FATHER DIVINE: "This Is the General Assembly of the Church of the First-born,
Where the Spirits of Just Men Are Made Perfect by Subjugating the Body to the Christ Consciousness
and Bringing it into Subjection to the Will of GOD."

"Cast Out the Twins, Prejudice and Bigotry. Perfect love is essential."


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb.



The Holy Communion Dining Room at
The Home of the Soul

The Holy Communion Dining Room at The Home of the Soul




Installment 19


The Powers That Be Are of GOD





In speaking about man's responsibility for all apparently evil conditions, FATHER said:



'They saw d-v-ls, d-m-ns and darkness to be created within GOD and saw them as evil spirits and have given the creative forces of nature the command to create for them, evil spirits. Because

'as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,'

and whatsoever you visualize and gaze upon, you tend to bring into actuality and make it real for you. You give it power in whatsoever you see in demonstrations and vibrations, in emotions and in anything, though you would only see the power of GOD, but GOD would be in expression created in the action or demonstration or emotion, and to you it would be GOD.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,

and mortal mind creates for itself the powers that be, and gives them over to delusion and gives anything and everything else power more than GOD and more power than GOD. It is Wonderful!

'How is it you will hear them say there are evil spirits and these evil spirits will take control of you? Why is it that you can think that an evil spirit is more powerful than GOD, to take control of you within the power of GOD?

'If your child be hungry and ask for bread will you give him a stone?'
If he ask for an egg will you give him a serpent?
I say unto you, no. How much more will your heavenly FATHER give the Holy Spirit to them that ask of HIM?

But if you, mortal-mindedly, give of your devotional thoughts to any kind of delusion and any expression of fanaticism and create such emotions, vibrations and demonstrations in the name of man's wickedness and evil spirits, etc., to you it will be that, and produce that manifestation in your midst. But because GOD withdraws all power from anything else than HIMSELF, realize that there is no power given you except that which cometh from above, and the powers that be are of GOD, whether you believe it or not. Then you can bring into subjection the powers that be to the Will of GOD, the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of all destinies, and also of your emotions, vibrations and expressions, for GOD is in the midst of thee, and GOD is all Power, and if GOD is all Power, then where is there any other?

'The Allness of GOD and the nothingness of everything else! And in your consciousness you realize that there is no power and there is nothing aside from GOD, and therefore I, in you, still that mortal preconceived idea concerning expressions, emotions, vibrations or anything that you may have held concerning such not in a positive view.'


Subjugate Your Whole World to CHRIST

'Now again I wish to say, although it is good for anyone to carry this Message of Truth, they should first deny themselves entirely. Then it is not that one must necessarily contact ME Personally, nor be under MY Personal supervision or instruction, nor to be under MY Personal tutoring. But it is that one must necessarily deny themselves entirely, for if you do not, self will come into expression in your works and in your deeds and in your actions and therefore, you will not express the highest idea of GOD from whence you came, but you will express the lower expression of mortal man, which, when you have raised your consciousness above duality, it is nothing.

'But I do say that for to carry this Truth, or to preach or teach concerning ME, I advise that you adhere to MY instructions and live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of JESUS CHRIST as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and be completely, wholeheartedly self-denied. For the dead in CHRIST did rise first. The dead in CHRIST did rise first. The dead in CHRIST did rise first in you and in your life and in your lives, for this is the general assembly of the church of the first-born, where the spirits of just men are made perfect by subjugating the body to the CHRIST Consciousness and bringing it into subjection to the Will of GOD. The spirits of just men cannot be made perfect without us that subjugate ourselves to the CHRIST Consciousness and bring the whole spirit world into subjection to the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS. Bringing the whole spirit world and the material world, the physical world, yea, even the mental world and all of the worlds into subjection to the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS, by electing the CHRIST Mind or as Mr. Titus, the poet, says, 'the CHRIST Man,' KING of Kings and LORD of Lords in you and over all of your affairs.

