"This Great Name Stamped In Your Consciousness"

"The Name of GOD Is a Strong Tower, and the Righteous Run Therein and Are Saved."


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

72 Macon Avenue, Sayville

72 Macon Avenue, Sayville






FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 15


'When they will withdraw all of the homage and honor they are bestowing on everything, and bestow it on GOD, how great it will be, Dear Ones, just like the little child just then spoken of wherein humanity has robbed GOD of praise and honor and thanksgiving, but as I said last night, by your holding GOD uppermost in your consciousness, your thoughts are always firstly on the thing you have. Whether your thoughts are on the Personal imputed FATHER or not is immaterial to ME. When you hold the name of your FATHER uppermostly in your consciousness, when you hold the name of your FATHER, as it is written, mentally and spiritually in your consciousness, in your foreheads, you can carry it wherever you go and verify the hymn written many years ago,

`Take the name of Jesus with you.'

We are privileged to know that you are compelled to take this name, for so vividly and so firmly and so brand-idly have I stamped it in your consciousness, that you cannot get it out. The name of GOD is uppermost there and it will joy and comfort give you; take it everywhere you go, and you will give praise and thanks to the GOD of your salvation in all the earth--in your body, your spirit, your mind and your flesh, and by visualizing it so firmly and so strongly, it stamps the material visualization of GOD'S Presence in your lives. It gives one joy beyond degrees and it purifies one of the mortal personal versions of the human mind and it causes them to renounce all of their pre- inherited dispositions and then leave them behind. It is Wonderful! It fills you with joy that is unspeakable and purifies you because it purifies you of those tendencies and those inclinations, of those fancies and all of those pleasures; therefore purifying you spotless, you will be the representative of the Church without spot or wrinkle. Then you realize also that you are redeemed. When I have finished with you, you will be redeemed. It is Wonderful!

You came forth from GOD and you must return back to GOD. I AM redeeming the souls of men from materialism, mortality and all carnality, and of the personal versions, fancies, pleasures, etc. and placing uppermostly in your consciousness your FATHER'S name, for it is that which was spoken of by the mouth of the prophet in Revelation of St. John, as he saw the one hundred forty and four thousand being redeemed from among men. Why? Because they had their FATHER'S name written in their foreheads. They had their FATHER'S name uppermostly in their consciousness. They had CHRIST uppermostly in their consciousness and therefore He redeemed them from the inclinations, fancies and pleasures of the world and they loved GOD instead of man-- this love that begets love.

Truly might have one said,

`I love him because he first loved me,' for `...of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

Why? Because you visualized it so fully, you visualized it so freely and you recognized the mandates of GOD as your refuge and strength, your refuge in the time of any and all storm, some of you ran to the mental and spiritual city of refuge.

`The name of GOD is a strong tower, and the righteous run therein and are saved.'

Now aren't you glad? The name of GOD is uppermostly in your consciousness, stamped on your forehead and you give GOD all of the glory and all of the praise and all of the thanksgiving in fulfillment of the request of the LORD. You will offer unto the LORD thanksgiving, and you are paying your vows unto the Most High. And if, as was said last night by Lawyer Thomas, `If these things can make me happy, if they can bring joy to my soul, then why try to take it away from me?' If these things can stop man from stealing, from doing all sorts of things that are prompted by debauchery, then why not allow ME to continue to redeem men from that debauchery? It is Wonderful! It is love beyond degrees, the manifestation of this great love, but the mortal mind says it is a hypnotizing love and a mesmerizing love, but it is sufficient to change your vile bodies; and it brings success and prosperity beyond degrees and gifts and talents, life, health and love and everything else that is good. It is the key to all of the hidden mysteries and to all of the conditions of life, and the key to any condition or circumstance lies within this Great Name that you carry uppermostly in your consciousness, being redeemed from among men.

Now don't you feel healthy in your bodies since you have gotten all of that mortal debauchery out of your system? You are no more drunken with the mortal inclinations of debauchery.

`I shall purify them and purge them as silver is purged and as gold, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in Righteousness, as in the days of old and as in former years.'

Aren't you glad? Offer no more carnality, mortality, but offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness, a pure and a spotless body,

`a living sacrifice, which is your reasonable service, being not conformed to this world,'

and being not defiled with women. That is what all of this is about.


