"The Glory of GOD Is Revealed in You Who Walk Not after the Flesh
but after the Spirit.

"You Are Immortal"


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth..." St. John 16:13


FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb Installment 16 You Are Immortality"


At the Sayville Holy Communion Table - Recent Photo

At the Sayville Holy Communion Table - Recent Photo





If it could be said that there are many individuals anywhere, they are right here. It is Wonderful, the abundance of the fullness of the Glory of GOD right here, lifting you above lacks and wants and limitations, yea, causing you to transcend gravitation. No more gravitation of the old earth over you, for you are immortal, you are immortality. I have loosed the seals of the Book of Life. You are free! You are free from every limitation. You are immortality.

It is wonderful to know that you are lifted above all limitations, for you are in GOD and there is no limitation to GOD; there is no destination to HIS expression. GOD condescending to rise up in you with all the fullness of his attributes, and the most important and the most significant attribute being revealed, life, here and now. Therefore, you can live in this Kingdom with all of the fullness of the Glory of GOD being revealed, for you know it is revealed in you who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. The whole creation did groan and was in travail even unto now, and you, then groaned within yourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body, the manifestation of the sons of GOD. But this day I recreate a new Heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness, and the sons of GOD are manifested. Ever since the manifestation of the sons of GOD your prayer and prayers have been heard and manifested, and therefore, there is no more waiting and mourning, no more crying, for I have brought you to victory. To know it, it is Wonderful. To be closing your conscious mentality and stilling your conscious individuality, so that the inner man will speak and will unfold, it is Wonderful. Bibles and hymn books, prayer books and all such as that, they are all closed to ME. By closing the material or natural book, the book of Heaven is opened in the heavenly state of consciousness and in that you find your name written and the great revelation comes forth and loosens the seals of the Book of Life. It is Wonderful!


From Out of Each Seal Comes Great Power

And when the first seal is opened there is great power comes out and from each seal there is great power comes out, for

'. . . the very words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.'

And it is written, that

'You shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost has come unto you.'

That Spirit that came out from under the altar that was found worthy to loosen the seals of the Book of Life, and to let loose such power that would come forth conquering and to conquer, behold, it is here; behold, it is within; behold, it is without, filling all space and absent from none, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.

It is wonderful to be living in the chariot of these words, to be caught up on the wings of this Love. It is Wonderful! So glad, so glad, so glad! Billions and billions of blessings, trillions and trillions of blessings, quadrillions and quadrillions of blessings, etc. Oh, it is Wonderful! There are septillions and septillions of blessings being unfolded, for the expression of GOD in that which is known in human consciousness as mankind. Claim your rights and press your claim. All of these blessings are flowing so free for you just for the asking and for the recognition of your conscious self, and being still and allowing them to spring up automatically.

** *** **


We are glad to hear the words of GOD as spoken in the name called Mr. Lanyon. The little book of Truth known as 'Wonderful'. When he came to me he left a couple of his books that he had written previously. He wrote them some time back, but he received another he declares that is deeper and greater than any he ever wrote. It is Wonderful! And the word 'Wonderful' he also wrote down in the back as a memorial of the first books he left here with ME, that he learned the meaning of the word 'Wonderful', and from that he came forth with . . . . (missing pages.)


All the GOD That Ever Was Is In You

. . . Holiness, if it is holiness, it is holiness, and if it is holiness, it is whole on both the material and the spiritual planes. That is what all of this is about, that is why there is so much demonstration of truth and power here, because we know that we are conscious of the Omnipotence of GOD and we know that we are conscious of all of the fullness of the Presence of GOD, and,

'The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply and will satisfy every good desire.'

Then it is the source and it is the supply. Being the source and being the supply, it supplies your every desire. It meets every emergency, It qualifies the soul of man to meet GOD on the spiritual plane, to be caught up in the mid-air and meet the Lord up there. The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply and will meet every good desire.

