Remarks of Honorable Harry I. Huber,
Assistant District Attorney, Jamaica, N. Y.


"I Say That the Influence of Father Divine
Which Can Reach into the Hearts of the People, of His Followers, His Children,
and Cause Them to Make Personal Sacrifices in Order to Make Restitution
Which the Law Could Not Compel, Is a Work Which Deserves the
Highest Praise of Every Right-thinking Citizen."









At Righteous Govt. Political Mass Meeting, P. S. No. 40, Jamaica
Sunday, October 31st, 1937 A. D. F. D., 10:00 P M.


One of the most significant political mass meetings yet staged in Queens County, N. Y., was held by Followers of FATHER DIVINE following their great outdoor demonstration in Jamaica, Sunday, October 31st.

The community was thoroughly stirred when they paraded through the streets many thousands strong in one of their greatest demonstrations, and many onlookers made their way to P. S. 40 where the Followers later gathered in a Righteous Government Mass Meeting. There they found the Assembly Hall and corridors jammed to capacity with enthusiastic Followers and with many notables, speakers and candidates for public office on the platform with FATHER IVINE Personally. Among these were: Borough President: George U. Harvey; Asst. District-Attorney Harry I. Huber; Assemblyman Jay E. Rice; Alderman Edward E. Buhler; Grand Exalted Ruler Of the Elks, J. Finley Wilson; Attorney Chester R. Thomas, and others. Between the speeches of candidates and visiting friends, the amazing scope and value of FATHER'S Work was stressed in testimonial letters, speeches, facts and figures. It was shown where FATHER had saved the City of New York more than twenty million dollars in relief alone by taking His Followers off the Welfare, not to mention savings outside New York and the vast sums paid by His Followers for old bills and stolen goods.

FATHER'S great political influence in bringing about Righteous Government and in presenting thousands upon thousands to the polls to vote as a unit for RIGHTEOUSNESS, TRUTH and JUSTICE, was also stressed. The Borough President spoke very appreciatively of FATHER'S Work, and after a number Of candidates had spoken, Assistant District Attorney Huber was presented to the audience, whom he addressed as follows:



Followers of FATHER DIVINE and Believers in Righteous Government, PEACE TO YOU ALL!

I am not a Candidate for public office, so the introduction was absolutely correct. I came to- night to pay my respects to One Who for more than ten years has honored me by permitting me to enjoy His Friendship, and on various occasions I have had the honor of having FATHER DIVINE visit me at my home. Mrs. Huber accompanies me tonight and sits on the Platform by my side, to equally acknowledge the thankfulness that she feels in the opportunity of coming tonight to pay her respects with mine, to FATHER DIVINE. For more than ten years I have enjoyed the Friendship of FATHER DIVINE, having first met Him at Sayville on Long Island. I have visited Him there in His Home, and He in turn as I have said, has visited me. I have come in personal contact with His Children and I know what Wonderful things have been accomplished, because those who come under His Influence put away the old things and take on the new things, which comes only from a transformation within. I have watched the growth and power of His Influence as it has gone from County to County, from City to City, from State to State, and even beyond the borders of our own Land.

It takes more than the Statute of Limitations to cause a man to pay his obligations within the six year period, but when it goes beyond that period, I have personal knowledge that many of the things that were referred to tonight in those splendid letters that were written telling of the restitution that had been made because of moneys justly due other people, that has happened in our own County in our own neighborhood, to my own personal knowledge.

I say that the Influence of FATHER DIVINE which can reach into the hearts of the people, of His Followers, His Children, and cause them to make personal sacrifices in order to make restitution which the Law could not compel, is a Work which deserves the highest praise of every right-thinking citizen.

One of the Co-chairmen ventured the assertion that within his knowledge he has not known of any Follower of FATHER DIVINE in the County of Queens who has appeared before the Bar of Justice in our criminal Courts. I have been in the District Attorney's Office in this County many years, serving under four of our District Attorneys, and from day to day in the various Courts have prosecuted those charged with violation of the criminal Law, and I add my statement to his that within my knowledge there never has been in this County, a Follower of FATHER DIVINE who has stood before the Bar of Justice accused of violating the penal laws of our State.

The saving to our City and to our State which results from the adoption of the principles of Righteous Government and the faithful and absolute following of the teachings of FATHER DIVINE has resulted in incalculable benefit financially but beyond that and above all financial considerations is the transformation of the inner life of our people. It has made them good citizens.

I thank FATHER DIVINE for this splendid Work which He is doing, and I wish for Him in our own County, in our own vicinity of Jamaica, and throughout the Land, ever increased prosperity and the continuance of the Divine Work I that He is doing. Thank you all."








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