"Out of Mortality There Is No Death

"Thousands of Lives Depend On Your Representation of the Perfect"



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Because You Do Not Know the Scriptures and the Power of CHRIST

''Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost shall have come unto you:'

but you cannot receive that power if there is a short circuit there. Short circuit your wire and the power cannot come unto you. The motor of your soul cannot develop the CHRIST. The motor of your automobile, if through a short circuit the power cannot or does not come into it, if there is a short circuit, it may not develop one quarter of its power, and it will not be a high powered motor car.

Most any kind of a car can pull more than your high-powered car, like a locomobile, or any kind of a high-powered car. Most any kind of a car can pull more than one of those big cars if it has a short circuit and the power is not going into the motor. It is there and it is built for the development of 120 horsepower, maybe 150 horsepower, wherein a little Austin may be built for only ten horsepower. And within the ten horsepower car there may be expressed more power than in the 150 horsepower car, if it has a short circuit and if it has come into contact with anything else but that which is right to contact its power...


Rear yards of 72 and 76 Macon Avenue, Sayville, L. I.

Rear yards of 72 and 76 Macon Avenue, Sayville, L. I.





Every last one of you had that seed idea implanted in the soil of your souls, but because you contacted and short circuited the power of the CHRIST, it could not be developed as it has been brought into expression here. Every one of you had that power and when it was quickened you had a foretaste of it, but you could not bring it into expression although it was there. There have been many thousands of thousands of people that have had the same CHRIST in them as was in Jesus, and every one has that same CHRIST, but they did not bring it into expression or into full development because they were not willing to pay the price that it costs to develop the CHRIST as was in Jesus. It is Wonderful

Some wonder, 'How can this one be CHRIST? How can that one be CHRIST? When there is but one CHRIST.' 'How could Mohammed and Buddha? How could Jesus be CHRIST? How could the other one be CHRIST and be like that.' You err because you do not know the Scriptures and the power of CHRIST. There is one CHRIST to be made manifest in and unto them that will develop HIM. I say, in and unto them that will develop HIM. You err because you know not the Scriptures and the power of GOD, and you live in materialism and carnality and mortality. You heed not the voice of GOD. You live in your pre-conceived ideas and human tendencies, fancies, pleasures and desires, and you veil the CHRIST from your vision and therefore HE cannot he expressed to you.

Now it is like pouring water on a duck's back to you, isn't it? Now to you who have questioned that, why is it that you don't get up and confess it now? It is like pouring water on a duck's back now, because you will not hear as many times as I have expressed the same - one CHRIST in all and one GOD in and through all and over all. But you have looked at CHRIST as matter from your carnal mortal viewpoint and you have lived in materialism and mortality. Unless you get out of it, you will also be a representative of the same in the waningness of mortality as it goes down to the dust! How can it be, as long as some of you have been here and heard ME talk and heard ME explain. You have never heard ME say that GOD was matter or personality, but the Impersonal Life is impersonal with or without a body. And as you hear ME say so often, I will do what I will do with or without a Body, and I mean that!

The Grand Principle Will Be Manifested In a Body That Is Sufficiently Self-denied

I would be the same if I didn't have any Body if I was f - - l enough to be even as one writer said, 'When this poor lisping, stammering tongue lies silent in the grave.' I would be the same. GOD never changes. The visible expression is for the appeasement of the human mind, but GOD is eternally the same without the manifestation from a material or visible standpoint of view. GOD could visibilate HIMSELF and GOD can recreate and manifest HIMSELF. GOD can visibilate HIMSELF and vanish out of your sight. GOD has always been in expression, and in expression manifested HIMSELF as HE willed from time to time, and when that spiritual idea shall have found a body sufficiently denied for the development of that expression, the True Principle, the Grand Total, so shall it be made manifest.

That is why the Word says,

'Let a man deny himself.'

And that is why it says,

'He came in the likeness of sinful flesh, to condemn sin in the flesh.'