Then in answer to the question about GOD being All and in all, and being in the abundance of the fullness in the individual, I have not declared it for MYSELF as you would term it to be in the individual. I have declared it in the most recently rehearsed motto: All the GOD that ever was is in you. And I have declared in so many words, The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. And because I declare it and know it and manifest it, that does not say that you should doubt ME just because I manifest it when I declare it for you. If you will affirm it and give thanks for it and give praises for it, then multiplied-ly it will be manifest in you . . .


Parable of the Inspector

After a song: Now that was a little thought I wished to convey to every heart. There may be some of you that have some characteristics that are endorsed by the Almighty, and there are those characteristics that are not endorsed, but whether endorsed or not endorsed, they should all be put forth. You should put them all on the scale of justice and see if they give the right weight. If they are not endorsed by the inspector of weights and scales, why then your weight is not right.

That is the way to get in the Will and in the Mind of GOD. Any tendency, any instinct, or whatsoever it may be termed, of your personality, your tendencies or expressions, if you have a custom of anything and especially that being your make-up, deny that, and you will find GOD. In that old thing you will not find GOD. GOD may be there, but GOD is hidden and will not reveal HIMSELF in your pre-inherited instincts and pleasures and tendencies, etc. You will not find HIM. Some one else may find HIM in yours. It is written,

'Look not upon your own . . .'

Therefore, your very characteristics may be filled with the attributes of GOD and they may be attributes of GOD manifested, but for you they are not attributes of GOD. Someone else's attributes, someone else may be the developer, the manifestor for you. Therefore, yours may be the conception of CHRIST for someone else, but not for you. Someone else may be the conception of CHRIST for you, but not for themselves. That is why it is written,

'. . . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, will of God.'

Your tendencies--there are those of you who see from the material, your vision for evil appearances, their causes and bounds and appearances, etc., from which we are not supposed to judge. But we judge with a righteous judgment but yet in appearance, external appearance, etc., you may have had some expressions of life in the old world, and those expressions of life for you to keep them up in this world, will bar the CHRIST from you and for you, wherein someone else may not have had those tendencies and pleasures, characteristics and instincts, their causes and effects and appearances, and yet they may have them and find GOD in yours and you hide your GOD in yours and find HIM in others.


Mortal Mind Is As a Yoke or Poker

' 'How careful then ought we to live, With such religious fears.'

There are simple things that can bar the vision of your CHRIST, of your GOD, of your Redeemer. There are simple things such as are your characteristics, tendencies and human mortal versions and pleasures, etc., will veil the CHRIST from you where they may reveal the CHRIST to others. It is Wonderful! They may prohibit you from bringing forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives. Therefore, it is essential for every person to deny themselves and present their bodies as living sacrifices, holy, acceptable unto GOD, which is their reasonable service, and be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of their minds. That can be applied to everyone, though it was that some of their minds were right for them, but no mortal mind is right for the redemption of mankind, for the individual through that is the reflector, the manifestor of mankind. Be not of many minds, and that mind that is mortal of the individual, that mind is not spiritually legitimate in the Kingdom of GOD.

'. . . but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.'

I may legalize that mind for someone else, but not for you. It may be legalized if it is necessary, but it must go through the consciousness of your willingness to sacrifice both it and them.

So I thought of that, how important it is to see that you do away with them for your own sake, if you want to be close to ME. Many desire to talk with ME and desire to be close to ME in Spirit and in Mind and in Body, but how can you? As I have often said, I have traveled through the countries and in far countries and even in this country, and I have often seen in a fence country that there have been cows and cattle of the different kinds, even pigs sometimes that would wear a yoke and poker. When they would go to get over the fence, that poker would go into the fence and they could not get over the fence. And that is just the way with your mind, you cannot get over the fence into the City of the Living wearing that mind or that kind of poker. They have carried a long stick before them like that so that it would get into the rail of the fence and they could not get over.

