FATHER DIVINE: "The Most Precious Treasure Is For Your Imaginations To Be Materialized

"Attach Yourself To The Impersonal Life"


The Word of GOD Revealed

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

FATHER DIVINE'S Words from the Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 26

Attach Yourself To The Impersonal Life


'There are those in the West Indies and Central America and elsewhere, that have made their spiritual and mental contact with ME, not seeing ME in this Body; that may not see ME in this Body in the bodies they are living in now until the year 2525. Yet, they have contacted ME and been blessed. That is the great significance of the Omnipresence and Omnipotence of GOD, that you do not have to attach yourself to Personality, but to the great Impersonal Life that is incorruptible, undefiled and that fadeth not away. If it falls in line to see you as a person in the present, it is all right to ME and if I do not see you in that way you will be to ME the Impersonal Life in the Spirit, and you will be in the Spirit to ME all the time. That is the great significance of the saying,'...the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in Truth.' Coming to ME Personally is not essential. Then going to Mr. Alexander to get permission to come to ME Personally is not essential.

'Oh, that humanity would get out of that spirit of idolatry and the mind of that, and learn to worship GOD in reality, just as HE is. With or without a body it is just the same and shall be when we do turn to the CHRIST within and the invisible Presence of the Omnipotent One, for when we conceive the true thought of such, why then we can always have that guidance within ourselves as a refuge and a strong help in the time of need, and you will not be disappointed and feel yourself destitute if you are minus the presence of any person. On such a principle you can build the foundation that will be incorruptible, undefiled and it will not fade away.

'Then if I as a Person choose to fail, or anyone else personally chooses to fail, you would be as a ship on the ocean with all things O. K., wind blow or storms come, you can sail. It is Wonderful! The great intelligence of GOD in you, that you should form that you may not lean on the arms of man for help nor a personality or individuality of the children of men. '...That you may walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called...that you may be able to stand and withstand, and having done all, to stand,' and do not fall.

'For greater is he that is within you, than all they that are in the world.'







I Advocate MY CHRIST Life To You

'You see, it is all right to see the Spirit, and as the Apostle said on one occasion, 'Follow me, even also as I follow CHRIST.' But I AM trying to advocate MY CHRIST Life to you, incorruptible, undefiled and Spirit that fadeth not away, that personality may not get in the way and that you may behold the Lamb of GOD that taketh away the sins of the world. That is why I so stressfully say it is not necessary that you should come to ME as a Person, but if you do not come to ME as a Person, what would be the difference if you contact someone else personally. Someone else may not be any more than a hundred times as immortal as I AM, and you might run up against someone that would not be more than fifty times as immortal as I AM, and there you would be in a predicament, worshiping the flesh and not the Spirit.

'So be guided by the Spirit at all times, and know that MY Spirit is sufficient without your coming to ME or to any other person. I mean especially for your spiritual blessings and spiritual help. If you are looking to GOD you are not looking to man, and if you are looking to GOD you are not looking to ME here, for I AM there. I AM not giving absent treatments, for CHRIST is not giving absent treatment and CHRIST is everywhere. It is Wonderful!

'Now, how 'great and marvelous are thy works, O GOD;'

when personalities and individualities and mortals shall have gotten out of the picture in your consciousness and you behold the Lamb of GOD, the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of GOD, the realization that GOD is a Present help in every need. That is why I AM telling you that every time you come to ME and practically every time I speak. It may be that I maintain a place in consciousness and in the simplicitude of the Spirit, that I may hold that place in consciousness as the Ideal expressed and expressing in MY Life as an Individual. But your highest good is to realize the Omnipresence of the Spirit and of the understanding; then you will not deviate, nor will you have occasion to falter nor fear. But if haply you would run in contact with the mortal mind that would try to dominate over you in words, deeds or actions, it may bring you where you cannot get deliverance until you make a detachment. It is Wonderful!

