"Never Curse, but Always Bless, If You Desire to Be Blessed.
"In All Thy Ways Acknowledge HIM, and HE Shall Direct Thy Paths."


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb


MOTHER DIVINE at The Home of the Soul

MOTHER DIVINE at  The Home of the Soul





Installment 13



'What We Sow We Must Also Reap'

'I heard a speaker say today that we should know the truth and not see anyone being persecuted, for there is no persecution or prosecution in the Great Universal Cosmic Mind. GOD is Love and GOD is manifested, and GOD's Love is all power and HIS Love towards those of mankind that will seek and serve HIM, you might know that HIS Love will reach the condition of all men and hover and protect them according to their faith, and therefore there is no persecution.

'In perfect peace I'll keep thee, whose mind is stayed on me.'

I do indeed feel very sympathetic at times for those who think they are persecuting ME. I rejoice to know that they are MY friends, but I feel, if I could, in a way of speaking, sorry for those who think they are MY enemies, for I know that what we sow we must also reap, and if you sow envy, strife or any of those negative expressions of life, you will tend to reap that and you will reap a good crop. It is Wonderful!

As I so often say, thoughts of blessings and cursing's are as chickens, they come home to roost, if they ever leave home, but so often they never leave home because they like to hang around home. So never curse, but always bless, if you desire to be blessed. 'Bless, and curse not.' Allow your very body, temple, not to be a body of cursing's and depravity, but allow your very body to be a temple of GOD wherein dwelleth righteousness with love and tender compassion and mercy and hospitality, for that which we sow we must also reap. So I feel sympathetic and in a way, sorrowful for those of the public that think they are persecutors, for I know that is sure to come back to them. It is not to say maybe, but it will certainly come back. What we sow we must also reap. That is why I desire to see prosperity, I desire to see happiness expressed. I don't desire to see any be a failure or unfortunate, for every one that is successful in life, it alleviates so much depression and lack and want, and therefore it helps to make the earth a fit place to live wherein peace and joy and health and happiness will manifestedly exist and the Kingdom of GOD will be made universal. We know that the Kingdom has come and that the Will is now being done in this Omnipresent Life in which we all live, but in mortal consciousness they are not conscious of it and they see states of lack and want and all kinds of disastrous conditions. They establish them in their consciousness and it tends to produce them in their world, but in our world we find peace and joy and happiness, and as I always say in correspondence, it always leaves ME well, healthy, lively, loving, successful, happy and prosperous in every organ, muscle, sinew, vein and bone, and in every atom, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form. And you are the same if you only know it. All you need do is to claim it, affirm it and live it, and GOD will confirm it, increase and multiply it.


Not 'You Will GET the Victory,' but 'Faith IS the Victory!'

If you think that you are sick then you are sick. If you go out on any battlefield and think you are licked, you are licked. Faith is the victory, that is a word that cannot be refuted. It is the victory in any battle. Why did Jack Dempsey always win? Because he believed that he would win. He had the victory in his own mind. Carry with you the victory in your own breast and the conviction within yourself that you are on the victorious side. Now it did not say, if you have faith you will get the victory, it said,

'Faith is the victory.'

It is the victory in any battle. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Now that is a simple word and you have read over it hundreds of times, but you have never got the significance of it as you have it now. Faith is the victory. You don't have to do a thing, just have faith. Faith is the victory. That is GOD's Word and GOD's Word cannot fail.

'Firm as a rock, these words shall stand, Whilst rolling ages shall cease to move.'

Faith is the victory, therefore we know that we have the victory.

Truly might the apostle have said on one occasion,

'There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.'

Then he said,

'Blessed be the Lord and God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. . . for he hath given us the victory.'

Truly might the composer have said: 'Firm as a rock, this church shall stand,' for Christ said to Peter,

'Upon this rock'--upon this faith --'shall I build my church; and the gates of h--l shall not prevail against it.'

It cannot fail; it is a matter of impossibility. Nothing can prosper against this Truth, for this Truth is stronger than death; it is the unadulterated Love of GOD. So we can rejoice because we do not think we have the victory, we know we have the victory. It is Wonderful!

If you have faith you can move mountains. If you have faith you can move all undesirable conditions and the desirable condition will be established in its stead. If you have faith you can establish the Kingdom of GOD manifestedly in your world and naught can prohibit it. Therefore you need not falter nor fear, for you are one with your Creator, for GOD your Creator is your FATHER.


