"You, Who Are Called to this High Calling must Be Careful How You Send out Your Thoughts.

"The Name of GOD and Your Faith Are Sufficient To Save Your Body and Soul."



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' John 16:13




Los Angeles, California





Installment 24


Parable of the California Bees and Beebread

As one spoke this morning about the old-fashioned California bees, that was something that made old-fashioned California beebread. It looked something like bread crumbs or barley or something like that, and you put them in molasses water and they increased themselves and after awhile they increased so you didn't know what to do with them, and you gave them away and first thing you knew they had so much they had to give them away. So that is the way it is with this wonderful Life, like the California bees. And the increase, first thing you know you need to give some away, take them out of those jars and put them in other jars, and you give some away and first thing you know they will have more out of those you gave them. They just looked like little bread crumbs or barley or something like that. That is Wonderful, too.

You see, California is a great place. I did not, years ago, tell the great significance of these bees, but they give force, as the expression of GOD, to the reality of this Truth I AM advocating. I have not seen nor heard of them in many years in Person, but they continue to work and they appear to have no life any more than barley or anything else, but yet they work when they get in that molasses water. So again I say, that the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.



Thoughts For Consideration

GOD is equipped with all of the fullness of what we may term the spiritual modern improvements for the spiritual souls of men, and has all of the equipments and improvements of the Soul to apply them and to electrify and to radiate and fill each home, each temple with the radiation and the electricity that is going from the Infinite One, to supply them with all of the modern equipments of the expression of GOD in Light and in Truth.'

In talking this morning about the apparent delay in making a definite move from Sayville and of certain things that must be accomplished before a move is made, FATHER said:

'I have Angels encamped around about this place. I have the whole Holy Host encamped around this house. I don't even believe that this house can burn, for if GOD keeps not the house, he watches in vain that keeps it.'

MOTHER DIVINE Speaking at the Holy Communion Table,
Sayville, L. I., New York

MOTHER DIVINE Speaking at the Holy Communion Table, Sayville, L. I., New York







If You Are Graceful and Grateful, Your FATHER Wills All That HE Has To You

'You must receive your blessings by faith, if you get them from GOD. If you get them from sight, you get them from man. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Therefore, you affirm that which you behold not with your physical eye for the reality of the abundance of things is always in the invisible until it is brought into expression. The abundance of the fullness of things from GOD according to your requests, is always in the invisible until it is brought into manifestation or expression by faith and by your affirmation concerning your realization concerning the thing that you are concerned with, or concerned about.

I affirm as a sample and as an example. I affirm, I set before you an open door and I do affirm good things as the Only Begotten of the FATHER, as though I would be the Heir, the only Heir, as the Heir, as the only Heir. That is your privilege to do and to be the same. Act as though you are the only son or daughter and no one else has any part in this great inheritance of the universe. You are supposed to be the heir, not heirs as many, but as though you were the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth, full of love and all honor, and whatsoever we may term it to be. Then being full of these characteristics, we know that the FATHER will, to HIS only begotten Son, give HIS inheritance, when he is full of grace and of truth. If he is not, there may be some cause for the FATHER not to will him all that HE has. But if he is full of grace and of truth, being graceful and grateful, his FATHER must have willed him all that HE has.

Act it out and be it and you will never lack for anything, for the goods of GOD's storehouse on the mental, material and spiritual plane, I give unto you. And this is not maybe, but you can see that it is real, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically - in physical activities, physically fit - mentally fit and glorified in your bodies, not by the will of man, nor by the will of the flesh, but by the Will of GOD.'



'It is better to be a doorkeeper in this State of Consciousness and to open the door for others to come in' than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.'


When you Deviate, You Detach Yourself From GOD and You Will Be Cut Short

A Reverend Walker, formerly a Baptist minister, has come to the Kingdom recently to stay. He testified that last summer he came here suffering from poison which had been administered to him by enemies he had acquired through his radical stand on morals in the churches among the ministers. He said he was burned both inside and out as a result of the poison and one leg was almost eaten away by ulcers. No hospital or doctor had been able to do anything for him. After one day at FATHER's he went away perfectly healed and started out with renewed vigor, preaching and actually healing many people. At last he felt so good he decided it was time to take on a wife, and as he said, after promising to love GOD with all his heart and soul and mind and strength, he promised to do the same for a certain woman.

