"I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE because HE has taught me Honesty, Righteousness!
HE has taught me Holiness! He has taught me Love!" --- Miss B. M. Love

"I'll Tell You Why I'm a Follower of Father Divine! I Found, after I Contacted Father Divine,
That He Brought Me Back, Through Jesus Christ, to the God of My Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!
The Eternal, Immortal and Invisible God That I Worshiped as a Child in Orthodox Judaism!"
---Miss Deborah Newmind




As Told by Miss B. M. Love and Miss Deborah Newmind at the Universalist Church of the Messiah, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Thursday Evening, February 23, 1956 A. D. F. D.

Followers attending services at another Church.

Followers attending services at another Church.





Miss Love

I'll say Peace to all, because that is the Salutation of the Most Holy FATHER DIVINE which you know, those of you who know of the Jewish history, the ancient greeting of Shalom. HE has admonished all humanity to greet one another with Peace, because Peace will eventually dispel the ills of this world!Tonight, my friends, I cannot tell you what a great blessing and what a privilege it is for me to stand before you and say even a few words about FATHER DIVINE! And the question that is asked, "Why am I a Follower of FATHER DIVINE?" I'll try, in the short time that is allowed me to speak, to summarize as briefly as possible, why I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE.

Some twenty-five years ago there came upon my life some unrest. I wanted to know more about GOD. I loved my SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST, and I wanted to draw closer and closer to Him. The Churches could not help me; metaphysicians could not help me; but still I sought! And it happened that one day while in a metaphysical meeting in Oakland, California, the daughter of Dr. Grier, who was then traveling around the country and lecturing, mentioned the Name of FATHER DIVINE. Then she went on to say of the things that she knew as a fact HE was doing in Sayville, Long Island. That was all she had to do - to mention that Name - and the CHRIST in me responded to that NAME.

I listened for the rest of the evening, and after she had related her experience at HIS Home in Sayville, Long Island, I resolved to myself then and there, that I will find HIM anywhere HE is, because I want to be like HIM! Then as the years passed, I came across HIS Messages that were published in certain papers, and on a special occasion at the metaphysical meeting-it was supposed to be a FATHER DIVINE Meeting, and all praises were directed to FATHER DIVINE, and I became a bit confused. I said, "What have they done to my SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST? They seem to have put Him behind!" And within my soul the Voice Spoke to me and said, "I AM the very SAME ONE!" Peace came to me, and from that day until this day I have anchored in the Love of FATHER DIVINE This soul is anchored in HIS Love because I know HE is the One, the very Same One that nineteen hundred years ago said,

'Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing? The same Jesus you see go up into Heaven will come again in like manner!'

- and I know that my SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST, has returned to the earth!

But if you will remember that after HIS Resurrection He said,

'He that seeth the FATHER seeth Me!'

And He said,

'I and the FATHER are ONE!'

And He said,

'All power in Heaven and earth is now given unto Me!'

And then He said,

'I will come again and I will receive you unto Myself.'

He said,

'In My FATHER'S House are many mansions. I will prepare a place and receive you unto Myself!'

Well, HE has come, and through the bodies of the redeemed HE has prepared places and HE is receiving mankind unto HIMSELF!

When I was willing to accept what the Spirit told me, immediately my physical condition was healed! I had ailed for twenty years, and immediately it was healed!

Then I noticed - I attended one or two of the meetings and I noticed the procedure was, confess your sins firstly. It was quite a difficult thing to stand up before people and tell them what I had done; but Something said that is the way to Eternal Life with GOD, and I went about and confessed my sins. I was healed in mind and spirit, because after confession comes forgiveness. My sins were forgiven. I was baptized with the Holy Ghost and met GOD in a plane, as the Bible said-somewhere in the Bible where you will be lifted up to meet HIM. Well, I had that experience! The heart was changed! From the immediate family circle I found myself in a Universal Family! I found myself one of a Family of men that we are children of ONE GOD, ONE FATHER, ONE MOTHER, GOD ALMIGHTY!

