Affidavit of John Lamb, FATHER's Personal Secretary.
'I Saw Many Offer FATHER DIVINE Money and Property in Return for the Blessings They Had Received,
but HE Always Refused It.'

Affidavit of Captain Millard Bloomer, Commissioned to Investigate
Father's Activities in Sayville.

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth . . .' St John 16:13




Installment 9

Note: 'The Word of GOD Revealed,' FATHER DIVINE's Words from the notebook of John Lamb, continues to be interrupted with the printing of the following letters, statements and articles which are very informative with respect to the events pertaining to FATHER's Work and Mission during the years 1930 to 1933. Sources to some of these articles are not available.

FATHER DIVINE made a statement that it would be in order for those who wished to do so, to give statements to the press, of the truth of HIS Work and Mission as they had know and experienced it. The three excerpted statements, which follow are some of those made by individuals who had direct personal contact FATHER at Sayville before and at the time prejudiced officials and townspeople were trying move HIM from the town on charges of maintaining a public nuisance.

'And This Gospel of The Kingdom Shall Be Preached in All The World
For a Witness. Unto All Nations.'
(Holy, Bible, Matthew 24:14)


Affidavit of John Lamb, FATHER's Personal Secretary

Late in the year 1930 or early in 1931, being somewhat familiar with the Works and Teachings of FATHER DIVINE, I went to Sayville, Long Island, N. Y., to interview Him Personally.

I was made welcome at the Banquet Table with many others.

I saw the numbers of destitute persons, He was feeding, clothing and housing, and I heard them testify of how they had come to Him in sickness and poverty and He had taken them in and healed and supported them for months and years without the cost of a penny.

I saw' hundreds of people instantly healed of so-called incurable diseases, and even blindness and deformity from birth, cancer, consumption, etc.

From the left, 3rd is MOTHER (PENINNAH) DIVINE then


I saw many offer FATHER DIVINE money and property in return for the blessings they had received, but He always refused it and said He was a Free Gift to mankind. People of wealth came, whom I personally met, and seeing the good work they offered large sums to help carry it on, but FATHER always graciously and appreciatively declined it saying that He was independent of any man and did not accept contributions or donations in any form.

I myself had in my possession at the time, more than two -thousand dollars in cash, and a good deal of personal property of value. I visited FATHER one day in the early Spring of 1931. and obtained a private interview. I told Him I desired to become a member Of His Household and surrender all to Him, and that I wanted to give Him two thousand dollars that day, as I wanted it used in His Work.

FATHER replied that so far as the money was concerned He could not accept it, as He was entirely independent and' never accepted contributions, donations or love offerings from anyone. He further said that it was not necessary for me be with Him Personally to cooperate in His work, that if I wished to cooperate in such work I could do it independently and use what means I had for such a purpose, and His Blessing would be with me wherever I might go.

Not Necessary to Contact FATHER Personally

Following this I left New York on a long trip and was gone about five months. During my absence I corresponded with FATHER frequently, and I quote below excerpts from His letters to me:

'It is not that one must necessarily contact Me from a Personal standpoint of view to be abundantly blessed, healed and saved, but that they come to this State in Consciousness, being Governed by the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD within themselves, for GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, hence a present help in every need ... However, if you will live exactly as stated, you are ever indeed welcome to come and partake of the Bread of Life freely here with Me, whenever you so may desire to come and visit, as your closest contact is always for your highest good.' Mar. 27, 1931.
'And if you will abide in Me and let My Word abide in you, living exactly according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST as recorded by Matthew, Mark-, Luke and John, you will continue to grow ;n Grace and in Strength and you will indeed be abundantly Blessed, and a Blessing to those whom you may come in contact with. - Not that one must necessarily contact Me from a Personal standpoint of view to be abundantly blessed, but that they come to this State in Consciousness, as GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, hence a present help in every need. However, as long as you are lost in My Will, you are always welcome to come Home here in America when you so may desire to, do, as your closest contact is always for your highest good.- For this leaves ME, Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy, in Spirit, Body and Mind.
'For it is not that one must come to Me as a Person to be abundantly Blessed, as I AM here and I AM there and I AM Everywhere. But that you reach Me by Faith, from your mental and spiritual contact, and even as you were here under My Personal Jurisdiction, so can you be wheresoever you are, as GOD is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, hence a present help in every need ... Nevertheless, if you are 'Home here with Me, as your closest contact is always for your highest good, that is whensoever you so may desire to come.'

