Father Divine: "It is Essential To Live Exactly In Accord With Life and Teaching of CHRIST
"The Kingdoms of this World Shall Have Become the Kingdom of Our God and of His Christ."


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb





The yard at 72 Macon Avenue

Marker dedication ceremony at The Home of the Soul




Installment 18


Spirited Meetings in New York and New Jersey






Last Sunday, there was another large meeting in Rockland Palace, New York City, attended by about twelve thousand people. It was a great success. It was planned to open the doors by 12 N., but it was necessary to open them at 8 A.M., because the people were waiting in line at that time. The meeting got under way about 1 o'clock and lasted until 7, so that those people were there all day without food, and nothing was offered them by FATHER but spiritual food. And then, some of the people in Sayville say that if FATHER discontinued free food HIS place would soon empty out.

There were many healings during the meeting and many received the Holy Ghost. About forty Angels, including Mother, were grouped on the platform around FATHER. They sang and many of them spoke. FATHER waited until the last and kept the audience in suspense. When HE finally did get up to speak HE didn't open HIS mouth. HE just stood there silently for a few moments and almost as though an electric shock had gone through them, that whole audience rose up and cheered and waved their hands; many were healed at that moment and many received the Holy Ghost and ran towards the platform calling on FATHER. It was the most wonderful demonstration of power imaginable. It was fully fifteen minutes before order was restored and FATHER spoke. HIS Message was wonderful, as always, and the people just hung on HIS Words.

When it came time to go they did not want to leave. After the usual time getting away from the crowds we drove home in several carloads, and sat down to the table. A similar meeting was held the previous Sunday in the Star Casino, New York City, and smaller meetings have been held every few days through the week, sometimes two in one night, so that when we finish speaking in one place we go to another. During the past four days there have been five meetings. FATHER has been given the use of Rush Memorial Church, holding about two thousand, for every Thursday evening. Last night was the first meeting there and when we arrived there were at least three thousand in the street in addition to the two thousand inside. They were hanging on every beam and windowsill inside, and two meetings were carried on at the same time, one upstairs and one in the basement. Several ministers came forward at this meeting and offered their lives and service to FATHER publicly. There were many healings as usual and many testimonies from the audience of help received from contacting FATHER mentally and spiritually.

There are meetings in Jamaica, Long Island, each week, and at several points in New Jersey, including Englewood, and Haskell particularly. The meetings in Jersey have so far been carried on by students, but it is expected that FATHER will appear in Person within a short time there. With so much outside work, the inner life of the Kingdom is more or less suspended; even FATHER'S correspondence does not receive the usual amount of time, and it looks as though things might be more or less along those lines for some time to come. The crowds could not be accommodated in any place FATHER might have, but they are being fed with spiritual food right where they are.


Do Whatever Jesus Did

After FATHER'S recent talk about the storm and flood that came upon a southern town, when HIS command to get a certain woman out of the insane asylum was disobeyed, there must have been criticism in the minds of some, for FATHER spoke as follows:

'I don't care what you say about GOD being love, either. I AM love to those that are love. I AM the good ground that produces whatsoever you plant in it. Do not think you can plant murder and slander and not get them back. You must reap what you sow. If you sow seeds of destruction you must reap destruction. And I set before you a blessing and a cursing; if you do anything you don't believe Jesus did; if you do anything that Jesus did not do, or if you do anything that you don't believe the body called Jesus did, it is a matter of impossibility for you to be a disciple of Christ. You cannot be a disciple until you shall have lived in conformity to the Life and Teachings of Christ and brought your body into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness.

'Now some may say, I don't know a disciple. I don't know whether Jesus meant this or meant the other, but all have in their lives the thoughts and the inclinations to tell them whether Jesus did those things or not. Now whatsoever you believe Jesus did, you do that. It makes no difference what the Bible says, if you think Jesus played craps, you do that. Don't rob your own conscience, be true to your trust. If you believe Jesus smoked, or did any kind of gambling, if you believe He drank, then you do that. Do whatsoever you think the body called Jesus did, for Jesus brought forth the CHRIST to fruition in His life and manifested it to the world. '

Now I will say that the greater part of the world realizes now, even if they don't know who I AM, they do believe that I have brought forth the CHRIST to manifestation anyway, if not to fruition. And there are thousands and thousands of people do actually believe it and it is written that through the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word shall be established. So therefore, it can be legally confirmed if necessary in the courts as the legalized and only legalized religion, for there are thousands of people bearing witness to the same, but yet it is an onward and upward process in the children of men. They must travel on to fruition in their own consciousness. But whatsoever Jesus did, that do, but how can a person be like Him who goes around smoking and drinking and gambling, etc.; they are deceiving themselves. I don't care how many degrees they have, they are deceiving themselves; they are not deceiving GOD.'