'Then you shall have brought your world into subjection to this world and the government then is upon HIS shoulders. You will let the whole government of you and your affairs and all things that concern you be on the shoulders of the CHRIST and you will leave it there and let HIM bear your burdens in the heat of the day,

'For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.'

The CHRIST will take you and your burden up, but you must subjugate your mind and your body and your whole world to the CHRIST as in the body called Jesus, duplicated-ly and manifestedly in expression here. It is Wonderful! It is indeed Wonderful!

'Therefore, again I say, subjugate your thoughts, your mental world entirely to the CHRIST Consciousness, and let the government be upon HIS Shoulders, of your mental world, of your spiritual world, of your physical world and your world at large. Then and there and here and now, shall have the Kingdom come and the Will now be done. Oh, Glory to GOD! It is indeed Wonderful! But for anyone to be rightfully qualified to carry this Message in its highest standard of Truth that has ever existed on the face of the earth, you must be lifted out of materialism, out of mortality even, much less expressions of denominations, of any kind of races, creeds and colors and other prejudicial expressions. You must be lifted above that before you can be qualified to carry this Message of Truth. You must be lifted above, even above all materialism at large, much less as denominated expressions and demonstrations of creeds, races and colors, and not allow them to exist in your system by casting them out of your consciousness, by casting out every single idea, word, gesture or action that would tend to promote the seed idea of the segregated idea. But rather tend to reject from your soul, your mind and your body every tendency that tends to separate any of that prejudicial or bigoted seed.'


The Parable of the Fish Bait

'Then it is essential to live in conformity, Dear Ones, to MY Teachings and rise on the wings of power and lift up a standard for the people in the light of intelligence, etiquette and education, that will be a sample and an example for mankind, as a bait and as a forecast and a way-shower for the children of men to lead them into the Kingdom of GOD.

'Peter, I make you fishers of men,'

and the good fisher is qualified before he goes out to fish. He studies the technique of the fish, the kind of bait that they like, what kind of food they eat, and studying this they take to this and search for this kind of food, and when they shall have diligently searched for it and found it, they go forth with the proper kind of food that the fishes are attracted to, not because you eat fish worms, not because you eat grasshoppers, not because you eat in the fresh water places, crawfish, etc., but because fish like them, and they are a good bait for the fish.

'You bait your hook with this bait and when you place your hook in the water near the fish then you catch the fish, for you have set the bait which they like, and that is the bait that will catch the fish, and the fish like the bait, not because you like the bait. The fish eats that bait, but you eat the fish.

'You would think it was a terrible disgrace if anyone should invite you to dinner and have a whole lot of fish bait to eat, but if they had a nice dinner of the same fish that was attracted to your hook by that same bait, you would not forget that wonderful dinner that you had. I make you fishers of men and qualify you and equip you with all intelligence, modesty and understanding, which is the bait of men. It is a wonderful place to be, to be able to comprehend with all saints. Hence, it is essential, those of you that have not sufficiently developed your place in consciousness wherein you can righteously and in perfect harmony cooperate with ME in words, deeds and actions, to wait on your calling until you shall have been qualified to lift up a standard for the people in Truth, incorruptible and undefiled and that will not lower the standard of Truth I AM advocating in words, deeds and actions, for the great Name's sake.'


Cast Out the Twins, Prejudice and Bigotry

'Love is essential. Perfect love is essential. To have this perfect love one must cast out of his system all personal ideas which consist of that prejudicial seed that has been handed down from ages back in every race, creed and color. That prejudicial seed has been handed down from generation to generation . . . producing and reproducing seed after its own kind, reimplanting it in the soil of the souls of the offspring of generations of generations of generations. That is why I stress that point of view: cast out of your system all bigotry, which is one of the worst d-v-ls that has ever been in a man. All prejudice. They are twin brothers, but prejudice is the elder brother and a little bit stronger and bigger; yet, they are so closely allied that unless you have rightfully discerned, why you cannot tell one from the other for they are twins. Cast out all of prejudice, the elder brother. It is Wonderful! And bigotry, his younger twin brother, and all of their descendants and all of that prejudicial seed that has been handed down. All of the prejudicial seeds have their own mind. Cast them out of your system and

'Let this mind be in you, that was also in Christ Jesus.'


