"In All Their Afflictions He Was Afflicted but the Angel of His Presence Healed Them.
The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD was that Angel."

The Word of GOD Revealed
'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13
FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 7

How and When FATHER Will Appear

One of the Angels testified this evening while she was taking a walk just after dark, she noticed a man's shadow next to her own on the ground as she passed by an electric light. She looked over her shoulder but saw no man beside her, and looking at the shadow again she recognized it was FATHER'S. She said she was so glad that wherever she went FATHER went with her, and that this was positive proof of it. She recognized HIS build and the shape of HIS hat. FATHER arose and verified her statement as true, and said that was only a beginning and that she was at present

'seeing through a glass darkly'

in seeing only the shadow, but that the time would come when she would be able to touch HIS hand and see that

'spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.'

HE said her recognition of the Presence of the FATHER would call HIS Personal appearance to her side, and HE would talk with her at any time.

HE went on to enlarge upon this recognition of the Presence and to explain it. HE said Enoch walked and talked with GOD to such an extent that he was actually one with GOD and his body was one with GOD. GOD and his body were inseparable; the body had walked and talked with GOD for so long and when GOD wanted to withdraw HIS Presence from that particular manifestation where Enoch was, HE had to take Enoch with HIM, body and all. Elijah was the same way. He walked and talked with GOD so much that GOD was stamped right in his spirit, body, and mind and he was inseparable from GOD so that GOD had to take him, body and all. He had the testimony that he pleased GOD. When you please GOD it will be the same with you, HE said. This means, however, to please HIM in all your natural functions and not to see anything, not to know anything, not to think anything, not to feel anything, not to do anything, not to hear anything that does not please GOD. Then your body will become one with HIM. You are one with HIM, anyway, but it takes your individual volition and recognition to realize it. And not only your body must please GOD, but your mind and your spirit also must please HIM. They must be unified and brought into one. The mind with all its departments of will, etc., must serve only HIM, and your spirit also. They are really one with HIM now since HE is in your spirit as an individualized manifestation of HIS Spirit; HE is in your mind as an individualized manifestation of HIS Mind and HE is in every atom, fibre and cell of your body as the CHRIST, and CHRIST is GOD'S. So claim your rights and press your claim.


Realize Who You Are; Parable of Hog and Corn

Sayville Court House

Pictures of The Court House




At this point another Angel testified that at the recent trial she had used her old name which was dead, and as a result, such a long train of suggestions had followed she had succumbed and lost her peace of mind. FATHER replied that when HE was in the South and they tried to shoot HIS Name out of HIM, HE was like a hog carrying an ear of corn, HE ran with it and wouldn't let go. HE said all they wanted to accomplish was to make HIM give up HIS Name and say HE was not Who HE knew HIMSELF to be; then they would have been satisfied. But HE knew Who HE was and HE stuck to it and HE is just the same now. HE continued to enlarge upon this state of consciousness, this rest, where you realize who you are, and referred to Philip's declaration,

'Lord, show us the Father and it sufficeth us.'

The Lord's reply was,

'If ye continue in my word, ye shall see the Father;'

and oh, how wonderful is that state when you see the FATHER. You are not trying to go anywhere, you are not trying to do anything but rest in this great love, this great peace. It is such a wonderful peaceful rest. You can sit right down and rest. Isn't it wonderful, Dear Ones? It is truly Wonderful!'

** ** ** **

'You could not stop this Truth if you destroyed every body on the face of the earth, because this Truth would form other bodies and it would be all the better, because I would not have to change their minds, I would give them MY Mind in the beginning. With or without a Body I must go on.'

** ** ** **

'I AM Spirit! I AM Spirit! I AM Spirit! I AM Spirit--I AM not confined to this planet. I AM not confined to any of the planets in the solar system. I AM not limited to the solar system. I have no destination. The destination of the solar system is not MY limitation. I AM Spirit! I AM Spirit! And yet as Spirit I AM materialized. I have brought MY Body with ME.'

** ** ** **

'I have not advocated personality to you, I have advocated the Impersonal Life, and if I should choose to go into physical seclusion for twenty-five years, I would be just as operative in your life as I AM now. I will appear in MY Personal likeness to people in Europe and all over the world, who look to ME.'