Not Spiritually or Morally Legitimate to Recognize Lower Life As GOD

'You can say the rattlesnake is GOD; that is the life of GOD. The life of GOD is in the mineral kingdom, in the least grain of sand, but it is not expressing itself in the intelligence of GOD as being called GOD. It is known only as the mineral and the life of GOD. It is the life of GOD expressing itself in the mineral kingdom and it is expressing in the vegetable kingdom; it is the expression of GOD in the name of the vegetable kingdom functioning there. The same life coming up in the animal kingdom of species of animals, even the reptilian kingdom and the fowl kingdom, and all of the kingdoms of the animal world; that is the life of GOD in both it and them, but yet it is not reputed to be GOD in the understanding of GOD; there it is called the animals of the different kinds. Then it is the animal, but the life thereof is GOD, but that cannot be recognized as GOD, as it is expressing itself from that state of consciousness--from the animal state of consciousness. It would not be it to be recognized as GOD. That is the life of GOD expressing itself in the animal kingdom in its different species, and it expresses in the animal kingdoms such as the reptile kingdom, which is one of the small kingdoms of the animal kingdom.

'There is another kingdom; one of the other kingdoms is the monkey kingdom; that is another expression of the animal kingdom; that is another expression of the great animal kingdom, the reptile kingdom being the lowest of the animal kingdoms; and then comes the monkey kingdom, all of the species of gorillas, baboons, monkeys, lion-killers, etc. It is the life of GOD being expressed from a lower state of consciousness and imputed not to be the life of GOD and cannot be recognized as GOD, for GOD is spiritual and GOD is superior.

'We would deteriorate if we would allow ourselves to go back to the lower standards and recognize everything below our human standards as GOD, and it would not be advancing, it would be degrading. So there progression must go on, and there from the different species of the animal kingdom and from the different kingdoms of the animal kingdom, the reptile kingdom, the monkey kingdom, the poultry kingdom, the bird kingdom, the higher expressions of the life of GOD (for there are birds that speak when they are domesticated), but still these expressions of GOD should not and could not be recognized as GOD. For if you do hold them up as GOD you would go back to them and measure up to them instead of measuring up to the higher standards of Truth and love and all compassion, and humanity would deteriorate instead of advancing.

'The different species of the animal kingdom is GOD, it is true, but we cannot recognize it as GOD. It is GOD expressing HIMSELF in those different expressions, but it is an animal or animals, and it is so with the man kingdom, the expression of GOD one step higher. In all of the expressions of the world there are many expressions of the man kingdom, the same as many expressions of the animal kingdom; they are all expressing themselves a step higher than the animal kingdom; but yet that is not the full expression of GOD and we could not call it GOD unless we shall have found that it is expressing CHRIST as in the body called Jesus.'

** *** **


'The body called Jesus was one man you appreciate, whom you should have heard and you should hear Him now. That is why I direct you to the Life and Teachings of Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Some may say, well, I don't know just what He would do about this or about that; I think maybe if He were here He would drink and gamble and carouse around. Now you be honest and sincere, and whatsoever you believe that body called Jesus would do, you do that. If you think He went around in bad company and mortal-mindedly went after the opposite sex, why you do it. But you don't believe that He did it. Then you merely do those things that have been done in the Kingdom concerning ME.'


The Most Important Characteristic of Mary

'When the woman touched the hem of His garment she was made whole. There was that most important characteristic of Mary went out from Jesus when she touched the hem of His garment, and that is why these healings can be done here and wheresoever we go, even when they hear about us, that most important characteristic of Mary. When someone touches ME mentally and spiritually out there, it simply goes out, that most important characteristic of Mary that went out when the woman touched the hem of His garment. He felt something go out from Him, don't you see, and that was the substance of that more important characteristic of Mary and that is the healing balm of the world.