Thoughts for Consideration

'Concentrate on the thing that is essential. Concentrate on the thing that pertains unto the highest light of understanding that will manifest the Christ and Bring Him to fruition in the lives of others, that the Kingdom of GOD may be manifestedly established on earth among men manifestedly as well as it is here in the midst of thee. It is Wonderful!

'So we wish for every one of you, MY students, co-workers and friends to live exactly according to MY pre-rehearsed instructions, and let nothing separate you from MY Teachings or cause you to deviate from MY Mind and MY views and ideas, and prosperity will reign with Unity of Spirit and Mind and of Purpose throughout the whole universe, and there will be no more lacks, no more wants and no more limitations.

'At Dr. Grier's the other night, someone got up and said there were lots of c--- people from New Orleans, or something like that. I don't care anything about c--- people. I haven't them in ME and as long as you hold a thought even to make a quotation, whether you are conscious of it or not, that is that prejudicial seed, maybe lying dormant and maybe alive, but still it is expressing itself. Last night the minister got up and said something about MY getting a lot of c--- people together or something abominable like that. But you see, I cast them out of MY consciousness and do not allow them to exist there, for such is the cause of all wars that have ever been. So, even with the last war that has been here a few years ago.

'By this light of Truth, of love and unity, and allowing all of these seeds of strife to be abolished, by not letting them to exist in your consciousness in words, deeds or actions, why then and there and here and now shall have GOD come to reign in the lives of them. And in your lives CHRIST will be KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, and you will not be denominations, creeds, colors or nationalities, but you will be the unadulterated child of GOD and children as being called many. But consciously in the great Universal Mind of Spirit you are the Son of GOD manifested in many forms; nothing less than CHRIST and nothing more than GOD.'


I Had to Prepare a Place for Visible Beings

'The ship was almost to go to wreck until someone came to arouse Him that was on the ship, and He calmed the waves. When the Disciples roused Him that was in the ship He calmed the sea and the waves became calm. It is Wonderful! I did not, last night when I spoke about that in the meeting, think about the material ship that Miss Lander came on; I was thinking about that Ship of Faith that the whole of Christendom is on today. That is the ship that I thought about, and I thought about the Ship of Faith that Christendom, yet struggling on to Christianity, had almost made shipwreck of good faith. They had almost caused a panic on board the ship through lack of substantiated faith and unshaken confidence, and the lack of perfect love to cast out all fear. Therefore, through the lack of these expressions of GOD in the name of HIS attributes, these so-called depressions caused a great fear to exist, even in the so-called Christian world and caused them to see and say, through lack of perfect love to cast out fear, that there is such a thing as depression, that there is such a thing as be oppressed. Caused them to think and say that there is such a thing as lacks and wants and limitations, when MY Mind, filled with all the fullness of GOD can but produce the abundance of the fullness of good. I say, when MY Mind, filled with all of the fullness of the abundance of GOD, can but produce all the abundance of the fullness of good; and hence, leave no space vacant of the fullness thereof. Do you not see that wheresoever I AM there ye may be also in this State of Consciousness where you did not think you could ever arrive? I have come. I have come to receive you into this State of Consciousness unto MYSELF, for nothing ever lives in this State of Consciousness other than GOD. It is Wonderful!

''I go,'

the Son declared nineteen hundred years ago,

'to prepare a place for you.'

That must have been in some place, in some state of consciousness.

'And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also--'

would receive you into the place of Infinite privacy, Infinite secrecy, the place where I said,

'where I go, ye cannot come,'

in this place, in this State of Consciousness. I did not say I would receive you where someone else would be and where someone else is, or where someone else was, but it said that

'I will receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.'

