"I Have Been in Sayville What You Call Twelve Years, or the Same Number of Years
Jesus Was on Earth When He Argued with the Doctors and the Lawyers.
After That Time His Teaching Was Made Known to the World."

THE Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth...' --- 'St. John l6:l3

FATHER DIVINE'S Words From The Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 3

October 5, l93l

Money Not To Be Compared to Healing

This morning service was carried on in large part without FATHER'S Personal Presence and HE did not talk much today. HIS main theme was,

'Remember, I AM HE that executeth righteousness and judgment in the earth,'

quoted from the Bible, and HE said HE would see that all the glory and honor went to GOD, every bit of it.

'The mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.'

The question came up of how HIS supply of money was manifested. One of the students had been in conversation with one of the traffic officers in front of the house, who had offered to wager with the student that he could prove FATHER'S money did not come from GOD. The student was taking credit for having convinced the officer that the money did not come from GOD. The student was taking credit for having convinced the officer that the money did come from GOD. FATHER said the money was of little importance as anyone could go out and earn money and spend it in the way HE is doing. Practically everyone had the privilege of handling money and there was nothing wonderful about that, but let them go out and put sight in somebody's eyes. Let them make someone walk that had not been able to walk for years.

A recent photo of a Rear View of
The Home of the Soul, Sayville,L. I.,N. Y.

A recent photo of a Rear View of The Home of theHome of the Soul, Sayville,L.I.,N.Y.




October 6, l93l

Plans Not to be Revealed Until Fulfilled

Someone brought up the subject this morning of revealing one's plans to others before they have materialized and whether it was loving to keep things from others. FATHER told of a case where HE had been looking over radio sets a few years ago in one of the local stores, with the intention of buying. One morning, when all were sitting in the reading room at 72 Macon St., however, the radio man appeared at the door and called out in a loud voice, 'How about that radio, Reverend DIVINE, are you going to have it put in?' FATHER said that was enough. It was settled on the spot that HE would not have one as HE would not allow mortal mind to know anything about HIS plans before they were accomplished. HE said if one did allow it HE would find all kinds of opposition and discord. It was loving to keep things from others until they were expressed, so that they could be brought forth for them to see in their perfection.

HE further took up the subject of healings that seemed to be delayed and said that very often the healing was not accomplished at once because the patient did not want to recognize or give credit to FATHER, that mortal mind wanted all the honor and did not want to give any to GOD, and that until it yielded and gave up all power to GOD, it could not be healed.

'The Body Is Not Doing It'

At this junction FATHER sang a song, 'Behold I stand at the door of your heart and knock' HE said, 'I AM the fount of every joy. I AM all intellect, you don't have to grope. I AM all success. I AM all health. I AM all wealth. I AM all strength. I AM all intelligence. I AM all wisdom. I AM all knowledge. I AM all love. I AM all that you can desire and I AM knocking at the door of your heart. Every time a man seeks joy it is ME knocking at his heart. Open unto ME. Open up wide. Let ME in.

'Mentally and spiritually I AM ever present. Mentally and spiritually you cannot get rid of ME. I have been stamped indelibly on the heart of mankind and I cannot be erased. If I should will to go into seclusion and no man should see ME, you could always contact ME because I would be with you everywhere. I did not come to you as a Personality. I came to you as Impersonal Love and because of this Impersonal Love, it has established that in your consciousness which is undefiled and fadeth not away.

'I have been here in Sayville the same number of years that Jesus was when He talked with the lawyers and doctors and then it was made known. I have gone into the hearts of the children of men as the Impersonal Life, duplicating the Impersonal CHRIST that was in the personal Jesus. The more the mortal mind tries to rise up against it the more it is established in the hearts of humanity.

