"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
the right-use-ness of things." --- Father Divine

'How be it when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13'


Installment #1


September 10, l931

Right-Use-Ness; Visualizing; Meekness


The keynote of FATHER's first talk today was

'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,'

or to seek the right-use-ness of things. To seek the right use of things for a normal purpose will bring everything to your command, but Divine Love supplies every human need, not every human desire.

The bringing of things into manifestation in your life is accomplished by visualizing. What you visualize you tend to materialize. If you visualize the CHRIST in all His perfection, you will materialize Him in your life, and all that goes with Him.

An Early Picture of FATHER DIVINE


'Come down and be meek.'

When Jesus fed the five thousand He made them sit on the ground, symbolizing meekness. Joseph (Mr. Joseph Gabriel) later gave a talk on this in which he said so many people pray, 'Lord, make me meek,' or ask FATHER to make them meek when the Bible says,

'He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.'


Physical Senses; Materialization

'GOD took form in your earthly father and mother to bring you into this plane of existence and HE is actually in your body. HE is in every joint, in every sinew and bone. HE is your five physical senses, interpreting HIMSELF to you. Through them HE tells you when a thing is hot, when it is beautiful, how it tastes, how it sounds and how it smells. HE is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away, and your physical senses are the same. GOD will never fail you. If you could lose your sight you would lose that much of GOD. GOD looks through your beautiful eyes.'

In talking about a case where a woman had asked FATHER at the table to cure her throat trouble, FATHER made a very forcible argument. HE said, 'How could it be your throat trouble when somebody else had it before you,'and HE enlarged upon that to such an extent that it was clear to all. It was very simple but very striking. HE brought in the idea of a stray cat and said that if you provided milk and food for it, it would stay around just as if it belonged to you, but it never did belong to you, and if you withheld food and shelter from it, it would soon depart.

A very interesting point was also brought out with regard to materializing things. HE said HIS Consciousness was capable of magnifying anything in GOD'S creation and intensifying or multiplying it a hundred or a thousand times. That was the office of man. Mary magnified the LORD in her consciousness and brought forth JESUS the CHRIST. The example of the feeding of the five thousand was brought in and HE showed where Jesus gave thanks for five barley loaves and two fishes as though they had been five carloads of loaves and two carloads of fishes. Then He brake and fed the multitude, but He showed great control over His powers of magnifying in that He produced just enough for the crowd and a basket for each of the disciples. Another feature of the demonstration was the making of the multitude to sit down on the ground--to humble themselves--and in humility He could break and break and there would always be something left.

Another very interesting point made was that we have the powers of GOD not only in our physical senses but in our mental senses and our spiritual senses, so that there is nothing on the mental plane we do not know and nothing on the spiritual plane we cannot understand here and now. The physical plane, HE said, was Jesus; the mental plane, the Holy Ghost; and the spiritual plane or senses, the FATHER. HE took the statement,

'He was in the world, and the world knew him not.'

HE brought out from this that GOD is in the physical world and in the physical body, the physical senses, but the physical senses knew HIM not because they are led astray by false belief.

HE said, 'When your version is converted you will see that GOD is your sight, your taste, your hearing, your smell and your feeling, and that HE is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away.' Any belief of failure in any of the senses, HE said, is robbing you of that much of your GOD.

In answer to a question as to what was worldly and human and what was not, HE said, 'What were the qualities of JESUS CHRIST,? Consider what CHRIST would be like to you and then be that. Did the Bible not say definitely,

"Let this mind be in you that is also in CHRIST JESUS," as the infallible guide?