'Now just to the opposite of that is the diseases and corruptions of the world. You can go just to the opposite of that, and that is the diseases and corruptions of the world, but just that is the healing balm for the world. It purifies you, makes you whole, and then you can be in the number that John saw coming up through great tribulation, washing their robes white in the blood of the Lamb. And all of Babylon's debauchery, you will come out of her then, and all of her debauchery, you will not be partakers of, and you will have the healing balm, and whosoever will call upon you in the name of the LORD, they will be blessed.

'Now that is what is required, and that is the only way that I will recognize anyone as having the CHRIST.

'. . . in Adam all die, so in Jesus Christ shall all be made alive.'

You must rid yourselves of all of your mortal characteristics, mortal tendencies, preconceived ideas and opinions, tendencies and pleasures. Put those off for the CHRIST, for in the Adamic state of consciousness all die, but in

'. . . Jesus Christ all shall be made alive.'

Marker dedication ceremony at
The Home of the Soul

Marker dedication ceremony at The Home of the Soul It is indeed Wonderful! Claim your rights and press your claims, and by living the same and being the same, as I said yesterday, that is the only way I will recognize any of them jumping up and saying, 'I am YOUR son.' It is written that

'. . . in that day they will say, we have cast out d-v-ls, and done many mighty works in thy name. And I will say in that day, depart from me, ye workers of iniquity: I know you not.'


If You Cannot Control Yourself, You Cannot Control a Home

'If you want to be MY sons and daughters, live just as Jesus lived, every one of you. Every mortal version must be put off, every mortal tendency must be put off, and all of the habits of the world must be put off, drinking, smoking and every kind of habit. If a person is not willing to resist fancy and desire, and whiskey and any kind of drink, they cannot be MY Disciple.

'He that conquereth his own will is greater than he that taketh a city;'

and he that cannot master a cigarette, I AM sure, he could not master his own home, if a cigarette can make him smoke it.

'I want to tell the public that too. Tell everybody that any man that has a daughter and a man wants to marry her and a cigarette can rule him and he cannot rule a cigarette and not smoke it, he cannot take care of a home. If a cigarette can rule him you know he cannot take care of a wife. Anybody that cannot help smoking, anybody that cannot help drinking, anybody that cannot help swearing, they cannot take care of a home. They would ruin the home, ruin the whole family. They would ruin the whole family. I AM going to tell the general public not to allow a man to marry their daughter when he cannot control himself, because he would ruin the whole family. Then every woman that cannot control herself and lets a cigarette or anything else control her, I will tell the man not to marry her because it would ruin the whole family. That is why nearly all of the families are ruined now. They cannot control themselves and then they go and marry someone else and spoil the whole family. It is Wonderful! So it is just Wonderful! It is worth considering.

'Now a person can be a son of GOD when he shall have put off manhood and womanhood. Then automatically and instantaneously, the CHRIST will spring up in you and express HIMSELF as being the Son of GOD, but not until you shall have put off mortality entirely, and all of the mortal versions of your human mind, and put on immortality.'

The above talk was brought out when a man from the New York stage visited the Kingdom for a few days, ostensibly for the Teaching, but very evidently to follow up a young girl who had recently come here, whom he had met in the city before she came here, a young girl from London, England. He claimed to believe in FATHER , but was bold enough to say that the CHRIST allowed one freedom to smoke and drink, etc., in the cause of freedom.

** *** **


'It was essential that someone should be willing to sacrifice his life, for without the shedding of the blood there is no remission of sins, and through the sacrifice of the life, many have been healed and saved; through the sacrifice of the life you have received such a blessing there is not room enough to receive it. I love to stress that point of view. It is indeed Wonderful!'


One of the Greatest Psychological Truths

'When the woman supposedly saw a lion, when she thought she saw a lion, her son was born looking just like a lion. Now whether that was true or not, makes no difference. She visualized a lion so stressfully and so firmly it impressed the lion's likeness in the image of her offspring's form and therefore, she brought forth the likeness of the lion and manifested him to the world. That is one of the greatest psychological truths that has been brought into expression. This man traveled all over the whole world with this show and different shows, no doubt, but I saw him once while he was in the Barnum and Bailey Show, and he looked just like a lion. The woman visualized and she brought forth just what she visualized. That is something worth thinking about in this Truth. Things can be brought into actuality. Things can be brought into practical operation by your visualizing the thing that you desire. So it is a wonderful blessing that you can visualize the CHRIST, that you can visualize GOD.