No Organized Body-Individuals Act Independently

These letters indicate the full extent of any organized activity. There was not then and there is not now, any organized body, group, or association, incorporated or unincorporated, known as FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MISSION. This term, as the apostrophe 's' implies, refers merely to the Mission and Purpose of FATHER DIVINE on Earth. All Followers of FATHER DIVINE are as free as these letters indicate, to come or go without obligations, fees, dues, memberships, or even making themselves known by name. Anything they do is done independently as individuals, though they may cooperate with other individuals at times for the purpose of assisting each other as individuals, all of their activities of course being in accord with their religious conviction, and FATHER's Teaching. If two or more get together to buy a piece of property, and one wishes to contribute the major portion of the purchase price yet give his partners equal shares in the title, and if these partners wish to allow others who are Believers in FATHER DIVINE like themselves to come and share the benefits of the property with them, it is still their individual affair, it has not become an organization nor an association.

But returning to Sayville, when I arrived there again in the fall of 1931 I stayed in the Village near FATHER's Home. While there I purchased a Ford Town Car, which I endeavored to present to FATHER, but He would not accept it. He told me I should use it myself, which I did.

During all this time I had been taking shorthand records of FATHER's Addresses for my own personal use, as He Spoke at the Banquet Table daily. I transcribed these and sent copies to various friends of my own who were interested. Soon however, there was a demand for them from a number of Publications, and with FATHER's approval they were forwarded to them gratis. In this way records were made of everything FATHER Spoke in public, and many things He Spoke in private, and records were also made of testimonials of Followers and Visitors, for the benefit of any who might find use for them...


Affidavit of Charles Calloway. The Peace Mission as an Organization begins to take form.

Sayville School Hose

In the fall of 1931 I became interested in FATHER DIVINE and went to His home at 72 Macon Street, Sayville, L. I., where I participated in the Meetings there on a number of occasions. I became deeply interested when I learned the Wonderful Works of FATHER DIVINE. I heard many tell of how He had fed, clothed and sheltered them when they were destitute, and saw hundreds healed, all without money and without price.

As time went on I became more interested and felt that I wanted to help in this Work if possible as FATHER was the only One I had found Who was working purely for an unselfish purpose, and accepting nothing for His Services.

I was independent financially, having retired from active work on the Railroads in 1927, and I offered FATHER a sum of money to be turned over to anyone He might suggest, to help carry on this Work. This He refused, saying that He never solicited or accepted gifts or contributions in any form and had no connection with anyone who did, for His Work was absolutely independent, and He told me to use the money for whatsoever I would desire to see Him use it for, and He would be satisfied.

For more than ten years I had had a number of apartments under lease on 135th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues, in one of which at No. 229 West 135th Street, I made my home. In the late fall of 1931 and the winter of 1930., FATHER DIVINE was in such great demand at public meetings where He had been invited to speak, that He was making the trip from Sayville to New York City almost daily, and still desiring to be of service I invited Him and His immediate family and guests to come and live in my home.

FATHER DIVINE Moved From Sayville to New York

This invitation was accepted about March 1932, and for about eight months my home became known as FATHER DIVINE's New York City Headquarters, and was often referred to as the Peace Mission, a term which was rapidly growing in use among the Followers.

In the late fall Of 1932 I leased a house at 67 West 130th Street which was larger and more suitable for the Purpose and moved there. FATHER and a number of others who were with Him, continued as my guests, and on account of FATHER's Presence, my home continued to be known as FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MlSSION, though it was merely a private home.