So it is CHRIST manifested in the flesh, and the CHRIST is made the manifestation, and the manifestation is the Manifestor, for they are one,

'and they that are joined unto the Lord are one spirit.'

It is Wonderful! But you must develop that expression mentally and spiritually and bring it into actuality by your consciousness of same, and fulfill that which I have said, The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the source of all supply and will satisfy every good desire. That is not confined to material things, neither is it confined to mental things, neither is it confined to spiritual things, but every good desire reaches out both in the material, spiritual or mental world for manifestation or for expression. So it is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! These Words are faithful and true. They are messages to you.

I express MYSELF in MY greater expression when I AM in accord and tuned to MY Spirit, and MY Mind, MY Body, and MY Will, and MY Ways, and MY Spirit, being in perfect accord.

'Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.'

The expression of GOD is the expression of Truth and the Grand Principle is developed in those of you that are consecrated to the service of GOD, the Will and the Way, self-denied and sacrificed. GOD is no respecter of persons. The Spirit of the CHRIST is in you and GOD is not materiality, personality or carnality, yet GOD did materialize HIMSELF as HE developed HIMSELF in a material Body, and wheresoever and whensoever HE brings HIMSELF into individual expression, that is where HE is until HE ceases to express HIMSELF in that manifestation. GOD is GOD with or without a Body, and GOD is not materiality, mortality or carnality. No one needs to take a picture of ME, for you cannot confine ME to a physical picture or stature, for I AM not that, I AM not carnality, mortality or materiality.

Out of Mortality There Is No Death

'To be carnally minded is death: but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.'

And you subject yourself to those things that are called death by looking upon GOD and upon others from a material standpoint of view. You find in Romans 8:13,

'If ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.'

You must mortify the preconceived ideas and the opinions, appearances, inclinations, fancies and pleasures of the mortal version of your human mind, mortify them, not walk by them,

'For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.'

By that you will be led out of mortality; and out of mortality there is no death. All mortals are subject to death. Mortality, or the thing that pertains unto the mortal world is the thing that is the expression, or the forerunner of death, for all mortals are subject to death.

Hence, get out of the mortal version of things and you will be incorruptible, undefiled and will not fade away.

'For if so be that the Spirit of Christ dwell in you, the Spirit of him that raised up Christ from the dead, shall also quicken your mortal bodies,'

and the body shall have been dead because of sin, and alive because of righteousness, and in that you died, you died because of sin, and in that you live, you shall live unto GOD, if you choose to do so.'

Any Unseemly Thing That You Do In Deceit Separates You From FATHER

'There are those of you, some of you right here under MY Personal jurisdiction, expecting or looking for ME Personally to house you, feed you and clothe you or heal you when you are sick or keep sickness away from you, give you joy and happiness and the Holy Ghost, and yet you can conceive ideas to do things with ulterior motives and do things that you would not want ME to see and know, and yet think you can be in fellowship with ME. Then they wonder why their presence is not pleasant to ME, because they have separated themselves from ME in words, deeds and in actions, and think that I don't know it. Any time you can do anything you don't want ME to know, even if you think I don't know it, it may be a weakness in you, but it is a rebelliousness in you when you think I don't know it.

GOD will bear your infirmities, but the way of the transgressor is a hard way. I mention that because there are those here now and those not here now that have done and said things that they did not want ME to know, and then think that they can be close to ME and be MY private secretaries even, when they can do things that they would not want ME Personally to know; yet they want personal communication with ME. Do you think they can reach ME? They cannot reach MY health and happiness and peace and joy, and they wonder why they cannot. It is because they have lived in the spirit of separate-ness from that which MY Name stands for and would bring to them. So that is the idea. It is Wonderful!

Now to think about some of you coming up here and thinking to yourselves you will get for yourselves letter boxes at the post office and think I don't know it, and have your mail come to the post office and think I don't know it. It would be all right if you did not do those things deceitfully, and then you wonder why I don't feel like taking you with ME and talking to you. Now if you want a box at the post office, and don't want your mail to come with the other mail, don't try to hide it. Some can tell you, 'Don't let your mail come,' and all such as that, and yet they think they can be in fellowship with ME and you see where they are.

