"The Very Spirit, Life and Sustenance Of Your Body Is GOD
"If You Will Not Give Up the Ghost, You Cannot Die"


'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all


Installment 29

What This Atmosphere Will Do For You


The following is a talk given by FATHER at one of the large meetings in New York after HE had sung the song, 'You are in another day, praise GOD, you are in another day.'



'You are in another day. You are no longer in the day you were in. You are conscious of the Presence of GOD. This consciousness will create an atmosphere and this atmosphere is the Spirit of the Presence of GOD. It is Wonderful

'In all their afflictions he was afflicted, but the angel of his presence healed them.'

Miss Peaceful. MOTHER, FATHER DIVINE, Miss Anita
at the Circle Mission Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

Miss Peaceful. MOTHER, FATHER DIVINE, Miss Anita





We did not come to do anything. We came not to do anything according to the flesh. But we know that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply and it will satisfy every good desire. The atmosphere is so pregnant with the consciousness of the Presence of GOD, it will move mountains. It will move mountains of sickness. It will move diseases. It will move blindness. It will move the d - v - l and it will set the prisoner free.

Now aren't you glad because someone was radical enough to create such an atmosphere? It is Wonderful! Someone was radical enough and ignorant enough to be willing to present their Body as a living sacrifice to create such an atmosphere, that every man will finally know that GOD is a GOD at hand. Now aren't you glad? A present help in every need, and you will not have to go here or go there to find the Ever Presence of GOD, but you will find the Presence of GOD wheresoever you are. It is Wonderful! The time cometh and now is, I came to bring you that conscious realization of the materialization of GOD.

All Have Received Of His Fullness, Grace For Grace

You heard one of the speakers say a little while ago,

' In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.'

But it did not stop there after being made flesh. It reads that it,

'dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory.'

Someone has beheld His Glory tonight. Someone may say, 'How sinnest thou, what caused this?' But Christ said,

'Neither this man has sinned, nor his parents: but that the glory of God might be made manifest.'
'And we behold His Glory.'

Did you not behold His Glory a little while ago, the Glory as of the only begotten of the FATHER? It seemed to be filled with something, did it not? The writer here, (pointing to the Bible), says it is

'full of grace and of truth.'

The writer realized that there is some truth in what you are talking about. Someone realized that there is some grace somewhere about it. Someone realized that, Dear Ones, so

' . . .we beheld His Glory as of the only begotten of the Father,'

I heard you say,

'full of grace and truth.'

Some of you beheld the Glory a little while ago as it passed from man to man and it filled and thrilled you with joy, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken it. We beheld His Glory as some of you beheld this mighty Glory. You did not stop there, but I believe some of you began to feel some of it as you

'beheld His Glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and of truth.'

And you did not stop there, but apparently all of you were happy,

'And of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

Now you believed that there was some truth in it. You found out there was some truth in it, for the Glory of GOD has been revealed and therefore you can really say that it is full of grace and of truth. It is Wonderful! As you began to behold, and you did behold His Glory as of the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth, and because you beheld it, it lifted you from your situation. And all we have received now, grace for grace;

'and of all of His fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

Now aren't you glad? You have received of all of HIS fullness, and you can act just as though you are the only begotten of the FATHER. I act like it. Act just like you are the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and of truth. Act it out and bring it to pass, bring it into actuality and manifest it to the world even also as I do, for GOD is no respecter of persons and GOD has no respect unto persons. But you must live in accord with the Truth, you must live an Evangelical life and give your whole heart and soul and mind to GOD and cast out of your system all anger, covetousness, revenge, deceit and all hypocrisy, bigotry, prejudice, fancies, pleasures and tendencies, and you will be even as I AM, abundantly free from every limitation.

(Sung By FATHER Personally)

You Have A Loving FATHER

'You have a mighty, loving, heavenly Father,
Singing, singing to you.
He singeth in the morning
When you rise so soon,
He singeth in the evening
And He sometimes sings at noon.
Yes, a mighty, loving heavenly Father,
Singing, singing to you.'

