Rosebud Testifies to the Happy and Virtuous Life of the Peace Mission







May 8, 1956



In or about the year 1932, I attended a meeting that Father Divine had endowed with His Holy Spirit. Even though I was a young school child at that time, there was something about this meeting that stayed with me, even until now. Shortly thereafter, those with whom I had been living decided to accept this Way of Holiness as a guide by which to live and rear me up. Having no choice at that time, I continued to frequent the meetings. In the mid "thirties" a member of the household took a trip to California. It was at this time that I was blessed to live in one of the places, nearby our home, owned and operated by some of the followers. In this wonderful, clean and pure environment I found myself happy and satisfied.

As I grew older, I grasped more keenly what I observed in and around the Peace Mission. Even though at that time I didn't understand too clearly all the spiritual aspects of the Movement, I could always remember something very outstanding that had happened in one of the meetings. I remember how people would come to the meetings at 51 Bedford Street in Newark, New Jersey with crutches and braces on, but would leave them behind and go away healed. All these wonderful healings never disappeared from my mind.

I was blessed to go through school, graduate from high school, and even attend a specialized course for legal secretaries at New York University in New York City.

When I became of age, I had to make a decision all my own. It was either retaining what I knew I had in the Peace Mission Movement or leaving to seek something altogether unfamiliar to me. The decision I made then is the same conviction that I now have, and, that is, that this is the only true way of Life and that Father Divine is God!

When the feminine youth of this Movement first were united as a group, now known as Father Divine's International, Inter-racial Rosebud Choir, I was among the chosen ones and for this privilege of privileges I am most grateful. I can say that the Rosebuds are, as any youth group would be, an attraction of the Movement. And in the capacity of a Rosebud, I have had wonderful interviews of encouragement granted to me by FATHER DIVINE as any other person has had. Through the medium of these interviews with Him, His Counsel to me has inspired me to be self-supporting, independent, honest, respectable, loving and kind. As a Rosebud, and having the Peace Mission at heart, I have had all the opportunity to know thoroughly Father's Work and Activities. And my knowledge of same has given me the deepest respect for Him personally, His Work and Mission and all those of His following. So often I speak to other Rosebuds with whom I grew up in this Movement and we feel there is nothing we would take for the upbringing we have had here, under the Guidance and Protection of Father Divine and His Followers, Father Divine is the Preserver of Youth, Virginity and Holiness. I never have found, nor do I find at this time, any fault in Father Divine or His Mannerisms or His Precepts. And I can zealously proclaim together with innumerable other Rosebuds, that Father Divine is Holy in all His Thoughts, Deeds and Actions.

For all that Father has done for me individually, I know I could never repay Him, but I humbly offer Him my loyalty to my heart's conviction; teaching us as He has, to be loyal to God, country and fellow-man. I know that whatever Father has blessed me to, the "other fellow" would like to take away, but I refuse to bow down and worship, follow or harmonize with anything that does not revere and keep Holy the Name of Father Divine. For all that could make me happy, respected and upright, I have found right here in the Peace Mission Movement and after some twenty- four years in such a wholesome atmosphere, I am determined to be more and more grateful to Father instead of being an ingrate. All the peace of mind, joy of heart, health of body and happiness of soul that I have, is attributed to the Teachings of Father Divine. My not being in sickness, sorrow, misery, pain and other undesirable conditions is also, attributed to Father Divine and His Marvelous Influence.

The Conviction that Father Divine is God is my greatest asset, and through and by that conviction I have the abundance of everything good. I have a lovely home, beautifully and immaculately well kept. I have the privilege of riding in Church cars of the best makes such as Chryslers, Cadillacs, Packards, Buicks and Oldsmobiles and others. I have been blessed to be gainfully employed since leaving high school and to acquire the nicer things of life, that any young lady expects to have, and so often doesn't get, such as furs, jewelry and a well-selected wardrobe. For all these material blessings I am indeed grateful to the Principles of Father Divine; for He has made all that will accept of His Righteous Principles, the Head and not the Tail.

All that I have, I have obtained through my adherence to the Teachings of Jesus Christ as taught to me by Father Divine. I did not receive these countless blessings through reading derogatory newspaper articles, magazine articles or listening to what insanely jealous persons said about Father Divine, and, certainly I am not interested in anything anyone writes, says or does at this late date.

In conclusion I will recapitulate by quoting in part the 103rd Psalm.

'Bless the Lord, 0 My Soul:
And All That Is Within Me,
Bless His Holy Name.
Bless the Lord, 0 My Soul,
And Forget Not All His Benefits.'

I never shall forget what Father Divine has done for me, for which I am most thankful, and I am with Him one hundred percent.

Humbly submitted,

(signed) Joy Victory








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