"People Will Try to Hoard Health and Wealth and Success Both Mentally and Spiritually,
and Financially and Otherwise for Themselves, but So Freely as Ye Have Received, Freely Give.

"If You Try to Hold or Hoard up for Yourselves Finances, You Will Finally Close the Door and Inlet There."



The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb


Installment 14

'You Must Let Out To Take In'


FATHER gave a wonderful talk at the table this evening in which HE said that as HE looked around at the different faces in HIS family HE could say that each one was a blessing to HIM. Each one was a blessing from GOD, especially as it was 'more blessed to give than to receive,' and HE believed HE was giving something to each one of us. Although the house has been closed to visitors for several weeks, a party of five was brought in from Boston by one of FATHER'S students and they have been here for a few days. A short time previously a man and his wife, who it was presumed were here to stay, had left very suddenly. So FATHER said that we could see that GOD had such blessings that if one went away there were two or three others to take his place.

HE continued to say: 'What you see that I AM on the physical plane or on the personal plane, this abundance that has flowed on undisturbed in the midst of depression and oppression and persecution, that after we eat and eat, still flows on in plenty, I AM that also on the spiritual and mental planes, and you can be blessed.' HE said HE knew why so many thousands of people today were without a cent in their pockets, and HE would tell us why. HE said that today there had been a great wind outside and it was like saying, 'I will open all the windows and doors and get a house full of wind and then close them tight so that I will have some in the house for tomorrow.' The people that today have no money had done that very thing. HE continued: 'They will try to hoard health and wealth and success both mentally and spiritually, and financially and otherwise for themselves, but so freely as ye have received, freely give. If you try to hold or hoard up for yourselves finances, you will finally close the door and inlet there. You will shut it off as well as the outlet. The intake manifold must take in if you expect to let out, and you must let out to take in; so it is essential that this is the expression.

If it would have only been those here now, you all know, you that have been here, that it has been hundreds and hundreds filled, and yet none need lack, for there is a full and a plenty for all. None need lack. So it is something to praise GOD for, isn't it? And now you can see and say to the world, what a glorious and marvelous blessing you have found. It is Wonderful!

Sayville Bank

Sayville Bank





The material is but the shadow, it is only the figure of the real that is back of all of it. Of course, as long as you walk in the light you will have a shadow. There is MY shadow on the wall there now, because we have a light in the house. If you do not have any light you cannot have a shadow. And if you have a light, as soon as you walk in the darkness, your shadow disappears. You can only have a shadow if something that is brighter than yourself reflects against you that your shadow may be reflected. The material things are only the shadow. It is Wonderful! And when you get out of the light and get in darkness, then lacks and wants and limitations begin, but as long as you walk in the light you will have your shadow with you, which is the material things, and you will not need lack for anything.'


Prejudice And Lust For The Opposite Sex Cause Degradation

'What was it that caused Adam to lose his birthright? Adhering to what the opposite sex said. It had not generally come, even then, to sects and creeds etc., but it was the opposite sex adhering to what each other said rather than what GOD said, and it has been that all the way down the line. It is Wonderful! What did cause Miriam and Aaron to become lepers, as white as snow? They adhered to their personal, mortal ideas and to that prejudicial seed that existed in their systems and they laughed at Moses because he had married an Ethiopian woman. And the woman laughed and so did the man laugh and they both became lepers, white as snow. That was both the prejudicial seed and the unification of the opposite sex being governed one by the other, and they both became lepers. That is why the prejudicial seed and that old lust and affection for the opposite sex rather than the love for GOD has caused so much degradation all the way down the line. It is Wonderful! That was the cause of Adam's being cast out of the Garden of Eden, and it has been the cause of many being cast out of the Kingdom right here. Some claim to know GOD and yet have more fleshly affection than they have Divine Love for GOD and HIS Cause. And it is written,

`Thou shalt not make unto thyself any graven image,'

for GOD created them, male and female. Therefore, men will make a graven image in the likeness of GOD when they take a woman unto themselves and when they take a woman unto themselves, and worship the woman. And it is written,

`Thou shalt love the LORD thy GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind,'


`He shalt sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver and he shall thoroughly purge the sons of Levi,'

and John said,

`His fan is in his hand, and he shall thoroughly purge his floor.'

