"Be Radical Enough to Obey the Spirit

"I Have Given My Body, My Life, My Service and Everything That I Am for the Purpose of Bringing about
That Christ Consciousness." --- FATHER DIVINE


Installment 17

Lady Committed to Asylum Because of Her Conviction


Viewing the stone marker on the front lawn
at72 Macon Avenue, Sayville

Viewing the stone marker on the front lawn at72 Macon Avenue, Sayville

Some time ago a woman from Spain visited the Kingdom and found so much of what she had been looking for, she stayed on without further arrangement of her affairs in New York. She just dropped out of sight there. She received the Holy Ghost here and renounced and denounced her past life and she was having psychic experiences which took her back to the foundation of the world. She had been a teacher of Spanish in many of the wealthy families of New York and these people instituted a search for her, even going so far as to send detectives to Boston. When the publicity in connection with the court case in Sayville appeared, two of her friends came here accompanied by detectives and state police. They took her away and had her committed to Central Islip Insane Asylum here for observation. She was pronounced insane and was held, either for final commitment or for deportation to Spain. Some went to the institution from here to see what could be done, but the only way to get her out was through the signature of those who had committed her, supposed to be her nearest friends in this country.

During all of this time, FATHER was undisturbed about the whole incident. HE merely said that if she would be quiet and trust in HIM everything would be all right and that HE could go through locked and barred doors. No one was allowed to see her alone, but this message was conveyed to her in a whisper. Since no one could do anything about getting her out, it rested in FATHER'S hands, both Personally and Impersonally, and it looked as though there was no use of HIS doing anything Personally, because they were already so prejudiced against HIM, at the institution, they had refused to let anyone from the Kingdom even see the patient. A few days ago she was released on parole, however, according to their way of thinking under the care of the superintendent, with instructions to the effect that if she came near FATHER again or contacted any of HIS Followers, she would come back in. FATHER said in connection with this:

Viewing the stone marker
at 72 Macon Avenue, Sayville, back yard.

Viewing the stone marker on the front lawn at72 Macon Avenue, Sayville

'Of course, you have been taught that GOD is a GOD of love, of mercy and compassion, and so HE is, but I said I will shake this town if you don't get her out, and that is why I said it, because I AM a GOD of love and because I stand in defense of the right,' FATHER said, speaking of a town in the South where HE brought a storm because a man would not release his wife from the insane asylum where he had committed her because she was in the Spirit.


The Retributive Power of GOD

'And so I said I will shake this town, and he thought it was all foolishness, but apparently out of a clear sky came forth inside of a few hours, that which seemed to be a cloud and a storm and such thunder as you never heard, but no lightning. And the rain that fell, it burned the leaves on the trees; and the flood tides came up in that town and went up into the houses up to the second stories. And that was not all the things that it did to practically every church in the city, it went to the churches especially.

Just before then the Spirit had sung a song about there being danger in the city. 'There is danger, there is danger, there is danger in the city, hallelujah. I saw the churches trembling and the rivers flowing over their embankments. There is danger, there is danger in the city, hallelujah. There is danger, there is danger, there is danger in the city. I saw the schools a-trembling and the pupils falling backwards, there is danger in the city, hallelujah. I saw the hospitals a-trembling and the doctors falling down, there is danger in the city; hallelujah.'

There is danger, there is danger,
There is danger in the city; hallelujah.
I saw the churches trembling
And the rivers flowing over their embankments.
There is danger,
There is danger in the city;, hallelujah.
There is danger, there is danger,
There is danger in the city.
I saw the school a-trembling
And the pupils falling backwards.
There is danger in the city; hallelujah.
I saw the hospitals a-trembling
And the doctors falling down,
There is danger in the city; hallelujah.'

And that song was sung. The mortal mind has to be convinced sometimes. It has to see something from a material point of view or else it will not believe. You have heard the mortal mind say sometimes, 'You have got to show me,' and the song was sung, 'There is Danger in the City,' and it appeared as though there was danger, for such a storm you ever heard of, and no lightning, and all of the lights went out in the city, for the electrical company's system in a small city as compared with these big cities, was damaged to the extent of $100,000, and the flood tides came up in the city and were deep.

