"I have often said that the animal kingdom came nearer to expressing GOD'S Love in respect to parenting,
than mankind." --- FATHER DIVINE

"If a Man Looketh upon a Woman to Lust after Her,
He Hath Committed Adultery with Her Already in His Heart." -- Jesus.

The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb
Installment 4

Committing the Sin of the Act is Worse Than the Act Itself



MOTHER DIVINE with a group at the
dedication of the Stone Marker.

MOTHER DIVINE with a group at the dedication of the Stone Marker.






In speaking of race and creed today, FATHER told a story of an incident that happened here several weeks ago. There is a Unity Center in Harlem exclusively for c----people. It is known as the C----Unity Center.('Unity' is a New Thought Church, 'The Unity School of Christianity,' with headquarters at the Unity Village in Missouri.) These people chartered a bus and came down to Sayville some few weeks ago and just before arriving at FATHER'S, they stopped at a garage in Sayville for gas and oil. They were informed that no gas or oil would be sold to c---- people. Then one of the officials of the party 'who thought he was w----,' as FATHER said, tried to intervene, but the garage employee was adamant and would not serve them. FATHER was told about the incident upon their arrival and HE said HE would have called up the garage about it, as HE dealt there and was sure the owner had not authorized the attitude of his employee, but HE recognized that the garage man had only committed the act while the party in the bus had committed the sin in setting up the color in the first place. They set that up in their consciousness and they would find it everywhere they went and they and no one else would be responsible.

That was the explanation, HE said, of the incident concerning the woman taken in adultery, spoken of in the New Testament, where Jesus said:

'He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.'

HE said the woman's accusers had already committed the sin, and she had committed only the act. Previously, Jesus had said:

'If a man looketh upon a woman to lust after her, he hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.'

Such a man had committed a crime, whether he ever committed the act or not, and no doubt, many committed the act without thinking who were less sinners than those who had never committed the act.

The Necessity for the FATHERSHIP Degree and: 'If a Man Looketh...In His Heart.'

Today FATHER talked wonderfully about the parable of the landlord who went into a far country leaving his vineyard in charge of husbandmen. HE told about his sending his servant at the end of the first season to collect the profits and of how he was beaten and sent away, of his sending other servants and of how they received similar treatment, and of how he finally sent his son, thinking they would surely respect him. But they murdered the son, thinking to themselves, this is the heir, come let us kill him and then we shall have the inheritance. But finally the landlord came himself and destroyed those husbandmen and gave the vineyard to others.'

FATHER said: 'Don't you see that the Son came in you and that mortality said, 'This is the heir, come, let us kill him and then we shall have the inheritance'? Don't you see that mortal mind has tried to take your body away from you? (The body where every muscle, every sinew, every vein and every bone, every atom, every fibre and cell are CHRIST.) Do you not see that mortality has tried to make you think you did not have to have a body? Do you not see how necessary it was for the FATHERSHIP Degree to come? I have come to destroy that mortal mind--I have destroyed mortality, carnality and personality--I have destroyed those husbandmen and now I will give the vineyard unto others.

Let the Ideal Remain



 picture of FATHER and MOTHER (Penninah) DIVINE







'Hold everything from an impersonal standpoint of view. Do not see it as a personal thing; then it can never leave you. I told Mother years ago that I could never leave her if she held ME in an impersonal point of view, and she has looked upon ME in that way. She has never beheld ME as a Person and I never approach her as a person. You call upon ME to come and do something for you with MY hands, but you do not see me from a Personal point of view. Hold this attitude and let anything pass away from a personal standpoint of view and you would be undisturbed, for CHRIST is All in all. CHRIST is all of those things for you. HE is your father, your mother, your sister, your brother; HE is all of those things and whatever you may claim.
If the outward expression passes away, you have only lost a graven image and when you have lost the idol you have had in your consciousness, the Ideal remains and will produce something better, because HE did away with the first to establish the second, and he always did keep the best for the last.'

Enlightenment on Human Parenting

In referring to human parentage today, FATHER made a point that HE had made before, namely, that our so-called human parents were GOD HIMSELF, who had taken on a form to satisfy mortal mind and care for us until we were able to take care of ourselves. HE added the following, however, 'I have often said that the animal kingdom came nearer to expressing GOD'S Love in this respect, than mankind. It is true, that the love of family and love of one's own, are GOD manifesting on the human and animal plane, in order to provide the love and protection necessary for the little ones until they can take care of themselves. But in the animal kingdom the mother is a mother to her little ones, only until they are able to go out for themselves and after that time the relationship ceases and the young ones go out and do likewise. But in the human kingdom, the mother-love tries to hang onto the children and call them 'my' children after they are grown up and even when they are as old as fifty and sixty.

