"Run with Patience the Race That Is Set Before You,
and Wait Patiently for Christ to Rise in You.

"Follow Your Unction and You Will Be Heaven Bound."

The Word of GOD Revealed
"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb
Installment 5


FATHER DIVINE Speaks As Follows:

Mortal Habits

'All mortal habits, systems, ways, ideas, etc. are weights. When you have thrown off every `weight', and the sin that so easily besets you, run with patience the race that is set before you,' and wait patiently for CHRIST to rise in you. Cast all mortal tendencies, personal ideas and fancies out of your consciousness and consequently out of your system and you will feel light. You feel like a new creature. It is such a wonderful blessing to know that when you deny yourself rightfully and righteously, when you have made a complete surrender, consecration, concentration and a wide-open sacrifice of every human tendency, fancy or pleasure, then and there CHRIST is there as well as HE was, or as well as HE is, in the body called Jesus, waiting to rise. And as soon as that is done HE will rise instantaneously. HE will rise and will rise in you with healing in HIS wings, for it is written, that `the Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings' So it is wonderful?

Burn All Your Bridges Behind You Quickly

'It is a great consolation to know the true and the living GOD. It is a wonderful blessing to have arrived at the full relaxation, consecration, self-denial and complete surrender.

`Here am I LORD, send me.'

We read in the Word that one said,

'Master, I will follow thee,'

but average minister of this day or even of that day, even the rabbis, no doubt, would have said, 'I will go and preach at his funeral. I am very sorry and you have my sympathy. The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh, so blessed be the name of the LORD. HE has called him from labor to reward.' But we do not find that Jesus had much of that kind of comment to make. He said,

'Let the dead bury their dead.'

It is a wonderful blessing to be willing, as Peter was, although being urged within by a quick-willed power, as it may be termed, to make a complete surrender instantaneously. Unthoughtful, he will surrender all and say, 'I have left all to follow Thee, now what shall I have in return?' It is a great reward by the sacrifice that you make. You do not lose anything by denying yourself, but you gain an hundredfold more on the material plane, and in the spiritual realm of life it is life everlasting. but Peter was willing and he was very quick to decide, without consideration, without studying it out, without trying to make any provision for a return back to the world, with any consolation again. He jumped up real quick and stepped out and followed Jesus. So that was a wonderful blessing and that has been the call, or something like that, to many, to leave all and to follow CHRIST.

'Peter was above the Pharisees, because he was following John, and still, when CHRIST came with the message, he left all that he had personally, in his opinion, to follow the Christ that brought the true salvation. So it is wonderful, and that is why Peter did receive the keys of the Kingdom, for if he had not received the keys to the Kingdom he would not have had much hope in the world, for he left it in such a way they would not want him to come back. They would have claimed he did not do right by leaving. But if such preparation had been made, if he had satisfied every mortal desire and every human opinion, he would have had a chance to go back and there would have been a place kept for him, no doubt. It is a wonderful blessing sometimes, not to have any bridges behind you but to have burned them all. That is why Christ thought of Lot's wife. And one said, 'I will follow thee, but let me first go and bid goodbye to them that are at my house. I would like them to have a right feeling about me and about YOU and about YOUR Work. I don't want my folks to feel that YOU are not the right kind of Teacher and that YOU are treating anybody unfairly. I love YOU so I don't feel YOU should be slandered like that, with what they will say if I leave them and do not say good-bye.'