'So, with or without a Body, call upon ME in the day of trouble and I will be with you. I would be just as operative if I didn't have a Body, for this Life is incorruptible and fadeth not away. I say, with or without a Body you can contact ME. The Body is not doing it. It is not the expression that is doing it. It is by MY Spirit saith the LORD, for I AM the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow If I choose to take My Personal Body and put it in seclusion so that no man could see it, I would be with you just the same, for I AM here, and I AM there, and I AM everywhere. You can know and you can realize that I AM with you always when you live according to My Will. That is the significance of the Omnipotence. That is the significance of the Omniscience. That is the significance of the Omnipresence. That is the significance of the Omnilucence. You can call upon ME in the day of trouble and I will be with you.'

New motto:

'Just beyond the highest affirmation, lie the fields of endless joy beyond degree.'

In view of the above, the old hymn of 'cracking the skies' is not far wrong. 'Crack the shells of your mortality and just beyond, you will find this boundless joy and freedom.'

.. ... ..

'I have sacrificed this Body thirty-two times, or once for each year I was on earth before, the bring this consciousness to the hearts of men.

Forge Through the Psychic Plane

'If you suffer from any kind of prenatal influence, physical, mental or otherwise, you are completely free as soon as you denounce the renounce all mortal origin and recognize that GOD is your FATHER and MOTHER and you never had another.

'Claim your rights and press your claim and do not stop on any of the planes. Those on the psychic plane cannot understand ME. The psychic, as well as the physical plane, is stirred up as never before by My Work. Forge through the psychic to the true spiritual and do not stop on any of the planes.'

Blessed If You Stand For The Truth

In speaking of a small local paper that HE had endorsed because it had stood for the Truth and published a favorable article about HIS Work while others were writing it up unfavorably, FATHER said HE would, and as a matter of fact already had, made it the greatest paper on Long Island and that it would be blessed as no paper had ever been blessed before. Then HE spoke about those who came to HIM but were ashamed to make it known to the world and kept it under cover. HE quoted:

'If you deny ME before men I will deny you before My FATHER which is in heaven,'

as stated by Jesus. HE said those who were not ashamed to stand for the Truth, however, would be blessed beyond degree.

'I can do it,' HE said. 'If I set My Mind against any man he cannot be elected to public office and that goes from president down to street cleaner. If I set My Mind against a candidate for president of the United States he cannot be elected.'

'Some years ago here in Sayville they were trying to oust Judge White who had been on the bench for years and he just came to ME and told ME about it. I did not say anything about it beyond just mentioning it casually to Mother. When the election came off, Judge White's opponent won by over 2700 votes, but the officials said Judge White has been faithful, we'll give it to him anyway, and he kept his place until he was ready to retire. Anyone can check up on that right here in Sayville, if you don't believe it. Anyone who will stand for the Truth and will do right will be blessed. But no official who collects graft will stay in office, I will put them all out. Anyone who is willing to give freely will freely receive. All of My Work is free and that of My workers and co-workers. Mr. Lanyon's book, if it goes on the market legitimately, will probably be given away. Some of his friends may not think it should be, but I brought it forth and I can support it for I have the key to all underground treasurers.

'If you live in conformity to the Truth GOD will supply you with everything you need, whether you are working or playing. Take no thought - I make it unnecessary for you here to take thought.'

.. ... ..

'Speak LORD, and thy servant heareth.'

'I speak and my servants will hear wherever they are. I do not ask them to hear or demand that they hear. I speak the WORD and they hear. Likewise, I bid them see and they see. I bid them walk and they walk. I bid them be prosperous and they are prosperous. Some say 'Help Thou my unbelief,' and I give them belief.'

If You Have Relatives, You Will Have Trouble

'You cannot have mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, relatives and family, etc. and have ME too. You cannot rob GOD. Someone else is nearer and dearer to you than I AM, then you wonder why I do not claim you. That is why you cannot get to where you want to get. That is why you are subject to sickness and trouble, because mortals are subject to those things and you are living in mortal consciousness. GOD declared,

'Let there be no division among you.'