'Now whether it is true or not, I do not say it is true at this particular juncture, nor do I say it is not. But to you that visualize such principles that are the real ideal of life, and when you visualize that vividly and firmly, believing in the Omnipotence of this Life, realizing that, it is materialized, and not only in part. If you visualize any part, if she had thought it was part of a lion she would have produced only part of a lion and she would not have had such a beautiful boy. The full likeness of the lion that she gazed upon, frightful and fearful, she looked upon the lion's head and visualized the lion's head, not so much the body; she visualized the lion's head, which is the most beautiful part, and that part only was produced in the boy. Now if you visualize only part of GOD you will materialize only part of GOD, and you will minimize GOD; to the extent of your visualization it will be brought into materialization.

'So to you that are radical enough and feel with vividness enough to visualize the true ideal of life, the unadulterated CHRIST, the quality of GOD and the quantity of GOD, you produce the same in your own life and manifest it to the world. That is why you produce health and happiness, for GOD is happiness and prosperity. To it is a wonderful blessing to know that that which you visualize you can materialize. It is for your highest good, Dear Ones, to think on great and noble things. It is for your highest good to live in the midst of all of the noblest of the earth and of the Heaven, to live in the atmosphere of the noblemen, as being called men, both on the earth plane and on the spiritual plane, as it may be termed. Then you tend to produce that and become to be a partaker of the Characteristics of such as you associate with for, 'evil communications corrupt good morals; evil qualities are catching as well as diseases, and a man is known by the company he keeps.' The reverse is equally true.

'If you can reflect the evil inclinations of the so- called wicked, you can also reflect the good qualities of those that you associate with. Truly might David has said,

'Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, that standeth not in the way of sinners, that sitteth not in the seat of the scornful.'

You will prosper in all of your ways if you walk not in the counsel of the ungodly; if you stand not in the way of sinners, not sit in the seat of the scornful. It is indeed Wonderful! So you can claim your rights and press your claims, and you have the right to the Tree of Life by visualizing that which is the sample and example that you might materialize it. So that is what all this is about, and many are being blessed because it is true in practice to you that believe it is true. It does not have to be true particularly. I don't care even if I were a natural man in the mortal concept. With the right concept and understanding I could conceive the idea of the Christ as I visualize Him and to ME it would be true.

'Now what do you care whether Jesus was actually the Son of GOD or not; but if you believe He was the Son of GOD, and if you sincerely believe it and think it strongly He will respond in your heart within. There will be something respond. Not because it is actually true in particular, but to you it is true. Now it may be true, someone may say the man Jesus may not have been the Son of GOD; He may have been the son of a man, and they will produce the nature of a man by visualizing Him as a son of a man. But if they visualize the Son of GOD they will produce the spirit of the Son of GOD. So it makes no difference; what do I care whether He is GOD, just so I think He is that and sincerely believe He is that. I get the same results as if He was, if He was not.

'So what you gaze upon you tend to materialize and bring into your actual experience by visualizing that vividly and strongly, whether it is true or not. Now that lady that saw a lion, that she thought was a lion, and evidence proved that it was a physical lion because she produced a lion. But that does not say, in the highest light of Truth, that it was necessarily a lion, but she thought it was a lion. In the higher light of Truth we know it did not have to be a lion. It could have been a lamb, it could have been a little child, but if she saw it that way and something was in her vision between that little lamb or that child, why it had the same effect upon her and in her life as though it had been a lion. So that is the great importance of visualizing good. That is why the teachings of Christian Science had such a good effect in its early days until it completely separated CHRIST from Jesus and then caused other bodies to be separated from their spirit.'

** *** **


'Some of you all heard the man on Sunday who disrecognized His body, and did not want to come where He was. You heard him say how the Spirit chastened him and what he experienced. His house was burned and all of his furniture and all of his clothes and everything that was material, because he disrecognized the body of CHRIST. So that was the reason to let you see and know that you must not reject the material things of GOD if you desire the material things of the earth. How can you reject the Body of GOD and expect to have the material things? If you reject the Body of GOD why then you shall have no body. I will take you out of a body. If you dis-recognize MY Body, why then you shall have no body. It is a hard saying but yet it is true. We reap that which we sow. It is Wonderful! So many people want to say it is CHRIST in them, but if you dis-recognize GOD'S Body, neither shall you have a body, and if you don't give GOD a Body on the earth, neither shall you have a body.'