GOD Is the Father of Your Physical Body

That reminds ME of the common phrase I have heard in a story, but there is logic in it. A little child once said he knew who Santa Claus was and he said he knew who the d-v-l was, and he said, 'I know who he is because I know who Santa Claus is.' He was asked, 'Who is Santa Claus?' and he said, 'Oh, he is nobody but your daddy.' So just to the reverse, I know who GOD is. GOD has always been your FATHER. You have never had another. GOD is the FATHER of your physical body. GOD is the FATHER of your joints, your sinews, your muscles and your bones. GOD is the FATHER of every nerve in your bodily form. GOD is the FATHER of your physical structure. GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. So I can say I know who GOD is, HE is nobody but your FATHER. HE has been with you all the time, but I came to bring you to that conscious realization that by your realizing this you can visualize it until you realize GOD in your consciousness, yea, even in your bodily form. For through visualization and concentration and through relaxation and consecration and sacrifice you will bring into realization the allness of GOD that you have so long sought.


Will Never Be Satisfied Until You Know the Father

You will never be satisfied and never can be until you shall have come to the FATHERHOOD of GOD. Until you come to the FATHERHOOD of GOD there is no peaceful and quiet resting place or place of satisfaction. You will never be satisfied, for it is understood that Philip spoke for all mankind, only when you shall be in that state of consciousness. All of the disciples that had been with the Christ and had the witness that some of them did of the translation, yet they were not satisfied, and Philip said,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

And that was a request for the whole of humanity. You have never seen a satisfied person that has not seen the FATHER. But when you will find one that has come to the FATHERHOOD of GOD and gained absolutely the FATHERHOOD of GOD, you will find one getting to that place of contentment and being satisfied.

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

Also, Jesus said:

'Have I been so long with you, and yet have you not known me, Philip? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.'

Why? Because they were still calling for something and they were not fully satisfied, born in the Sonship degree of expression, but,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

And then Jesus went on to say,

'In that day ye shall ask me nothing . . . but whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will do it.'

That is, you will be the Son, and in His name ask the FATHER for whatsoever you desire, and that is what HE will do.

Now that is why you all are so happy, because there is the FATHERSHIP Degree of expression being unfolded, and when you realize it, it brings great consolation and satisfaction to the soul. It is Wonderful! So I can again say that you are being convinced now that GOD is your physical FATHER and always has been your physical FATHER. GOD put on a body to appease the mortal state of human mind that was functioning in bodies, until that mind should have been brought out and see and realize that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. Jesus, the great Love Master, strove to get men to realize that when He said:

'O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have hovered you, as a hen hovers her brood,'

etc. He desired to birth them out or hatch them out, so to speak, into the Sonship degree as He was. He was manifestedly the Son of GOD and He desired them to realize that they were sons of GOD; not sons of GOD, but the Son of GOD individually expressed or manifested to appease the concept of the human mind. But we realize that as they would not allow Him to birth them out into this understanding, to know that they are the sons of GOD, He said they 'would not.'

As John records it,

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God . . . And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory as the glory of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth . . .' and '. . . as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God.'

And not only they, but as many as believed, to them gave he power to become the sons of God.

So you see, it is wonderful to see your calling, and to make your calling and election sure, being elected as one of the elect of the Most High; being sure that you are elected and that you elect Christ for your King, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords over your affairs, whatsoever they may be, for wheresoever a king reigns there is his kingdom.


The Cosmic Mind Is Trying to Hover You and All the Inhabitants of America

Now allow Christ to reign in you and over your affairs and that is where His Kingdom will be. Make your calling and election sure that you will be sure to be called in the CHRIST Consciousness yea, being the Christ that was in the body called Jesus as your KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, and you will find that He will be reigning King over you and your affairs. Do you not see the great significance of it?

President Wilson was in Europe during the war, but that did not say that he was a president over there; he was president only of the United States, the country that had elected him king. And so it is with every one of us that will elect the Christ KING of Kings and LORD of Lords over our affairs; then and there will the Kingdom of Christ be, and there is no other king. But as long as you allow mortality to reign in you and over your affairs, you cannot bring the Kingdom of GOD to materialization in your affairs. The seed idea may be there just as in the egg that has not been incubated or set. It has the qualities of the full-grown chick, but it must be incubated or set to take form and to be useful and brought into fruition and be manifest to the world as a live chick. The CHRIST in ME and the CHRIST in you is just the same as that seed idea of the chicken of the mother bird and the father bird. Every egg has the seed idea of the mother bird and the father bird in itself. It has all of their qualities, but it must take form. Before taking form it must be developed and hatched out, and then developed and brought to fruition in the outer life before it can be manifestedly the identical sample and example, or the identical image of his breed.