'Almost immediately, he was on his crutches again; this time in worse condition than before, as both legs were useless. In this condition he arrived in the Kingdom again and asked FATHER's forgiveness, and was again restored. He said this time he would stay in the Kingdom, out of harm's way. On a recent visit to New York to one of the meetings, however, he rode in one of the Kingdom's cars and as he testified later, he thoroughly enjoyed the trip because he sat next to the driver whom he considered a very beautiful and charming woman, and that made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The next day he was limping around again with a return of the old trouble. He again asked FATHER's forgiveness and was healed. After his public confession of his fault, FATHER spoke as follows:

'You, who are called to this high calling must be careful how you send out your thoughts in this way. You are sending out your thoughts and your energy to the world of mortality that you are putting off. You are sending out your energy all of the time, because you have put it off, and you are separating yourself from the great world of spirit, or lowering your vibrations, because you are sending it out and it is going into the world that you are not living in. To us you are not living in the world of mortality, you are called out of the world of mortality, and when you use your thoughts and your actions in the mortal state of consciousness, you are separating your vitality and your spirituality from you and eventually you will not have the resisting power to resist mortal so called germ ailments, etc.

'When you have all of your spiritual energy and vitality at its best, and have your mentality keyed to its highest degree in the fullness of the spiritual inspiration, you are in tune with the spiritual world, and the world from whence cometh your strength and then your energy and your vitality is very high. Mental and spiritual vitality, it is good to the righteous. Then it matters not what kind of contagious diseases you come under at times, it would be an impossibility for you to contact it. Then there is a time when your mind has lowered your vibrations to the mortal state of consciousness, has lowered your vibrations of Truth to the lower world and such kinds of affliction that the world is subject to, and your pre-inherited afflictions, infirmities, etc. are then in you. They are in your world, or you are in that world, and you will bring those witnesses on yourself.

'So that is why it is essential to stay up high, so you can fight against germ diseases that exist in mortal consciousness and in the atmosphere of materialism and mortality, and also in the natural atmosphere of the earth. In nature's atmosphere, science has declared that the air is filled with germs -- of all kinds of germs and diseases. Then when your vitality is low, your energy low, that is the time these germ diseases take you. They cannot attack you when you stay in the high vibrations and stay high, keyed up in the high vibrations of the Spirit, but you are wound up, you are immune to them. It is Wonderful In other words, you are vaccinated or in other words, you have taken spiritual antitoxin and those germs cannot get in your system then, for they cannot get in your mind. That is why it is essential to stay your mind on ME, for in perfect peace I will keep thee, whose mind is stayed on ME.

'So it is essential when you deviate or detract in any way, as I have often said, if you do the least thing, it matters not how high you have been, and if the least thing goes wrong and you have a look or move your finger separating yourself from GOD and from HIM in whom you trust, if a volley would come along then it would kill you the same as anybody else, because you have detached yourself mentally from GOD, and the armor of protection is not around you. That is why so many people are caught short; their vibrations are high at times, but when they cut themselves off in words, deeds or actions, almost immediately they are cut short and first thing you know you see them down and out, and it may be too late. I would always rather hear Immanuel Daniel preach, than even to hear this Body preach. I don't know where he is, but he is somewhere, and maybe I will have to get him a body. But he said, 'FATHER, YOU got me.' I have heard so many times the spirit that was in that body say, 'I am going to thunder down from Mount Sinai.' For about two years he has been right with ME. And I gave it a body; that is why it comes so much near to ME, because in the other body it didn't want to do it.'


Why Do Tides Rise and Fall and Temperatures Go Up and Down?