The Public Library in Sayville

Picture of The Public Library in Sayville

My Table, My Purse and My Mind Are Always Full

This earth will have no gravitation over you, for there is no bound nor barrier in the great Universal Mind Substance in which we live and move and have our being. Then you don't have to have any depression. What are you talking about depression for, what are you talking about hard times for when the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Filled with all of the fullness

'And of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

Now this is but the outer expression of the condition of the mind within, I mean the fullness of this church tonight. That is the way MY Table is always full. This is the way MY purse is always full. That is the way MY Mind is always full. It is Wonderful! It is the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, and no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. It is Wonderful! Filling and thrilling your mind with all good thoughts and good things, and you will hatch out such things as that.

The thing that you visualize you tend to materialize and bring out into actuality in your lives, and then it is a reality unto mankind. It is Wonderful! I visualize abundance of everything. I will fill every church in the world. These is not a church on the globe big enough to hold ME. I will fill any church and pack it. MY Mind is filled with good things and

'as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

It is Wonderful! And I think of the fullness of things and I always get a full measure of everything, heaped up, shaken down and running over. You see we have not the room to accommodate all of the people. Of course, this is wonderful, but still it matters not what size church you have, you cannot build one big enough to hold ME. You cannot build a table big enough to hold all the blessings I have. Your mentality and your vocabulary is not big enough to hold all of the mental intellect and all of the spiritual revelations, all of the mottoes, all of the songs and all of the poems and all of the psalms for they are spreading until everlasting, for

'ye are the temples of the living God; and God has said, I will walk in them, and talk in them.'

And when GOD begins to walk in you HE inspires you and HE said,

'I will put new songs in their mouths,'

and HE would sing in songs and spiritual hymns and put melody in your hearts.

Get Your Mind Off Of Everything Else But ME

So we cannot find space to receive it all. GOD said through the mouth of Malachi,

'Try me now herewith, and see if I will not open unto you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.'

Do you not see everywhere I go that GOD is opening unto you the windows of Heaven and GOD is pouring you out unto ME and I do not have room to receive all of the blessings, mental, spiritual, physical and every other way? For the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Now aren't you glad? Did you not behold the Glory a little while ago? Did it not look as though it was the only begotten of the FATHER being manifested unto you? For no man could do this,

'it is not by power, nor by might, but by my spirit, says the LORD.'

Now I know you are glad!

Now I did not touch the lady that was healed, I don't have to touch her. I don't have to look at anybody. I don't have to think about anybody. All you do is to think about ME. Get your mind off everything else but ME, and I will shake your dungeon. I do not even have to think about you. Talk about speaking the Word, I don't even have to think about you. You think of ME. Get your mind off everything else but GOD. It is Wonderful! And your dungeon shall be shaken and your chains shall fall off and you will rise in newness of life, for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. 'And of all of the fullness have all we received...' It is Wonderful! It did not say part of us had received, but

'of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

And you can rejoice because you have received it. Now all you have to do is to exercise it.

The Very Spirit, Life and Sustenance Of Your Body Is GOD

Relax your conscious mentality, be still; still your conscious mentality and know that I AM GOD; the very spirit, the very life, the very sustenance of your body is GOD. So again I say, 'Rejoice... and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is...' somewhere, didn't he say? The Word says,

'Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.'

He did not say anything about up in the skies. And wheresoever you are, realize that the LORD is at hand. I AM a present help in every need.

'I will not leave you or forsake you. . Lo, I am with you always.'
'God is a God at hand, and not a God afar off.'
'Repent ye: for the kingdom of God is at hand.'

From henceforth, as I said the other day, I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes. But one of MY most recent and most important lines, I brought forth today, concerning the wonderful demonstration of the abundance of the fullness of things. As I sat at MY Table and having the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of material good, I said, this is but the outer expression of the condition of the mind within. It is the outpicturing of the fullness of the abundance that I have in the storehouse for the souls of men.