FATHER DIVINE lifted this mind! HE healed this body! HE lifted this mind-HE placed HIS Love in this heart! HE gave me an outlook on life to see all GOD'S Children-not just an immediate family or an immediate group, but to see the HUMAN FAMILY-ONE FAMILY!

HIS Holy Immaculate Body has created such an atmosphere of Virtue-Virtue and Holiness-HE taught me to abstain just by looking at HIM and by reading HIS Words! You no longer desire to indulge in the sins of the flesh. HE lifts your mind above mortality, above carnality, and puts you on the road back to GOD!

As you know, in the beginning man drifted away from HIS God by disobeying in the Garden of Eden. FATHER DIVINE'S Teaching and HIS Love takes us back into the Garden of Eden where we are willing to obey GOD'S First Commandment!

HIS Holy Marriage that has been so misunderstood by an uninformed world, is the Pathway that all mankind must trod in order to return back to GOD! Man drifted from HIS God through indulgence in self! Now man must return to GOD through self-denial, Purification, Sanctification, Holiness, Virtue, Virginity, Chastity-and that is the SAMPLE and an EXAMPLE HE has brought to the earth in the Body of MOTHER DIVINE! Two Holy People walking together to make a pathway for mankind to follow, so that the world may be saved!

The guns will not solve the problems of our nations. The guns will not solve it, the bombs will not solve it-but the LOVE of GOD from HEART to HEART that FATHER has brought and is instilling, and a LIFE of HOLINESS, CHASTITY, VIRGINITY, HONESTY, COMPETENCE and TRUTH, will be the ONLY -SOLUTION; and why? Because such a Life will please GOD, and as GOD takes pleasure in HIS People, HE will take over the problems of life. HE ALONE can solve it? Man cannot solve it himself. And I know in my determination to follow FATHER DIVINE, it's one way of fighting the battles of life! The boys will be out there fighting with guns and giving their life, but the Life of CHRIST can do more than all the battlefields and the bombs, because, as I said before, the Life of CHRIST will cause GOD to take pleasure in HIS People, and when GOD takes pleasure in HIS people GOD takes over and man's problem is solved!

FATHER DIVINE'S Work, HIS Spirit, has gone over the wide extended plane. Tonight in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, they are praising HIS Holy Name! HE has caused the people to turn away from sin, vice and crime! HE has PURIFIED and LIFTED their bodies and caused them to get together in the Spirit of GOD, and HE has established Churches in all of these foreign countries and they are living the same Holy Life-the women live as Mary lived before Jesus was born, and the men live as Jesus lived while He was here on earth!

HIS Holy Communion Tables are set in England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Austria, Italy-even in the Soviet Zone of Austria!-Central America, South America, North America-and they meet there and fellowship in the Spirit of the CHRIST! They get together, and therein lies our Hope of World Peace. Because in Germany they are singing and praising HIS Holy Name!

FATHER DIVINE has in HIS Movement what we call the Youth Group Movement. The world today is so confused about child delinquency. Now I would like you all to see the Youth Group Movement in FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission! Young men, young ladies who are brought into subjection; who spend their time in praising and adoring GOD-in studying their Bibles and committing it to memory; studying their Creeds; preparing themselves mentally and spiritually to be Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven; because FATHER DIVINE'S Work is the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth! In HIM there is NO RACE, there is NO CREED, there is NO COLOR! ALL LANGUAGES, ALL TONGUES, ALL PEOPLE ARE MELTED INTO ONE-the FATHERHOOD of GOD and the BROTHERHOOD of MAN and if you care to visit any of HIS Assemblies you will see for yourself. They come from the east, they come from the north, they come from the south, because GOD the FATHER is Here and we are just flowers in HIS Garden! We are not all of the same hue but we are flowers in GOD'S Garden and we play our respective part!

FATHER DIVINE'S Principle of Righteousness, you see-years ago when HE started, one of the first steps of HIS Work was to take thousands of people OFF the RELIEF ROLLS of New York City; and today because of HIS Teaching of RIGHTEOUSNESS, those who were indigents on the relief rolls, today have become OWNERS of the BEST PROPERTIES in the country! Hotels, Estates, Churches, dwellings, schools and they are open to ALL PEOPLE because HE is GOD, the FATHER of ALL PEOPLE!

But HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS has PURIFIED and LIFTED MANKIND to such an extent that today they are a walking Declaration of Independence! Our idea is to become as FATHER has said:

'Be a Living Epistle seen and read by men! Be the Gospel as you live and as you dwell with your fellow man! Be the Constitution in your everyday life! Be the Declaration of Independence - don't just hang it on the wall, but LIVE IT and BE IT and make our Democracy what it should be!'

FATHER DIVINE has established homes of every kind through the redeemed bodies of those who are HIS Followers, to lift up a sanitation among the people! Taking people out of the slums! Taking them out of illiteracy! Sending them to school! Taking them out of poverty! Making them WORK and EARN their honest living! We LIVE TOGETHER, we WORK TOGETHER, we save our money together, we invest together, and in that unity there is a great strength! That strength has accomplished the material objectives everybody knows of; and I'm here to tell you, it makes no difference who may have read that book that Mrs. Harris wrote! It's all right, because it will only prove to the world as it did nineteen hundred years ago, they did more to Him in the Sonship Degree than they can do now! He was scoffed at, He was laughed at, He was stabbed in the Side and He was put in the grave, but He walked out because He was the Son of GOD! Today He is the FATHER-and men may talk and men may attack HIM and they may persecute HIM as I they have done, and they may write defamatory things about HIM, but it can only BOOST HIM, because the Truth lieth foursquare and no man can help GOD. No man can add to GOD and no man can take away! We can take a lot from ourselves by speaking against our Life Current, but we cannot take from GOD!

But GOD loves to see the people harmonizing because FATHER says,

'I AM here to save! Whosoever will may come! I AM HERE TO SAVE! I came to lift! I came to bless and I came to help!'

So it is up to humanity. And I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE because HE has taught me Honesty, Righteousness! HE has taught me Holiness! He has taught me Love! HE has shown me how to look out upon the world and know that we are the children of ONE GOD!-and in my every effort,. in my every attempt to serve, know that I must do it to the Glory of GOD and to the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven, which, as John saw a New Heaven and a New Earth coming down, HE has brought Heaven to the earth and HE is going to establish it here regardless of what man may say or do! Heaven will be established here on EARTH with GOD the FATHER Reigning, as the Scripture said, and HIS Holy Virgin Bride sits by HIS Side to represent the Holiness and Virginity of Life, and HE to represent the Power and the Glory of GOD, and They combined will lead mankind back to GOD and place man where he was, in the Garden of Eden, before he sinned and fell from Grace!

I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE because HE has taught me Honesty, Righteousness! HE has taught me Holiness! He has taught me Love! And I'm very happy to be here tonight. I think I have taken up too much time but I'm so happy to have the privilege of saying a few words about FATHER because everybody should know the TRUTH about HIM! He is your Friend, HE is my Friend, HE is the Friend of all creation! And the leaders of the people today, if they would only turn in all humility to HIM, we would not have to fear the Communist or any other enemy, because if GOD takes pleasure in HIS People, all must be well! I thank you.

(Loud applause rings out, then Rev. Hayeman says:)

Quite on the contrary, Blessed Mary Love, we thank you for that very splendid tribute and glowing accolade that you rendered, and most worthy presentation of why you are a Follower of FATHER DIVINE! (Again loud applause resounds.)

You have just heard from Miss Blessed Mary Love on the subject, "Why I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE," and now we wish to continue with our second speaker of the evening, Miss Deborah Newmind. And I will say that Miss Deborah Newmind is not a stranger to our assemblage, having been here a few weeks ago and sitting in our midst; and may I tell about that evening? (He turns to Miss Newmind in askance, and Miss Newmind replies: "If you wish to." Rev. Hayernan then continues:) Miss Newmind came and took part in our evening's program as a spectator, shall we put it?-and when I asked her, her name, Because she wanted to say something, she said, "Just call me Miss X!" and I wondered why she said that-and I realize now what the reason was, because little did I know that she was one of our future speakers and she did not want to participate then as a speaker instead of now! But now she has her opportunity, and now at last she is unveiled! Miss X now becomes Miss Deborah Newmind and she will present us with her opinion on why she is a Follower of FATHER DIVINE!