In the summer of 1933, one Lena Brinson, who also had a home to which she had frequently invited FATHER DIVINE, leased a Building at 20 West 115th Street. This Building of three stories she used for Meeting Rooms, Restaurant, and Dormitories, where she sold meals for ten and fifteen cents and sleeping accommodations at from one to two dollars per week. She came to my home several times and requested FATHER DIVINE to come and speak at some of her Meetings, and I believe He did Speak there two or three times during the following three months. She also repeatedly invited FATHER DIVINE to be her guest, and urged me on several occasions to allow her to share in the privilege of having Him in her home personally.

In November 1933, after many urgent requests on her part FATHER DIVINE agreed to go and she placed at His Personal disposal an Office and an Apartment on the top floor of the Building. It was then agreed that Mrs. Calloway and I should close our home and cooperate with Mrs. Brinson in maintaining the 115th Street home, where there was room for all of us.

How the Peace Mission Operates

In this way, the 20 West 115th Street address became generally known as FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MISSION HEADQUARTERS, and people were attracted there from a parts Of the world because of FATHER's Presence, but there is no organization, association, or organized group known as such. Those who gather there do so voluntarily, there is no list of their names and addresses, and they are absolutely unidentified. They pay no fees, make no donations, undertake no responsibilities, and there are no collections taken . up at any time. FATHER DIVINE does not participate in the financing of the Place, neither does He or has He ever received any of the returns from it. It is not connected with any other Place known as FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MISSION, and there is no- group of individuals back of it, other than those who voluntarily devote their time and service cooperatively, in the operation of it. In fact the term FATHER DIVINE'S PEACE MISSION has no reference to any organized group, but refers rather to the Mission and Purpose of FATHER DIVINE on Earth, as the apostrophe 's' signifies, than anything else.

All of the other Meeting Places, Homes, Businesses, under, the term FATHER DIVINE'8 PEACE MISSION, are the personal homes, or businesses, or independent cooperative enterprises of FATHER DIVINE'S FOLLOWERS who live and work in them. They have no connection with FATHER DIVINE Personally, although it is true, those who maintain them seek His Advice and Cooperation as the recognized Spiritual Head of all those who are concerned.

FATHER DIVINE and His Followers stand for the one and only Kingdom of Heaven, established in the hearts, and minds, and bodies of the children of men on Earth.

I know these things of my own knowledge, because as one having experience in the handling of Property and business affairs, and because my home was looked upon as a sample and an example on account of FATHER's Presence there, I was consulted by many who now operate such places, as to financial matters having to do with the operation of them.



Affidavit of Captain Millard Bloomer, Commissioned to Investigate Father's Activities in Sayville.

Former Sayville School House

Sayville School House

I am retired, and reside at Independence Avenue and West 254th Street, Bronx, N. Y., where I preside over the Bloomer Estates Inc. As a former resident of Harlem, a newspaper publisher for many years, and a member of Woodrow Wilson's press delegation accompanying him to France at the close of the World War, I was commissioned in the year 1931 to make an investigation of the Activities of FATHER DIVINE in Sayville, L. I., for the purpose of getting facts for an expose of His Activities.

In the Spring of 1931 1 went to His home in Sayville, L. I., together with a woman investigator, and remained there for a number of days. As a result of my observations during that time I was, convinced that the activities there were honest, clean and above-board, and that there were no grounds for criticism, and I wired my Client to that effect.

I found a number of people living there at 72 Macon Street as guests Of FATHER DIVINE, who stated that they had been homeless or destitute, and were being supported by Him. These and the many visitors who came daily from New York City and elsewhere were entertained at large Banquets that were served several times daily I heard them testify at these feasts that FATHER DIVINE had healed them of many different diseases and afflictions, had clothed them and fed them, and would accept nothing in return for His Services. I heard FATHER DIVINE speak and give lectures along spiritual, scientific and Scriptural lines, in which He said that He had never taken up a collection, never accepted gifts or donations, and never taken anyone's money' as His services were a free gift to mankind and He was unobligated to anyone.