But into that state of consciousness you could not first come until I made preparation for you in this State of Consciousness.

'I had to come to this State of Consciousness, for there was no preparation made for visible expressions in this State of Consciousness before. In this State of Consciousness before I went away from the material plane and prepared a place for you, in this State of Consciousness, was only the spirit world; there was no place for you. This is the State of Consciousness that was called once, the far beyond. This is the State of Consciousness that was nothing only as the spirit world, and the place in this State of Consciousness was not prepared for visible beings. It was not prepared for visible beings. It was not prepared for visible beings in this State of Consciousness. I had to form MYSELF on the material plane and ascend from the material plane and the material state of consciousness to the spiritual state of consciousness and from that, recreate a State of Consciousness and materialize it in the spiritual State of Consciousness, and create a new Heaven and a new earth.

'This is the place I said I will prepare for you and will come again and receive you unto MYSELF. This is the State of Consciousness that they could not come to years ago. I said,

' where I go ye cannot come.'

They could not go to the spiritual State of Consciousness at that time, for they were on the material plane and I had not prepared the spiritual world for beings . . .

'The song says, you have heard it sung, some of you, 'God will open the secret after awhile, God will open the secret after awhile.' The Spirit itself beareth witness with your spirit and your spirit then beareth witness with the Spirit of the Omnipotent One; that is, GOD is now opening the secrets and the Fount of every blessing has come and is tuning your hearts to sing GOD's praise and causing you to Glorify GOD in all of HIS works, and ways. It is Wonderful! I think I will have to stop now because you all cannot stand so much love.'


We All Look Like HIM Mentally and Spiritually

'It is Wonderful! Faith is the victory! When you bring your faith in and open it up, you realize every desirable condition or satisfaction. This life and this love will make you, as Mr. Biggins has said, sweet, will make you one and will make you look alike mentally and spiritually. You may not look like one another from a physical or material standpoint of view, but by MY Spirit saith the LORD. From the physical standpoint of view you may look quite different, and that is where you may fool the majority of the people. That is why I don't want to look like somebody. I would rather be something than to look like something and be nothing. That is from the physical standpoint of view, but we all look the same,

'for we shall be like him,'

says the Bible, and you are like HIM mentally and spiritually.

'Your manner of speech will become to be like HIM; your voice may not sound from a physical standpoint of view, but your manner of speech will become spiritually like HIM, and in words and actions and deeds and truth, you will speak just like HIM. I say, in words and actions and deeds and truth you will speak just like HIM, and mentally you will speak just like HIM, for you will think and believe as HE believes and you will feel as HE feels. So you can walk and talk with HIM within your own souls and HE will tell you that HE is your own

'For in you he lives, moves and has his being.'

Therefore, again I say, that the abundance of the fullness of the attributes of GOD are now manifested in your body and soul, for, (new motto:) The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, Therein, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof, if you are free from sin. If you are justified by faith and through your substantiated faith and unshaken confidence, you have contacted the peace of GOD that passeth all understanding, and the Love of GOD, that casteth out all fear, in perfect peace I'll keep thee, whose mind is stayed on ME. In perfect peace and perfect poise, in perfect love and in a state of spiritual contentment I will keep you if your mind is stayed on ME'



'The blood has paid it all. The sacrifice of a nobler name and richer blood than that of pigeons, goats and b---locks and doves, the transmuted and reincarnated blood of CHRIST, it did prevail. Spiritually imputedly, the Life of CHRIST, as being called the blood of CHRIST, now prevails. The Name of CHRIST and the Life of CHRIST, imputedly the blood of CHRIST, now shall prevail, and it does prevail, for it is running warm in these veins, although it was shed from Immanuel's veins. That consciousness of the interpretation of Immanuel, which was and is E Pluribus Unum was lost sight of nineteen hundred years ago, or soon after, but it was here all the time; it was reproduced in the consciousness of the children of men that they might recognize E Pluribus Unum and realize Immanuel that brings to the world peace and prosperity.'