So the CHRIST is in you waiting to be brought into fruition, Dear Ones, but you can only bring HIM into fruition as you put off mortality. You will be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and you will bring forth the perfect image of CHRIST to the world. Then and there the KING of Kings shall have come on earth in your affairs as HE has here. Every person has the same right. It is not another. The great Universal Cosmic Mind, as being the CHRIST Consciousness over all, is trying to hover you and all of the inhabitants of America as did the CHRIST over and upon the idea conceived by Mary, to bring forth the Christ to fruition and manifest Him to the world. And there will be no other. Therefore, faith is the victory, as I said, and I have it. I have the victory over every adverse condition, over every adverse wind, and over every undesirable condition, for faith is the victory that overcomes, even your faith. I thank you.'


My Spirit Will Wreck You Without My Mind

This morning things seemed particularly quiet and peaceful at the table and Miss Mary got up and gave a long vehement talk about FATHER's power and Glory, etc., and the sinfulness of flesh. The night before, there had been a meeting at the new center in St. Luke's Hall, New York City, at which about a thousand people had been present and FATHER had gone in to address the crowd. We were all waiting at the table to hear the results of FATHER's trip and HE had been making a few remarks about the attitude of the crowd when Miss Mary gave her talk. After Miss Mary finished FATHER got up and said that she had covered the ground very completely, and therefore, there was no need for HIM to say anything, that if HE had those who spoke for HIM, there was nothing for HIM to say.

He continued: 'If you are lost in ME, if you are lost in MY Will, if you are MY temple, then why do you use MY Words and use MY temple when it is not MY Will? There is a time and place for everything. I so often tell the story of the engine that went wild and wrought destruction because the governor belt came off. It ran all right and was useful, under control, but when the governor belt that controlled it came off, it was destructive. It is like a fire horse that gets spirited going to a fire. It is all right so long as he is under control, but if he runs into the fire it is not all right.

My Spirit will set you on fire, but without MY Mind and MY Will, the stimulation of MY Spirit will wreck you with the mortal mind. But you must let MY Mind, the Mind that was in CHRIST JESUS be in you. It is Wonderful! The spiritual vibrations are wonderful. They will give you so much energy, they will lift you so high you will contact the CHRIST vibrations and you will transcend gravitation, but you must have the Mind of GOD and the Will of GOD, for if you transcend gravitation without the Mind of GOD, you might run into the sun or the moon instead of some of the other planets that are more harmonious to your well-being. If you ran into the sun you would burn up and if you ran into the moon you would freeze to death. So, with the Mind of GOD and the right understanding, you will know how to protect yourself, and not use your power to destroy yourself or anybody else.

Now MY children are lost in MY Will. MY little children are lost in MY Will and unless you are lost in MY Will you must be someone else. If you are personally lost in MY Will you will say as others have said, as the body called Jesus said,

'Not my will, but thy will be done,'

and if you are in MY Will, if you know ME, whatsoever I will then that will be your pleasure in your spirit, your soul, your mind and your body. If I want you to jump overboard why then you would do it. If I did not want you to say anything why then you would not say it. The only deviation would come when you do not know whether it is MY Will and you may falter. But when you have a sneaky feeling, as they so often say, that it is not MY Will, why you wouldn't do it, and especially when I say distinctly unto you, I do not want you to do so and so, or to go such and such a place, you would not do it.

'They are mine, saith the LORD, for I am making up my jewels.'
'Not my will, but thine, be done.'

That is the will of the CHRIST and it will always feel that way, will always think that, not about one thing alone, but it will be forever. If I did not think it was the will of MY Spirit to wear clothes I wouldn't wear any. If I didn't think it was the will of MY Spirit to go by or stay any place I wouldn't go by or stay, but I AM in MY Will. This Body has to be lost in MY Will and controlled by MY own Will and Mind, and that is the way everybody can be happy.