Follow Your Unction and You Will be Heaven-bound

FATHER DIVINE in the Yard at Sayville






'You see these things are quoted in the Gospel. If you live Evangelically, and again I say, if you live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of Christ as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, that is Evangelical. It is wonderful because these points of view are left there to let you see and to let you know that your highest intuitions are the words out of the mouth of CHRIST. When you are fully consecrated and when you will relax your opinions, etc., that unction will lead you just as it is in CHRIST and you will have that leading. Every one of you have had it whether you obeyed it or not. There was something in you that led you to do exactly as the Master said. There was something in you that prompted you just to leave all to follow Jesus, without reserve. And still with your big personality, with your large vocabulary, it may have somewhat veiled your vision of the CHRIST and caused you to lower your vibrations and somewhat deteriorated them. But it is wonderful when you get that unction from the Holy One and when you can move out. And when you turn to the Scriptures you can see there, that I AM living, moving and having MY Being, and then you know that if there is a Kingdom of GOD, wheresoever it is, you know that you are Heaven-bound. You know that there is no way to miss it and that it will give you whatsoever you desire. As one of the speakers said today, GOD will supply everything you need. Why? Because it is written

'If you abide in me, and let my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done.'

It is a great consolation to know that when you do abide in that highest intuition, that will lead you exactly according to the Gospel and you will find that that highest intuition is CHRIST, living and reproducing in you the Life and its attributes that were in Jesus nineteen hundred years ago. You will find then, that that is the CHRIST in you, not only reproducing the Life and Teachings, but duplicating the identical CHRIST as was in the name called Jesus and there will not be another duplication for you. You will carry the Duplicate with you wheresoever you go and it will be the identical CHRIST stamped in your personality.'

'Know ye that ye are the temples of GOD?'

GOD has said,

`I will walk in them and talk in them . . . if you love me keep my commandments.'

'Turn Yourselves, and Live Ye'

'Ezekiel, 18th chapter says,

`But if a man be just, and do that which is lawful and right, And hath not eaten upon the mountains ...neither hath defiled his neighbor's wife...And hath not oppressed any...hath spoiled none by violence...He that hath not given forth upon usury, neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity and hath executed true judgment between man and man, he is just, and he shall surely live, said the LORD.''

'That will point you back to the point of view where many people have branched off for the greedy gains of filthy lucre. They have debauched themselves with the pollution of the world, with the insanity, as I may term it to be, of Babylon that was fallen. They have drunken themselves with the wine of the wrath of Babylon, and you know what the wind of Babylon is. Therefore, they have fallen short of walking in the statutes of CHRIST and keeping His sayings. In conclusion with this self-same chapter of Ezekiel He said,

`I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth ...therefore, turn yourselves, and live ye.'

It is not your FATHER'S Will that one of these little ones might perish, but that sinners might turn to HIM and live. So then I say, walking in HIS Commandments, walking in HIS Statues and keeping HIS sayings, then you can ask what you will and it shall be done.

`If you abide in me, and let my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.'
Oh, that mankind could see the significance of this.

Thoughts for Consideration

'When I say live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of JESUS CHRIST, according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, I mean live exactly accordingly. Years ago, when I was traveling around, I would not take two coats and I was in New York in a cold climate and people would say, `But YOU must have an overcoat in this weather,' but I would not have one. Science and psychology teach that everything is action and reaction. I did that then, and I have the reaction now, and I have the key to all hidden treasures and the key to all your hearts...

'Jesus did not say when He came back after the Crucifixion, `I want to pay My funeral expenses; no doubt Joseph was put to a good deal of expense, etc.' The law provides that a man's estate shall be used to pay any debts and no man ever heard of a dead man coming back to pay up his debts. I say, live exactly according to the Life and Teachings, etc.' This was brought out when someone asked permission to go back into the business world for a short time to earn money to pay up some debts they had left behind. 'If you have an individual claim to anything, someone else has the right of an individual claim to it too.

'Sacrifice Every Conceivable Thing'

'A complete sacrifice of every visible expression of life as your own, is necessary, if you are to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your life. You must sacrifice every conceivable individual thing. One of the speakers spoke about the mental sacrifice and relinquishment being essential, and without the mental sacrifice the material sacrifice did not profit in any way. It does not, unless the time comes when the mental sacrifice is made. But it is good to believe these things and do as they say do. When you obey the Word to the letter, the Spirit of the Word will come, but if you refuse to obey to the letter, the Spirit of the Word will not be confirmed in you because you will not be subject. You may say there is no need. The mortal mind may say, what need is there to give up this thing when I have my mind on it? But it is essential to give it up. Even though I have not given it up in my mind altogether, I must be willing to sacrifice the material comfort of it and by so doing, the willingness will give us the mind, and the sacrifice mentally and spiritually will be made if we willingly make the sacrifice.