Stories of Miraculous Releases from Confinement

FATHER told a marvelous story about an experience of HIS in the South. HE had entered a small town or city there and found a woman who had been taken with the Spirit, as they say,...and her husband had sent her to the insane department of a hospital, supposing she was crazy. FATHER in some way learned the circumstances and told the husband to go and bring her home, as she was all right. Instead of complying he went to the hospital and had her transferred to the insane asylum. FATHER went to him again and commanded him to bring her out, but he refused, and FATHER said, 'If you don't go and get her I'll shake this town.' Still the man refused, so that night a tremendous storm came up of rain and thunder, but no lightning, something no one there had ever seen before, and it flooded everything. FATHER said HE heard it reported that the rain was hot and burned the trees. The husband had gone to bed and locked the door of his room, but it came open and continued to open every time he locked it, until at last FATHER appeared to him and told him again to get his wife.

He got up and dressed, but could not get down the street because the water was flowing several feet deep. After the storm was over, however, he went to the asylum and tried to take his wife out, only to find that they would not release her under any circumstances. He returned and informed FATHER, and FATHER HIMSELF went down and demanded her, but HE was a perfect stranger in town and the authorities refused. FATHER demanded again, however, that they release the woman to HIM and the superintendent at last signed a release and turned her over to HIM.

Just before the telling of this story a woman had testified that she asked FATHER'S help for a brother who was in prison in Baltimore on a very serious charge, which as she said, was of a nature that even money could not obtain his release. FATHER gave HIS help and within a few days the prison warden went to her brother and released him. telling him to get out, they did not want him around any longer. He had just started a sentence of eleven years. I believe. The brother did not know that any help had been asked for him and wrote to his family saying he could not understand his release and asking if they had raised money to have him set free.

Directly after FATHER'S story, a Mr. Daly from Florida got up and testified that he had come to New York last spring leaving his wife at home in Florida and a son in the Florida State Hospital. He could not find work in New York and finally landed at FATHER's. FATHER found work for him at three dollars a day and after a request for a better job he found one at twelve dollars per day. A short time later he decided to go to Florida and bring back his family. After several experiences on the road where he claimed FATHER helped him out of traffic scrapes in the South, he arrived at the Florida State Hospital, but they would not release the boy as he was violent. After doing everything possible to obtain his release he contacted FATHER, as he said, and went again to the superintendent and the superintendent released the boy. The boy stood up to show that he was fully healed after arriving back here in New York.

'A recent photo of
The 'Home of the Soul,
Sayville, Long Island, New York.'

Picture of the Sayville Home


Paralyzed Man Healed

One remarkable case of healing came under my own observation. A man came who had been paralyzed for years. could not walk or talk. He was bent over almost double, one arm was in a fixed position and had a constant shaking movement. He came in about six or seven o'clock, shortly before the last sitting, or rather before the first sitting of the evening, as there happened to be only one that evening. FATHER did not pay much attention to the man, but one of HIS students was working with him and reassuring him. After a time FATHER entered the room and sat down quietly among the ten or a dozen people; it was very quiet and HE just seemed to 'go away'*(as though asleep) for a few moments. Just about that time dinner was served and FATHER left the room to speak at the table. During the serving, the man got up and walked, and we were excused from the table early so we could see him. He could not only walk but he could speak and raise his arms up to his head. He had been told that he would never walk and I understand that he had been that way from birth. At any rate he was so overjoyed that he walked back and forth for hours saying,' I can walk, I'm so glad,' over and over with the tears streaming down his face. After it was over and during the process, FATHER paid very little attention to him and when the man's people asked if he might stay overnight, FATHER told them HE had no room, so they drove off with him in the car.

September 11,1931


The Power of GOD to Provide Blessings

'The earth was without form, and void, and the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters.' And the LORD said, 'Let the dry land appear, and it was so.'

FATHER says: 'Let success appear, let health appear, etc.,' and it is so. FATHER said today that HE had sent out the thought for a three-hour working day. HE also said that in the last election HE had sworn to elect CHRIST the KING if it took a million dollars and that HE still intended to do so if it took a hundred million. HE promised us that within the next few years we would witness such a recognition of HIS power that it would stagger the imagination, that we would have private high speed tunnels to China, private steamships accommodating five thousand, not only private cars, but private trains and private railroads, private automobile roads, private airplanes and private zeppelins. HE said there was no end to HIS power because HE held the world in HIS hand.