That is the way thousands of people carry the mortal mind of their preconceived versions before them and they cannot pass through or cross the borderline. That is why I say that, because I desire to see everybody so that they will be free of all limitations, free from all limits of the human mind and be as happy as can be in the fullness of the fellowship with GOD which you can only be by putting off your ways, your fancies, or at least sacrificing them, and if there be any of the old structure kept over to help remodel the old structure, that is the Master Builder's business. Even if the Master Builder should choose to save it, you should sacrifice it.


Sons and Daughters, Give Me Your Hearts

Now there are simple ways that you have that you want to know things that do not concern you. Now that will keep you away from ME. I would love you just the same as anybody else, but if you have that way, that you want to know anything that does not concern you, that in itself will bar you from ME, because you would like to be in fellowship with ME and you would like to be like some of the other Angels and you wonder why some can come so near. It is Wonderful!

Sons and daughters, give ME your hearts. Your heart consists of all of your mental world, all of your mentality and all things that can be reflected from your consciousness, or your sub-consciousness. You must be willing to submit or surrender all for inspection. Then you must be willing to do away with all the preconceived tendencies as a living sacrifice, consciously or unconsciously, for Paul said and I say,

'I count all that I have as naught that I might gain Christ . . . and the power of his resurrection.'

Those tendencies will leave you if you deny yourself and continue to deny that instinct and tendency when you desire to do something that MY Spirit and MY Mind does not authorize, or anything that has been your pre-inherited expression.


The Great Transformer Controls the Destinies of Mankind

Thy Will be done. GOD in one man is a majority, changing tides, winds and climates and can change the destiny of mankind. It is Wonderful! The Great Transformer, in the seeming insignificance of the invisible, being Omnipotent, and all of the significance can change the situation of all things and can and really does control the destinies of mankind. When you know that you are right, then go ahead. You don't have to fear or doubt, for if GOD is for you, who can be against you! That which seems to be against you, it is for you, for GOD has taken the wrath of man and has tuned it in the song and the message of praise to spread MY Name through the whole world. Selah! It is Wonderful!

Then if you are caught up in this vibration you are blessed, and,

'how great and marvelous are thy works, O God, for great and holy is thy name.'
'He that the son sets free, is free indeed.'

So you don't need to worry or fret nor complain, for everything is O. K. in the consciousness of the Spirit of the Presence of GOD. The Spirit of the Almighty is glorified and the Omnipotence of HIS Majesty satisfied. And it is so wonderful when you close up the way of mortality. The way to the immortal souls are opened up and through your personal expression and your individual avenues of expression cometh forth the immortal souls with their gifts and inclinations and tendencies, being reincarnated and manifested to the world, and you can glorify GOD in your soul and in your body, for they are one.


If You Separate Jesus From CHRIST, Your Spirit is Separated From Your Body

As Mr. Lanyon said, it is so wonderful that the people in London, many of them now are learning that the soul and the body are one.

'My Father and I are one.'

They learn that by first recognizing the CHRIST as Jesus and Jesus as CHRIST. But your soul and body cannot be redeemed and made one unless you first visualize the oneness of CHRIST and JESUS, for CHRIST, humanly speaking, was the soul of Jesus and Jesus was the body. You cannot make the soul and the body one until you recognize CHRIST and JESUS as one, and until CHRIST JESUS arises in your consciousness as the Son of GOD, the Redeemer of the world. When CHRIST JESUS, or even Jesus arises in your consciousness of your conviction as being the Son of GOD, then and then only can your body manifest the Sonship Degree and manifest health and happiness in your body by recognizing CHRIST has come and by recognizing CHRIST as the only One, the true and the living way, knowing that that which you once looked upon as a spirit, you will see the body, and soul and body as one.

'And he that believeth that Jesus is Christ is born of God . . . but everyone that does not believe that Jesus is Christ, he is an anti-Christ.'

