"I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: and No Man Cometh to the Father, but by Me.

"Christ in the Name Called Jesus, for the Christian World, Is All There Is." --- FATHER DIVINE



The Word of GOD Revealed
'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13
FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb



72 Macon Avenue, Sayville

72 Macon Avenue, Sayville



Installment 20

Attachment to the World Severs Your Connection





Today one of the Angels who has been in the Kingdom for several months and has been quite prominent in declaring FATHER as GOD, etc., got up and said she had quite an argument with several others in the Kingdom about statements made by them to the effect that those who leave the Kingdom, after being there for even a short time, leave their spirit behind and are doomed to failure out in the world. She said she was sure that was not so, and could not be so, and she would hate to think that anyone, whosoever they might be, could not have FATHER with them anywhere. If only those in the Kingdom were blessed, what chance had the world of being saved. They could not all come to the Kingdom, it would not hold them all. She said she never could believe that was FATHER's Teaching and she wanted FATHER to uphold her. It had been evident in many ways, that she had never had the intention of staying in the Kingdom indefinitely, but was there for what she could get, after which she would go out into the world and use it, as she said, for the benefit of others, especially for a so-called daughter she had claimed to have given up.

FATHER arose and replied that since she had settled the question for herself there was no need for HIM to say anything. She had put her request as though she wanted HIS decision on the matter, but it was quite evident that she had decided it definitely for herself. The Angel then started to argue that FATHER had not understood her and HE said HE understood perfectly. She became vehement in denying FATHER's interpretation of her remarks and finally said she had not thought of what she was saying. FATHER said she should think twice and speak once.

Then HE gave a long talk which I did not get down verbatim, in which HE said that the trouble was, she was still attached to the world very strongly although she claimed to have severed every tie, that if she were not, she would not be so deeply interested in seeing that others received the benefit of HIS Teachings. She was attached to mortality and wanted to save it or she would not be so anxious. HE said as a matter of fact she should be willing to stay in the Kingdom so long as HE slung the balls (meaning the solar system). HE referred to Miss Mary, HIS secretary, and held her up as an example. HE said she had so completely severed her connection with the world or mortality and was so vehement in her advocacy of HIM that it had placed her where she is today, and HE was overlooking for the moment any deviations on her part, as a lot could be overlooked in the light of her wholehearted consecration. HE said, it even went, when she first came, to the extent that when HE called for a dish at the table, she turned things upside down and reached halfway down the table in order to get what HE called for. HE said that was one reason HE let her talk so much for a time, and so vehemently to give vent to that spirit of devotion. HE went on as follows:



No One Can Come to the FATHER Except By Jesus


'There is a time of reckoning coming, I don't care how high you fly. You cannot inherit Eternal Life unless you are saved. If you are saved, you are saved, spirit, soul and body. Gerald Chapman was saved and Ruth Snyder was saved, and Judd Gray was saved, but they died in the electric chair.

( Gerald Chapman was a robber and murderer who was hanged in 1926. Ruth Snyder was an ordinary housewife whose husband could not provide her with the luxuries she desired. She bought $50,000 insurance on him and tried to kill him seven times but failed. She met Henry Judd Gray, a corset salesman, who became her lover. Together they killed her husband. Both were executed in 1928. People were fascinated by this strong-willed woman. During her trial, Ruth Snyder received 164 proposals of marriage.)

Some say, 'How is it that FATHER DIVINE teaches only the Four Gospels?' It is because CHRIST in the name called Jesus, for the Christian world, is all there is. CHRIST in the name called Jesus is the capsule. Years ago they didn't know anything about capsules.

They would have to take a little of this and a little of that and mix them together, but inside of fifty years there have been more capsules made that will bring all of the combined ingredients together than ever before. That is the way we have compound lard and such things, so that when you get one you get all.

That is the way with GOD, all of it was summed up in CHRIST, commonly called LORD.

'Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength, and with all thy soul'
. . . 'And the second command is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.'

These are the two great commandments and everything hinges on them. Then if you believe in Christ, He said,

'I am the way, the truth, and the life: and no man cometh to the Father, but by me.'
'All that ever came before me were thieves and robbers.'