' So it is essential to make the material sacrifice; it is essential to make the material or personal self-denial, whether you feel like it or not. Whether you feel like being kind, even though you feel envious, destroy that by refusing to do what it says, and refusing to allow it to exist, by doing exactly what it says not to do and by not doing what it says do. It is Wonderful! Everyone that makes a complete surrender, a sacrifice of material things first,

`...God is faithful, and will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with a (great sacrifice or) temptation make a way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.'

GOD will help you and give you the spirit and inspiration with power to rise above the thought of the loss of that which you have sacrificed. Therefore, the temptation of going back after that, will not have dominion over you, if you are faithful and true. The sacrifice from a material standpoint of view is essential, the same as in every way of healing.

'Step Out'

'If you are justified by faith you have peace with GOD, and if by faith, then not by sight, and you do not have to be knocked unconscious to give up something, for the CHRIST in you is the master of conditions and circumstances and things that concern you. When you give up your glasses, you do not wait until you actually see perfectly; you give them up and your sight comes. It is Wonderful!

'A little child, when it gets ready to walk, you do not tell it to sit down until it can walk so he will walk perfectly and not stumble. You encourage the child to step out and help him so that he can walk, and because he exercises, he will walk perfectly after a while. But if the child is trying to walk, you would not tell him, now you sit down here until you get five or six years old so you can walk straight and not stumble, but you encourage that child to do that which is in his power to do and that will give him strength to do that which you do not think he can do. He can walk now, but he cannot walk so well until he thinks he can walk and until GOD in him thinks he can. So that is the way it is with glasses and self-denial.

By Denying Self, 'CHRIST Will Rise in You'

'Again I say, to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives, you must make a complete sacrifice and self-denial. As an example, we have some that unknowingly made a complete self-denial, consecration and sacrifice, that were caught up instantaneously in the rapture. When you completely detach yourselves from every mortal version and from everything else, from every material thing, when you do that in reality, convincing yourself that it is right, then CHRIST will rise in you; but if you hate to do it, fighting, feeling within it was hard, trying to Condemn CHRIST for saying it, how can you expect to get the result trying to justify yourself for not doing? But when you believe sincerely that it is right, you will be abundantly blessed. Self- denial is essential. I was speaking to a party this afternoon and I turned MY thought back to an experience of some years ago. I was preaching in a church at the invitation of the pastor and MY Message got a little too hot for him. It was more than he wanted his people to have, so he stopped ME and wanted to know whether I was ordained and who sent ME out to preach, and if I had any diplomas, saying, 'If YOU weren't sent out, YOU can't preach.' Then he wanted to know where I was born and I said, GOD forbid that I should testify of any record of the flesh concerning MYSELF. I'm not preaching the flesh, I'm preaching CHRIST.

You Can Convey Yourself From Place to Place

'People used to say to ME that as the world is on such a commercial basis, it would be a matter of impossibility for ME to preach the Gospel without money and without price, but I fooled them. So far I have never taken up a collection, neither have I been connected with anyone that did. They said, 'YOU cannot get into the churches or places to preach to people unless YOU are ordained or sent out by some organization and carry YOUR diplomas with YOU.' I said, I transcend all limitations and laws, even gravitation. If I cannot exist on the gravitational earth, I will exist in the non-gravitational atmosphere. And it is in your power to transcend gravitation by making a sacrifice of every tendency of the mortal mind, beliefs, ideas and opinions, and by detaching yourself from all of mortality's convictions, comforts, opinions and views. In this way you will eventually transcend gravitation, and gravitation will have no control over your physical body because your consciousness will be filled with the CHRIST Consciousness as it was in Jesus, and He ascended. You can go now, on the wings of power. You can convey yourself from place to place now as GOD wills, not for the satisfaction of mortal mind, for that is the mind that said,

`If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down, so that man will know you are God.'