One of the visitors, this morning, a Truth teacher, got up and said she kept a very careful record of her income and outgo in finances, as most of the money was given to her and she felt more or less as a trustee, and that people had a right to know what she did with it. She said many times her money was over, and she had more than she could account for. She could understand that, since coming to FATHER, but at other times she had less than she could account for and she could not understand that situation. Another visitor immediately rose up and said she was in the same predicament, except that with her the lack was in light and understanding and peace and happiness. Sometimes she felt an overflow of the Spirit and at other times she was down in the dumps. FATHER replied to the one that spoke of her supply being low at times by asking the question: 'Why do the tides rise and fall, and why does the temperature go up and down?'

In regard to waking up in the morning in a low vibration after being high in the Spirit the day and night previously HE attributed this to someone or something held in consciousness that connects one with the world of mortal consciousness or the lower vibrations. HE continued:

'Christ on one occasion said,

'My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death.'

Why was it that He would manifest the highest vibrations and joy and then again manifest the lowest vibrations of sorrow? We can set ourselves in a place in consciousness, however, where we can almost instantaneously, almost unconsciously manifest that expression of joy and health wheresoever we may be.


The Reason Whole Families Were Taken In

'The love of money is the root of all evil. Even a lack of money, the fancy for money, when it grows up it will be a love for money. I have never done a greater work than to cast out of MY Own Consciousness that I have sent out on the earth plane, the love of money, for the love of money is the root of all evil. And you cannot abolish the love of money until you cast out of your consciousness the lacks, the fancies and even the care for money. Anything that you care for and keep about, you will come to care for it.

'That is why I have taken it upon MYSELF to have a home, to care for the old and the young, and wheresoever it may be, for I AM casting out that love for money. I take their cares, their responsibilities, their encumbrances that they may not even so much as associate with money, that they may live a free life and not have occasion to care for money or have occasion to use any money. That is what I have done it for; that is what caused ME to spend thousands and thousands of dollars after I condescended to come back into the financial world, even though being unseen. That is why the old mortal mind has that germ of like, or pleasure, or care for money and when it grows up in them it will be a real love for money. That is one of the greatest things to get out, well also as prejudice and bigotry. Now you can see the great significance of MY Work more than you have ever thought for.

'That is why I so readily give, when one says I need such and such a thing, in order to get them under MY jurisdiction. They may say I need ten dollars or five dollars and it would not bless them as much to give them the money as to give them what they need - the thing they need. I have had so many families come to ME needing money as they are going to be dispossessed, money to pay their coal bills, light bills, etc. Now just to pay for that home, and keep them in that consciousness, it will do them no good. That is what is causing them to be in those circumstances and will wreck all the financial backing that you choose to give them. That is why the LORD says,

'To him that hath, shall be given, but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.'

It should be so. The person who will not use ways and means in a practical way and will become slothful and unprofitable, that individual would be better not to have money, for if they will wreck a small amount, to him that much is given it would be the same. The very one that would not take care of twenty-five dollars per week is the very one that would like to get ten thousand dollars, or something like that, and they don't need it. They would wreck $100,000 and they should not have it. They should have only what they need, food and raiment, the things that they need, not the things that they want.

'Now that is why I have taken it upon MYSELF to rescue the people and give them a home when they have need of things. That is why I have taken whole families sometimes, families of eight or ten, years back, and that is far better than if I had given them ten dollars a week or something like that, taking their responsibilities for schooling and food and shelter, etc, taking these responsibilities, so that I can get close to them and get at the cause of their destitution, and when I get at the cause, why the effect will wane of its own abnormal weight. It is only the cause that has brought about the effect. Don't you see? Get at the cause and eliminate the effect It will eliminate the effect very quickly. Now that is why I have gone as far as I have in this way to care for the general public, and I don't care who they are, they need to be under the jurisdiction of GOD, and controlled by the CHRIST Consciousness.'

'The time cometh and now is, or will be when you will not be able to come here, (addressed to visitors) unless you are wholeheartedly consecrated, sacrificed and self-denied. It is required that you live exactly according to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST JESUS, as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, being completely self-denied, consecrated, purified and made white.'