GOD Is All of Your Kin and All That You Desire

'Now in conclusion with that point of view, I would like to say unto the lady that thought she was a widow, now you first of all -- we like to let you know that it reads,

'God is a Father to the fatherless and a Husband to the widow.'

But GOD did not just have to become to be a husband for you. GOD has always been your husband, and you never had another. You never had a father, you never had a mother, you never had any kin aside from CHRIST and GOD. GOD has always been all things to you wheresoever you went. That which was given, HE has always been that to you, and for you; so HE condescended to prepare HIMSELF a body in the beginning of your world, of your creation and HE called that body to be your father, and HE condescended to prepare a body that HE called your mother. That is in mortal consciousness, yet GOD was your father and GOD was your mother and HE put on those bodies to appease the mortal concept of the human mind until a body could be prepared to put HIS likeness in, which was you, and you grew and it was GOD in you and through you and in you as being the child of your father and the child of your mother. But GOD is your FATHER and GOD is your MOTHER and GOD is all that has ever been for you and to you, but HE puts on these bodies to appease the human mind until the mortal mind, which is the chain, shall have fallen off; and when that mortal mind has fallen off and you have taken on the Divine Mind, you will realize even as I do, that GOD is your FATHER and GOD is your MOTHER, and you never had another.

'Now when you grew up and you had a husband, that was GOD's body fulfilling the mortal wishes, pleasures and desires, imputing HIMSELF in that body unto you and HE functioned in the part and in that false name to appease the selfish desire, or mortality until the Divine purpose should be brought into actuality, until the time rolled on and GOD saw fit to withdraw HIMSELF from that personal appearance. But GOD is the same today as HE was before HE came out of that appearance called your husband.

'GOD has always been your FATHER and that is why the Word says,

'He is a Father for the fatherless and a husband for the widow.'

HE does not declare it at all times, until that first is taken away. When the first is taken away why then HE will make an open declaration of who HE is, and that is why HE makes that declaration to you, and if you had believed it before you grew to the knowledge of the Truth, and if others had believed it before they grew to the knowledge of the Truth, why many of you would have left your husbands anyway and therefore it would cause a great depression in the human mind, and those bodies that function therein, but if the one is taken away, then the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD reflects itself and declares to you, 'I AM your Husband.' HE has always been your Husband but HE was not telling you until the time came.

'Now those of you who have come to this Truth realize that GOD is your Husband and GOD is your Wife and your Mother and your Father, and your Sister and your Brother and all of your kin, and all that you desire. That is why the Word says that until you forsake all, you cannot be MY Disciple, for Christ knew that as you knew the Truth you would be freed from all mortality. So GOD did try to convince the human mind working within to overthrow the kingdom of the world that the kingdoms of your world

'might become the kingdom of our God and of his Christ.'

Now the time has come! I AM rising in thousands of people without a husband, brother, sister, wife, etc., and I AM making MY declaration known and they all will finally see, that GOD is your Husband and you never had another, and you are closer to your Husband than when the mortal version stood between you and your Husband, which is GOD.'


Be True to the Spirit As You Should Be to Your Spouse

'So now you have nothing to worry about, because if you live the Life you will find that you are happier than you ever have been before. Be true to the Spirit as you would be to your husband in the flesh and you will have everything that heart desires. You will be well and healthy and happy because you will not be taking on the infirmities and diseases and afflictions of the husband; you will be taking on the characteristics of the true Husband that certainly are not diseases and infirmities, but they are Omnipotence and Omnipresence, true life and love and energy and perfect health. You will find yourself filled with it, and you will be glad even not to be called a widow. You will not any longer sow the seed of widowhood. You will remember your widowhood no more and you will forget about your widowhood, because you will not desire to sow the seed of poverty and lacks or of wants. You will sow the seeds of abundance, even as I do. You will not reflect unto people or appear unto people to be a widow; you will appear to be the wife of the King.