'He that the Son sets free, is free indeed.'

Now you see I tell you that because I have been telling you that all the time; you do not have to come to ME from a Personal standpoint of view, but you do not have to contact anyone else from a personal standpoint of view and make an ideal out of any other person. And therefore you were blessed by your faith, not by your coming here particularly, not by your eating anything here, not by your drinking anything here; that was not the salvation nor the redeemer. Your faith within you, of the CHRIST in you in the CHRIST in ME, the CHRIST in someone else as One and the same One, that has set you free.

'Give all of the glory and all of the honor and the praise to GOD, and the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD will be with you and you will see that it will be the source of all supply; you will see that it will satisfy every good desire, and that you need not lack in GOD'S abundance, for there is a full and a plenty for all.'

He That Believeth, Though He Were Dead, Yet Shall He Live

A visitor testified at the Table today that she had a vision in which she was in a room with three dead bodies and they were so far decomposed that they smelled. FATHER entered the room and raised the bodies to life. When she had finished, FATHER asked her what she got out of that vision and she could not say very definitely and asked HIM to explain it. HE referred to the raising of Lazarus from the dead and the fact that the body had lain in the tomb four days until it stunk. HE said the four days represented the 4004 years B.C. or B.J. in which Adam had lain in the grave. And Martha's statement that it was of no use for Jesus to go to the tomb because the body 'stinketh', was the attitude of the mortal human mind, that man had sinned so much and gone so far astray that he could not be resurrected. But Jesus did not pay any attention to that testimony, He raised Lazarus. FATHER continued:

'It seemed that Adam's offence by that time was so great that he could not be resurrected on the mortal plane. So it was essential for the CHRIST to let them know. He did not say anything about his being dead four days and the impossibility of his rising, but He said, if you believe, he shall rise. It reads,

'Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wilt believe, (thou shalt see the man,) thou shalt see the Glory of GOD?'

Thou shalt see the man, for in the beginning GOD breathed into man and man became a living soul; and man being the Glory of GOD, was buried by the whole of mortality, buried in materialism; hence, dead in the knowledge of GOD and the fellowship of Life and Truth. Martha said,

'LORD, he stinketh, for he has been dead four days,'

which typified the 4004 years B.C. And I do not say anything about how long he has been dead. He said,

'if thou wilt believe, (thou shalt see the man,) thou shalt see the Glory of GOD,'

and, 'he that believeth, though he were dead, yet shall he live.' And that was to verify that man would come back again into expression a second time, the LORD from Heaven.'

Vision Are As The Earth Once Was--Without Form And Void

'But still, as I said, dreams and visions, I lose.

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD.'
'And the spirit of GOD moved out upon the face of the deep and said, Let there be light; and there was light,'

As long as the Spirit of GOD was invisible, the earth was void and it was without form in the beginning. There was no material expression or manifestation of Truth. Therefore, the earth was void and it was void as long as it was without form. Dry land could not appear as long as it was only a vision. Visions are as the earth was, without form and void. A vision or a dream is just as the earth was, without form and void, that was as a dream or as a vision, but now the vision has been brought into materialization and that is your conscious conviction of the realization of the Presence of GOD. It is Wonderful!

'So that which was invisible with GOD and was only Spirit once, has been made flesh. It has been materialized. It is not real until it is materialized. It is Wonderful! The realization of this is brought onto the material plane. It is invisible and not real in consciousness until it has been brought forth and then there are facts and the materialization can understand these facts. For this cause the Word was made flesh, that your visions and your dreams might be made material, that they might be materialized. Then mortality and humanity can realize. But as long as you speak of a dream or a vision, what does humanity know about that? You have been talking of visions and things, but what profit has it been to humanity? You can dream about dying and going to Heaven or something like that, but there is no reality in it, is there? You can go to the electric chair and dream that you are going to Heaven, but what profit is that?'