Every distinction and every division is a curse to the nation. Jesus, in the l7th chapter of St. John prayed to make them one even as we are one.. Some of you claim to have been in the Truth for years and yet you have sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, etc. Such as you are separating yourselves from the Infinite Whole and joining yourselves to the individual world. The Son ship degree of Spirit prayed the FATHER to make them one, as we are one, and that is what I have done. I have put you all in the melting pot and have made you one. Now that is the way back Home where the CHRIST is. It is the only way back Home - denouncing these mortal things and then renouncing them for CHRIST.'

GOD Has No Favorites

'There are no favorites here and GOD is no respecter of persons, but some of you would like to get near ME and have tried to sit near ME at the table and to get a place of honor, but you are so far from MY Spirit that you cannot get near ME. GOD is no respecter of persons, neither has HE respect unto persons, as I said, but some are living in My Spirit and it is agreeable to have them around close to ME while others would not be agreeable. And the length of time you have been with ME has nothing to do with it. Because one has been with ME for twenty-five years does not signify that one is in MY Spirit. Someone who came yesterday may be nearer ME and get the place of honor, because,

'He that exalteth himself shall be abased, but he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.'

.. ... ..

'I have been in Sayville what you call twelve years, or the same number of years Jesus was on earth when He argued with the doctors and the lawyers. After that time His teaching was made known to the world. I have made this Truth known to the world. I have gone into the hearts of the children of men as the Impersonal Life, duplicating the Impersonal CHRIST that was in the personal Jesus. The more mortal mind tries to rise up against this Truth the more it will be established in the hearts of humanity. Mortal mind had better keep quiet if it does not want this Truth to spread.'

The Seed of CHRIST In Man Is Not Dead

' I have come to take you out of the grave, out of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, out of mammies and pappies, children and parents, races and creeds, out of mortality into immortality. I have said nothing about how long you have been dead or how long you have been in this state. Lazarus had been in the tomb four days, typifying a time equal to the four thousand years since Adam and people thought he was dead, saying: 'he stinketh.' People have thought the seed of CHRIST in man is dead, it has lain so long, but it is not dead, and I have proved it is not dead and I have come to awaken you. You are going back to the Garden of Eden as you were before the fall. If you will live in accordance with MY Will, this automatic machine within, the CHRIST, will begin to work, this automatic refrigerator, this automatic oil heater will work in you, if you abide in this consciousness.

FATHER Is Removing the Old Heaven and Earth so the New Can Come In

'I'm taking your mind out of the imaginary heaven for as John saw in Revelation, 2lst chapter, the first heaven and the first earth have passed away. I'm canceling the imaginary heaven and earth out of your consciousness. That's what I came for, to erase that imaginary heaven and earth from your mind, and prove to you that the Kingdom has come and the Will is being done. You have prayed and that the Kingdom has come and the Will is being done. You have prayed that the Kingdom should come, how can it come when you have the imaginary heaven in the way? Get it out of the way and then the new heaven and the new earth can come in. The first heaven and the first earth shall not be called to mind any more and I AM getting it out of the way so that the new heaven and the new earth can come in. We have heaven here because we are making the earth a paradise. The old seed idea was all right, but this is the harvest now. The old idea that was implanted in your consciousness for years is bearing fruit now. The prayers of your dear mother, the prayers of your dear father have been answered and the new heaven and the new earth have come down from GOD out of heaven.'

'If you have substantiated faith, though you are lame, you will walk, though' you are blind, you will see, etc. Faith is the victory.'

Materialized CHRIST Is Here to Save Your Physical Body

While sitting at the family table last evening, FATHER spoke directly in HIS loving way to various Angels and HE seemed to be in a particularly jovial mood. HE looked my way several times just beaming with Love and the last time, we both burst out into a real laugh. FATHER arose and spoke as follows:


'I was just considering what insignificance it takes to recognize the Body, the actual Body of CHRIST. It is wonderful! Truly Wonderful that it is that way. I repeat again that quotation I so often use:

'For this cause many are sickly among you, because they do not discern the Body of CHRIST.'