So it is important, Dear Ones, that men must purge themselves all, if they would get to GOD. It is Wonderful!


If You Forsake Everything For CHRIST, You Become To Be the Same One

Now if a person cannot live exactly according to MY Life and MY Teachings they cannot be as I AM, for they must live it with ME before they can be it. That is why I say, those that have lived this life here in the Kingdom, those who have made their complete consecration, relaxation, concentration and self- denial, visualizing the perfect complete picture alone when you have made your complete self-denial and sacrifice, then and then only can you carry this message aright. If you live in fleshly affections, tendencies, pleasures, desires and fancies, it is then an impossibility for you to dwell with ME in peace, and if it is an impossibility for you to dwell with ME in peace, then it certainly is a matter of impossibility for you to live the Life when you are away from ME in Person. So that is why I have so often said through Miss Mary,

`Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image in the form of a human being.'

GOD created them male and female--the two in one and one in two. So that is why CHRIST said, unless you forsake your houses and lands, your brothers and your sisters, your fathers and mothers, you cannot follow Me, and if you do, you can not only be healed and saved and blessed, but you become the Blesser, one with CHRIST and one with GOD.

He that entereth in through the door of the sheepfold, the same is the Shepherd of the sheep. When you go through the door in the sheepfold you become to be the shepherd. You become to be that same One, there is no other, verifying that which Jesus prayed,

`I pray that they may be one even even as We are One

and you become to be one with CHRIST and one with GOD and you are that Shepherd. As I said last night in reference to the spirit in the body and body in the spirit called Mr. Lamb, if that body would continue in the spirit, it would be that eternally, but if the body would not go on in the spirit, the spirit would continue just the same without the body. As I said, I have not heretofore made known to the public that I have given anyone a name like that, but as he was led like a sheep to the slaughter and dumb as a sheep before her shearers, I called him `Lamb' and he is the Lamb of GOD and that will go down on record for someone took the minutes. Even though they do not publish it just now, it has gone down and it will be legalized, some day. If they try to keep it back, it must come forth for the Words that I AM speaking, they are Spirit and they are Life. I AM not studying about where I AM going. It is Wonderful! So that is why I say, if you live the Life, you are ME and I AM you. You can go as high as GOD, and that is as high as you can go. Nothing is higher than GOD. You can be one with GOD, but you cannot be one with HIM living in fleshly affections, desires, pleasures, fancies and tendencies. And every time you produce a man or a woman, it stinks in MY nostrils.


Cause Of The Flood And The Fall Of David And Solomon

Now then I did not bring out this in all of its entirety with Adam, and we have yet all of the Antediluvian World. What happened there? You were sons of GOD back there just as I have established you as sons of GOD now; and the sons of GOD looked upon the daughters of men because they were beautiful and they took unto themselves wives and GOD'S anger was kindled against the sons of men because HE said they all are flesh also, and GOD said to Noah to build the ark and it says distinctly that was the cause of the flood. They went out and took unto themselves wives. They imagined that that one was good-looking and they imagined they would get satisfaction living in mortal life. They imagined that was right to do and GOD'S anger was kindled against them, and so it is today; and then came the flood and destroyed all of the life, even the animals, off the face of the earth, because of the children of men and the sons of GOD.

Then began the new world as we may term it. After the flood they began to replenish, and they started out on that same lustful and affectional plan. After a long time GOD told David to build a house. Why was it that he could not build the house? He was a man of war, and because he looked upon a woman, that is why he could not build the house of GOD. That is why all men have been unable to do it. That has been the fall, men and women, the opposite sex, one after the other. It has always been the fall. How great and marvelous are Thy works, O GOD, for great and Holy is Thy Name. David ascended the throne by committing what amounted to first degree murder for righteousness' sake, but he descended from the throne for committing what might be termed only manslaughter in the fourth degree for his own carnal selfish ends.