Any time you see anyone living by the old Bible and talking that, then you will know they are not MY sheep, for He said, 'The sheep won't hear them.' And Christ came as the fulfillment or the Fulfiller of all things. Things that are to be were in the Christ. Just the same as electricity now. There are many homes that have electricity for washing, for cooking, for playing the radio, the piano and doing all of the work because it is that which answers the purpose of steam; it answers the purpose of the old fashioned fire. It answers the purpose of gasoline, it answers the purpose of the candle and all of those old things. What do we want with a candlelight when electricity is in the house?

That is why I stress the point of Jesus, and everyone else is a thief and a robber, and no man cometh to the FATHER but by Jesus. That is why I stress that formula for all of Christendom. All that ever came before me were thieves and robbers, but the sheep won't hear them. So that is why I stress that formula, to live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of Jesus, not only the Teachings, but the Life. Live the Life first, but if you do not do that, I haven't promised you a toothpick. But I have promised that if you do that, you are ME and I AM you. Live exactly, I say, according to the Life first, and then the Teachings of Christ, as recorded in the records by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. That is the formula for all of MY Followers.

Jesus said,

'Unless a man leave father and mother, and sister and brother, and wife, and lands, all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.'

You may go along; GOD is not going around Personally killing anybody; GOD is not going around, because you do not do a thing, and trying to do you any harm, but I know that unless you live that, you cannot be saved. It is a hard saying, but yet it is true. I think I had better stop.'

After a few more remarks about being the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of all destinies, and that all spirits must come to HIM, that so long as the bodies responded rightly and acted according to the Spirit the Spirit would stay with the body, but if the body would not live according to the dictates of Spirit, it would be withdrawn and placed in a body where it could function, FATHER concluded. Within a few days the person referred to left the Kingdom without a word and has not been seen since.


I Do Not Need Anything From the World

'I see here in the paper it says I AM moving upstate and thinking of establishing a Divine City. Now I have not thought of anything like that, because all cities are MINE and I do not have to confine MYSELF to any one place and obligate MYSELF with legal ties. The time cometh and now is when all the streets and the villages and the cities and towns will be thrown open to ME. I have just received a letter from Mr. Lanyon saying that England is awaiting MY arrival. Of course, I AM or maybe Personally will, some day move, but not that I confine MYSELF to a Body or mind of legally building or organizing a city. And it is just Wonderful!

Just like it is with the churches. The churches are begging ME to come to their places. We are located up at the Rush Memorial Church in New York, or can be if we will be, every Sunday afternoon, and can be if we will be, up at one of the biggest Baptist churches in Jersey; also in Jamaica we are invited to the largest church there. So we have lots of calls, and as with the churches so with the cities. The cities are already built and there are some houses that won't be condemned. I could live in them the same as I live in this one.

When I first moved out here I said I can live here and I do not need anything from the world. I don't need contributions, I don't need social companionship, I don't need anything and you see what I have; I have had to build two additions. So it is all right. It is just Wonderful! So far as the city is concerned, why, I don't say that it will be that in that way, for I don't have to take on legal obligations and responsibilities and cares, I can release MYSELF of them. It is Wonderful! It is just Wonderful!

. . . Now I did not mean to say so much. All of you know that you do not think it, but you know that you get something here. It is Wonderful! So whensoever one apparently goes, why remember, that the spirit that has made the vow, the spirit that has signed the contract, the spirit that has agreed to the Truth, will be with ME always; with or without a body, it is immaterial. And if it is not in the body why, it makes it more reproductive in you and in others apparently.

'The soul that sinneth, it shall die, but the spirit goes back to the GOD that gave it,'

and there is nothing lost from GOD. I bring MINE own Spirit unto ME, MY own intellect, MY own understanding, for GOD is all intelligence.









The BODY Had to Be a Living Sacrifice To Convince People That GOD is Present




In speaking about the ministers, FATHER said: 'If they get their minds out of the skies and begin to teach the people the Presence of GOD they will be all right. Yet, they did not find themselves in readiness to die for the purpose of bringing into conscious realization the fruition of the materialization of GOD, and for this cause they could only preach GOD spiritually, unless haply they would fear to make themselves equal with GOD. They were afraid to sacrifice their lives and lay themselves liable to the evil, and lay themselves open as a sample and as an example. So Mr. Lanyon says he is so glad to be able to bring the true light of Truth to the people and that he can convey to the world the Presence of GOD or the conviction of the Presence of GOD, and it is a great blessing, for he had striven to convey it to the world.

