"A Marriage of this Caliber Can Exist Eternally, for it Is Founded on the Spirit of Purity,
Peace and Godliness and Inspired by the Desire to Lift up a Standard for the People.

"My Marriage to FATHER DIVINE Its Meaning to the World!"
Mother Divine.









"The following explanation of FATHER DIVINE'S MARRIAGE to ME was released and published by an Internationally published magazine in the year 1950 A.D.F.D. However, due to the ever-increasing interest in this world-renowned MARRIAGE, it is considered fitting during the Celebration of Our Tenth Anniversary, to again publish it for the re-verifying of the statements made, for what I declared concerning OUR VIRTUOUS MARRIAGE six years ago, I reaffirm and re-declare the same today, September 15, 1956 A.D.F.D. -- MOTHER DIVINE

For over four years I have had the supreme privilege of being married to Rev. M. J. Divine, Ms. D., D. D., Better known as FATHER DIVINE; whose Deity is recognized by countless millions of men, women and children all over the world. Our Marriage has been discussed by all manner of people in every walk of life; some of whom have scoffed at its sacredness and questioned my virginity in much the same way they have sought to deride FATHER'S DEITY and slander His noble Work and unselfish Mission here on earth.

FATHER and I both are conscious of these critics and would-be condemners who are too blind to perceive the Spiritual essence of Our Marriage and who seek to distort its aims in bringing the people together. But evil tongues will be stilled forever and those who attempt to propagate such untruth will meet retribution just as wicked men have always been punished for their wrongdoing.

There are many people who are sincere in wondering how long Our Marriage can exist when most famous personalities' married life is marred with separation and divorces; they especially wonder if we are happy together, living lives of purity and chastity, free from lust and passion and self-indulgence. Yes, a marriage of this caliber can exist eternally, for it is founded on the Spirit of purity, peace and Godliness and inspired by the desire to lift up a standard for the people. More and more men and women throughout the world today are recognizing this fact and enrolling under the banner of FATHER DIVINE. Each year increasing thousands observe Our Marriage Anniversary, especially since FATHER proclaimed April the twenty-ninth to be an International, Interracial, Universal Holiday commemorating the Marriage of Christ to His Creation, yea, GOD to HIS Spotless Church, HIS Spotless Virgin Bride, to universalize Democracy, Americanism, Christianity and Judaism as synonymous and to bring about the universal Brotherhood of man and the propagation of Virtue, Honesty and Truth.

Last April the Fourth Anniversary of Our Marriage was celebrated in Germany, Switzerland, Nigeria, England, Central and South America, India, Austria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and countless cities and communities in this nation. Telegrams and letters of congratulation poured in from everywhere and FATHER talked Personally to the meeting of the combined Churches in the Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia, by medium of an Inter-hemispheric telephone conversation. They also heard Our Message to them by means of the Electronic Wire Recording machine. This unique scientific device has been the means of bringing FATHER'S Sermons just as HE gives them spontaneously and volitionally here, to the following abroad. This is greatly appreciated as the majority of the followers have never seen FATHER Personally nor heard HIS Voice but they have just as much faith and get the same results as those right around HIS Body. These recorded Sermons are now being broadcast over several radio stations in California and the middle-west.

Throughout the years countless numbers of people have been healed and blessed mentally, spiritually, physically and in their business, profession, labor an d trade through thinking harmoniously, sympathetically and evangelically upon FATHER DIVINE and HIS Work and Mission; but on the other hand, there are thousands who, instead of being blessed, have been cursed, suffering physical afflictions, personal loss of prestige, finances, relatives, family and friends, all because they have scoffed, ridiculed and blasphemed the Name of FATHER DIVINE and the righteousness He exemplifies. Especially in these last four years retribution has been running rampant in the land, cutting off the wicked, unbelievers and critics on every hand and they have gone to see if there is any reality in an unknown world. On June 19th of this year FATHER wrote a party concerning a critic who spoke derogatorily concerning Our Marriage, as follows:

'If anyone has ridiculed Mother for marrying ME, the curse that came to Miriam and Aaron for mocking Moses marrying the Ethiopian woman will come to them; it may not be in the same manner, but a cursing will go out to those who have tried to judge Mother after the pattern of their adulterous hearts. Whosoever it is that scorns Mother's virginity and her Holy Marriage to ME, and scorns the so-called interracial union among US, they shall pay!
'Miriam became leprous because she laughed at Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman. They thought he had married out of his so-called race and complexion. But a cursing may not turn a critic who slanders MY Marriage, as a leper- white as snow, but it may turn the critic as tar-black as MY patent leather shoes. You have heard of so many criticizing MY so-called interracial and international Marriage and they have been burned beyond recognition. They got just what they thought I was. Retribution is sure and retribution is assured!'