For if they do not believe that Jesus is CHRIST, they are not born of GOD and therefore, they cannot produce the GOD-given qualities of the Godhead Bodily.

You can jot that down in your memory as a motto for your consideration, but if you misrepresent it, why then, you will be corrected and you will feel the effect of your misrepresentation. But it is a great essential to know that Jesus is CHRIST, for that is for your highest good. And do you not see that your teachers and your leaders in Truth, they led you farther away from the Truth than they that were living on the material plane in mortal consciousness, for they told you Jesus was GOD and they taught it from the natural standpoint of view. But when your teachers told you CHRIST was GOD and Jesus was a natural man, they were separating your soul and your body. But I came to unify your soul and your body as they were at the beginning of the world. And that is why you feel so good, because your soul and your body, they are one now. But you did not know that. You were led to believe that Jesus was the mortal of CHRIST and that the body had to go down and the CHRIST would live, therefore separating Jesus from His body and your body from your own spirit, and sending your body down to the grave just as Mrs. Eddy did.

The body of Mrs. Eddy and all of the so-called teachers that have separated CHRIST from Jesus' body and have kept them separated in consciousness and have not brought them together, their bodies have gone down because they separated CHRIST from Jesus and they would not unify the spirit and the body, and therefore, they brought in a separation in their bodies. And when GOD called for the spirit HE could not get the body because they were separated, and therefore GOD had to take the spirit and leave the body. But Enoch walked and talked with GOD for so long that the body and the spirit were one, and when GOD called for Enoch's spirit, HE had to take his body as well as the spirit, for they were one. And when GOD called for Elijah, Elijah was so faithful and he followed where the Spirit led. That is why the Word says,

'As many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God.'


If You Subjugate Your Body to the Spirit, They Cannot Be Separated

Some may say the spirit will be at such and such a place. If you do not subjugate your spirit to the body and the body to the spirit, your spirit will be called and your body can't go, but if you subjugate your body to the spirit, as Paul said,

'I must take heed to my body, lest after I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.'

So if you will subjugate your body and take heed to your body and bring it into subjection to the spirit in all things, and wheresoever by the spirit you go and wheresoever your mind goes you go, why when GOD calls for the spirit, HE cannot get the spirit without getting the body.

When GOD called for Elijah, the sacrifice and offerings HE wouldest not, and HE had to take the body with the spirit, for they were together. It is just the same as man and wife, humanly speaking, that is but a shadow and a type of the real thing and it is not the real thing, but a shadow and a type of the real thing. It is written,

'. . . a man shall leave his father and his mother, and the twain shall be one flesh. Nevertheless, I speak concerning Christ and the church.'

So then when you are called to follow, or to go, you must see and be willing to follow bodily as well as spiritually. If you are not willing to pay the price whatsoever it costs, mentally, spiritually and personally, you cannot receive the highest teachings and the highest blessings. You must be willing to sacrifice all personality to obey GOD personally as well as spiritually. And when GOD calls for the spirit HE cannot get the spirit without getting the body, for GOD could not get Elijah's spirit without getting the body, for the spirit and the body were one.

' 'How great and marvelous are thy works, O God, for great and holy is thy name.'

You can see the great wonder of the Spirit being unfolded. It is Wonderful! So you don't need to fear if you have given GOD your whole heart, soul and strength and body, as well as your soul, but if you hold back one point, why you are guilty of the whole. So your body and your spirit they are one. And so Mr. Lanyon says that the people in Europe are learning that, and that is what brings about a healthy, clear bill of health--bodily, spiritually and otherwise, for it brings your body in harmony with the Spirit and you keep the body in the vibrations of the Spirit and in the highest vibrations and it eliminates all adverse and undesirable conditions when it is kept up in the high vibrations and in the highest atmosphere of the Spirit. And that is why no one can get sick here as long as they keep in the high vibrations of the Spirit; they cannot get sick here. But you may be sitting right on MY lap, if you could, and not get in the Spirit. Maybe something could come through you that they call death. So I AM not saying that nobody could get sick here from a personal standpoint of view. All is the condition of the mind.