Since that time I have been in frequent touch with the Activities of FATHER DIVINE, and I have had many opportunities to test the truth of His statements. I myself, and many others in my presence have offered Him sums of money to pay for hospitality and other benefits enjoyed, but HE refused to accept a penny. I have been in private conferences at Sayville and elsewhere many times, and I have never heard Him ask anybody for -a dollar nor seen Him take one from anybody in my life.

I do know that in the political campaign of four years ago I was asked if it would be possible to get the endorsement of FATHER DIVINE for the head of the ticket, President Hoover. I told them I did not know, that it was a pretty big contract, but I would try.

I mentioned it to FATHER, and in His quiet way I got no reply, but about two weeks after that I received a copy of an address that FATHER had made, and some clippings from a Brooklyn newspaper in which He had very good reason to say some very nice things about Mr. Hoover.

I knew Mr. Hoover personally, so I went down to the Campaign Committee and I told them 'You have lots of money here, and money is tight; I think it would be a nice thing to send a check for a thousand or two thousand dollars to FATHER DIVINE, because it can be put to very good use.' That night I wrote a letter to FATHER DIVINE and told Him what I had said, and thought I was throwing a little bouquet at myself, because I thought a thousand dollars might be worth while, but I got a special delivery letter from FATHER next morning and He o4id - 'Perhaps you do not know it, but I could not accept any money under any circumstances . . . If any check does come I will have to return it . . . As far as you are concerned you are privileged to do what you please with it.' I immediately went down and showed that letter to the Committee, and said, 'Don't put it on the books, because it is hard to get it off, and do not send any money.'

Therefore no money was sent, and I received none.



L. I.., N. Y., 1930-1933 (excerpted and edited)

Sunday News, April 27, 1930



Impoverished Find Haven There, Probe Reveals

By Dick Lee




Waitress Miss Mary Light, Miss Anne Shanewise, Miss St. Mary Bloom

Sayville School House


Utopia has been found at Sayville, L. I., where M. J. Divine, young religious enthusiast, has set up a haven for all suffering humanity.

'The Lord provides for them that are good to their neighbors' is the only explanation offered the outside world by this very prosperous young, m - a - n who claims to be Jesus Christ in the second earth-coming.

Unable to understand how all the lavish expenditures and high-powered motorcars about the much-visited Divine establishment fit into religious fervor, District Attorney A. G. Blue of Suffolk county has had a girl investigator at work for two weeks. She only added to the mystery.

'The welcome was genuine and there is nothing but a deeply religious air about the whole place - no immorality whatsoever,' was the report got yesterday from the c ... girl investigator, Susan Hadley, borrowed from the Harlem police for the case.

Fifteen in Haven

She found approximately fifteen wayfarers both b. . . . and w picked up from here and there - living off the bounty of the young philanthropist There was little religious ritual but plenty of payer for the curing of the inmates' ills.

She described the expensive furnishings of the fifteen room house in Macon St. which Divine has owned for ten years. The place is also surrounded by artistic gardens made so by an expensive landscaping program.

She said Divine's wife - supposedly cured of rheumatism - was known to all the colonists as Mother Divine. Each of the members of the household takes a name as Brother Peace or Sister Virtue. Each has his or her own room.

'All the money I've got comes from God,' the Reverend, as Divine is styled by the beneficiaries of His bounty, said to Miss Hadley, 'and we spell God with all three -capital letters in here.'

She described the meals served in the Divine household as being divine. They have roast turkey every day except Tuesday.

Furthermore, any one who comes into the Divine care in a ragged condition is promptly outfitted. The local Sayville stores dealing in wearing apparel find wholesale business there and Divine foots all the bills, paying cash.

All inquiries as to the source of His wealth as evidenced by His Cadillac touring car and His Willys-Knight limousine are answered with Biblical quotations by Divine.

Friday, May 15, 1931

It was not so many years ago that there was only one family of c ... people and less than half a dozen individuals of that race in all Sayville. With the advent of Father Divine and His establishment of what practically amounts to a free hotel with unlimited free eats. .. the influx of c - - people has increased steadily. Naturally, He is not popular with residents of the section where He has made His home. People on Macon Street complained that real estate values had depreciated as invariably happens when n ... s move into any section where only w ... people have been living. Then when these naturally happy, care-free, sociable ... folk were bountifully fed, their joy quite naturally found expression in loud laughter and song and shouts of praise...