The Name of GOD and Your Faith Are Sufficient To Save Your Body and Soul






The following constituted FATHER's talk at the usual Sunday afternoon meeting in Rush Memorial Methodist,
A. M. E. Church in New York, held on Sunday, February 21, lasting from 1 P.M. until 7 P.M.
This talk was the closing of the meeting after all others had spoken.



At The House of the Lord, Gladwyne, PA.

At The House of the Lord, Gladwyne, PA.




The thought may have been uppermost in the consciousness... confess your sins and forsake them, and I will be with you all along the way.

'He that confesseth his sins and forsaketh them, shall have mercy,'

and you shall have mercy. I don't care anything about how black your sins are. It is Wonderful! What do I care about how many brothels you have been in? What do I care about your depressions and your lacks and wants and limitations? There is a power that reigns and rules in men shall be with them, and GOD HIMSELF shall be their GOD and shall be with HIS people. That is what all of this is about, because

'the name of God is a strong tower: and the righteous run therein, and are saved.'

Just the Name of GOD! I don't have to do a thing!

'By the Name of GOD, and by your faith! I brought the Name of GOD, and created that faith in you, I resurrected that faith in you, and your faith has made you whole. Now you have peace with GOD. Aren't you glad? Aren't you glad that your conscience is clear, that you can look the world in the face and say as the Apostle said,

'I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.'

That is what all of this is about.

'Now I will be with you all along the way. The Name of GOD is sufficient and your faith is sufficient. It is Wonderful! The Name of GOD is a strong tower and that is why you all are running in MY Name. You find that MY Name will protect you. It will protect you from all hurt and from all harm and from all danger. It will protect you from lacks and wants and limitations.

'But let the husbandman be first partaker of the fruit. I say, let the husbandman be first partaker of the fruits. MY faith and MY Name, it is the same in you has brought great blessing and broken down the wall of partition between the races and sects and creeds and denominations and everything like that. And you find a great blessing, for the Great Deliverer has come. Some of you realize that to be this mighty Holy Name, it is Wonderful, this Name that sounds so sweet in every believer's ear. Aren't you glad! it drives away your fears!

'I heard one writer say, 'He sets the prisoner free.' No doubt someone has heard the testimony of the prisoners going free, for what I will must be, and what I command, must be done, for the great Name's sake. It is Wonderful! I did not Personally petition the governor, I did not say a thing to the governor, but the brother here petitioned ME and I did correspond with him and first thing you know the warden just sent ME word, did I have a place that this man could come. I have not said anything to the jailer about it. It sets the prisoner free; I came to set at liberty them that are bound, to bring you out of the valleys and the shadows of death. Out of the prison house and to deliver you from the electric chair. It is Wonderful! I came to save your body and if I do not save your body it is woe unto your soul.



'What says the great Love Master? He said,

'In that day I will say unto them that are on the right hand, When I was sick and in prison you visited me. When I was an hungered you fed me: When I was naked you clothed me: When I was a stranger, you took me in ... when I was athirst, you gave me drink.'

It is Wonderful! I AM bringing a full bodily salvation. 'And the righteous will say,

'When saw we thee an hungered and fed thee? When saw we thee athirst and we gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and we took thee in? And when saw we thee sick, and in prison, and we ministered unto you?'

And He said,

'The Lord will say unto them, 'In as much as you have done it unto the least one of these, you have done it unto me'

Now aren't you glad? Aren't you glad? And because salvation is practical, it is no more imaginary, for even the imaginary heaven has passed away. Now aren't you glad?


I Have Brought the Kingdom Down

'GOD spoke through the mouth of John In the prophecy and he said he saw the new Heaven and the new earth, for the first Heaven and the first earth had passed away.

'And I John saw the new heaven and the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.'

The new one has come down out of the imaginary Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband This is the new Heaven I have brought down to earth.

'This is the answer to your prayer, the answer to your father's prayer, your mother's prayer, in answer to Jesus' prayer. The new Heaven and the new earth has come out of the imaginary Heaven and has come into the earthly state of consciousness, for the imaginary Heaven and the imaginary earth are passed away. Now aren't you glad that we are rejoicing with joy unspeakable and full of great joy, for this is the answer to the Lord's Prayer.