This man was at home and he was a tall man, something like Mr. Alexander, and he shut his door and locked it three different times and every time he would lock his door it would come open. He would go back and lie down on the couch and it would come open. Then he went to the meeting afterwards and testified that this was true and that there was nobody else in the house to bear witness. He said, I came in but looking just like a great big general and said, 'Go get your wife,' three times, shaking MY finger at him, saying, 'she is not crazy as you suppose, it is MY Spirit has her.' He did not want to go at first but would lie down and could not sleep but heard MY voice and I looked like a general with a big 'corporation,' and he heard ME plainly. So at last he got so frightened he went out to go get her. Tops of houses and things were blowing off and he couldn't see in the street, no lights and all such as that, and he started out for police headquarters and the water was up to his waist. And he spoke to ME in the Spirit and asked to be allowed to wait until morning, and I let him wait until morning.

And I thought about that a little while ago, and about something else. I thought about the different happenings and I thought about 'If God is for you who can be against you?' You don't need to fear, 'for greater is he that is within you, than all they that are in the world.' And that song, the Spirit had sung before this happened, and even before I came to that city, it sung: 'There is Danger in the City,' and it was just wonderful. And I sang the song about 'Danger in the City' and I said that I saw the patients and the doctors trembling and the patients going to the graveyards, for thirty-seven did go to the cemetery out of that storm that night. I saw the lawyers trembling and the prisoners going to the chain gang and that was all in the song, for it was a prophecy and a composed revelation song. It was wonderful! And it put the weatherman out of business. They discharged the weatherman, both in that town and in Washington because he didn't report it; and how could he report it when it raised up in MY wrath? So if GOD is for you, who can be against you. If you will be led as a lamb to the slaughter, be as dumb as an ignorant person can be, being led as a sheep before her shearers, if you don't open your mouth, you will be all right. So it was danger in the city, and that is what often causes wars, the destruction of one man.

So when I went down South to free the woman, it had just happened and they did not even know ME any more than these people do. And I said, If you don't let her go, I will shake this town, because MY Spirit has her. If we believe in the Bible, the Bible plainly tells you,

'My spirit will not always strive with man.'

And the flood came to destroy all flesh because HE saw that the sons of men, they were all flesh, and HE destroyed all flesh off the face of the earth. It reads like that, because they lived in the flesh; then they reaped the fruits of the flesh and that was corruption. So as I say, don't think that GOD would go along, that GOD is love and that you can do anything you please and get away with it. The seed you sow you must also reap. If you sow destruction and destructive seed you must reap the same. GOD is the ground, and produces the kind of seed that you sow. When I told that man to let her out, he could not let her out; he had already sworn that she was insane and as long as she carried on in the way she did in the Spirit, they would hold her. But she got out all right.


FATHER Has All Legal As Well As Spiritual Power

So in speaking of Miss Branch, (the Spanish woman referred to) I thought of that, because the door was shut, and I entered in when the door was shut. You see, I entered in through the keeper's mind, though they were against ME, and I formed an agreement to let her out on parole, and I entered in the door was closed against ME, just as the door was closed after the resurrection and I entered in and said 'Peace.' So now I entered into the hearts and minds of men thinking the door to be closed against ME and they worked according to MY instructions. If he would want to say that he would withdraw his guardianship, why he could not do it. I mean I don't care if he did say so; she cannot be arrested. If they do arrest her they will find out what they will get if they do. As I said last night, I have all Power and all power consists of all legal power as well as all spiritual power. It is Wonderful!'


Newspaper Clipping


Wealthy New York Society Women Locate Missing Tutor at Rev. Divine's
Miss Rebekkah Branch, Cultured Spanish Woman, Sought By Friends After Three Week Sojourn Here.
The Spirit Brought Her to Sayville; Was Happy In Her New Home;
Physicians Commit Her to Hospital


Rebekkah Branch, middle aged and highly cultured Spanish woman, who has been acting as a Spanish teacher to the millionaire social elite of Manhattan, and who has been missing from her city home for the past three weeks was found living at 37 Macon Street, this village, across from the home of the Rev. M. J. Divine where she has been a devout disciple of the Messiah since leaving New York.