'We are getting that out of the consciousness of the people, for if you appear to be a widow you will appear to be destitute. You will appear to be limited. But if you throw away the thoughts and deeds and actions of a widow and all mourning, and put on the appearance of joy and rejoice, for Jerusalem has become a joy and her a people a rejoicing, '. . . greater is he that is within you, than all they that are in the world,' for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. You don't have to think about not having a husband; don't ever tell anybody that you haven't got a husband; don't think about it, but just know that you are married to the Lamb. You will have no more occasion to remember your widowhood any longer, for you are married to the Lamb. This is the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and you are an heir and a joint heir with CHRIST and you don't need to appear and act like a widow any more, for great is HE that is in the midst of thee, and great and righteous is HIS Name, and you are hereby saved.'


How You Drive the CHRIST From You

'Jesus, or CHRIST, will get out of your bodies if you do not live in MY Personal absence as you would in My Personal Presence. Once there was a man came to one of MY meetings and he thought he had lost his voice - at least he had been unable to speak above a whisper for years. He came into the meeting and recognized Who I was and walked up the aisle pointing at ME, saying: 'That's the Man. That's the Man. THAT'S THE MAN. THAT'S THE MAN!' And every time he said it his voice grew louder until it was perfect. He stayed around for awhile, but he finally said he wasn't going to follow GOD's Body around, that he had GOD in him too, and he went out; and because he had been quickened, but was not completely self-denied and did not have the Mind of CHRIST, he went to begging and swearing on the streets, knocking people down, gambling, and finally ended up in prison and died of a torturing disease.

'Thus, you will drive this CHRIST from you if you do not live in accordance with MY Mind, and HE will not be with you and you will find yourself in difficulties and all adverse conditions. Now I AM not teaching you that GOD is love and that you can do as you please and you will get by, thinking you can do anything the mortal mind pleases to do. It is just like you can wind up a clock and it will run for eight days if it is an eight day clock, but after eight days it begins to get weak and if you don't wind it again something will happen. So take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, and be the same in MY Personal absence as you would be in MY Personal Presence. Do not be as that man was and say you have your little Jesus within yourself, and then go along and be different than you would in MY Personal Presence. You are not bringing forth the CHRIST to fruition then; you are bringing mortality out. That is why some cannot stand it when I touch on these points, and they are ready to go. GOD wants a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle. Now some think they can go right along and do everything the mortal mind wants them to do and that pleases their mortal mind, and then they think they can please GOD. I AM not doing that to bring out this prosperity and this grace wherein you stand; even if I had the desire to do it, I wouldn't do it.'


Live the Life of the Blesser

One of the Angels read a letter today at the table from one who had visited FATHER for a couple of days a few weeks ago for the first time. The letter told of the wonderful blessings that had come since the contact. FATHER said in reply:
'If he does not live according to MY Mind, the blessings will not stay with him. They will stay under MY jurisdiction. Keep the faith and live exactly according to MY instructions and the blessings will be with you continually. When you receive a blessing, keep yourself in the shadow of this blessing by living the Life of the Blesser.'

'No man can be GOD and not do as Christ did. So he must come through the Life and Teachings of Christ to come to the FATHER. Jesus said,

'No man cometh to the Father except by me.'

They must come through the Life and Teachings of Christ. You must come through the Sonship Degree's Teaching. It is a matter of impossibility for anyone to be a disciple of Christ and not live exactly according to His Teachings.'


Carnality of Man Made Sacrifice of CHRIST Necessary

'If it had not been for the materialism of man, the material body of Christ would not have had to come. Had it not been for the carnality of man it would not have had to have been a personal bodily sacrifice of the Christ, coming in a body to redeem bodies from the undesirable conditions of the world. It was a sacrifice made through so doing, and it still is a sacrifice, persecutions, prosecutions and attempts at executions, rising against ME for your sakes because of your material minds and lack of faith and confidence. If you know the Omnipotence of GOD, then realize the Omniscience and Omnipresence of GOD, and also consciously contact that GOD as Infinite Love and Compassion and you will realize that you can be reached wheresoever you are. You can be helped in Europe, Asia or Africa, or in any other part of the world, for GOD is a present help in every need, and GOD does your every hunger feed, mentally, spiritually, physically and otherwise, if you realize it. You do not have to say that GOD will your every hunger feed, but GOD does feed your every hunger. He that hungers and thirsts after righteousness shall be filled, and if haply it be manifested on the planes of the material, it will be equivalently the same on the planes of the Spirit.'