You must live in the high vibrations of the Spirit and be lost in the Will of GOD by casting out of your system all anger, all jealousy, all malice, all strife, all covetousness, all deceit, etc., and all of those tendencies, as I have so often declared, that you may be free from the germ of death. And if they are not out of your system you are subject to gravitation. If they are out of your system your body will be as the body of Christ was nineteen hundred years ago, incorruptible, undefiled and that fadeth not away. It is Wonderful! Now some of you all think that you get a little information here, don't you?

** *** **


Now unless your hearts are free from ulterior motives you will have something to interfere with these spiritual vibrations passing through your system and filling you with joy beyond degrees. Be honest and be true and do not do anything in the absence of MY Personal Presence that you would not do in MY Personal Presence. You may cut yourself off from ME if you do, if you do anything, see anything, hear anything or know anything in MY Personal absence that you will not expose in MY Personal Presence. These are facts and figures that are too stout to be denied. Because you will not obey ME I will not obey you. You will not obey MY Will and I will not obey your will. You walk contrary to ME and I will walk contrary to you. I don't care how much it is, or what it is, if you are walking contrary to ME, even for MY good, in justifying for ME, in preaching for ME, in testifying of ME, if it is contrary to MY Will, why then I will walk contrary to you. I AM the good ground and I produce in actuality that which you gaze upon or give birth to. It is Wonderful! So many blessings you cannot count them all.


There Is No Power Except That Which Comes From Above

There was a good deal of discussion at the table today about a statement made by one of the students at the last big meeting in New York City, in which she said that she was grateful for having the privilege of knowing one who had attained to the highest degree in GOD. Others took this up saying that FATHER had always been at that point and did not have to attain.

FATHER spoke as follows:

There are many diversities of expression and many ways of expression of the light that is given to the different individuals. I said in the other body,

'No man has power to take my life. I lay it down of myself, and I take it up again.'

And yet they do say and they bear record supposedly that they crucified Jesus, when in righteousness and in the Divine Idea there was and is no power given except that which comes from above. Then we know that it is not man that doeth-


-'that worketh to will and to do,'

but it is the Spirit of GOD.

'which worketh both to will and to do.'

Imputedly, it is that man has done something and that man has done something good and something evil, when it is written that there is no power given you and it is written also that,

'I can of mine own self do nothing;'

and again,

'It is God that worketh in you both to will and to do.'

So that is the great significance of this Truth, to know that GOD does work both to will and to do. It is supposed that man has done something, humanly speaking, man has done something good and man has done something evil, so therefore when you speak from a human point of view, you would say that man has done such and such a thing, and this is doing such and such, and that is the way it is. There is no power given unto you except that which comes from above, and no man has power to take MY Life. I lay it down and I take it up again. When you are swallowed up in GOD and there is nothing else, then you can speak in the Allness of GOD and you can advocate the Allness of GOD--Good, canceling the nothingness of man. Then nothing from nothing leaves nothing. It leaves nothing but GOD to be left in your midst and in your consciousness. But if you would bear witness of one expression and none else aside from GOD, you would be subjugating yourself to bear witness of that something else besides GOD, for if there is none else that is not expressing the Glory of GOD, those expressions filled with all kinds of debauchery, drunken with the spirit of all kinds of isms and creeds and denominations, and nations and all kinds of abominations, would be GOD.

The germs of such go with the spirit of the denominations of mortality, thereby causing thousands of people to be germinated and infected by such germs of materialism, anti-christ-ism, denominational-ism, socialism and all kinds of political-isms and racial-isms, and all kinds of abominations. But such should be fumigated, fertilized and condensed into the unity of the Spirit and dissolved into this nothingness and swallowed up into the Allness of GOD.