After an exhaustive search conducted by city private detectives and others employed by her rich students, Miss Branch was located when her friends read of the week's event at the Divine home and, thinking that she might be here, communicated with the District Attorney's office who verified her whereabouts.

Yesterday afternoon two charming women of Manhattan's four hundred arrived in Sayville in a Rolls-Royce limousine, the property of a Mrs. H. L. Satterly, the former Louise Pierrepont Morgan, sister of J. P. Morgan, prominent New York Banker. One of the two women was Mrs. Henry Breckenridge, one of the famous three D'Accosta sisters. She resides at 455 East 57th Street, and her husband is Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh's attorney. The other woman was a Miss Duffield. Both said that they were very dear friends of Miss Branch and upon learning that she was here came out to bring her back to the city. They were distressed over her plight.

On their arrival they went to the Divine establishment accompanied by officer Richard Tucker, Harvey Morris and Trooper James Linehan. Miss Branch was located at the Macon Street address and went with the officers to the local court room where Justice Duryea and Assistant District Attorney Joseph Arata were waiting. She was there questioned at some length, but after a short time these officials and her two women friends decided that she should be examined by physicians as to her sanity. Dr. G. A. Silliman and Dr. Earl McCoy of the Central Islip Hospital, after making an examination, stated that her case resembled that of a paranoiac and recommended her immediate commitment to the asylum, a procedure which was agreed upon by Mrs. Breckenridge and Miss Duffield. She was taken to Central Islip at 6:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon by her two friends and Officer Tucker.

During her examination Miss Branch kept up a constant conversation about the Rev. Divine and His spiritual teachings. She said He was the original Christ. She also said that she was attracted here from her home in New York by a spirit vibration which brought her to the Rev. Divine's, where she admitted she was perfectly satisfied to be although she never had a personal interview with Him. On leaving the courtroom to go to Central Islip, Miss Branch shook hands with Judge Duryea, Arata and the officers, and bade them 'Peace.'

During her stay in the courtroom several w... women from the Divine Home stood outside the building waiting to take her back to the Macon Street Heaven, but were chased away before Miss Branch and her two friends departed for the Central Islip Institution.

It is said that among her many fashionable students, Miss Branch taught Spanish to several members of the Havemeyer and Dick families, among them Mrs. W. Kingsland Macy of Islip.

Editor's note:

Miss Rebekkah Branch was released from the institution about three weeks later, and enjoyed her freedom and the privilege to express her conviction and the blessing of continuing her service in the Kingdom for many years.

*** *** **


FATHER spoke to one of the Angels tonight and she did not hear apparently. After FATHER had spoken a second and third time she complained that she could hear perfectly well at times and at other times could not hear at all. FATHER said: 'You do hear perfectly all right. GOD is your hearing and GOD is always good, so your hearing is always good. Those occasions when you do not hear, you do not count those; they do not count in the eternal scheme of things; you count them out and count only the times when you do hear, so you always hear perfectly.'


'Sacrifice Joy To Obtain Joy'

Song: 'Outside of your will and outside of your mind, you will find your joy.' After FATHER sang this song, a young man who has been visiting here for a few days, coming from the New York stage, testified that he had come to find out certain things about FATHER'S Teachings, that he had found them out and was going back, that he would not say he would live up to them as he would be a l---r if he said he would give up certain things and then didn't do it, but he thanked FATHER for HIS hospitality. FATHER replied:

'There is a will and there is a heart; that is all GOD requires of man, the will. The Son of GOD, wheresoever he is, he surrenders his will to his FATHER. When he is brought into expression in the human being, he makes it known that it is not his will but his FATHER'S Will within him to be done. And where there is a will there is a way. Now there has been much talk from the different angles about this wonderful Truth and about this Life and this Love, the CHRIST, and many, practically everyone desires to claim it and desires to enjoy it, but how many of you are there that desire to sacrifice to the extent to get it. You must be willing to sacrifice joy to obtain joy, and that is the mortal version of the human joy, to obtain the Divine interpretation of the Truth, of the real interpretation of that Truth that lies dormant in the soul.


