FATHER DIVINE Might Have Looked the World Over from Africa to Asia;
from the North Pole to the South Pole; and I Dare Say That He Would Not Find
One So Lovely, One So Fitting in the Purposes Which He Had in Mind,
One Who Would Advance Interest in His Own Religious Creed
to a Greater Extent, than MOTHER DIVINE!


Remarks of Atty. J. Austin Norris Member of Board of Tax Revision and Newspaper Editor


Given During Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride
Whilst at the Holy Communion Table of the Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc.,
Of Pennsylvania , Monday Evening, April 30, 1951 A.D.F.D., Time-8:10 P.M.

Attorney Norris

Attorney Norris






PEACE, FATHER; PEACE, MOTHER and PEACE, EVERYONE: The civilized world was startled five years ago by the announcement of the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE! There are few marriages of our times that received the publicity that was given to that Marriage. Every news agency throughout the world carried it! Although there were few marriages given so much publicity, there was none that had greater significance! The enemies of the Movement pointed out that this was the beginning of the END of this great religious empire built by Father Divine. They pointed out that HIS precepts were broken by HIS own Act. They said it was just a question of time when this great empire, religious empire, would crumble! Well, those messengers of disaster did not know the Force that was MOTIVATING this Movement, did they? For instead of being a mark of WEAKNESS it has been a mark of RENEWED STRENGTH, hasn't it? ("Yes, yes!" exclaimed the enthusiastic Congregation.)

This Marriage has become an additional Creedal-an additional Precept in the great Teaching of FATHER DIVINE! It has acted as a CEMENTING of ALL of the forces and all of the things that HE stood for! (Loud applause resounds.)

I am reminded that this is one of the most SIGNIFICANT MARRIAGES of ALL TIME - and there have been a number of important marriages in history; marriages that have had their imprint in time and-on all times. I am thinking of Greek Mythology, when Jupiter married Juno. The marriage took place in the skies, as the Greeks say; and Juno, the month of June was taken from Juno; and you know the month of June is the month of marriages-the month of love- making.

I AM reminded of the marriage of Solomon to the Queen of Sheba, for that united two great empires! I am reminded of the marriage of that great historian who gave us the great civil laws of France, and his bride! I am also reminded of Louis the Fourteenth. Up until that time it was the practice of marrying for money; for the advancement of worldly goods. But Louis the Fourteenth's marriage marked the first marriage for Love, and changed the whole style and the whole purpose of marriage in the civilized world!

I am reminded of the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain; and probably if it had not been for that marriage we would not have had Columbus sailing the seas to discover this new world! And then I am reminded of a more recent marriage in our own times: Wally Simpson and the Crown Prince of England. But all of those marriages-none have had MORE RELIGIOUS EFFECT than THIS MARRIAGE of FATHER DIVINE and MOTHER DIVINE! (Loud applause rings out from visitors and Followers alike.)

You know, marriages and marriage anniversaries are closer to the hearts of women than they are to the men!-and throughout all of these ceremonies we are apt to stress the great Work of FATHER and overlook the assistance and aid that is given by MOTHER DIVINE!

I have heard a lot of talk of the First Lady; the first lady of Philadelphia; the first lady of Pennsylvania; the first lady of these United States; the first lady of the world. Well, I have a Lady that I consider the FIRST LADY of the WORLD! (As Mr.. Norris indicates MOTHER DIVINE, the applause is tumultuous. As it subsides, he continues:)

No one out of this Movement has had a better opportunity to judge HER VIRTUE - to judge HER PERSONALITY-to judge HER GRACES, than I have! I have been one of those who have been fortunate in having the confidence of FATHER DIVINE. I am one of those who have been fortunate in having HIS Friendship, and I have been asked there to the Headquarters on innumerable occasion; and all the time I have had a chance to view Her-and I don't know anyone who has the GRACES-I don't know one who has the UNSPOILED VIRTUE - I don't know anyone who has to TOLERANCE and the HUMILITY, FATHER, that MOTHER DIVINE has exhibited over these last five years! (Thunderous applause and cheers resound from the adoring assembly.)

FATHER DIVINE might have looked the world over from Africa to Asia; from the North Pole to the South Pole; and I dare say that HE would not find one so LOVELY, one so fitting in the purposes which HE had in mind, one who would advance interest in HIS Own Religious Creed to a greater extent, than MOTHER DIVINE! (Again thunderous applause rings out.)

So although this has become a great religious fete; a great religious day in the Kingdom of FATHER DIVINE; and I might say, a very significant day in world affairs to ,all civilized people who believe in religious advancement; and although it is important as a religious day, I want you all to feel, and re-consecrate yourselves- particularly you women - to the FINE EXAMPLE set by MOTHER DIVINE!

This is a Day beyond its religious significance! This is a Day of women!-this is a day that WOMANHOOD should feel PROUD! Here you have a young girl raised in the Movement-a product of the Movement; here you have Her coming to womanhood; and then in Her twenty-first or twenty-second year, called upon to share the GREAT TASK of LEADING this GREAT MOVEMENT! - of being LIFTED UP from HUMAN FLESH to DIVINITY! And how NOBLY has she carried it on! How NOBLY She has carried it on, all of us know! LET US BROADCAST THAT TO THE WORLD! ("Yes, yes!" sanctions the entire vast assembly.)

Everyone knows what FATHER DIVINE means, but they don't know what HE has breathed into HIS BRIDE, do they? And if they don't know it, womanhood ought to be PROUD to BROADCAST IT just as I am broadcasting it here.

And so in closing, let me again wish for both FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE not only a Happy ANNIVERSARY but another year of USEFULNESS to HUMANITY! Let me ask both of Them, as They have in the past as my friend, here, Dr Ford, has said let Them be the SHINING EXAMPLE to ALL MARRIED PEOPLE of what a BLESSED MARRIAGE CAN BE if they will only LIVE ACCORDING TO THE HIGH PRECEPTS OF FATHER DIVINE!








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