Any time you can do anything unseemly in deceit, then and there you have separated yourself from ME mentally and spiritually, and mentally and spiritually it must be physically and personally when that which is done in the spirit or the mind is made manifest. Your body is the manifesto of it and you will not be near ME or come near ME, neither will you enjoy the blessedness of the place that we enjoy. You want to be enjoying it, want to get ready and go out, want to go, but do you think I want a Jonah on board breaking down the cars? I want your hearts and your minds and those of you that are not willing to give ME your hearts, spirits and minds and bodies, you are not worthy of ME by any consideration.'

Thousands of Lives Depend On Your Representation of the Perfect

During a recent judgment in the Kingdom, it was brought out that one of the Angels had had the wish to always testify in the meetings when FATHER was not Personally in the room, so that HE could not hear what was said; also that another Angel in a public place where a group of Angels were together, had allowed a man who was an old friend to put his arms around her, hug her and press his face to hers. Various other things were brought out bearing on deceit and FATHER concluded the judgment with a wonderful talk in which HE said we were only fooling ourselves in trying to be deceitful. HE said that even if HE were a natural man, HE could certainly know what was going on in HIS own household, and in HIS own family. HE said it did not take a man long when he came home and was in the midst of his family to sense if anything was wrong. HE said that in HIS case, all of our minds were fixed upon HIM, and what was there came to HIM. HE explained that even in nature there was the sense to know these things. HE said that if a guinea hen or a partridge had a nest somewhere in a hedge in which they had laid an egg and you went and put your hand into the nest, whether you took out the egg or not, even if they did not return to the nest for a couple of days, they would know your hand had been there and they would not lay again in that nest. This was true, HE said, even if you kept them in captivity in a chicken house. You had to take the eggs out of the nests with a spoon or they would not lay there. They would lay the eggs on the floor if they were forced to, but they would not go near the nests. HE continued

'GOD is more than a guinea hen or a partridge. Now GOD gave the animals that sense; how much more would HE give it to HIS own Son who obeys HIM. So it is better, even if there would be something seemingly wrong, for you to condemn, it would be better for you for the general Cause for which you are going forth, not to see the adverse, but to see the perfect and to bring forth the perfect for your own good. For this is not the representation of the imperfect, but the representation of the perfect upon which and upon whom thousands of lives are hanging. You can destroy by wholesale, every one you get to disbelieve or doubt ME by your carelessness, or thoughtlessness, or doubtfulness; you will cause those people to be sick, to be in trouble and deprive them of their blessings they might have.

So you can see what a great enemy to your own so-called friends you can be, calling yourself their friend and causing them to doubt ME and cutting them off from the blessings I have in storehouse for them. For I have not changed, I AM just the same, but the change in your mind has been considerable and it is to be considered that your mind is greatly changed.

Do Not Allow That Deceiving Jonah Thought Or Mind To Sleep In Your Mind

You are transformed by the renewing of your mind. You do not think as you used to think, you do not act as you used to act, therefore, your faith in ME is moving undesirable conditions of almost every kind, in your system and in your mentality. Therefore, it is essential for your own good and for the good of others not to do anything that will cause yourself nor others to doubt ME.

'How careful then, ought we to live, With such religious fears.'
'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is...'

in the heavenly state of consciousness. And when you glorify GOD, you can be happy, but as soon as you begin to be something or to deviate, you cut yourself off and you need not to think that GOD does not see it. You may hide it from the outside, but the wind or the waves, or something, knew that Jonah was on the ship. They knew it, and the ship would not be still. The winds and the waves would not obey until that thought was gotten out and was thrown overboard. It is Wonderful!