See Real Things--Not Visions And Dreams

'But I AM dealing with practicality and that is why I Came, that you might see out of visions and see out of dreams, and see the reality of practical things. You have had enough dreams and visions dreaming about Heaven and h--l, and dreaming your mother is in Heaven and all of those things. I want your dreams to be brought into expression on the material plane if they are good. Then they are made real and then you can declare them unto the world.

'But getting up in crowds and testifying about what you dreamed about ME, I know as well as the materialist, as well as the atheist. Why did you see ME as the sun? Why did you see ME shine in your dream? Because that was your version, or someone else's, and they conveyed that thought to you in expression. But I want you to see ME where you are in some kind of difficulty and I will deliver you out of that difficulty.

'Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of GOD...and it doth not appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear...we shall see him as he is!'

'Now I want you to see real things instead of just visions and dreams. I want to see you brought out of all of your adversity, and if you have a broken leg, I want to see it made whole. If you have need of a place to sleep, I want to see you have a good house and a good bed to sleep in. I Came to bring your dreams and visions into realization. That is what I want to do. People have been living in the spook world long enough. It is Wonderful! I want to reach your present personal material condition, and make the way possible for you on the material plane so that if you haven't anything to eat, you will have a plenty to eat and drink and wear, and automobiles and airplanes and chariots and such as that, so that it will be comfortable to ride in them. That is what I AM taking about.

'They have had you believing long enough, they have had you fooled long enough, making you think you could dream something, think you could dream something and other people enjoying it. I Came to wake you up out of your dreams. Now that is the mystery of Gabriel blowing calm and easy, waking you up out of your dream imaginations, your vision imaginations into the conscious realization or materialization of things. That is what I AM waking you up out of. I AM going to take you out of that dreamy world. MY people are not hard to hear. They that are sleeping in Jesus understand ME. It did not say, they that are sleeping in CHRIST but they that were sleeping in Jesus, they were the materialization of the expression of Himself, and they that are sleeping in the material expression of GOD, they are not hard to hear, and I will wake them up out of that dream state of consciousness that they may be awakened and resurrected on the material plane, and then they can enjoy material things, for the Word truly is made flesh.'

Most Precious Treasure Is For Your Imaginations To Be Materialized

'We are going to have it like this all over after awhile. All of your dream imaginations will be brought into the conscious realization of the materialization of GOD, for the first Heaven and the first earth have passed away. That imaginary Heaven that was dreamed about and visioned about, has passed away and John saw a new one, a conscious one, a material one, coming down out of the imaginary one, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And that is what you are now going to inherit, the Kingdom that was prepared for you before the foundation of the world. It is Wonderful! Now you will begin to enjoy it because what you thought was in the sky some place and in dreams and visions and imaginations has been brought onto the material plane and is being expressed for the common good of man.

'So that is why I like to hear the testimonies in meetings. You may confess things that are on the psychic plane, but I want to get you out of that mystic plane onto the materialization of GOD, on a plain foundation on which you can build and will not be fearful of falling. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Every good and perfect gift is in GOD for you and it can and will be brought on the material plane and manifested in and unto the world. That is your highest and most precious treasure, for your dreams and imaginations and visions to be brought into your conscious realization on the material plane that you may enjoy the reality of your imaginations.

'Dreams--you may dream things as I say, and may see visions and different things, but your highest expression of good is for those imaginations to be turned into conscious realizations as you develop the CHRIST Consciousness within yourself; for CHRIST is material for He was in the beginning and was with GOD and was made flesh so that you could enjoy the wonderful blessings of the Spirit on the material plane. Here we are, eating apples and things that just grew last year and we have no longer occasion to dream or imagine that we are going to have them, or get them in the Spirit; we have them in reality.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'When you get there and the bread needs to be there, it will be there. And the Word says,

'take no thought what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink,'

etc. I AM not bothering about a place for ME to stay, I will stay somewhere.'