I present to you Miss Deborah Newmind!


Miss Newmind

Peace, Reverend! Peace, Ladies and Gentlemen! The first thing I will do tonight is to let you know what I first heard about FATHER DIVINE. FATHER DIVINE was in Sayville when I first heard about HIM, and two metaphysical lecturers came to Seattle, Washington. They had just come from Sayville and had seen FATHER DIVINE, and what they told us in this Truth, Center, I can best tell you by a letter which was written by a noted lawyer and lecturer who was in Sayville about the same time. With your kind indulgence, I won't bore you with a lot of reading; this is just a short letter written by a noted lawyer, lecturer and teacher-his significant pronouncements after having contacted FATHER 'DIVINE in Sayville, Long Island, Eugene Del Mar. (She reads the letter as it appears on pages 32 and 33 of the supplement.

That is the letter I heard when I first heard the Name of FATHER DIVINE. I went from Seattle to Oakland, California, where I first met the Followers of FATHER DIVINE and where I first found one Follower, and many others, who testified of her instantaneous healing of cancer in the last stages, after all the doctors had given her up. I spoke to the mother and I spoke to the daughter, and the daughter is today living in Newark, New Jersey, on High Street! And this daughter and this mother both testified again and again that this girl was dying in the very last stage of cancer; that the doctors refused to come to the house any more. When her mother wrote a letter to Sayville to FATHER DIVINE, she was instantaneously and miraculously healed! That is just one case.

Again and again I heard such testimonies in Oakland, California. I heard of a testimony from one who was in the very last stages of TB. I won't describe her condition as she describes it, but it was the same type of a testimony, that she was instantaneously and miraculously healed when she called on the Name of FATHER DIVINE after the doctors had given her up!

I heard the last speaker say that she came to FATHER DIVINE after having been a Follower of Jesus CHRIST. I'll tell you why I'm a Follower of FATHER DIVINE! I found, after I contacted FATHER DIVINE, that HE brought me back, through Jesus CHRIST, to the GOD of my fathers, ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB!-the ETERNAL, IMMORTAL and INVISIBLE GOD that I worshiped as a child in ORTHODOX JUDAISM!

That may sound strange but it is positively the reason why I am today a Follower of FATHER DIVINE! You see, I'm not a lecturer or a teacher or a minister of the Gospel but I'm standing here to tell you why you should be a Follower of FATHER DIVINE. I'm telling you why I'm a Follower of FATHER DIVINE!

FATHER DIVINE impressed upon us, in fact, it is an absolute necessity for every Follower of FATHER DIVINE to live exactly according to the Life and Teaching of Jesus CHRIST as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. FATHER DIVINE Followers are not only expected to read the Sermon on the Mount, they are expected to study it verbatim and live it exactly accordingly! It is that, that I found through following the Teachings of FATHER DIVINE, through the Son, that I got back to the FATHER! And I found that the same GOD I worshiped as an infant child in Orthodox Judaism is the same GOD that is walking on earth today in a Body, in the Name of FATHER DIVINE! That is why I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE! Strange? It is not strange that GOD should have a Body and is walking on earth. HIS Son had a Body and walked with the children of men, and He said He would come again. And that is not the second time that GOD is on earth!

It is little considered that way back there in the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob there was one walking on the earth and HIS Name was Melchizedek. If you know your Hebrew, Melech means LORD and Zedek or Zedek means PRIEST! HE was LORD and PRIEST-Melchizedek! HE was without father, without mother, without the beginning of days and without the end of life; and it said of Jesus CHRIST that He was Prophet, Priest and King after the order of Melchizedek! Read it in Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews. Right, Reverend? In Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews he tells you about Melchisedec - without father without mother, without the beginning of days and without the end of life and Jesus CHRIST the Son was Prophet, Priest and King after the order of Melchisedec!