Soar Through the Spiritual Atmosphere

'So therefore, when you realize the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of GOD, you will also have faith, especially as you have been taught that GOD is Infinite Love and Mercy.

'His truth is everlasting; and his mercy endures unto all generations.'

When you realize that, you will have no occasion any longer to falter, neither to fear what may supposedly come, but you will be allied with the infinite Spirit which is one, and you shall have become to be one in the great universal scheme of things. And unifying yourselves with the Infinite Whole you lose your personal, your individual identity, mentally, spiritually and other wise, and you rise and soar through the spiritual atmosphere of the Infinite One, for that is the place that you are caught up -- when you raise your vibrations high to contact the CHRIST Consciousness -- for in the high vibrations of spiritual understanding that is where you will find the CHRIST Consciousness up there in the atmosphere of GOD, and nothing can hurt or harm in all MY Holy Mountain, but you will realize it cannot hurt or harm because GOD is Omniscient.


Essential To Live Exactly In Accord With Life and Teaching of CHRIST

'Because GOD knows exactly what to do, being All wise and all wisdom, GOD will not tell you to do anything that would cause anything to hurt or harm. It has been said that the d-v-l is mighty, but GOD is Almighty. GOD has declared in the Word, as it is written:

'. . . to be as harmless as a dove,'

and I say unto you to

'be as wise as a serpent.'

The serpent made war with the woman and her seed, and the seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent's head. Therefore, be as wise as he is, yet as calm as a dove and as harmless as a lamb, and you then can say that the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. And I in material or outer expression as words, both from a physical, spiritual, mental, literary and every standpoint of view, will be then to you, just what I AM within the borders of the spiritual realm of Truth. I will be the same in all expressions, and to ME, you will be the same, for you will be allied with the Infinite one, losing your identity and claiming GOD's. Therefore, it is essential for every soul to live exactly in accord with the Life and Teachings of Christ, letting this Mind be in them that was also in CHRIST JESUS, being fully consecrated to the service of GOD and relaxed and sacrificed.'


Steps To Take

'The first step for an individual to take is,

'If you hear any man enquiring after me,'

it is written, and I can say any man, woman or child, tell them I say to

'first deny themselves.' Consecrate your lives to the service of GOD and to HIS purpose, will and desire, and willingly say and mean it,
'Not my will, but thine be done.'

Then concentrating on the highest manifestation of GOD ever manifested in material expression, the highest ideal of Truth ever brought to your consideration, then through that, make a complete sacrifice and then a relaxation on the sacrifice, and be still, and in the sacrifice you will know that I AM GOD. Through by the sacrifice you will know that I AM Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, a present help in every need and reaching your every condition, for the Mind that was in CHRIST JESUS will be in you and you will be free from every lack and every want and every limitation, even also as I AM. But it calls for a consecration, a self-denial, a sacrifice, a relaxation, etc., and a willingness to live in conformity to the Truth as put forth in the body nineteen hundred years ago. It is indeed Wonderful!'


Whatever Comes Is For Your Sakes

'So, whatsoever has come, seemingly against ME, and whatsoever would come or will come, you may know why. It is for your sakes. There are many people, no doubt, much meaner and wickeder than I AM, undisturbed, and I could be like them if I did not take upon MYSELF your mortal infirmities and tolerate with the mortal human desires that are looking from a human or a mortal standpoint of view.

'There are many that come from far and hear, filled with mortality and carnality and flesh and kin, and denominations and every kind of abomination, and come to ME, and yet they do not wish to subjugate themselves to ME, yet looking to ME for protection. Why follow ME if you should not adhere to MY instructions and subjugate yourselves to MY Mind? I AM bearing your sins as was with the Body called Jesus. I was telling Mother this morning, the charge that went against the Body called Jesus was capital punishment and He was as mean as could be, according to the authorities. He had committed the same crime that in those days was called capital punishment, and would have been sentenced to the electric chair, but in those days they did not have executions and therefore they did not hang Him or send Him to the electric chair.

'Legally, it was the same as though He had killed a man in the first degree, and not only Him but other bodies that were sacrificed by violating the legal authority. Therefore, He had committed the crime, in mortal consciousness, or was accused of it, had committed such a crime by the mortal law, that the death sentence had to be passed upon Him. So it was by the law, not legal authority, He was mean. He was just as mean as a man could be, sufficient to be put to death in their views. But what was it for? It was for you that you might enjoy the blessings that you have to enjoy today both spiritually and materially, and otherwise. The sacrifice had to be made and even so today, the sacrifice is being made for one and for all.'