Stay Away From The Pollution Of Temptation

Yea, and again I say I shall move the whole world. The whole earth shall come at MY command, with or without a Body. It is immaterial to ME. I don't have to have a Body, and if I choose to have a Body, it is all the same. It is not a Body anyway, it is MY Impersonal Life having condescended to impute itself in a Body and to impute itself to you as a Person, that it might draw you out of personality into the impersonal state of consciousness that you may live, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

`How glorious are thy works, O GOD, for Great and Holy is thy name.'

It is Wonderful! No man can bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in his life until he contacts that wire that is attached to the line that is the direct wire and message of Divine. You must be willing to lay aside all of your personal ideas and opinions, your mortal fancies and pleasures and every last tendency and inclination of your system. Put it off and put on the new man, or else the CHRIST will not rise in you.

Then you marvel at these things and say within yourself, I want to be free from this and that and the other, but until you lay death aside, until you desire to be free from them beyond anything else, you will never be free. As long as you indulge them, you will never be free from them. The song says, `Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin. Each victory will help you some other to win.' If you subjugate yourselves to the customs of the underworld, you will produce the spirit of the underworld and the customs of the underworld, and all of those inclinations will be made manifest in you. Therefore, abstain from all appearance of evil. No need to try to justify your mortal tendencies, pleasures, fancies and desires, and then bring yourselves under the pollution of those conditions and try to justify yourselves thereby, but it is by putting off those things, for such kind goeth forth only by fasting and prayer. Fast from those things that have so long held you bound. The only way to get rid of them is to fast from them. Fast even from the appearance of them and keep away from getting yourself into temptation. The Prayer said,

`Lead us not into temptation,'

and you are leading yourself into temptation when you will put yourself in a place subject to temptation. You know you are weak in mortal consciousness; then stay away from the place where you will be tempted by any fancy, tendency or pleasure; and then I AM not leading you into temptation, for I AM leading you out of temptation. Some come to ME saying I want to be free from this, that and the other, and then continue to lead themselves in that and do not want to be free from it. I AM going to have a glorious Church, without spot or wrinkle, pure and spotless.


All Are In Travail With The CHRIST Child

What was the Message to Mary and Joseph after the conception of the Virgin? What was that message that came to Joseph in a dream? Now what was that message? If you read it closely I think you will find it said

`Touch her not;'

and if you read closely even where GOD spoke through the mouth of Paul,

`It is good for a man not to touch a woman; nevertheless, if they cannot contain, let them marry.'

Now that was speaking mortally to a man that was living in mortality, and every one of you that desires to bring forth CHRIST to fruition in your lives and desires not to mark the new born Child with human lusts and fancies, I say, see that you do it not.

The CHRIST in the conception of Mary could not have been developed if the man would have touched her. The CHRIST would have been marked with the mortal conception and with the mortal inclinations, fancies and pleasures.

`See that thou touch her not.'

And as with the man so with the woman, for all are in travail now with this CHRIST Child, and I desire a pure and a virtuous mind to bring the CHRIST to fruition in your lives; virtuous mentally, virtuous physically and virtuous spiritually, not by whoring after other gods, but virtuous mentally, physically and spiritually.

`Thou shalt love the LORD they GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind; this is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.'
`See that thou touch her not.'

It says Joseph was a righteous man, does it not? But yet with his righteousness he was not supposed to touch her with a mortal hand, for she had conceived, and that which she had conceived was of the Holy Ghost and not of man. And for you to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives, which is the CHRIST idea, you must not be debauched with the mortal tendencies, pleasures and inclinations. That is why so many have failed to bring forth the CHRIST. As I say I AM no more than what every other person should be. But you must remember that GOD told Joseph,

`See that thou touch her not.'

Every last one of you are carrying in travail the mental and spiritual conception of that CHRIST, the same one that was in the body called Jesus ingrained in the conception that was of the Holy Ghost. It is Wonderful.

It is a hard saying, but yet it is true. There has been too much debauchery of the spirit of the world. You have been drunken with the wine of the wrath of Babylon. I came to sober you up. It is Wonderful! And all that don't care to be sobered up, why then, they as with the net that was let down into the sea and caught all kinds of fish--the kind that don't want to be sobered up--why they can go back into the world. I will have a plenty with ME that do want to be sobered and they will be sober-minded too, because they will not be drunk with wine, wherein is excess, but they will be filled with the Spirit.'