Humanity, those of you that have gotten up any place in the higher light of understanding, you know that it is what would be called a technical place to put yourself responsible as an individual, or as a person. It is more than the government of a town or village or city or state or country, but

'the government is upon His shoulders,'

so that is why there are many fears and that could not have been brought into fruition, it could not have been brought into your conscious realization, to the materialization of GOD to redeem your body unless someone had been radical enough or filled with fanaticism enough to present his body as a living sacrifice, or be held up and allow themselves to be held up without fear to bring to your conscious realization the Presence of GOD.

You could not be actually convinced that GOD was Present in reality unless you personally saw HIM in a material or concrete likeness, and that material or concrete likeness then is a sacrifice for you as they offered up in olden times. Then it is a target to be shot at, it is a living sacrifice as a body. It is a living sacrifice as today. It is Wonderful! Then it only takes GOD to maintain the sacrifice and to consume the offering, and it only takes GOD to protect the offering. So it is more than the government of the United States, 'for the government is upon His shoulders.'

So in this letter, the thought that was conveyed was that Mr. Lanyon is very happy now that he can lift others personally out of the ruts, the wants and limitations from a personal standpoint of view, because by the Spirit only, he could not do it. You can do it by the Spirit and die advocating the Spirit in this high Light of Truth spiritually, but without the recognition of the Body they could not lift bodies out of limitation. The Apostle puts it,

'For this cause, many sleep among you, many are sickly among you,'

in other words,

'and some sleep, not discerning the Body of Christ.'
Truly might Philip have said,
'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

Whether these quotations have ever been directed to you or not in your higher light of teachings directly and openly, it is mentally and spiritually so, for your friends that have sought more of GOD, the Spirit in them, whether you were conscious of it or not, there was something saying in them for the light of satisfaction,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

You had been telling them about the Spirit, you had been telling them about CHRIST, but yet, that did not satisfy them, they could not get that satisfying portion. Whether they said it in person or not, the very soul was crying out,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

This is it that has brought victory and great consolation to the world. The Body had to be a living sacrifice before you got convinced that GOD is Present. You had the Sonship Degree, and all of those qualities are the expressions of GOD and of love, but there are expressions from degree after degree, and from precept to precept, and from line unto line, so therefore, you could not be satisfied until the declaration of the FATHER had come forth. You did not find satisfaction.


You Are As the Only Begotten of the FATHER

So Mr. Lanyon could not give his students satisfaction, he could not give them satisfaction because he did not make himself exactly individually liable to what has been said will be the fall of the one who will present his body as a living sacrifice to the fruition of GOD on earth on the material plane. It is Wonderful! It is truly Wonderful! So that is why Mr. Lanyon is so happy now that he says Europe is calling for ME. They are alive and awake and one hundred percent alive, even also as New York. And as I say, if you will walk with ME, I will walk with you. If you will not walk with ME, I cannot walk with you. But if you will walk with ME and stand with ME, I will stand with you through the valleys of the shadows of so-called death. I do not need to fear any evil, for I AM with ME and I will prove to the world in these, MY temples, and thousands of others, that will make the sacrifice for this Truth, that GOD is not a race, and that GOD is not a creed, and GOD is not a color. That is what is stirring the nation up, because they have been summed up in nations and peoples, and races, creeds and colors, and some also seem to be in denominations and religions as well as seeming to be in denominations of races, creeds and colors, as well as denominations of nations. It is Wonderful! Because they were assumed to be like that, they were limited in power, but because you have unified yourself with this Love there is no limitation.

There is no limitation to MY existence, for you are, as I say today, the heir, the only begotten of the FATHER. You are as the only begotten of the FATHER. Just as the only begotten of the FATHER, not a coheir, or a co-inheritor, but the inheritor of the whole thing. For of all of his fullness, has each one of you received, grace for grace, and you could not have received it being limited to denominations of creeds, denominations of political parties, denominations of nationalities, denominations of colors, denominations of religious organizations, etc. You could not have received all of the fullness, for each one of these different denominations had a part of this Light, but this Light and this Truth, and this Grace, you have it because you are unified with the Infinite Whole. You have all of the fullness of every nation, tongue, and people. It is Wonderful!

And I will have it like this all over the world. It is immaterial to ME if those that will to, yield themselves to mortal consciousness and will not walk worthy of the vocation wherewith I have called them. It is immaterial to ME, for that spirit and that energy will be transmuted back to HIM that gave it. It will be reincarnated into other bodies to the glory of GOD and to carry out MY plan on earth. That is the idea.