But if CHRIST in you desires to transcend gravitation and be there in Europe and to be there in the morning and shaking hands with people, you can do it. But you will never be able to do it as long as you are bound and limited yourselves, to the mortal version of things, Dear Ones. You must not believe in the mortal version of things, that you were born at some time, that you are of such and such a nationality, state, town or country. You are limiting yourself to mortality if you do. You will never be able to transcend gravitation and you will never be able to transcend the laws of commerce and the laws of supply if you do.

GOD, the Master of Commerce

'The first step that is essential in America is, not to demonstrate as the Masters in India do, not to do as the magicians do in a mystic way, but in America--one of the greatest commercial nations in the world--it is essential for GOD to function as Moses did with the Egyptians, after the order of their ways. It is essential to use the means of exchange that they use. Moses used the magicians' expression as the magicians of Egypt used it at that time. After Pharaoh had thrown down his cane, Moses threw down his, and it became a serpent and devoured Pharaoh's. GOD always works masterfully after the people in their own profession, for HE binds the strong man and spoils his goods. In India there are many magicians expressing unrighteous thought. Then those that are of the righteous thought, GOD in them, from the magical point of view, will transcend the magicians from their own point of view. There are not many magicians in America, but there are many businessmen, functioning from a normal standpoint of view; GOD must get in many of them and prove HIMSELF the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of their destinies.

The Significance of Being True

'I AM in Body just what I AM in Spirit. I keep MY Body, Mind and Soul together. If I say I AM going somewhere, I go there in Person and make MY word good. If you are faithful over a few things, you will be made ruler over many things. If you are faithful and true in those things in which you can be faithful and true, then when it comes to the bigger things your word will be good. Be the same in spirit, in body and mind. If you say to a person you will be all right or, you are well, you can't do anything physically to make that come true, but you can be truthful in the little things that you can be true in, and then GOD will make your word true in the things that are beyond your physical power to accomplish.

Thoughts for Consideration

'If you are not free from opinions, concepts and views, you are not free. If you are not free from habits, customs, systems and ways, you are not free. You must be free from every one of these things for the CHRIST to rise in you.'

In talking about the point of view of most students of Truth about JESUS the CHRIST, FATHER said that almost without exception, they were separating JESUS and CHRIST, JESUS going down or fading out of the picture and the CHRIST ascending to GOD, but that in reality JESUS and CHRIST were one and never could be separated. The actual Body of JESUS was the CHRIST, as well as the Spirit was CHRIST, and both ascended unto GOD. HE said, 'All the Truth systems must be saved by ME or they will die. You must come through the door of JESUS or your body will not be saved. Your soul is saved already. You cannot climb up any other way. I have come to keep soul and body together. I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly. 'I have paid the price, perhaps not in this identical appearance, but in this Body, and I have the key to the hearts of all mankind.

Go Your Limit; Then GOD Will Take You Over

'Why is it some people cannot heal? Because when they speak the Word of deliverance it cannot be made true because they have not been true in the little things in which they could be true. If I say I AM going to do a thing, I do it in Person. In all things on the personal plane, do all that is in your power to do and GOD will not leave you. Moses was true to his calling on the material plane. From the personal standpoint of view he obeyed what GOD commanded, and then when he got to the Red Sea and was called upon to do that which he could not personally do, his word was good and GOD did it for him. Whatever I cannot do Personally, MY Omnipotent Spirit will do it for ME. Do faithfully whatever your hands find to do and then when you have done all and can do no more; then I will give you a blessing of admittance around the Throne. It is Wonderful! If you take ME to be another, what I cannot do, GOD can do it for the other. Why, I can do all things. What I command must be done. And as with ME, so with you, for as it is written,

`As he is, so are we in this present world.'

