Why this Terrible Discrimination by the Law?

Rev. Divine's Raided; 78 Arrested


'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words From The Notebook of John Lamb


Installment #10

Major Finkelmeier's Letter to the Editor

October 9, 1931

To the Editor:

Sayville is now becoming involved in a very serious situation and it will be up to the press to instruct the people the meaning of it all. I think it is only the press representative that can get a direct interview with the person interested.

(1) Who and what is this Rev. Dr. Divine, where is HE from, is HE a regular ordained minister to preach the gospel?

(2) If HE is, why this terrible discrimination by the Law that it requires 5 policemen at $8.00 per day when they could be doing more important duty? My personal observation I found instead of a mob a crowd of Law abiding citizens, patient, and living up to all restrictions.

(3) If this so called Father Divine really believes that HE is the Messiah of His people, according to the Constitutional right of the U.S., that is His privilege, also if HE wishes to preach the same to all people.

(4) In addition to the charitable work that HE is doing--by feeding all that come to HIM irrespectively, housing the unfortunate, and finding work for all HE possibly can--from what I understand HE is a great asset to the trades people by His patronage.

(5) Now why all this trouble about HIM and His following? Are we not all GOD'S Christian Children irrespective of Faith and Creed?

(6) There has never been a race to advance so rapidly in all spheres of life, educationally, socially and financially as the c... race. Why should there be any discrimination?

(7) During U.S. troubles in 1898 and 1916 the male population of the c...race responded nobly to the call to arms; there was no discrimination then. Why now?

(8) In the various southern states the Catholic Missionary Fathers are making great strides in reforming the c... race by building institutions for the education and for their general welfare.

(9) I know that if the press would interview Mr. Divine and let the public know some of His views it would relieve all our minds.


Major Finkelmeier

** *** **

Early Morning Spirit Demonstration Calls out All Police and Firemen

Two Followers Put Up Stiff Battle With Police; Trooper Breaks Club Over One's Head Who Almost Uproots Tree; Assembly Herded Into Court.


Father Guarantees Fines
Mother Divine Falls To Floor in Trance During Arraignment
But Father Brings HER To With Spirit Vibrations; HE is Held On Nuisance Charge.

at the banquet table, Rockland Palace, N.Y.C.

Sayville, MOTHER DIVINE at the banquet table

Religious demonstrations early Monday morning at the home of Rev. Major J. Divine, Sayville's Messiah, at 72 Macon Street, necessitated the calling of Town Police, State Troopers, officers from the District Attorney's office and the local fire department, to restore anything like order in the vicinity of the Divine establishment. Matters began to assume the aspect of a riot when officers attempted to put a stop to the noisy flock of 78 worshipers in the house. The entire assemblage taken to court were all charged with disorderly conduct. About fifteen men and women of the w...race were joining in the revelry.

All Sunday evening a Spirit demonstration was in progress in the Divine Heaven. Those inside became so enthusiastic that their 'hallelujah', PEACE, PEACE, FATHER', and Isn't it Wonderful', could be heard up and down Macon Street. When the noise did not diminish at midnight, neighbors called officer Richard Tucker, who went to the scene and tried to stop the noise in the crowded house. When he entered he sensed the state of its occupants from their actions and decided that he needed help and plenty of it. Calling Assistant District Attorney Joseph Arata, Jr. and Officers Bernard Gaiser and Joseph West, Tucker returned to the Macon Street Heaven.


Crowded In Dining Room

They found the assembly crowded into the long dining room at the rear of the house, those who were unable to find seats standing about the sides of the room. The Reverend occupied His usual seat at the head of the table and, standing, was leading in the Divine revelation. As the officers peered through the windows, planning their mode of procedure, they saw the Reverend with His hands extended leading the crowd in praise that shook the rafters. As HE raised His hands, the cries rose to tremendous volume, and as HE lowered them the sounds diminished with only occasional 'moving's of the spirit.'

After squeezing their way in Arata gave the Reverend fifteen minutes in which to cease operations. The tension and general attitude of some of the worshipers was such that the officers decided that they needed more help so state troopers from Sayville and Bay Shore and additional agents from the District Attorney's office were called.