Segregation Of The Sexes Absolutely Necessary

The few previous talks, including the last one, were given in connection with a condition that appeared in one of the extensions of the Kingdom, across the street from 72 Macon Street. A woman who has been connected with the Theater Guild in New York and had been interested in various Truth teachings came to FATHER two or three months ago and was immediately blessed. She had been locked out of her hotel because of a large bill owing and all of her clothes were held by the management. She was caught up in FATHER'S Spirit soon after she came and seemed to make remarkable progress for a couple of weeks, so much so that she was given a new name. She testified every day and was continually rejoicing because she had found her FATHER and was never going back.

After a couple of weeks, however, she asked permission to return to New York City for a couple of days to settle up some details and she went back. When she returned to the Kingdom she brought with her a man well-known on the New York stage and in the movies, who was also interested in Truth teachings and had studied many things with her. He also received a blessing almost immediately from FATHER, and even received proof of FATHER'S power when a five dollar bill was materialized in his empty pocket in my presence. He was in similar circumstances to those of his friend and had no money in his pocket. He sat beside me on a sofa and FATHER sat nearby on another couch, the room being full of students who were greeting Miss Lander who had just arrived from England.

Mr. J. put his hand in his pocket for a handkerchief and pulled out the five dollar bill. This, and the fact that he claimed to be able to see a continual light emanating from FATHER strengthened his faith and he made great strides. He told me that the first night he spent in the Kingdom he was completely freed from almost complete slavery to sex, which he had indulged to the extreme all of his life; also of the habit of smoking at least a dozen cigars every day. He explained his relationship to Miss Consolation who had brought him to FATHER as one of purely platonic friendship, that he had a very high regard for her and respect for her high consciousness, but that there was nothing more intimate than that. Things went along splendidly with them for four or five weeks and they were greatly blessed. After that time things began to happen, however, and to happen fast...

FATHER just let the situation work itself out. Finally, however, FATHER got up and gave a talk at the table in which HE said that man and woman was out of the Kingdom and that so long as one preferred to sit beside what he considered to be a woman, rather than a man, he was not living in accordance with the requirements of the Kingdom, and that companionship between men and women was out, not only on a physical basis, or on the most gross plane, but also on the mental and spiritual planes; that such things were not of CHRIST and that HIS Kingdom was to be without spot or wrinkle, and any that did not intend to live up to that requirement had better leave peaceably. No names were mentioned, but Mr. J. who was in the room immediately got up and asked permission to withdraw...and left the next morning.

FATHER explained that whether there was any conscious recognition or not, that preference for the company of women was not in accord with CHRIST, it was so. HE said the whole mortal make-up was based upon that and had been from time immemorial and that segregation was absolutely necessary until that mortal tendency had completely disappeared.


Great Demonstration Over FATHER By Thousands At Rockland Palace


FATHER DIVINE Serving at Rockland Palace

Picture of FATHER DIVINE Serving at Rockland Palace






Last Sunday FATHER had a large meeting in the Rockland Palace, New York, the old Manhattan Casino, at which there was a crowd estimated by the newspapers at between seven and ten thousand. The meeting was scheduled for three p.m., but at ten o'clock there were hundreds there waiting for admission. The doors were thrown open and they were admitted. Students in New York opened the meeting and FATHER and a party of about thirty Angels arrived from Sayville at about five p.m. We were all seated on a high platform and the meeting really got under way. I have never seen such a demonstration as FATHER received when we entered the hall. The papers say no mayor or city official has ever received anything like it. We sang many songs and many of us spoke. There were microphones that broadcast what was said by the speakers to all parts of the hall. FATHER spoke several times, introducing various speakers and giving a perfectly wonderful Message. At one time HE jumped several feet off the floor and many referred to it as levitation.

The meeting lasted until eight p.m. and those people sat there during that entire time, eager to receive the message, some of them having been there all day; and there was no food of any kind offered them. At the close of the meeting the whole audience rose up in a body and stormed the platform and although it was several feet high and there were no steps from the orchestra, entrance being had from the back, the people climbed up and soon were in a struggling mass of people all wanting to reach FATHER. The police came in after a time and four or five in a group helped FATHER out to HIS car. The car I was driving was parked behind HIS, and it was a half hour before we could drive away, the crowd was so great, many of them kissing FATHER'S car. We drove back to Sayville, arriving about three am., sat down to the table and finished about five-thirty after a discussion of the various features of the meeting. This is expected to be one of a series of similar meetings.* (Manuscript pages missing here.)