A visitor testified that he had a report in his pocket stating that the Rockefeller Foundation had offered five thousand(dollars) and Henry Ford two thousand(dollars) to FATHER to help feed the poor. He said FATHER'S reply was that HE saw no poor around HIM but that HE understood there were some in New York City and advised them to use the money there. 'Continue to affirm until GOD confirms. Stand back of your testimony.'

September 12,1931


LORD'S Prayer Fulfilled

Every part of the LORD'S Prayer has been fulfilled, so that we do not have to ask for those things any more.GOD has given us this day,HE has given us our daily bread, and you see it fulfilled before your eyes.

'The earth is the LORD'S and the fullness thereof.
'The Kingdom has come, and the Will is being done.'

'There is no need of the sun by day. There is no need of the intellect, or human intelligence, because 'I AM' the Light of the world. FATHER'S Light outshines the sun.

September 13,l931


He That Exalteth Himself Shall Be Abased

After I had given what I thought was a particularly good talk along the lines of my power, perfection and freedom in my I AM, and after several others had talked along the same lines, FATHER got up and very vehemently gave the following: 'It is better to be a live cat than a dead king.' It is better to be GOD and not know it than to know it and not be it. You may think it is to MY disadvantage for you to praise ME, but I tell you it is to your advantage. It would have been better for you if I had not had to tell you this, if you had seen your way clear to do it without seeking a reward, but I have to tell you, and though it is very definitely to MY disadvantage, I AM willing for your sakes to pay the price.

'This spirit of competition,of making a reputation for yourself, of indulging human prejudices, jealousies, resentments, etc., will land you in h--l. Remember the story of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12). Lucifer outshone most of the other stars--had almost the light of the sun--but through this spirit of pride, he was cast out of Heaven. Competition, the spirit abroad in the world today and making yourself higher than another, will bar you from making your spiritual import. You are told to have that mind in you which was also in CHRIST JESUS. What was that mind? Phil. 2:5-7 says,

'He thought it not robbery to be equal with God,'

And that passage is quoted so often by Truth teachers but they do not continue with the rest of it and say,

'But he made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant.'

So many Truth teachers have come here in the past and said 'I am God,' etc. and after they have died the death or suffered some great distress. Why? Because they think, 'If I am GOD I can do anything I want to do. I can smoke, I can drink, I can rob a bank, anything I desire,' and they can. They can use that power they have perceived, but they will die the death because they are not being that which they claim. The law is that,

'He that exalteth himself, shall be abased,'


'As ye give, so shall ye receive,'

and I tell you that not one jot or one tittle of that law shall pass away till all be fulfilled.''


'Oh To Be Nothing'

A story told by FATHER in connection with the fall of Lucifer is as follows: HE said a clergyman told HIM that in his boyhood he had been an orphan and had been adopted by some people who lived near a railroad leading into New York from the South. Large numbers of tramps used to pass by his back yard walking into New York from the South. Many of them used to stop at his house for food or rest and one day an old man was seen standing in the yard. He was sent out to bring him in and see what he wanted. He was one of the tramps and he stayed around for several days, but did not eat much even when it was offered to him. They tried to get his name out of him but all he would say was that it was Sankey and Moody.

(Dwight L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey, Moody was a famous Evangelist who preached JESUS CHRIST powerfully, not only among the rich and middle class, but especially among the poor and downtrodden. Sankey had a glorious voice who captivated the masses with his musical gospel. As a team, Moody and Sankey brought millions to accept Jesus as their Savior around 1880.)

At last he went out into the yard one morning singing, 'Oh to be nothing, nothing.' In a few minutes he started rising into the air and passing to the eastward as he continued to sing. He did not go straight up but kept getting higher and higher and further and further to the eastward until he was entirely out of sight.