Thoughts For Consideration

When you accept of the body of Jesus and seek the body of Jesus, you have sought and found the body of yourself. It is essential to seek and find the body of Jesus, but by simplicity of words, deeds and actions of the spirit of the mind, you also receive the body of Jesus in consciousness, and when it is materialized, the little leaven shall have leavened the whole lump and it will have leavened your whole body.

Don't get self-conceited, however, don't shipwreck your own faith by so doing. The Truth is the light that will light up the dark pathway of your expectation. GOD is all that you need. GOD is all wisdom, all knowledge and all understanding. If you apply GOD to the spirit of Truth, GOD to you will be Truth. If you apply GOD to almost anything, HE can be expressed from that angle and be really practical in and from whatsoever version you may seek HIM from,

'For Christ is rich and all you need.''


Electricity Is A Shadow and A Type of GOD

In the discovery of electricity it was not a matter of instantaneous, or in other words, immediately bringing into actuality and actual service all the manifestation of electricity, and all of its future activities, but it was just the beginning of a reflection of a sketch of a percent of a percent of a percent of what would be, yea even what has been through the discovery of electricity. It is Wonderful! But you can see and know that what electricity has done even since Benjamin Franklin, he could not and would not believe in human consciousness, if he could appear in the highest state of himself before he had passed on. With no further development of understanding, he could not and would not believe that electricity could do what it is doing and has done. He would think that he was in Heaven, where others had supposed men to go after death. He would not realize that he was on the earth here if he could come back and see what electricity is doing and has done.

So it is with the manifestation of the Spirit. The Spirit has been brought into action, but it has never expressed one one-hundredth of a percent of a percent of a percent of what will be done on the material plane. Electricity can do most anything that is required to be done by power or by horsepower, by motor or anything like that. Electricity can do everything that horses can do and everything that they cannot do; so therefore electricity is in reality on the material plane or on the scientific plane, or in scientific discoveries a shadow and a type of GOD.

'Christ is rich and all you need,'

and the time will come when you will find that verified as so much electricity in electrons, and that is the energy of both it and them. As electricity therefore, you will find that is all that is existing. That which is anything is electricity from the material standpoint of view, but from the spiritual point of view we apply the name GOD.

'And Christ is rich and all you need,'

and CHRIST is GOD.

Electricity is expressing itself in thousands of different expressions and it is the same as that which is expressed, yet the human mind cannot grasp it. So CHRIST being rich and all you need, the time cometh and now is that humanity will find CHRIST is actually all you need,

'for Christ is rich and all you need,'

and CHRIST is All and in all, and HE is wisdom, righteousness and power, and you can be filled and thrilled and know that CHRIST is all that you need. But until you come to that place you may still live in duality, thinking that something else besides CHRIST can express or be.


Power Will Destroy You Unless You Handle It Technically

One of the Angels testified today that she was grateful for what FATHER had done for her, but that she hadn't yet given up all of her conscious mind and that she was having difficulty in doing so. She wanted to ask FATHER to take it away from her. FATHER replied as follows:

There is the thought, there is the mind that is essential to control electricity. Even with all of its insignificance, the human mind has control of it to a certain extent. With the right understanding of how to use it, it can be of real service, but without the right understanding of how to use it, it can be and has been destructive and it has destroyed thousands of lives because they did not know, or were unthoughtful of the law and were not governed by the law controlling it, and therefore the mentality was not sufficient to handle the power of the destructive forces of nature that would be termed destructive without the right understanding or conception of them. That is why so many souls try to use the power of Spirit and destroy themselves.

There are many mechanics and electricians that have even used these powers that be for years, and still have destroyed themselves by the powers they have. We find so many people that have destroyed themselves with the same power that they are representatives of. So many have destroyed themselves. Practically all that really get in the Spirit, and there are so many people, after they get in the Spirit supposedly, without the right spirit and understanding of the Truth, they die quickly. Therefore, they have unconsciously in some way committed suicide and they die quicker after they get in Truth than they would without the Truth, for it is more technical and it has to be carefully handled. Sometimes unthoughtfully, sometimes carelessly and sometimes selfishly and sometimes consciously and deceitfully, in some word, deed or action they destroy themselves. But such is the destiny of man that lives in mortal consciousness, yet claiming to be functioning from a spiritual standpoint of view.