'You were taught to pray in your Sabbath School,

'Pray ye: Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.'

And it has come. I came to answer your prayer and I have answered your prayer. I have brought the Kingdom to the earth and now you can walk in the Kingdom and the Kingdom suffers violence. Now aren't you glad? For the Kingdom has truly come. Then after you get in the Kingdom, why then, I answer Jesus' prayer, as I have answered the Disciples' prayer, the prayer that is called the Lord's Prayer - It is Wonderful - when He told you to pray the prayer called the Lord's Prayer, but after I get you in the Kingdom then I will answer Jesus' prayer. Jesus prayed in the seventeenth chapter of St. John, called Jesus' prayer, to make them one, and Jesus prayed not to take them out of the world, but He prayed to keep them from the evil. I will keep you from the evil.

'I will keep you from drinking, I will keep you from drinking even wine. I will keep you from smoking even a cigarette. I will keep you from running around living a dissipated life. I will purify you, I will purge you and I will cleanse you, and I will make you fit meat for the Master's use. That is what all of this is about. Now aren't you glad? Then because I have answered the Disciples' prayer that is called the Lord's Prayer and I have answered Jesus' prayer in the seventeenth chapter of St. John, and now I AM keeping you from the evil, and I AM sanctifying you through the prayer; you are not sanctified unless you are cleaned and saved from that old Adamic state of nature, for I came to save you from the world and from the evil.


Sanctification - Its True Meaning

'If you are sanctified you will be as Jesus was and as Mary was before Jesus was born. There is not a man sanctified that is not living that kind of a life. Sanctification means saturation and sanctification means satisfied and purified. It is Wonderful! I will purge you as silver is purged and as gold is purged. I will purge off that old state of consciousness and will change you from nature to grace. Then you are sanctified. But you are not sanctified, Dear Ones, as long as you live in mortal consciousness, as long as you live in the same Adamic consciousness, the same fancies and tendencies and pleasures that you lived in before you knew GOD. You have gone and got the law to hide behind with the same fornication you had before the law. He has positively said on one occasion, if you are married, you will be as though you were not married, for GOD told Moses to sanctify the people, did HE not? HE told them to sanctify themselves from their wives and from their families. You must be sanctified from all fleshly affections. That is what sanctification is.

'I don't care how much you are sanctified. I don't care how much you hop and skip, if you are in the Adamic state or consciousness you are not sanctified. I came to purge you. I came to purge you, I came to cleanse you from the filthiness of the flesh in the fear of GOD. That is what I came for. If you are saved from the Adamic state of consciousness, you are sanctified, but until that time you are not sanctified.

'Now which is the worse in the sight of GOD, to get the law to hide behind to do your filth, or to do your filth without the law? The Bible says,

'If I had not come . . . you had a cloak for your sins.'

You could hide behind the law, but I have come so you cannot hide behind the law. I will let you see that you are exceedingly sinful, for I came in the likeness of sinful flesh for sin, to condemn sin in the flesh, and I AM telling you that as I AM, so can you be. It is Wonderful! You can die to those iniquities. You can die to those fancies. Such kind cometh forth only by fasting and prayer. Fast from those things, for they are mortal and you will never put off mortality as long as you remain in that state of consciousness. I came to purify and purge you, for I will purge you and purify you as silver and gold that you may offer up an offering unto the LORD in righteousness as in days of old. Every one of you can do it if you will live according to MY instructions. And you will see that the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.

I want to see you living the life of the righteous that you may also die the death of the saints, for blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first death for on him the second death hath no power. I mean I want to see you die daily to all self, all mortality, all carnality.


