"You Are Heir to the Highest, Claim Your Rights and Press Your Claim.

"John saw this day when he saw the first heaven and the first earth pass away,
for the first heaven was the imaginary heaven in the skies from which I have turned you away."

The Word of God Revealed

Installment #2

'Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb


September 24,1931

The Plenty of the Kingdom;

FATHER started the day by referring to the demonstration before our eyes of the plenty of the Kingdom and referred to the feeding of the five thousand, comparing the present demonstration with that as to proportions, continuance, etc. Then HE continued to say that HIS Spirit could appeal to every nation, to every kindred and to every people, because HE could speak in whatever terms would appeal to them and in whatever tongue was theirs. HE said: 'I AM expressing emotionally this morning because someone around here has an emotional tongue.' 'No doubt Jesus appealed to the Hebrew emotion as follows: 'See what our GOD has done for us.. .' 'HE said If we would let HIS Spirit speak through us it could reach every thing and condition because it could speak all languages and take on all forms and appearances. HE continued later by saying HE was glad HE had taken our eyes off an imaginary heaven and made us see a real one. HE said: 'John saw this day when he saw the first heaven and the first earth pass away, for the first heaven was the imaginary heaven in the skies from which I have turned you away.'

Sayville Yard Scene

Sayville Yard Scene

FATHER'S Daily Routine

At this point FATHER left the room to attend to HIS correspondence and stated that HE had a tremendous volume of it ahead of HIM and that HE had worked until five o'clock this morning and six o'clock the morning before, and when HE did lie down the telephone rang at about seven, HE got up and did not lie down again. This seems to be a regular practice as the two secretaries, Miss Mary and Miss Peace, work practically all night when FATHER is not so busy and things are quiet.

Real Fish

After a short time FATHER came back at a time when fresh fish was being served at the table. HE made a little joke about how it tasted and said, 'This is real fish because the fish man knew he had it.' Someone asked for an explanation and HE said that on one of HIS previous visits to the fish market the proprietor, in reply to FATHER'S request for some porgies, said he did not have any as the catch included only three or four of them. FATHER said: 'Where are they?' And the man pointed them out. FATHER said HE went over and picked up about twenty five or thirty pounds of them and brought them over to the scales to be weighed and the fish man looked at HIM in astonishment for a moment and then said: 'Oh, I know, YOU are that mystery m-a-n that gets anything HE wants.' 'But, 'FATHER said, 'this is real fish this time because the man knew he had it.'

GOD is Our Father

FATHER continued after the singing of a song, 'GOD is your FATHER there is no other one,' with a wonderful talk about GOD being in your body, in every vein, every sinew and bone. HE said: 'Jesus said,

'Pray ye our FATHER',

Not my FATHER or your FATHER , but our FATHER,' clearly indicating that GOD was the actual FATHER of all. HE then continued to show that what we thought were our fathers and mothers were only the forms GOD had to take to appease our mortal consciousness and to raise us up to a point of understanding. If we held on to those forms they were surely taken away from us and this applied to husbands and wives as well. HE said: 'You are heir to the highest, claim your rights and press your claim.'

When Jesus was faced with this situation of physical parenthood, He did not even take time to deny it. When His parents came to Him in Jerusalem after He had been lost for three days and began to upbraid Him, He simply said,

'Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business?'

Later, however, He said:

'Woman, what have I to do with thee?'

showing clearly His attitude.

Alarming Incident

FATHER continued a short time later by stating HE was going to drive all undesirable conditions from the desirable people and compared the others to the swine, bidding us be desirable and forsake all undesirable things. At this juncture something brought up an incident which occurred here about ten days ago. One night after all visitors had left 72 Macon St., a car drove up and someone got out and showered the house with bottles and packing cases. The crash of glass and noise alarmed the household considerably and there seemed to be a good deal of disturbance. FATHER had been 'away' and when HE returned and found out the condition HE went 'away' ( as though asleep) again. When HE returned the second time HE came with Power, as several of the Angels put it, and the whole house and every bit of furniture shook, and there was a noise like thunder. HE went through the house from front to back and looked very searchingly into everyone's eyes as if HE were seeking someone or something. Then they all went to bed and things were quiet and peaceful. No windows had been broken and everything was in perfect order. This was all kept very quiet at the time, but today FATHER referred to it by simply saying that a few bottles had been thrown at the house in the night some time ago, and later a man had been found dead in the woods near Macon Street. The police thought at first that he had been murdered, but concluded later that he had been drinking poison liquor. Then HE merely said:'I do not send out any destructive vibrations, of course, but everyone gets the kick-back of his own thought and his own hatred,' and sat down.