Come Home to Wear the Crown of Glory and Life

'Such a mighty nobler name than all they which you have come in contact with, and this Love shall outlast them all. This Love shall outlast them all. This is that mighty, not only mighty, but Omnipotent transforming Love. It will transform you in the glorious image and likeness of the Son of GOD, in the translated degree of expression and the Life and the love of GOD then, within and without, shall prevail. And all men shall call thee blessed, the planting of the LORD, and who can hinder it then when you come to the conscious realization that every knock is a boost, every criticism is a blessing and every stumbling block is a stepping stone, and every hindering cause is a degree of perfection. And then we are walking in the light of the LORD here and now in this Divine Impersonal Life in which we all live and move and have our being, and in you CHRIST lives and moves and has HIS Being, the hope of your eternal glory. Now aren't you glad? The food for every soul and the fount of every blessing is here and now pouring out limitless blessings as they proceed out of the Mouth of GOD. Truly might one have said,

'Since I must fight if I would reign, Increase my courage, Lord.'

One said,

'The consecrated cross I will bear
Until CHRIST in death shall set me free,
And then come home my crown to wear,
For there is a crown for me.'

'Aren't you glad? Aren't you glad that you have got home at last? You are being crowned with the crown of glory and honor above your name and above that of your fellow brother. It said,

'And then go home, my crown to wear, For there is a crown for me.'

We are not talking about folly, we are not talking about materiality, we are not studying about putting any material form on our heads, but we are talking about the Crown of Glory and the Crown of Life that was prepared for you before the foundation of the world. You are crowned with glory, you are crowned with honor and the precious gems of praise that proceed out of the mouth of the child of GOD; and you will wear the garment of praise.'

MY Voice

'Truly might the brother have said, I AM sweet, for it is sweeter than honeycomb. MY very Words will heal the sin-sick soul and MY voice will give them life. MY voice is that which will wake up the dead,

' For he shall blow his trumpet and the dead in Christ shall rise.'

The day cometh that all they that are in the graves shall hear the voice of GOD, and they that hear shall live. I said, MY voice shall give you life. Is not that Biblical? The day cometh and now is when all they that are in the graves shall hear the voice of GOD, and they that hear shall live. Even the natural man declares that MY voice is soothing, and declares that it is penetrating, that it goes from the soul and touches the soul, lifting it and translating it as it is; it penetrates it, lifting you up to GOD and purging you with the current of the Almighty--they that hear MY voice. All they that are in the grave, they are in the graves of misunderstanding, but they are hearing MY voice all over the city of New York and they that are hearing are living, getting up out of the graves of materialism, mortality and carnality. I think I had better stop!'


You Don't Have to Recognize the BODY If Nothing Exists In You But CHRIST

'Now it is Wonderful! In reality, without the body, it is all right. These are facts and figures that are too stout to be denied.'

These remarks were made in connection with a conversation at the table in which FATHER jokingly asked why we all wanted to be there when HE was everywhere, there as much as here. HE continued:

'It is all right without the Body provided that you will live exactly according to MY instructions, and shall have cast out of your system all materiality and carnality and all that pertains to your personal preconceived life and all of its connections, and nothing exists in you but the CHRIST Consciousness. Then it would be immaterial to you or to ME where you are. But that is not saying that you can go ahead and do what you please. You may do what you please then, but not what you please now. As Mr. Joseph said, if a spirit tells you something contrary to what I tell you, why then you are no good, or I AM no good, or the Spirit is no good. That is the idea. Now some will say, 'The Spirit told me to do so and so.' I curse that spirit, or the spirit is a curse in itself that will tell you to do something contrary to what I tell you to do.