It is truly necessary to discern the actual materialization of the CHRIST in order to be freed from mortal limitations and be saved. The Truth teachers and Truth students particularly, have discerned the spiritual CHRIST, but they have denied the materialized CHRIST. Consequently they are subject to all kinds of sickness and trouble in their physical bodies, because they have not included them in the CHRIST. They say the spiritualized CHRIST is perfect in them and is not dependent upon a physical body.

'Then why bother with the physical body, let it go down into the grave. But Jesus came to save physical bodies, and I AM here - the materialized CHRIST - to save your physical bodies. By gazing upon this perfect manifestation of the materialized CHRIST, you will reproduce the same in your own bodies in every joint, every sinew and every bone. You will see good in your hands and fingers, in the fine skin, etc. You will feel this boundless joy coursing through the Limitless blessings.! He who is an anti-Christ must be half bother to the atheist. The anti- Christ does not believe in the materialized CHRIST of nineteen hundred years ago or of today. The atheist does not believe in GOD. Take these things in, Dear Ones, for your consideration'

FATHER was asked what HE knew about Edison's passing on and HE said that the spirit that was Edison, with all its skill and power, still lives on, but it has gone back to the GOD that gave it, and the personal Edison is gone. HE said HE had stated some time ago to us that HE was calling in those among the foremost of the world who did not give all the glory and honor to HIM and this was a fulfillment of HIS statement.

Nothing Can Stop Me

'Though I may not be visible to you I AM always with you. I have established this Truth and with or without a Body, it is operative. It is even more operative when you do not see ME. Nothing can stop the operation of this Truth, for I have established it. If America should sink and every visible expression were to sink in an earthquake, it could not stop it. If you are sick all you need to do is to call on MY Name and you do not have to see anybody or anything. I have established MYSELF on the spiritual plane, on the physical plane, on all the planes, and nothing can stop ME. If I were to go into physical seclusion and go to Europe, Asia or Africa for fifteen years I would be here just the same as I AM now, as well as in Australia, and you could contact ME just as effectively as you do now. It cannot be abolished, for the Mouth of the LORD has spoken it.'

.. ... ..

'I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statues. CHRIST IN me and CHRIST in you will make the whole world what it ought to be, and it will not be long doing it either.

The Great Importance of Recognizing the Material CHRIST

'That which you think is spirit, that which you think is only mental, it can be materialized by the power of CHRIST itself.

'As many as received Him, to them gave HE power to become the sons of God...'

When you believe in the materialization of the CHRIST, then that gives you the power to materialize things, but the average person who believes only in the spiritualization of the CHRIST cannot materialize things. I might say here, if I can coin a word out of nothing, they can only 'imaginationize' things. When you realize that the Word was made flesh, then you materialize and bring out the activity of CHRIST in you. When you come to this realization, why things are actually materialized. Humanity has lost sight of the great importance of the materialized CHRIST. For your highest good it is necessary to realize that CHRIST has been made flesh and dwells among us.. Dear Ones, I AM sure that those who are in the Truth have been taught that GOD is a Spirit and have misconceived the idea that the Word has been made flesh. Many make shipwreck of good faith and cause themselves to be atheistically inclined and have caused many more to be more atheistic than deist.

Every spirit that confesseth that JESUS CHRIST is come in the flesh is of God: is of MY Kingdom, but every spirit that denies that JESUS CHRIST has come in the flesh is an anti-CHRIST. He is separating his body from the Spirit. GOD declared,

'What I have joined together let no man put asunder.'

How dare you separate Jesus from CHRIST or CHRIST from Jesus. If you do you are separating your body from the Spirit, and whatever you measure shall be measured to you again, and it shall be full, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

'Again I say,

'your ways are not my ways, saith the LORD, for as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways.'

Now realize, Dear Ones, that it is for your highest good to see the materialization of the CHRIST. Until the Word was made flesh we could not behold His Glory, but as soon as the Word was made flesh we beheld His Glory,

'as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.'