Officers Force Way In

Forcing their way into the house the officers notified those present that they were under arrest and told them to get ready to go to court. When this announcement was made two men who were full of spirit, paid no attention to the order and continued to weave in and about the house, giving voice to their emotions. When they decided to go out of doors, Officer Bernard Gaiser barred the doorway. Then the fight began between the two men and the officer. So great was the din of the battle that someone turned in a fire alarm that brought the firemen with their apparatus, and many curiosity seekers that added to the general confusion. Local residents armed themselves with clubs and stood by to lend a hand if necessary.



MOTHER DIVINE, Home of the Soul

MOTHER DIVINE, Home of the Soul

The Age
December 5, 1931


Sayville Orders Father Divine to Move in Fear of Their Being a 'Harlem Colony Formed There
By Clifford Smith

Sayville, L. I., N. Y. -- That the Citizens of this Town want Rev. Major J. Divine to move out because they are afraid of there being established a 'Harlem Colony' in Sayville, was brought out Tuesday evening, November 24, when a conference was held between a committee representing citizens of Sayville and a committee representing Rev. Divine.

Father Divine appointed Arthur A. Madison, Millard J. Bloomer and Eugene Del Mar to represent Him before the Committee of Seventy-five appointed at the citizens meeting held at the public high school the previous Saturday evening and meeting at the Court House on November 21.

Father Divine's committee appeared before the Citizens' Committee and stated that Father Divine's voluntary offer to leave Sayville if the village did not desire Him to remain was made in good faith, and suggested that a sub-committee be appointed to confer with them. This was agreed to and they retired to another room to await the sub-committee which included among its representatives a man from the District Attorney's office.

During the long discussion that ensued, it was stated by one of the Citizens' Sub- Committee and concurred in by all of the other members, that there was no complaint against the moral character of Father Divine or that of His home; that the matter had now gotten beyond any question of noise complaints; that it was now a matter of having a 'Harlem Colony' in Sayville; and that unless an agreement was reached with Father Divine for His early moving, the indictments against HIM would be pushed next week.

The meeting adjourned with the Sub-Committee stating the following conditions to be the limit which they thought would be acceptable to the Citizens' Committee.

1. They were not interested in the disposition of Father Divine's property or interests here, and would not raise any money with which to purchase.

2. That HE should move by the first week in January, when the next Court Session would commence; and that HE should move outside Suffolk County (which includes Sayville and extends from 20 miles West of Sayville to the east end of the Island).

3. That until HE moved, there should be quiet in His home, night meetings to terminate at 9 o'clock; and the number of transients to be limited to a dozen.

The meeting was then adjourned until the following evening at which time the Citizens' Sub-Committee unanimously approved the statement at the opening of the meeting on November 24.


A Setting of Peace, Harmony and Contentment

MOTHER DIVINE at the Holy Communion Table,
Sayville, Long Island, NY.

MOTHER DIVINE at the Holy Communion Table, Sayville, Long Island, NY.

The New York Age reporter visited the house of Rev. Divine on November 24th and 25th and has the following interesting report to make.

Rev. Divine teaches His students as followers are called, that GOD is in every man, woman and child, if one will but acknowledge the same. I found a well, healthy and contented group of people of both the w... and c... races all with one idea, 'GOD is here in all of us with FATHER DIVINE as HE is called here, to teach one to live right.'

It was a sight to be remembered, a setting of peace, harmony and contentment. The statement given out that this was a cult, or sect of some peculiar sort did not appear to me at any time as there were no weird actions, chants or incantations to spirits, etc.

It is a fact that the students of Rev. Divine feel HE has shown them the Truth and some unknown Light and hold HIM symbolic of GOD today, which some of them called HIM in my presence.

Your writer watched a clean, wholesome, substantial meal given to all comers, regardless of race, creed or color. There was no offering, collection or donation received or asked for at any time, only a simple lesson all were asked to study on Christianity.

After this I received a number of statements and testimonials, some of which will be used in future articles. Among the statements I received was one about a blind man being able to see and a lame man made whole again and other miracles performed without Rev. Divine touching or coming in contact with any of them at any time.

The Sub-Committee of Sayville residents is made to appear only a hidden move of race prejudice and ignorant people to poison the minds of the broad-minded, right thinking people of Sayville against HIM, said FATHER DIVINE, and asks the aid of The Age readers to help HIM--not with money, but cooperation in His work in the time of depression in helping and teaching as GOD has decreed.