I have something that is new, and your soul wants something that is new. Now did your Soul not want something that is new? It is Wonderful! Can you not taste and see now that the LORD is good, for your soul has found some-thing that is new? Behold, I will make all things new. I will make old men young. I will make old men and old women leap and skip like young harts, for the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD will change your very mortal bodies and change Your mortal bodies like unto HIS Glorious Body, and it will vigorate your whole body and manifest it to the world as the temple of the living GOD, which temple ye are. I don't have to say anything you know, for I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes, for MY Spirit will be preaching in you as you go down from this place. I will not preach to you in words so much, but I will preach in you in deeds and in actions.

I AM Going Through -- To Walk, Talk, Run and Live In Men

Now there is someone here tonight that will not want to drink whiskey any more. (Cheers). It is Wonderful! Lo, I will be with you, I will be in you and I will cause you to walk in MY Statutes. I do not have to ask you not to do it, but' I will get in you in MY deeds and in MY actions and I will put MY Spirit in you and cause you to walk in MY Statutes. Aren't you glad? (Whole audience standing with arms outstretched, crying, 'Yes, FATHER, so glad'.) I AM going through, and I AM going to walk in men, I AM going to talk in men, I AM going to run in men,

'For ye are the temples of the living GOD; and GOD has said, I will walk in them and talk in them.'

And the Word says,

'In the day of my power, my people shall be willing,'

and wherever I go they are willing. Why? Because

'he that conquers his own will is greater than he that taketh a city,'


'In Adam all die, and even so in Christ shall all be made alive.'

And a man or woman that will control their own will, then they can control others.

Now I believe that the majority of you all here tonight want ME to walk in you and want ME to talk in you, want ME to live in you, and I believe that you are willing to consecrate your heart. I didn't say consecrate your money, but consecrate your heart. Sons and daughters, give ME your hearts, and your spirit, soul and body will be governed by ME only, and wheresoever a king reigns, that is where his kingdom is. So I say from henceforth, sons and daughters, give ME your hearts and I will reign and rule in you, and wheresoever a king is, that is where his kingdom is. And it is not the name of man, it is the Name of GOD, so it must be the Kingdom of GOD. And you can rejoice, for bondage and lacks and wants will get out of the way for there is no lack in ME. I always have a full and a plenty, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof, and the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire. Aren't you glad?

Let these words go home with you, Dear Ones, and let them be as a light to your pathway and as a lamp unto your feet. Let them go with you, Dear Ones, for your own good, for I AM not asking you for a thing but your heart. When you shall have given ME your heart, you shall be happy, oh, so happy! You see how all of these are around ME here, and this is only a slight sketch. We have more than 3,500,000 - 3,500, 000 souls that belong to GOD - that have consecrated themselves to GOD even as these have and have been required to do, and they will find peace, and happiness, and success, and prosperity, health and pleasure and everything else that is good, and none shall lack in GOD's abundance, for there is a full and a plenty for all, mentally, spiritually and otherwise, and you don't need to fear, for if the LORD is for you, who can be against you?'

** *** **

'If the churches will not receive ME I will go down into Chinatown and establish the Kingdom of GOD, and I will do it eventually anyway. If the churches don't receive ME I will go into the brothels and establish the Kingdom of Heaven there. Just as you heard these brothers speak and say they have been robbers and everything else, and their individual houses have now been changed and they are the houses of prayer, and that is a shadow and a type of what I will do in the brothels and bad houses.'