On the other hand local tradesmen have No fault to find with Divine' He buys supplies of the best quality in liberal quantities and pays for them promptly. He has never asked for charity and so far as can be learned has never solicited funds in Sayville. He has supplied working people for all kinds of jobs when application is made to -Him,- and invariably refuses t& accept the fees usually collected for the service by employment agencies. Charges of immorality which have been made were not established when District Attorney Blue sent a detective to investigate the alleged goings on in the place.

Father Divine has never divulged the source of the very considerable income necessary to carry on His lavish charities but always says: 'The Lord will provide.' He claims to be a Divine Healer and declares that those who believe in Him will never die.

He has undoubtedly aided many people who were in distress and not a few 'w ... folk' among the number. If He were not so noisy in His methods He undoubtedly would have avoided trouble with the authorities, but people must sleep and He can hardly blame His neighbors for invoking the law when the racket at His place keeps them awake.


Instead of appealing to the intellect, like Christian Science and Unity, and -many other Christian faiths, Father Divine's principal appeal is to the emotions. Consequently, His services are different. They are unlike the quiet high masses of the Catholic, or Episcopalian Churches.

Now the making of noise, whether necessary or unnecessary, comes within the regulatory police powers of the state; and it is the making of noise which has given rise to most of Father Divine's court troubles.

Street cars, automobiles, the elevated railway and the subway, tug boats and a hundred other types of machinery also make noises; but the law says that these are necessary.

But the law also licenses night clubs and dance halls, permits the playing of ball games and the driving of noisy advertising vehicles through the streets, but it ii d6@ii6@ whether or not some of these noises are necessary. The teaching and playing of music on musical instruments, and singing are all very commendable from an artistic standpoint, until one chances to live next door to a musician or vocalist. Then even these artists may be regarded dubiously.

The point we are trying to make is that the police powers of the state are definitely asserted in all things except those which have to do directly with the soul of man. Father Divine's noisy services may be just as necessary and beneficial to His following as night clubs are to their following. One man goes to a quiet mass while the other goes to one of Father Divine's 'kingdoms.' Both invariably seek one or more of the same things - an outlet for pent up emotion,,;, spiritual rebirth or a place in which to drawn one's sorrows.

What the law forgets in Father Divine's case is that with unemployment rife, the souls of most men and women are heavily laden; and that outlets which are goose for one are gander for the other. Father Divine's movement undoubtedly furnishes an outlet for the pent up emotions of thousands of distressed people, and for this reason, if for no other, it should be tolerated.


The Suffolk Citizen, Friday, October 2, 1931


Followers Flock to Macon Street 'Heavenly Kingdom'

W-- and C----- Live On Fat of Land Provided by Generous Host; Thousands Arrive Weekly

Preached Christianity

And Practiced To Such An Extent That Public Wonders; Neighbors Cash In On -Movement

'Isn't it wonderful! Isn't it wonderful?' These exclamations with: 'Peace, Peace. So glad. So glad,' reverberate about the Divine household on Macon Street where the Rev. M. J. Divine expounds His doctrine of 'Peace on earth, good will to men' and puts it into practice more thoroughly than any other follower of Christianity, to all outward appearances. Here He feeds the multitude, whether they are hungry or not, Heals the sick and He preaches a doctrine that if followed to the letter, would certainly cast out d- v - Is.

Literally thousands of seekers of a new message, curiosity hunters and those who would go miles for a free meal and a jamboree, visit the Divine household weekly, the numbers augmenting on Saturdays. and Sundays until there is not standing room in the large house and the streets are lined with visitors who arrive in six buses and some 250 cars. This motley crowd is kept in order by the Islip town police who are on duty all day Sunday.