Some Testimonies Need To Be Sterilized to Kill the Germs of Anti-CHRIST In Them

It is so wonderful when you can contact this Truth, and that as Jesus said,

'. . . the poor have the gospel preached to them.'

This is the verification of the question that was asked Jesus,

'Is this the Christ, or do we look for another?'

That was a pre-evidence or a pre-speaking of that which is really being done now--an expression of what would be a universal calling or universal expression as it is now, and John's disciples he represented and were a pre- evidence of the general mortal man today, 'Is this the Christ, or do we look for another?' And asking questions, how can we do this and all such as that. And the answer that He in you, may be justified by that one thing, and that He may be so justified, humanly speaking, in all.

'It is God that worketh in you both to will and to do,'


'no man has power to take my life,'

but they did say that they crucified ME. JESUS is CHRIST and CHRIST is GOD.

'He that believeth that Jesus is Christ is born of GOD and he that believeth not that Jesus is Christ is an anti-Christ.'

There are thousands of people through Truth teachings and higher studies in Truth have become anti-Christly inclined and have taken in the germ of anti-Christ-ism; and those that have taken in their teachings, etc., they are products of these germs, and therefore the very testimonies themselves would need to be sterilized to kill the germs of materialism and anti-Christ-ism, and all of the germs that they are germinated with. There are many talks given and many different ones have expressed their lives from different angles and different standpoints of view.


That Which Was Spiritual Has Been Made Material

A man who thinks he has been suffering from cancer or tumors in the nose, who has been staying in the Kingdom for a few weeks, with great signs of improvement, testified that he had studied Unity for some time, but had not found any help there. FATHER answered: That very message has brought bodies into a chaotic condition. When one realizes that the Spirit has been made flesh and that the flesh and the Word are One, when they realize that JESUS and CHRIST are One, then that will bring that at-one-ment in them, mentally and spiritually, and finally will develop the at-one-ment into and on the material plane over them, with them and in their affairs .

Therefore, that which is spoken of in the Spirit concerning the Kingdom of GOD, things that pertain unto the Kingdom of GOD, we know that it is being brought on the material plane by the recognition of the Fountainhead, the Creator of all things, by Whom all things are created. GOD created all things by CHRIST JESUS and as a sample and as an example, as JESUS CHRIST was the Word, and the Word was made flesh, even so materialize I the Spirit and make both it and them One. So it is true. It is wonderful to know that that is your only real salvation. Your only real propitiation is to make that place in consciousness where you can know within yourself that that which does appear was created by that which did not appear and that that which does appear is that which did not appear; and that that which did not appear is that which does appear.

So the invisibility of things is brought into visibility or outer expression and that which was spiritual, has been made material, for all things were mental and spiritual at one time. There is nothing visible that was not once invisible, and hence it was in the spirit world or on the psychic plane, the mental world. So it is wonderful when you realize that that which is spiritual and that which is material is one; then it is wonderful. Wonderful for you, wonderful for you. Even the stone that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.


The Spirit of GOD'S Presence Protects You

''In all of their afflictions he was afflicted, but the angel of his presence healed them.'

Imputedly, in mortal consciousness, it is the Angels, but it is not the Angels; it is the Angel of HIS Presence heals them. It will appear to you in this one, and to another in that one, according to the dictates of your human consciousness. It may appear to you as Gabriel, but it is only One Presence and that is GOD just reflecting HIMSELF according to the different appearances until you rise out of appearances and limits that you may know the only true GOD.