Be faithful in that work in which you are called. First know, or if you do not know positively, think you are doing the Will of GOD according to your idea, and you will be blessed, but if you deviate and do that which you consciously know is not the Will of GOD, then it is evidently known that you are going against common well-being; you are going against your own GOD and destroying yourself. That is why I spoke through those in India, known as the Masters, who say you can take this power, but without the right concept of yourself you will destroy yourself. You must learn to be governed by the Mind of CHRIST, and governed through by the Mind of CHRIST. That is what it means when it says:

'Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:'

then the government is on His shoulders, and then it is manifestedly the Kingdom of GOD. That is the sole essential. Then the mortal mind and all carnality, and whatsoever is opposed to ME, cannot criticize you as long as you stay in MY Will, it cannot knock you, it cannot criticize you. But as soon as you get out, even though you be in the Spirit, then that mind will criticize you, will antagonize you. So be watchful that you do not use your own power, which is your own GOD, which is your own self, in a way of speaking, to hinder yourself, to cut yourself off.


MY Private Secretary Is Self-denied

As I said the other day, there are plenty of people who are too nosey. I just don't need them for MY business or MY affairs anyhow, for if they are lost in MY Will they would not want to know things. Now I AM not speaking about Mary now, for she is my private secretary. That is why she could be My private secretary, because she denied herself. I wouldn't want anyone as a private secretary who did not deny themselves. It is the same as with a judge or a juror. If you elected a juror, you wouldn't want one who was the defendant's brother, or sister, or friend, and it is just the same with this Kingdom, you have to be completely detached from the mortal version of things, for the mortal version of things is completely antagonistic to it. Now there are those who think they have known ME long before some others here, and yet they are not at that place to fill positions in the Kingdom wherein they would be, if they were detached entirely from the old world. It is Wonderful! If you are a subject of the United States, why ordinarily, if you are a great representative of the United States, and there was a case to come against the United States with some other country, naturally they would not take a subject of the United States to condemn the United States, would they now? They would be for the United States who had no separation from the United States, and that is the way it is in the Kingdom. And that is why Christ said,

'Unless a man forsake all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.'

It is Wonderful!

Activities of the Kingdom

Now I wish again to say that I was apparently away yesterday and last night, but yet I was here just the same and you all know that I AM here and out there, and as I was just telling the secretaries before I left the office, I said that each one takes MY dictation, which is MY quotation, to the public every day, and confess it one to another, 'FATHER is here as well as there; it is not that you have to contact HIM Personally.' Now that is true, so therefore, whether I AM here Personally or not, they will know that I do not have to be here in Person. So it was indeed a wonderful unfoldment last night. Anyway there were many faces seen. Apparently the majority of them enjoyed themselves.'

At this point one or two of the old students, who had been in New York working, had attended the meeting and returned with FATHER, told with great joy of the whole audience crowding around FATHER just to shake HIS hand and of the crowds turned away and of how they stood up on cars and blocked the sidewalks until the police had to clear the way. FATHER replied, 'Of course, I was glad to see the people receive ME so readily and we all enjoyed the evening, but nothing of that nature makes ME happy or unhappy. Of course, nothing stressfully appeals to Me more than that which is the Appealer. There is nothing of a material nature that really appeals to ME because there is something in MY Consciousness that transcends all material things.

So I AM here and there and I AM everywhere, and I don't have to be here in Person and I don't have to be there in Person. So it is Wonderful! It is a wonderful two-edged sword.'

** **** **


Several days ago a Doctor McCoy said to be a brain specialist from New York, together with another doctor and one of the state Police, called at FATHER's for one of the angels, Miss Consolation, formerly known as Martha Messenger, and connected with the Theater Guild in New York. Miss Consolation was across the street at number 51 Macon Street and the men were sent there. When they arrived Miss Consolation was in the front room and five or six of the other angels in the house were in various rooms from which the conversation could be overheard. The men had come at the request of relatives to take her away and the officer had his handcuffs ready in case she was violent. The impression was that she was insane. Miss Consolation told them, however, that her relatives had done nothing to help her when she was down and out and needed money, and that FATHER had taken her in, had asked no questions and had given her food and shelter and the highest spiritual teaching she had ever had, and all her relatives could go to grass so far as she was concerned, as she never intended going back to them. The men shot questions at her but she could not be confused, and FATHER talked right back through her and in the end confounded them so that when they went away they laughed and shook hands and she invited them to come again. Dr. McCoy is evidently a prominent doctor in New York and from what he learned of FATHER's Work he must have been favorably impressed. And so it goes on day after day through various channels--the publicity FATHER's Work is gaining is going beyond all bounds. The date of the above incident was about December 10, 1931.