'Learn GOD By Being a Partaker of His Spirit'

Man cannot find GOD out. He may study GOD from A to Z of the human mentality and through all of your mental and spiritual search or research work, one will never be able to find GOD out, for GOD's ways are past finding out. There are many things you may learn or behold as the expression of good, such as may be essential for one to partake of, or as aforesaid, as a formula to be used for the purpose of bringing one to a higher expression of GOD, but yet unless one lives up to these requirements they cannot. You learn GOD by being a partaker of HIS Spirit. You cannot learn GOD by sitting on the outside, mentally and spiritually. You must come in and be a full-fledged partaker of HIS Spirit and then you can learn more of GOD than you could from the outside.

Now if you desire to learn GOD, be a partaker of HIS Spirit and live in conformity to the same. That is the idea. It is something like I was saying to a student here recently. Some want to know why one has got to do things this way, or why one must go through this performance or this emotion, or something of that kind. What is that to you? Whether you go through the emotion of stillness or the emotion of the vibrations of expressions in the moving emotions--there are a diversity of emotions. We may have an emotion of stillness, of quietness. That may be our expression of our emotion--some of us. Some may have an emotion of physical emotions and movements and demonstrations, and we can have an emotion of quietness as far as the personal body is concerned and that also, in the Divine Mind can be an emotion. But many say at times and think, I would not like to go through this motion or the other motion, and they have set up for themselves a standard, and that is the destination of their dominion. No man can be GOD when he is limited to one expression. No man can bring forth and demonstrate Omnipotence until he shall have subjugated himself to HIM who functions and expresses HIMSELF in every expression of HIS manifestation.


'My Dominion Is Limitless In Limitation'

All Power is the expresser of all things and of all demonstrations, emotions, vibrations and manifestations. To be able to comprehend with all saints, it is the same as a great educator, to be able to speak in all languages, to speak and to teach each one in his own particular tongue. He must know that language. So it is with the Master of masters. He must be able to understand all demonstrations, inspirations, vibrations, emotions and expressions of good, or of evil.

So now I give you all something else to think about. Now I give you something else to think about. I thought I would dive down into the mystery and mystify you some more. To be a manifestor of Omnipotence, you cannot manifest Omnipotence unless you have the power of speech in words, deeds and in actions, vibrations, emotions and expressions, and then you can speak in the language of the individual or individuals, in whatsoever emotionic language they speak, and thereby comprehend with them. If I limit MYSELF to some special way, set principle or custom, or way that I AM supposed to express, even if it is in the light of intelligence or etiquette, MY Power would be limited, for there is a great power in ignorance. There is a great power in GOD's expression that is known as ignorance as far as the mortal intellect may term it to be. If I set MYSELF up necessarily in etiquette, then out of etiquette I would have no dominion. But I have dominion over both it and them. That is the Omnipotence of GOD filling all space and absent from none. MY strength is made perfect in weakness. It reads like that, does it not? MY wisdom is perfected in ignorance. MY dominion is limitless in limitation.

'So a little while and you will see ME.'

I said that,

'and again a little while and you will not see ME.''


How To Be Subject to the Will

'For the information of those of you who have studied the Truth for the further advancement of your individual progress in the Truth, it is wonderful to know that you must be at that place that you have no will, way, mind or desire of your own. If you have any set principle or any way you think GOD should use you, or any way you think GOD should not use you, why you have limited yourself and you are not subject to the Will of GOD, for you have set stakes to a place of expression that you are not supposed to be governed by; otherwise you must say,

''Not my will, but Thine be done.'

Now I AM saying that for the good of all men. You have said you do not want the LORD to use you like that. So your body belongs to you and after awhile GOD will let you have your body and GOD will take HIS life.

'Not my will, but thine, O Lord.'

I say that because that is the thought in operation here.