CHRIST Manifested Must Be Tested

In speaking of the noise at 72 Macon St., and the complaints of the neighbors, FATHER said that when they complained about the noise of HIS Hudson, HE bought a Cadillac that did not make any noise, and that just so in the carrying on of HIS Work, HE would birth out a zeppelin that would carry a thousand people or some other device so that they could not complain. HE also said, 'Apparent evil will always raise itself up almost to the level of your understanding to test you.' When you have gained the CHRIST, you must be tested up to the limit of your understanding to strengthen you.

'Not my will, but Thine be done.'

As long as there is any way you want to be used or not to be used, emotionally, mentally, physically or any other way, you are not living up to that statement.' 'Put down every king and every kingdom that rises up in you under John Smith or mortality.

September 14,1931



The Heavenly Host is waiting to take up bodies when they have been prepared for such use. At this point FATHER declared that the Angels were the heavenly host and there was great enthusiasm. Mother (Peninnah Divine) said she saw the forms of two Angels come down into two bodies in different parts of the room and in the case of the second, the woman fell to the floor, indicating that her personal self had been knocked over by the new occupant of her body. She further said, 'What do you care who occupies your body so long as it is Abraham or Isaac or Jacob or one of those holy men.'

** *** **



FATHER later said, 'The material plane is the field of victory. You may exist on a spiritual plane, or you may gain a spiritual plane, but the material plane is where you gain your victories.' Until you are willing even on the material plane to give up everything for your brother, and to do for others even as you would for yourself, you have not won the victory.

** *** **



''No man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven.'

You can never ascend or transcend mortality so long as you claim human parentage or admit anything but GOD as your actual FATHER. You must claim your heritage radically. Jesus was a descendant of the greatest king and warrior His race had ever known and He could have been crowned, but He preferred to be the Son of GOD than the son of a king. He denied His parentage when He said,

'Who is my mother and who are my sisters and brothers? It is they who do the will of my Father.'

When Philip said,

'Lord, show us the CHRIST,'

Jesus said,

'Hast thou been so long with me, Philip, and hast thou not known me?''

FATHER continued this talk by saying HE was in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms as well as the man kingdom; that this CHRIST is in all kingdoms.

'In all their afflictions He was afflicted, but the Angel of His Presence healed them.'


September 15,1931

The main point in FATHER'S first talk today was that no one should claim any personal talent or ability as all such things belong unto GOD. HE said, 'I have no special talent or gift, I AM all talents and gifts, so why do I need any special one?' 'I do not play the piano and I do not cook, but I drive a car and do other things and those things are all I need to do at present. If the occasion arose I could do other things, but I never could if I were claiming any Personal power or ability.' 'So it is not talents, or gifts, but GOD.


September 16,l931

In the time of Jesus it was necessary to live in a certain way in order to bring forth the CHRIST, and the same things are true of today. The Angel of the LORD told Mary how to live, and he gave Joseph a message also. As a result of compliance with that requirement, Mary brought forth the CHRIST. Paul also gave instructions as to how to live to attain the Kingdom, or the CHRIST, when he said,

'They that are married shall be as though they were not married.'

Jesus said,

'Choose ye this day whom ye will serve,' and FATHER says, 'Choose ye this day whom ye will serve--CHRIST, or mater and carnality.'

FATHER says, 'Sickness is not a sin, but it is always the result of some sin, and the time is coming and now is when it will be a shame to be sick for you will be able to tell thereby, those who live in sin.'

'It is not a sin to be tempted, but yielding is sin.'

If you yield and waste your bodily energy in lust, you are actually murdering the CHRIST Child and your punishment will be sure to follow.' 'It is not a sin to have dreams and such like when you are unconscious, but you can take a definite stand in your conscious moments .'


September 17,1931

FATHER away all day in Person.


September 18,1931

New motto: 'The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no place is vacant form the fullness thereof.'