So cast out of your consciousness all anger, all jealousy, all strife, all combatments, all denominations, races, creeds and colors, for where these denominations are in expression there is segregation, and where there is segregation or division, there is strife. It is Wonderful! And it is written, 'Let nothing be done through vain-glory and strife;' and it is written,

'Let there be no division among you.'

I will not have any division in MY Infinite Kingdom; all are one and One is All. And there shall be no division throughout the whole existence of MY whole Eternal Kingdom on earth.

Now the mortal mind may say, if it reigns in a body, why, I am going out and I won't do this or I won't do that. Any mortal mind that desires to be a segregated individual, as self aside from the Infinite Whole, that individual will be minus all that spirit of joy, that spirit of life and that spirit of this Truth that brings peace and prosperity and contentment to this world, for all of the joys that I have brought into expression are the blessings that are produced and reproduced for those that love GOD and will walk worthy of their vocation.


This Love Is Stronger Than Death

Then you can hear the welcome voice in words, deeds or in actions, saying, 'Come, thou blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the world.' You will hear these words in these words or in actions, sounding all over the earth. It is Wonderful! Such a Holy Love! It is a Love that breaks all limitations. It is a Love that is far above all division. It is a Love that is far above all strife and above all of the adverse winds and doctrines that play. For this Love is such a magnetic power it will grasp the hearts and souls of men and bring them into GOD. It will bring them unto you from the ends of the earth. Even though they may be in the lion's paw it will draw them out. This Love is stronger than death. It is individual.

Samson, the mighty man, was strong enough to meet a lion by the way and to love him to death, and right there from the lion's carcass when he came back, he found the very sweetness of all the earth. The bees came and brought the sweetness of all of the earth, the sweetness from every bed of weed, all of the sweetness of every sweet weed and they generated in the lion's carcass the sweetness of all the earth.* And greater than Samson is here. Love is stronger than death. So we tell you, care nothing about adversity and the combatments of the mortal mind, for they are only battling against themselves. Gog and Magog can gather themselves together to fight against GOD, but they will not be fighting against GOD, they will be fighting against themselves.

'Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.''


The Spirit Stimulates But the Mind Controls

'There are many expressions of the Spirit controlling the individual according to his own deluded mind.' Here FATHER referred to a man called Johnson, who received the Holy Ghost in a meeting at Rockland Palace, and came out to the Kingdom vowing to serve FATHER for the rest of his days. He was carried away in his own expression of the Spirit however, and would not be subject to FATHER. The result was that he could not stay in the Kingdom. When he went back to New York, in his deluded mind, he tried to hold up a post office, saying his FATHER had told him to go there and demand a sum of money. He ended up in Bellevue Hospital under observation and was transferred to an insane asylum. FATHER continued:

'Whatsoever you visualize is stimulated by the Spirit, it is true, and you can produce what you like, but you must be governed by the Mind of GOD, for without the Mind of GOD you will bring yourself under a curse, even with all of the vibrations of the Spirit. As I say often, there may be a man buy a Buick automobile, and another man may buy one, the same model, the same year, and both would be exactly the same, and each one may go to the gas station and get the same high test gas and fill the tank up. One may go away from that gas station to burn up someone's house with all of the family in the house, and the other may go to save someone from death. There is a difference in the mind, or the man, which typifies the mind. Each may have the same car and the same gas and the same gears and everything about the automobile, but it is a different man, and one directs his car towards destruction and the other towards constructive work. And so it is with man. Unless you have a renewing of your mind that same Spirit will destroy you instead of saving you, so it is something to consider.'


I Esteem You According to the Development of Your Spirit

One of the Angels testified today that she was thankful for the honor conferred upon her of riding in FATHER's car into New York on one occasion when three cars went in together. FATHER replied that it made no difference what car she rode in, they were all HIS. HE continued:

'I hope that will be the destination and not the forerunner of all limitations and lacks and wants and destitutions. I have three cars here under MY own Personal jurisdiction, under MY own Individual jurisdiction on these premises.

'The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof.'

