"It Is Your Faith That Makes You Whole

"Deny Yourself, Have Faith And Forgive Everybody"



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13




At the beach on Fire Island

At the beach on Fire Island




Installment 27


Who Shall Deliver Me From The Body Of This Carnality?


Paul, seventeen years after he had been filled with the Holy Ghost said,

'O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'

He found himself in a wretched state of consciousness and still had those ordinances imposed upon him and the body of the law attached to his back as being dead to the world, and the world being crucified to him. But he being crucified to the world and the world crucified to him and he was carrying it around though he had died to the world. He was dead indeed unto sin and lived unto GOD, but he had not been delivered from the body of that death. He found himself in a wretched state of consciousness. He said,

'O wretched man that I am!--who shall deliver me from the body of this--carnality?'
'To be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.'

'Who shall deliver me from the body of this carnal version of things? Who shall deliver me?' and after awhile he got a glimpse through, no doubt, the dark veil of tears, and he said,

'Blessed be the GOD and SAVIOR of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,'


'There is therefore now no condemnation to them that walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS hath made me free from the law of sin and death.'

Going to show you that it was the body, the dead body that was tied on him. 'Who shall deliver me from the body of sin and death? Who shall deliver me?' That was seventeen years after Paul had been filled with the Holy Ghost. Do you not see the great significance of self-denial, consecration and wholehearted sacrifice?

'Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?'

Oh, it is Wonderful!

Since 1911 or 1917 or somewhere around in those times there have been a few years since that time with Bishop Selkridge, but Paul said on another occasion, after having been filled with the Holy Ghost, being a well-read man, according to the letter, being filled with the Holy Ghost and inspired and as one of the chief of the Apostles, he said,

'I count all that I know as nothing...for the power of CHRIST and his resurrection.'

But that did not just say, 'all that I have learned from an intellectual standpoint of view.' But all that he had learned from a spiritual standpoint of view, as well as that which he knew from an intellectual or lawful standpoint of view, as being a Hebrew of the Hebrews, for he was ready, even after having been inspired and after being knocked off the beast and after he went and was anointed by him whom GOD had set apart to anoint him, as it may be termed, to do that. Yet with that great reception of the Truth and the reflection of GOD, he said,

'I count all that I know, (present tense) as loss...for the power of CHRIST and his resurrection.'

One That Has Fulfilled Jesus' Words Is Alive

So I often think of that when I see someone making sure that they are running to the City of Refuge by making a wholehearted consecration. Then you don't need to doubt and you don't need to fear. If you are faithful--listen, Dear Ones, if HE whom HE has set before you as your Leader, be a failure and do not come to the full measure of the reality of CHRIST--you will not lose, for if Israel is not gathered, Jacob shall not lose the reward.* (See II Chronicles 13:18, The Holy Bible) So it is a great blessing to know that if you are faithful and everybody else be a failure, your redemption is full and sure, for CHRIST is all you need. It is Wonderful!

Then you are building up the temple of the LORD. You are building on a foundation that is incorruptible, a foundation that is undefiled, a foundation that fadeth not away. It is reserved in Heaven for you and you don't need to fret nor fear nor worry as to what man can say when you know that that which you are visualizing is the Ideal of Life. Even if that through which you visualize it be Ideal, you X-rayly behold. X- rayedly behold the Ideal and refuse to see the inferior, but the superior, the perfection of all things, hid to the mortal version but revealed unto you. Such a glorious privilege, Dear Ones, and I AM so glad to see someone go through. And if the One, as I say, that you take to be your Leader, if GOD be a failure, if you will visualize and only visualize reality, be faithful and true to your calling, you will not fail. I will not fail you nor forsake you, as with Joshua when Moses seemingly failed. When Moses seemingly failed, there was no failure. The land and calling went on, Joshua faithfully remaining and holding fast to the claim. And when Moses apparently failed Joshua was more apparently devout and more real than he manifestedly was before Moses apparently failed, for he could see his spiritual father's error. He could turn from it and could surely live. Now if there be no failure in this Truth, we are trying this out now, and we are endeavoring to live up to this in all of its fullness. You can look back and see all that have failed, that there are some points in this Truth where they did not come up to them. Don't you see? If you do not inherit eternal life look into the mystery and you will see that someone did not fulfil this Truth. Then you fill that place that they left out and then if there be a failure, seek that out and fill it. It is Wonderful! Life eternal is for the faithful in spirit, soul and body. So says the Word,

'If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.'