** *** **



FATHER used as an illustration the fact that if you have had a chicken tied up for some time, and then unfasten it and let it go, it will continue to sit in the same spot thinking it is still tied. The same thing is true of people. They are actually free, but they have been tied for so long they cannot realize that they are free. They have been free ever since CHRIST came and just as you have to give the chicken a little push to make it realize it is free, so you have to push people to make them realize their freedom.

The greatest thing in the world and that which will free from every conceivable limitation, is love. He asked for wisdom (Solomon did) but he must have received a generous portion of love because he was known for his love and justice; never for a warrior as was David.


"'Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal,"

said Jesus. So many people are laying up in the storehouse things for their own personal benefit, such as large vocabulary, personal accomplishments and even understanding of the Truth. Even those Truth teachers who gain a certain amount of understanding will always have it on a personal basis and their last state will be worse than their first until they gain a love for humanity and are willing to give up all gifts and all personal understanding for love.



'I have never copyrighted anything I have written and yet if I wanted to do that and put MY Mind to it, I could make hundreds of thousands of dollars just from the little compositions and mottoes I bring forth every day. A while ago a man was here who wanted ME to sing one of the songs I made up here for a phonograph record and he guaranteed ME, if I would do it, as much as fifty thousand dollars, just for one side of the record, but I would not consider it. There have been many who wanted to copyright some of MY songs and get out sheet music on them guaranteeing ME a good return, but I would be cheating MYSELF out of MY unlimited good of I allowed it to be done. I put no fences or hedges around it to close it in and therefore it is limitless. So many people invent useful things and right away they rush to patent it, closing everybody else out and claiming it for themselves when in the first place it was a pure inspiration from GOD and belonged to everyone equally.

'Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.'

By his own volunteer volition, each can bring forth the CHRIST to fruition.'


September 19,1931


You Must Come Out of Mortality

The subject of FATHER'S discourse today was the parable in the New Testament of the man who prepared a great feast and bid his friends to come but all gave excuses, so he invited any who would to come. There were not enough of these to fill his table, so he sent his servants out into the highways and hedges to compel them to come in. FATHER said: 'MY table has not always been full as it is at present. There was a time twelve years ago when I veiled MYSELF and came out here to this little place that people didn't come, but I have sent out the call now into the highways and hedges, into the legal world, the financial world, the professional world and the skilled world and they have to come. I AM sending out MY servants in trials and tribulations, sickness and failure, and they are forcing you to come in. GOD is calling to the CHRIST in you to come out of mortality into HIS Glory, and if you don't come out HE will take you out. There are many that refuse to come out and will not obey. GOD is taking these out anyway and to mortal sense they seem to die. Many of the foremost ones in the world are apparently dying and will continue to do so.

'A very wealthy man here (mentioning him by name) died a few days ago at less than middle age when there was absolutely no reason for his doing so, except his personal possessions. You will see people who have apparently lost their minds and become insane, and those who have lost all remembrance of who they are, and those in all kinds of distress, and they go on living to mortal eyes, but GOD has taken them out because they would not come out and even if they are to lose their personal sense of expression they must come out anyway. I have sent out the call and it must be answered because MY Word shall not return unto ME void.'

September 20,1931


Let Not Education Stand In Your Way

This being Sunday was an unusually colorful day. FATHER started the singing at the first table with: 'Open your mouth and GOD will speak for you, open your heart and I will fill you.' After a good deal of singing the vibrations became very high and FATHER gave a wonderful talk, calling upon us to arise and come out or open our mouths and let GOD speak for us. HE commanded us vehemently not to let education, vocabulary, or any such thing to stand in the way. HE said every seminary and college in the world was standing in the way, that the CHRIST had always been in us and every time it attempted to come out into expression we repressed it and pushed it down; that every time we had an intuition we considered other things and would not follow it. But GOD fills all space and is absent from none. GOD is Omnipotent, GOD is Omnipresent, GOD is Omniscient, GOD is Omnilucent. You have but to let HIM BE. This is not an accurate presentation of what was said. It was something so wonderfully effective at the moment that it is hard to put it into words afterwards.