But not until it was made flesh could man behold all the Glory of GOD. Since you beheld His Glory, therefore,

'have all we received of his fullness, grace for grace.'

Do you not see that step by step it came into actuality as we grew in the knowledge of the Truth? Then of all of his fullness have we received grace for grace. Then you as well as I, will be the identical duplication of the CHRIST that was manifested nineteen hundred years ago.'

... ... ..

'The Word of GOD revealed is the Son of GOD whom Judas sold for thirty pieces of silver. I have never sold one word and I have never taken up a collection. I cannot feel justified in doing so and none of My co-workers, if they are in My Spirit, will do so.'

Positive Thoughts and Actions in the Great Construction Work

'Positive thoughts are the seeds of life. They are the seeds of success and of health and of love. When you have constructive thoughts then you can be a contractor in the great construction work that is going on.'

'I AM the fount of every joy. They that 'hunger and thirst after righteousness, shall be filled.' I AM a magnet for good and nothing but good can come to ME because I think good thoughts. Visualizing the positive brings the positive into your experience or into materialization. Instead of negative thoughts of anger, malice, hatred, jealousy, prejudice, fear, etc., think positive thoughts of good and you will bring good into materialization . Act out joy, act out happiness, act out good and it will come to you. You can say to happiness, 'come forth' to the spirit of happiness, and it will be expressed in happiness. Speak abstractly, not to the materialization of the thing, but to the spirit of the thing, and it will come forth into material expression. Give thanks for the thing, whether you have it visibly or not, for you have it anyway.

America Is a Fit Place for CHRIST to Come Forth

'Man's extremity is GOD's opportunity. Go to your extremity. Let the mortal mind be here and now eliminated and GOD will appear in your stead. So long as you have a set way of acting, expressing, etc. You are not entirely in MY Spirit.

When you still yourselves, then HE that rules forever and ever will speak through you. Paul said:

'It is no more I, but CHRIST that dwelleth in me.'

When you have consecrated your life to ME then you and I together will bring forth the CHRIST to fruition. If Jesus had been unwilling to stand out as different from every other person in the world He could not have attained. Those who founded America detached themselves from all human ties, all fleshy relations, all kin, loyalty to family, etc. and established this country. It is a fit place for the manifestation of the CHRIST to come before the world.'

.. ... ..

'GOD is no respecter of persons, but because Abel looked to GOD for consolation, everything,, therefore his spirit could cry out from the ground and GOD could hear him.'

'Do I give absent treatments? No, because GOD is present everywhere.' In response to a question from a visitor as to why HE maintained the Kingdom as it is for the Angels, if HE is everywhere present and it is easy to contact HIM, FATHER answered that HE merely acted as a spiritual FATHER to those who had given up all and that HE was the visible manifestation of their supply.

... ... ...

FATHER told a story today about two men with humps on their backs who came to a spiritual teacher to be healed. One went away without any hump and the other went away with two instead of one. This, HE said, indicated just what happened to those who came to HIM. They received in accordance with their attitude.

One of the Angels in testifying today and speaking of FATHER as her real FATHER and MOTHER, that she had no other, used an illustration that seemed to be a good one. She said that when a steel incubator hatched out chickens the chickens did not say the incubator was their mother or father. So with parents, they should not say 'my child,' and children should not say 'my parents.'

.. ... ..

In response to a question about how to go into the 'silence,' FATHER answered that it was unnecessary to sit and go into the silence if you 'lived in the silence. By the silence HE said HE meant, silence of mortal beliefs and opinions, etc.

Thoughts For Consideration

'Beloved, now are we the sons of GOD,' GOD in many individual expressions of HIMSELF.'

'The manifested CHRIST reveals what the unmanifested CHRIST conceals.'

'HE will come like a thief in the night that is unknown to you and masked or disguised.'

