"and so many, many of his predictions and declarations have now been fulfilled in this day and time before our very eyes! Truly, the world is awakening to this Light of Salvation, and they are coming from far and near, thus fulfilling the quotation in the Bible which says in part: "COME and SEE!" They are coming and they can see and behold the glorious Works of GOD ALMIGHTY as HE is making REAL, TANGIBLE and PRACTICAL the long-sought for Kingdom of Heaven here on EARTH, where one and all can become to be heirs and joint heirs together and partake of the Limitless Blessings so freely extended to one and all by HIM!


(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which the Scriptural quotation, Genesis 11:6 was sung by the entire congregation just before FATHER arose to speak.)

GENESIS 11:6 "And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.'

(FATHER Speaks as follows:)



PEACE, EVERYONE: I do not wish to bore anyone, but as this is Something I believe not to be bore-some but to be helpful- to be an asset to you mentally and spiritually- every one of us- when you come into the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose for which you all have prayed all the way down through Christendom-all religions have been praying that they may be ONE even as We are ONE! The prayer that you prayed brought forth fruit to fruition when I made you all ONE, and it is FULFILLED in your hearing! MY most severest critic and critics universally are obliged to know that NOTHING can be restrained from you to do, that which you have imagined to do! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, so glad, LORD!" came the enthusiastic sanction.)

You find that in Genesis, 11:6; although speaking of the building of the Tower of Babel up into Heaven, they declared that the LORD said,

'Behold, the people is ONE and they have all ONE LANGUAGE, and this they begin to do: Now, NOTHING can or will be restrained from them to do, that which they have imagined to do!'

Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" came the immediate response.)

So then, it is a privilege to live in this Recognition! I have lifted you ABOVE the borders of segregation, inequality and division! I have lifted you ABOVE the borders of depressions and famines- something we know nothing about! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, so glad, GOD ALMIGHTY!" came the enthusiastic sanction.) I have brought you into the Recognition and the Realization of the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of GOOD, and you find no space vacant of the FULNESS thereof Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" came the joyous response from the vast Assembly.)

Then I say, you can plainly see, as it is written,

'If you love ME and keep MY Commandments I will bless your going out; I will bless your coming in! I Will bless you in your storehouses and in your baskets, and I will bless you in your land and whatsoever you lay your hands to!'

This is not a supposition, this is a matter of course with us, as I said, three hundred and sixty-five days to the year, and every once in a while three hundred and sixty-six! From a materialistic point of view you can see we have solved the ECONOMIC problem for you! No man need lack in GOD'S Abundance! ("So true!" came the sanction.)

Why go around in lacks and wants and limitations? It has been declared conservatively by one, and many of the officials, that we are solving the problems for millions, having taken millions off of the relief -made them Competent and True and made them INDEPENDENT, even as you! Aren't you glad! ("Oh, so glad, LORD!" came the enthusiastic reply.)

Then I say,

'Nothing will be restrained from them to do that which they have imagined to do!'

They were supposed to have been, according to the records given, the WORDS of GOD! Matters not where I AM or where I was, those were the WORDS of GOD! GOD said!

'Behold, the people is ONE and they have all ONE LANGUAGE, and this they begin to do: Now nothing can be restrained from them to do, that which they have imagined to do!'

I have declared and I declared many "We shall years ago- not just yesterday-have a RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT and I shall bring an END to ALL LOCALIZATION-LOCALITIES and TERRITORIES! Not in this locality for some complexion and in another locality for another- but I said, "I WILL BRING AN END TO ALL LOCALIZATION AND ALL DIVISION among this people! I SHALL ESTABLISH MY GOING IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING!" Now you can see according to your Woodmont place cards, they are coming from far and near- from all parts of the world, to worship with us and to enjoy the Blessings you all have seen and heard! THEY ARE COMING! And as you heard the composition say, as it was brought out in music, compositionally:

"We shall have the SAME RIGHTS",-not only EQUAL Rights like a good many of the people once used to speak about, but we shall have the SAME RIGHTS! Aren't .you glad! ("So glad!" came the thunderous sanction.) Have a right for ONE and for ALL! Colors and complexions have no longer an existence under this Jurisdiction-and I declared we shall bring an END to ALL DIVISION!

You have heard of the great message and order given by the Supreme Court many years ago, that they should worship GOD TOGETHER!- and would also STUDY OUR LESSONS in the SAME SCHOOLS! No longer division- no longer limited- but having a FREE ACCESS in this Grace wherein we stand; and you, as individuals, have been lifted from barriers and limitations! (Thunderous applause sanctions this.)

You heard and saw the demonstration, "We shall study our lessons in the SAME schools!" Not only the dramatization of it by the composition, but you can see it in the ACTUATED WORDS of EXPRESSION where, as it is with ME and with MINE, so shall it be with YOU and with YOURS from SHORE to SHORE and from LAND to LAND!- for I gave you the KEYS to the KINGDOM:


You have read of our great national Emancipator! Abraham Lincoln by proclamation declared the Emancipation of the slaves, and spoke of this Freedom that we are now enjoying; but I came to give it to you! (Thunderous applause resounds.)

Then I say, let us live in this Recognition and take GOD'S Word as was given in the eleventh chapter of Genesis:

'Behold, the people is ONE!"-

and it was declared that GOD said it! I did not say I said it as a Person, but you can see I have VERIFIED it! I AM FULFILLING IT!

'They have all ONE LANGUAGE and nothing can be restrained from them, that which they have imagined to do!'

We imagined to have it just like this all over this wide extended plane! I AM bringing an ABOLITION to that MASON and DIXON LINE! We shall be ONE PEOPLE and FULFIL that which I have called for- yea, even our Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag- "ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!" Now this is what I AM going to do, with or without any of you! I thank you! I thank you! I thank you! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! I would like to say to our visiting guests, if you have time to further remain, and desire to go up to MY Office on the second floor, you are welcome to do so. I will try to have a few words with you; at least, to meet you anyway. I would just like to meet you and shake hands with you! I thank YOU

(The group did so, and in the Office FATHER and MOTHER greeted them Personally. As Bishop Johnson shook FATHER'S Hand he said,)

Peace, FATHER, we have but a few minutes, but we just wanted the last look on YOU before we go into Service, and we want to thank YOU for the service at the Hotel Lorraine and the service here from the gratefulness of our hearts! We will finish our job Sunday evening.

FATHER: I see.

Bishop Johnson: And, of course, some of us will be laying around for a couple of days, but the rest will be leaving for home, and they wanted to clasp YOUR Hand and look at YOU!

(FATHER introduced one and all to MOTHER, stating that the rest were a few of HIS Secretaries, and the group in turn, thanked FATHER and MOTHER for the privilege of again meeting Them and shaking hands with Them. They said that all of the group of over fifty had enjoyed their stay at the Divine Lorraine and they desired to thank FATHER for HIS Limitless Blessings.)








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