I have millions of cars, but these three are under MY Personal jurisdiction, as you may term it, and I want you all to realize that whatsoever car you ride in, you are riding with ME. I AM not matter. Mr. John spoke of that last night also. I did not say anything then, but I just want to bring that thought to an end. I do not want to be in one car more than another. I usually ride in the Lincoln here recently, because I can relax in it and we have been as a rule making pretty good time, and I do not want any holdups when I start, because when I AM held up it will hold the whole Movement up.

Now the Cadillac, I was out in it this morning, and it will run sixty-five miles per hour and that is all right. It will go seventy-five when it is regulated. So I just want to get that thought out of the general mind of the public, simply thinking I AM esteeming you any more by riding in the car I ride in than another. I want you to know that I esteem you according to the development of your spirit and your mind and your operation in harmony and participation. Now when you deviate from ME in words, deeds and in actions, your personal presence may not be pleasant and therefore, if I treat you as I treat everybody, it may be all right, but it may be better for you not to be right with ME so that we would not have any argument. But I may love you just much as I can love you. It is written,

'Two cannot walk together unless they agree.'


Live As An Open Book

I came to fulfil all of the Scriptures just as they are written. If you can be in harmony with ME in words, deeds and in actions and in all of your transactions, why then, you can be in harmony and walk and talk with ME or ride with ME or wheresoever we may be going. The Word says,

'Two cannot walk together unless they agree.'

There are deviations often in words, deeds and actions. When you can see anything, do anything, hear anything, taste anything, smell anything, think anything, or know anything that you do not want ME to know, why then , you separate yourself from ME in Person and you will feel the effect of it. You may not feel it immediately, but there will be a separation, and it will be more disastrous to you than if you let it come to a head at once. So that is why I say you cannot hide from ME.

So as Mr. Biggins said, it is for your highest good, for your fellowship in this great Movement, for you to be at one with GOD in heart and in mind, in words, deeds and in actions. If you can see anything, hear anything, know anything or have anything or see anyone do anything that you do not want ME to know, you will separate yourself from ME Personally and some day, sooner or later, you will regret it. It is a law that cannot be refuted. That is why husbands and wives and friends even, in mortal consciousness are separated. It is because of that chicanery in words, deeds and actions they perform. That is what I told Mother in the beginning, when WE married for the sake of you that are here now, and for millions that will come after you. I said, if you will always be openhearted and will not keep anything from ME and be one with ME in words, deeds and actions, it will be a matter of impossibility for anyone to separate US or come between you and I, and so it is with man, even the natural man, even the natural man and wife. If each one would live as an open book to one another in ideas and opinions, in all of their works and ways, in their mentality, personality and physical ability, there would be no separation. But as soon as one can do something they wouldn't want the other one to know, or as soon as they can see something someone else would not want the other one to know, they will be separated and it may be fifty years before it comes about.

If there is as much as a grain of mustard seed cut in four parts and they would not want the other one to know they said or did it, and they will not expose it to the other one, why then, they will be separated from the one they love. So that is the essential. It is very important. You cannot hide from GOD. You reap what you sow. It is Wonderful! You find them coming in often, and your friends will want to be a friend to you and tell you something, let you see something or let you know something that they don't want you to give your whole heart to the one that is your friend also, and that is the separation, and you will be separated some day, some way, somehow, and it will be just as effective at the time, in fifty years, as it would have been at the time. That is why it says GOD wants a Church without spot or wrinkle, and that is why it says you must give an account of everything you say.


Dishonest Germs Create Dishonest Bodies

I recall, several years ago going down to the post office, and I had some letters from some of the Angels, as you are here now, supposed to be MY children, and having supposedly given ME their hearts, and so they had given ME all, and when I say, all, I mean they would not want to see anything, know anything or hear anything that they would not want ME to know, that they would not want to receive a letter that they would not want ME to know all about it, and they would not want to hear anything that they would not want ME to know, or they could not be one with ME.

So then, those that claimed to be all of that with ME and claimed that they wanted ME to read their letters, asked ME to read their letters when they came, then I refused to do so, as I do with you now, and they also desired to have ME read their letters before they sent them out. I do not care to do that because GOD knows anyway, but it just goes to show you the oneness of your heart and the oneness of your mind and how devout you are, and how you trust ME. But these letters that I was taking down to the post office for them I had not read them, I had not seen them even on the outside where they were going. But I got out of the car at the post office and there was another big car drew up behind ME and a chauffeur got out. We both went into the post office at the same time and as soon as he got inside the door, where the lady out in the car could not see him, he turned the letters over and looked them all over to see where they were going, then he dropped them in the box and went out.