His parting statement was that HE holds no ill feeling against any one on earth and forgives one and all of His foes. Your reporter is not, nor never has been a student, follower or convert of Rev. Divine, but writes this and other articles to come as a result of personal investigation.

** *** **

New York American
Monday, December 7, 1931

Confident of Good Work of Messiah Who is Spending $100 Daily to Feed Poor


Sermon Enlisted

Calmly indifferent to the opposition of the townspeople, the Rev. Major Divine, Messiah of Sayville, L. I., continued yesterday His ministrations to His flock, which now includes a number of prominent w... women.

The fact that HE has a legal fight on His hands has not stopped Divine from spending $100 a day on food for those who gather at His daily hearings. It has not stopped, either, the speculations of the townsfolk as to the source of the $700-a-week income.


HE has been indicted on a charge of maintaining a nuisance in the operation of His Heaven, the headquarters from which issue loud prayer and hallelujahs.

Some of the prominent women who have become interested in the work are:

Mrs. Edward Locke, wife of the New York playwright; Miss Martha Messinger, actress once associated with the Theater Guild; Mrs. J. Maynard Mathews, wife of a millionaire and prominent socially at Brookline, Mass.: Mrs. Anna Marmelin, mother of the three Marmelin sisters, dancers; Mrs. Mary Orr, whose family is connected with one of the large manufacturing concerns in the country, and Anna M. Mawe.


Feminine Viewpoints

Mrs. Mathews, whose husband gave up an automobile business to join her here as a member, and she is convinced of the high-mindedness of the Leader.

Mrs Orr said:

'I have found in HIM the Messiah I desired. I am happier here than I have ever been elsewhere.'

Miss Messinger said:

This is the first time I really have had peace of mind and felt in touch with the true meaning of the Gospels.'

** *** **


American Business Survey
November 15, 1931


It is with regret that we learn of the recent rather unwarranted arrest of the Rev. Major J. Divine of Sayville, Long Island, whose charitable deeds were disturbed for a time when a group of inconsiderate citizens complained that His services disturbed their rest. With HIM were also arrested eighty-eight of His disciples, many of whom rely upon the hospitality of the Divine home for shelter and food.

It is unkind, and unchristian to demand the arrest of a servant of charity and religion. To prosecute Dr. Divine for His generosity is to be deplored. A Person of His character is entitled to some consideration.

The weary, the hungry, and those low in spirit are welcome at the home of the Rev. Divine at 72 Macon Street. Here is an open house for all--where prejudice of any kind has no sway. The kindhearted disciple of religion here turns saddened hearts to God and brings joy and happiness to the troubled and the sorrowful.


November 20, 1931

A 'spirit demonstration' at the Rev. Major J. Divine's establishment early Sunday morning was the forerunner of a fracas that, but for the timely intervention of the authorities, might have had serious consequences. Feeling has run at fervent heat in the vicinity of Macon Street, since the Divine cult has increased from a handful of followers to a movement that is attracting world-wide attention and bringing visitors that sometimes reach the proportions of thousands a day. The quiet residents of the block, most of them German-Americans, are home-loving folk who have paid for their homes by dint of hard work, and they resent their sudden arrival at the corner of the world.

It is said that the spirit demonstration of Sunday evening reached such proportions that the neighbors were unable to sleep and, not knowing the nature of the enthusiasm that possessed the Divine worshipers, they were alarmed. Summoning the police they asked for relief.

All fair-minded people respect the rights of citizens of this country to practice their religious beliefs without interference. The founders of the United States of America braved the dangers of an uncivilized wilderness that they might worship God according to their convictions. While the Constitution provides for freedom of worship, the law also protects our citizens against any annoying practices that might infringe on their rights as peaceful and law-abiding folk.

That the Rev. Divine and his followers have a right to worship according to the dictates of their conscience no one can or should deny. But when this worship becomes of such a nature that others, who have the same right to love of peace and harmony, are unnecessarily disturbed, we believe that justice has a right to intervene.

Undoubtedly the number of the Rev. Divine's followers has outgrown His quarters on Macon Street. In fairness to Himself and His Faith HE should take steps to plant His cult where it can prosper unhampered by the limits of a residential section. HE is to be commended for the good HE has done among His fellow men, and it is to be regretted that the natural confines of civilization should cast a shadow over these.