If anyone make a failure, search their lives, search their actions, search their deeds and see if they have not deviated somewhere from the promise of GOD.

'If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.'

The Word says,

'Go without purse, go without scrip, take nothing for your journey.'

That was some of MY Words. And it says,

'unless a man forsake all that which he has,'

that is some of MY sayings.

'Wives and children and houses and lands, and all that he has,'

that is some of MY sayings,

'and even his own life,'

that is some of MY sayings.

'Take no thought for yourselves, today for tomorrow, what you shall eat or what you shall put on,'

that is some of MY sayings. Fulfil all of the words and sayings as written by the Apostles concerning CHRIST and as being recorded that the CHRIST in the name called Jesus said, and show ME one that is faithful, that has fulfilled that in all ways, and you will show ME a living person. It is Wonderful!

I AM Bearing Your Responsibilities And Infirmities

Imputedly, or seemingly, it may be a deviation or lack of fulfillment there in MYSELF. I have imputedly taken upon MYSELF your infirmities and I have taken thought, one meal for the next for you, so that you would not have occasion to take a thought. Now I don't bear record about tomorrow's eating, but I have taken thought for tonight. But I do it so you will not have to do it. Then if I as a Person have violated the Spirit of Life and allowed infirmities to fall on ME, you should be free from that condemnation, for you have no occasion to violate that law.

Do you not see what I have subjected MYSELF to and responsibilated MYSELF for--to free you from these considerations that you may not take thought one day for the next, or what you shall wear? Then no one need take thought what they shall eat or what tie they will wear tomorrow when they are in MY care and live in MY service and live according to MY Life which I have taken upon MYSELF to live for you and to be responsible for you.

That is why I have the Home, but as I say, maybe we may discontinue it for a time until you, that are not of ME, may have a chance to work out your soul salvation and build up for yourselves a kingdom within yourselves or out of yourselves materially and spiritually. But up until now I have subjected MYSELF to all of the curses of man and infirmities of man, and responsibilities and cares, both mentally, spiritually, physically and otherwise, and even brought condemnations and violations of so-called laws, that you might go free from the condemnation of which you are the actual violator. But yet I did it to free you. And yet it is, and may be looked upon as nothing, but however, I did it to free you. It is Wonderful!

So that is the great thought of this Work. Then you have no occasion to have even the slightest cough if you live in conformity to this Truth, when I have taken upon MYSELF your responsibilities and your cares and AM bearing your infirmities. You should not be the one to reflect a single one of them, when I AM the one that is bearing them and wrath and vengeance have I subjected MYSELF to, and it has been applicable to MY Life for your sake.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'It is Wonderful! There is a place in consciousness where you can place yourself where you will find eternal blessings.'

'You never see a clever man, a wise man, humanly speaking, who lives to be more than sixty-five. Human skill and human intelligence, it is destructive to the body. We have shown it in many cases. There are slight sketches of it seen here and there when man could be the express image of GOD, he expresses imperfection by trying to humanly express perfection. One thing about it, when humanity goes to the heights of perfection their consideration is that they have gone to the heights anyway, and some of them are unconcerned, they give up the Ghost and come right back down. But it is a wonderful blessing to know that you can be lost in GOD and GOD can be lost in you, and you do not have to take any thought or consideration whatsoever. That is why the Word says,

'Be still and know that I am God.'

Cease from your struggle. It is Wonderful!'