An evening walk at the Great South Bay

An evening walk at the Great South Bay

Who knows that I could not have developed MYSELF in that body called Mrs. MacPherson* (Aimee Semple MacPherson) to the manifestation of GOD, had she not turned to the right and to the left. Mrs. Eddy (Mary Baker Eddy) the same way, and many great ones that would have been great had flesh and materialism not been allowed to creep in; but with those things creeping in they bound themselves in their mortal versions and it was impossible to get away from it. It is Wonderful! But in any case, so called, of the best conduct, you will find that that was pointed out as deadly poison, the mortal life. It is Wonderful! What did cause the fall of Solomon? The opposite sex, even though he did not go so far as to sin to such an extent that he would not build the temple. Yet the opposite sex caused him to fall, even though he was a pre-evidence of the Kingdom of GOD. Then GOD spoke in Ezekiel in the eighteenth chapter, saying,

`The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge.
As I live, saith the LORD,...
If a man be just, do that which is lawful and right,
And hath not eaten upon the mountains,
neither hath lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel,
neither hath defiled his neighbor's wife,
neither hath come near to a mensteruous woman,
And hath not oppressed any,
but hath restored to the debtor his pledge,
hath spoiled none by violence,
hath given his bread to the hungry,
and hath covered the naked with a garment;
He that hath not given forth upon usury,
neither hath taken any increase,
that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity,
hath executed true judgment between man and man,
Hath walked in my statutes, and hath kept my judgments,
to deal truly, he is just, he shall surely live, saith the LORD GOD.'


To Bring Forth The Man-Child, Be Not Touched By Mortal Affections

One of the first points in that particular passage was a point in which death was woman. Don't you see it was? Then going into the New Testament, Jesus Himself said,

`They that are accounted worthy of the Kingdom neither marry nor are given in marriage; neither can any die any more for they are virgins.'

Then even before Jesus said that, how did Jesus come? He did not come through the birth of lustful human affections and neither can the birth of CHRIST be re-established in you through human lustful affections. You must cut loose from those things. Listen! GOD told Joseph not to touch Mary, didn't HE, until she brought forth that Man-Child! I AM telling humanity now that they should not be touched by mortal affections, mentally, spiritually or physically, until they shall have brought forth that Man-Child. Then if you wish for your body to go back to the dust, then you can go back to fleshly affections and lusts. It would be better for you to die fasting from these things than to yield and die, for they will certainly kill you.'


GOD'S Glory Not Limited To The Spiritual World

FATHER spoke tonight about the blessings we have in the present, being the manifestation of our past thoughts. In this connection HE spoke of the resurrection of Jesus and explained that when the disciples heard that He had risen they supposed Him to be Spirit. HE went on as follows: 'They supposed Him to be something like the air or the wind, and not something in a concrete form or material manifestation,

`Handle me and see that spirit hath not flesh and bones.'

That is to show you that when you rise out of mortality, the things that you visualize can be brought into materialization and it was to show you and to make it plain that that which had been looked upon as Spirit or as imaginary heretofore, it had been materialized, as well as that which was supposedly material on the mortal side of life from the mortal human viewpoint. GOD would not allow matter or mortality to surpass HIS judgment or do more than HE would do. For this cause GOD saw that it would please HIM to form HIMSELF a Body out of the Word, for the Word was with GOD in the beginning, and the Word was GOD, and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His Glory as of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and truth. That was to let you see and to let you know that GOD'S Glory is not limited to the spiritual world and to the mythological world. It is Wonderful! No more mysteries, no more imaginations, but they are conscious realizations brought into actuality by materialization or your conscious realizations of what you have visualized so vividly and gazed upon. And here it is, here and now, every desirable condition can be brought down on the material plane with the right concept of GOD your FATHER, and you do not have to think about going into the beyond to find that peace, health and happiness, and rest and life, success and prosperity and that desirable condition, for it is right here in this present world. There are many things we could say along these lines, but I AM sure the Spirit is able, after you make your mental and spiritual contact, to tell you everything that you want to know, for I AM with you and within you, for there is but One, and what I say, I AM speaking of the Impersonal Life within you, the very soul and life that penetrates your very mortal body, and it is the I AM in you speaking this. There is but one `I' in the alphabet and there is but one `I' in the universe and when you realize that, then you will be conscious of it, even also as I AM, knowing consciously that there is but one `I' in you and in all. And when you say `I' you are not talking about yourself in the flesh, you are speaking of your Impersonal Life, of your Impersonal Self. That `I AM' and that `I' never fails.'