** **** **


Last night there was another large meeting in New York and FATHER drove in taking Brother Joseph, Brother Strong and myself with HIM. When we arrived the hall was jammed with a thousand or twelve hundred people, and perhaps two or three hundred were waiting outside. The meeting had been under way for some time when we arrived and as we squeezed through the crowd following FATHER to the platform, the whole crowd rose up and tried to press over to the aisle in which FATHER was walking. We gained the platform, however, and FATHER was seated among ten or a dozen speakers, some ministers, some outdoor lecturers and others. Most of them were acquainted with FATHER Personally. . .

'It is wonderful to know that GOD is everywhere, but you have to see HIM as HE is. If HE is there in the Spirit, see HIM in the Spirit. If HE is there in the Mind, see HIM in the Mind.' This was said after there had been some discussion at the table about FATHER's Personal absence from the Kingdom.


Ascend As the Infinite or Universal Son

'As a pre-evidence of the ascension of the Infinite Son to the FATHER, the individual Son, it went down on record as though He ascended from the earth plane to the heavenly state of consciousness to the FATHER, and it went down also on record,

'Glorify me with the same glory I had with thee before the world was.'

The Sonship degree as an individual was, in other words, individually manifested nineteen hundred years ago, and individually manifested in nineteen hundred and thirty. The Sonship degree has been glorified, even in this age. Now it has been resurrected. Now it is making its ascension, its individual ascension supposedly. So you are rising now. Materialism actually crucified the Son, the Sonship degree, the universal Son, and through spirituality the FATHERHOOD of GOD has raised Him up. And now He is ascending back to the FATHER from the Sonship degree to the FATHERHOOD of GOD. It is Wonderful!

That is your real and only true heritage, your highest calling,

'Glorify thou me with the same glory I had with thee before the world was.'

As an individual the Christ spoke. . . So it is a wonderful blessing, and that is why you know no doubt nor fear, for in the Sonship degree remember what He said--that when He sent His servants they beat them and cast them out and sent them away shamefully wounded. And at last He said He would send His Son and the Sonship degree was sent to materialism and mortality or even personality, as we may term it to be, and they received Him not; they murdered Him in their consciousness and cast Him out that the inheritance might be mortality's and personality's. But what says the parable--that the Lord of those husbandmen will come and destroy those husbandmen and give the vineyard unto others. 'John Smith' is being put out of business and in the reign of the FATHERHOOD of GOD the vineyard will belong to the FATHER and you then will be heirs and joint heirs with Christ, and you then will begin to drink it anew in your FATHER's Kingdom. And here and now we are beginning to drink of the fruit of the vine. It is Wonderful! Joy beyond degrees, for it is written,

'I am the true vine, and ye are the branches.' '. . . every branch in me that bringeth forth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit;'

and we are in the Kingdom now, and we are drinking it new. So it is a wonderful blessing to realize your heritage and to realize to where you have been called.

Realize that you are ascending as the Infinite or Universal Son to the Infinite or Universal FATHER, where you are glorified with the same glory you had before you left the FATHERHOOD Degree in the glorious bosom of consolation. It is Wonderful! And here and now is the time. Therefore you have nothing to fear. And this is it that was, or is now exactly as was with the Sonship degree, for the Son gave up His life, the Sonship degree, and GOD raised the Son up and GOD has made Him both Christ and Lord to the glory of GOD. So it is Wonderful!

Now just think of it, how marvelous it is to be lifted from materialism, from mortality to spirituality, to immortality. It is Wonderful! It is a wonderful blessing your minds are above the barriers and limitations of mortality and materialism. You realize that material things are controlled by the Spirit or the Divine Principle that is back of material things, and that material things are the materialized Spirit. And in that we can rejoice, because you have ascended back to the FATHER and been glorified with the same glory that you had before the world was. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! And that is what has startled the nation and stirred it up, because the mortal mind, or 'John Smith,' desires to keep you in the Sonship, nothing more than the Sonship degree, because that thought or expression can always be overcome. He said,

'Here comes the heir. We will kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.'