Why Take Up Space in the Kingdom Unless You Are Willing To Be Subject To ME?

'Then walk worthy of your vocation or else the Spirit from you will be withdrawn. So it is Wonderful! Why come to ME if you are not willing to be subject to the requirements of the Kingdom, or Home, or house, or whatsoever you choose to call it? Why look to ME to take up MY time to talk to you? Why fill space in the Presence of GOD when there are those that are willing to sacrifice their lives to fill this space? So it is a wonderful consideration.

'He that seeks to save his life shall lose it; but he that loseth his life for MY sake shall preserve it.'

GOD is present everywhere and you can be helped anywhere and everywhere you be, if you will live exactly according to Life and Teachings of Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which you declare that I have declared or brought forth as a sample and an example of nineteen hundred years ago. Therefore, I say unto you, if you desire to be blessed continually, adhere to the understanding given and be honest and true in words, deeds and actions and in your thoughts and in your minds. Be true to your GOD, be one with your GOD, and then stay with your GOD; don't go after other gods. And if anyone that you see is not, until you see the ideal of your soul expressed, refuse to take up time with it for the ideal of a true soul is somewhere, and if you will put all of your energy into actuality for the purpose of bringing it about, it will certainly come forth to you, or you will come across it, the ideal of your soul, the height of your ambition, your every heart's desire, and will go forth expressive, as was with those in the days of old that had sought, and at last one said,

'In My soul, I have seen thy glory; therefore, let thy servant depart in peace.'


When You See the FATHER, You Are Willing to Depart From Mortal Versions

'You will seek and you will find, and when you shall be satisfied, you will be willing to depart from your mortal versions of your human state of consciousness and your reign on earth. You will be willing to depart from that state of consciousness and go Home where GOD is, your only and highest destination, that which you have sought from ages back, through the many generations. That is what you will do. It is Wonderful! And when you see that, you will be completely satisfied, as was he that said,

'I have seen thy glory; therefore let thy servant depart in peace.'

You will be perfectly satisfied, for Philip bespoke the whole universe, and bespoke mankind's wishes. They were not conscious of it at that time and had not generated that state in consciousness even then, that they would be satisfied, and of what it really was all about, but we are conscious of the great significance of Philip's request. We are conscious that Philip spoke for the whole world of mankind, for GOD has hid HIS face from mankind. Moses, in mortal consciousness could not see GOD. Only through the burning bush could GOD speak to Moses, and therefore, Moses was not satisfied, but coming through many different generations, up until the time that Jesus walked the plains of Galilee, and when He walked there, there were many desired Him and He ministered unto them the things that pertained unto Heaven and immortal Glory.

'So Philip said,

'Show us the Father.'

He had seen the Son. He had seen the Glory of GOD manifested in Him, so he said,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us,'

interpreted, it satisfies us, and he bespoke the whole human race. They had not seen GOD since the time of the fall of Adam. For Adam had fallen from his rightful state of consciousness and his at-one-ment with GOD, and therefore he was not any longer one with GOD; neither could Adam, as the whole human race, the Adamic state of consciousness behold GOD any longer. And so he spoke for the whole human race, saying,

'show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

When and wheresoever it is when that shall have been accomplished in your lives, you will be satisfied. Then you will not look to the right nor to the left, but you will willingly and voluntarily, subjugate your soul and your body and your mind to HIM that liveth forever and forever and in that, and only that, can you be blessed.'

** *** **

'Truly, there is a place still that you have not even dreamed was possible for you to be transported to. But there is also a place visible that you can be transported to that you have not thought it possible to be done. For GOD is in the midst of you, child of Infinite Spirit and Love Divine, and GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. GOD has always been HIS child's FATHER, but you did not know it. You have been thinking that you were some mortal man's son, but GOD is your FATHER, having condescended to bring you through the likeness of mortality to appease the mortal mind, and bring HIMSELF into outer expression or materialization after awhile, and here it is, CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME will make the whole world what it ought to be, and,

'The kingdoms of this world shall have become the kingdom of our God and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and for ever.'






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