Evolving Of Five Races To Two Races To One

Someone brought up this morning the subject of the Pope's recent appeal for one religion and one church and his demand that the Protestant churches return to the Church of Rome. FATHER said, 'It has been brought to MY notice to do that, and there are some that believe it can be done- -a universal religion and a universal language to be taught in all of the schools, and there are some that believe if I will do certain things and establish it legally, there will be a universal language taught in all the schools that will be a real language wheresoever you may be, and all will learn this language which will be set apart as an international language and there will be an international religion. It has been spoken of and it has been put before ME for consideration, and naturally someone will speak of it and someone will desire to bring it about, but it cannot be Catholic or Mohammedan, or could it be especially Christendom or any special religion, for it will cover the whole universe--an international religion and an international language and an international people.

That is a step towards bringing all into the unity of spirit and mind and body as one. The cancellation of these things has been accomplished by the Spirit from a spiritual point of view and under MY Personal jurisdiction there is one language, there is one people, there is one religion, from a spiritual point of view, but it is being thought upon to be recognized and legalized. As I said years back, I AM working cancellation, I AM canceling the nationalities though they be many, and I have and AM canceling the races, though they be supposedly five; I have canceled them down to the two races and from the two races to the one race which was and it is the human race. And now I AM canceling the human race and recreating in the cancellation of the human race, the angelic race.

Then there will be no more human race, nor the Adamic nature that has existed in the bodies of the children of men, but the angelic nature, the Divine nature transmuted from the individual expression or individual expressions of GOD to individuals in the form of man. And it thereby reflects and manifests the angelic nature, bringing them into subjection to the Divine Mind, and hence we will have the angelic race reproduced from and materialized from the spiritual realm of the unseen and the visibilization and materialization of this expression in the flesh. And here and now we have begun to unfold and it will be brought before the international courts to be recognized and enforced from a legal standpoint of view. They will find it after awhile, the same as when MY Message was transmuted through Mr. Lanyon nearly a year ago, and through his fame and through MY Name in him, the message of the Kingdom of GOD here and now and of this universal brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of GOD is being conveyed to the Orthodox Church and the Catholics. They accepted that, many of them, but through the lack of perfect love and in spirit and also in authority, they rose up with spirit of revolt and with the spirit of violence through lack of love but caught a glimpse of their liberty, their freedom, their rights to be free, and they stood to free themselves from the king as I have conveyed the message of deliverance through the name of Mr. Lanyon and by the fame of the Spirit of the CHRIST Consciousness. And in Spain they rose up to dethrone the king to drive him out as soon as I conveyed MY Message through the fame of Mr. Lanyon and through the name of the CHRIST Consciousness and they rose up to dethrone the king and drive him out. And as MY Spirit turned in a different direction towards Italy, even before the body arrived, the Spirit had arrived in Italy to dethrone the Pope.


Swallowing The Capsule Of Salvation Affects Your Whole Body

So it goes to show you that MY Work is much farther reaching than can be seen with your mortal eyes. It is not that I tolerate such as that, but that is a pre-evidence of the resurrection of the children of men and deliverance of them from the bondage of the yoke of church and churches, freeing them that they might learn of GOD. As the last speaker said, the Scriptures came to her as soon as she came in contact with ME. Why? Because she has swallowed the capsule of salvation and when you rightfully swallow it, it extends to all parts of your mortal body and inspires you with the inspiration of Truth and you don't need any man to teach you, for the capsule of salvation is all of the inspired Scriptures and writings and revelations that have been given from ages back up to this time. And it is being revealed in you when you relax your conscious mentality and cease your struggle and realize that this capsule is GOD--that stone that was cut out of the mountain, that stone that has a new name written in it, and no one can read that name but the one that receives it.

Through your rightful contact and rightful conception and recognition of this Truth, the highest mysteries of GOD are being revealed, for it is better revealed than told, and you don't need any man to teach you. When the inspiration of this Truth has come--the inspiration of this capsule, when it expands in your consciousness, it will teach you all things and will bring all things into your consciousness, whatsoever CHRIST has said unto mankind, which was unto you.

`So great and mighty are thy works O GOD.'