Until HE does take steps to provide a place commensurate with the size and nature of His establishment, however, continual outbreaks of the nature of the Sunday evening episode may be expected to occur. We are sure that this type of thing is distasteful to all and we trust that HE will endeavor to remedy the situation.

** *** **



The Messenger
An All North Shore L. I. Newspaper
December 4, 1931

Then Complain Of Publicity Coming to Sayville

The interesting picture of a Sayville editor deploring publicity given Sayville, because of the fact that Major Divine happened to reside there, conducting religious meetings, extending food and help to the unfortunate--while his own newspaper was one of the chief agencies for spreading that publicity, is a sickening commentary on the low state of the public intelligence that permits such hypocrisy.

HE held the center of the stage and decried also the publicity appearing in another local paper, which happened to get a better break on the news, and even charged that paper with being subsidized.

As a matter of fact, and strict legality, we question very much whether the Rev. Mr. Divine hasn't the edge on the situation, if HE has a decent lawyer. Certainly. the method of forcing HIM out of town is not Christian, for the Pastor has done no wrong that is admissible in evidence--and if Brother Hoag doesn't know where the Rev. Mr. Divine gets His money--neither does the Pastor know where Brother Hoag gets his, and could retort that he certainly doesn't earn it with his newspaper, unless people are contributing.

We suspect the Sayville Pastor is getting financial help from many sources--and we certainly see no reason to complain of His charity--it stands comparison with anything Editor Hoag has ever done for Sayville.

If the prejudice is because Pastor Divine is c..., and we believe that is all there is to it-- and because c... people congregate with HIM, why not be frank and state that as the reason?

We can quite believe that Brother Hoag won't even want to stay in Heaven, if he gets that far, if he sees an Editor who is a Democrat, ahead of him, (and that is quite likely to happen for Democratic editors usually get ahead of him).

** *** **



The Messenger
An All North Shore L. I. Newspaper
December 31, 1931


Why Don't You Criticize His Opinion, and Take The Law Into Your Own Hands?

Rev. Major Divine Granted Appeal to Higher Court
Constitutional Rights Invaded Because of Racial Prejudice

As we said in our first article on the subject of the illegal arrest of Major Divine the Pastor of Sayville, IF HE HAD A GOOD LAWYER, he could certainly beat that case.

The spectacle of Francis Hoag, Editor of the Suffolk County News haranguing the angry mob, and indicating what would happen down South, as reported by the press, was certainly another piece, all in part with the racial feeling evidenced.

Every one in that arrest has a proper action for damages, and we hope they will start in and make the law observe law.

County Judge Robert T. Oliver granted the application of the attorney of Rev. M. J. Divine.

It was the only thing to do, and the only right thing to do.

The fines put on these people by Justice Duryea should be returned. Forty-six defendants arrested and fined $5.00 each, $230! Fine bit of work for a local Justice's day?

The complaint of neighbors did nor warrant a forcible entry without warrant.

A nice libel suit instituted against the local newspapers would bring the matter further into the light.

No information was given the arrested parties as to their rights. Their statutory rights were violated. Their arrest was absolutely indefensible.

The right of assemblage for worship and the right of privacy, and the individual right of a citizen for protection from illegal arrest, have all been defied.


Sayville Mob Newspaper Rule gets a much needed lesson.

The people do not want nuisances, or improper places, and if there are such the law provides a remedy, along legal lines.

To break the law to get vengeance is to invite a breakdown of law.

County Judge Oliver is making a record for himself as a just and upright judge, unbiased and merciful, not using the law for private revenge.

As he has properly said, 'It is our duty not to break men but to make them.'

** *** **



Following upon published reports telling of the attitude taken by w... citizens of Sayville, Long Island, with regard to Father M. J. Divine and His followers, former Assistant United States Attorney James C. Thomas volunteered his services to defend the leader's property rights, which appeared to be jeopardized by the reputed action of the Sayville w...s.

FATHER DIVINE'S work in that community stirred resentment among the w...s by reason of the fact that His followers were from both races. Notwithstanding, that His property investment totals $30,000 or more, HE has been given an ultimatum requiring HIM to leave there with His followers not later than January 1, 1932, without regard to His real estate holdings.