The Impersonal Life Will Be Injected Into All Men




'I AM not advocating the personal life, I AM advocating the Impersonal Life that has been presented in the personal. I have sacrificed MY Body declaring the Impersonal Life, and the Impersonal Life has imputed Itself unto the personal, and the personal life has imputed Itself to the person, and what GOD hath joined together, let no man divide asunder. You cannot get the yeast out of the bread without getting the bread. That is what this is all about, for it has been declared that a little leaven will leaven the whole--the whole life. Now when that Impersonal Life shall have been developed in the personal life unselfishly and righteously, then that Impersonal Life will transcend in you, the Impersonal One, and will bring HIM into expression in your lives and in the presence of mankind, and you will have to look neither to the right nor to the left, for you will have all of the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, for the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply and will satisfy every good desire. It is Wonderful!

How great and marvelous are thy works, O GOD, for great and Holy is Thy Name. Oh, it is marvelous! When you get this state of consciousness, I don't care what class or clan you may be representing, you know that you have it all and then you will be independent and unconcerned of what mortal mind may do, for you know that within yourself dwelleth all the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good. Thus, when you are conscious of the Presence of GOD, you will make your affirmations and as you affirm, GOD will confirm. As you righteously and unselfishly affirm, GOD will confirm and as you righteously and rightfully and unselfishly give thanks, GOD will give increase. Then as you praise GOD HE will multiply that which you have received. So ask, and GOD will give; affirm, and GOD will confirm; give thanks, and GOD will increase; sing praises, and GOD will multiply. That is the way there is always abundance multiplied here, because there is so much praising going on here day and night. You never hear anyone here talking about hard times, talking about money being scarce. I have a full and a plenty and to spare at all times. As I said when they were stumping for Hoover and Smith, I mean to elect this consciousness KING of Kings and LORD of Lords if it takes a thousand dollars a day, and I have not retracted MY declaration, but have made it more far-reaching by declaring that I will elect CHRIST KING of Kings and LORD of Lords even if it takes a millions dollars a day.'

'I have injected and inserted this Impersonal Life in the lives of men and there It will go on with or without a body. There is no way to stop It, for this Impersonal Life that has condescended to impute Itself unto you from a personal standpoint of view, is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. It has been incarnated and reincarnated in the expression of many. It was already there, but It was not expressed. And It will be incarnated and reincarnated and reincarnated in the expression of many and also in the individuality of many and men will see and realize that GOD is here and now. They will get that in their consciousness, for after a while this Impersonal Life that your lives are caught up in, will finally be injected into the lives of all men, and you will realize that GOD is here and now with all the fullness and abundance of HIS Glory, and you as a whole will come to this place in consciousness where you will not think of GOD as a GOD afar off, but humanity as a whole is coming to this realization that GOD is a GOD at hand, and not a GOD afar off. You don't have to go anywhere to find HIM, but HE is at hand, and that is what they will finally see and enjoy the Presence of GOD, even also as you do.'


'Jesus Conserved His Spiritual Energy'

FATHER said tonight that many people had the power of healing, but they dissipated it by indulgence in sex and all kinds of carnal desires, fancies and pleasures etc. HE went on to say: 'Jesus conserved His spiritual energy. It would have been mortal energy if He had been living in mortal consciousness. When men and women live on this plane they too will be able to do the same, for the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD will supply their every need, and verify the statement,

`The Angel of HIS Presence healed them.'
`In all of their afflictions He was afflicted, but the Angel of HIS Presence healed them'

That is that most important characteristic that is so important in biblical history that man has failed in so many instances to recognize, that `If you begin in the spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?' Who is between you that you are not made perfect in the Truth? When one lives this life sure enough, the very spirit of their presence will heal them that come in contact with them. I do not have to do anything to you, I do not have to touch you, but the very Spirit of the Presence of GOD will heal you, for it is written,

`In all their afflictions He was afflicted.'

If you should see consumption or any inclination of affliction manifested, that should not be strange, for it is written,

`In all of their afflictions He was afflicted, but the Spirit of HIS Presence healed them.'

And I may say this thing about when the woman touched the hem of His garment, that most important characteristic proceeded forth from Him and that was what the woman touched and was healed.'