September 25,1931

Become New To See GOD

'You Must Save Yourself'

FATHER started this morning, in very high vibrations, to talk about putting on new bodies through absolute consecration, etc. and HE continued by saying that so many people want HIS Power, but that they could not stand it in their present state, that if they had it they would go off into some delusion or some kind of extreme condition. Then HE referred to the statement:

'Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.'

He also referred to the statement: 'There shall no man see me and live,' and said that the body actually had to become new to see GOD. HE pointed out the fact that many people when they come to HIS table, fall over on the floor as if dead, when they see the manifestation of GOD. Their mortal self is knocked out of the body for the moment by the glory of the vision and that this had biblical authority in the above verse. HE continued by saying: 'The kingdom of God comes not with observation, but by faith that God is in you.' 'Nothing you see ME do, and nothing I can do for you as a Person can save you. You must save yourself. I do not need to touch you, you do not need to even see ME to be absolutely whole and free. You do not need to drink of the water on this place as so many believe. I AM not advocating the gift, I AM advocating the Giver. I AM not advocating the blessing, I AM advocating the Blesser.'

HE then referred to a recent motto: 'The sky is nowhere and nothing, but everywhere where there is nothing.' HE then enlarged upon the fact that CHRIST is actually in all and quoted Colossians 1:27:

'To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.'

HE continued with the idea that learning was not necessary and a hindrance if anything. HE said: 'You bear no record of anyone ever teaching ME an 'A' but there is nothing of the intellect I cannot surpass, and, in any vocabulary.'

September 26,193


Parking On Macon Street

'I Have Established This Truth'

The day started with songs about 'GOD is your FATHER,' etc. A report had come in about restriction of parking on the four streets about FATHER's place to one half-hour, this being an effort to do away with the large number of cars that obstruct the streets along the railroad. FATHER has for a ling time allowed parking only in front of HIS property at 72 and 64 Macon St. This stimulated FATHER to give a very vehement talk. HE said: 'I have established this Truth and I will stand back of it with or without a Body. Persecutions will not stand in the way. When they asked ME in court some time ago whether I wanted to be prosecuted, I said persecuted or executed it is all the same to ME so long as I preach this Truth Persecution only brings out greater glory. When they thought they would stop the work nineteen hundred years ago by taking Jesus' life, they established it.'

'I have finished what I came to do, with the exception of universalizing it, and it is going to travel from shore to shore and from land to land.

'The Kingdom has come and the Will is being done.'

I have answered the prayer of Jesus:

'I pray that they may be one even as we are one.'

The mouth of the Lord has spoken.

'Am I not a GOD at hand, and not a GOD afar off?'

You see the expression here before your eyes. I do not have to say who I AM. I AM here. A dog does not have to say I am a dog. Everyone sees that he is a dog.

The Vanishing City in 2525

At this point FATHER became very much uplifted and HE referred to a prediction HE had made in 1917 in which HE said HE was preparing and others were preparing for a 'Vanishing City' in which ten million people would leave this globe and go to other planets. They would be the purest of the pure in heart and the event would take place in the year 2525. HE would allow such development to come forth in aerial transportation long before that time, that when the time came the ten million people could easily be accommodated. HE said, 'Many here now are preparing for a trip to Venus and Mars that you know so little about. Don't you want to go? For this cause came I into the Flesh and all will be fulfilled.'


Sarah Doubted; Mary Brought Forth the CHRIST

Later FATHER spoke about faith and HE said that if Sarah had not doubted the Angel of the LORD, she might have brought forth the CHRIST instead of Mary. But she laughed and said:

'How can I, at my age, bring forth a child?'

And therefore she brought forth a child whose demonstration of the CHRIST was limited. Mary, however, believed the Angel and she brought forth the CHRIST. All down the years from Sarah to Mary's time, the LORD waited for the proper condition to manifest the CHRIST.