This was spoken at a 1 a r g e meeting in an orthodox church, several ministers being present

If You Will Not Give Up the Ghost, You Cannot Die

'I have declared that if you will not give up the Ghost you cannot die. But you can live in a mortal state of consciousness that death will have such a sting, it will be so severe, you will feel, 'Well, I will give up.' It has been proven that if a person will not give up the Ghost you cannot die. Now you can give yourself over in the consciousness of those that will give you up, and they will give up the Ghost for you, and you can go in that way; but if you will not give up the Ghost you cannot die. If you will not give yourself over in the hands of those who will give it up for you, you cannot die. In the case of an accident it is the same way. If you will not give yourself up into the hands of the mortal, naturally you cannot go unless you give up the Ghost. Greater is HE that is within you than all of death. Love is stronger than death, and if it is an accident you have given yourself over into the care or to the mortal version of things that will give you up under such conditions, don't you see. They have set that standard for you, and if that accident produces a certain condition, it will produce death for that is held for you in a certain state of consciousness and you have sacrificed your life to that even before it comes to past. But if you do not put yourself in that state, it matters not what happens, if an auto-mobile turns over or a boat sinks to the bottom of the sea, if you have not given up to that thought of death yourself or through the consciousness of someone else and you do not give up the Ghost, you will come out alive.

'Greater is he that is within you, than all they that are in the world.'

And if you will give yourself over to HIM, HE will take care of you. Have faith and you will have victory.'

If You Are Not Wholeheartedly With ME, I Should Not Let You Be With ME

'I should be just like MY Spirit is, and have no compassion on mortality. I should be just like the Invisible One. It has no compassion on mortality. HE will give a baby a year old pneumonia just as easily as any other. If I think or know that you are not wholeheartedly with ME sufficiently that our minds agree, and being no real good, I should not let you irrespective of the condition of«your mind, your thoughts of MY Love and Compassion and what I should be or what I should do - be with ME. I should stand in MY own integrity. I should not let you be put at a place where you do not fit in. You should not even sit at the Table by ME if you do not fit in. I AM at MY best when I AM unhampered by contacts and attachments.

When there is a thought that exists in one out of harmony with ME, why that one should not be attached to ME closely, for it is for that one's good that I express MYSELF from MY highest standpoint of view. If I can express MYSELF from MY loftiest standpoint of view and you be in Europe, Asia, or Australia, I can bless you more than if you be sitting right by MY side in America. For when I express MYSELF in MY entirety, I can be more of a protection for you and more of a blessing for you when I stand In MY own integrity and live by MY own standard and not be seduced or reduced to the lowest terms of mortality or affection. I should not condescend for favors or affections of the children of men, but I should express MY highest light of understanding without favors or any expression as being in the mortal consciousness, for MY Expression is GOD.

Many, times when I will allow things to be for 'mortals' sake, even so. Well, I won't get right here in the Kingdom just now. I will just speak of a sketch of a reflection of the mind as it was extended yesterday. Now Mr. ----- (a minister visiting the Kingdom), he could not conflict, only the weight of his mind. He was not antagonistic, he was in harmony to the best of his understanding, but as far as it may be termed hospitably, seeking to be hospitable, to show common respect for the profession, the classification, I told him he could go with ME in MY car. MY real Standard should be and is, no consideration on material or mortal versions of human suggestions, or suppositions, or anything of that kind, and MY real standard should be not to allow the mortal eye or the mortal version to reflect to ME or to appeal to ME in any way for affection, 'not even for the sake of the good, as It may seem to be many times. We may do things, I do do things many times that are not MY real Standard, for the sake of those that would be lost or make a failure if they are living on the mortal side of life. Therefore, I may condescend to do that which won't be in harmony with MY highest Ideal of Truth.

So you see, I will just speak of the outside and what is expressed from the without, as a shadow and a type of that which is within the Kingdom, all who are not absolutely in harmony with ME in thoughts, words, deeds and actions in every way, in all of your characteristics, tendencies, fancies and pleasures. They that would walk with ME should be agreeable with ME in every thought, word, deed and action, and if you are not agreeable with ME in every thought, word, deed and action, idea or opinion, why then, you should not be yoked together with ME, for there will not be harmony and it may haply cause eruptions in such cases. It is 'Wonderful! So you can see, it is Wonderful! So those that HE loveth, HE chasteneth.'