GOD Is All of Your Kin

Another very wonderful talk brought out the fact that everyone of us is born of GOD whether we think so or not. The father and mother we seemed to have were only a manifestation to satisfy mortal consciousness. 'GOD is your FATHER and you have never had another.' HE is all of your kin and all of your family. HE condescended to come down in human form to appease mortal consciousness and to protect you till you reached the stage of spiritual maturity, and HE was actually your FATHER and MOTHER and yo have never had another. If you hold onto the manifestation you call father or mother or kin HE will take them away from you because you are not recognizing HIM in them.

September 21,1931

The theme of the first talk today was: 'Speak the truth at all times and your word must be true because it will have all the weight of truth to back it up.' If you customarily speak the truth, then when you are called upon in a special case to speak the truth for somebody your word will be effective. 'Take as an example, the case of the woman here yesterday who took off her glasses. She said she wished she could take them off, and I said, 'You can take them off,' and MY Word was true, and she did take them off.'

** *** **



After a short talk of mine in which I praised even FATHER'S Name and its power for good, and compared those who call upon it and get results to the disciples, who said: 'In the name of Jesus of Nazareth I pronounce you whole,' FATHER gave a long talk along those lines. HE said the actual outward expression as a man did have power and that as I had suggested, HIS very Name had power for those who could be 'ignorant enough to be foolish enough to be radical enough to believe on it.' HE said, 'Imagine how radical the disciples must have seemed when they preached that only through the name of Jesus of Nazareth could any be saved, when the priests and the people said

'Is not this Joseph's son and have we not seen Him here with us and how can such a man forgive sins?

etc.' How firmly they must have believed when they themselves also saw Him as a man but refused to be swayed by the testimony of the whole world against Him, and what a test it was for them when they saw Him crucified ignominiously and His glory gone.'

September 22,1931

The vibrations this morning were very high and FATHER started the singing with 'GOD gave us this day and our daily bread.' HE continued with a talk along those lines in which HE said that every part of the LORD'S Prayer had been answered and we need not pray it any more, except that we could say,

'For thine is the power and the glory and the kingdom for ever.'

HE said: ' GOD has given us this day, HE has actually given us this bread that is on the table and you know it is there 365 days every year and sometimes 366. It is no longer necessary to pray for a thing you already have. The Kingdom has come, and the will is being done, and GOD is leading us, not into temptation, but delivering us from the evil one.'

Later in the day FATHER talked about the Cherubims that had been placed in the Garden of Eden to keep Adam away from the Tree of Life. HE said: 'Since CHRIST came you have had the same right to the Tree of Life that Adam had before he sinned. Reach out, take, eat and live forever.'


Divine Law Must Prevail

In the evening I gave a talk on the precedence Divine Law takes over every other law, and compared it with our state and federal laws. FATHER continued and made some wonderful points. Some in the audience had mentally raised the question of just how far FATHER should go in inconveniencing others in making HIS demonstrations. Some had questioned the effect of FATHER'S producing money and suggested the possibility of its throwing out our whole monetary system. Others were questioning HIS regulating of the trains to suit HIMSELF, especially after a story HE had told a few days previously about coming through from New York to Sayville on the train when the only train HE could get without waiting was one that did not stop at Sayville but did stop at several intermediate points. HE boarded the train and said to HIMSELF: 'Now there will be no stops till we get to Sayville.' Later HE asked the conductor to stop at Sayville and the conductor said it would be impossible. Then FATHER requested him to slow down as he passed the end of Macon Street and he said that would be impossible also. FATHER said nothing further but just as the train pulled through the station at Sayville, the signal arm went down (or up) and the train had to stop, and it had come right through from New York without a stop although it was scheduled to stop at various points.

