International Modest Code Established by Father Divine

No Smoking ~ No Drinking
No Obscenity ~ No Vulgarity ~ No Profanity
No Undue Mixing of Sexes
No Receiving of Gifts, Presents, or Bribes




Virtue Lights the Way




Newspaper Items Evidence The Fact That Father Divine's
Spirit Is Bringing Into Actuality Throughout The World
His International Modest Code!


Newsstands Join Dirty-book Fight,
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 24, '55.

Representatives of newsstand dealers and magazine distributors have pledged their full cooperation in helping to eliminate the sale of obscene or pornographic literature in the city, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia disclosed yesterday.

The representatives met with a group of civic and governmental officials to discuss methods of removing objectionable material from public sale. All agreed that the "pressure of public opinion" was the best way to halt such sales.


Texas City Forbids Crime Comic Display

Houston, Tex., Aug. 26, 154 (UP)Houston newsstand operators have 30 days to remove crime, horror and sex comic books from sale.

The City Council yesterday unanimously passed an ordinance aimed at crime books for children. It also banned other publications which "prominently feature" criminal acts illustrated by photographs or drawings. The ordinance provided a penalty of fines ranging up to $200 for each day a book is displayed for sale after September 25.


Service Profanity Curb Asked., Grand Rapids, Mich., June 17

The Christian Reformed Church wants President Eisenhower to "curb and prevent" profanity in the armed forces.

A petition to that effect was dispatched by the church synod at its session here yesterday. It commended the President for his "sense of the need for divine guidance" as evidenced in his Inaugural Day prayer.


The Marilyke Look

New York, N. Y. (Time Mag.) June 27, '55

Some of Manhattan's department stores and some of suburban New Jersey's dress shops were getting used to a new kind of invasion last week. Potential customers enter, inspect the dresses and select the models worthy to bear a tag proclaiming them fit for a Roman Catholic girl.

Each tag, for which startled retailers are charged 3cents, "to cover the cost of shipping - and mailing," is illustrated with a picture of the Virgin Mary, the trade name "Marilyke" and the motto, "Whatever our Blessed Mother approves." It also bears a list of specifications for Marilyke dresses, among them: "Full coverage for the bodice, chest shoulders, back and arms"; no cutouts lower than two inches below neckline, no transparent, or flesh-colored material to give the impression of nudity; sleeves halfway between shoulder and elbow; nothing that will "unduly reveal the figure of the wearer."

Marilyke crusaders concentrate on evening dresses and bridal gowns; swimming suits are too unforeseeable-the same bathing suit might be acceptable on one girl and immodest on another girl several sizes larger.


Calendars Dress Up - No Nudes for 1957 Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 26, '55
(AP) -No nudes on 1957 calendars. That was the word at a calendar salesmen's meeting here today.

Roger Turner, sales executive for the Kemper-Thomas Co., of Cincinnati, said: "All the major firms have turned thumbs down on nudes for the 1957 line.

"The industry felt it was demeaning to the advertising profession to continue the nudes. Calendars were getting rawer and rawer until they were approaching the pornographic."


Rio Showgirls Ordered to Wear More Clothes., Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 18, '53-(AP)

The almost nude showgirls featured in theaters and nightclubs here were banned today.

Effective with last night's performances the girls were ordered to cover up from the shoulders to a point three inches above the knee.

Only "artistic living statutes" were excepted. These performers can be almost completely nude but must remain still and stay in the background.


Spanish Bathers Must Cover up. Madrid, Aug. 11, '53-(UP)
It's back to bloomers and Victorian modesty on Spanish beaches this year.

Vogue notwithstanding, Spain's traditionally strict code of morality will be adhered to by all seaside visitors, both foreign and domestic, unless they wish to be arraigned for indecent exposure.

In a memorandum issued by police headquarters here, men and women looking forward to the restful pleasures of sand and sea were reminded to be clothed "with the traditional modesty and good taste becoming Spaniards."

The memorandum, published in all the papers, admonished against current indecencies of strapless and two-piece bathing suits, bikinis and G-strings.

The memorandum said, "swimming suits should cover both chest and back adequately. Women's bathing suits should have a skirt and men must wear sport-shorts.

"Swimming suits may not be worn on beaches, at clubs, bars, restaurants, boats or generally outside the water.

"Bathing suits are intended to be worn in the water only and therefore cannot be tolerated elsewhere. "Sun-bathing cannot be permitted unless a bathrobe is worn or unless the beach is completely isolated, and the sexes are separated. In this case the sun-bather must wear a bathing costume."


Harvard Pulls Shades on Its Girls at Night Cambridge, Mass., July 31, '53-(AP)

Girl summer students at Harvard were on notice today that strapless "sun bras" are taboo and that everyone should draw shades at night.

The fairest at Fair Harvard may not promenade in bathing suits. Blouses and skirts or shorts must be worn.

In a message posted yesterday at all women's dormitories by the councilor for women it was pointed out that the Harvard Yard is within the city of Cambridge and is "essentially an open and public thoroughfare."


Indian Embassies to Bar Liquor., New Delhi, India, March 16, '54(AP)

The Indian Government has issued 44 general instructions to all our embassies abroad not to serve alcoholic drinks at official functions," Deputy Foreign Minister Anil K. Chanda told Parliament today.


Candy Cigarette Ban Sought in North Dakota., Bismarck, N. D., Feb. 14, '53 (AP)

The North Dakota Senate has passed a bill prohibiting sale of candy cigarettes and another outlawing dancing in the dark.

Sen. E. C. Stucke, one of the sponsors of the candy cigarette bill, said, "If we can help eliminate things which tend to encourage young folks from starting to smoke, we will be doing a good thing."

In support of his dancing in the dark ban, Sen. Duncan Frazer said, "Some of these dance halls are so dark you can't see who is dancing next to you and it enables people to drink on the floors without being seen."








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