There HE is protecting you. As a lawyer HE appears to you as a lawyer, and yet it is the Spirit of GOD'S Presence protecting you from all that tends to hurt or harm. So you can readily see that it is the protection GOD has thrown around you, but you must recognize this Truth. If you have brought yourself into subjection to this CHRIST Consciousness and if you are in Asia, Africa or Europe, you are protected from things as much as you are sitting by MY side. But you must bring your bodies into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness and live just as Jesus lived, and teach as Jesus taught. Then you can manifest CHRIST in its entirety and bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives; and GOD will be glorified to see HIS blessings going out. But as I say, you become a subject of the Kingdom of GOD as soon as you give yourself fully to GOD and live according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST; and when you are a subject of the Kingdom of GOD, you have all the protection and all of the rights and privileges of the CHRIST.


The Same Requirements Are For You As For Jesus

At this point someone asked whether it was necessary to study the Life and Teachings of CHRIST as recorded in the New Testament, in order to live accordingly. FATHER replied that it was not necessary. HE said it was like you're A. B. C.'s; you learn them once and then you use them whenever the occasion arises, but you do not go back to you're a. B. C. card and study them every time you want to use them. The important thing is living the Life and Teachings of JESUS the CHRIST, not studying them. Of course, however, if you are unfamiliar with what those teachings are, you may have to read them over and acquaint yourself with them. HE said it was very simple to find out the main points; almost the first one was,

'if you hear any enquiring after me, tell him first to deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.'

Then He tells you what self-denial is when He said,

' 'Unless ye leave houses and lands, mother and father, etc., and all that ye have, ye cannot be my disciple.'

Then when His mother enquired after Him He said,

' and who are my brethren? . . . it is they that do the will of my Father.'

Now some will go on to say that Jesus meant for us to forsake our own only to the extent of the sinful part in them; if they are a murderer or anything wrong, that is the part they say we should deny, but who believes that Mary was a murderer or criminal or a gambler or any of those things that the world calls sin; and yet He said,

'Who is my mother,'

and would not recognize her as an example for the many brethren, which you are.

Now did you not tell ME you are a Son of GOD? The same requirements are for you as were for the Son in the person of Jesus, before you can bring forth the CHRIST to fruition and manifest Him to the world. You cannot be a sample and an example until you copy your lives after the pattern I have shown you on the Mount, even on the Mount of Transfiguration. Then truly might the word have said,'Oh, for a closer walk with GOD.'

So these are some of the many points of significance of the Life and Teachings of CHRIST for anyone to manifest you need that Life in them and show it to the world; swallow them up according to His Teachings. Then when you do what I say, it is not that you must be necessarily here or at any place in particular according to the flesh, but be any old place and be lost in the Will of GOD,

'For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.'

So that is one's highest calling, to bring their body into subjection to the same that was in Jesus and they will be the same One and will have brought into manifestation the Son of GOD.


GOD Lives and Moves and Has His Being In You

It is a wonderful blessing to know that you can visualize evil and you can visualize good, and it will tend to produce very quickly. If you would, you could get angry very quickly. Just think about some injustice and you can get angry very quickly. You can create anger in your system by holding it in your consciousness, very quickly. And so it is with the blessings. We visualize limitless blessings and we bring them forth in the expression and that is what you are enjoying here now. The majority of the people talk about depression, but with you there is no depression or oppression, and it is indeed wonderful, something to praise GOD for, to be lifted above the bounds and barriers and lacks and wants and limitations.

Every one of you, the whole world can be even as I AM in the conscious realization of the Presence of GOD. You can realize I AM materializing HIS good to mankind. But the average person imagines GOD to be something in the spirit world. But we realize that GOD is something here and now in the presence of each and every one. Therefore, in you GOD lives and moves, and has HIS Being. You have often heard the same in the religious world, 'In him we live, and move, and have our being;' but it is beyond that in our consciousness since we realize the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of GOD, we know that in you HE lives, and moves, and has HIS Being. That is what makes you so happy, to know that GOD is with you.






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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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