However, years ago you must have come in contact with those called sanctified people and such as that. You may have ignored the expressions of them in mortal consciousness, but you cannot ignore the expression of GOD; you cannot so much as ignore the expression of GOD in the Truth. You may ignore vibrations and demonstrations and emotions in mortal consciousness, but you cannot ignore the expression of GOD in the Divine Truth, because you see that every knee is bowing, every tongue is confessing. Each one, they are all confessing and they are all bending, and they must, because this is not the advocation of a blessing, or a gift or demonstration, or vibration, but it is the full expression of the Blesser and not the blessing, the Demonstrator and not the demonstration, the Manifestor and not the manifestation, the Giver and not the gift, though it is the Creator of each and of all of them, and the Former of each and of all of them being brought into expression through the expressions of the Expresser.'


This Atmosphere Is the Breeze of Love

'In the version of the Spirit, when one becomes to be conscious of GOD'S Presence, the very consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the same as a consolation. It is the same as peace of mind. It is a principle. That which creates it is the Spirit of the consciousness and that is that atmosphere that you all feel here. You say that you have never felt such an atmosphere, such a spiritual breeze, and you are caught up in the vibrations in the spiritual atmosphere, and it is the Spirit of the consciousness of GOD that creates it. It is the same as when you turn on your electric fan, it will create an atmosphere, it will create a breeze. it will create an atmosphere of itself. That is what we have here, the Spirit of the consciousness of GOD creates an atmosphere and even plants and everything will thrive well, for this atmosphere here is the Breeze of Love and it satisfies every good desire and it anoints you with the ointment of salvation.

Truly might one writer have said,

'He anointeth my head with oil my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.'

To know that the Spirit has been brought into actuality by the consciousness of GOD'S Presence, it fills you, it thrills you with so much joy and brings into your material or mortal, as it may be termed, or in other words into your personal experience, that which was in the other world, into the spiritual world. It is brought into your personal life, in your personal experience, and you can and do experience now, something that satisfies the physical desire, because it has brought into the personal life all ease and expressed itself in your countenance.

So we are happy because we know that GOD is Present and know that GOD is Present with all the fullness of HIS attributes. That knowledge creates that atmosphere and it makes food for the soul and it enriches the body and expresses itself in your personal bodies, the very Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, and causes you to look beautiful and feel beautiful and glorious and good. It is wonderful! It brings joy beyond degrees and causes you to feel the fullest expression of this unmingled love and joy without a tear, joy without a fear.

Something to praise GOD for, and that is what all of this is about and that is why you like or love to be here, because you get in an atmosphere here so near the Throne of Grace. It is like going down to the sea beaches in the summer, on a hot day, to get the sea breeze. Sea breezes in the summer are fine. The nearer you get to the ocean you begin to feel that ocean breeze and no more of that stagnant city atmosphere of the expression or of the vigorations or mechanical instruments and expressions. You do, in the city, feel an atmosphere, but that atmosphere, it feels so often warm, as it is the breeze that comes from the trains, with many passing automobiles and different machinery running, and it is as though it is artificial. But when you get near the sea beaches you feel the free atmosphere that comes from the sea, the real breeze, and that is the way with this Truth; that is why you like to stay in this atmosphere and like to come into it. Now it is here and there and everywhere, or would be if you would create that within yourselves by contacting the CHRIST Consciousness and realizing that GOD is present with you at all times. It is wonderful! Convince yourselves of that by living exactly the Impersonal Life and you will produce that atmosphere by the consciousness of the Present of GOD, and your expression from your atmosphere that proceeds forth from your consciousness will be the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD that will satisfy every good desire. It will make you new, it will keep you true and will make you one with the whole cosmic forces of nature, and not two. It will eliminate all division and all strife, for where there is division there is strife, and where there is unity there is life.

'Let there be light, and there was light,'

Let there be love and there is love, and love beyond degrees. You cannot limit this love; it has no limitation, neither has earth any gravitation over this love for it breaks all limited expressions of both GOD and man.'