A representative of the Suffolk Citizen visited the place on Tuesday. (September 29) Arriving at about 10:30 in the morning, the yard adjacent to the Divine house was filled with c ... and w ... people, gathered in groups, all greeting each other with: Peace, Peace, and Isn't it wonderful. W ... walked arm in arm with c . - ., calling each other endearing names and all seemed in one accord.

Shortly before eleven the door to the reception room was opened and the rush to get in resembled an orderly subway stampede. The crowd took seats around the walls of the three downstairs rooms. There were attractive w ... women, scholarly looking w ... men, wide-eyed c - - women, an Italian woman suffering with goiter, and a woman with a badly scarred face, a sickly looking w ... man with a hollow cough.

A pompous man marshaled the company into order. As they sat about the walls, there were expressions of wonder, happiness, fear, and cries of Isn't it wonderful.

Presently the majordomo was moved to an impassioned speech in which He quoted passages from the Bible in an attempt to give a history of God's workings in man through the ages. He had predicted the coming of the Messiah in the great chapter of Isaiah, He said.

At this juncture the assembly was -warned that: 'Father didn't like crowding about the door,'- and when order was restored, a jingling bell announced breakfast. Meals are served in the Divine household in a series of 'tables.' The first two tables are attended by the members of the household, that is, those who are living in the two spacious homes maintained by Father Divine or are boarding in the neighbors' houses.

Incidentally, the neighbors are cashing in on the movement. They rent rooms, sell sandwiches and coffee and rent parking space at a quarter a throw since the thirty minute parking law was placed on the district.

The dining room, situated at the rear of the house, is a long room filled with a center table which seats about thirty-five, and three smaller tables at the side, seating about six each. All along the side walls are chairs, stools and seats and on the radiator and window sills where the guests sit. The door leading into the reception hall is crowded with listeners, who stand the two or three hours that it takes for the 'tables,' and the windows around the dining rooms are filled with faces peering through when the Father talks, and joining in the songs that accompany the meal.

FATHER DIVINE Serves the Banquet

The business of getting seated is conducted by Father Divine with much ceremony. Seated at the head of the table with Mother Divine, He presides with enthusiasm. A little person, hardly five feet tall, His presence in the room is dynamic. Seated behind an imposing array of seven large coffee percolators, He conducts the 'table' and expounds His truths.

The table, a long banquet table, groans with the fat of the land. Your reporter can remember the following dishes: hot water, coffee, rice, boiled corn meal, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, string beans, baked beans, cabbage, stewed tomatoes, delicious looking biscuits, a fish entree, whole baked ham, and this topped off with home made pound cake and jelly.

The meal is opened with the singing of hymns that are of the nature of spirituals, some of them old favorites and many of them the commendable works of the Father. Great energy goes into this singing.

'All those who want hot water pass the cups,' He calls as He wields a large steaming percolator and the cups are handed around the table. This over, 'All those that want hot coffee at the head table,' and down come the cups again. Next the side tables get their hot water and coffee while the singing continues and then the business of eating is undertaken, each dish being passed first to the Father or Mother if He does not happen to be at the table at the time, who touches it with the hand before it returns to be consumed.

It is as the meal progresses that the singing reaches proportions that are really wonderful. Mother Divine who has a lovely face, sees that there is not too long a lull in the program and starts new tunes as the spirit moves her, if someone down the table is not moved within a reasonable time. When the Father is at the table, His company responds to His moods with alacrity. A particular tune that was sung with vim began 'joy, joy, joy.' All tunes were sung with three or-four parts -and at times were truly beautiful. One that had a high degree of adornment had to do with the banquet. 'We are seated at the banquet of the Lord,' it went. As it was sung and re-sung, it soon developed into, 'We are seated at a ban-, we are seated at a ban-, we are seated at the banquet of the Lord.'

FATHER DIVINE'S Teachings at Sayville

His teachings, founded on His interpretation of the Bible, religious leaders and philosophers, appear to be strict Christianity. Whether for the press or not, His first dissertation Tuesday morning was the denunciation of those who question the legitimacy of His work. 'I have never solicited, I have never begged, I have never had anything to do with people who do these things,' He said. (Cries of Wonderful. Wonderful). 'And by the looks of ham down here in front of Me, I will not have to tomorrow, and I can tell you that I never will have to.' (Wonderful, Wonderful!)