You have got to get out that thought and get it out quickly, or else the ship will go to wreck. Taking that old thought down in the bowels of your mind and letting it sleep there, lying dormant, saying, 'Well, no need to bother FATHER, HE will scold me,' and all such as that, but if that car scolds you it will be worth a scolding much more than that I will do. Do not allow that Jonah thought or mind deceivingly to go down into the ship of your mind and go to sleep down there, hiding from the Captain.

Now if you don't want your ship wrecked, don't let him go down there and if he has gone down there you had better get him out and get him out at once, for your ship will go to wreck. I AM telling you. That was what that typified, Jonah on board the ship, conceiving those thoughts and concealing them and putting them down in the bowels of your mind in quietness. They are lying dormant and your ship is having great trouble on the Sea of Time on account of those concealed thoughts, for it is written that you must give an account of every vain and idle thought and every word you say. So you can think all you want, but it will not be good for you to have Jonah's thoughts, have any deceiving thought concealed in your ship, on your Ship of Faith. It is Wonderful! It is a lesson!

Now suppose someone would doubt ME, seeming the man up there hugging you and say, 'That is FATHER DIVINE's Angels, talking about living a pure and spotless life, and look at the Angels.' I AM talking about allowing such things to be performed that would cause someone to doubt ME. As the Apostle said on one occasion,

'Have thou faith? have it unto thyself.'

Though you knew that he did not mean any harm and though you did not mean any harm, you might have known that some mortal mind would not look at it that way, and slander the Kingdom.

Greet All the Holy Brethren With a Holy Kiss According To the Bible

It is something like a minister that was here once, belonging to the Methodist Church. I didn't say anything to him, but you can see plainly that what I say is true. He went all the way around the table and kissed all of the sisters and skipped over Mr. Joseph and I and all of the brothers and kissed all of the sisters. Then I thought like this, if I AM not as much in the Spirit as the sisters, I knew Mr. Joseph was. So you see, I always have somebody to bring it out, for it looked like Mr. Joseph was just as happy as they were, and just as much in the Spirit as they were. But I did not say anything because it would look as though I were humanly or mortally jealous because he kissed Mother. Well of course, the old brother did not mean any harm, but that was just ignorance. He should have been intelligent enough to know that that would show his mortal fancies. He should have known that Mr. Joseph was as much in the Spirit as some of the Angels anyway, even as much as Mother, even if I was not as much in the Spirit as the others. So the old brother, he didn't even know any better.

Now the Bible told the brethren to 'Greet all the holy brethren with a holy kiss.' It did not tell the sisters to do that; the Apostle was speaking to the brethren, to greet all of the brethren with a holy kiss. It did not say a thing about the sisters and it did not tell a sister to kiss a brother and it did not tell a brother to kiss a sister, but it told all brethren to greet all brothers with a holy kiss, and he was talking to the brethren. And there are denominations that do this today. There are churches' right here in New York City that carry that out.'

Give ME Your Understanding, What You Know and What You Think

'It is Wonderful! It is essential to be honest in words, deeds and actions, and self- denied in all ways, shapes, forms and fashions, for if you will live according to MY instructions I will preach CHRIST in deeds with you and in you and through you and in actions, putting MY Spirit in you and causing you to walk in MY I Statutes, but if you do not, you will not be eternally happy. You will have wants and you will have lacks and you will have limitations. You will have undesirable conditions, so I say, let this mind be in you that was in the body called Jesus nineteen hundred years ago. Meek and lowly is the way. Do not deceive yourselves, GOD is no respecter of persons and has no respect unto persons. It has been proven.

There are those of you that will come to ME with your tongue and teeth and your hearts being far from ME, and yet you would think you had the right to have the same inheritance in the Kingdom as those that are coming with their whole heart. I said, 'sons and daughters, give me your hearts,' which is to say, give ME your understanding, give ME whatsoever you see or know, whatsoever you think, whatsoever may consist of your mental or your spiritual world Give ME your heart. You will be blessed accordingly.