Not The Ignorance Of Orthodoxy, But The Divine Intelligence Of The Living CHRIST

'I slightly saw the headline of the paper here in reference to Mr. Lawson and about ME. Now of course, Mr. Lawson is in a different world. He is in the orthodox world and he has a place to go to Heaven and h--l, and we are not supposed to go to either. That is a different subject altogether. We are not representing the ignorance of orthodoxy, but the Divine Intelligence of the living CHRIST so that is in a different world altogether. Practically all of the intelligent people are coming out of that first Heaven and the first earth. To practically all intelligent people the first Heaven and the first earth have passed away out of their consciousness. It is passed for many, and those that live in the new and living way, they will be in a new and living day. You are in another day.

You are not living in the old orthodox, the old, we are not depending upon those things. We are not going to the city on a market cart or a milk cart, which was a violation of the law, now we go in our automobiles and we enjoy what GOD has inspired. I was just thinking about that, but I haven't time to even talk on things that are in the other world. That is a different world. That is a world of chaotic conditions, ignorance and confusion. The world that I live in is a world of Infinite peace and a world of Infinite joy. It is Wonderful! For we are rejoicing. It is Wonderful!

And GOD is so independent of every mortal version of every mortal man. I have not depended upon man heretofore to bring the expression of the materialization of the Presence of GOD, and I do not have to depend upon any man to universalize it. And I AM talking about any man, any mortal version. The mortal mind loves its own. I have brought about the consciousness of the Presence of GOD and you are conscious of GOD'S Presence here and there and everywhere, and whether I be here or whether I be there, this consciousness brings victory beyond degrees. This consciousness is the true philosophy of life.

'Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.'

That is what CHRIST came for. It is Wonderful! The same as E Pluribus Unum, equivalently almost the same when he says

'Emmanuel, being interpreted, GOD is with us.'

That was what the CHRIST in the Body called Jesus came for nineteen hundred years ago, just to bring to humanity's realization that GOD is with us. That is what the presentation of the body of Jesus was for, to let you know that GOD is with us. Then when you have that, what more do you need? If you know that GOD is with us, you can move mountains. You can overcome every difficulty for the Name of GOD is a strong tower, the Name that charms your fears the Name that bids your sorrows cease. The Name is music, it is life, health and love. This Name is sufficient, the Name of the realization of GOD'S Presence, that is sufficient for all things. It brings great consolation and great salvation. Now aren't you glad? It is Wonderful! And when I came to look at that, it came right up so clearly, he is in a different world. He is in the world where folks go to h--l, where folks go to Heaven. We are in a world where they don't go to h--l and they don't go to Heaven. It is true. Truly might have one beautiful song said to,

'Follow the line, hear the sweet refrain,
Angels are chanting the heavenly strain
Follow the line, why should I remain,
With a step between me and Jesus.'

That is true, it is only a step beyond the mortal mind.

I was just thinking of the way intelligent people think concerning this Truth, scientific people, those that have studied the Truth, those that have got out of materialism, carnality and mortality. It is Wonderful!'

This Movement Must Be Established On Facts

'In that particular case that Lazarus was raised, it was a practical case that the Works of GOD might be made manifest, the same as it is with thousands of people that are being healed today. Now most difficult cases of all we come in contact with, they come and they are so often immediately restored and helped, that the Works of GOD might be made manifest. Now in Haskell, New Jersey, there was a woman--to you who were not here last night when we returned to tell the news-- there was a woman whose husband brought her to ME after the meeting closed, but so many of our different ones testified and didn't give those that were healed a chance to testify. Some few did anyway, but one outstanding case was of a cancer. This man brought his wife to ME and said that she and himself were at Mr. Lewis' and told Mr. Lewis that he was sick and about the condition of his wife and her having a cancer, and it was a real running cancer and a big one she said. And she said he told her she would have to come to ME, and soon after he said that, the cancer disappeared and even the appearance of it disappeared. Now if that is not true, she said so.

Now those are the things that the Works of GOD might be made manifest for this is a Movement that must be established and universalized on facts! Don't you see? And therefore we have those cases as was with Lazarus and others, to come forth to some degree or some extent, to come forth as an outstanding witness and as a real fact when materialized. Don't you see? She was instantaneously healed, she said. She says she does not even see a sign. Now that was because she believed so firmly and because of the Name of GOD. Mr. Lewis preached CHRIST, not because I had to be anything, I did not have to be what he said I AM, but if he thought it and with the vim of thought sent out to the soil of the soul of the one that did believe, he produced that in the life or lives of them that had believed, and many of them have been wonderfully healed like that.