'Shall a man rob God?

Yes the whole nation has robbed the LORD.' GOD loaned you that love for you to protect those little ones until they were able to protect themselves and then HE intended for you to return that love back to GOD whence it came. GOD loaned you those so-called children. GOD loaned you all that you supposedly have.'



The fervor of the past two days in the Kingdom, and the grandeur of FATHER'S Teaching and the high vibrations HE conveyed have been beyond words. It seems as though we have been lifted each day a step higher until we are left speechless before the wonder of it. It has been impossible to get down much of what was said because of the constant shouting and because of the feelings aroused in me, but fortunately I got some of it just as it came



Yesterday FATHER talked first about people marveling at HIS demonstration of abundance, but HE said, 'Why marvel at what the Word can do when you know that

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.'

'And the earth was without form, and voice; and God said,

' Let dry land appear...'

If HE could make dry land appear and all that is in the earth, why marvel at such a small demonstration of abundance as this?'

The Parable of the Chick

This discussion led up to a talk from FATHER as to our possibilities that was perfectly wonderful. During the latter part of it HE spoke as follows:

''Arise, shine, for the glory of GOD is risen upon thee.'

You see this glory now. Now and here is the time for your ascension from materialism, from carnality, from mortality. Now is the time for your ascension, for you are resurrected now. You are risen from the dead: you have risen. You can behold the glory. Of all of His fullness have all we received. The very glory of GOD shall prevail. I say, you have risen. I say you have risen! I will help you to rise. You are caught up in the rapture. You can make your ascension for you are making ascension from the Sonship degree to the FATHERHOOD of GOD--to the same glory you had with HIM before the world was. Now you have beheld HIS glory,

'and of all of his fullness have all of you received, grace for grace.'

That is why I say this morning to rise, for the Light has come. This day is the day of resurrection; this is the day of ascension for you to ascend to the FATHER with the glory you had with the FATHER before the world was. Oh, how great and Holy is this day. You came here a chick, the CHRIST within trying to deliver HIMSELF, trying to free HIMSELF. CHRIST is in you and materialism is trying to bind you tight in mortal limitation. The shell of the egg gets harder the more the chick develops. The harder shell is trying to hold it there but the chick must develop himself to pick his way through and free himself from the mortal expression and come out fully free from the egg degree of itself into the glorious liberty of the sons of the chicks.

CHRIST Rises In You by Self-denial

'You see several here this morning and you will see a few more later in the day who have picked their way through and you will notice that they are moved by the Spirit beyond all control. They move involuntarily with that great Power and they are such clear channels for it, it flows through them freely, but a consecration was made first. A self-denial, consecration and sacrifice was made and then came forth resurrection of life in the soul of the soul and raised them above all materialism. But first they denounced and renounced every mortal version of themselves and made a wholehearted wide open consecration. Your attention has been called, Thy mother and thy brothers want thee out there, and you are ready to make your declaration,

'Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? It is they that do the will of my Father.'

And when you denounce and renounce every mortal expression of the material demonstration or expression of life that supports itself by approaching unto you, then and there CHRIST will rise in you and will loose all that contact with the world in demonstration as well as in words. That is why you see some move as they do. That is the effect of self-denial. You will do the same with the same self-denial, but until then you will be like dead logs and can move only at will. But when CHRIST is risen in you, you will be moved by the Power of the Spirit. It is done by self-denial.

These I speak of are walking tablets. Mortality will try to attract you. Your mother and your brothers and your sisters will be out there. The same CHRIST in you is speaking as spoke in Jesus, but HE is now shackled to materialism--behind the shell of your mortal personality--and HE is there picking HIS way out and HE has come here to ME, trying to bring deliverance to HIMSELF.

'I usually go away from those who approach ME from a Personal standpoint of view, for if I do not go away, the Comforter will not come to you.' This was brought out in response to a statement made by an Angel that she could not contact FATHER Personally.'