But you have arisen. You arose above the Sonship degree and therefore you cannot be overcome any more. I AM so glad that there are some beginning to see that for which I came.'


'All That You Really Are Is GOD'

'There are joys flowing like a river every day and you and I can enjoy them. It is a wonderful thing to come to this place in consciousness where you realized that you can produce whatever you gaze upon. Whatever you gaze upon, that is what you tend to materialize, since you are made in the express image of GOD your FATHER. I was talking to a party a little while ago that thought her mother had had a stroke and they were seemingly in agony to think of it. But I was telling them that in reality your mother cannot have anything but that which is good, for GOD is your MOTHER and you never had another. When you get to this place in consciousness and realize it, you shall have detached yourself from all materialism and from all matter and from all mortality, and shall have attached yourself to the true Divine Mind which will lift you, as the song says: 'With tender hands He lifted me, from shades of night to planes of light, He lifted me.' It is a great consolation to know that your thoughts are things and as I said to the party, when you realize that your MOTHER is GOD and you never had another then you cast the trouble out of your system by casting it out of your consciousness and you will not be subject to the infirmities, and neither will she be subject to the infirmities of mortality. When you realize that you are absolutely one with GOD, that your body is one with GOD and all that you really are, is GOD, your mother, your father, your sisters, your brothers and all of your kin and everything else that you ever thought that you had that was good, is GOD. You never had another.

GOD condescended to put on and permit HIMSELF to put on mortal bodies through which to bring into outward expression other mortal bodies to appease the mortal concept of the human mind until those HE has brought forth into the world have risen to realize their oneness with GOD and have lost to this extent the limited degrees of consciousness concerning themselves and everybody else. And Jesus, the great Love Master, strove to get men to see and realize that, nineteen hundred years ago, supposedly in the days of ignorance. He strove to get men to realize that HE was one with GOD and that GOD was His FATHER and that men had failed to realize that and therefore, looked upon themselves as worms of the dust and afraid, and filled with corruption. Jesus said,

'When ye pray, pray ye our Father,'

He did not say, 'Pray ye Jesus' Father.' You see that would have been well enough for this day, to those of you who think GOD is Jesus' FATHER. The Christian world believes GOD is Jesus' FATHER and they don't believe GOD is their FATHER and your FATHER. They only think GOD is Jesus' FATHER, but HE is just as much your FATHER as HE was Jesus' FATHER. When you know it and when you put off that mortal version concerning yourself then you will be able to declare, even as He did, that GOD is 'my' FATHER and you never had another.

So as I was telling the party, when you realize that GOD is your MOTHER and has put on that body to prepare HIMSELF a body to function in on the earth, on the material plane, to appease the mortal concept of the human mind that calls itself your mother, and when you realize that is GOD's body,

'Know ye not that ye are the temples of the living GOD?'

'And GOD has said, I will walk in them, and talk in them.' And when you realize that

'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us . . . And we beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth,'

the same was in the beginning, and I can say the same today, the Word has been made flesh and it dwells among us, but that is you. Your body is a body of flesh, made out of the Word of GOD. GOD said,

'Let us make man in our own image,'

therefore, your very body is a body of flesh, the Word of GOD materialized, and we can behold HIS glory.

So as I said to the party, now cast out of your consciousness and out of your system, by casting it out of your consciousness, and out of her system and out of the systems of those that concerned her, all of the belief that this individual is something apart from GOD. Cast out of your consciousness that your mother has a stroke and you will cast it out of her system. So whatever we think, that is what we tend to produce in our physical structure and in the physical structure of those we come in contact with.


'We Are Made Up Of What We Think'

I saw a boy once, and I have told the story many times and I don't want to ride a horse to death, but it will serve to bring your minds together in one accord with those who have heard it so often, and this boy had a face just like a lion and like an old lion with hair hanging in his eyes and all over his face and he looked just like a lion, and it was said that his mother had seen a lion before he was born, and that was the reason he looked like that. Now that is one of the greatest material or psychological truths that you ever heard. She gazed upon that lion and visualized it, and it would have been just the same even though it had not been a lion if she thought it was a lion. If she visualized it so stressfully that it really impressed her with fright or anything of that kind, it would have tended to produce that likeness in her child's life. So it is with us in spiritual things. We can visualize so stressfully and so firmly anything, that we can produce that in our lives mentally and spiritually and physically. We are made up of what we think, and others are made after the similitude of our thoughts. Now we visualize life and health and happiness; we visualize peace, success and prosperity. I visualize wisdom, peace, life, health and happiness, therefore, I produce nothing else but that and I refuse to visualize sickness and death, and I refuse to allow death to enter MY State of Consciousness--no thieves, nor anything of that kind--and I will tell you more as soon as I answer this letter.