Story of Devotion to the Christ

Here, FATHER told the story of a man who had been staying with HIM at the time of the war, who refused to fight or even to work in any capacity that would help men to kill each other, in that he considered wholesale murder contrary to the Gospel of CHRIST. FATHER told the story as an example of devotion to the CHRIST. Perhaps FATHER did not say the man stayed with HIM, but he was a Methodist at any rate and he weighed about 150 pounds at the time. Because he would not fight and would not work to aid the fighting, they strapped him up in a strait jacket with his arms above his head for days at a time, but he would not yield. They imprisoned him and finally put him up on the firing line to see if he would yield or be killed, but nothing could touch him, and he would not bear arms. They could do nothing whatever with him; they could not hurt him and they could not kill him. When they were through, they had to turn him loose, weighing only sixty-seven pounds, but he soon regained his weight and today is as good as ever.

At this juncture FATHER talked considerably about the Angel of HIS Presence, or the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD. HE referred to the passage,

'In all their afflictions he was afflicted, but the angel of his presence healed them'

and said the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD was that Angel and to those who had that Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, it would actually appear and save them from every conceivable trouble.

Sacrifice Is Necessary to Bring us Through

'I AM rejoicing with joy unspeakable, peace and quiet, and joy beyond degrees, to know that each one of you came through by the shedding of the blood--first, the righteous blood of Abel and all of the other righteous blood that was shed in life, or life that was shed in blood in righteousness from the time of Abel up until this present time. It was the life of GOD in that blood that was sacrificed, being counted as their pledge and HIS individual pledge of the blood of all of them that were sacrificed as required of this generation, and it stands atoned and as a sample and as an example and we must be willing to stand and withstand.

'I heard the last speaker say, 'YOU are the Good Shepherd.' An hireling would have run away long ago and been absolutely free, but a good shepherd gives his life for the sheep and sets the prisoners free. If there would be any prison terms, so to speak, the guarantee of MY Name stands to free you. But MY Spirit frees ME. GOD is a Spirit and is absolutely free, but HE has taken upon HIMSELF your infirmities and therefore, sets the prisoners free; and being a fellow prisoner, Paul says on several occasions, those that were fellow prisoners were set free. So he rejoiced and was exceeding glad.

'He that the son sets free is free indeed.'

'It is a glorious privilege to be accounted worthy to be a sacrifice. GOD never did tell the priests in olden days to offer up a spotted pigeon, goat or dove, but HE asked them to offer up a spotless one. It is an honor beyond degree to be found worthy, even reputed worthy, to bear the infirmities of many and be a living sacrifice for you that I have indulged in, in whatsoever it may have been that might have reflected the tendency of violation of anything. So, as I often say, it is a blessing and that is this, your presence here is but the outward expression of the condition of the mind within. It goes to show you the Mind that I have been and still AM functioning in. It goes to show you the unification of such a Mind and the purpose of unselfish love. So we rejoice at that.'

Pilgrim's Progress

(*Pilgrims's Progress, written by John Bunyan in 1678, a book that describes the journey of a man named Christian from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City.)

'As I continue to say, the Pilgrim's Progress, years ago, was one of the leading spiritual scientific books of the Christian world, and yet the average person could not understand it, for that is the real experience of each of you that has been called to this mark of your high calling. For Christian started out and put his fingers in his ears and he would not listen to any calls from wife, child or anyone else. Do you not see the road Christian traveled, not by the will of man, not by the will of the flesh, for if it had been, he would have turned back to his wife and child begging and calling him? It is such a wonderful blessing to know that so will it be with everyone that the CHRIST Consciousness rests in, we may say, to the water level or to that degree to be commissioned to reflect and manifest the Son of GOD.

'For everyone in the world, some day, if they have not, will be called upon to forfeit the part as Christian did, for he is the identical expression of the CHRIST Life as reflected in humanity. The CHRIST Life will inspire humanity to be as Bunyan saw Christian in his endeavors. The CHRIST Life will inspire them to do whatever they do that is not evil and that is the actual normal state of the Christian life expressed in mortality or in a personal body. It was the exact experience of everyone, and I AM glad that things have been as they are and as they have been, and I AM glad that things are being done as they are being done.'

