"I Have Never Yet Sent One of Father Divine's Followers to Prison."


Assistant District Atty. Wilson, Kings County. New York

The Brigantine Hotel and Beach, Brigantine, NJ.

The Brigantine Hotel and Beach, Brigantine, NJ.


Brigantine, N.J., Sept. 7. 1942

"It was about twenty years ago when my attention was first called to the Work of FATHER DIVINE. Those were the days even before Sayville. Next time I heard of His Works He was then in Sayville. A short while after that I heard of His activities in New York City. During all these times I paid no attention to His Works because it seemed to me just another evangelist revival that would soon fade out like all the others; but in recent years I have been paying more attention to the Work of FATHER DIVINE and it seemed to me that there is something which is something rather substantial.

"I could not help but reflect while the lady who first gave her experience about committing crime after crime and spending so many days of her life within prison walls-I had to reflect upon her remarks because during the last eight years of my work as a prosecuting attorney I do know it to be true that I have never yet, among the hundreds of people who have passed through my hands to the prison walls in the State of New York, I have never yet sent one of FATHER DIVINE'S followers to prison. Indeed, the Man who can do such wonderful work among people deserves recognition, and I believe the day is not far distant when the Work of FATHER DIVINE will be fully recognized and appreciated.

"We know the Work of CHRIST and believe in it. If it had not been for that belief we could not appreciate the efforts of FATHER DIVINE. We know that the Twenty-third Psalm, if we but read it carefully, portrays very effectively the Work which FATHER is doing here. FATHER'S Work is in keeping with the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Read those Books of the New Testament carefully; you will find there the Work, the foundation of the Work which FATHER IS DOING. It is truly a revelation to study this Movement and its implications."








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