It Is A Condescension Of the Omnipotent One To Count the Children Of Men Worthy To Be One, With HIM

'You can see the demonstrated spirit of enthusiasm expressed in the souls and manifested in the bodies of men. The mortal version of the human mind may look upon them, yea, and upon ME and think that I would glory in that, deeming it even as they would and that some honor, some praise or some thanksgiving should be given to the children of men for their enthusiasm, but just to the reverse, I wish to say that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD produced its own self and brought about the figures and the vibrations and the demonstrations a n d made the duplication of the CHRIST manifest. So it is the Spirit of the Christ Himself and not the individuals as persons to look upon.'

'Often it has been rehearsed or repeatedly spoken as if though I as the Spirit or Person, one or the other, should give great praise to the individuals for responding to the vibrations and inspirations of Truth imparted to them. It is a thought cast out in the mortal mind often, as if GOD should feel that it is some honor being given HIM. It is a condescension of GOD to look upon the bodies of men and count them worthy as being a habitation or the inhabitors of HIM.

It is an honor to the children of men to be counted worthy that the condescension of GOD would manifest HIMSELF to them and reveal HIMSELF to the children of men. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! For GOD is, or would be, if he did not know HIMSELF, handicapped when HE puts on mortality. That is why HE requests you to put off mortality and put on. immortality. The mortal mind thinks sometimes, in and at such places as I go, the mortal mind thought arises many times, as if there is some honor to ME as GOD or as being called GOD, yet they may see ME as some limited degree of mankind and they may think it is some honor to ME to be or to go to places where I AM. It may not be spoken from one version, but in the mind of the mortal human belief there may exist a thought as if though it is a great honor to GOD in a body to do this or go that place or the other place, but it is a condescension of the Omnipotent One to look upon the children of men and count them worthy as one with HIM.

The Parable Of Franklin Harnessing Electricity

The Omnipotence of GOD is supreme or else GOD wouldn't be the Supreme Being. It is a whole lot to praise GOD for. So again I say, the half has never been told. But we, as though being individuals, can consider that it is an honor beyond degrees for the condescension of the Omnipotent One to transmute HIMSELF and transmit HIMSELF unto and into those as individuals, and to reflect HIS Divine Intelligence. It is Wonderful! It is a reality! The kite went up and it caught that which was there beyond the comprehension of every other human's understanding. When it did catch that, it brought it down in expression where it could be handled by man as it was harnessed up for or by HIM.

So it is a wonderful thought to see what you have brought down unto you, for you have a view through which your kite goes forth there in the highest light of understanding, and spiritual realms where the atmosphere of the Omnipotent One exists with all of HIS inspirations. They contact that kite and they descend to you, reflecting the CHRIST in the souls of men. Is it not Wonderful? Is it not Wonderful? It was Essential for Benjamin Franklin to have a vial, a bottle, it was essential for him to have a kite to go up in the clouds or atmosphere where the existing nature's inspirations penetrated a n d existed and there it contacted or came in contact with that atmosphere where Mother Nature's inspirations existed and penetrated through that atmosphere and it did contact the kite and it was transmuted from the other to the vial that it was made manifest in and was brought down into the control as it was harnessed by men. And now you can see the work of him being made manifest throughout the land wheresoever you be or wheresoever you go. It is Wonderful! It is a wonderful thought.

Your thoughts ran up there and through by the kite, and through by the vial, it brought it down to you. It is manifested and now to you it is true. It is made real. It is real. So I know you are happy. So it is love, love beyond degrees and it is Wonderful! I know you are happy. Your substantiated faith and unshaken confidence has brought into actuality your vision, your imaginations now to you therein, and it was so vivid, it was so firm and so strong until it went out from you and it has contacted others and it has contacted the atmosphere that you breathe, and humanity must think as they never thought before.

That is the reality of the Omnipotence of GOD, when humanity here and now begins to think as they never thought before, and it has brought into the general realization of man that HE worketh both to will and to do, and you can of your own self do nothing.