'We do not have to go all the way back to ancient history. We can turn to the history of modern times. Sankey and Moody and all that started out to advocate the CHRIST Life, what did they go through? Where is that one that was a real follower of the CHRIST that did not suffer many things? Oh, pray tell me! And, as I so often say, in modern times, although many of you do not term it to be from a Christian or scientific standpoint of view, MacSweeney fasted seventy-two days, as some term it from a political point of view, and if he could to that for politics and from a political point of view, how much more we should be willing to do that for the whole of Christianity and for the whole of the Christian Kingdom in all the world? It is Wonderful!'

Why It Is Necessary for Things to be Hidden From Mortality

'It is a glorious privilege and it is a blessing and it is a blessing in the earth to be counted worthy to suffer for you that betray ME, and you that stone ME, and you that sop your hands in the dish with ME, and think that I don't know you. It is Wonderful! Nothing is hid from the Almighty. It is necessary for it to be hidden from mortality, for mortals in mortal consciousness are inspired with the spirit of indignation and violence, and without the change from mortals and from mortality to immortals and immortality, there would be some violence done. But it is such a wonderful blessing to know that the CHRIST Consciousness controls your destination and controls all things, for in mortal consciousness and in mortality mortals are inspired, I say, by the spirit of violence through racial violence and personal resistance and personal distinction, you see. So it is good that mortality does not know who it is that soppeth his hand in the dish with ME. As soon as the message of Truth, the Spirit of Truth struck Spain through mortal mind, the inspiration of the Spirit quickened. The spirit of mortality that reflects violence and radicalism then tried to do something by power and by might. But it is not by power, nor by might, not by spiritual violence, not by resentfulness, anger and revenge, but by MY Spirit, saith the LORD.'

''He rules the world with truth and grace and makes the nations prove, the glories of his righteousness and the wonders of his love.'

So then, it is by MY Spirit, says the LORD, 'not by power, nor by might, but by my spirit says the LORD'--the spirit of truth, the spirit of life, the spirit of long suffering, the spirit of pureness, the spirit of harmlessness. It is Wonderful! 'It is by my spirit, says the LORD.' And as I before said to you, I have accomplished what I came to do, and I declare I have accomplished it and everyone that resents it, and butts at it, and everyone that it falls upon, My Spirit and MY Mind and MY Will must go forth into all the world manifesting itself as manifest I here in this assembly. With or without an individual Body, it is immaterial. The spirit of life is just as operative as it was before it had any Body, and it can perform its duty without a Body; 'not by power, not by might, but by my spirit says the Lord,' and I can fully say that it is not by Body, nor by Personality, but it is by MY Impersonal Life, says the LORD.

'If the earth were swallowed up with every living body, that which I have said will stand forever, and even if the earth were to disappear with all of its visible manifestations, MY Word will stand. The very Words that I speak unto you, they are the Words of GOD, and

'heaven and earth shall pass away, but the word of our GOD will stand forever,'

will stand out in the trackless air, free from every limitation and free from being bound to any destination. It is Wonderful!'

'Choose You This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve'

'So it is well worth considering the real significance of the Truth and to see the many faces of you all reflecting the Presence of GOD as witnesses for ME in Jerusalem and in Samaria, and into the uttermost parts of the earth. We are rejoicing with joy unspeakable and full of great joy. Some time ago I suggested within MYSELF, and said it, that here, or wheresoever I be, let it be a vote, a legal vote, whether they want ME or not. If they don't want ME why should I be here? Why should I give them something they don't want? As I before said, I AM peace, I AM health and I AM well-being, and the whole world knows positively well that I AM success and prosperity, and anyone that bars ME, they have barred their success and prosperity, so it is immaterial to ME. What do you want this day, misery and woe, or joy and happiness and prosperity wheresoever you go? For one man is the expression of misery and woe, sickness, disease, pain and death, and another is the opponent to that and is just the reverse, joy and peace and happiness, life and love, success, prosperity, life and health and love, peace and all that is good. 'Now I set before you all a blessing and a cursing. The Love of GOD is a blessing; unselfish love is a blessing. Revenge, jealousy, resentfulness and all of those d-v-ls are a cursing. Now let the world accept whichever they want. That is the scale of justice for the world to weigh its spoil thereon and say which they want, whether they want sickness and woe and sorrow and pain, or whether they want life and pace and happiness and life and love wheresoever they go. I AM not doing this; I AM not trying to do a thing. 'I set before you,' as recorded in Deuteronomy, GOD said,

'I set before you a blessing and a cursing, choose you this day whom ye shall serve.'