Help Someone Every Day

Still later in the day FATHER sang a song about the woodpecker: 'Live not for yourself alone lest some day you may be pitied for something to call your own.' The poem or song originated in a story about Saint Peter who visited an old woman at a time when he was hungry, and she was making a cake for herself. He asked for one and she made an extra one, but would not give it to him, and laid it away on a shelf. He immediately turned her into a woodpecker that would have to peck in the hard wood all day for its food and she disappeared up the chimney. FATHER said he did not take lessons from schools, but he took a lesson from the Woodpecker every day and HE tried every day to do something for somebody else if it was only to pick someone up on the highway and give them a lift when HE was driving. HE made the statement: 'If a three-year-old child would live that way by the time he was fifteen he would bring forth the CHRIST without doing another single thing.'

** * *** **

During the evening FATHER gave a short talk in which HE said: 'You must renounce and denounce everything that has to do with your personality. Even a kindergarten stands in the way. All vocabularies, all accomplishments, all inclinations, all prejudices and such like, must go.' Also: 'There is only one sin which will not be forgiven -- sin against the Holy Ghost.' This I took, to mean ridicule of the Spirit of GOD, or any conscious attempt to thwart its progress in others.

September 27,1931

Save Yourselves by Shedding Prejudice and All Human Ties

This being Sunday, there were great crowds. It was the greatest day so far, with buses from Atlantic City and several points in New Jersey as well as New York State. The grounds were massed with people so that one could not get near the house, the house being filled at an early hour from front to back door. After many songs about 'God is your FATHER,' I AM here and I AM there ,' 'CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME will make you what you ought to be,' etc., FATHER gave a talk on claiming your rights and pressing your claim, in which HE said: 'Save yourselves. No one outside of you can save you. CHRIST is within you and you must recognize HIM. I as a Person can do nothing for you,' :But to recognize the CHRIST you must come out of segregations, out of colors, out of creeds, out of denominations, out of 'my family' and 'your family' and out of every human tie.' HE stressed this point because, as it happened, most of the main table was occupied by people with light skins and the extension by those with dark, and during the serving those at the extension insisted upon singing over and over, 'Oh, just to sit at HIS Feet.' FATHER finally said: 'Rather than be misunderstood and taken as an instigator of racial prejudice, I would slit this throat and let all that prejudicial blood run out. All that I have sacrificed, all that I have done has been for the purpose of stamping out that prejudicial belief and if that is not accepted, I will go away.'

HE then continued with: 'It must be true for the very Word's sake. It must be true for faith's sake. For the sake of all those who have believed, for all those who have sacrificed, for all I have sacrificed, for all the blood from this Body that has been sacrificed, for the blood of Jesus that was sacrificed, even for the blood of all the innocent pigeons that were sacrificed in olden times, for all those who have died for this Cause, it must be true. Every sacrifice you make of self or personality, of family, of race, of mortality, helps to atone for the thirty-two different times this Body was sacrificed.'

'Endless Time Is Mine'

At this point Miss Mary read a poem she said, was received through FATHER. It was entitled 'Gushily' and referred to things that happened forty generations before Adam. Afterward FATHER spoke and said: 'The statement in the Bible,'I Am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end,' refers to the GOD or the LORD GOD of the man that was before the time of JESUS the CHRIST, the LORD GOD of Adam, but I have come to take you back of Adam, back to what you were in the beginning before Adam sinned, when GOD moved upon the face of the waters and it was done. Everything back into endless time is MINE and the mysteries will be revealed to you in MY Consciousness, the Mind that was also in CHRIST JESUS.'

People See FATHER In Various Ways

Later FATHER told the story of the three bind men who were sent out to find out what an elephant was like, and one got hold of his trunk and thought it was a hose, another got hold of his ear and thought the elephant was like a fan, and the other got hold of the tail and say the elephant accordingly. HE compared this to the way people contacted HIM and what HE was to them. Then various speakers testified and a variety of views were presented as to what FATHER meant to them. I presented my view and compared it with Jesus recognizing the CHRIST to such an extent that without learning He was able at a very youthful age to go into the temple and teach those who had spent their lives in study. FATHER took up this line and gave a wonderful talk. HE said Peter was a disciple of John the Baptist, and John the Baptist was much older than Jesus, and Jesus was the cousin of John the Baptist. When Jesus came along it would have been quite normal for Peter to have said, 'Why, what do you mean boy, I know who you are, you are the cousin of John the Baptist, he is my teacher, and he is older than you and knows more anyway.' but Peter did not do that. Instead of a man, he saw the CHRIST and his recognition of it even in another made him wonderfully blest.