WE did not marry to propagate sickness, sorrow, misery, and woe, but WE married to propagate honesty, virtue and truth. This is hard for many to accept, but I Am as virtuous today as the day FATHER took Me unto Himself as HIS Spotless Bride! On April 4, 1950 FATHER replied to a woman who had written Him concerning a malicious statement made about Our Marriage by a certain preacher, as follows:

'MY Bride was and is not only virtuous in body, but virtuous in heart and mind. She is as virtuous today as the day I married her. Carnality in the preacher cannot accept it, but, nevertheless, it is true. The unbelief of MY critics does not make MY Bride less virtuous. But their infamous inference makes them subject to the vile persecution of their hearts and minds, and hence, to the judgment that shall come upon them.'

All that people have said and done cannot retard FATHER'S advances, for His weapon is Righteousness and His sword is Truth. HE is as determined today to unify the people together as He was fifty years or so ago, when He went through thirty-two lynch mobs and came out unhurt and unharmed, all because He dared to defy Jimcrowism in the South. All the legal action that was brought about in an effort to undermine the faith people have in FATHER DIVINE and in trying to destroy the Peace Mission Movement, has not accomplished its purpose, because evidence shows it only caused it to flourish and even some of FATHER'S severest opposers have become His ardent admirers and they say they never miss an opportunity to praise Him and His work wherever they go.

I was living on the Pacific Coast in Canada when the revelation came to Me that FATHER DIVINE is GOD ALMIGHTY, Personified in a Beautiful, Holy Body. My heart rejoiced when I realized GOD was no longer a vision but real, tangible and practical and it was actually possible to live a consecrated life to GOD as Jesus Christ did and as the Virgin Mary did before Jesus was born. After receiving this great spiritual awakening and anointing of the Holy Ghost, it was My one aim to live a virtuous life under the Personal jurisdiction of FATHER DIVINE. My Marriage to FATHER has brought the fulfillment of this desire and I can most assuredly say that in these past four or more happy years that I have been married, FATHER'S Virginity has been more firmly established in my consideration, for I have not seen anything about Him that reflects that of a man.

FATHER married Mother Divine in the first body in 1882 and all those who had personal contact with her could tell of how FATHER was as considerate, loving and thoughtful of her until her passing, as HE is to Me today; and if He had desired to marry solely for the purpose of appeasing self with all the countless numbers of young Rosebuds who have been with Him for many, many years and love Him even as I do, I Am sure HE would not have had to wait so long for Me to come from so far! The only reason I can account for such a blessing bestowed on Me, is that it was Scripturally predestined to be.

To be daily in the presence of FATHER DIVINE and be fully aware of Who HE Is, is the most glorious privilege any human being could have, and for this honor I Am both proud and humble. HE emanates such peace, joy and happiness and complete freedom from worry at all times, that anyone harmoniously coming in contact with Him cannot help but be contagionized by such desirableness. While the world today is in such confusion and turmoil we are serene in the belief that:

'In perfect peace I will keep thee whose mind is staid on Me.'

FATHER'S Energy is infectious and pervades everyone and everything He touches. The Spirit of HIS Magnetic Presence among us enables us to slightly keep pace with Him as He goes about the many activities that require HIS Personal attention. As Spiritual Advisor to so many, FATHER is extremely busy at all times and HE never considers taking time off for a vacation. Daily He is proof reading matter for publication, reading and dictating the thousands of letters of correspondence that pour into HIS Office from all parts of the world. Day after day, I sit by HIS Side as He serves the Holy Communion Banquet services. This entails each dish of the large variety of meats, vegetables, breads, relishes and pickles, beverages, salads, desserts and other delicacies passing through HIS Hands as He blesses them and sends them on their way down a two, four or eight-winged table from one diner to the other. A day's work with FATHER also includes interviewing hundreds of people from all walks of life that seek His advice and blessings; this He freely gives without thought of remuneration. Before a week is out FATHER has Personally visited many of the connections in New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington.

Anyone can see by this why FATHER is on the go twenty-four hours a day and yet, with it all He is so loving and kind to everyone, has unending patience and a remarkable sense of humor. Wherever FATHER goes, I Am with Him and I sincerely thank Him that by being HIS Helpmate in everything He does and says, I Am a pure, clean channel for Him to express through as He is about HIS Work of bringing Heaven on earth as all Christendom was taught to pray in the Lord's Prayer:

'Let thy kingdom come and thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.'

Many people have erroneously been led to believe that FATHER possesses great wealth in personal and real property, but that is not at all true, because He does not receive a salary, gifts, tips, presents or love offerings for HIS Spiritual Work and Service to humanity, nor do His followers turn over their wealth and weekly earnings to Him. The truth of the matter is quite to the contrary, for He came

'as the poorest among men, yet making many rich.'

Where they would desire and try to contribute to Him, it is refused and He sees to it that they are secure in that which they desire to donate to Him, for:

'He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will HE pay him again." (Proverbs 19:17)

FATHER DIVINE'S adherents, members and friends give their time, service and means for the good of suffering humanity. HIS very Work and Mission are for the poor and the needy, with mercy and pity.