Happiness Abideth Here and Now Forever and In It Is the Kingdom Of Peace

They are thinking - many years ago when I went South, one time especially, and there are those here that really heard the Message, heard ME say when I was going out that afternoon to a meeting, I will fill the atmosphere, I will fill the air with hallelujahs, and those hallelujahs have been developed into the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, and men conceive those germinated words and they are so contagious that they are compelled to think even also as I did. From henceforth men will think as they have never thought before, for the thoughts have gone out and have filled the atmosphere and the thinking apparatus must catch these thoughts. They have nothing else to think. I AM eradicating all their thoughts that are not in harmony with the thoughts of Truth, for that which is perfect is come. And the imperfect is being done away, for the first Heaven and the first earth has passed away. They have passed away. It is Wonderful! Now it is just Wonderful !

You have new thoughts and humanity, if they think on happiness, happiness and peace and joy are filled and thrilled with the germs of the contagious belief of GOD's Presence. If you be happy you will be affected by the contagions of the consciousness of GOD's Presence. I fill happiness with it. If you be successful, you must be affected and infected by the contagions 'of the consciousness of GOD's Presence, for it is contagious. And the very deeds, the very desirable attributes of life for mankind, they are filled with the contagious germs of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD, for they have been in this house where it is filled and thrilled with such contagions.

Mentally and spiritually and psychologically these truths are going forth and it is becoming practical. It is effected by the Spirit of the One that puts forth these thoughts in every desirable attribute of life. They are filled with the germs of such, and if man be happy, he will find not hope for the future in his happiness, for I have eradicated it out of Heaven. The first Heaven and the first earth have passed away. It will not be called to mind any more, for heretofore your hope in happiness was summed up in the future, and in happiness I have erased the hope of salvation in the future and I have stamped upon the mind of the children of men and in the attribute of happiness the consciousness of the presence, here and now, of the new Kingdom of peace and happiness and love; and of tomorrow there is nothing.

'Today is the day of salvation and today is the day of grace,'
'for of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace,'

and that is today. It is Wonderful, isn't it?

Then what think ye? It is Wonderful! This Message shall go forth from shore to shore. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful I They will find themselves short. They will see that they are minus of that hope for the future Heaven some place geographically away, for in this happiness that thought has been completely eradicated.

Now where will they find this here and now? In this Divine Omnipresent Life here and now, the Kingdom has truly come. Happiness abideth here and now forever and in it is the Kingdom of peace and of all of the desirable attributes of life, both for man and for beast. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Isn't it Wonderful? Isn't It Wonderful children? This love will melt a heart of stone. It will free you of every adverse or undesirable condition whatsoever it may be, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken it. And I AM the joy of your souls. I AM the Fount of every blessing. I have tuned your heart to sing GOD's praise. You never felt such a love before. It is Wonderful! Now manifestedly the CHRIST is rich and all you need, and will satisfy every good desire.'

The Love, Life' Health and Joy Of God Is Never Withdrawn

'It is a wonderful place to go where a person can get fresh air, or to a cold spring, a sulphur spring, a hot spring and all of those things. You can get those things by just partaking of them. So I was just thinking about this wonderful Truth, how thousands and thousands of people, if they only partially knew, they could make their mental and spiritual contact and they could be so abundantly blessed. As I was thinking last night, when we were in the meeting, lots of them spoke about and thought about making their contact with ME from a Personal standpoint of view, and at this time I was thinking about how they can just apply. When you go to the hot springs, cold springs or any other place where you are helped by the hand of nature, from a natural physical point of view even, you do not ask those conditions, you partake of them. You can partake of ME. I AM Life, I AM health. It is Wonderful! Such a wonderful privilege, getting away from all of the personal life to the Impersonal Life, incorruptible, undefiled and that fadeth not away. Every one of you can partake of it. As the wind that blows, the beautiful sunshine is free for all, and all you must do is to get in the rays of the sun. It is Wonderful!