'We had an example of that the other day when that boy was knocked out as Saul was, at the Rockland Palace. As Saul did, he was thrown up at MY feet on the platform, groveling under the power of GOD, but he was not transformed by the renewing of his mind. That spirit of prejudice had not been cast out of his consciousness, of bigotry, of selfishness, of strife and the love of money, and carnality and everything else. I have nothing to be sorry for, I mean about his getting beat up over in New York. Here I AM serving mankind, giving daily service that would cost at least five thousand dollars per day, as a free gift, and then you talk about MY Spirit and talk about holding up somebody for money, when I would not take a penny and AM giving service to the extent of five thousand dollars per day and giving it, and declaring salvation is free; and then you talk about the Spirit telling you to hold up somebody. I AM not studying about it. Live the Life and let MY Spirit and MY Mind rule in you and then I AM sure that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. When MY Spirit would not even take a gift, much less say it is soliciting, and soliciting is much less than robbing, don't you see.

'Well now, that is just the kind of spirits there are sometimes that will say, The Spirit told me to do such and such. That kind of spirit will put you in the ground, not only behind the bars, but it will put you in the ground. It is Wonderful! There are those that come here and will be here talking about the Spirit telling them to do something contrary to what I tell you. Away with that kind of spirit and the body that manifests it. See, that is the idea. And yet, as I say, it is all right without the Body if you live the Life and let MY Spirit be in you wheresoever you are. It would be the same as though I told you what to do, because My Spirit in you would be telling you to do the same as I would Personally tell you, and it wouldn't be any different. But when it tells you to do different, you know that one out of the two of us are wrong. It is Wonderful! See, that's the idea!

'But I speak that because I was saying," What do you care about the Body?" Now I AM talking in reality. It is not that you must necessarily be where I AM particularly, but live the Life, be the same as if you were in MY Personal Presence and then be just as I would have you be and do just as I would have you to do, and then '

it is no more you but it is the CHRIST that dwelleth in you.'

That kind of spirit that does not live in accord with that, why then you will find yourselves weighed in the balance and found wanting. But when I say, what do you care about the Body, some are bold enough to jump up and say, 'I don't care anything about the Body,' with their mortal mind and their bigoted mind, and their jealous mind and their envious mind, and with their fleshly mind and with their adulterous mind, will try to please their mortal fancies and pleasures and try to justify themselves in it and say it is the Spirit told them to do it. That is why I said,

If you hear of any man inquiring after ME, tell him I said to deny himself first, and then take up his cross and follow ME.

Then and not until then will you walk worthy of the vocation of the CHRIST calling. It is Wonderful!'


Wait On Your Calling Until You Are Qualified

'Living in materialism, living in mortality, living in carnality, living in fleshism, living in all of those things, and then trying to justify self living in the mortal version of the human mind, living in their mortal fancies and pleasures, and then saying the Spirit told them to do this or do that; that is why I say it is essential to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You can be transformed almost in a moment, some can be, and be caught up in the mid-air to meet the LORD, but you must be transformed or changed from that mortal version before you can carry this Message of Truth, because it is high above the height of intelligence, etiquette and the light of civilization as the Heaven is high above the earth; and I AM sure it is high above the ignorant mortal version of the human mind that is far below the height of civilization. Therefore it is essential to be transformed, and if you are not transformed, wait until you shall have been transformed before you go forth to teach MY Word. Wait on your calling until you are qualified not to throw any gloom of condemnation against the Truth I AM advocating.

'Now you see, when that boy came up here and claimed to receive the blessing in the Rockland Palace, and the Spirit threw him up there at MY feet, right all the way up on that platform, first knocking him out all the way from one side of the aisle to the other, and he was lying out after it, he was just like a dish rag, or in other words, just like a log when you catch it and hold it out of the water. And then he came here and wanted to do what he wishes to do, and holler and yap and jump in the neighbors' yards, and trying to do something through boastfulness, and then speak to him, and, 'the Spirit told him to do that,' and he was going all day, and then I spoke to him and said, If you are going to do these things you will have to go back to New York, and then he got hold of the children and was going to kill them or something. Then I brought him in here and told him to be quiet and then he jumped up and wanted to fight ME because he was GOD. He wanted to be GOD too quickly. It would be all right if he would be transformed by the renewing of his mind and then be GOD in GOD, be GOD in love, in obedience and in GOD's Mind, and in obedience to GOD in someone else. Then you won't have to be obedient to the d-v-l.