Now GOD did not curse man at that time, HE just set it before him. If you go one way, you are cursed. If you go the other way, you partake of the blessing. I never curse anybody. Their own thoughts are their curse. Thoughts are as chickens, they come home to roost, and blessings are as chickens, they come home to roost. Do you not see the significance of sending out that which you want to realize? So then, it is with ME to just know that everyone will reap just what they sow, and it is to ME to let you know and you can see it from a psychological standpoint of view.

'You have a full and a plenty now. If you do not want ME you do not want a full and a plenty. I AM the seed idea of a full and a plenty. I AM the seed idea of health and wealth and prosperity. Now if you don't want that, go along in poverty. Take the capsule of misery and woe that does not want ME. If you want peace and joy and happiness, take this capsule of ME. It is Wonderful! Now I AM not cursing anybody and I AM not blessing anybody. Your own faith and your own contact and conduct will bless you. According to your faith, so be it unto you, and according to what you take. If you take of the seed idea of blessing you will be blessed, and if you take of the seed idea of cursing you will be cursed. Now Jesus did not say, 'Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel; to him that believeth I will bless him' but He said, 'He that believeth not, he shall be d-m-d.' GOD does not have to do those things, they do those things to themselves.'

I have Stamped MY Impersonal Life in Your Midst

'I have birthed out the Impersonal Life. I have advocated it and I have demonstrated it until I have brought it out in your consciousness and the consciousness of mankind generally. Then with or without the Body, it will make no difference to you, if you are not living after the flesh. It is the Spirit that quickeneth, It is Wonderful! Goiter goes, because I have rendered into the nothingness of nothing the personality of man and have birthed out the Impersonal Life, and that is your life and your salvation. So then if you rightfully contact ME, if I were in Personal seclusion, if you could not so much as see this Body, My Spirit would be just as operative as it is with the Person. It is by My Spirit that this is spread here, this table, That is something that the mortal mind can see and marvel at the mystery of HIS ways. But I can see unto you,

'it is by my spirit, says the LORD,'

for from a physical appearance I AM glad I AM as significant as can be. The Kobold (* Kobold, a gnome who lives in a cave as in the fairy tale.) that sat behind the table and kept telling the shepherd who had found his way unto the treasure cave, to get the best, his warning the shepherd did not heed and he chose the worst. He chose silver and gems and the things that soon turned to leaves and pebbles. So it is with thousands of people today who have chosen the thing that perished and have refused the thing that gives everlasting life.

'So I stress again the making of your mental and spiritual contact and realization of the Presence of GOD. You say, 'While I know that GOD is everywhere, I want YOU to come so YOU can heal me.' Well, that is why they can't do it. They say GOD is present everywhere but I must go to you or you must come to me instead of going to GOD. They are putting more faith in ME, in materiality and personality, than they are in the pure Spirit and Mind that went out from GOD. Therefore, it is essential to stress your mind with the thought of the Presence of GOD wheresoever you may be, and refuse to allow any thought to come into your system that you are in any way absent from GOD'S Presence, for I do not give absent treatment. I AM a present help; and I do not give absent treatment. They that live in mortal consciousness, they that are limited to man or woman, they give absent treatment because they are limited to that destination. GOD is Present everywhere and GOD cannot give absent treatment for GOD is Present everywhere. That may sound foolish, it may sound boastful, it may sound like one making himself equal with GOD, but they that believe it have received it. So then, it is not that I must necessarily be any place from a Personal standpoint of view. I don't have to be any place to accomplish that for which I came, for I AM here and I AM there and I AM everywhere. If it were by physical might, then we might have to get someone who would appear to be more physically fit. It is Wonderful!

'So glad to know that GOD'S Presence is rich and all you need and you are living in the Presence of GOD here and now. Here and now, I say, rejoicing as Paul told you to, in other words, as GOD through the mouth of Paul told you to

'Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The LORD is at hand.'
'Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.'
'And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.'

What have you to fear then, if you are leaning on the everlasting arms? There is nothing to fear. Then why shrink or dread anything? I AM just as operative when I AM supposedly asleep as I AM when I AM shouting the Message from the housetops. I AM just the same, I AM here and I AM there, and I AM just the same with the expression of the Body or without the manifestation or expression of the Body.