Another man got up and walked around and kicked his legs up and said he was right there in Haskell and they knew he could not walk and he could kick his legs up and everything. One was a great drinker, he said, and he said he would go home and beat his wife and all like that. He came to Rockland Palace and he said he hadn't drunk any since he had been there. Then he told about the gas, about how he was doubtful and he drove some distance and he got some gas and the gas stayed on the same level. So that was convincing to him, don't you see?

So it was his faith, it is true, but now someone else may visualize something else, and they may materialize something else. You may visualize GOD'S expression through your experiences from a different angle, and yet you may see the manifestation of GOD from a different appearance. But it is enough to see it from this Appearance to bear ME up on the wings of their faith. So it is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! So glad!

Not Pills Or Anointed Handkerchiefs-- It Is Your Faith That Makes You Whole

Now if the woman did not see a lion, I don't care. If it was a little lamb, to her it was a lion and it produced the lion's appearance in her life and so made manifest to the world that she had thought she saw a lion. Her belief made it true to her. Now it matters not what I AM, it is immaterial to ME, but as long as there are thousands and thousands of people being blessed and if they can make this contact, and if they can be radical enough, you can be radical enough about other things, and why can you not be radical enough to live outside of orthodoxy? They can be radical enough to believe, and they receive, and if you will be radical enough you can receive, if you will. Now if you don't think it is wonderful, don't say so.

'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

It is truly Wonderful!

Just think about it. It is not anything true unless thinking makes it true. You must think it, someone must think it is true before it can be true. It is Wonderful! So there are thousands of people being wonderfully blessed today who have come to the conscious realization that it is true because they believe it is true, and they get results, the same results as if it were true, sure enough. I mean they get the same results as they would if they could bring that man down that looks just like Jesus. Mr. Goodman looks nice and tall and wears a beard, but if they would go and get one--there was a man came out here that looked almost like Jesus, wasn't there? Mr. Paul, he wore long hair, and he is a young man, he doesn't look more than thirty- five. Now you see, even if they thought someone like that looked like Jesus, how do they know how he looked anyway? But even if someone were to come and you believed, you would get the blessing, but you would not get any more blessing than you get believing the way you do. It is your faith that makes you whole. So the CHRIST in you and the CHRIST in ME will make you what you ought to be. So as Mr. Selkridge said, it is Wonderful.

There was a woman last night who said a friend of hers had been propped up in bed and had not been able to walk for six months. And she told ME about it for her on Sunday, and Monday she got up and walked and is going still. So that was just to advance this Truth, and to advance the endeavors and the activities of doing good, so that you will not be discouraged and that you will be transcendent and always endeavoring to go forward to the mark of your high calling. Sometimes people take pills, take drugs and the different kinds of medicines and they are healed. Their faith or CHRIST in them according to their faith responds for the time being. They are even healed by the laying on of hands. Often they are healed by divers washings and prayer and washing of sins, anointed handkerchiefs and all such as that. Those conditions exist in the mortal world, in the mortal consciousness of man, but when you know the Truth, you will know that it is their faith that has made them whole. Their faith, not the handkerchief, not the priest's grave, not any water here, not anything you eat here.

Now just think about Mr. Veal, the undertaker, having a brother, an undertaker and his mother, an undertaker, one brother, a doctor and he had been treated for thirty-five years, even sent away so he could be healed, but he could not eat anything. I just recalled it last night after he spoke; I remembered his coming last summer and he could not drive his car. He had to have somebody drive, he was in such a terrible fix. They were afraid for him then to drive even to Patchogue with ME, and he got wonderfully healed. Now that was his faith made him whole, but because his faith made him whole to him it is true, because it was materialized in him if not in you.'