Watch That Spirit and Mind That Sees GOD In Himself Only

'Now in conclusion, I want to say there has been much talk about this wonderful Life, and since the truth has been talked I have heard the different ones saying -- and here is a point of view I want everyone to understand well -- so often I hear them say, 'you must first know GOD in yourself.' Now watch that spirit, watch that mind. It is Wonderful! Now as I say, you have been so often taught that unless you see GOD in yourself you cannot see HIM in anybody else. Now I want you to get understanding. I don't want you to be gods many, I want you to be One GOD in all. That teaching has puffed up many. That teaching has self-exalted many, and they die in despair by getting self-exalted to see GOD in themselves. And it is not Evangelical. That is not according to the Gospel.

'I said, if you live exactly according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and let this mind be in you that was also in Him, you will be also even as I AM. But that other teaching is not even Evangelical, and I will prove it to you. When on the Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus was with the Disciples, He said,

'Whom do men say that I am?

They said,

Some say thou art Elias: some say thou art John the Baptist; and others, one of the prophets.

But Jesus said,

'Whom do you say that I am?'

And then when they visualized Jesus as the CHRIST they produced the CHRIST in their own lives but not until they visualized Jesus as the CHRIST.

'Look not upon your own things, but upon the things of others.'

In all of your getting, get understanding, and in all of your teaching, be sure you do not teach anything that is not spiritually legitimate; that may be a hindrance to those that are on the way.

'Now I further quote the Gospel. It says,

'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God... . and the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.'

After the Word was with GOD, he said,

the Word was GOD, and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld HIS Glory.

It did not say we must behold it in ourselves as if we have it in ourselves; first we have to get it out.

'Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth . . . lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.'

'The Body of Jesus was the Kingdom of Heaven. John said,

'Behold the kingdom of heaven is at hand,'

and he said,

'Behold the Lamb of God,'

and as I said,

'the Word was made flesh, (and we beheld his glory . . . as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and of truth.'

When you beheld it in someone else, now comes your endorsement. GOD brought you into the at-one-ment when he said,

'Of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

But you first had to behold it in someone else We beheld it in Him, we beheld His glory as of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth; then after we beheld it that way, then of all of His fullness have all we received grace for grace, for we gazed upon the CHRIST and eventually He produced the CHRIST. in us and showed it to the world


No Other Name Whereby Men Can Be Saved Except JESUS CHRIST

'Now some think and have criticized ME as the highest expression of Truth, to be hearing and carrying the name of Jesus and preaching and teaching of Jesus, but do you not know that this same Jesus, as you saw Him go, He was to come again? It is Wonderful He has gone out of your consciousness, but He had to come back into your conscious realization, into materialization on earth among men, and that is what all of this is about. And you also read. in Revelation, twenty-second chapter, and somewhere near the last verse in the Bible, 'Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.'

'This name of Jesus had to come again, for there is no other name given under Heaven whereby men can be saved, saving JESUS CHRIST. That is why so many of the Truth students have fallen, because they recognized the Spirit and denounced the Body, and caused GOD's Infinite Spirit to renounce their bodies and leave them as if they were dead. They just passed out because they renounced the Body and denied it, and would not discern the Body of CHRIST. The Apostle put it on one occasion,

'Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God: but every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is an antichrist:'

that is that spirit of anti-christ. Now the antichrist and the atheist are closely related, and if you do not recognize the coming of CHRIST in the flesh you are closely related to the atheist

'The Apostle put it on another occasion,

'For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and some sleep (that sleep of death) . . . because they have not discerned the body of Christ.'

That is what I AM talking about. It is essential for you to behold the Body, for He said,

'Sacrifice and offerings I wouldest not, but a body thou has prepared me ... to do thy will, O God.'

The. Body was essential, and when you visualize the Body, it tends to express the Life and Love, and the actions of GOD in your body and you are abundantly blessed.

'Now why were you all healed? It was not because I did anything to you; I did not do anything to you from a Personal standpoint of view, but because you discerned the Body in which CHRIST dwells, and the Spirit of the Presence of GOD healed you. You recognized the Body of GOD and GOD recognized your body and you have been healed bodily, physically, as well as spiritually and you are all abundantly blessed. Now take these thoughts home with you, MY friends, and make your mental and spiritual contact, and I will be with you and nothing will be able to hurt or harm in all MY holy mountain. You will have health and you will have wealth and you will have prosperity, and you will have peace and you will have happiness, and you will have plenty and you will have peace, for I said, 'my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled . .

'Now in conclusion, let these truths go home with you and you will be abundantly blessed continually, and you will realize that the Name of GOD produces the Spirit of GOD in your mind and you are conscious of the Presence of GOD, not by anything that I do, but you are blessed through your mental and spiritual contact.'

** *** **



'If you are completely self-denied, you are ready to be purified, made white and tried.'



The LORD GOD HIMSELF - Not Other People - Has Established the Kingdom

The suggestion has been made by FATHER, that if any of HIS students wished to take over the Property at 72 Macon Street, paying even part of its value, that would cause HIM to move right away, as a contract has already been signed to buy a certain Piece of Property. The deposit on the contract was not nearly as great, however, as the amount invested in property on Macon Street, and HE would prefer to forfeit the deposit rather than allow the Macon Street property to stand idle. HE said that if a group of students wished to take it over, they could use it for any purpose they chose and HE would supply them a home in the new place, possibly putting up houses for them on the property. Later, this discussion had come up at the Table. FATHER spoke as follows:

'The thought may have been uppermost in the consciousness of some, as with the natural person it would be, that there should be donations, or subscriptions taken from the different individuals for the establishment of the Kingdom, but on such premises are the kingdoms of men established. The Kingdom of GOD - it is written that the Lord,

'God himself shall set up a kingdom . . . and it will not be left to other people.'

The spirit of man and the mind of man cannot see farther than the destination of man, and that is man's limitation. He is limited to his destination to the depths or the breadth of his mind and understanding, and as I stop that in the human mind, you see it stirs the people up when I have such a large gathering and a following. As it was at the church, there was such a large crowd they had not seen such a crowd before, and not to allow any collection to be taken, they thought they were missing so much; and that is uppermost in some people's consciousness. But MY thought is with the LORD GOD HIMSELF as setting up a Kingdom, and it is not left to other people.

'That is why I have obligated and responsibilated MYSELF, as it may be termed, that I might meet every demand voluntarily and at MY own Will, and cast and forecast plans and ways and means to meet the emergency and the demands, and if there be anything wanting, MY desire is to encumbrance no one but to give everyone a clear and free deliverance, and all that I do is unobligated to anyone and not to obligate anyone. And that is why I say that the property here, if someone would take it over at part of the actual value of it, it would be giving them something on this end and a home on the other free of charge, unobligated and without any encumbrances. Then that would not be someone giving ME something, yet I would be giving someone else something in a way, and yet I would be advancing and increasing and enlarging the expression of the appearance where in reality it cannot be increased, for it is limitless. So the last subject caused ME to go back for that, because I would not want anyone to carry out the report that I AM soliciting or trying to get subscriptions for the establishment of the Kingdom. It is all established and if it were not established, I would not look to other people, or let it go to other people.'


Get Your Mind On the Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience of GOD, Not On Any Other Person

'That is a wonderful thought for you to stay self-denied and to convey to the people that it is not necessary to contact ME from a Personal standpoint of view. But if it is not necessary to contact ME Personally, it is not necessary for them to contact you or any personal body from a personal standpoint of view. And what I say to you I say to all, that you do not allow self-conceit to enter in, Because I eliminate the Personality of ME, that does not say that I authorize the personality of any other personality. Now when I say that you are not to see ME after the flesh, you are not to see yourself or anybody else after the flesh. I did not cancel MY Personality in order to advocate the personality of somebody else that is not a hundred percent better than I AM.

'When I spoke to them in the basement yesterday afternoon, I told them about GOD and I told them about the Presence of GOD in themselves, not that I want them to stop looking at ME, and looking at Mr. Joseph, and knowing I AM of GOD, but I want them to recognize the Impersonal Life I AM advocating. I don't want them to get their mind off ME as a Person and get their mind on someone else as a person, or get their minds off this establishment, this Shrine here, from a material point of view, and get their minds on some other place. I do mean that they get their minds on the Omnipotence and the Omnipresence and Omniscience of GOD.