In a telegram Mr. Thomas offered his services 'gratuitously to preserve those rights and privileges so sacred and won at so great a cost.'

In commenting on the matter, Mr. Thomas referred to the ouster movement against the group as being caused by the influx of a number of n...visitors to Father Divine's services denominating it 'as a means of depriving HIM of His constitutional right to own property where HE sees fit, and to worship GOD as HE sees fit.'

He declared further that 'such a situation is the concern of every n... man, woman and child in the United States, for if it is permitted to go on unnoticed and unchallenged, who can say but that tomorrow these and other constitutional rights and privileges will not be denied to each of us?

'To allow this incident to go unchallenged, and to single out the n...group as one not entitled to the full enjoyment of every right, privilege and immunity guaranteed by the Constitution is to weaken the foundation of democracy in the United States.'

'...In America there are too many public-spirited men and women to allow a handful of bigoted, prejudiced un-Americans at Sayville, L. i. to undermine the foundations upon which this great government is built.'


The New York Age
January 9, 1932


by Clifford Smith

Sayville, L. i., N. --- The old saying that right will overcome all odds seemed to again prove its truth in the case of Father Divine. The unbiased and fair mindedness of Judge Oliver in the handling of the case against Father Divine has prompted one of the w... Suffolk County newspapers to publish a statement suggesting that Father Divine and His followers who were arrested with Him should take legal action against certain newspapers and persons, to teach them respect and the legal rights of worship.

This is a move which Father Divine is considering. But as He stands for peace, He says He does not like to do such a thing unless compelled to do so.


Invited to Englewood

Sunday morning, Mrs. Rucker of Englewood asked Father Divine to come to Englewood, N.J., to conduct a meeting during this month and she would get the largest meeting place possible. Father Divine said He would gladly hold a meeting if He could be sure of a place large enough to seat and hold everyone comfortably.

An elderly lady thanked Father Divine for healing her from an illness from which she has suffered during the last 15 months. She said she was now in good health and was happy. She spoke of another person in Englewood who since contacting Father Divine mentally, had improved.

A surprise meeting was held in New Star Casino in New York City on Sunday evening, January 3. The Age reporter was again present, but like the meeting at Rockland Palace, the meeting was orderly and quiet.


Singer Claims Cure

While awaiting the arrival of Father and Mother Divine, the audience heard persons give several testimonials. One case that attracted considerable attention was that of a well known n... concert singer, who said she had lost her voice. Said she, 'I heard of Father Divine during my illness, and contacted Him. Today I am well, hale and hearty, and able to fill my concert engagements without a care on my mind.' There were many other testimonials of mental and physical healing.

Upon the entrance of Father and Mother Divine there was a great shout and demonstration of welcome. The speaking of Father Divine and the singing of Mother Divine were worth going miles to hear, and if emotions show the inner feelings, then all present, even to the police officers, enjoyed the meeting.


To Open Center

Out in Sayville there was a pitiful case of a young woman seriously ill, who was instantly healed by Father Divine, but at his request we were withholding her name. In the next couple of days Father Divine has promised me a statement of great interest to the public and I expect it to be ready for the next issue.

A new Divine Friendship Center is being formed and it will be opened to all who care to join it. As the New York Age office and staff have all they can do to handle their business, and as Father Divine and His aides are swamped with mail, full information concerning this center and its activities may be had by sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope to the home of The Age reporter and writer of these articles. Address: Clifford Smith, 159 West Main Street, Patchogue, L. I., N. Y.

** *** **


The New York Age



By Clifford Smith

Sayville, L. i., N. N. Y. an interview with Father Major J. Divine in His headquarters popularly known as Heaven, The Age reporter asked Father Divine about a matter which has caused much speculation on the part of outsiders, namely: 'What is the source of Your income?'

Father issued His usual statement that He did not accept or solicit money or aid from any persons or organizations and was not connected with any organization. He said, 'I AM a free gift to man and want to be received and known as such.'


The Barefoot Prophet

Our talk lead to the 'Barefoot Prophet' who is a well known figure in Harlem and elsewhere. This man at one time was just as any of us are or may have been, to put it as he would, 'ignorant of Christ.' But one thing that few people know, he says, is that he fully accepted the 'Word' as given and teachings of Father Divine, for Father Divine came to him in spirit in Johnstown, PA., and spoke telling him to go and carry the message regardless of distance, weather conditions or obstacles.