FATHER took up these points by frankly saying that it made no difference how much mortal mind was inconvenienced and that if HE was working in the Divine Law HE must prevail in accordance with the Divine Law. HE compared it to our personally interfering with insects. HE said we thought nothing of brushing a mosquito away and that mortal mind was just the same before GOD. HE spoke of how rain and dry spells came on all alike and interfered tremendously with mortal plans, etc., but no one thought anything of it. HE closed with a wonderful statement about Divine Law interfering with and canceling every other law that conflicts with it. and a reminder of course, that to work with the Divine Law one had to be completely purged of self-interest and be working for the CHRIST entirely.

September 23,l931


Walter Lanyon

After a good deal of singing this morning a letter from Walter Lanyon was read and the enthusiasm ran very high. FATHER said this Truth was going from shore to shore and from land to land, that Walter Lanyon was the Angel flying in the midst of Heaven spoken of in Revelation. HE said, 'Walter was meek enough and humble enough when he was already an international lecturer to come to ME and offer up all that he had and I have given him all that I have, dominion over all powers and kingdoms. This whole United States belongs to GOD, the Kingdom of Great Britain belongs to GOD, the Kingdom of Spain belongs to GOD, the Kingdom of Germany belongs to GOD, and every other Kingdom in the World. I intend to crown CHRIST KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, if it takes a hundred million dollars per day and nothing on earth can keep ME from reaching those in authority who are necessary regardless of where they are or who they may be.'


Germs On Words and Actions

Later in the day FATHER got talking to a crowd of visitors at the table about smoking and gambling. HE introduced the talk by talking about being careful of what you say and do, as, if there are any germs there are germs on words and actions. HE said: If you don't want it to be Wonderful you had better not say it, for if you continue to say it and think it, it will be Wonderful to you.' Then HE went on to say that idle words carried the seed of evil conditions and that actions did the same. HE said every bum or hobo HE had ever seen had the smoking habit and that the man who stood on the street corner and smoked was indulging in something that carried the seed of disrepute, failure and lack. HE said every house of ill-fame had a reason or a beginning and that beginning was in such downward tendencies as smoking, cards, etc. HE then said: 'If you follow MY actions and do what I do you will soon get the germ of MY actions and you will find yourself with all your debts paid up, and you will be paying cash for everything. Before long you will be saying it's Wonderful and thinking it's Wonderful just as I AM.'


Insurance; Civil Home Left Unlocked

Still later in the day HIS subject was insurance. HE condemned all insurance as assurance that the thing insured against would happen. HE quoted,

'If the LORD keep not the house the watch is in vain.'

HE said HE carried no fire insurance on the house or on anything else and that if anything should be lost HE would have a hundred times more as a result. HE told of a trip to Florida and back in which all doors in the house and all windows were left unlocked, the table set up, the kitchen filled with provisions and the linen closet filled with linen. This was after a warning had been received from the police that a watchman should be left as a large estate nearby had been robbed of $37,000 in furnishings. The house was left open however, the gas and electric men came in to read the meters and when one of them accidentally left a door open, a neighbor saw that it was closed. The family was away all winter. They drove to Florida, eleven in the car, with eleven dress suitcases on the side. In many places they stayed two or three days and the car was always left in the street, a new Hudson, with the suitcases tied on with rope. It was never locked and no one so much as laid a finger on it. This result came about, FATHER said, as a result of not drawing any lines or erecting any fences, having everything in GOD, and then nothing could possibly be lost.


Profiteering On GOD'S Gifts

In the evening FATHER gave a further talk about people accepting money for driving people out from New York in their cars to visit HIM and for things that came to them as a result of inspiration from GOD. HE said their automobiles were GOD's in the first place and why should they collect a fee for bringing people out in them. HE quoted:

'GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son.'

But, HE said, Judas was always trying to sell CHRIST and to collect graft. Again, HE quoted:

'Freely ye have received, freely give,'

And said that was not only HIS command it was taken from the Bible. HE said HE did not see how anyone could come to HIM and accept everything free of the slightest charge and then go out and charge someone else for what they were able to give.







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