It is Wonderful! It is wonderful to realize your privilege, to swallow this capsule of salvation and manifest all of the properties of this capsule and show them to the world. It is CHRIST in you that is inspiring you with this great mystery that has been hid from ages back but is being revealed and manifested. It is CHRIST in you. All of the ingredients that may be desired are found in this one capsule of salvation. They all are summed up in it and its fullness, as the apostle said, CHRIST in him dwells with all the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily, and ye are complete in Him; teaching every man of all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in CHRIST.

You see, it must go to all men and that is what we are trying to do, to present every man perfect in CHRIST JESUS by the relaxation of their conscious mentalities and their being still after first consecrating themselves to the service and Will and Mind of GOD; then concentrating on the CHRIST Consciousness, visualizing it, and then through sacrifice and relaxation the same will be produced in them--the CHRIST, the hope of glory for all mankind. I say the same will be produced in them, CHRIST, the hope of glory for all mankind, who, as it is produced in you it will be developed and it is being made manifestedly the materialized Word of GOD to mankind.

So it is a wonderful blessing to know that you have all of these qualities within yourself. Isn't it wonderful to know that if you had only known this years ago, you would not have had to detour so far out of the way, but you would have gone straight forward and you would have long since found that MY yoke is easy and MY burden is light. You would have long since ceased from your struggles, trying to find rest for your souls, toiling mentally and spiritually, trying to find rest in and on the psychic planes, when it is here and now, rest for the weary. Here is rest for you, here on this side of Jordan, here is rest for you. It is wonderful!

Truly might have one said,

`Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool'
`He that waits on the LORD shall renew his strength.'

All of these blessings that you have received you could have had them, the same as many will enter in at the eleventh or twelfth hour without any struggle, without any hard toiling, and will come in and sit down with you in the Kingdom of our GOD. How great it is to have the privilege, and it comes through by self-denial, by simply denying your mortal versions, tendencies, fancies and inclinations that you may come in through the angelic nature. That is the only way through which you can enter where man has been barred. Humanity has been barred from this. Why have you been barred? Because that was the law from the beginning after the violation of the Law of GOD, and after GOD drove Adam out of the Garden.


Divine Nature Not Conceived Except Through The Virtuous Idea

GOD put cherubims to guard the way to the Tree of Life lest Adam should take of the tree and live--and live forever. There was no way for Adam to get back into the Garden except by putting on the Divine nature. Human nature could not take him back, and that is why man has been deprived of his lordship with GOD. Now you can only get back by putting on the Divine nature, and the Divine nature came through the pure and virtuous idea and you cannot put on the Divine nature except through the pure and virtuous idea. It was not conceived, and could not be conceived until that virtuous idea was conceived. In other words, the virtuous idea conceived the Divine nature. You must have the virtuous idea to conceive the Divine nature, and having the conception of the Divine nature, why that is the only way you can get back into the Garden that you may have the right to the Tree of Life.

So you can see the importance of that virtuous idea taking hold of you and ruling and reigning in your world. You cannot get back into the Garden except through the Divine nature and the Divine nature will not be conceived except through the virtuous idea, both by the mental virtuous idea and by the physical virtuous idea.

`For as he is, so are we in this present world.'
`And to him that is natural, all things are natural, but to him that is spiritual, all things are spiritual.'

Therefore, it is essential to be virtuous, both in body and in mind.'

** *** **


'Deny yourselves and bear witness of the Spirit and the witness of the Spirit will bear witness of you. David slew Goliath and he ascended the throne. He caused the death of Urias and he descended the throne. There was a condition or a cause for that. I desire to see everybody wonderfully blessed. You are wonderfully blessed when you deny yourself and represent the Spirit and bear witness of the Spirit, and the Spirit will bear witness of you.

** *** **


For this cause I don't like to talk sometimes, and if I don't operate for talking I don't talk , and if I don't operate for writing, I don't write and don't even like to sign MY Name on the outside of a letter, unless it will represent the standard which I AM. I do not like to sign MY Name if I do not operate for writing. I want to even sign MY Name by the movement of the Spirit and not by MY Own conscious voluntary volition. I said that because I like to see everybody stay in the Spirit and not lower their vibrations by the vibrations of the human mind from any standpoint of view, and I will not sign MY Name if I cannot say something that will reach the soul and make you happy spiritually, for as I say, `a merry heart doeth good like a medicine,' and that is what I AM doing every day, singing something to make you happy, and telling you something to make you happy, and then you will have the tonic that is good for the soul.'