'That is what I AM talking about, that is what I AM conveying to the world, because so often the point can come up in and among the preachers and leaders, 'FATHER says you do not have to come to HIM from a Personal point of view, so why should you go there or anywhere? You come over here and hear me. They may be a hundredfold more real than I AM, but still, if they are not the absolute Impersonal Life and incorruptible and undefiled in every way, shape, form or fashion, I say I refute it. I just wanted to convey that thought.'


GOD'S Name for ME As An Individual Is Mr. DIVINE

'Now in regard to everybody going by the one Name. There are different diversities of expressions, and GOD calls HIMSELF by many names. Yo u read in the Bible, Everlasting FATHER, Eternal FATHER, Jehovah, Almighty GOD, Prince of Peace, Wonderful Counselor, Lord GOD, etc. There are different diversities of expressions, degrees, wherein the individuals are called. 'Blessed,' is GOD's name. That is GOD's name for her - for HIMSELF in that individual. That is GOD's name. 'Wonderful,' is GOD's name for that personal appearance in the expression of the individual. For everything is placed in the united body as it pleases HIM and to bring the purpose systematically to light.

'Not that I AM saying this because I AM afraid someone will take any honor from ME, for I say that MY Name is Reverend DIVINE. Mr. DIVINE, that is GOD'S Name for ME as an individual. CHRIST is all and in all. Therefore there are many members of one body. You see the reason the mortal minds out there that called themselves gods have died in wretchedness, worse than those that have died in ignorance, they were debauched with all kinds of debauchery because they have not subjugated themselves to the truth, and each one has not come to that point in consciousness to look at their FATHER: and they would get together and say I am just as much as much god as you are, and then there would be a battle and none having the FATHERSHIP Degree of spirituality, and each one trying to claim it with their mortal versions, tendencies, versions and desires to find many things.

That is why the end comes, but there are so many things that I could say, the time and space at this particular juncture will not permit. So it is Wonderful! So when we seek to get anything, 'with all thy getting get understanding,' and the reason there is so much peace here and the reason that all of the audiences wheresoever I go will adhere to you as they do, for there is no other name given under heaven, whereby they may be saved, through the sacrifices of my own would-be fancies and pleasures, etc., which has given ME jurisdiction. You see how quiet they are how nicely they act; there is no jumping up and going out, even when they have been there since early morning. They stick just like flies on flypaper.'

* * * * * * * *



' I AM not closing any doors. I AM not saying that others may not attain to this degree of FATHERHOOD.'




You Have That Wisdom That Transcends All Education and Searches the Deep Mysteries of GOD.

'Man in his limited skillful ability has discovered many things through astrology, and from astronomy, but CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME, insignificant as it appears to be, will make you what you ought to be, fro we judge with a righteous judgment and judge not by appearances, and therefore, we bring to fruition the conscious realization of the materialization of GOD in you. It is wonderful! All wisdom, all knowledge and all understanding, and by faith you are justified in making your declaration even of having the same. You are justified by faith and you have peace with GOD in the recognition of the same according to your relaxation, consecration and self-denial. There fore, you do not have to think that you will be justified, and that you will have such things as you do not see, but know that you have it.

'You have that knowledge, you have that understanding, you have that life and love that transcends all astrology, all astronomies, all schooling and all the ability of man, for you have that which searches the deep mysteries of GOD. You forge through the psychic plane directly to GOD. The psychic plane is the plane between the material or mortal and the true spiritual, but you forge through the psychic plane, directly to GOD and there you will draw the source of all supply, your consciousness of the Presence of GOD, and so it is!'



'I set before you an open door. You can recognize the Actual Presence of GOD and rely on HIS OMNISCIENCE to teach you wisdom and lead you into the right path. MY Spirit will lead and guide and will give you information that will transcend your preconceived ideas and opinions.' - FATHER DIVINE

MAY 19, 1940 A.D.F.D.







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