When you are doing things, saying things, living in that world of separateness from GOD, just to the reverse, you have misconceived the conception. You have heard the voice, but you thought it was applicable to GOD. Instead of being applicable to GOD it is applicable to the world. You should live in the spirit of separate-ness from anything else but GOD, not live in the spirit of separateness from GOD in bodies, words, deeds and actions, but in the spirit of unity, coming to the at-one-ment with GOD and living in the spirit or state of separateness from the world. You heard the voice, but as you were living in a selfish state of consciousness, you applied that to GOD and separated yourself from GOD as did Adam and Eve in the Garden when they hid themselves behind the trees. You should separate yourselves from the world, then you would be in fellowship with GOD.

Now some cannot be in fellowship with ME continually or even partially because they have I not come to the at-one-ment in thoughts, words, deeds and actions. They will say I AM GOD in being here under MY jurisdiction and being in ME, that is saying it, and then they will come to ME with their tongue and teeth, telling someone else more than they tell ME. They will tell others things they will not tell ME, and then think they can reach ME. I say 'No.' You reach ME through your mind, through your thoughts, for thoughts are things. If you can think one thought or if anyone else can think anything or see anything or know anything that you do not want ME to know, then that person I can be closer to ME than you can. And then you wonder why you cannot get close to ME. That is not only applicable to GOD but to any group. Wheresoever any group is together, if they are in harmony, one of heart and one of mind, they can be together, if they are bandits. But when you are divided in thoughts, deeds, words or actions, you are divided. If you are not thinking like the other fellow thinks and the other fellow is thinking something you don't know and he holds those thoughts that you don't know, he is separating himself from you. But if you harmonize and bring your thoughts together, why then you can be together. Now that is a natural course of practical psychology, of mortal human psychology, for the good of all mankind. Know that GOD is no respecter of persons.

Then some come to ME and say, 'FATHER, can I go with YOU?' and, 'I want to go,' when they think I AM going out, when their hearts are far from ME and they want to do this, and see this, and know this, that they don't want ME to know. You are condemning your own soul, getting up and preaching ME and claiming to know ME when your heart and your mind is far from ME. So that is the way it is.

Some Are Resentful Against ME Because They Do Not Want To Be Under the Controller and Master

As I say, and have said so often, GOD is present everywhere, and I want you to know that GOD is present everywhere just like I say. Then if GOD is present everywhere why are you hanging around ME? If you can he just as happy without ME why are you hanging around ME? If you can be in harmony with ME, if you are absolutely one; you can be just as happy without ME as with ME, but first you must be made one, then the same GOD will be with you wheresoever you are. But as long as you live in mortal consciousness, in the state of separateness, you cannot express the at-one-ment of the expression of the unity of the Spirit that dwelleth with GOD, or the spirit of the unity of the Spirit. That is the cause of that which exists and such that happens. And some are far from ME, adverse and actually strifeful at ME, and if I were not so far above them from a Personal stand. point of view, they would want to actually condemn ME. And I know their hearts.

You cannot reach ME, for I AM not in your world. But some are actually resentful against ME because it is the Master of their destinies and the Controller of their times, and they do not want to be in the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of all times. I say it and I know it. They are actually resentful. There is a spirit exists like that at times and I see it MYSELF. Now that is why I don't approve of anyone trying to get to ME and tell ME anything through strife.

Everyone Gets Their Just Deserts

That is why I spoke as I did when Mrs. Manson wanted to get up and say something about what Miss Mary said. Everyone gets their just deserts. Miss Mary will get hers and she is getting hers or has got hers, the same as all the rest of you will get yours. If you can do anything deceivingly, if it doesn't get you in the wash it will get you in the rinsing. It is Wonderful! So that is the idea. That is why I don't approve of anyone trying to say anything just to get something on someone. If there be anything spoken of, if there is anything you want to say, do not say it because there is any strife or anything you want to get on someone else. Tell the truth on your own body and your own mind, then tell it on anyone else, but tell the truth just as it is and have an unselfish mind, will and desire.