FATHER Doing Many Jobs Performing Material Service

*(Manuscript pages missing at this point) ...'Suppose I was feeding as many as I have been feeding and housing from a commercial point of view, I would have quite a business and I would be taking in quite a large sum. Just because I AM giving this, that is not saying it is not work. I AM doing material work in having a hotel to feed and accommodate the public. That is work in itself. And then when I AM a steward, that is another man's job to provide the house with that which is necessary. Then the head waiter, the chef, the minister, the housekeeper, that is another woman's job. Then when I AM the chauffeur that is another man's job, and many times bookkeeper, that is another man's job. It is Wonderful! I AM just telling you the work that I AM doing. Then the class leader, that is another man's job. Then the doctor, that is another man's job. Then the lecturer, that is another man's job. I cannot tell how many men's jobs I have of practical work, of physical activity. It is Wonderful!

So you see I do all of these things and go to any hotel that has as many as I have here as a whole, the year around, and see if they do not have a man to fill each one of these places that I have mentioned. I AM even filling the man's place at the desk although you do not come over here and pay money. I AM doing that and although we do not sell you the cigars and the drinks, I AM filling that place anyway. So you can plainly see that work is something.

Find one person that will have a hotel or any place like unto this that will supply as many as I have been supplying, and see if they do not have a man to fill each of these places that I have been mentioning. So in all of thy getting, get understanding. Unless you have plenty of money, if you have plenty of money to meet all of your bills and a plenty to give to those that require it or stand in the need of it, why then you have a right to do some practical service until you raise your consciousness to that point that will meet the requirements of those that stand in need of help. Don't you think you could be more practical service working for $20 or $25 per week, and could not find ways to spend the money more practically than you could going around whooping and hollering and saying you are preaching for GOD and getting paid for it?'

** *** **


One of the students recently told of a minister who was on his way to attend one of FATHER'S meetings in New York when he was run over and very seriously injured. The point brought up was how could anyone be injured when they were going to meet FATHER. It developed that the man had contacted FATHER about a year ago and had testified that he was living the Life, but less than two months ago he had had a young son. FATHER said that under such conditions anything could be expected, even death itself. HE continued,

'If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.'

'What more definite answer could you have as to the reason the reverend went to the hospital. Don't be surprised if anybody dies and goes to the grave if they have all of those things such as brother, sister, mother, father, aunts, uncles, etc. If they are living according to the flesh why the flesh is subject to death. Don't be surprised at any accident or sickness or anything that may happen to them.'


The Victory Belongs To FATHER

'It is wonderful to see and know just what the LORD can do for you and for all mankind, giving victory over all adverse and all undesirable conditions. It is something to think about, as the song says, `Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come.' That which would seem to be dangers, that which would seem to be toils, that which would seem to be snares, it is wonderful to know that you can come through every adverse condition. CHRIST in the body called Jesus, through and by, from and by that name called Jesus, fought through forty-two different generations at the roots. Some said He fought through forty-two different generations and never lost a battle. We are privileged to know that CHRIST has never lost a victory. The victory is always GOD'S, whether you believe ME or not. The victory belongs to GOD, so you have nothing to doubt or to fear, but as was in the days of the apostles and that in the name called Jesus, nineteen hundred years ago, when the seeming trials came, when they came the disciples--many of them, went back and walked no more with Him. We find many that will go back and have gone back because of what they thought would become of ME. I AM glad that it is written beforehand that

`Mine own arm brought my salvation.'

I have gotten the victory MYSELF. It is Wonderful!

I was in Patchogue this morning and the people, most of them, around Sayville and Patchogue and around here, they began to change their tune. They begin to think within themselves, why HE has the victory. But before, they thought that I did not have the victory and they were all apparently unconcerned. But as Mr. Joseph said today, the thought that he was conveying was that these seeming trials and persecutions and hatreds, they are but the agencies through which the Truth is advertised. Now just think about ten thousand people or more at once, and if I had a place big enough I could talk to fifty thousand at once for they would come. It is Wonderful! But when they thought that things were against ME they could not or did not say much. And whatsoever they did say would be, as a rule, in the opposite direction, but it is wonderful.