So that is not the first or the second time that GOD was walking on earth in a Body like unto the children of men!

How could GOD be on earth in a Body if HE did not come in a physical body after the manner of the children of men? The physical earth known to science and to scientists has a certain gravitation of the earth, and it is essential, if GOD was to come on earth in a Body, that HE would have to come in a physical Body after the manner of the children of men. HE could not exist in a celestial Body.

I would like to tell you how FATHER DIVINE has brought together Judaism and Christianity. HE said in a little excerpt from one of HIS Lectures,

'The Atomic Age, that is the age we are living in now, you know. We are no longer living in the kindergarten age! The Atomic Age, as it may be called scientifically or by the sciences, but by ME as the FATHER'S or the SPIRITUAL, is the amalgamation of all religions and the unification of all nations, languages, tongues and people-for this FATHER'S Age or SPIRITUAL Age embraces and envelops the Jewish Faith, the Christian Movement and all religions; those of the old world as well as this one, and of our past as well as our present civilization; which by those who know ME and of ME have learned, this is commonly known as FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MISSION MOVEMENT through which Peace shall be established throughout the universe, and the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD of man shall be realized!'

It is a wonderful thing to understand the mystery of the Advent of GOD in these last days among the children of men! FATHER DIVINE came, you might say, in disguise. HE came in the Meekness of a Lamb. That's the reason the world is so confounded. "Who is this? This, the Son of GOD? Why, that's Joseph's little boy! I saw Him when He worked in His father's carpenter shop! He can't be the CHRIST!" Isn't that what they said about the son? "CRUCIFY HIM! He's just as an impostor! I knew Him when He was in His father's carpenter shop-Joseph's carpenter shop. He's just a carpenter! He says He , s the CHRIST! CRUCIFY HIM!" That's exactly what is going on today when they hear the Name of FATHER DIVINE! "HE GOD?" HE came in the MEEKNESS of a LAMB to confound the proud and the prejudiced, because this is Judgment Day, and if the proud and the prejudiced would come to HIM and be blessed, which they would, because everybody who comes to FATHER DIVINE is blessed! You are automatically blessed if you just walk in HIS Presence in a harmonious attitude-but if you don't deserve to be blessed, HE won't even let you walk in HIS Presence! That's why he veiled HIMSELF in the Meekness of a Lamb. That is the mystery!

Not just one time in the Book of Revelation have you heard about the Lamb, have you? You talk about FATHER DIVINE and HIS Virgin Bride the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride is plainly depicted in the Book of Revelation. Three times the Book of Revelation speaks of the Lamb! One time he looked and he said,

'Lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with Him was an hundred and forty-four thousand. In their mouths was found no guile. They were redeemed from among men; not defiled with women, for they are virgins. They have their Father's Name written in their foreheads and they were without fault before the Throne of GOD.'

If you know a Real True Follower of FATHER DIVINE, you will see him as one in that number. His life is exactly like that! She is redeemed from among men-she is-and he is not defiled with women!-and they have their Father's Name written in their forehead and they are without fault before the Throne of GOD because they are living exactly according to the Life and Teaching of Jesus CHRIST as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which is Perfection in a Bodily Form!

Jesus said,

'I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life! No man cometh unto the FATHER but by ME,'

said He. He was the Wayshower to the FATHER! Sure, it is not easy to live the CHRIST Life! Who can live it? FATHER DIVINE said,

'I will preach CHRIST in Words but more so in Deeds and in Actions, and I will put MY Spirit in the people and cause them to walk in MY Statutes!'

That is the only way they can live the CHRIST Life. GOD has to put HIS SPIRIT in you and cause you to walk in HIS Statutes or else humanity cannot walk in the Statutes of GOD. It's too strict a Life! The temptations of the world are too great! But when GOD puts HIS SPIRIT in you as HE did in this angel, and makes you get up and confess your sins and empty out, then HE can pour HIS Spirit in you! You see what I mean? And when GOD puts HIS Spirit in you, it's no longer you, it's the Spirit of GOD; and then you can live a Life of PERFECTION! You can deny yourself and then you can live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST.