He at once set out to do just as he is seen today. He also says that he has been and is being wonderfully blessed daily through mental contact with Father Divine, even to the extent of overcoming hindrances by the law, etc. in his mission. So much for the 'Barefoot Prophet.'


To Be Weekly Meetings

Father Diving told me that hereafter there will be weekly meetings in St. Luke's Hall in West 130th Street, New York City, where there will be no collection of any kind and people may come and be healed and relieved of their burdens.


*The cause for the great failure in the earth today among the nations...is all because of being divided..But I have come as an abstract expression causing you to recognize GOD'S Actual Presence and you have made this declaration and you have declared I AM your FATHER. 1-1-51

Editor's Note: This pull-out section continues with a reporter's account of his interview with FATHER DIVINE. The account was begun on page S-52 of the previous pull-out section.

'There are also meetings of students, called centers, all over the city and world,' said Father Divine and continued that, 'at this time there is a party of students en route to Sayville from Europe for teaching that they may return and carry on the work.' In explaining the meetings, Father Divine said that these meetings both weekly and of the centers, are to heal, revive, teach and give people who wish a chance to concentrate and to understand His mottos, as He gives them.

The two main mottos are:

'The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply and will satisfy every good desire.' Another is 'The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.'

'This, says Father Divine, 'is the key to My Teaching and the full understanding of its blessings promised and benefits derived from true faith and love of our fellow man.'

In response to my request, Father Divine then gave me the following letter to investigate, which I did. I again omit names by request and will product them upon request or demand and as more and more important letters are verified they shall be published.

I have been questioned by some as to my belief, feeling, etc., toward Father Divine, and again say, I am not, nor have been a student or follower of Father Divine but write these articles as a newspaper reporter in the interest of telling the public through an unprejudiced, unbiased and uninfluenced paper what work Father Divine is carrying on.

Though He is hindered on some sides and mocked on others, He is a very kind, pleasant Person, tolerant, who meets everyone with kindness and a smile and is painstaking in explaining His Teachings and Works.


Testimonial Letters

A few of the letters received and answered by Him follow:

This one is from Mrs. F. B. of West 129th Street, New York City and is dated December 24, 1931 and reads:

'Dear Father: My mother has been paralyzed and flat on her back and unable to talk for four months. Since I was to your meeting last Sunday she can move herself off the bed and sit on a chair with a little help. It is wonderful, Father, wonderful. Her mind is a little weak from high blood pressure but she has had great faith in you from the first.'

Another letter from a Miss M. H., of West 62 Street, New York City, is as follows:

'Peace, Dear Father: I am so glad the Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counselor, the King of kings has come to redeem the world from darkness and to give eternal life.

'I am so glad, Father, when I first heard about You I was sick. I contacted You and now am thankful to say I am well, healthy, joyful, peaceful, loving, happy and prosperous. I shall spend eternity following in Your footsteps. Thank You again, Father, for so many blessings, for Your spirit which dwelleth within.'

At this point Father Divine said:

'You see again I need not touch or meet you but your faith in contact will bring desirable results.' There is another letter which shows us what some people in Europe think of Father Divine and His Teaching.


An internationally known lecturer and speaker
Walter Clemow Lanyon writes as follows

Leyland Road
London, England
December 12, 1931

'Dear Father:

'The First copy of the book right from the press, entitled, `It is Wonderful' went on its way last night to You. I know you will receive it with all the love it is given to You. I know it will bless and help many and lead thousands to You.

'I have great joy in it all. It is my testimony of three hours I spent with You in person and the thousands of contacts I have had with You in the unseen. It is wonderful, Father, the glorious revelation you have poured through me...' (The letter is from Walter Lanyon.)

** *** **


The New York Age
January 9, 1932


By Clifford Smith

Sayville, L. I., N. N. Y. we find Father Divine on the top of the heap. Again we find his tolerance and theory placing Him in such a position that His foes are made to look like so much dust under His Feet, if we may put it so plainly.

From East, West, North and South, mail, phone messages and telegrams pour in from rich and poor, b... and w..., offering their time, money, services and their very souls to this truth as taught by Father Divine. It is remarkable how many people of all races, creeds and colors, far and near, are lining up with Father Divine.