'Your Privilege to Exalt Yourself By Humbling Yourselves'

'He who will elect the CHRIST King over him and his affairs, that is another great view of this Work. Your thoughts are concentrated in one direction here and not divided in as many more, and that is the great at-one-ment that will be offered the whole universe as has been declared, and that is what will bring universal peace and the manifestation of the universal brotherhood of mankind and the full expression of the FATHERHOOD of GOD. It will be manifested and expressed in its entirety and all mankind will realize that they are one with their fellow man, yea, even one with GOD, and they will realize that they cannot be one with GOD until they are willing to become one with their fellow man because

'He that exalteth himself shall be abased, and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.'

So it is your privilege to exalt yourself by humbling yourselves and by humbling yourselves with the least of the righteous, that will bring you to that place automatically where you will be exalted to the highest of the righteous. By making yourself one with your fellow brother you are unifying yourself with one and with all, and automatically you are attached to the Infinite Whole and will rise in the unification of the same. And that is the great wonderful point concerning this Work. One cannot lose by sacrifice, one cannot lose by self-denial, one cannot lose by humbling himself,

'for he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.'

Therefore, blessed is he that will look on small things rightfully and righteously and is willing to attach himself thereto for righteousness' sake, and he will be exalted. And that is what all of this is about. That is why you all are so happy.

The way to life has always been the most important or closer contact you can make with GOD, as when you are not walking in the way of the traditions of men, but walking in the way that you know not. That is the way of GOD. That is where you will express your higher self. Wheresoever the mortal mind deems is the way in your preconceived ideas and opinions, you will find that just the opposite to the true way of your real expression, for GOD is Spirit and GOD is Life and is not confined to the preconceived ideas and opinions of men, or forms or customs, or fancies of them.'


Be Radical Enough to Obey the Spirit

'You have to be radical enough to obey GOD'S Word. You have to be radical to obey the Spirit. You have to be radical enough to express unselfish love. If you don't have it, do it anyway. And that is the reason the Spirit leaves many people, and that gift they would have had to carry out, that mission, will get in someone that will obey. For the man that buried his talent in the ground, GOD took that talent away from him and gave it to the man that had ten. So that is the way it is.

Every time persecutions arise and someone shrinks back, that makes those who are faithful that much more bold, for that spirit that was in that one will come in the others. It is just like soldiers on the battlefield, as soon as one falls, another steps right up and takes his place. So that is the way it is in the great Impersonal Life. GOD does not lose anything even if every body goes. The Spirit will prepare other bodies to carry out its work. It is Wonderful! That is the idea.

A prophetess once said that she saw a great mountain of fire and sparks were falling like snowflakes on that mountain of fire and continually adding to it. She said I was the mountain of fire and that the sparks falling upon it and adding to it were the souls of all those who were dying who had resisted the Truth in any way, or had done anything against it, and their spirit was being added unto ME.'


FATHER Explains Things Could Be Materialized Supernaturally If Necessary

FATHER spoke in a public meeting last night about the time when He did not handle any money, and made the statement that the only reason HE handled it now was that HE had those with HIM who needed the use of it. One of the Angels asked the question tonight at table whether it was HIS Teaching that if we did not handle money and needed an apple it would be materialized or assembled out of the ether without going through the process of coming through the roots of a tree, the leaves, the blossom, etc., and finally a buying and selling process. FATHER replied: 'Yes, of course, if that were necessary it would be done without that process.' HE said further: 'I AM taking you back to where you will not need money. People do not need all the things they suppose they need. I AM taking you back to what would be called heathenism, and from heathenism back to the Garden of Eden. Through heathenism back to the Garden of Eden, where you will not want to sell or barter, or to lay claim to anything, but you will know that all things are yours and there will be no selling, there will be no buying, there will be no defrauding or anything of that kind, because one will have no occasion to do that.

Now I have given MY Body, MY Life, MY Service and everything that I AM for the purpose of bringing about that CHRIST Consciousness, 'for the whole creation groaned and was in travail until now.' So it is Wonderful! And when humanity gets to that place why then you see it will be the perfect state, a state of perfect peace and perfect happiness, because you will have your mind stayed on CHRIST. And that is why I express this; it is just a little sketch of a reflection of what will be some day. I AM assuming the responsibilities and cares of men that they may relax their conscious mentalities concerning things and yet be generally serviceable to mankind. That is the real life, the service of CHRIST on earth, and to see yourself that way and be that way, and everything will be all right.