Another time he saw a Lamb-he saw a Book up on Mount Zion, with seven seals, holding the mysteries-and he wept because he saw no man in Heaven or earth worthy to open the Book! And he looked again-I'm talking about John in the Book of Revelation. Reverend, you know what I'm talking about! He looked and be saw a Lamb-the second time he spoke about a Lamb, and He was found worthy. I'm talking about the LAMB of GOD that taketh away the sins of the world! I'm talking about why FATHER DIVINE came in Meekness and in Humility, disguised -as a Lamb!-not coming like they expected HIM to come; the big Messiah- Meshiach-with a long white beard, looking like Moses, in robes and in great glory! HE veiled HIMSELF in the MEEKNESS of a LAMB! It is Wonderful! And all the prophets, the sages and the seers, they saw HIM coming as HE came!

Isaiah saw HIM coming in the Meekness of a Lamb. HE saw Someone coming! He said,

'Who is this that cometh, with dyed garments on, from Edom?'

What are dyed garments? Did you ever stop to consider what Isaiah saw when he saw Someone coming to him with dyed garments on? You know, your garment is your skin. Consider what Isaiah saw! He saw FATHER DIVINE! He said, I mean, the Vision that Isaiah saw answered him. He said,

'Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments on from Bozrah?'

HE said,

'I came treading the winepress all alone, and of the people there was none with ME!'

No, not one!

Again we saw a Lamb. We saw the Lamb and the Bride in the Book of Revelation. That is MOTHER DIVINE, we call Her today-a beautiful Virgin twenty-one years of age that FATHER DIVINE married in 1946, that stirred the world! She is the same Spotless Bride. She was-the Church without a spot or wrinkle! The mystery of the world today is the Marriage of FATHER DIVINE to HIS Spotless Bride; CHRIST married to HIS Church. It is truly wonderful!

We see the Book of Revelation before our very eyes, but in order to see it you have to still yourself and pray to your GOD; because, what did Solomon say about that which you have within you? Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived!

'There is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the ALMIGHTY giveth him understanding!'

There is a spirit in man! Wasn't man made in the beginning, in the Image and Likeness of GOD, and didn't GOD breathe into him the breath of life, in the Garden of Eden? He fell from grace and he disobeyed GOD when he ate of the forbidden fruit, and the Serpent told him, "Go on, eat! You won't surely die!" GOD told Adam and Eve that they would surely die if they ate of the fruit! The Serpent said, "Go on, eat! You won't surely die!" And they were driven out of the Garden of Eden. And FATHER DIVINE is here to bring us back into the Garden of Eden, into that Perfect Consciousness of PURITY and HOLINESS and the INDWELLING CHRIST that is in every man! I say, the CHRIST that is in every man! But as long as the body is filled with mortal versions, with sins and iniquities, the CHRIST in you is lying dormant. But when you get up, as we did, the Followers of FATHER DIVINE-why am I a Follower of FATHER DIVINE? When I got up like this angel did- and confessed my sins and emptied out like you take a pitcher of water and get it out, it makes room for something to come in! The Spirit of ALMIGHTY GOD came into the temple and opened up my understanding. Opened up my understanding so that I could learn things and know things that I never knew before! I'm going to tell you the Wonderful thing about it!

When I found FATHER DIVINE and I began to study the Life and Teaching of Jesus CHRIST, the Wayshower to Salvation, FATHER DIVINE opened up my understanding so that I could interpret my Hebrew prayers that I prayed as an infant -that I learned like a parrot learns how to say prayers-and I didn't even know the meaning of what I was saying!

'Boruch a tu Adonoi-Elohenu H'olem!'