So you that are always talking so much, live the Life. Be the thing! Be the thing, you see, because you are only deceiving yourselves. It looks like you ought to know it by now. You are deceiving yourself, you ought to know that you are deceiving yourself when you talk so and shake so much and pretend to be in the Holy Ghost and then do not live the Life. Express MY Life in deeds and in truth. Express it in deeds and in truth and every last one of you are like I said last night to Mary, when you can get up and talk and preach about ME and want to know more than anybody else, then be it and prove it. Do not say one thing and then turn right around and call ME a liar; then your GOD is a liar and you see yourself dwindling away because you have condemned your head. Mentally and spiritually you have cut off your head.

It Matters Not What Anyone Else Does You Do YOUR Work

So live the Life and be just as you say you are. GOD is no respecter of persons. And if you once are true, remain true and there will be no occasion for any change in deeds or actions or anything like that, and there will be no occasion for a change in your accommodations or anything like that. Just like in school. 'When you miss a day, or misspell a word, you go to the foot of the class, and if one in the class can spell a word and the others cannot spell it that one cuts all the others down, and that one gets to the head of the class and will stay there unless they misspell the word or miss a day so they will have to go down to the foot. That is the idea.

So if you are faithful and true and know that, GOD is just. But as soon as you make a mistake or miss a day, or something of that kind, you are cut down and you cannot get back up spiritually, legally or legitimately, or rightfully legally in any kind of legitimate way unless you work yourself back up. That is the way it goes. It is Wonderful! And that is only a shadow and a type of the Truth. See?

So if you want to go down to the foot, you can get cut down and cut down until you get completely down to the foot, and after awhile you will be expelled from school. That is the way those things are. Now if anyone desires to fill a position, let them fill it satisfactorily. I don't want anyone to fill a position in MY Kingdom that they are not satisfied at filling, and I don't want them to do anything they don't want to do, for the Word says, '

Serve the LORD with gladness,'

and if you cannot fill it with gladness and willingness, I don't want you to do it, for there are plenty that are willing and ready to do it. It cannot be the Kingdom of GOD expressed unless you do it with gladness. If you do anything and you are filling an occupation, do not do it with resentment, as Adam so that he had to work in the sweat of his brow; don't be angry because someone else is not filling the position - if you have a position, you do your work pleasantly. It matters not what anyone else has done, you do your work, and if you don't want to fill the position, don't do it.


When I Speak About Anything, It Works Out Wonderfully

I AM paying what you charge ME and I AM paying the other fellow what I AM obligated to pay him, and you have no right to complain about them sleeping or not working, or anything like that, you have nothing to do with that. But some get resentful at times because others are not working. You are only supposed to do the work you are employed to do. Then some want to fill a position and want to be jealous of someone else filling a position, and want to jump off and leave because I have to have more help. I said some time ago, I will have to have a thousand secretaries and bookkeepers, just like the Charles Williams stores and Sears Roebuck. I will have to have a thousand, and I will always have to have them. Now if you want to jump off and leave because I have some to help you, and you cannot do it, why then you can go.

Now I have lots of help around here, waitresses and laundresses and all such as that. Now if it keeps up as it has been going, I will have to have a thousand secretaries and at least twenty-five cooks. It is Wonderful! When I speak of anything, it works out so wonderfully. I try to put it through a screen, as it were, and hold it back, but it works out anyway. Just like with the mechanics. I said, I will have MY own mechanics and I will not bother with these garages, and they just came, and it looks like I cannot get rid of them. I AM going to have carpenters, contractors and everything and won't have to go out of the Kingdom for anything. This is just a slight sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of a percent of what I will have manifested.'




'Except your righteousness exceed that of the Pharisees, you have no place in the Kingdom of GOD.'

'Love one another, love one another,
Love one another forever.
Love one another, love one another,
Love one another forever.
Stand together, stand together,
Stand together forever.
Stand together, stand together.
Stand together forever.
Be like God, be like God,
Be like God forever.
Be like God, be like God,
Be like God forever.'