'Everyone Can Use That 'I'

'There is but one `I' in the alphabet. The polly parrot can use that `I'. That one `I' is applied to everyone in the universe that can speak. And that `I' is applied to the polly parrot when it can speak and that same `I' is the crow when you get a crow and split his tongue so he can talk; that `I' is the crow. I recall once, it was a place where a man had a tame crow and he had split its tongue so it could talk and it was eating with the chickens one day when one of the hens flew at it and picked it. The crow said: 'Oh, the hen got me, the hen's got me, the hen's got me,' and ran away. Now that `me' was the same `I' and it is the same `I' in any animal. The `I' that I AM is the `I' that I AM wheresoever I AM. And that was a young crow, it was not a real old crow, yet it had sense enough to know that the hen had him. And when he said, `me' that same `me' in him was applied, and it reads the same when Jesus said,

`Take up your cross, and follow me.'

There is only one`ME' and that is `I'. So I AM in you each as `ME' wheresoever I AM--`I AM'.

So I have told you so that you can speak without being lisp-tongued, or tongue-tied, or without your tongue stumbling. So it is a wonderful blessing to think about `I AM', not to gaze towards thoughts that detract, but `I', that one `I' in the alphabet, that one `I' in the capital letters, and everyone can use that `I', and everyone is that `I' when he can speak concerning himself;, he is that `I'. It is just Wonderful. `Know ye not that I am in you and you are in me?' So I AM you and you are ME. But it is just wonderful, Dear Ones, to enjoy the wonderful blessings and I do enjoy being here and wheresoever I AM, because I AM everywhere. I may be a little selfish sometimes, in a way of speaking, because I know that MY Spirit is right here for the sake of MY Name in the different ones.

I was speaking then to Mrs. Marmein, as when the body was away `I' was here just the same, but I desired that the body should be here for what we always have in storehouse for them that love GOD. And that is the only thing that would make ME deviate from that which I know I AM for the ones that would want to enjoy the joy and the peace. That would be the only thing that would cause ME to be in as excellent a place as I can be, for them to enjoy all the things that they say they enjoy here. So we are glad to see Mrs. Marmein this morning.


He Who Suffers With ME Will Reign With ME

It reminded ME of the time when Peter came to the jail after the soldiers fell asleep and when someone came and smote him on his side and said, `Arise,' and when he arose and when he got the message that the soldiers when they found out desired to destroy themselves, that love that was in Peter said,

`See that thou do thyself no harm; we are all here.'

So it is Wonderful! That is the kind of love that will be expressed through all opposition, through all combatments and through all conflicts. That love is expressed in you who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit. That love is expressed, as Mrs. Marmein said, in you. It is expressed in you who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. It is expressed in words, it is expressed in deeds and in truth, without resentment, without revenge, and without envy and without strife, for it is written,`Let nothing be done through vainglory or through strife,' and all combatments and criticisms are that the Gospel might be spread throughout the whole earth, but you must be willing to take your stand. If you are not willing to suffer with ME, why then you cannot reign with ME. Without the manifestation of what you all are now enjoying in this Infinite Reign, there are those who are willing to suffer, yea, and to die with ME, to reign with ME.

On a few occasions of the many times that the Body was in the hands of lynch mobs, there are some that were present in person translated from the personal appearance that may have appeared then, but still the same persons are reigning with you in Glory, because they were willing to die with ME, or die for ME. Then that will give you an `I' that you can live. As I often say, I would not have condescended to allow any personality or individuality to have taken MY Name had it not been someone that was individually insignificant and had not built itself above insignificant ME, who yet was willing to suffer for ME, to sacrifice the life for MY Work. That is it then fulfilled from a legal standpoint of view that was spoken of by the mouth of CHRIST, `Sacrifice and offerings I wouldest not, but a body thou has prepared me to do thy will, O GOD.'

The body that is willing to suffer with ME will be the body that will reign with ME, with or without MY Body. The body that is unwilling to suffer with ME will be unable to reign with ME, with or without MY Body. If you are willing to suffer with ME you can satisfy yourself with the inheritance of the All, for you are unified with the Infinite Whole.

`How great and marvelous are thy works, O GOD; for great and Holy is Thy Name.'

There are so many blessings you cannot count them all, and I increase and multiply them by the Spirit of MY own Mind--the Spirit of the Sacrificed One.