'Now he reaped what he sowed. Just like he wanted to try to stick a knife in the head of some of these children here, right or wrong, seen or unseen, you reap what you sow. Now I didn't tell him to do that. I took him to the city and told him to be quiet and we thought he would be quiet if he were there. I didn't tell him to go and try to hold up the post office. Now the spirit told him to do that, but what kind of spirit was it? I mentioned that so that you can see what I mean, what I AM talking about. It is not that you must necessarily be where the Body is particularly, but you must be willing to be there if it would fall in line. The thing is to be lost in the will of GOD and then wheresoever you are, be governed by your highest intuition and not be governed by your human versions or mortal fancies, inclinations and pleasures, but make a complete self-denial and follow the CHRIST, and you will be blessed. But then, and only then can you be a real representative of the Truth or I will not by any means recognize you.'


One Shepherd and One Flock Gathered From the Four Corners of the Earth

'It is wonderful to speak about this love and to talk about GOD that is love, and talk about GOD that is universal love. Then in expression and in words and in actions, you would not express or you wouldn't be speaking love in actions and in deeds, unless you be loving and seek to save and to bless those that were apparently of another fold, as well as those that were of your own.

'For other sheep I have, that are not of this pasture.'

I say, to them I must also go. I have gone to gather them in, not them as many, but the infinite whole, and the lost sheep of those that did, as you say, stray away from the doctrine of Truth, far out on the mountains, wild and bare, far away from the tender shepherd's care. Did not Jeremiah say that there should be one raised up, that should rise up from the East, and,

. . . he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

For He shall gather them from the four corners of the earth,

'For the leaders of the people have caused them to err.'

Did he not say that He shall gather them, and there shall be one shepherd and one flock? It is Wonderful! So glad!

'So the lost sheep, the ninety and nine, they all were there, but one had gone astray. It has always been imputedly one, one as the one mind in the mortal state of consciousness, and all were of that one mind imputedly or reputedly one, one composed of many living in mortal consciousness and they all were still going downward to their doom and yet prepared no more. It was essential to go. For this cause I raised up the spirit of opposition, apparently, to spread MY Name throughout the whole earth. That is what it had to be. Think not that these adverse winds that seem to blow, and supposedly trials and combatments and the spirit of adversity that seems to exist, think not that it is against us, it is for us. If everything would have worked out, if I would have found a resting place, a place to lay MY head, mentally and spiritually in reality, in Sayville, maybe I would have been limited. But because I could not find a place MY Spirit went forth into all the world. Now Australia wants ME and Asia wants ME and Europe wants ME. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It causes you to stand in your own integrity and know your own GOD and you have nothing to worry about but to rejoice and be exceeding glad.'



I Came Not to Destroy But to Save

'Now from henceforth, you will, I AM sure, always see the essential, for the negative as well as for the positive. The essential for the adverse or reverse as well as for the direct. Therefore, you will rid yourselves of thoughts that tend to reflect on any body or anything and as I say about this Infinite Love, the only reason I did not function with the churches so much, it was because the door was shut and I was not ready to go in. But when the time did come, it is now, and has been, that I have gone in and doors are shut, and they that are even in the grave now begin to hear the voice of GOD, and they that hear shall live. I came to bring life and I came to bring it and give it more abundantly, but not in the mortal human preconceived ideas and opinions, but to dissolve all in one.