Reach Out Your Mind to My Spirit'

In explaining the making of your spiritual and mental contact, FATHER used an illustration today of a house without electricity, before which there was a high tension wire running up the street. HE said, all that was necessary to have electricity in the house was to run wires out to the high tension wire which had an abundance of current all the time and the current would come over the wires and light up the house Your mind is the wire, HE said, and My Spirit is the Power. You reach out your mind to MY Spirit, casting out the mortal mind with its prejudice, jealousy, bigotry, fear, distinctions, resentfulness, doubts, strife, etc. Do nothing it suggests that you do. Go exactly to the other extreme and do that which it tells you not to do,

'Where a king reigns, there is the kingdom.'

A king can travel all over the world but all countries are not his kingdom. CHRIST is in all, but all have not established His Kingdom in them. Some are under the rule of mortality and the things described above. But you who have brought your bodies into subjection to the CHRIST and let CHRIST reign in you, the Kingdom of Heaven is established in your bodies and 'the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our GOD and of HIS CHRIST' Wherever a king rules that is his kingdom, and if CHRIST is ruling in you your body is certainly His Kingdom.

Thoughts for Consideration

'It may be a couple of hundred years before Europe sees ME Personally; it may be hundreds of years before I can get around to them but I AM there just the same right now.'

'When you have brought your mentality and spirituality to fruition, detachable from the personality, interchangeable with the personality it is Wonderful.'

'I AM trying to lift you above the spiritual inspirational view of mortality.'

'No one on earth should be or do any less than I do. CHRIST, nineteen hundred years ago, said:

'I AM the way, the truth, and the life...'

'Lift your minds by being meek enough to humble yourselves.

'He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.'

'Some think they have pedigrees, abilities, accomplishments. That is just a weight. Count it all as the Apostle Paul did, 'as loss that he might gain Christ.' Whatsoever we desire for others, that will come to us. Thoughts are like chickens they come home to roost.'

If You Seek Money for Your Efforts, You Will Get No Higher Reward

In talking at the table this evening about taking money for the Word of GOD, FATHER told that at one time HE would not have a book in HIS house that had a price printed in it. HE at that time was giving away a thousand dollars worth of books per month, including The Masters of the Far East, Christ in You, The Kingdom of Happiness and several others. There were others of which HE approved very much, but HE would not give them because they had prices printed in them. He said HE paid the publishers or authors full price for the books, but did not authorize by doing so, their charging for them. HE did it because they were working on that plane. HE said, 'I know that such graft is not the eternal plane. I know that sometime those men will not get the reward they would get, of eternal life. They have their reward in money now. You will get your reward, but you do not take any thought about it. They were seeking reward. That was their occupation. They were working for pay and they have had their reward.'

.. ... ..

In answering someone who had expressed indignation over a contribution that had been misapplied by a Truth Center, FATHER said, 'Do not be angry over what was done to you. It brought you here. Be glad like I AM that Judas betrayed ME for thirty pieces of silver. I don't hold anything against the one who wounded ME in the side.

Materialization of the CHRIST

In talking about the materialization of the CHRIST, FATHER said, 'Who can say that the planet that over shone Mary when Jesus was born was not the one from which He came. Coming to bless this planet, He put on an earthly body. Who can say that He was not a Martian or a Jupiterian, or from some other planet where there is some superior form of conscious life. Who can say that He was not just from Mars. Who can say that He was not right from Jupiter or whatever the planet was that shone down on Bethlehem to show how He would be born Who can say that He had not finished

His work on some other planet and that He did not come here, in some form, putting on a new body that had been prepared for Him. I do not say that these things are so, Dear Ones, but I throw out this life line that you may consider these thoughts and have hope.'