September 28,1931

Do Not Question GOD'S Wisdom

Several songs were sung this morning before any talking was done. First, 'It's your faith that makes you whole--faith in CHRIST and CHRIST in you.' Second, 'Everything must be manifested in this beautiful place where I AM.' Third, 'Do you know all that GOD thinks? Do you know all that HE has written? Do you know all about how man should be?' This led to a long talk. Evidently FATHER sensed that someone had mentally questioned the wisdom of HIS placing of certain people at the table in certain places. HE said HE said HE brought forth the song for the purpose of impressing it on the human mind that if it did not know all about how GOD works and how man should be, it had better keep its mental hands off and let HIM run things. However, if it knew how GOD should go, into what mold everything should go, in what set way HE should operate, and could assure HIM Personally that it knew, HE would be glad to give up and let it administer things.

The Body Is Consolidated Spirit

Later a song was sung: 'He walked on the water like a man on the land,' and FATHER explained that Jesus walked on the water to prove that the Spirit that moved upon the face of the waters, was in His identical Body. FATHER said, 'In reality, the body is consolidated Spirit. It is the materialization of GOD. And GOD has the power to move on the face of the waters and Jesus' demonstration of that power was His way of saying, 'My Spirit (or My FATHER) and I are one.''

'It Is All Paid'

HE later said, 'I can speak to you on whatever ground you stand. I can speak in any emotion, any religious profession, any language, I have them all. Someone here speaks in a very calm emotional language and I speak to them where they are.' Another song was: 'Paid it all--the blood of CHRIST has paid it all.' FATHER said: 'To make this demonstration and to create this atmosphere, it has taken nothing less than the sacrifice of the Life of CHRIST in the Body thirty-two times. It is all paid. I'M treading the winepress alone. I have nothing but MY own unadulterated Spirit to back ME up. I'M advocating nothing more than CHRIST and nothing less than GOD. I'll unify the human race and then I'll take you out of the human race into the Angelic race.'

No Prejudice or Division in GOD

Here FATHER began to speak again about racial prejudice, family prejudice, religious prejudice and all divisions and classifications. HE spoke of a very well-known Afro-American politician whose name does not come to me at present, and of his failure at a time when everything seemed to be in his favor and success seemed just around the corner. HE explained this failure by the fact that this person had limited his accomplishment to the c -- race and therefore he could rise no higher than the c--race, but if he had included all mankind he could have risen to great heights. FATHER continued to say that even Jesus was tempted by this thought when He said,

'Go ye to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and preach the Gospel to them,'

But with GOD-given authority He overcame that thought and said,

'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.'

HE further said, 'We are advocating not only the GOD of this planet, but the GOD of all planets. I AM the GOD of all races, of all people, of all kingdoms.'

September 29,1931

Fast the 'Other Fellow' Out

After the singing this morning FATHER again took up the question of people who had visited HIM and received free food and free instruction, bringing others down in their cars and charging for this service. HE became quite vehement on this subject and said HE had never taken up a collection or accepted anything for HIS work and had never been identified with anyone who did. Furthermore, HE did not want any connection with anyone who accepted money for such work.

HE later combined this issue with the racial and religious prejudice issue and said Love would overcome all of these things, that Love had done everything that had been done for humanity, that Love had brought HIM here and Love would drive out all these d-v-ls of cupidity, hatred, malice, envy, prejudice, family affection, jealousy and such mortal tendencies. HE said: 'If you can't feel the way I do, act that way anyway and the feeling will soon follow. Starve these d-v-ls out by fasting from them.

'This kind comet not forth only by prayer and fasting.'

Go contrary to every last one of them. If you are tempted to fear, go just to the opposite direction. If you are tempted to say I have no prejudice, but I like to sit beside my own, go just in the opposite direction and sit by someone you don't like. If you don't like Catholics, go and be with them. If you don't entertain and please these d-v-ls, every last one of them will come out. That was the reason Jesus could cast them out of others. He had fasted from them to such an extent that these conditions would leave at His command.'

** *** **

'This lust for money and trust in money is putting something before GOD and MY Spirit will not stand for that. That was why Wall Street crashed. It trusted in the almighty dollar and the dollar is bound to fail. I AM here, I AM there and everywhere, filling all space and absent from none'

How FATHER'S Supply is Manifested

During the evening meal, FATHER spoke in answer to an inquiry that had been made during the day by a reporter as to the way in which FATHER'S supply was manifested. FATHER said: I AM telling every day how it is manifested. I cannot possibly receive less than I give for there is an immutable law that, as ye give so shall he receive, and it shall be heaped up, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. If you do not actually believe that, you might just as well burn up all of the Bibles. But that law cannot fail and it shall not pass away until all be fulfilled.'