GOD Has a Dollar For Every Grit of Sand

This morning the question of supply for teachers and lecturers was brought up by one who has been a writer and lecturer for years and who has recently come to FATHER'S to stay. He said he had come with the determination to get the degree of Truth or of Consciousness that would enable him to go out and teach and at the same time demonstrate the necessary supply. He wanted to know, since he was not to take up collections, just how the need for money would be met; whether if a person presented him with a gift if he was free to accept it, or if he found money in the street whether he could claim it and use it without going contrary to the spirit of FATHER'S Teachings. He said he understood the matter of collections and agreed that they were not to be taken under any consideration, but he wanted to know just how the need for actual money would be met.

He was followed by another speaker who said she had come to FATHER and offered herself completely and wholly without thought of how her needs would be met, as there was nothing out there in the world for her anyway. She had been living apart from her husband four years and had tried to earn her living and had been successful, but she had worked in Lord and Taylor's, reputed to be the highest-class establishment of its kind in the country, and she walked out after being there six months because she could not agree with the dishonesty and lack of principle displayed even there in the highest type of business. She said.

FATHER wouldn't let her work in business and she had come without thought of how her needs would be met, but was sure they would be met as she had given herself wholly over to FATHER, body and soul, and was willing to scrub floors or go in rags if that were GOD'S Will. FATHER immediately got up and commended her statement and point of view as the correct one and went on as follows:

'I'M not telling you that you will burn in h--l a year for every grit of sand on earth, but I'M telling you that GOD can make a dollar for every grit of sand on earth. If you believe in MY Word you must know you will be taken care of. Every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of GOD, not bread alone, is what you live by. I say, The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. I have abundance wheresoever I AM and I do not have to condescend to any mortal man. The CHRIST in you and the CHRIST in ME will make you what you ought to be. If you have ever read the Bible, if a man will live exactly according to the thoughts of Christ in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, he will be abundantly healed and saved and freed from every bound, barrier, lack, want and limitation; he shall be abundantly blessed, healed and saved.

Take No Thought For Yourself

'Now I said, if he live, and if anyone wishes to question how are you going to live, let them find it. It is a crooked and perverse generation and they would not believe anyway. The question has been answered by the first rehearsed motto, and the Word plainly tells you, `Take no thought for yourself, what ye shall eat,' from one day to the next. I gave you Mother as an example and she does not know the next dish that will come to this table, much less take that thought for the next day, and I AM showing it unto you. Every breath that I breath, every word that I say, every act is showing it unto you. Then I say,

`Take no thought what ye shall eat.'

When I was traveling as an Individual, as an Evangelist from place to place, not taking any money and when I would get to some towns and we would be holding a meeting or a series of lectures, the different ones would say, `YOU can stay right here, YOU and YOUR Followers, as long as YOU want, and if YOU will send someone over to the house we will send YOU something to eat.' And I would say to those who went over, get only enough for this meal. Don't let them give you anything for the next one. So I brought out that idea of not taking thought for the next meal, not for the next day only, but for the next meal.

'Now where there is the man, wealthy or un-wealthy, whose supply is replenished continually without the knowledge or cooperation of his companion? The cares and the responsibilities of the house are upon the woman as a rule, who, even if the money is furnished by the man, must think and plan. The menus are prepared here by ME in Person. I AM the Steward. I AM the head Cook. I AM the head Waiter. I AM filling all places and positions through everyone. And then the moral mind wants to enquire. Possibly some would rather be like Adam than to stay here, and go out from the garden and earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. And that is the state of mind of people today. They are relieved of cares and have to take no thought. They say they know GOD and then they desire not to be submissive to the high calling of GOD with a confidential faith and trust in HIM. I have declared. The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply and will satisfy every good desire, and everyone who is conscious of HIM in the fullness of HIS Attributes, they have no need to fret or worry about supply by any means.

'I have said I'M not telling you that you will burn in h--l a year for every grit of sand on earth, but I'M telling you that GOD can make a dollar for every grit of sand on earth. So you can rejoice at the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, and again I say, get all you want but don't forget the best. You can get all you want because I AM here manifesting it, telling and showing it unto the world at large. No one need lace in GOD'S abundance for GOD fills all space here and is absent from none. GOD can fill every mouth and clothe every body. It is Wonderful! Is not the life more than meat and the body than raiment? GOD formed your body without any action on your part and GOD breathed in man the breath of life and man became a living soul. Is that Life that you have contacted now in a Body Spirit? For years you have prayed,

`Give us this day our daily bread.'
Do you not believe it is possible?