I Have Something Against All Seven Churches

So it is wonderful to see these blessings manifested in this Infinite Omnipresent Life in which we all live, and move, and have our being. It is a great blessing to know that you are all followers of Truth. You are not followers of any vibration or demonstration or anything of that kind, but you are following the Truth which is it, and all of them. You are not following the demonstration, but the Demonstrator. You are not following blessings, but you are following and worshiping the Blesser. You are not following the gifts, you are following and worshiping the Giver. You are on the spiritual plane. Mortal minds are on the material plane and they are worshiping vibrations, blessings, demonstrations, gifts, operations, etc., but you are worshiping the Vibrator, the Blesser, the Demonstrator, the Giver and the Operator. It is Wonderful! There are different expressions of religion in the religious world, but we are not representing here the churches, creeds and sects; we are representing here the Organizer of all Creation, the Creator instead of the creation. That is why the world cannot understand this Infinite Truth; they think I represent some limited element. That is why they cannot walk with ME and talk with ME. I hope you will all understand this while the voice of GOD is speaking unto the churches. There were seven churches, but I said I had something against all of them.

I AM not a representative of churches nor church. Every last one of them I had somewhat against the representative and somewhat against the church; and you will find it in Revelation. The One that said, `I have somewhat against you,' was not a representative of the church, but the church was supposed to be a representative of ME; and they left their first love. It is Wonderful! Do you not see it? Now the so-called Pentecostal churches and such as that, what are they representative of? They are representative of the demonstration. They are representative of the vibrations and some of the inspirations, but not the Vibrator, not the Inspirer, not the Blesser, not the Demonstrator, not the Giver; and that is why they cannot understand ME, because they are representatives of the individual blessing instead of the Blesser. The individual blessing they believe in, instead of the Blesser. And the individual gift they believe in, instead of the Giver, and therefore they cannot understand ME because I AM the representative of the Truth of all of these vibrations, demonstrations and individualisms, and of all denominations, etc. It is Wonderful! That is why they cannot understand ME, but you are called out of these individual demonstrations, vibrations, operations, inspirations, blessings, gifts and talents, etc. You are called out of those confusions. Where there is division there is strife and all of these spiritual divisions of vibrations, inspirations, tendencies and inclinations and gifts and callings and demonstrations and all of those different things are divisions, and there is spiritual strife there.

Now if you wish to get in that spirit of anger, if you wish to get out of the spirit of love, if you wish to get out of the spirit of peace, get in those confusions, those spiritual strifes, denominations--denominations of gifts, denominations of talents, inspirations, inclinations, vibrations, blessings and all of those different abominations where there are spiritual confusions. Now that, I say to you, that I have not said ordinarily to anyone before; I have not brought that out to the general public before concerning these different callings and gifts, etc. I have not told you before that there was confusion there, but I come to let you know that there is confusion in that spiritual world. I say there in that psychic, even in that spiritual world. As Mrs. Marmein said, there is one language and that language is the language of love. Even the animals can understand that language, and it penetrates every living soul that it comes in contact with. I will speak in your spiritual individual language so that you may understand ME.'


'We Are Conscious Of This Being A Divine Life'

'There is life, there is health, there is love, right down here in this world. It is such a glorious privilege to know that such life and such love is produced here in this world when you live in conformity to the thoughts of CHRIST and let this mind be in you that was also in Him. CHRIST is rich and all you need, here and now in this Divine Omnipresent Life in which we all live, move, and have our being. Whether you are conscious of this being a Divine Life or not, we are conscious of this being a Divine Life right here and now, and we are conscious that the Kingdom has truly come and the Will is now being done here on earth as it was in the imagination of your imaginary heaven, for the Will is being done. There is joy, there is peace, there is health and there is love beyond degrees, and there is success and prosperity, wisdom, knowledge and all understanding, gifts and talents and all things that are good. If you will live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST, you will be able to produce and reproduce the same principle, and the characteristics will be reincarnated in you of the same CHRIST. That is the way to your GOD and to your CHRIST. As it was said,

`GOD is a Spirit: and he seeketh such to worship him in spirit and in truth.'