'The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire.'

'That is the way I get MY money and in no other way. The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no place is vacant from the fullness thereof. No space is vacant. No space in you is vacant. No space in your body is vacant. It is in every joint, every sinew, every vein and every bone, and even in every fibre and cell of your body--the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good. I AM speaking to every cell in your body and the CHRIST in every cell is responding and coming forth to the CHRIST.'

'John said,

'For of the fullness of His Glory have all we received, grace for grace,'

--all of HIS Glory, every bit of it, have all we received, so claim your rights and press your claim.'

'' He restoreth my soul.'

Your soul was once stored up in GOD before Adam, and protected by HIM, but it has become scattered and is now being gathered up unto HIM.

'He restoreth my soul, my cup runneth over. Surely, goodness and mercy shall abide with me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.'

I know the CHRIST in ME can save you. I know it, if you will let the CHRIST in you save you.'

September 30,1931

With or Without a Body, GOD is Within Your Reach

After the singing of several songs this morning, including 'Oh, Do Not Let My Word Depart,' FATHER talked about the wonderful manifestation we had before us of the Kingdom of Heaven and went on to say that with or without a Body HE would carry on HIS Work, that is, whether HE decided to take away HIS Personal manifestation, or leave It here, HE would carry on the Work just the same. HE continued saying that HE was the answer to our prayers and the prayers of the churches during many years, and said: 'When you realize the Truth you materialize it. Some of you have realized the Truth and here it is materialized before your eyes.' HE said, whether HE was here in a Body or not HE was always a GOD at hand.

'Am I not a GOD at hand and not a GOD afar off?'

saith the LORD. At hand means no further away than you can reach, brought within your grasp or your reach. The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our GOD and of his Christ.

FATHER'S Supreme Independence

As a continuation of what one speaker said about starting out in the world on a new basis without friends or money, FATHER said, 'It is fortunate to be unfortunate enough not to have any mortal friends. GOD is all you need. If you will rely wholly on GOD HE will sustain you. Years ago in the South when I was doing this work I got so that I would not even touch a dollar bill. I would not even touch money. I relied on GOD for all that I needed and would not place the slightest dependence on money or on any mortal thing. Everything came from GOD. If I had been walking on the street and had been hungry I would have fallen on the street before I would ask any mortal person for food. And I'm not seeking any mortal cooperation or any mortal connection now. I don't need any mortal support. No mortal can give ME anything, for I have all. Throw yourself on GOD and if HE does not see fit to protect you that is HIS business. Go without script, or purse, or any mortal thing to sustain you. Live as I live. The way most people learn at first is to copy. Copy ME and MY ways and you will learn. Do not lean on the almighty dollar, for the dollar will fail. Do not lean on any mortal thing.'

** *** **

'I said in l917 that I would stop people from soliciting and begging on the streets of New York City, and I did. I did not speak to the officials in person but I AM the One that moved to have it accomplished.. I say now that I will stop the Salvation Army from soliciting. The Gospel shall be preached without money and without price. The poor shall have the Gospel preached to them as promised in the Bible.

'I say a greater than Gandhi is here. I will not be discouraged, I will finish that whereunto I was sent. The Impersonal Life will not be discouraged and will not give up until all has been accomplished.'

** *** **

'I will overturn and overturn until all prejudices, all divisions, all fences, all families, all isms and schisms, all 'mine' and 'thine' are broken down and all nations shall live together as one. How dare you claim as your own something that comes to you from GOD.'

FATHER'S Reliance On His Invisible Self

'It was this spirit of division and prejudice that took all the lives in the influenza epidemic and in the Great War, it was this reliance on something apart from GOD.'