Now there is a way that you can have some kind of glass that will draw the power of the sun more forcefully, but the sun never refuses to shine and never withdraws its heat. The Love of GOD is never withdrawn, the life, health and joy. It is there for you and everyone. I think you should rejoice. It is Wonderful! So free as the sun, so free as the breeze, so free AM I for all of you. Get in the rays of the sunlight and set your instrument so it will draw the strength of the sun and you will be comfortably warm. And the sun does not have to say a thing. It is Wonderful!

I bring forth these thoughts to you for the great purpose of convincing you of GOD within you working to will and to do. Some may wonder why it is some express more than some others. Some may wonder why is it that some houses are warmer than others, and some have more ventilation and some are darker. This is quite a light room, isn't it? The seven spirits of GOD give light to the soul and the body and the mind. The seven windows in this dining room will light up this room so it is not dark, and they will also give plenty of fresh air if necessary.'

There Is A Reality In Being Persistent, Unshaken, Persevering and Unchanged

'There was a seed idea in the soul of one man, Columbus, and you see today in America the result of that seed idea that the world was round instead of flat as others believed. There is a seed idea in man, and this wonderful thought or seed idea that has been handed down from ages back, coming through many different generations, it has proved to the world that there is reality in being persistent in your ambition and unshaken in your confidence, substantiated in your faith and persevering in your will and in your endeavors to be unchanged. This is going forth from shore to shore and from land to land. Let us stay in the realization of our rightful heritage through the CHRIST, through the spirit of meekness, of obedience and of truth. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

Now I AM rejoicing to see the different ones like Reverend Lewis and Bishop Selkridge and especially in the Bishop's experience, as he said, through many seeming dangers and many seeming difficulties and seeming adverse winds and so forth, finding it is Wonderful! I thought about what he was speaking there, if you are determined to go through when you make your consecration, that sweet knowledge will be a guiding star for you on the Ocean of Time. You must only keep your eye on that star and be guided to your destination, and I feel that the majority of you are convinced now that you have come to that place in consciousness that you have long sought for, more so than ever. And I AM glad that it really satisfies. If it doesn't satisfy, say so.'

GOD Is Not Confined To Anything, Nor To Any Expression In Life

'I said that GOD is not confined to the still small voice, otherwise GOD would not be Omnipotent, would not be Omniscient. If GOD were confined to the still small voice or if GOD were confined to the emotional world of things, GOD would be limited, but the greatness of the knowledge of GOD is to realize that GOD is not confined to anything, no expression of life from any phase of the life's expression. It is Wonderful!

So that is what I was thinking about when I said that, because there are those living in mortal consciousness will think that GOD is confined to the emotional world, or the world of emotions and then there are those that will think that GOD is confined to the world of stillness, the still small voice, and think that GOD only speaks and acts and only comes in the still small voice because HE came that way one time. And I just wanted to let the whole universe know that HE comes in the raging storm, comes also in emotions, comes in vibrations expressively manifested, and comes also in the stillness of HIS voice that is much easier, much calmer than words, filling all space and absent from none. That is the Omnipotence of GOD. It is Wonderful! So that is what I meant by that, to know the truth that you may find HIM and that you may contact HIM in any expression of life or unexpressed, or expressive manifestations of life or unexpressive manifestations; GOD is there, filling all space and absent from none.

Oh, that you could see that, to see in reality the Allness of GOD and the nothingness of man. To see the Omnipresence of GOD. Stay your mind on this practical point of view that GOD is present everywhere, that we will not place GOD in one place and confine HIM there, and some other place GOD is not there; and if we happen to get there, where are we? I have not, and I cannot wander away from GOD. I have no place to go where GOD is not, therefore, I cannot say that GOD is not in the calm, still voice in words, deeds or actions, neither can I say that GOD is confined to the calm, still voice in words, deeds or actions. It is a wheel in a wheel.

Where is the place that GOD is not? Truly might have the writer said,

'If I take the wings of the morning, and fly to the uttermost parts of the earth, behold, thou art there.'
'If I make my bed in h - - l, thou art there.'