It Is A Blessing, By Your Self- Denials, To Gain The Confidence Of Your Hearers

'I was going to say, it is a wonderful blessing, you don't know the great blessing it is to pass as in the simplest way, to be always truthful, honest, devout and obedient in words, deeds and in actions for the Spirit. Then it is a wonderful blessing, after you have passed like unto that, and when you shall have advanced and have passed in school to be always good, to be A number 1 in everything. Many times there may be something that you might would make a failure in, but because of your reputation it may not be seen, but it is a blessing to make for yourself a reputation. When you study to be a navigator and when you have passed and have command of a ship, all of the passengers on the ship, the freight, mail and express, everything is entrusted in your care or under your direction and it is wonderful then. Things can go along so beautifully on board the ship; you can rest assured that the captain will take you safely through and know how and will do it. You can rest peaceful, you can rest on the ship, believing that everything will be all right. Now if he runs aground or anything, he would be punished, maybe much more than a person that had no influence or did not know anything.

So it is a blessing to walk worthy of your vocation. It is a blessing to be called, but it is more of a blessing to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called, when you are always found obedient. When you are always found obedient, when you are always found devout, trustworthy, in a way that you cannot be condemned, it is a wonderful blessing. And when you are found that way,

The Poet Titus

Picture of The Poet Titus






as I said--I was just thinking when Mr. Titus was speaking, even the different ones speaking, there are lots of noises in the mortal mind, that spirit and that mind which is not anybody, unless it is in a body. But if it is in a body, then that body will be accused of doing that, or trying to hinder the Spirit, but it is not the body anyway, if you do not let it be in the body. That spirit or that mind may try to hinder, but it is a wonderful blessing when you have the confidence of the people by your reputation, by your self-denials and have gained the confidence and the heart and the mind of your hearers that their spirits, their minds and even their actions and emotions of the faithful ones will endorse what you say anyway, even if they don't hear it.

So I thought of that when Mr. Titus was talking. Then it came right back to ME for the years of consecration and years of sacrifice and years of self-denial and years of blessing the public extending blessings through those years of hospitality, years of mercy and tender compassion, years of persecution, prosecution, etc. It has created a faith and a confidence in the general public that I don't have to say anything, they don't have to hear what I have to say, they witness ME anyway. It is Wonderful! Now look at the churches, it is more than it is with you all in a way, they don't care about what I say, they know what I say is right. They may not hear it, but they know it is right.

Now, of course, it is a good thing, and it is essential for ME to always stay on the main line, and always navigate MY ship in the channel and not run aground, don't you see, watch buoys and be governed by the lighthouses as I placed them on the way. But whether I do or not, whether the ship sails, goes aground or runs ashore, all on board, the thousands on board will be perfectly happy and satisfied until something happens. So it is Wonderful! Such a wonderful blessing to pay the price, don't you see, to obtain the prize and to establish yourself in Truth and Truth will bear you up and will command the attention and command and respect and the devotion of men and women in all walks of life.

I AM Not Seeking Honor Or Public Sentiment

So then, as I say, for what sacrifices I have made, as I said last night, I AM not seeking honor, I shall not seek honor nor public sentiment. But if, as a man, they see ME want honor, who could have more than I have from a Personal standpoint of view just the way they speak, but I AM not bothering about that. I AM not seeking any Personal honor. That is why I don't even like to sit in those chairs they put there for ME and such as that. That is why I don't like to go on the platform unless some of the common laity can go that wouldn't be termed even ministers, and especially those that would seem to be the least. Not those that think they are ministers and with the self-exalted mind want to go up on the rostrum and sit in the highest chair or put ME next to them or something like that. But that one that is meek and lowly in heart, that one that is most, as far as the mortal concept would be, insignificant, that one that would seem to be insignificant but know it, and that is actually insignificant in mortal consciousness and know it and feel it, that one is always accepted hereby.


'How great and marvelous are thy works, O God, for great and holy is thy name.'