As I say, I don't regret anything that I have gone through. So it is wonderful, and now I have been stamped in the consciousness of the children of men and I don't have to do a thing. MY Spirit will work in them; for MY Spirit is so strong and so many are so deep in MY Spirit and in MY Mind that I don't have to do a thing. If I would will to go into mental or Personal seclusion, MY Spirit would work just as well, for I AM ruling in the affairs of men. I AM in the hearts and I AM in the minds and therefore MY Spirit will have bodies to work through as was at the day of Pentecost after the crucifixion of the body called Jesus. That did not stop the work, but rather established it, for it stressed the activities of Jesus in the consciousness of men and it implanted the characteristics of Him in them you see, and it produced and reproduced the CHRIST Consciousness manifest on earth among men and it brought peace and prosperity on earth among them.

So that was to create such a faith that would not shrink, and to cause individuals to x-rayedly visualize the CHRIST. And as they began to visualize the CHRIST and made their declaration, if it had been only three to declare it,

`where by the mouth of two or three witnesses, it shall be established,'

and Christendom would have had its way anyway. So that is a great consolation.

Now I don't have to do a thing. If I don't go to any church, if I don't do anything, if I don't say a word Personally, I have accomplished that to the effect that CHRIST will live from this standpoint of view and from the consciousness of the Presence of GOD as brought forth to fruition in this Body and manifested to the world. And it will be imputed to you so that with or without a Body, it would be just the same, it makes no difference. It is Wonderful!


Concentrate On CHRIST

As a whole, no one has a record of that Body called Jesus--as a whole. Millions of people are called Christians, supposedly followers of CHRIST, from Jesus and through by Jesus, and there are many faithful ones that really have reproduced and reflected and then manifested the identical Life of CHRIST by visualizing and imagining the CHRIST to be that One that was crucified; and it produced that which they imagined Jesus to be, or visualized Him to be, and it brought into actuality the Life that was in Jesus in the lives or in the bodies of men. Therefore, it was in, as I said, this capsule. When they swallowed this capsule of salvation, it dissolved and produced the same characteristics that were in the Body called Jesus and manifested it to the world. And therefore, by your concentrating on this CHRIST Consciousness, as put forth here and advocated and duplicated and manifested, it will tend to reproduce the same and you all will be just as effective in your lives as if I would be by your side Personally, saying do this or do that, for I AM here and I AM there and I AM everywhere.

So then it is a great consolation to see and know the Omnipotence of GOD and yet to realize the Omnipresence of GOD and also to work in conformity to the same. So as I said, it is not that I must necessarily do anything or say anything particularly, for what I Will it must be, and I have created MY Name uppermostly in the consciousness of the children of men sufficiently to reflect MYSELF and MY characteristics and to dominate over everything that is not in conformity to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST that was in the Body called Jesus. And yet, to be the identical representative of the true CHRIST Kingdom as birthed out by the quotations of the Scripture, the Gospel, the New Testament.


'I AM The Real Substance Of Your Being'

Then as I say, if it were possible that this Body should disappear in any kind of a way, that would not prohibit ME, for I AM stamped in your mind and I AM the Spirit and I AM the real substance of your being, creating and recreating all things desirable and the things that pertain unto life and the Kingdom of GOD; and I will be doing, and I will do it, with or without a Body. I don't have to be here in Person. I don't have to be there in Person, but can do as I Will. You all don't know the great significance of this Truth. It is truly Wonderful! You see, I AM in thousands and thousands of bodies tonight, and I AM in millions of minds, and I AM controlling them. Therefore, it is more than mortal having command. Mortal cannot command and control the mind and minds of men, but it is more operative today than it was nineteen hundred years ago manifestedly, for it is on the minds of thousands of people and it controls you all--and then they say, `Why HE hypnotizes them.'

I don't have Personally to do anything, but this Mind will control you and your mind, and bring you and your mind into subjection to this Mind, for this is the Mind of GOD, Omnipotent and Omnipresent; and without this Mind you cannot succeed. You cannot succeed in business, you cannot succeed in anything. You will be a failure. Now I said that to show you the great significance of giving GOD your whole heart and soul and mind, and bringing all of your powers under CHRIST'S control. Then the very spirit of your mind and the mind of your spirit will be no more, but it will be the CHRIST that is controlling and has control over your affairs, and you will have control over others. Then you can be still and know if I do not say a thing, it will be just as operative within the assembly and without the assembly as though I were telling you to do this and do that. It is Wonderful!'

** *** **


'Now the mortal mind has not the faith to believe that they are just as operative with as without a body. It takes nothing but the Divine Mind to recognize their spirit without the body has equality with their spirit with the body.'






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GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced, but not for profit.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen


GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced, but not for profit.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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