So it is a wonderful blessing to realize that it is according to your faith and your contact, your self-denial, consecration, relaxation, concentration and sacrifice. So be it unto you. I AM glad to know that you can produce the same CHRIST that the great Love Master produced, and show it to the world.'


'I Don't Want Old Mortality'

'David slew Goliath and he ascended the throne; and he slew Urias and he descended the throne. One person may do something for the sake of selfishness and that may seem to be a crime, and another may do something for righteousness and be justified. It is Wonderful! If you are a police officer, nothing but a common police officer, you can carry a gun all around with bullets in your belt; but an ordinary citizen, if he is found with a pistol in his home, he must stand the penalty and maybe go to jail for it. So that is the difference between one and another. That is what these expressions and demonstrations are for. One may be to justify self and the other may be to justify someone else. David, to please his own selfish desires was responsible for the killing of Urias and he was not allowed to build the house of GOD on account of his debauched mind that he had. Truly might John in Revelation have said,

`Come out of her, my people...for Babylon is fallen, is fallen.'

I say, think of that mind that David had, and thousands have been turned aside by such tendencies and pleasures and seeking after such things that will prevent them from inheriting the glory of eternal life. David ascended the throne through committing what might be termed murder in the first degree, for righteousness sake, but he descended the throne for committing only what might be termed manslaughter in the fourth degree, being responsible for the death of Urias because he wanted his wife. That is why we should be careful and take heed to our bodies, as the apostle said, and not be governed by the inclinations and tendencies of the body, but bring your body into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness, lest after you have preached to others, you should be a castaway.

Babylon has made all nations drunk off of the wine and wrath of her fornication. They are all drunk. That is why I say that David with that debauched mind had to be transformed and be reincarnated in a more pure body before he could build the temple of the LORD. And yet Solomon, his successor, had the same tendency to a certain extent and thought he was doing right, and to a certain degree he was doing right, but David was doing wrong both ways by causing the death of Urias and also committing the crime that was not right for him to do. Therefore, he was debauched with his human inclinations, with his imaginations, as with the sons of GOD when they conceived such imaginations and went out and took unto themselves wives of the sons of men because of their beauty; and because of their imaginations they were drunken with the imaginations and it so debauched them that they went out and that is what caused the flood.

Now I don't care whether I have anybody to agree with ME or not. I don't want old mortality, I want nothing but immortality to be attached to ME when I AM producing MY Spirit of immortality. And every religious organization that has ever started out and got any footing in life, if there was a fall, it fell by the same debauchery. Truly might John have said,

`she hath made all nations drunk, and all men are debauched with the wine of the wrath of her fornication.'

That number is coming up through great tribulation. They are washing their robes white, washing out of their consciousness all stains of sin and all inclinations of debauchery. It is Wonderful! Washing their robes and making them white in the blood of CHRIST, imputedly the blood of the Lamb. Washing their robes, their garments, their minds and making them white in the Life of CHRIST, washing them imputedly in the blood of the Lamb.


When You Allow CHRIST To Reign In You, The Kingdom Has Come

For this cause came I into the world, to bring you and purify you and purge you as silver is purified and is purged, of all of your personal ideas, inclinations, tendencies, pleasures and desires, that you might offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness, and that you might not do anything in unrighteousness. That is what all of this is about. Then the mortal mind doesn't like ME because I don't give it any access to GOD'S Holy Temple. Your body is the temple of GOD and GOD'S Spirit should dwell in your body and should reign therein, and wheresoever a king reigns, that is where his kingdom is. The king may be at many places, but he does not reign only where he is elected king and where he has full access and authority. The king of England may come to the United States, the king of any country may come to this country, but they are not the king here unless they are elected king and accepted as being the king to reign with authority. And when and wheresoever the CHRIST Consciousness has been elected as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, there and then and here and now that is where His Kingdom is.

The Kingdom of GOD is not in you until you allow the CHRIST Consciousness to reign in you, over you, through you and over your affairs and all things that concern you. If mortality rules in you and controls your body and your body is in subjection to mortality, carnality, personality, individuality, etc., then your body is the kingdom of the d-v-l. That is all the d-v-l there is. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! But when you allow CHRIST within you to break down every idol and cast out every foe, when you allow CHRIST in you to rise and stand there and reign and rule in you, then the Kingdom has truly come and the Will is being done. Now if you do not want MY Mind to reign in you, then I know that your body is the kingdom of the d-v-l. If you do not want MY Thoughts and MY Ideas to reign in you, over and above all of your thoughts and inclinations, then you body is the kingdom of the d-v-l. Wheresoever the mortal reigns, wheresoever `John Smith' reigns, that is the kingdom of the d-v-l, and that is h--l, and he will raise it every once in awhile. He will raise it up in you every once in awhile.