** *** **


Although Paul said,

`I die daily'

and had been so dying for seventeen years, at the end of that time he said,

`O, who shall deliver me from the body of this death?

He wanted to know who would deliver him from the body of death that was on his shoulders like a dead man. But he said later,

'There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.'

If you live the real CHRIST Life there can be no condemnation, for who can condemn GOD'S elect? If you live the CHRIST Life, no man can rightfully lay any condemnation against you. Even your own so-called relatives cannot lay a righteous charge against you if you live not after the flesh.

Difficult For the Male Sex to Recognize a Superior

'GOD requires a wide open, consecrated heart and mind and soul and body. Those who call themselves men do not bring themselves into subjection to the CHRIST as readily, apparently, as those who call themselves women. Women have developed an obedient and submissive spirit and have obeyed their husbands. If they wanted to come down here for instance, they asked their husbands if they could come. But those who call themselves men, when they want to go anywhere, they just say `I'm going.' It is comparatively easy for a woman to exchange submission to her husband for submission to ME, but it is comparatively easy for a woman to exchange submission to her husband for submission to ME, but it is hard for a so-called man to recognize in another, someone superior to his own estimate of himself. Men have responded very readily to the Truth teachings of the nature of anti-Christ, namely, those that teach the spiritualized, but not the materialized CHRIST, for in those teachings each man can say, `CHRIST is in me,' and recognize no higher authority in anyone else. But in this Truth of the materialized CHRIST it is not so easy for them to submit their mind and soul and body to what appears to be another man. A soldier that goes into the army, however, surrenders all independent action. He cannot go back and forth to his home, he cannot have his relatives, he cannot have his work, he surrenders all of his activities to serve according to orders.

Thoughts for Consideration

'By even so much as having a sympathetic thought toward mortality it lowers your vibration. You make your spiritual import by consecration, concentration and self-denial. First there is complete relaxation, then concentration on the unchanging Mind of GOD.

Imaginations Into Materializations

'The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant from the fullness thereof, but without a recognition of the Presence of GOD it would not be visible to you, or unless someone recognized it for you. Aren't you glad that out of the invisible, out of the imagination came forth the skyscraper--out of the imagination came forth the submarine--the sub- trains? These came out of humanity's imagination and they have been brought into conscious realization and now they are something., but without the imagination they would not have been. Without the realization or materialization of the things, your imagination profits you nothing and re- verifies the Word of the Scripture as recorded,

'In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth...and the earth was void.'

Your imagination profits you nothing without the materialization of your imagination. The earth being void, it could not have been visible as long as it was void and without form, and when your imaginations have not been put into actuality, have not been materialized, it has profited you nothing just to imagine something. But by your consciousness of the Presence of GOD, you can bring into appearance or outward expression your imaginations and make them real -- not of yourself as a person -- but by your consciousness of GOD'S Presence. Any imagination can be brought into conscious realization by being materialized if it is harnessed with the right concept and recognition of GOD your FATHER.

Through Opposition GOD'S Word is Spread

'All things work together for good, therefore the bee can go into the poison flower and get only good. Not that your child should go and put that flower in its mouth. Of course, Divinely speaking, you can rise above anything being harmful, but humanly speaking you would not tell your child to put the flower in its mouth. But it is good in its place and you can get good out of it with the right concept and recognition of GOD. So, we can really see that the greater manifestation of GOD and the extending of GOD's Word and Truth come through opposition. And so therefore, you know that it is and it must be, that those who seem to be in mortal consciousness, enemies -- in MY Consciousness I know there is no enemy. It is Wonderful! All things work together for good. One party in this street, for example, as soon as she would hear the singing would make a house-to-house canvas, getting up petitions among the neighbors, etc. and she just spread the Truth. That was GOD using her to spread MY Name over the whole earth. GOD raised up Pharaoh to spread MY Name through the whole earth. HE hardened Pharaoh's heart. No doubt, he did not want to be so hard, poor man, but GOD hardened his heart. It is Wonderful!

Opening the Seals of the Book

'Man has searched the earth and skies and found even underground cities that have been there for centuries and centuries, so since he can find anything on the earth, tell him to search the Heaven, and that is the only place where they cannot search. But if they could search the Heaven, maybe they could find it. The earth was searched and they could not find one who was worthy to loose the seals of the Book, but it was written that from some place and somehow would come One that could lay hands on the Book and loosen the seals. It is Wonderful! That is the mystery that has been hid from ages back, but One was found who was worthy. CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME will make you what you ought to be. They could not find one to loose the seals, but after awhile HE came forth of HIS own accord from somewhere. It is Wonderful!