It is Wonderful! Claim your rights and press your claim, for as I say, you do not have to doubt or fear, between you and GOD you can do anything. All you have to do is go your limit, and as soon as you have gone your limit, then GOD will take over.

Thoughts for Consideration

'If virtue and absolute purity are not the say, why was Jesus born as He was and why did you not pick out Isaac as your savior?'

'The glory of the flesh, its fancies and pleasures fades away at the Presence of GOD. The grass withereth and the flower fadeth at the Word of GOD; I mean the words out of MY mouth. Those who do not glory in ME shall lose their energy. No flesh shall glory in MY sight. You are bought with a price and you are not your own. So it is Wonderful.

'Jesus said,

`If a man keep my sayings, he shall never see death.'

You either believe that is true or He is a liar. Some say it is true only from a spiritual or imaginary point of view, but I say it is true from an actual physical point of view. I take it as a plain statement from one man to another and that means exactly what it says. When I go to an agency and want a man to work for ME and I say, I want a man, I mean I want a man. I want his body and all--not just his spirit--and when I speak of a man, I mean his body, soul and mind. Jesus also said,

`Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness, and are dead'...

but this life is eternal, to know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent.''

Need of Open Confession Rather Than Merely Within

We had open confession in the Kingdom today and the various Angels who had not done so already, got up and confessed openly what they had done in their past lives. These things ranged from lying, smoking, drinking, playing cards to theft and adultery. FATHER gave a talk in response to an objection raised by a visitor who thought it was unnecessary to confess these things openly so long as they were confessed within and forsaken. FATHER said it was all very well to confess them inwardly and forsake them, but in that way they were forgiven only on the spiritual plane and the body was not redeemed. In order for the body to be redeemed from sin, the sins had to be confessed in the body and the not in the spirit. HE quoted,

'He that covereth his sins shall not prosper, but he that confesseth and forsaketh them, shall have mercy.'

HE said, once they were confessed and forsaken, they never need be thought of again, and each one to HIM, after the confession, was like the Virgin Mary; but the mortal mind that wanted to justify itself in what it had done and was unwilling to be exposed and cleaned out, should never have mercy.

Thoughts for Consideration

FATHER mentioned the fact today in connection with a talk on another subject, that HE had traveled through various countries of the world.

'All of the kingdoms of this world belong to GOD, and s-t-n does not have to offer ME a kingdom. The kingdom of the United States belongs to GOD and I AM proving it because I get all I want of it.'

Temptation Arises to Test You to the Degree That You Have Attained

In answering a question about whether evil thoughts and temptations were a sin, FATHER said they were not, that the only sin was in yielding to them. HE said Jesus was a man with red blood in His veins and He was tempted in everything like as we are, but that HE was without sin. The d-v-l could tempt Him only to the third degree before the CHRIST rose up in Him and delivered him. Temptation always arises to the degree that you have attained to test you. Jesus was baptized and the Holy Ghost descended upon Him in the form of a dove. Then immediately He was led up to the wilderness to be tempted of the d-v-l. You, who are here, concentrate your attention on the CHRIST within and when you get the Consciousness of it, you are quickened and receive the Holy Ghost as a confirmation or evidence that you are right. Then you are tempted and tried and tested and it is your privilege to live up to it.

FATHER Has Fulfilled the LORD'S Prayer

In speaking of the Lord's Prayer, that we have prayed so many years, FATHER said it was strange that anyone should doubt the authenticity of HIS Work or marvel at HIS accomplishment when they had been praying so long,

'Our Father,'

and HE was proving that this is HIS Kingdom right here in a concrete way.

'Thy will be done on earth,'

and it is being done.

'Give this us this day our daily bread.'
And that is being done: it is being given out of the invisible.
'And lead us not into temptation...'

Is there any place where you are led away from temptation as you are here?

'And thine is the kingdom,'

etc. That is being proved too, for all the world is HIS Kingdom.