'I will rely only on MY Invisible Self, and have relied on it. Years ago in this country and in other countries when I was as a perfect stranger among people I would place no dependence on money or on anything else of a mortal nature. I took no money with ME, no clothes and would not depend--just would not depend on anything of that kind. I went into MY Body and drove out the spirit of speculation and the sellers of doves and the moneychangers. I drove them out. I would not have those mortal spirits that came down to ME in MY Body. Jesus did the same thing. He went into His temple and cleansed it. Through long generations of Jews the spirit of speculation came down to Him in His body and He had to go into His temple and cleanse it of all those evil spirits included in it. He upset the tables (or very foundation) of the moneychangers, or selling instincts in Him. I have done the same. I drove out every last one of those d-v-ls and would have nothing but GOD. I would have starved in the streets rather than indulge them. As a result I have the key to all underground treasures and every kind of buried treasure. I have the keys to all of your hearts. I have the key to the heartbeat of the universe. There is not one of you whose bank account and all that you have is not open to ME. As a result I have the keys to all things. CHRIST gave Peter the keys and said:

'whatever you shall loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven, and whatever you shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven.'

And He gave Peter this gift because he took, his reliance away from mortal things and recognized the CHRIST.'

Some years ago when I went to Florida I had a lot of chickens and ducks I was raising here, and as I did not want to leave anyone behind to take care of them I wanted to get rid of them. A clergyman from Flushing who had been here to ME quite a good deal wanted to repay ME for some of what he had received and he spoke to a butcher in Flushing about the ducks and asked him to take them off MY hands. The butcher agreed and sent word to ME to clean and dress fifty ducks and bring them to him. I had twenty-seven ducks dressed and drove over with them to his store, but when I showed them to him he said he could not use a one of them, and he flushed up thinking I would be offended. Suddenly I relaxed back into MYSELF--into MY real Self--and thought what business have I doing anything like this, as though I could sell anything. I had not thought about it in that light. I had just wanted to get rid of the ducks and someone had suggested that way of doing it and I did not even expect to get full market price for them. I would have been satisfied with whatever the butcher offered, but I found that I could not sell them at all, so I went around in the city and distributed them to the poor people I found, and the rest of the flock I disposed of by giving away around here. If you would start out today and give away everything you have until you didn't have anything to stand on, why then GOD would take you.

October 1, 1931

Importance of Recognizing CHRIST As A Person

FATHER talked very little at the first sitting today, but at the second sitting HE gave a wonderful talk about the CHRIST in you. HE said, 'The Sonship degree is in you waiting for you to put away all mortal preconceived ideas, prejudices, likes and dislikes, etc.' HE quoted:

'Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the Sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is,'

meaning that at present we who have not attained, do not know what we shall be when we have attained, but when we have attained, it will appear as though HE were us.

'The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant from the fullness thereof. If it were not so I would have told you, but I have told you in words, in actions and in Truth. As long as His word was only in the Spirit and far away from you, you could not behold it until it was materialized.

The word was made flesh, and dwelt among us and we beheld His Glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

'Oh, do you not see, Dear Ones, the great importance of recognizing CHRIST as a person? Everyone who recognizes CHRIST as a person is of GOD and every person who does not recognize CHRIST as a person is an anti-CHRIST. Paul said,

'For this cause many are sickly among you, because ye have not discerned the body of CHRIST.'

GOD joined Jesus and CHRIST together as one and when you separate them you are doing far worse than separating man and wife. Don't you see how it is? Those who think Jesus was a man and CHRIST was a Spirit are separating what GOD has joined together, and do not see.'

October 2, 1931

To Partake of This Food Costs Your Life

Importance of Jesus' and Mary's Virtue

FATHER began the service this morning by speaking of the wonderful blessings that were being made evident to us, both materially and spiritually. HE called attention to the table heaped with an abundance of food and said it was the abundance of GOD manifested before our eyes. Then HE said that for luncheon we had other good things, such as joy, peace, health, prosperity and that every space was filled with the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good. 'It costs you nothing,' HE said, 'to partake of this food, but at the same time it costs you everything, for it costs nothing less than your life. Let him that exalteth of it unworthily beware. These blessings you have were paid for with Blood and GOD is not mocked. To share in the blessings you must lay aside every weight, every preconceived idea, every personal desire, every fleshly tie, every bit of mortality.'

Later in the day FATHER talked about healing's that had been accomplished that day for many that had merely entered HIS Presence, and HE said, 'It was the most important characteristic of Mary that went out from Jesus and healed the woman who touched the hem of His garment. It was said of Mary that she was full of virtue and that her soul did magnify the LORD. That was also the most important characteristic of Jesus whom she brought forth and that most important characteristic went out from Him and healed all who touched it. That same characteristic going out from you who are here will do the same works. People will not need to contact you personally, but they will be healed.'