It is Wonderful! Then as I say, they look and think that I AM seeking honor, think that I AM seeking honor and wealth. If I were seeking honor, I have acquired all honor a person could get. I have taken manifestedly the Name above every other name, and if I don't want to maintain that as I veil MYSELF, as I say, I convey MYSELF in a multitude of people and therefore it goes in all who it has gone to, to the top from a material, a mortal version. So it is a great blessing when you can live the Life, not for selfishness, but for righteousness, so that you will demand and command those that are absolutely beyond the human power to command. And then when you get in the heart and mind of the public, or anyone get in their confidence, many things they will overlook if there is something, they would not see many things. There is a common phrase they use in the world, 'Love hides a multitude of faults.' Of course, it is true that fault hides a multitude of love. So it is. But let your love be flowing to bring to you the highest expression of confidence and the greater reputation that you would not make of yourself, and that you cannot make of yourselves. It is indeed Wonderful! Life and health and love for everyone. So it is more abundant life and more abundant love.

Contact ME That Your Days May Be Limitless

I was just thinking about the way you can do, living the Life by the expression, and I thought about the man that was 127 years old in 1924. He had met ME once in 1917 or 1918, then he met ME again in 1924 and I had gone South and I came back and I met him up in Harlem. He had just celebrated his 127th birthday and apparently I desired him to enjoy the blessings of life with ME. I desired him to come, if he would have come, to abide with ME, but he did not, so I think he must have lived to be about 130 before he passed on, according to the so-called records, but before he died I wanted him to contact ME like Mr. Titus did. He didn't wear glasses and he didn't even walk with a cane, was running errands for one of his youngest grandsons in Harlem, that through his sins had a stroke of some kind and was helpless, and he was going up and down those stairways from the second floor, going up and down there without a stick, cane, glasses or anything, running errands for this boy at 127.

The Spirit had done much in prolonging his days, and I desired that he would contact ME that his days might be limitless. But he did not come and did not contact ME as I desired him to, so I thought of Mr. Titus. Where one refuses another will choose. It is Wonderful! And it is such a wonderful blessing when you have gone through many days, and come to the human climax of your age from your mortal version of time, and then you make this contact and create a thought in the hearts and minds of those you come in contact with. It is a blessing that you can maintain it and as I say, when someone is talking, if you have real confidence in them, if you don't hear exactly what they say, you think they are right anyway, that they wouldn't say what is wrong, so you trust them and say, 'It is true,' or, 'Amen.' So it is Wonderful!

I Have Established The Kingdom Of GOD That It Be Not Subject To Selfish, Man-made Rules Or Disciplines

We all rejoice and know that these things are faithful and true, and it is a real essential to be faithful in words, deeds and actions, so that you can have the confidence of both GOD and man. The subject came up about pillows and things like that, did it not? Your selfishness makes it so that you cannot have ME, and I don't want a disagreeable spirit around ME and I don't want to insult you, but I don't operate for taking you when you don't treat your brother or your sister right. For how can you love GOD, whom you have not seen when you do not love your brother whom you have seen?

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

Trying to bar someone else away from comfort, from happiness, from peace and from love which MY Blood has been spent to establish, not only MY time and MY Personal talent and intellect, but MY Blood was shed that all might have comfort here under MY vine and MY fig tree.

When I say,

'Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heaven laden...'

then when you try to claim any of these privileges for yourself alone, then if I should say to you, (I may not do it Personally), Why you go to your home somewhere else, what hast thou that thou didst not receive? Have you bought any bed here, have you bought any pillow here, that you can say, 'You cannot lie on my bed, etc.' That is why I AM going to give you the chance to have your bed and have your home and have your bread. It is Wonderful! Then you can shove someone else away from comfort, someone else away from peace and health and love. And still you want to attach yourself to ME and get all of the blessings that I have, and want to lay claims to them for yourself and for your own selfish purpose, and I say, No!

That is why I don't ask anyone for a penny and haven't accepted a penny from anyone, as a donation. That is why if haply there be any occasion or any consideration of your time and services--as nothing came to ME through by anyone--I will give you in exchange for it, your satisfactory values of time and service, what it would be legitimately, that the Gospel of CHRIST be not blamed, and that the Kingdom of GOD be always under the jurisdiction of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS, and not subject to the law of sin and death or any other selfish man made rules or disciplines whatsoever. Then some may wonder, 'What is it,' and some of you mortal minds, as Mr. Alexander says, want to try to judge ME--I will shake your heart--and want to try to condemn ME because I do not take such creatures that are against the very Kingdom of GOD, and put them on the throne to rule the Kingdom of David. So that is the thought of it.