One of the local broadcasting stations has offered its services and aid to Father Divine in the past week and in offering the use of the station told Him that He may use it at any time He may want. So we look forward to hearing Him or attending one or maybe more of His meetings right in our homes, if not able to be personally present.

The New York Age reporter has on hand many letters telling of healings credited to Father Divine and has met many who have been personally healed by Him. In an effort to find out the sentiments of w... people in a nearby community as to their attitude on Father Divine, the reporter conducted a poll and it proved very interesting.

It was the consensus of opinion among rich and poor that the great work of Father Divine should and must go on. We found eight out of ten persons wanted Father Divine to stay and continue His work. There were five persons who voted Him out of Sayville who have had a change of heart and now want Him to remain here.

The new Friendship Center is growing stronger daily. Anyone wishing information may receive full particulars by sending a stamped and self-addressed envelope to Clifford Smith, 159 West Main Street, Patchogue, Long Island, N. Y.

Father Divine has requested me to state to the public that He wants everyone, man, woman and child to realize that Christ is within him as it will make it so easy to contact Him. There are at hand at this time many letters from persons who have been healed of different sicknesses; also two letters from England, one giving thanks for a healing of a woman who was at death's door but now is well and hearty.

Sometime during the month of January Father Divine will conduct a meeting in Englewood, N. J.


The Suffolk Citizen


Many Witnesses Testify For and Against Him;

Jury Recommends Mercy For ... Evangelist.
Sentence Monday

The Rev. M. J. Divine of 72 Macon Street was convicted on Wednesday by a jury in the Nassau County Court before Judge Lewis J. Smith, on an indictment charging Him with maintaining a public nuisance at His local tabernacle.

The indictment followed a raid on the Divine establishment last winter when He and about eighty of His followers were brought before Justice Charles Duryea and charged with disorderly conduct, after neighbors had complained of loud noises coming from the house.


Jury Recommends Leniency

The jury recommended leniency and Divine was remanded to the county jail for sentence on May 31.

Although several defense witnesses testified that Divine did not say He was God, at least two of them asserted that they believed He was God. One of these was Heavenly Rest, a 26- year-old secretary and former Boston University student. The other was James Maynard Mathews, former Boston University student. Both are followers of Divine.

Mathews added, 'I believe that everybody has God in them, but Divine is the perfected expression of God.'

More than a score of witnesses testified that when they had visited Divine's Center they had found no disorder and no undue noise. Among those who upheld Divine's place were ministers, clerks, a singer and a playwright, Marjory Locke of 245 Lowery Street, Long Island City.


Religious Worship No Issue

In charging the jury, Justice Smith said, 'There is no issue as to the form of religious worship in this case but one cannot use religion as a cloak for the commission of crime. Jurors should bear that in mind. There may be those who believe this defendant is God. There are undoubtedly many who believe He is not God, and those who do not believe He is God are entitled to have their rights protected the same as those who believe He is God.'

Divine, who did not take the stand, told Ralph Hughes, clerk of the court that He was 52 years old and was born in Providence, R. I. He said he had no education. He gave His occupation as a minister and said He had been in Boston and had done evangelical work in Baltimore.

James Thomas, attorney for Divine, said that he would file an appeal.

The penalty for the offense is $1,000 fine or a 5 months jail term, or both.

(Note: Two photographs follow.)

Caption under first photo:

Right: Heavenly Rest and wearing a perpetual smile, testifying in the Sayville Court during the trial of herself and 31 other w... and c... followers of 'Father' Divine of Sayville, charged with 'making noise'. All the noise Heavenly made, she told assistant District Attorney Arata, was to greet her companions and Divine with the salutation 'Peace' and 'Wonderful Father.' Heavenly is shown giving the DA the 'ha-ha' as she heard Judge Duryea exonerate her.

at the Tarrytown Estate


James Maynard Mathews,
known then as John Lamb.
(shown here with FATHER DIVINE)
who testified at the trial that FATHER DIVINE is
the perfected expression of GOD.
Mathews later became FATHER DIVINE'S Personal Secretary,
It was he who produced 'John Lamb's Notebook,'
republished in the New Day and now on the Internet.





GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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