October 3, 1931

The Two Great Commandments

Today FATHER took the two great Commandments spoken of by Jesus,

'Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD with all thy soul, and with all thy heart, and with all thy mind,'


'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,'

and enlarged upon them. HE said that to attain, you first know the allness of GOD, and second, become one with all mankind. 'Break down all partitions, all divisions, all prejudices and all preconceived ideas. If you are not one with that which you know, it is a matter of impossibility to be one with that you know not. Charity begins at home and spreads abroad. If you are not one on the fleshly plane you cannot become one on the spiritual plane. That is why I set before you an open table, to show you that there are no races and creeds, that there is only one. As I have shown you on the material plane, go ye likewise and do in like manner. Being one on the material plane you are one on the spiritual, you will contact the Almighty and be one with Jehovah.

If I have told you of earthly things and ye have not believed, how much less will ye believe it I tell you of heavenly things.'

'This Is My Beloved Son'

Hear No Other

During the evening, one of the most interesting discussions of many weeks came up. A woman who had been through Christian Science and had been a student of Rawson and various other teachers brought up the issue. Miss Mary and Priscilla who had returned to FATHER'S for a few days, had been berating the Truth teachers who had been charging large sums for their services, and as they said, 'selling CHRIST,' comparing them to Judas, etc. The above--mentioned person got up with a good deal of anger and said that she wished to give credit to all who had helped her along the way, that they had done the best they knew and she did not believe they should be condemned. They had traveled according to their highest light, that we did not knock the crutches out from under a cripple when we saw him on the street that we gave him our support and helped him, and she believed the Truth teachers should have our support instead of our criticism, and that she for one gave them the credit for bringing her to the present point. This speech, of course, aroused Mary and Priscilla so that they were like bees. They began denouncing her and saying that they could not compromise with mortality of any kind, that GOD should have all the glory, that FATHER had brought her to the present point and no one else, that she should take judgment from them, and that she must make FATHER the only One. Mother intervened at this point as FATHER was not present at the table and said the discussion should be deferred until HE came, as the matter could not be settled without HIM. At that moment FATHER appeared.

The speaker was asked to repeat her remarks in front of FATHER, which she did, and Mary and Priscilla repeated their remarks. FATHER sat at the head of the table very quietly and seemingly inattentive to what was being said. When the speakers had finished HE said if any was guilty of condemnation all were guilty, as all had been condemning something. Then HE arose and said: 'at the time of the transfiguration when Moses and Elias appeared with Jesus on the mount, the disciples who were with Him fell on their face, but when they arose and saw only Jesus, one of them said,

'Lord, let us build three temples, one for Moses, one for Elias and one for thee,'

as much as to say, I am a Jew and have the Jewish tradition. Moses was the first law-giver, therefore, let me build a temple to honor him. Elias was the first prophet of the Jews and my Truth teaching came from him; therefore, let me build a temple to honor him. And third and last, I will build a temple to honor You. But Jesus refused to permit three temples to be built and authorized only one church to be built to the honor and glory of the Living GOD in the Flesh. As you build this temple within, Moses, the law, and Elias, the prophecy, will disappear, leaving the CHRIST.

To have this subject come up here makes ME almost feel that all I have been saying to you and showing you has been of no avail and that it has run off like water off a duck's back. You cannot honor all of these things of your past. You cannot go back and bring all this baggage here. If you do, if you look back, or turn back to these things, I say you will literally be turned into a pillar of salt, as was Lot's wife. Let that be sufficient.

But the speaker was not satisfied. She got up and said she could see the truth of the teaching about letting go of the past and giving all honor to GOD, but she could not see the rightness of condemning others. As she understood FATHER'S Teaching we were to love all mankind and make no discrimination. FATHER arose and said:'It is true that GOD is in all, but some do not bring HIM forth into expression and we must make that discrimination. We do not call an egg a chicken. It has the chicken in it but it cannot be called a chicken until it has come out into expression as a chicken. When the dove descended upon Jesus, GOD testified of Him,

'This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him,'

don't hear anyone else, hear Him. GOD testified this of Jesus because He was the only one at that time that was adequately expressing HIM. HE made that discrimination although HE well knew that HE was in all men and GOD is no respecter of persons. HE said,

'This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,'

saying in effect that there were no others.

GOD said secretly in Peter, 'Thou art the CHRIST,' and then Peter expressed it outwardly in words, but GOD must say it secretly for you to recognize it.






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