Example of a Perverted Concept of the Truth

In replying to certain statements made by Truth teachers about GOD being in all as well as in FATHER, FATHER told a story about a minister who had lost his voice, who came to HIM and at the table, during his first visit, recovered it. He stayed for a while and grasped the idea of GOD in all and then told the Angels they were foolish to be following GOD's Body around, that he had GOD in him too and that he was going out into the world to prove it. He naturally thought that if GOD was in him he could do anything he wanted to, so he went to New York and did as he pleased. He took up collections in the streets in defiance of the law, he smoked and drank and knocked women down and committed all sorts of crime with them. In the end, after spending some time in prison, he died in agony as the result of some illness. In the end he was worse off than if he had never heard of GOD in manifested form. FATHER then said, 'I don't care how much spiritual understanding they have, I don't care how much of the Holy Ghost they have, if they have so much of the Holy Ghost they can't keep on the ground, if they are living in sects and sex, in human affections, fancies, loves and pleasures, they are cursed of GOD and will go down to a miserable death.

Judgment In the Kingdom

Yesterday and today have undoubtedly been the two greatest days in the Kingdom in years. Old Angels say there has never been anything like it. Yesterday was judgment a n d while FATHER sat perfectly silent, with a Face like bronze, the various Angels apparently without design, and many of them unwittingly, uncovered the self-justifications, the insolence and the hypocrisy of mortal mind. Then FATHER got up and just cut right and left at these mortal things until there wasn't a shred left. By the time HE was through, practically everyone in the room was dissolved into tears.

Today HE was even more vehement, and I have never heard such torrents of wrath in my life. It started when someone got up and said she did not come to the Kingdom for food and shelter, as she had everything she wanted along those lines out in the world, and always had had them. She said what she was after was eternal life. Miss Mary got up very vehemently, rebuked her for owning those things, saying they were of Adam, earned in the sweat of the brow, in degradation and filth, and that until she came to FATHER for everything, food, shelter, clothing and all, she could never have eternal life. FATHER was on HIS Feet as soon as Miss Mary sat down and HE talked for fully a half-hour as I have never heard HIM talk before. I was unable to get HIS remarks verbatim on account of the commotion, but in part they were as follows:

Vileness of Marriage

'I do not recognize any rebuke in the CHRIST Consciousness, but often in mortal consciousness it is said that I rebuke someone and I AM speaking from the point of view of mortal consciousness now. It is well that these things come up for they bring home a lesson to all, and I AM speaking now to no particular one but to all. I say that you are all, whether you are conscious of it or not, born in filth and mortality. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are that in the sight of GOD and you have got to be born out of it.

'Ye generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?'

You are no better than those who are in the brothels and in Chinatown.

Your homes are no better than brothels and bad houses and you are born out of them. It means nothing that you hide behind the law and have legal papers for a protection for doing what otherwise the law would condemn. Those in the brothels and bad houses are better than you because they are free to leave at any time, but you have bound yourselves legally for a lifetime of such abomination. I say unto you that,

'he that even looketh upon a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.'

whether he goes and gets legal papers to take her or not. He is only hiding behind the law. This whole generation, with few exceptions, has been born out of these conditions and I say unto you that you are born in fornication and sin. Any woman who marries a man to take care of her might just as well be in a brothel and I don't care how many yachts he gives her, or automobiles, or clubs, or how much money he allows her, if he gives her a million dollars per week, she is worse than in a brothel because she has legally obligated herself to stay in that vileness for life. I say to you women that you are selling your virtue for less than it costs for a dog license, and that no matter how many legal papers you get, it makes no difference. And I say to you men, that so long as you brutally coerce a woman against her will by any means and hold her in bondage to your whims I will shake you so you'll think an earthquake struck you.'

' I have come to redeem you from among men and women and again I quote: 'Who hath warned you, ye generation of vipers, to flee from the wrath to come?' The only way to get rid of this d - v - l of sex is to fast from him and he will leave you. Fast from him in thought and deed and he will leave you. The only way to drive him out is through fasting and prayer. I have come to redeem you, GOD, your FATHER DIVINE. The Mouth of the LORD hath spoken it and none can stop ME.'

'When you have put off all mortal versions, inclinations, desires and tendencies, all preconceived ideas, then you are GOD and not until then.'