'By the CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME making you what you ought to be, I mean, the CHRIST in you in the Sonship degree combined with the CHRIST in ME in the FATHERSHIP DEGREE.

'Many times you receive a registered letter in the mail, I receive them many times, and they have three seals on them and no one is supposed to open the except the one whose letter it is. The Book was sealed with seven seals, meaning that it was well sealed and no one could open the seals but HE that had the right. When you get a registered letter no one is to open it but the one it belongs to and you have to sign for it. I will leave the rest to your own consideration.

'If there were any condemnation in mortal consciousness about ME, it could not reach ME when I AM free from condemnation.

FATHER and Prophet of Doom Compared

'It is such a blessing to have something that is practical. This Truth is not imagination or imaginary. This is the conscious realization of the conscious materialization of GOD. GOD must be materialized or brought into actuality before you can realize it in its entirety. It must be brought into actuality and by being brought into actual materialization you can enjoy the blessing and can also manifest it unto others. But as I said a little while ago, here, several years ago, there was a man by the name of Robert Wright who lived in Patchogue. He was known as the Prophet of Doom. He predicted the coming of CHRIST on a cloud, something that any sane person living in this modern age would know was not really practical, and yet he drew crowds and crowds and through that prediction many committed suicide and such as that, and yet there was nothing like an indictment or charge of public nuisance laid against him. Instead, Governor Smith* (Alfred E. Smith, the 'Happy Warrior,' Governor of New York State 1918 to 1928) offered to send troops to protect him if necessary. That was something that was not practical, was it -- saying that Christ was coming down on a cloud when the Word says: `Ye know not the hour.' And yet, practical or not, it drew large crowds. There were no parking restrictions imposed and yet there were large crowds.'

'I went up to him and composed a song, Why Stand ye Gazing into the Skies, CHRIST is Here, and I said, I don't like to make anyone doubt, but I will give you and your wife and children a home if He does not come. He had given up his home and his car and all those things, but he said, `Oh, He'll come, He'll come.' The night He was supposed to come they sent up balloons and had lights and noise-making devices and all stood around looking up saying, `I think that's Him there.' Then when He didn't come at twelve o'clock, the hour predicted, they said He would not come until three or four on account of the difference between California time and ours. When He did not come that night they said it was because He had stopped at Jupiter on the way down in order to prepare a supper for the saints who were to go back with Him.

Father Is Blessed by Criticism and Persecution

'So I AM glad this Truth is practical and something that fadeth not away. I AM glad that it is rejected, that it is criticized, because through the rejection of many, it shall be carried from land to land and from shore to shore; and by this, thousands of people in Asia, Africa and Europe have heard of this little insignificant ONE. Thousands have been healed and saved, and yet I have not done one thing but it has been done by their faith and the criticisms against ME, etc. Everything is a blessing. I AM so glad that I could be criticized and the one that seemingly criticizes really is the nearest and dearest friend of the Truth, whether they know it or not. It is Wonderful! So I do rejoice that we have received a blessing by criticisms, persecutions, etc. Pharaoh was seemingly the opponent of Moses but he spread the Word of God throughout the whole earth. That is why it is essential to be loving to all people whether they appear to be friends or foe. I do not say as David said,

`He prepared a table before me in the presence of mine enemies,'

I know that HE has prepared a table before ME in the presence of MY friends. It is a table that is supplied by the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of `GOD, of which no space is vacant of the fullness thereof, and it is prepared by the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD that is the source of all supply and will satisfy every desire,, and will satisfy all that come unto ME.

They Must Come To Me; I Have the Spirits of Them All

'If you cast out of your system all prejudice, all envy, all malice, all jealousy, all races. all creeds, all colors, all divisions, all hatred, by casting them out of your consciousness, you can be abundantly blessed and saved, and the CHRIST will rise in you automatically, but you cast them out of your system by casting them out of your consciousness. CHRIST comes in your consciousness, and that is the way you get HIM in your system and HE gets in your joints and your sinews, unifies your blood and your body, and purify and clarify you. Wait patiently until HE comes. Now claim your rights and press your claims, for you have the right to the Tree of Life and every desirable and holy blessing. You have a right to the inheritance of Christ for you are an heir and a joint heir equally with Him. As I so often say, the people cannot help coming to ME and if they have ever thought about ME, if they have stressfully thought about ME, they must come to ME even though I tell them they do not have to come to ME from a Personal standpoint of view.