At A Certain Vibration You Can See the Glories of the Eternal Mind

One of the Angels recently had an experience where she was let through various strange lands and into out-of-the-way places of the earth, and she told about it at the table. FATHER said that when you reach a certain vibration, when your vibration reaches a certain pitch, you can go to places and see things that existed a million years ago. You can see glories that no human eye has ever seen; you can see worlds that no longer exist, and you can go back through the history of this world and know the mysteries of every hidden thing. But these are not the glories of the Lord, who said,

`I am the beginning and the end; I am Alpha and Omega,'

they are the glories of the Eternal Mind, and it is only when you reach that vibration that you can know them.

Driving the Nails in your Coffin

'Speak and think of anything, even Jesus in the sky, but do not think on yourself. If you can forget about self you will be happy. The first of the great Commandments was to serve or to love your GOD with all your heart, and your soul, and your mind. Now some are used to loving themselves with their minds; but I AM telling you--every one of you, as a Friend--get your mind off of self and emphasize and advocate anyone else but yourself, for in, having your mind on self, you are driving the nails in your coffin. It is better to preach anyone else rather than yourself. It is better to be preaching about Gerald Chapman (Gerald Chapman was considered 'Public Enemy No. 1' in the 1920's. He was a robber and murderer who with Dutch Anderson, another accomplished criminal, pulled off many robberies. Chapman was popular and admired for his ability. He read and wrote poetry while in prison. He was hanged in 1926.) than to be preaching about yourself. The worst enemy you have is that of your own household. I AM just telling you. Try to get your mind off of self, every one of you. Get it off everything that is bigger than yourself (CHRIST) and you will soon be in confusion; but if you get your mind off everything else but CHRIST and will visualize the CHRIST, you will soon materialize the CHRIST. Praise is the key to all barred and shut doors. I don't want you to praise ME for MY Own Personal benefit, but for your own benefit. I have plenty of blessings; why should I want you to praise ME? But keep praising and you will be all right.' ** *** **

In speaking of drinking liquor, FATHER said at the table HE would rather a man would do almost anything else, because no one knew what liquor could do to a man. HE said it would change the temperature of his spirit and make him do things he had no desire to do.

Destination of Man's Ambition

'When you come to the state in consciousness that Philip desired, you will be satisfied. When you see what Philip desired to see, you will be happy. To everyone where that has been shown plainly they have been satisfied. You can notice it. They don't care whether they go anywhere or not. When you really see what Philip desired to see, then you are completely satisfied. And that is as I say, the Word still stands, life for everyone. When they see what Philip desired to see, they are satisfied. Every last one is satisfied. They don't care whether they ever go anywhere or not, because that is the destination of man's ambition. They are really satisfied. It is Wonderful!

`Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us,'

were Philip's words, and it will satisfy every desire. Everyone has been satisfied that has ever seen it. While they have been roaming as the word says, `I have anchored my soul in the heavenly abode.' When they really see it, then they are actually and personally satisfied.

'Philip really spoke for all. It is the satisfying portion of every individual, for everything that has life. If they rightfully and righteously see what Philip desired to see, they will be satisfied. All of it is pointing to that day when you will see, and when you really see that, Dear One, you will be satisfied, won't you? Now if it is not true, just say so. You are not looking for books or Bibles or anything else for consolation, for I have even materialized consolation.'

Need for Recognition of the Materialization of GOD

Today someone asked the question whether it was necessary to recognize FATHER'S Personal Body as GOD, if they accepted HIM spiritually in that way, leaving the Body out, claiming that they had asked what they recognized as the Spirit of GOD for many things and their requests had been answered. FATHER replied in part, 'Everyone that will only recognize the Spirit and not the materialized Spirit, I will answer their requests, but I will only answer them in the Spirit and they will get spiritual five-dollar bills and all kinds of dreams and imaginations. We have this blessing here because we are conscious of the materialization of GOD and that is why these material personalities are here, and plenty to eat and drink and plenty of material clothes to wear--and GOD has materialized HIMSELF. That is why we can have it.