Then they wonder why is it that I don't feel like talking to them so often. Why do I want to talk to you when you cannot talk to your sister or brother, I mean in righteousness, when you cannot treat them the way you want ME to treat you. The foundation of this Kingdom in which you now live is Evangelical and the Gospel plainly says,

'Give us this day our daily bread.'

But remember it also says as well as I have been giving you this daily bread,

'Let thy kingdom come, and let thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.'

It also said,

'Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.'

Well now, if that be true, then you know what I will be to you. I will do to you that which I don't like to do. I will have to answer your prayers by fighting you just as you did to someone else. I don't like to do it and I will not do it, but imputedly it is I that do it, but you do it unto others just as to you, just as you will get done unto you. You will sow the seed and you will reap the fruit. You have sown the seed and you will reap the fruit.

Cast out of your consciousness all bigotry, prejudice, resentment, covetousness, envy, strife and let nothing be done in the spirit, or even in thought through vainglory or strife, but let MY Words be unto you Spirit and Life. If you hold any resentment in you, you cannot be delivered from your deeds. There may be the appearance of deliverance for the sake of someone else, but yet you are not rightfully delivered until you shall have rid yourself, your consciousness, your whole system, of such tendencies. Take these thoughts in and live according to MY instructions and that and only that will be your help and your refuge in the time of need.'

Deny Yourself, Have Faith And Forgive Everybody

'All you need is a little more faith, through consecration, self-denial and through sacrifice. If you want a blessing, any and all of you, or to be blessed in any way, it is a little more faith and make your mental and spiritual contact. It is quite unfortunate for one to think that they must come to ME from a Personal standpoint of view. GOD is present everywhere and if you will raise your consciousness to contact the CHRIST Consciousness, if you will tune in on this thought, on this view, you can be reached wheresoever you are.

So, first of all, it is to deny yourself.

'If you hear any man enquiring after me, tell him first to deny himself, and then take up his cross, and follow me.'

Cast out of your system all doubts and fears, all malice, all envy, all hatred, all bigotry, all prejudice, all envy, all covetousness, all jealousy, etc., and all of those tendencies that will separate you from the communion of the Holy Spirit of GOD. Cast them out of your system by casting them out of your consciousness and forsake them and forgive everybody for what they have done to you, and you will be blessed. That is your only hope of salvation. Your only propitiation and your only trust is according to these principles. When you make up your mind to be completely self-denied and consecrated to the service of GOD, and live according to the Teachings of CHRIST JESUS as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, then you can be blessed and it is not necessary for you to come to ME, for GOD is present everywhere.'




John Henry Titus, American poet and author of The Face on The Bar Room Floor, was a friend and frequent visitor at Sayville where he sat at FATHER DIVINE'S Table with others, to listen to the Words of Spirit and Life from the lips of the One he referred to as the Dean of the Universe.

A biographer of Mr. Titus writes:

'The poet was born in the 'Old Pine Tavern' in Jefferson, Ohio, that his poem has immortalized. The environment of his boyhood home was ideal for a gifted youth. 'That the meal hour was the best hour of the day' was an oft repeated saying of the mother: at the family table and home fire-side he became familiar with the best literature; listening to discussions and conversations led by the father' (a literary critic whose associates were those 'high in letters' including Washington Irving and Edgar Allan Poe).

Mr. Titus wrote his first poem at the age of twelve. He became an apprentice to the tannery trade in Jefferson at an early age where he made notes on pieces of bark and leather preliminary to his message on temperance reform.

'His power of moral discernment shines when compared to the immoral and impractical hypocrisy around him,' the biographer notes, and further says that The Face on The Bar Room Floor, the work for which he is best known, is an American scene and the fifth canto of An Ideal Soul in seven cantos that took the author sixty years to perfect.

