"The Foremost Leader in The World That I Know is FATHER DIVINE!"

"The Whole World Is Going to Love FATHER DIVINE."


" If There Is Anything That this Old World Needs Today it Is the Living Reality of the Presence of GOD ALMIGHTY!"
--- Bishop David H. Sims.




FATHER DIVINE and Bishop Simms.



Remarks of A.M. E., Bishop David H. Sims Given Whilst at the
Holy Communion Table
of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc., Of Pennsylvania
764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Wednesday Afternoon, April 26, 1950 A.D.F.D., Time- 4:18 P.M.



Bishop Sims; "FATHER DIVINE;

FATHER DIVINE! (FATHER acknowledges, saying, "Bishop Sims";

Then the Bishop continues). . . And MOTHER!

I am very happy at the opportunity which I have. It was an opportunity which I sought!

This morning when we were in Devotion, Reverend Staton and I, down at the Church, we were thinking about the condition of the world. We were praying that GOD'S Spirit would move upon the world that we would counteract much sin; that is, individual sin and community sin and national and international sin. We thought about FATHER DIVINE and HIS Leadership and what it had meant to the world and what it had meant to us as individuals. I have been a Follower of FATHER DIVINE from the very beginning of HIS Movement! I have always been happy to say what I thought about FATHER DIVINE'S Movement, and about a month and a half ago when we were talking about a movement, The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted me as saying that the movement which we were trying to supplement was a movement which had the Spirit of FATHER DIVINE and that we made "no bones" about saying it, that we were imitating and copying some of the wonderful things that HE had done to relieve mankind and to bring GOD near to us!

I love FATHER DIVINE! Yes, I love HIM! I said to my friend and Pastor. Reverend Staton, while we were listening to that wonderful broadcast (Bishop Sims refers to the wire recorder which had played one of FATHER'S recent Sermons)- yes, love HIM more than you do your companions I It is a different kind of love! (FATHER says dynamically, "It is true!" Then Bishop Sims continues:) You know, if you understand life, the love which a child has for her mother is instinctive! You know, a calf loves her mother, the cow. That is instinct, that is natural. But a love that comes from GOD ALMIGHTY is way ABOVE that love- and I join in with the millions, yea the millions who love FATHER DIVINE!

It has been my good privilege in my lifetime to travel around the world. I lived in both North Africa and South Africa. In Africa I was Bishop of the A.M. E. Church and lived there for six years. I can testify what I heard that broadcast saying; even years ago, ten years ago- I can testify of that fine support and love which the South Africans have for FATHER DIVINE! And the time is coming- you can't stop it- it is like the mighty cataracts, it is like the mighty tides of the ocean- you can't stop it! The whole world is going to love FATHER DIVINE because of HE HIMSELF, and HE gave the secret of HIS Success and of the spread and expanse of this mighty 'Movement!

They wonder where HE gets all the material things to supply the needs of those who follow HIM, and thank GOD, not only those who follow HIM but HE reaches out and helps those who need, who have not come to HIM! I got the secret! I thought 1 had it but I got it afresh this morning! If you want to know from where HIS Abundance of Supply comes; where HE gets all of these things; find out where all of this LOVE comes from! I can understand and I can say with you- I am so glad I can say with you people- oh yes, from the very depths of my heart- and I am happy to be here- it has been an inspiration to me. It has been like a rebirth to my Spirit to come here and sojourn! I can feel the HOLY SPIRIT here! (FATHER says in sanction, "So glad!" Bishop Sims continues:) And I thank GOD there is no spirit mightier than the HOLY SPIRIT

Yes, the world in which we live is in a turmoil. The world in which we live is having all kinds of problems. But didn't you hear FATHER DIVINE as HE teaches the world, say, "When you are conscious of the Presence of the ALMIGHTY GOD the problems are solved"? And that is the thing we need to bring to the world! Do you know, there are people following HIM in HIS new Teaching all over the world?

I read Norman Vincent Peale, that great writer- I know him personally- worked on committees with him- and he believes what FATHER DIVINE believes! Have you read? He is following HIS Footsteps! Oh, yes, it is a wonderful thing to have the Presence of GOD near us! I am so glad! And that is one of the things that FATHER DIVINE has done! I am so glad that out of the immensity of GOD'S Universe HE has reached up and brought GOD down here to us!

If there is anything that this old world needs today it is the LIVING REALITY of the PRESENCE of GOD ALMIGHTY! Thank YOU, FATHER DIVINE, thank YOU

I want to tell and illustrate I want to give an illustration of how FATHER DIVINE'S Teaching of Righteousness and Justice and Love has reached the world! You know the John Wanamaker Company. I was the administrator of an estate- the administrator of William Henry Hurd, Bishop Hurd's- and I went down to see the old Ledger. The old Ledger Newspaper that used to be here years ago had a claim against his estate, and Wanamaker did and some others; and I went down to talk to Mr. White who is chief attorney for the Wanamakers. He said, "Do you know FATHER DIVINE?" I said, "I do. I sat with HIM on the rostrum in Convention Hall on Freedom Day. I was on the committee with Mr. Major Wright when FATHER DIVINE and HIS wonderful Rosebuds were present, and I was sitting right next to Governor Martin who is now Senator Martin; and Senator Martin said, "That M-a-n is Divine!" That was the Governor's way of expressing it! That was Governor Martin who is Senator Martin now! He said, "How do you explain it?" I said, "I explain it through what you said- HIS Divinity. HE is Divine!"

And Mr. White said, "The reason I asked you- I don't know much but I will tell you how I came in direct contact." He said, "The other day there were some people came here and they said they wanted to pay what they owed. I said, "When was your account?" They said the account was so many years ago. I said, , Well, that is already charged off and t is down in the dead file." And I sent down to look it up and it took some time to find it. I said to them, "That has been charged off." But these wonderful Followers said, "No, but we want to pay. We owe it. We are Followers of FATHER DIVINE and we can't follow FATHER DIVINE unless we be honest and pay our honest debts, because GOD has abundant supply and we are to pay for what we receiver" Well, he said, he thought about that and he thought about the various religions and the various schisms of the world and he said, "There is a religion that represents Justice and Democracy and Freedom and Right!" and he said, "If FATHER DIVINE is teaching people to do that," he said, "FATHER DIVINE'S Religion steps out in front, above all other religions!"

That is wonderful!

'THY Kingdom come, TRY Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!'

The Kingdom is HERE and NOW! (Bishop Sims turns towards FATHER as he says:) And FATHER, I humbly join with YOU! I have done that a long time but I humbly join with YOU in doing any small thing that I can do I have been doing it all along -speaking and imitating and following and I am sure that this very moment when I think of people whom I. represent, when I tell them the story- I would like to and I am going to see to it, so far as I am concerned, for it is my duty to do so! It is my love that prompts me to do so! I don't care where in the world the newspaper may be, or anything; I am one who will speak out and say that THE FOREMOST LEADER IN THE WORLD THAT I KNOW IS FATHER DIVINE! And I would to GOD that the time will be speeded on! I am sure it will- when the SPIRIT of FATHER DIVINE will hover over America and hover over the WORLD, like the dew in the springtime, until men have become BROTHERS and they see GOD here and now and they have served GOD here and now- and there will be no more racial division, there will be no more segregation, there will be no more injustice- but with the wonderful Spirit of FATHER DIVINE we will all be ONE, to live forever more!








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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