I said it like a parrot. I was taught to say it! When I found FATHER DIVINE, the OMNISCIENT ONE, and HE baptized me with the Holy Spirit and put HIS Mind and Spirit in me, this Spirit in me interpreted my childhood prayers!-told me "Boruch" -sure, "Boruch", I knew that! That means "Blessed be THOU, 0 LORD!" "Melech"LORD! "H'olem"-which means, Host!

That is why I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE! HE put the Spirit of ALMIGHTY GOD in me, which is all Power and all Wisdom, all Purity and all Love, and made me know HE is GOD come back to earth to establish HIS Kingdom of Heaven on earth, as Jesus CHRIST said. HE said,

'I go but I will come again;'


'My FATHER and I will come and make Our Abode with you!'

He was not to come back as two-He and His FATHER. He said,

'If I go not away the Comforter will not come!'

-the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost! The Three in One; the FATHER, the Son and the Holy Ghost came back in ONE-in the NAME of the HOLY LAMB, and HIS NAME today is FATHER DIVINE -FATHER DIVINE, Who came to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, to establish the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth!

The U. N. were told to come to Philadelphia. It was the logical place for the United Nations to come. This is the Cradle of Democracy! They would not come! FATHER said,


That is just what HE has done. HE did not need the U.N. to come and make their headquarters here! Let them stay over there in New York and do nothing as they are doing! What are they doing? You know they are not doing a thing out there but spending the government's money. What are they doing, the U. N.? FATHER DIVINE said,


--and HE is drawing the people from all races, creeds and colors and nationalities and religions right here to the City of Philadelphia!

We have right here in Philadelphia, living right at Broad and Catherine, a young man from Switzerland, a young man from France. We have a Follower from Panama; we have two Followers from England who came after the Battle of London-came to follow FATHER DIVINE, because they said when they were in London when the robot bombs were falling over everybody's houses and everybody was flying to the shelters, they went to bed and slept like children! All they had to do was call on the NAME of FATHER DIVINE! Two Christian Science practitioners, if you please-a Miss Yarrow and Miss Elizabeth Peace! They are living right now here at Sixteenth and Oxford Street in the Bible Institute. That's what FATHER DIVINE is doing! HE has come and HE is establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in which dwelleth RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE and UNITY and HARMONY; unifying the children of men!

I'll just read a little excerpt of HIS Own Personal Words! It says,

'A desire of the heart, a heart filled with the Spirit, the Nature and the Characteristics of Jesus-that desire will be a prayer even though it may not be heard! Those in whom CHRIST dwells, all you must needs do is to relax your conscious mentality and still yourselves as individuals. GOD will hear your prayers! Before you call I will answer"'

Now isn't that wonderful? As it is written by inspiration,

'Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed!'

-and GOD has declared through Paul,

'You know not how to pray as you ought, but the Spirit Itself maketh intercession in groanings that cannot be uttered, whereby we cry, Abba Father!'

That is why you cry out, "I thank YOU, FATHER!"

We know that anything we need for our body, our spirit or our mind, all we have to do is to call on that NAME! You know, it says in the Bible,

'The Name of GOD is a Strong Tower and the Righteous run therein and is safe!'

It is a wonderful thing to have a Name to call on in these perilous times with its terrible accidents; automobiles, boats, airplanes! If you could be some place where you had a NAME to call on!

The Name of Jesus CHRIST will no more help you! You know why? Because this is the ADVENT of the FATHER! The Son has left the earth plane. He said,

'I go but I will come again!'

-and if you call on the Name of Him in the FATHER, in the NAME of FATHER DIVINE, I declare unto you that if you will give thanks as if you had already received, which is the great mystery of the expression, "I thank YOU, FATHER!" - HE WILL HEAR YOUR PRAYERS!

We have young men who have been at the battle front who have come out without a scratch! It is truly Wonderful!

All the prophets, the sages and the seers, they all saw FATHER DIVINE! In making -(at this point Miss Newmind is informed the hour is growing late and she says) Is my time up? My time is up! My time is up, children!-but I declare unto you, every one of you who believe in GOD, is a Follower of FATHER DIVINE whether you know it or not! I thank YOU, FATHER!








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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