(Sung By FATHER Personally)

The ONE I AM Preaching About Is Right In This Little Body

In speaking before an audience in a church where HE had been a week previous, FATHER referred to an incident where a woman in the audience on the previous occasion had fallen as one dead because she had come to scoff or ridicule HIM. HE continued:

'Positive thoughts will bring about positive conditions in your bodies, and negative thoughts will produce negative conditions in your bodies. Now think good, and you will produce good. Quit thinking evil, for if you think evil you must manifest it in your own lives, and others will see the effect of the evil thoughts manifested in your bodies. Now that is not the first time that has happened. It usually happens that way. Think not that I AM come to destroy the church, nor anyone, neither anyone's home, nor true home-life, but I came to destroy the debauchery that is in the church of GOD. It is Wonderful! That is what I came for, to destroy the debauchery that is in the church of GOD. Evil and debauchery and all such as that that exists in the children of men. Now we are going to rejoice always. We are going to have one of the biggest expressions of love in Manhasset, for the pastor's sake and for your sake and all men will realize that GOD is a GOD at hand and not a GOD afar off.

The Apostle said,

'Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be made known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.'

MY GOD is always with you. HE is always with you and all you have to do is to live the Life. You do not have to call HIM down out of the sky. As I said last week, the One that I AM preaching about and the One that everybody else is preaching about is right in this little Body. Now you have a right to do the same thing and realize that HE is risen in your soul, and you don't need to fear, for HE that is within you is greater than all they that are in the world.'

Explanation of Faith and Feelings

'Feelings are not faith, but when you have faith before feelings and then you get that confirmation of feelings, faith is brought into expression in feelings by the Spirit of the living GOD. It is Wonderful! We do rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of great glory to realize that faith is the great thing and you are now consecrated.

If you are not consecrated as yet, Dear Ones, MY request to you today is, to give ME a consecrated heart. Give ME a consecrated mind. That may sound a little blasphemous, but if you give ME a consecrated heart and a consecrated mind, your so-called depressions and wants and lacks and limitations will pass away. I AM not asking you to give ME anything but a consecrated heart and a consecrated mind and your prayerful attention. And I will change the whole situation of things. I will prove to you as has been before said, that

'faith is the sub-stance of the thing hoped for, it is the evidence of the thing not seen.'

It is Wonderful! You do not see it with your physical eye, but when you consecrate your heart and your soul and your mind to GOD, then and there you will get the substance of the thing to hope for, the evidence of the thing you have not seen. So we do rejoice to be with you for a few brief moments this afternoon as your beloved pastor requested that we stop by.'

The above talk was given before a large audience in a church in Flushing, Long Island, New York.

** *** **

'MY Word is quick and powerful, dividing asunder the joints and marrow and discerning the soul and the spirit. Webster cannot do that. Webster defines the soul as the spirit, but MY Word is a discerner of the souls of men, dividing asunder between the soul and the spirit. MY Word, which is MY understanding, knows that the soul and the spirit are twain.'

Rise In the Arms of Faith, Not Sight, and Be Closer Drawn to GOD

'Realize that CHRIST strove to get men to speak positive words. Don't wait to see, for 'faith is the substance of the thing hoped for, the evidence of the thing not seen.' Therefore, being justified by faith, you have peace with GOD by speaking positive, by living positive and by being positive. It is Wonderful Faith is just as much real; in faith there is the reality of things. In sight you are deceived in many instances. But by faith you are justified. Do not wait to see and do not run by sight, or do not feel more positive with that which is manifested or expressed by the sense of physical sight than you do with that which is expressed by faith. That which is expressed by faith, Dear Ones, is much more positive, 'for faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence of things not seen.' It is not seen, don't you see. It is not SEEN. Get that! It is not seen. If it is faith, it is not seen. It is Wonderful!