Then where is the place that GOD is not, and where is the place that we can go that we cannot find HIM? The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant. So that is what I AM extending to the whole universe, that man may see and know that GOD is not confined to any of HIS limited expressions of HIS own Mind, which is universal in nature, in character and in principle. Not only universal, HE is Omnipresent, All knowing and therefore, HE knows that which seems to be nothing in mortal consciousness, and we search in the depths of nothingness and of nothing and that is where we will find GOD.

You know the human mind, the mortal mind has always put GOD in some special place, limited GOD to Heaven, or some heavenly state of consciousness. And did not allow GOD to have all power and to fill all spaces and be absent from none. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

The Witness That Goes With Affirming the Presence of GOD Is the Comfort Of the Divine

That is a wonderful place to be when you hook up with GOD, getting not only a national hook-up, but a universal hook-up, and not only a universal hook-up, but an Infinite hook-up with GOD and contact HIM at whatsoever place you may be. I don't care where I AM and what I AM, GOD is there. And if those of you, the human race, would know that, even though you would make your bed in the undesirable, in the most undesirable place on the earth, you could find consolation to realize that GOD is there. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! So glad! So glad!

Oh, that the heart and the mind could behold the Allness and the Ever Presence of GOD wheresoever you may be and wheresoever you may go in the desirable expressions of good and of GOD, or the undesirable predicaments of life, whatsoever they may be, GOD is there. You can't think about where I go, I will be the same for GOD is there. There is a witness as Mr. Lewis used to say often, so he would feel good. He would get the witness of something. Now there is a wit-ness when you get to talking about the Ever Presence of GOD and the Omnipresence of GOD. There is a witness that goes with those affirmations. It is the comfort of the Divine. By faith you realize that it is real. It is Wonderful! Oh, it is Wonderful!

If you can hold that thought up, keep it upper-most in your consciousness, keeping yourselves convinced and converted into such belief, there would be no predicament that you could get in that you would not be happy, for the Consolator would be there to give consolation to the desolate in sorrow.

'He is my comforter in trouble, He is my stay.'

So glad!'

GOD May Not Be Expressing HIMSELF Or He In Operation But HE Is There

'GOD is everywhere and this Message that I have brought out to you tonight is just to verify that. It has been brought out in words, but this is to verify that you cannot go anywhere where GOD is not, mentally, spiritually or otherwise. In whatsoever condition you find yourself, GOD is there, if you really and truly know the truth concerning HIM. HE may not be expressing HIMSELF, or HE may not be in operation, but HE is there.'

'Where the average person, as I have said before, there are expressions and great manifestations of GOD's Love and Life and Spirit and Understanding in individuals, and when you get out of tune, when you get out of harmony, then it will appear that GOD is not there, but GOD is there just the same. It is just like if you are running along driving your car and suppose you get it out of gear and you may be just stepping on the gas if it gets out of gear, and you can step on the gas all you want to, but you have to put it in gear and it is all right. So be in harmony or in tune, and be attuned to the Spirit vibrations of the CHRIST, and Mind of GOD and it is all right.'

When You Are Detached From the World, You Will Know That Your Revelations Come From HIM

'If you are attached to any of your preconceived ideas, opinions, fancies, pleasures or desires, or connections, physically, mentally or spiritually, these connections may transmit to you some thought or some inspiration according to their individual belief or version concerning things. Do you see the great significance? That is why I say when you are detached entirely from the world, you know from whence cometh your revelations, your inspirations, you know that they come from HIM, and your mind is stayed only on HIM.

You cannot get a revelation, you cannot get a message in this home by radio unless you have one in here, and if you have one in here and you have it detached, why then you cannot get one anyway, but if you have it attached and turn it on, then that number that you turn on, from that station you will receive the message, and it may not be the station that you may think all the time. Sometimes you may get another station that may be on the line, or be broadcasting at that time, that is because there are so many in the air, or on the air. Therefore, you must attach and detach yourselves. Attach yourself to the line of the CHRIST Mind, and detach yourself from the line of the mortal mind, and then whatsoever will come to you by inspiration, it will be in harmony with your Creator.'








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