'The two worst d-v-ls that lead humanity to destruction are the love of money and the love of self. Other d-v-ls are doubts and fears, envy, malice, jealousy, covetousness, prejudice, bigotry, etc. Cast those dumb d-v-ls out of your system by casting them out of your consciousness. They are dumb, but they want to talk in deeds and in actions. I know it sounds like German to the American, untutored in any other language with the exception of the American language, but yet it is true. Those d-v-ls come forth only through prayer and fasting. Fast from every d-v-l in you, every last one of you, and then those d-v-ls will come out. There will be no deliverance until all of those d-v-ls are fasted out of you. They have always destroyed the Kingdom and destroyed the invisible formulas of the Kingdom and the Foundation upon which the Kingdom is supposed to b built, and you can overcome these d-v-ls by casting them out of your consciousness and not allowing them to exist there any longer. I know you may not feel like it--it is just like a bad old tooth; you hate to pull it, but pull it. If you take gas you can pull it painlessly. It is Wonderful! Every d-v-l, every one, will come out. Now don't you all wish you had somebody to tell you to conceal those things?'

Your Standards And Teaching Block The Gateway To The Kingdom

'It is Wonderful! There are those of some of the Angels that come here, they came here voluntarily, they are coming without even the honor of being privileged to come. They are coming voluntarily and they without MY giving them something to wear, they will not even so much as wear those abominable clothes that they have worn in sin, committing adultery, etc. Then there are those that come here and I give them clothes to wear and they will pull off those clothes that are clean physically, clean from germs physically and free from mental germs, and they will not wear them but will wear those old clothes that they have committed sin in, bought with filthy lucre. When you are willing to give up the old and give up the old mind, you will want to give up the old things.

The Apostle Paul was a very learned man and was standing as one of the chief-est of the Disciples and Apostles, and with all of his intelligence and influence in the political world, he termed all that he knew to be loss for CHRIST. Now you will have to do that and die to self. We don't mean bodies dying, I AM trying to save the body, but those letters that you think you have had to your name, they are the things that have been killing you. But you must repent from those things. Job as a righteous man, he had to do that. David as a righteous man had to do that; both of them had to repent in dust and ashes before they got blessed. So it is that every one of them had to do and so with you. You will have to get rid of your preconceived ideas and opinions and all like that and deny yourself and be only in the Kingdom. Now you can do that if you want to.

We are not concerned with persons, we are not concerned with personalities, we are trying to get rid of that that is destroying you. I don't care how righteous your life may have been, that is more abomination in the sight of GOD than your sinful self, for it will not stand in the way of the Kingdom of GOD, even as the enemies of the Kingdom do, and prevent them from coming in. You see your standards and your teachings, the very spirit of them is that they stand in the gateway. Just like Mr. Veal was standing. He wanted to deny himself and you stood with great long clothes on in the gate, as a minister, as a teacher, as someone that is a representative of the Kingdom of GOD , and you were standing in the way keeping Mr Veal out, if he would have listened to you. For the Word says,

'First seek ye the Kingdom of GOD...and all of these things shall be added unto you.'

'He wanted to get rid of a woman and you said, 'No, don't do that,' and you were standing in the way, keeping him out of the Kingdom. Do you see that? Well, if you don't see it, it is woe unto you. After I have explained it to you like that, if you do not see it, it is woe unto you. Unless you confess and forsake it you will be in a worse fix than you were before. A blind man could see it and the Scripture shows it so plainly, a blind man could see it; and you stand there as a preacher telling him not to do that which CHRIST said was necessary to enter the Kingdom of GOD. Why certainly if you don't see that, it is woe unto you. Why certainly if you don't see that, it is woe unto you. All you have to do is confess and forsake it. Now it is immaterial to ME whether you do it or not. You have been saying John had to confess and this one had to confess and all like that; now it is up to you to confess.