'As I told someone over the long distance telephone this morning, (they wanted to know if their husband would return) I conveyed the thought of the significance of love. Those who come to ME, those that are attached to ME in any way, I have a place of rest in MY Consciousness for the spirit of the children of men and they find so much rest in ME, they find none, anywhere else. They find success in ME, prosperity, love, peach, joy beyond degree and therefore they, finding all of these things in Me, if they stay away from ME they will stay away from the Spirit. You that think you are men and women, you that think you have relatives and friends that you desire to remain dear to you, you can retain them, you can hold them by holding the spirit of their mind, by giving their spirit a resting place of perfect satisfaction. When your spirit finds such a peaceful and quiet resting place your spirit will be in that place whether you are there or not. When you say, I believe I will go to such and such a place, your spirit let you there. I have the spirits of them all. The Word says:

'In perfect peace I will keep thee whose mind is stayed on me.'

It is Wonderful! And then if you will not be false to your highest intuition, you will be guided directly back to the place where your spirit has found rest.

Explanation of 'The Home of the Soul'

'Truly, this is the Home of the Soul and the children of men come here and find rest and you can rest and be joyful and happy in this rest because it is a place of perfect peace, perfect rest and perfect love. Then it is Heaven. You may live in the would and you may be unhappy as long as your soul is in Heaven. You will not be satisfied for your soul will be right here. And that is why they cannot stay away from here, because this is the Home of the Soul and when the spirit comes Home why I redeem it from all sin and all d--nation and therefore I save your soul in Heaven. And your body is not satisfied until it gets back to Heaven.

'Do you not see the great significance of making your body to be the Kingdom of GOD? Do you not see the significance of Jesus' statement, 'You shall have power, when the Holy Ghost has come unto you'? Your soul came to Heaven long before you did. This is the Home of the Soul. It is Wonderful! And in the Kingdom of GOD are the souls of many and they are not happy unless they are in Heaven. If i just cast your soul out of Heaven for a moment, you know how you feel, and you know how happy you are when you are here. That is shy success and prosperity have left the world at large, because success and prosperity have come here to ME. The souls of men have come to GOD and they who are not willing to have their bodies redeemed, too, are in chaos, are in depression, in lack and want and limitation out there. I AM prosperous because I have the souls of those who were prosperous. He that had ten talents and did not use them has been given unto ME. If you will not be on the positive side but the negative, you will not have your spirit. Then you will not have success and prosperity any more, because you will not have your spirit. Then you will verify the statement, individually and collectively, in Revelation 14:

`And I looked, and lo, the Lamb stood... and those that followed the Lamb,'

and if you will not follow your spirit in the choosing of a life of positiveness and harmony, then you will not be of the number following the LAMB. If you will not live in this way you will find yourself weighed in the balances and found wanting.

Story From Trip South

'Some years ago I went South and took all of the household with ME. We stopped in New York for a time and held services. While there, a woman came and contacted ME and testified and sang praises and was rejoicing because she had found ME, but when it came to following ME -- surrendering all and attaching herself to MY party -- she was unwilling to do it. So we went on to the South without her, but her spirit had found its rest with ME and when we arrived in the South, we found it had gone on ahead and found itself another body, for when we arrived, thus body came and attached herself to the party and would not leave and the voice and the actions and the movements were identically the same as they had been in the other body in New York.

'She stayed with us all through the trip and when we returned to New York she got up and testified and sang praises in the meeting, and the first woman was there and heard her voice coming from this other body and she came to ME and said, `Oh, FATHER, YOU've got me, I can't get away.' And she cried and carried on, but it was too late then. Now that person lived afterwards for three or four years but spiritless. That is why it is essential to be led by the Spirit of GOD,

`For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God,'

and when your soul goes to Heaven you go to Heaven too.

'That is why so many people lack prosperity today, because their souls went home to GOD and they would not go. If you keep soul and body together you will always be prosperous. I will not be separated from MY Mind, MY Soul and MY Body. I keep them all together in Heaven and hence, I have the key to all underground treasures.'







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