Now I did not wish to touch a penny of money because that made it the same as in the days of Jesus. Jesus, humanly speaking, went into the temple and overturned the tables of the money-changers and drove out the sheep and oxen, etc., and He said His Father's house should be a house of prayer, and ye have made it a den of thieves; and all of them returned again into the temple and went again to buying and selling, for it says, even in the days of Noah, they bought and they sold and they built houses and all such things as that, but the same day that Lot went out of the city it rained fire and brimstone and destroyed them all. Even also as Noah. The same day Noah entered into the ark it began to rain, and the flood came. So it is a great thought to know that those things will go on, but to you that are consecrated, to you who are making your preparation to live forever, you will begin to relax your conscious mentalities, your preconceived ideas and opinions concerning such things, and you will begin to give your heart and your mind to GOD and with the right concept and understanding of this Truth you would not do less, or give less service than you would if you were earning a million dollars a year, but yet it would be without the consideration of the immediate selfish gains.


Giving the Truth Is Better Than Giving a Person a Hundred Dollars

church in Sayville






Now I desire to be continually of service to mankind and don't think about retiring. I mean to be of more practical service than I have been, for what I could, or would, give anyone from a personal standpoint of view, it would not be of as much practical service to them and others of their friends as it would, going out in the way that I do. I know that last night there were thousands blessed more, I venture to say, than if I had given each one around through the audience a dollar apiece, or ten dollars apiece, or a hundred dollars apiece, if I had it. I say if I had it, but you have it. Faith is the substance of the thing, and you have more than enough to give every one a hundred dollars apiece, but it would not do the good that the words of Truth that you give them do, for the benefit of themselves and for others. So many people, thousands of people are being blessed, and so much more than if I would take money right out of MY pocket and give it to them. I AM doing far more good now than I did when I functioned from the other point of view years back. The money I gave people years back, it did not do them any good, their minds were not changed, it did not do them any good. I venture to say that there is not one that was really helped in that way.

About ten or eleven years ago, there was a man came out here and we were having meetings in Patchogue at the Methodist Church and I was helping the preacher out down there, and there was another supposed preacher came here; he claimed that he had a lot of money, and I did not bear record except of what he said. He said he had a deal to make in Troy, New York. It was a piece of property there, assessed at fifty thousand dollars, and to save this property it was a ten thousand dollar mortgage on it.

The party wanted to sell him this property for ten thousand dollars, or, in other words, give him the house for the ten thousand dollars, and inside of thirty days return him the property for twenty-thousand dollars. So he came to ME and wanted ME to give him the ten thousand dollars; and of course, that is the way it goes. Now I do not say I gave him that; I didn't give him all of it. But anyway, it did not profit him anything. He didn't get any better.

But now you see, when I speak the Word, MY time, MY talent, it must be effective. You must be willing to give money and go to any extent and then when you are willing to give up the small thing you can do so much more. Now just think of the thousands of people that are destitute in so many different ways. They can just think on ME and be far more blessed than if I should go out and give them money. There were thousands in that crowd last night and I know they were blessed, for it is the consciousness of the Presence of GOD, and it is the source of all supply, and they had to be blessed much more than if I had tried to give them some mortal aid. They would have been looking at that, and that would have been all they had. But think of the thousands that have been lifted up out of those conditions, and money cannot buy it. So it is a wonderful blessing. Because as I used to say often when I would do those things from a financial standpoint of view, I know I can help you so much quicker; if you need money you can get it from the Spirit so much quicker. If you get your mind off the supply and contact the Spirit, that was spoken of by the mouth of Jesus, 'First seek ye the kingdom of God, and all of these things shall be added unto you,' when you make your spiritual contact, then the material things will be added anyway.

Church in Sayville

Just make up your mind to seek the spiritual and throw yourself open for the receiving and throw yourself open for the letting out when you receive, both in service, deeds and actions, and your cup will be running over with joy.'












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