'When you arouse MY wrath as when you continue to justify yourself, when I continue to show you plainly about what you did Sunday, then if you mean good, you should confess it and forsake it. Then you would have a chance to come into the fellowship with GOD and nothing could fire on you without firing on ME. But when you justify yourself and make ME out a liar you are only d-mning your own soul. So you bring yourself in condemnation and when I explain it so plain you can plainly see the Bible says, even if this woman had been his wife, the Bible says you shall forsake all that you have and when he wanted to forsake this woman and enter into the Kingdom of GOD, you said, 'No, don't do that.' Anyone can plainly see that you were shutting him out of the Kingdom, standing there with that long coat on like a Pharisee and telling him, 'Don't do that, for you can enter into the Kingdom with a woman tied on you.' When you arouse MY wrath there is nowhere you can go that it will not be with you. Nothing can go above this Name.'

The Baptist Minister In His Prince Albert Coat

The foregoing was addressed to one who had been a Baptist minister who has been staying in the Kingdom for several weeks and claiming to have dropped his ministry and become an Angel. He went back to his Prince Albert coat, however, after FATHER had supplied him with a new suit and new clothing, and has been carrying around a bunch of about a dozen written sermons in his pocket. He has been very prominent in the Baptist church and was the editor of a Baptist newspaper for years and he seems unable to break away from the past. He has refused to admit, ever since entering the Kingdom, that he ever lived anything but a righteous and upright life and has justified himself in every possible way.

The incident referred to in FATHER'S talk as given above, occurred as a group of Angels, this man among them, was driving in to New York to a meeting. The driver of the car was one who has recently become interested in FATHER'S Teaching and he intimated that he had been living with two different women although he was unmarried. However, he was going to break off because he wanted to live according to FATHER'S Teachings. When the minister heard that, he said, 'Oh, no, don't do that!' and said it was not necessary. When others brought this before FATHER later, the minister justified himself by referring to the passage where Jesus said,

'Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, causeth her to commit adultery.'

FATHER replied that this did not justify a thing, as the passage expressly implied that to put her away for the cause of fornication was justifiable. And fornication was not alone sex gratification, it was even marriage with the intention of raising a family. HE said if the man had been married to this woman by three different Apostles, in seven different countries, blessed by the Pope of Rome and married in person by King George, it still would be justifiable to leave her for the cause of fornication, and that any man or woman was justified in leaving wife or husband for this cause, and the Kingdom of Heaven's sake. And HE referred to the passage where Jesus said that even to look upon a woman to lust after her, was to commit adultery already with her in the heart.

It became evident that the minister who had lived such a righteous life was lying right and left to justify himself. As this situation developed later, at the Table, he told such self-evident lies and flatly denied so many statements he had previously made to various ones that it brought forth the foregoing talk from FATHER. Still the reverend would not confess that he was anything but righteous or that he had ever done anything wrong in his life. He had come to FATHER in very bad physical condition and had been healed, but had failed to maintain the healing because as FATHER said, of the condition of his mind, and FATHER told him plainly that unless he freed himself from those conditions the end was not far off...

FATHER just let the matter drop and said it was closed so far as HE was concerned and so far as the Kingdom was concerned, and that it would not be further discussed...The result is that he has had a return of his old complaint and although he has been expected to leave the Kingdom any day, he has not been in condition to go.

In connection with the above reference to Jesus' teaching on fornication, FATHER spoke as follows:
'Now, if a person wants to live right and they put away their wife or their husband for this cause, they are not sinning. Just like Mr. Veal wanted to put away that woman for righteousness' sake. He knew MY Teachings and he didn't want to live wrong. He wanted to live the Life and live as Mary did and Joseph did before Jesus was born, and those women did not want him to live like that. But he wants to live this Life and if he puts her away for this cause, which is the cause of fornication, he will be wonderfully blessed, even if he has been married to her seven times.'

