The Lion-faced Boy

"Visualize Good And You Will Produce Good"


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 25

Visualize Good And You Will Produce Good



'I speak so often of the lion-faced boy, of how his mother thought she saw a lion and her son was born and grew up with a face just like a lion. The woman that gazed upon this lion, it did not matter whether it was a lion or not, she thought it was a lion and it produced the likeness of a lion in her life and she brought forth the likeness of a lion in her boy. Not because it was necessarily a lion, but because she thought it was a lion. She thought it so vividly, so strongly and so stressfully, until she brought it forth in her life and brought it forth as a physically born child. She thought it was a lion, but if it had been anything else, it would have been the same. It makes no difference.

Home of the Soul

Home of the Soul





'So visualize good and in your bodies you will produce the same in your bodies and in your lives, as it may be termed. You will produce the same production of the reality of the good that you visualize, for it will be materialized. If you want to produce something that is negative, you will to produce that in your structure and in your mentality, why you can visualize the imperfect state and you will quickly produce the likeness of the imperfect state in your life. So visualize good and you will produce the same in your life, the positive expression and nothing else.'


Freedom From The Electric Chair

FATHER announced at the Table today that HE had received several communications from men who were in jail asking that HE get them out. HE continued saying that HE Came to open the prison doors and to save them from the electric chair, that if GOD really forgave their sins HE did not save their souls and let the bodies go to the electric chair, HE saved the bodies too. HE continued:

'It was essential that CHRIST be materialized to redeem man from the material fault. After Adam sinned he must be redeemed wholeheartedly. And unless he is redeemed from the grave there is no real redemption. It is Wonderful! So this man that writes ME, at least his wife writes ME, he has been in jail since October. He is indicted for first degree murder. Now if he will confess and forsake his sins in his heart and in his mind wholeheartedly, he will go away free, for the Mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. There was another man this morning told ME by special delivery that he was freed also. He was freed yesterday and he will be out here soon.

'You see the preachers, most of them, and the priests, the rabbis, etc., they have not the faith in their own prayers to believe that GOD will free the prisoners bodily. They doubt and therefore, to appease the concept of the human mind, they will say to themselves and others, `Well, his soul will be saved anyway.' But if they had the faith, he would be saved in body, for GOD would be with him and in him the same as HE is in this Body.'


A few weeks ago, a man who was condemned to die in the electric chair was saved through mental and spiritual contact with FATHER. He received a pardon from the governor.

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'It is Wonderful! They kept the Kingdom of Heaven away from you by telling you not to praise GOD at all times. They told you not to sing and praise GOD early in the morning for you would cry before night. They told you not to sit at the table and praise GOD, but now we are just going to praise GOD in this wonderful Kingdom, for the Kingdom has truly come and the Will is now being done.'


Why Jesus Was Not A Natural Man

FATHER talked a little this morning about killing out all of the old ministers and Truth teachers and schools and such things that were in us. HE recalled Jesus' going into the temple and upsetting the tables of the moneychangers and driving them out. The tables were the foundation on which the moneychangers worked, and it was a spiritual, not a material incident. FATHER said, if Jesus had not driven out those characteristics which were the chief characteristics in Him according to the natural, He would have been one of the greatest speculators in the world. HE continued:

'And that is why He was not a natural man, because He was not a natural man through the nature through which He came. He did not produce the nature of the so-called ancestors and manifest it, but He cast out that name, since name means nature. He was not of that, He was the Son of GOD, or GOD in the name of the Son. So you can see the wonderful blessing when you come out by overcoming.'


Love Of Money Has Caused Wars

'There are several d-v-ls to be cast out of humanity, but one of the worst d-v-ls that causes war, as I often say, if we get at the cause of these negative conditions, the effect will wane of its own abnormal weight. One of the causes of war is one of the things that I AM casting out daily as I lift up this standard. I AM casting out of the systems of men by casting it out of their consciousness, all bigotry and prejudice. Bigotry and prejudice are the cause of all of the wars that the wrath of man has contrived. There is a saying, `Charity begins at home.' This truth and the light of this Truth is going forth into Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia from this Center, but it has begun at home. I must first cancel MY own Personal Will and the will of those that I have to do with, and then I will be able to conquer the will of those that are not concerned with ME or that I AM not concerned with.

'So I believe that that is one of the great works: to eradicate that love of money from the hearts and souls of men. So it is one of the great essentials to cast those d-v-ls out of the soil of the souls of men by casting them out of the consciousness of men. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Now you see, I try to get at that by supplying even the least little child, if possible, with the thing that life actually demands, and not with the means to supply the thing they think that life demands, by giving the child what it needs. Then why care for money? As I before said, when we lack anything, if we care for anything, when that care or lack grows up it will be a little love, and if it grows up to be a big love, it will be a big one, will it not?

'And so, with the love of money, lacking anything, the love of money is the root of all evil. If I like anything, if I care for anything, I nurture that and finally it will become a great tree, the love of money. That has caused wars--the love of money--racial pride, bigotry, etc. It is written,

`Where there is division, there is strife,'

and you know what denomination means, whether it be large or small. Where there is denomination, sect or creed, there is separation and where there is separation, there is division, and where there is division there is strife.

'I have got at the cause and the effect is waning of it own abnormal weight and disappearing into its nothingness. Now there is no war in MY world. I said at the time of the last World War, just before I moved out here, there was a young man living next door to ME, and he said he didn't want to go to war and before he would go he would let them kill him right there where his wife and child were. And I said he would not have to go, and he would not have to fight not to go. Although I do not say he overcame to the place where I AM calling you now, of getting the war spirit out of your consciousness, to be able to stand before the rich man and causers of war and prove your end. Why not be willing to die for the Truth rather than to die for the false forces of Truth? But peace will rule, for the LORD says through the mouth of the Apostle,

`Let the peace of GOD rule all your ways,'

and when this has been established universally, there will be no war, there will be no division, no segregation, no manifestation of any prejudice, for all are one and one is all. It is Wonderful!

`How beautiful are the feet of them that go carrying glad tidings,'

tidings of peace and glad tidings to the world!'

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'We are producing the Kingdom of Heaven on the material plane, but it starts on the spiritual plane and then comes into the psychic plane and then into the material.'


Because GOD IS, We Are

'We are getting up out of the mortal world to a certain degree, in the state of CHRIST Consciousness, and in this we live to a certain extent as sheep in the fold. As I was telling Professor H----, if we live in this state of consciousness and let that mind be in us that was also in CHRIST JESUS, we will be fashioned after the Divine and He shall change your vile bodies and fashion them like unto His Glorious Body, and ye shall be called the plantings of the LORD. We catch you and put you in bowls, as the reverend there said, even though you be tadpoles, and you will be changed from tadpoles to that as though you are frogs. Now we are changed, as I said.

'In orthodoxy you find that the Christians have said so often, `I am changed from nature to grace.' You are being changed from the Adamic state of consciousness to the Divine intellect of salvation by the true and living Redeemer that dwells within. HE that was, in your imagination, far from you, what says HE?

`Prove me, am I not a GOD at hand, and not a GOD afar off?'

Did HE not say through the mouth of the Apostle?

`Rejoice in the LORD alway: and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be made known unto all men, the LORD is at hand.'

Wheresoever you are, GOD is there, here and now, not in tomorrow, not in some future, not in some heaven, but

`he that cometh to GOD must believe that HE is,'

not believe that HE was.







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