Hold to the Invisible

'Your spirit comes to ME and I treat it right. Then you come in person. Then you do not want to go away, and if you do go away you come back because your spirit and mind stay here with ME.' 'It is the same with a husband or a wife, or a job (speaking to a crowd of people), hold his, her, or its spirit and be peaceful and pleasant and treat it right, if it is the job be competent, and the body or manifestation cannot leave you. If it does, it must come back. Hold to the invisible whether the visible manifestation comes or goes and you will be at peace for you will have the thing and nothing can take it from you.'

.. ... ..

'Live not for yourself alone, lest some day you reach your destination, which will be yourself. 'There is no denomination, there is no nationality that can bring forth the CHRIST to fruition, because any denomination will come to its destination, which is its denomination, and any nationality will come to its destination, which will be its nationality, and that is not the CHRIST.'

.. ... ..

'Man is made up of so many atoms of electricity and when these are quickened by the spirit of your devotion, it is known as the Holy Ghost. In a machine, however, or a man who is not quickened, it is known only as electricity. When you have been quickened so that all of these atoms are vibrating in this current, you become a radio, and you can tune in on that identical CHRIST that was in Jesus nineteen hundred years ago, and not only in words, but by nature. Your radio taking in the message takes it in with the same electricity with which it is sent out.'

'Of all of his fullness, not part of it, have all we, not some of us, received, grace for grace.

'The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ,'

and JESUS CHRIST means the actual Body of Jesus. His actual body, every atom of it, was full of grace and truth. That is why the woman who touched His robe was healed.

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.'

Can't you see, Dear Ones, how necessary it was for the Word to be made flesh so that we could behold His Glory?

'And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.'

Can't you see, Dear Ones, that Word has been made flesh and dwells among you, and how important it is to recognize it? You actually see the Glory of GOD.'

.. ... ...

In speaking of the marvels people saw in the abundance FATHER manifests. HE said:

'Because I AM one with the substance and intelligence of every soul, with the life that is expressed in each individual, and have detached MYSELF from every Personal expression, I have a spiritual right to all their wealth and to all wealth hidden and manifested. Because I have detached MYSELF from any particular manifestation. I AM manifesting this abundance. It is accomplished by detachment from all individual, selfish human attachments and unification with this great joy. In this consciousness, all worry, all ego, and all trouble cease. Christ is waiting for you to relinquish all individual, selfish and mortal claims.'

Claim Citizenship In God'S Kingdom

'We are waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption, of our body.' When a child is adopted it is adopted in the name of its new family you must come out of your old names, out of your old family into the CHRIST, into the Royal Family. Withdraw your citizenship in mortality. You are GOD's child and you never had another father. I AM showing you how to withdraw your mortal citizenship and take out citizenship papers in this Infinite Kingdom of our GOD. That is the only way to be a child of GOD, is to recognize your adoption,

'For the whole creation travaileth and groaneth together in pain . . . waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.'

For CHRIST was in you, waiting for you to make your adoption. The Son of GOD cannot be manifested in you until you have been adopted and have detached yourself from every preconceived version and have been adopted into the Royal Family, an heir and joint heir with CHRIST.'

'This is what Jesus meant when He said:

'If you hear anyone inquiring about me, tell him to deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.'

That is the key, Dear Ones, and you can unlock any barred door with it. You will then see that the whole earth will quake at the presence of you and you will be inheritor with HIM, and the earth is the LORD'S and the fullness thereof, and none may marvel then at your demonstrations of supply, for then you will be in reality an heir and a joint heir with CHRIST.

'Why is it that they do not marvel at Mr. Rockefeller's son because he can spend a little money? What has Mr. Rockefeller's son compared to what I have? If you will not claim your rights and press your claims, I will press MY claim as an example for others to do. It is universal.

'The cattle on a thousand hills are mine, saith the LORD. If I were hungry, I would not tell you about it, I would just slay and eat'

___ steaks and lamb chops, chickens, ducks and geese, and everything that is good. Claim your rights and press your claim, for you are GOD'S unadulterated child.'






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