He went on to give His followers some kindly admonitions: 'My followers are they that do as I do,' He said. 'I have heard of those that were coming out here in their cars with extra seats and would not bring another along unless he paid. Do you call that Christianity? Is that what I do? You can't sell religion. You've got to give freely and freely it will be given unto you.' (Yes, Father. Yes, Father.)

'Prayer and fasting will make you worthy disciples of Me,' He said. 'Fasting the bad out of you, giving these evil tendencies nothing to feed on, is the way to become more like the Father,'

As the meal was about over a very beautiful w ... woman, introduced as Mrs. Stevens, rose to tell of her experience of the night before. 'I have been in California, I know what earthquakes are like. 'Last night I was awakened. by an earthquake in my bed. I know that it was You, Father, that had come to me and I thank You. I am ready to do your will.'

Father Divine answered: 'Hearing of your wonderful experience reminds Me that both the Crucifixion and the Resurrection were accompanied by an earthquake.'

At this a comely c ... fellow arose and gave an eloquent dissertation. 'When there is an earthquake, there always follows a fire. What we need is to have the fire of truth burn so brightly in our heart.-, that it destroys all hatred, bigotry, jealousy, fear, murder, all evil. Oh, my brethren, what a glorious thing it is to have the truth in this day and age.' His speech ended with a loud crying of 'hosanna, hosanna, hosanna,' his body overcome with joy.

One of the Father's angels, a w ... girl whose flowing hair falls about her pale face, rose to praise the father for coming to them in the flesh. 'We know that He is here,' she said, 'that the same spirit that is in him is in all of us. We are living in the Heavenly Kingdom here on this earth.' From another corner of the table came the earthly remark that there was just one big feasting and rejoicing 365 days of the year and Father paid the bills.

During the 'table' Professor Del Mar, who had visited Divine's once before and who had returned gave a very fine speech in which he offered both himself and Mrs. Del Mar as disciples of the Father, saying: 'Out of my past experience of thirty years on the lecture platform during which I progressed from the study of Psychology into the various forms of advanced thought I have never found such teaching as this. I know that it is the only true religion and I am ready to join your household and to do your bidding.' The Father did not accept his offer at the time, but it is to be presumed that He will.

'I Guess They Will Have To Wonder'

Thus with singing and speeches and explanations by Father Divine, the meal came to a close. Those at the first table remained seated while the clean dishes and silver were returned and each one set his place for the next visitors This done they left the room filing to the rear door and those who had been standing for two and a half hours rushed to get their places at the second table.

Those who were members of the household were again given first choice and those who came in buses were reminded by Rev. Divine that they should have brought their own lunches.

The Father is perhaps one of the busiest persons in Sayville. Called to the telephone many times during the morning by His secretary, he hardly had time to eat. Mother Divine filled His plate as the many dishes were passed, and He rose to minister to the needs of His flock.

He very kindly gave a Citizen reporter an interview after the preliminaries of the second 'table' were over. Told that the People here wondered where He got the money to do all this, He replied, 'I guess they will have to wonder.' He said that Sunday a blind man was led to the house and went away seeing. This was confirmed by many of His followers, and the Father said that the police could also corroborate the saying. He also told of two lame men who came on crutches and went away healed within the past two weeks. One of them was an infantile paralysis victim of sixteen years ago.

The Rev. Divine does not think that He as a person does these marvelous works, but the Divine Spirit in Him. He says that all could heal and all would have peace and plenty if they would follow the teachings of Christ, love their neighbors as themselves and do good. He says, that because He takes the teachings of the Bible and follows them to the letter, others more worldly question His honesty. But this does not worry Him.

And we are reminded of the saying: 'Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone.'


WHO WILL TAKE A STAND as an individual or as a nation for the idea that is most uplifting, most far-reaching, most constructive and most profitable and beneficial for humanity?
Spoken October 4, 1938.






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Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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