'If anyone does not wish to be blessed in the body, just recognize the Spirit and the Spirit will be saved and the body will go hungry. It is Wonderful! But we are glad to know, that as it was said in the beginning, so it is now.

`In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was void, and without form.'

Because GOD said,

`Let dry land appear and it appeared.'


`In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,...and the Word was made Flesh, and dwelt among us.'

You cannot, and will not, behold HIS Glory until you realize that the Word has been made flesh. You cannot receive of HIS fullness

'For of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace'

until you behold HIS Glory. When you beheld HIS Glory, you beheld it and gazed upon it and you materialized what you gazed upon. Now you can enjoy it because you have received it. It is Wonderful! So glad!

There Is But One Master

'I have answered Jesus' prayer in John 17. That is what I came for, and I have accomplished what I came to do.

'When you shall have fully canceled all of yourself and all of your mortal preconceived versions, there will be nothing to be seen or heard but HE that liveth forever and ever. There is nothing but HIM that liveth forever and ever, within and without. I came to answer the prayer of Jesus in John 17, and again I say that CHRIST is within ME and CHRIST is within you, whether you be the child of GOD or the expression of GOD direct; the CHRIST is in you if you are GOD expressed or unexpressed.

`Know ye not that I am in my Father, and my Father is in me?'

and again I quote, CHRIST in you and CHRIST in Me will make the whole world what it ought to be, and from every limitation, every lack, every undesirable condition, set you free. So claim your rights and press your claims and you will be the direct expression of the same; there is no other.

'All can rejoice to know that One in One and One in all, and that is the great manifestation of the Lord, and you have heard the Master's call. It is wonderful! Now we are not masters in this infinite Kingdom that fills all space and is absent from none; there is but One Master and you have heard the Master's call--one Master in One and in all, but manifesting HIMSELF to the glory of the LORD in many forms. You read in some of the books, you hear them speak of the Masters. There is a book called' The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.' The writer puts it that way because he sees dual, but when we do know the Truth we see but One Master, though that Master be manifested in millions of forms, and there are not many masters; there is but One. That is why I delight to see the Master unfolding Himself in other bodies, because I know that every time I see the manifestation of the Master therein, He has brought Himself to the Mastership degree in a body, and I know it is not 'a' Master, but THE MASTER. It is Wonderful!

The Mastership Degree of Spiritual Understanding

'`It is eternal life to know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent.'

The Master is rising and the Master has risen. The Master is coming and the Master is going forth to fruition in the lives of men. I see them coming through every tribe, and when they come to the mastership degree of spiritual understanding, they will see and know that there is but One Master in One and in all, and it will cause them to rejoice with joy unspeakable, for

`...when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.'

Aren't you glad?

'The development of the Mastership degree of Omnipotency and the Controller of all destinies is here and now, and is expressed as it was at the day of the Ascension. `How great and marvelous are thy works O God, for great and holy is thy name.' So many blessings you cannot think about them all. There are not only millions of blessings, there are billions, and trillions, and quadrillions, and quintillions, and septillions, and sextillions, and octillions, and duodecillions, and decillions, and decillions of blessings; so on until you can say no more. Now launch out into the Ocean Divine where the full tides flow. We rejoice to see GOD rising on the horizon of HIS Own understanding, manifesting HIMSELF in millions of material expressions of HIS Own Glory.'

** *** **

'There was a man here once who used to say to the different Angels, `Don't follow any man. Be yourself. Don't follow what anyone says. Express yourself fully, etc.' Yet he was made up of everybody he could dig up from the grave. He was made up of all the books he had tried to study, and their opinions. GOD had never told him anything and even his own individual intellect had never told him anything.

'The Word of Truth is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the diving asunder of the joints and marrow.' When you are quickened you will see that the soul and the spirit are not one. The human mind says the spirit is the soul, but you, as a resurrected spirit, you as the Word that has been made flesh, you are quick and powerful: you are sharper than any two-edged sword. You can cut asunder between the joints and the marrow, and you can separate the soul and the spirit and be a discerner of the thoughts of the mind.'






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