The next day after the above discussions the reverend opened up the case again by asking FATHER if there was anything he could do to reinstate himself to HIS good graces. FATHER replied: 'You can confess if you want to; I want to rid you of the death sentence that you have brought upon yourself. Remember William Jennings Bryan, and remember Reverend Bonaparte (another reverend who had about the same experience with FATHER and now has both legs amputated). I want to get you out from under your own condemnation. It is nothing I want to do to you, I want to get you out of your own sins. Your own faith, your own vindication will save you, but your sins will carry you down to the grave. Because it was your faith in ME that cured you and by fighting with ME it will make the reverse equally true. If you will confess and forsake your sins in the body, the condition of your body will change. Then you will get off those old clothes you have committed sin in, and you will be free.'

** *** **

At one of the meetings in New York City, someone sang a song they had composed about the King of Spain and the King of England giving up their power and coming to the City of FATHER DIVINE. FATHER referred to it the next day and said: 'Now you have been thinking, FATHER is going to have so and so, and such and such a place. That may be the reason I let the deal drop and not go through, to let you stand without any consideration of how it may be and so forth, and so on, for we do not need any material city anyway. The true thought of it is in this state of consciousness.

Walk In The Light And You Have A Shadow-- You Have The Abundance

In speaking of the abundance in the Kingdom, FATHER said: 'This is a shadow and a type, and as long as you walk in the light you will have a shadow. That is why humanity lacks. They have ceased to walk in the light and the shadow cannot follow them in the darkness. In darkness you have no shadow, in the light you have a shadow. The shadow which is in the material things, plenty to eat and to wear, of modern improvements and all such as that, that is the shadow, and you will always have that at long as you walk in the light. The only way you don't have it is when you walk in the darkness. You may do like the possum if you don't keep within the blessing of GOD, and try to outrun the expression of GOD, and run and go in your hole and when you get in your hole you will have no shadow because you will have ceased from the light and the light will have ceased to give you your real expression.

'Walk in the light as HE is in the light and you will always have a shadow in expression. No man should ever lack for anything material that life demands, and you will not lack for anything as long as you walk absolutely in the light. But do not be as the hypocrites, the Pharisees and the Scribes and rebellers, beginning to fight among yourselves saying that the LORD delays HIS coming. Walk in the light and you will always have a shadow. We do not desire to see anyone suffer, but yet it is essential that man know that whatsoever you sow you must also reap, and if you sow to materialism, mortality, carnality and flesh, you must also reap the fruit of the same and therefore, you must pay the penalty. You are held responsible for every thought, deed and action. You may lose your balance, you may be overbalanced in your mind and yet you will have to pay the penalty for being disobedient. You will lose your mind if you rebel against the Truth and you will not be altogether aware at the time, that you are overbalanced or unbalanced, for when you do evil, that mind will carry you beyond control, for you have allowed that mind to control you consciously. And the spirit of that mind has influenced your whole being and brought your whole being under its jurisdiction and you have given yourself over to that strong delusion and you cannot help it and you have to suffer the penalty.'

Think Before You Drink Liquor

'That is why you should give yourself to the Holy Spirit and not to the adverse spirit. You will not be accountable after you have given yourself over to that adverse spirit or that adverse mind, but you will have to suffer for that adverse spirit, because you should not have given yourself over to that adverse spirit in the first place. You will have to suffer, I mean, bodies will have to suffer. You say, well, such and such a one doesn't know what they are doing. Well, know what you are doing before you start out to do it. A person knows enough not to get drunk before he does it, and then he goes ahead and gets drunk so that he will have the nerve to say what he wants to say and then have enough in him not to know what he is saying. But he will have to suffer for it.