'Its dawning followed the civil war, in the late '60s, when inspiration and eloquence came forth. Temperance was championed by eloquent speakers, and abolition intensified by great writers...The young poet, Titus, recognized the denizens of temperance, in the guise of righteousness: he saw and felt the hypocrisy of temperance...(the poem) contains a message of morale, clothed in beautiful romance of fact and legend, covering a period of more than 600 years. ...The 'Old Pine Tavern' at Jefferson, Ohio, was a famous way-side inn, in the early stage days ...a favorite stopping place for travelers.

'The Tavern room where the scene occurred was frequented by judged, jurymen, lawyers, men of quality and those of national prominence. Above was a room (ball-room) used for court sessions during the period of rebuilding the court house...The term bar room used by Titus, does not refer to an ordinary bar room, but to a tavern registry room, where guests of the tavern on arriving by stage were received and registered. Beneath the desk was kept a supply of 'whisky, rum or gin' according to Federal Law requirements ...guests could receive a certain quantity on arrival.'

Another of John Henry Titus' poems, They Had no Poet and so They Died, is a complete resume of his world travels.

Interviewed By The Spoken Word

In 1936, on a return trip from the South, where he spent eight months touring 12 states, he was interviewed by a reporter from The Spoken Word, a magazine featuring the Messages of FATHER DIVINE. The poet said he had been approached by many bishops, editors, professors and persons of high social and professional standing who questioned him about FATHER DIVINE. According to an account of the interview in The Spoken Word dated September 12, 1936 A.D.F.D., Mr. Titus' answer to them was:

'I have the personal knowledge of FATHER DIVINE'S work for years in New York and Eastern States, and I know that none other than one having the highest manifestation of Divinity could be accredited with such a range of expression, and such Spiritual Wisdom, hence I say He is the Dean of the Universe.

'I have seen the transformation of lives, have seen souls lifted from the depths of degradation to be respectable law-abiding citizens. I have known men and women changed from their impulses and passions, and elevated to heights unlike any help they could get from colleges, universities, or by cults, creeds, or isms, and given an established position, a status enviable. In all social walks, people have been lifted from lacks and despair, the weak made strong, others clothed in their right reason and settled in life. I feel I am not vaunting self in my statements, for I too, as thousands I know, have been strengthened and blessed by the personal contact of FATHER DIVINE.'

According to the account, he cast aside a question raised in the minds of the public through journalistic sensationalism with these remarks:

'As to your direct question concerning FATHER DIVINE, as to where He gets His money and other matters of secular interest, I will say to you as I have said in the hearing of thousands, 'What is that to thee?' By His works ye shall know Him. I have never thought about money in connection with FATHER DIVINE, for I know all things are possible with GOD. The things that interest me are: The Evangelical Life as advocated, the healing of diseased minds and bodies, the transformation of the lives of the masses, the revealing of the hidden mysteries. The DIVINE Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of FATHER DIVINE passes all human understanding. Were I to give you my opinion, for hours I would amplify only with eloquence and gladness from the depths of my soul, what I know of blessings that have come to hundreds and thousands in large audiences and communities.'

Speaking to the reporter about his trip, Mr. Titus said:

'FATHER DIVINE is received and appreciated profoundly, by those from higher walks of social life and I feel the South awaking to an interest in the Spiritual Life, and a knowledge of the Divinity, that it had not known before, and for this I am glad to convey my findings to you. I am happy to give you this audience on the subject of FATHER DIVINE, for I know you have come to me with hungry hearts for the truth that is stirring the world, and I feel that you are ready to receive the wonderful message that has come forth from the lips of the Dean of the Universe. I feel that you, alike with others, will be ready to receive the message on hearing in a first-handed way from my lips, the truth, and that you will give credit where credit is due. In no sense are my words intended to proselyte, but only that the Divinity I refer to in the work and life of FATHER DIVINE may pervade your ministry and strengthen you in the work you are doing along constructive lines.

'I thank you for coming, for you understand and credit the words from myself unlike those of persons of casual or social life. The fact that you have come to interview me on the subject of FATHER DIVINE shows that you respect the utterance of one whom you feel you can trust to give you the truth.'






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