'Therefore, as was with the body, the life, and the Spirit of the man called Jesus, so with this Body. I AM just as operative when you do not see this Body as when you do see this Body. I will be with those of Mine always, wheresoever they may be. It is wonderful! For I have imprinted and implanted in the soil of your souls MY Impersonal Life for your guardian angel, your guide and your protection. I have stamped it in your midst as a guide and as a memorial, MY Impersonal Life that is undefiled and fadeth not away. So then, with the Body or without the Body, I AM just the same. I have not advocated unto you the person of any man, not even the person of man. It is all right that you see the Presence of GOD, but it is better that you see HIM Impersonally, as much without the Person as HE is with the Person.'

Nothing Can Come But What MY Love Allows

'Again I say to you that nothing can come to ME but what MY Love allows. And if I should will to go into seclusion I can do it. I AM advocating this Impersonal Life and if I should, to go to jail to further this Impersonal Life, I can do it. But if I do not will to do it, all of the soldiers in the so-called civilized countries, they could not put ME there. But what I will, must be, and what I command, must be done. The body called Jesus, nineteen hundred years ago, went to the tomb for a purpose, and the same way with anybody that is risen. the Truth could not be stretched from shore to shore and from land to land without something of this kind to appear. It has always been that way from the foundation of the world.

'What did they try to do to Jacob, Moses and even Abel, the first-born, he that did not stoop to violence, that did no special work? GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever. According to the Abel consciousness of GOD, so manifest I in your midst. So it is a great consolation to know that there is nothing can come to you but what MY Love allows.

Now, I feel at times that it would teach them a lesson if I did what they want ME to do. If I go to jail I would go of MY own accord, then I would teach them a lesson. Prosecution or executions, what are they? They are but for the furthering of the Gospel of Truth. How did you come to be a Knight of Pythias, (*Knights of Pythons is a secret, Philanthropic, fraternal order founded in 1864.) and how did all of these expressions of good come forth? They came forth by the sacrifice of one's life, comfort or money. By the obedience of one man many became righteous, and by the disobedience of one man many became sinners. So it is today. Without the sacrifice of one man you would not be enjoying what you are enjoying today. I do not regret anything I have gone through in the past, when I was going through illegal persecution and lawless mobs. What is the difference between mobs and legal persecutions? So, what I have gone through in the past, or what I will go through in the future, I do not regret one thing, for not one thing can come to ME but what MY Love allows, and this Impersonal Life that I have advocated is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. You can call on ME and get results more than all the M. D.'s in the world can give you. You can get more results by thinking on ME, the Wonderful Counselor, than all the attorneys in the world can give you.'

** ** ** **

'Think about right here in your own day. You heard the woman testify a few weeks ago that her brother was in prison in Baltimore for attacking a seven-year-old girl and no lawyer in the country could have got him out, but he repented of his sins and was sorry for them and they called upon ME, and even while the little girl was still in the hospital, he was released from prison without serving his term. That goes to show you that if you confess your sins and forsake them, you shall have mercy.

'It is not by physical power, nor by might, but it is by my spirit, says the LORD.'

He did not try to break out, MY Spirit would not permit that. I know he make up his mind not to go back and sin any more, and because of that there was a great delivery, as the Wonderful Counselor would put it through and bring deliverance to the captive.

'It is not by power nor by might, but it is by my spirit, saith the LORD.''

No Power Can Prevent the Impersonal Life

'The other night in court when Mother went away in the spirit and fell to the floor in what would appear to mortal mind to be a trance, and the assistant district attorney came over and started handling her roughly and trying to lift her, I did not stand up in MY manhood; and say, 'You let her alone,' but I did it by MY Spirit and you all saw that he let her alone right quickly, and from all reports, he will not be using those hands again for some time to come.* So it is 'by my spirit, saith the LORD.' It is not MY Personal Presence that I AM advocating, but My Impersonal Presence is fully present with you wheresoever you may be, if you will only recognize it and live in conformity to same. There is no power that can prevent the Impersonal Life from performing its duty, because it is undisturbed by mortality or carnality, or any mortal version.

'GOD is in the midst of thee, child of Infinite Spirit and love Divine; there is naught to make you tremble, there is naught to make you fear. So, 'rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice.