'Remember, every one of you was something. Each one of you was supposed to have been something before you heard of ME from a Personal standpoint of view. If you weren't a Catholic, a Protestant, a Methodist, a Baptist or some other kind of Protestant, you were a Jebusite or a Moabite or something. You had to be something in mortal consciousness to exist. I did not come to destroy the mortal versions of men, but to save them from the things that concern them and hence to save them from the dross of their sins and purge them and save them from unquenchable fire. It is Wonderful! And this is what all of this is about, and now all of the churches in New York want ME to speak because they know I can fill them. I can fill every church because they can see and know if they do not let ME fill the churches, I will fill all of the theaters and I will fill all of the cabarets. I will fill them all, and then and there I will bring them into subjection to ME, and the government will be upon MY shoulders and I will govern and control the whole situation and have them to act and be and do as I would have them act and be and do and therefore, they will no more be governed by that personal idea and opinion and the kingdoms of that world shall have become the Kingdom of our GOD and HIS CHRIST.'

A recent addition to The Home of the Soul

A recent addition to The Home of the Soul



Thoughts For Consideration

In singing over a variety of songs and mottoes today, FATHER said that the reason for the similarity of many was that all of HIS compositions came out in either twins, triplets or quadruplets with very seldom only one along a certain line.

FATHER said this evening that Robert Ingersoll, when he was on earth asked for a single proof of GOD's existence and he would believe. FATHER said that if he had lived to see this day he would have been convinced, but that it could be said that his spirit was reincarnated in Clarence Darrow of our present day, and Darrow would eventually make the contact and believe. He had more than once come near a contact through some small interest, or hearing about FATHER's Work, but his vibration had been either too high or not low enough to make the contact.


The Whole of Harlem Is Clamoring for FATHER

The past week has been one continuous series of meetings and no space has been vacant of the fullness thereof, for they have been every day, sometimes two and three in one day. Therefore, some of the following talks by FATHER were given previous to this point, and in different order than they appear, as it was not convenient to write them up at the time they were given. FATHER attended nearly all meetings in Person, accompanied by twenty or thirty Angels each time, in addition to giving the following inspiring talks at home in the Kingdom.

Meetings were held in Haskell, New Jersey, Englewood, New Jersey, Inwood, Long Island, Jamaica, Long Island and many in New York City. During the week FATHER's fleet of three cars covered over eight hundred miles going and coming to these meetings. The meetings themselves were beyond description, people jumping up being healed of total blindness, tumors, rheumatism, lameness, paralysis and all kinds of diseases and ailments. It would be impossible to convey the change which is coming about in the lives of the masses of people, especially those of Harlem.

FATHER's Omnipotent Spirit is working silently and invisibly, unlocking closed doors and transforming the lives of thousands. As an evidence, FATHER stood in the upstairs window of an office on Lennox Avenue in Harlem, a few days ago and in the space of a quarter of an hour or more at five o'clock, in all of the crowds coming and going there was not one smoking a cigar or cigarette. A little later, on the street, there were only two encountered smoking, one smoking a cigarette and the other a cigar. It is said that a few years ago nearly everyone, not only men but women could be seen smoking. The whole of Harlem is clamoring for FATHER and whenever HE appears in the street HE is surrounded and followed by crowds that block traffic. HE went into a large garage a few days ago to have an adjustment made on HIS car and the garage immediately filled up with people, so that HE had to leave. Wherever meetings are held in New York crowds of from five to ten thousand gather, regardless of the small size of some of the halls. Often they break down the doors and do other damage to the buildings trying to squeeze in and the police have used their clubs trying to keep them in order. At every meeting FATHER received upwards of five hundred letters in addition to HIS regular mail, and HIS correspondence is over three months behind, but HE explains that

'Before they call, I will answer,'

and that when a letter is written the answer is received immediately, whether HE has Personally read the request or not. This is testified to daily in the meetings.

Last week a man was saved from the electric chair through contact with FATHER after the death sentence had been imposed upon him. Most of the larger churches, and of course, numbers of smaller ones are after FATHER to speak for them and there is quite an argument going on among the clergy about the situation, but they are in the power of the congregations because the people are paying them and they have to submit however bitter it seems to be to do so.'







GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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