FATHER does not tell His adherents what they should or should not do, but advises them to be led and governed by their highest intuition in all matters with which they are concerned. Just as He has so often said:

'I will preach Christ in words but more so in deeds and in actions. I will put My Spirit in the masses and cause them to walk in My statutes.'

It is, therefore, HIS Spirit within a true follower that overcomes and enables them to cast out of their system such habits, fancies, tendencies and pleasures that are not good for their physical well-being and spiritual advancement. If a person does not use cosmetics, drink liquor, take pleasure in going to dances and spending their money gambling at horse races and such like in an effort to get something for nothing through the spirit of graft and greed, or even participate in the no-harm habit of smoking cigarettes, it is obvious that in a very short time they could save up a goodly sum of money.

This is what many of the followers have done and have co-operatively purchased for cash such pieces of property as the Divine Hotel Riviera in Newark, N. J., the Divine Hotel Lorraine and Divine Hotel Tracy in Philadelphia, to mention just a few. This is what FATHER has often referred to as, "

the fragments that nothing be wasted.'

The deeds to these properties are in their own names and if for any cause they desire to sell the property, each one would receive his share with equity, and have done so in some instances. The many buildings under the Peace Mission Movement bear the Name of FATHER DIVINE for the specific purpose that the owners desire them to be operated according to FATHER'S Plan and Purpose for the upliftment and good of the people generally and for the furtherance of Democracy, Brotherhood and Christianity. FATHER and I could not legally claim anything nor do we desire to. We are bountifully supplied with everything necessary for Our comfort and convenience wherever We go, even to the extent of having the best automobiles to ride in.

FATHER is accompanied and assisted at all times by a large staff of well trained and efficient secretaries and stenographers who take down practically every word He says. This completely amalgamated staff of girls devote their entire lives to FATHER'S service and the magnificent Cause for which He came. They live, work, eat and play together as one big, happy family and the complete happiness and harmony that exists can be attributed to the fact that they all KNOW that FATHER DIVINE is GOD PERSONIFIED and that all barriers of race and class have been eliminated. Never do you hear a true follower of FATHER DIVINE using vulgar, lowrating terms in referring to people of different racial abstractions! Jealousy and envy did not arise among FATHER'S Cabinet and close adherents because of HIS Marriage to Me; to the reverse, I hear them so often say they love FATHER more since Our Marriage and they are more determined than ever to live this pure, virtuous life. "How can that be? It is not humanly possible!" I hear so many say.

It is recorded in the Fifth Chapter of the Book of Ephesians, beginning at the thirty- first verse:

'For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.'
'This is a great mystery; but I speak concerning Christ and the Church.

It is also recorded in Isaiah 54:5-

'For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall He be called.'

I, representing the Church, Am married to FATHER, in fulfillment of the Scripture; but as GOD is Impersonal and Universal by nature, HE is married to any and everyone who lives and expresses the conviction, "I know You are GOD!" Just as Simon Peter declared unto Jesus,

'I know Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God!'

And He answered Him saying,

'Upon this rock I shall build my church and the very gates of (you know what) shall not prevail against it.'

It was with this understanding that FATHER and I married and it is with this knowledge that I gladly relinquish all rights that a natural woman would claim when married to a man. I thereby acknowledge the fact that anyone who spiritually comes up to the qualifications, has the selfsame right to GOD, FATHER DIVINE, as I have through the legal bonds of holy matrimony. That is the reason Our Marriage can be so Universally enjoyed by all; those in the likeness of men or those in the likeness of women, young or old, because all have the privilege to claim Him as their own and enjoy their at-one-ment with FATHER from a spiritual point of view. I Am a sample and example for all to copy after if they desire to be supernaturally and eternally blessed and stand in the freedom wherein I stand.

These past few years as FATHER'S Companion have been full of rich spiritual experiences and dramatic, soul-stirring happenings; for I have seen the physically sick and afflicted restored to health and vigor; I have been moved by the forsaken and downhearted as they have sought FATHER'S counsel and have been encouraged and their faith restored through His understanding words of Spirit and Life. I have actually witnessed the change in men and women from lives of vice and crime to lives of upright, honest, independent citizens. I have watched the arrogant humble themselves before the profound truth and astounding wisdom of FATHER DIVINE.

Wherever I have gone with FATHER I have seen crowds who have stood sometimes for hours just for a glimpse of Him. I have been enraptured as I gazed with thousands of others, on the transcendent beauty and supernatural loveliness of HIS ageless, Holy Body. Never could anyone express such Majestic Grace as HE in every gesture performed or emanate such overwhelming humility and love as could turn a heart of stone. This is the FATHER DIVINE I Am MARRIED to; the ONE Who is GREATER than any Atomic or Hydrogen Bomb and is able to save all who will just humble themselves long enough to call on Him in all sincerity.









GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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