' Let your moderation be known unto all men, that the LORD is ever at hand,

So I say to the speaker, do not doubt and do not fear, for GOD is in the midst of thee and all you must needs do is to recognize the Presence of GOD at all times, and the Angel of HIS Presence will heal you. Then you are living out of the mortal version of things. You are not living in mortal consciousness, and therefore, you have no limitation or destination, for GOD is Infinite 'and as he is, so are we in this present world.' Aren't you glad! It is Wonderful!'

MY Thoughts, Wisdom and Understanding Are Multiplying

'Now if I would need or chose to cease to speak from a Personal standpoint of view, the Words that I have spoken, they are Spirit and they are Life. They never die, they live, and they are increasing and they multiply. MY thoughts are increasing wherever I have sent them, and they are multiplying. My wisdom is increasing and multiplying, MY understanding is increasing and multiplying, for GOD is GOD without the visible expression as MY Life, and this Spirit goes forth conquering and to conquer, and manifesting according to one's spirit of consecration and self-denial. When you get out of the way, Dear Ones, this atmosphere will function through you and it will not be you but it will be the CHRIST within you.'

Dethrone Paul and Enthrone CHRIST

'Paul, as one born out of due season, he so faithfully visualized until he produced the CHRIST and manifested It to the world. It is Wonderful! He brought more of the identical expression in thoughts, words, deeds and actions than some that had been with Jesus before Paul, as Saul, was persecuting the churches. He came out of due season, but he made such a complete sacrifice, consecration and self-denial that the very CHRIST manifested in him, till he said,

'I once knew Jesus after the flesh, but henceforth I know nothing after the flesh,'


'I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.'

He reached the point where he actually bore in his body the marks of the Lord Jesus. As a man Paul still reigns king in the consciousness of thousands of people who have accepted his teachings. Truly might he have said, 'Make your calling and election sure.' He was and is today elected king over JESUS CHRIST in the consciousness of mortals that are living in mortal consciousness. He is king in the religious world for all mortals that are living in mortal consciousness. Of course, MY Work is to have you dethrone Paul and enthrone CHRIST as King of kings and Lord of lords, and you will be no more in the mortal version of things, but you will be of the Immortal One, for they that live in mortal consciousness, they have elected Paul as their king, whether they are conscious of it or not.

'Now that is why MY special formula to the public and to everyone, is to live exactly according to the Gospels and the Teaching of Jesus, every one. Paul was deeply inspired by the Holy Spirit and he launched out so far from his nationality and his profession and organizations, etc., that the mortal mind could only see Paul as the ideal and they lost the vision of CHRIST. You can go into any church in mortal consciousness today and you will hear them speak of what Paul said more than what Jesus said, and I AM so glad that we can, here and now, accept of the CHRIST that was in the Body called Jesus and by doing so we can produce the same life that was in Jesus and not limit ourselves to the life of CHRIST that was manifested in Paul. Jesus said,

'I am the door of the sheep.'

If Jesus is the door, the apostles must be the windows and windows give light to within, and vision of the within to those without, but anyone who tries to climb in a window is a thief and a robber. I AM the door of the sheep, and anyone who tries to climb up some other way is a thief and a robber.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'There is no limitation, there is no destination, there is no end to what GOD will do for HIS people.

'I have delayed the Work for your sakes, because you were not ready for it. You could not stand it. But I AM absolutely independent of any mortal version, and I have condescended to function among you for your benefit.

'CHRIST said,

'If I go not away, the Comforter will not come to you,'

and yet He said,

'I am with you always.'

If I should choose to go away, still I would be with you just as effectively as I AM now. I have birthed out in the consciousness of humanity the Impersonal Life Divine, even though you call it 'FATHER DIVINE', because it is better than anything else you have known. No man can detract from that which it has gone out for. I AM the same throughout eternity. I AM Spirit! I AM Spirit! I AM Spirit! I AM incorruptible, undefiled and I fade not away. With or without a Body I AM the same. Even though the whole world and its visible expressions should be swept into nothing, still I would be just the same as I AM now. I AM the same with or without it all. Nothing can hinder ME. This X-raying Spirit can penetrate all visible expressions of metals; it can penetrate the earth and the earth cannot hinder ME.' *For a further account of this incident, see article entitled 'Retribution That Followed Wake of Persecution in Sayville' in a later pull-out section.








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