So therefore, you are consecrated to the service of GOD. I know you are consecrated. And I know you have risen in the arms of faith, not by sight, but by faith. You have risen and you are closer drawn to GOD. You are walking worthy of your vocation wherewith you are called and you will always feel the mental and spiritual presence of GOD, and HE has justified you and by faith you are justified and do talk with GOD, and you have peace and prosperity. That is why I have it. It is Wonderful!

Now I do not have to knock on wood when I make these positive declarations or affirmations. Why should I knock on wood when there is nothing but the perfect state to be to ME? I AM not studying about knocking on wood, not to perfect anything or to prevent anything, for such superstition does not exist in MY Conscious-ness. When I make affirmation of these limitless blessings that you have seen manifested through ME and by ME, I have made that declaration known that these things are real, and the only real thing is the positive affirmation when it is confirmed and made manifest. You affirm and GOD will confirm. You give thanks and GOD will increase. You give praises and GOD will multiply. For one writer said,

'Paul may plant, and Apollos may water; but God giveth the increase.'

GOD will increase your income, GOD will increase your success, GOD will increase your prosperity, GOD will increase your happiness and every desirable attribute or condition of good, GOD will increase it if you will ask, affirm, give thanks and give praises; then live the Life accordingly, for He said,

'Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.'

It is Wonderful!' (Given before a large audience in a church.)

** *** **


'Anger is destructive to the body. The body is not built to radiate that. It is something like an automobile that uses high test gas. You ought to see those spark plugs after you have used that for a while. They are all corroded and charred; they look like kindling wood or something like that, they are all burned up. So that is just the way anger is to your body. You will pay for it.'

'I will help you on your way, whatsoever way you are going. I AM the good ground and I will help you even in the way whatsoever your desire to do, I will help you in that way, whether it seems to be good or seems to be evil, whether it is for your personal good or for your personal destruction. But while I sang that song I thought about we sing so much and we talk so much so often, and also there are people in the mortal mind, they sing the same old songs all the time and even I get tired of singing one song all the time. Even though it is spiritual. Like that song about helping you on your way. And it is true and it looks like the mortal people out there, they have a set course of songs that they are supposed to sing in the churches and it looks like they ought to know the people would get tired of those songs all the time.'

GOD Was Not Just Born!

'It is wonderful when you can get to that place, and give GOD all the Glory for what GOD has done for you. There is a possibility of one's getting self-bewildered and telling what they have done for themselves without GOD. Not that I have even considered your testimonies, I have not considered your testimonies here, but it is possible for one to think to themselves what GOD has done for them, imputedly what they have done for themselves. I have heard hereto fore, boastious testimonies in thuswise, 'I don't have to see FATHER, FATHER has not done anything for me, I received such and such a thing long before I saw FATHER.' I have heard such testimonies as that. That is telling what they have done for themselves in a way of speaking, and then they find that GOD will not do for them any more. I have heard lots like that, 'I was such and such a thing, GOD has always blessed me, I always was blessed, and I didn't have to see FATHER,' and yet get up and say they know GOD. I must have just been born. It is Wonderful!

So that is how a thought could come in and be conveyed to a person, when they self-righteously and self-bewilderingly exalt themselves and their own name, don't you see, and then a thought would come that I would ignore a boastious testimony, but some will say something like that. 'HE didn't do anything for me, I was healed of such and such a thing before I ever saw HIM,' and then come here and testify that I AM GOD in words, deeds or actions, by even being here. Then some will think when a person wishes to boastiously ignore the One that they say is their GOD and exalt something invisible, which is exalting themselves indirectly in a way, don't you see, some will ignore that. That is the way that thought comes, don't you see.

I know many who have come and said they know GOD and then tell about what GOD has done for them before they knew ME, and had no need to come to ME for GOD has always blessed them. Now with such a concept as that, you can be just who you are and can glory in the Spirit of GOD. I mention that because there are lots of them you will come in contact with that will claim to have been healed, and when they come to that place, they cannot be healed any more and will justify themselves and say FATHER did not have to do anything for them because they had those blessings before they ever knew ME.'






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