'So that is why so many may really actually lose their mind in the Spirit and that is why they must suffer, because they had no business to allow themselves to be subject to that mind before they did lose it. You go ahead and get drunk and if you want to go ahead and get drunk, you know before you get drunk that you will not know what you are doing when you are drunk. Well then, don't get drunk. Don't bother about it. Then if you go ahead and get drunk so you don't know what you are doing, you are going to pay the penalty as though you did know what you were doing. You knew it was wrong to drink whiskey; then you needn't think, 'Well, I was drunk, I didn't know what I was doing and GOD is going to forgive me for being under the influence of liquor.' Then don't get under the influence of liquor. Then don't get under the influence of liquor; stay in the spirit of love and kindness and obedience and then you will not get under the influence of liquor. Now those things may seem hard to the mortal mind because the mortal mind wants some place to get off at. Think before you drink liquor, not to get under the influence of it because that will make you do something you don't want to do and then you have got to pay for it.'

Rebelling Against FATHER'S Will

The above talk was given after one of the Angels who had received the Holy Ghost and been resurrected some time ago, rebelled against FATHER'S Will and got under some kind of a delusion in which she was beyond control. She was like a drunken man. This arose out of a request FATHER made, that she should take a room at one of the extensions of the Kingdom, which she would have to pay for out of what she thought was her own money, in order that room could be made in the Kingdom for those who did not have money to pay room rent outside. This request was made to her in common with others, but it evidently seemed wrong and unjust to her that she should spend her money when she had been there first and had received the Holy Ghost and the others perhaps had not. She therefore began to deny her oneness with the FATHER and question HIS Will and go back in the old delusion of her mortal preconceived ideas and opinions, and this brought her into subjection again to that mind. She reversed everything she had said about FATHER, called HIM names and actually rebelled against HIM.

FATHER, with infinite patience, stood by and helped her until she regained her right mind again and then she cried and cried for what she had done and what she had said, at least for what she was told she had said, for she did not remember what it was. She begged for forgiveness and FATHER said she was forgiven, but that it had been a close shave for her and that if it had not been for HIS mercy she would have gone the same way many others have for rebelling against the Spirit; and the body would have suffered by going to an insane asylum. HE told her that if she was always subject to HIS Spirit and HIS Mind she would be protected from any conceivable hurt or harm eternally, but the moment she made herself GOD she had no protection and no refuge from hurt, harm or danger, because there was nothing above GOD. HE further said that the love of money and the love of self were the two main causes for going wrong in the Spirit and that those two d-v-ls must be completely cast out of the system if one was to be safe.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'I hardly ever ask anyone to do anything that I don't do, and I hardly ever ask anyone not to do anything that I do MYSELF.'

'Get the love of money out of all people and you will get the root of all evil out of them. Therefore, give them what they need so they will not have occasion to use money and therefore fast from the use of actual money. Then there is something else, while we are talking, when you are in MY Spirit you will not talk the slang of the world. You will not use the mortal mind slang that the mortal mind uses out there. When this is Heaven, then out there is 'the other place,' and you will not use the words they use out there in 'the other place,' words with the germs of profanity on them, and vulgarity. Therefore, you will not even use the words. You will try to find, if there is a word used out there in the world, you will try to find some word in the language of the Kingdom of GOD that you can use.'

'One thing about it, when it is time for ME to have anything, if it is a place to relax, I will have the money to pay for it, and if I do not have the money to pay for it the LORD must mean for ME to sit up and not relax.'

Know It Is Within Your Power To Become Nothing That You May Be Made Something

'It is a wonderful blessing to be meek and lowly enough in heart to visualize the materialized Word of GOD. For whatsoever you sow, that is what you also reap. In visualizing the materialized Word of GOD, you tend to produce and reproduce and materialize the likeness of same in your name. It is a wonderful blessing to be meek enough to be willing to do it. As Mr. Joseph so often has said in reference to taking one's flag down, if you see that your conception of Truth has not brought to you your desired aim, then you should readily visualize that which is producing the fruit of the kind of the Ideal of your soul.