'All That You Receive of GOD Must Come By Faith'

Therefore, I refuse to gaze upon anything but righteousness and truth. Only the desirable shall produce and reproduce in MY Words, acts, deeds and in MY system. I will not allow things that are undesirable to exist in MY world, for I have declared by a recent composed motto, but often rehearsed, The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. And I must live up to that by bringing it into actuality to the world. But if I tend to gaze upon anything that is undesirable, I will tend to produce, to create and re-create that in MY system and manifest it in MY Body. I AM rejoicing because as I say, these are facts and figures that are too stout to be denied, and your high affirmations do not lessen your growth but help your growth by your gazing upon the higher standards of life and seeking after higher things, for as another recent motto goes, Just beyond your highest affirmation lie the fields of endless joy beyond degrees, and we know that is true. These often spoken things have been tried and brought into outer expression long before I composed in a motto this affirmation. It is actually true that your highest affirmation of happiness, peace and joy, of life, of health and love, and everything else that is good, when you are working by the spirit of faith, is for your highest good. It is Wonderful! It is always good for your highest good, for you are justified by faith. You have blessings that came not by sight but by faith. Justify yourself by faith and not by sight. In other words, GOD will justify you by faith. If you will live in the spirit of truth and the spirit of faith, you can make your affirmations and your declarations of things that seem not to be in mortal consciousness, but yet by faith you are justified,

'for faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.'

That is one of your most precious and certain truths, that one that is by faith. All that you receive of GOD must come by faith, first by faith before it is by sight, and if you wait until you see something, then that is not by faith, for faith is the substance of the thing hoped for. I have what I see not, and I have that which you think I know not. Therefore, as a sample and as an example I just made that affirmation for others that they may see and know, it is Wonderful! You are justified, I say, by faith, and in that you have peace with GOD. It is Wonderful!


'I Have Everything That the Whole World Wants'

The party had just got a telegram that her mother had had a stroke far away and she was in agony, but when I talked with her thuswise, instantaneously she contacted ME, and by faith she received the result. Her mother's health was restored and she was running around just the same as she always did. Therefore, by being justified by faith, she had peace that came, wherein she was not sorry and not troubled and could get around instantaneously. She had peace with GOD through our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Truly might have one said:

'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and his name shall be called Wonderful, mighty Counselor, Prince of Peace.'

It is a great consolation to have a Counselor and a mighty GOD. I AM sure that that party's soul and body both were consoled through the consolation she received. And first by faith and after that now she will get the telegram by sight, for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it, and it plainly says,

'In my name shall you cast out d-v-ls . . . you shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.'

So I know that they are blessed, and every one of you can be blessed according to your faith, consecration, relaxation, concentration, sacrifice and self- denial. It is Wonderful! And that is what all of this is about, because I know I have everything that the whole world wants. I have it. I have all that they have been seeking, and the key to every desirable condition, expressible and unexpressible. Now claim your rights and press your claims. Realize that you have it if you will live according to MY instruction and

'let this Mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.'

GOD is no respecter of persons, and GOD has no respect unto persons.

Now I have it because I think I have it. And I know I have, because you say I have it, for it is written,

'By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.'

I have everything that heart desires and I do not have to go by the way of mortality to bring it into actuality. I do not have to come by the way of man nor by the will of the flesh, but by the Will of GOD. Aren't you glad? Now claim your rights, and according to your faith so be it unto you. None of GOD's children should lack or want for anything. As I before said, The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. It is Wonderful! No space is vacant. Now if you cannot see it, it is because you are living in the mortal state of consciousness and the mortal eye cannot see the fullness of the abundance of good. But if you will only contact that main principle that is required for to enjoy the limitless blessings, then you will begin to behold, and that is faith, for you will get the substance of the thing and you will begin to draw from that substance more and more and the substance of the reality, until you shall have brought into your consciousness the actuality of the substance, and your heart shall be filled with joy.'








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