I came back and conveyed--convey up until now even, that psychological thought, one that men should know, the dishonesty of that chauffeur. With the germ of dishonesty uppermost in his consciousness, suppose he would have become a father at that particular time. He did not steal anything, but if his offspring could have grown up with that germ of dishonesty, the offspring would have been more permeated with the spirit of dishonesty than he would himself, and those sons or daughters would have stolen, if they could, the Woolworth Building, if he could or if she could.

Dishonest germs create dishonest bodies and dishonesty comes through the thought or the mind. It may be ever so simple, but when it has conceived, it takes form and it is just as the Holy Ghost, but just to the reverse. When the Holy Ghost was conceived, it brought forth the Son of GOD, didn't it? And when the germ of dishonest thought is conceived, it will bring forth what? It is Wonderful!


Deception Separates You From GOD

That is why the world has fallen to the place where it apparently cannot rise without the recognition and realization of GOD your FATHER. They are living in selfishness, bigotry and deceit and you are made out of bigotry, you are made out of lies. You are a liar from the beginning and the father of it, and your father was a liar for he was made out of falsehood in actions, falsehood in deeds and in thoughts. Actions speak louder than words, and every mortal person, practically every one, has been conceived in falsehood and bigotry and deceitfulness, and try to conceal the constitution, the development and the conception of it when it is written,

'They were born in sin and shaped in iniquity.'

Certainly then, you must be born again; born out of that mortal belief, out of that mortal version of all things, out of that birth. Therefore, it is essential for one to deny himself and his personal versions, fancies, pleasures and tendencies and instincts and characteristics, etc., for they are all filled with the germs of dishonesty, falsity and debauchery. It is Wonderful! Your very mortal makeup is a falsity and a falsity is a lie.

There is, I say, a coming to GOD with your tongue and your teeth, and your hearts far behind, your mind that consists of your heart and your understanding, your thoughts and your ideas and your fancies concealed, and still conceiving them as well as concealing them, making continual conceptions of debauchery, continually making conceptions of falsity. Ye must be born again -- every idea and every opinion.

GOD is no respecter of persons and GOD has no respect unto persons. Mother is the same to ME as anyone else, only to bring her as I brought her, as a sample and as an example for others, it was necessary to take MY Name, that is all; to establish the Kingdom as being a home, it was necessary to take MY Name. But she could not be here today if she would have been deceiving in words, in deeds or in actions. If she would have concealed any thoughts, words, deeds or actions of herself or anyone else from ME, the very slightest one, there would have come a time when she would have been cut off before now. I might have gone around just as though I didn't know a thing.

Along about twenty or thirty years ago there was a prophetess, one of the great evangelists of this Kingdom that had been a Catholic sister but received the blessing of the Spirit, being devout and being drawn into the great vibrations of the Spirit, she saw things just as they were. She saw this prophecy. She saw things just as they would come, and just as she saw them they came forth. She could see the Spirit appearing to her in the likeness of individuals and talking with her in person, being wide awake. She had the gift of discerning spirits. She could see the Spirit when it would go out of someone else's body and she could see it when it came out of her own body, and yet, those so often who are endowed with inspirational gifts, they are so often lacking in stability, in courage, in force and faith and unshaken confidence, in love and simplicity, in kindness and in mercy. These are the qualities in which they are so often lacking.

'Perfect love casteth out fear.'

I would not let the doors be shut or locked, and then just after I would retire, she could just take her fingers and put on the night latch. That could separate her and put her in the ground where, no doubt, she is now. If she could just only take her little finger like that and move the night latch and didn't want ME to see her, if she could do the slightest thing that she did not want ME to see Personally. Well now, she has done that which she didn't want ME to see Personally, and now Personally I don't see the body; and that body was filled and thrilled apparently, with so much vibration of the Spirit and inspirations, and could walk and talk with Angels, for naturally she was a Catholic before she knew ME and after she knew ME she was just as devout as she was before. But fear, and knowing that I could show her everything and tell her everything, she could move the night latch and think I would not see her, or think maybe she could wink her eye and I would not see her. She is separated from GOD and GOD cannot see the body. If it cannot be useful, then maybe later it will be useless. So it is worth considering. I spoke that because I know that as Mr. Biggins said, GOD knows all things. HE knows in you, if HE does not know in ME.'







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