'Then by faith you can behold the reality of that which you have sought. You are not mourning any more because you found it not, but you will rejoice because it is materially manifested in your life, not for man's sake, the person's sake, or personality's sake, but for Truth's sake that ends to materialize the actuality and reality of this desire. Therefore you can rejoice when you are meek enough to let your Savior come into your heart, rightfully, righteously and prayerfully. But if you wish to hold on to your preconceived ideas and opinions, inclinations, fancies and pleasures, then your preconceived ideas and opinions, inclinations, fancies and pleasures cannot bring into realization and into materialization the Ideal of your soul. If they fail to do that, then you are wrong in your own conscience when you continue to adhere to that which you found to be unprofitable or not Truth, but unsuccessful and unstable in all things that pertain unto life and the expression of good that you desire to express. It is Wonderful!

'Such a glorious privilege to know that the very Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source and the foundation of all your desires. It is the Principle, it is the Foundation, it is all that you need. CHRIST is truly rich and all you need. So it is a glorious privilege to be meek enough to receive the blessings. 'For he that seeks to save his life shall lose it...' and he that will lose his life for this Ideal, he shall gain it in this great universal scheme of things. It is Wonderful! You lose it in and out of mortal consciousness, out of your mortal version of things, and you find it reserved, you find it preserved in the heavenly state of consciousness for you as the Ideal of Salvation, ready to be received.

'And I thought and think quite often of what Mr. Selkridge said when he renounced his preconceived ideas and opinions and his formulas heretofore that have been his guide, and was willing to sacrifice the name in the world, the bishop ship in the world, to be one in the Kingdom of GOD, to be of service as GOD by inspiration or by interpretation chooses to use him. It is a wonderful blessing to know that it is to you and it is within you, and within your power to become nothing that you may be made something. But if you desire to bring your significance into the Kingdom and desire to be exalted above your fellow, then and there and here and now that will be a stumbling block in your way and prevent you from bringing the Spirit of GOD into expression in your life--for except a man become converted and become as a little child--for it is a new birth in this Kingdom that is prepared for you from the foundation of the world.'

The Time Is Different Now

'I know no man after the flesh. Truly might the Apostle have said,

'Henceforth know I no man after the flesh. I knew CHRIST JESUS after the flesh, but now I know no man after the flesh, for I carry in my body the marks of the LORD JESUS.'

It was a wonderful thing to know no man after the flesh, but we know that the Spirit years ago was the seed idea that was implanted in the soil of the soul of the individual that last spoke. (Referring to the former bishop of the United Church of Jesus Christ spoken of above). When others were ready for criticisms, he was ready for consideration--the Spirit that was there-- and as it was, so it is, there is nothing lost in the great Universal Mind Substance. And when someone told ME after the bishop was in the meetings and was testifying of this Truth, someone said that Bishop Selkridge was there and that he said he had met ME some years back. Then I recalled that it was true, that he did meet ME some years back, and that he highly enjoyed the Spirit, highly enjoyed the Truth, he being encumbered with the laws of man, believing and desiring to do good, and living according to the laws of GOD, thinking that it would be, or it was, the real law of GOD. But his heart was right, to be held until the time of reformation.

'The Word reads, 'Divers ordinances, divers washings,' and things like that, imposed upon them until the time of reformation, but the time did come and here and now it reminded ME of the days of yore. When the first time the body called Joseph (Mr. Joseph Gabriel) saw ME in Person he was not ready. Many years afterward he saw ME and then again many years after then he saw ME, and before he saw ME that time he had said if he could see ME again he would never let ME get away. But the time is different now. You will not have that chance that they had, because of him that little is given, little is required and to him that much is given, much is required. It is Wonderful! You will not have the chance to think to yourself, 'Well, Mr. Joseph, after he saw FATHER the first time did not accept HIM, and yet seventeen years afterwards he saw HIM again, and then he didn't go, and then so many years afterwards he saw HIM and went;' don't think it will be like that with you.






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