Keep H--l Low, Not High

Truly might they have that phrase that is commonly used in the world in meeting any person, and over the telephone, etc., that has been H--lo--`keep it low, keep it low.' Truly might that have been used as a word or a password, for unless such as that be done, it will be `high.' Unless such as that is acted out it will be `high,' it will not be `low,' but it will be `high,' and when you answer the telephone and you say `H--lo' it is of great significance to keep it `low' for where mortality is, his kingdom must be there, and that is why you tell him to `keep it low.'

But we are in the kingdom and do not have to say that because we do not have that in our world, and therefore, we do not have to say to another to `keep it low.' But they say out there to `keep it low' every time the telephone rings, because they know it is out there. Whether they know it or not, I know it is there and it is uppermost in their consciousness; and as soon as you meet someone you know that it is there and you tell them to `keep it low.' You don't have to tell anyone to keep it `low' here, because it is not in our consciousness. It is Wonderful!

Practically every by-word and every old expression, there is something, deep meaning at the bottom of it and I say, I don't care if you don't agree with ME, yet, keep that condition `low.' Since that has been gone, or cast out of your consciousness, now we can call in 'Peace.'

`Where wickedness abounded, much more did grace abound,'

and peace now like a river is extended this way where sorrows like sea billows rolled. Elect CHRIST KING of Kings and LORD of Lords in you and over you and your affairs and all things that concern you, and you will be in the Kingdom and the Kingdom will be in you; but just reading it, or just saying it will not put you in the Kingdom. You have got to be in the Kingdom by transforming your old mortal mind. As I said before, where that old mortal mind is, that is his kingdom and I don't care how much you say we are in the Kingdom and such as that, that is not putting you there by saying it in words and not in spirit and in mind, but you must be renewed in spirit and in mind. You may prove what is that good and acceptable will of GOD, and then the Kingdom will have come and the Will will be done.


Parable Of The Clock

Now to you that claim to know ME, you have some idea, thought, opinion, desire, inclination, tendency or pleasure, or anything, if it is not according to MY Mind, why then you are not of ME. Then if you are willing and you know that mortal version is not of ME, when you put it on the scale of justice, when you know it is not MINE, it matters not how you feel about it, or else don't have ME as a scale or a clock or anything of that kind. If you look at the clock and the clock says it is five o'clock or four o'clock, the only thing you think about is whether the clock is right time and then you are willing to be governed by what the clock says and not by what your mind says. It is Eastern Standard Time and if you go to question it you just ask if it is Eastern Standard Time, but don't have the clock there if it is not right. If it is not right, get another one. Don't have a clock that will not give you the right time and then go about trying to guess with your mind. And it is the same way with weights. You go to the store and if you buy anything and it does not look as much as it ought to be and he puts it on the scales that will satisfy your mind, especially when the scales show to be under government inspection, and then if you are not satisfied, bring it home and put it on your scales. Don't go by what your mind says.


I Will Hold You To Your Promise

So that is the way you should be in reference to ME, if you take ME to be Who you say I AM, for I will hold you to your promise. You have to come up to what you say. If you say anything concerning ME, I will hold you to what you may say. And especially in opposition to your old mortal human mind, tendencies, fancies, pleasures and all of those abominations, for all of your tendencies and views and nationalities, and all of your mortal intuitions are abominations since they are mortal. They are subject to death and they will subjugate you to death. Now I don't want you all to say it is true if you don't believe it and I don't want you to fool ME for any mortal idea or opinion, not for fishes and loaves, or for a place to lay your heads, etc., for that would not profit you anything. Let these thoughts be with you; MY friends, and you will learn to know the real significance of being at one with GOD by being at one with one another--not in a mortal human fleshly way, but in heart and in mind, according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST, and the Spirit of the LORD will be poured out upon you.'






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