"Losing Your Personal Identity and Gaining Your Identity With GOD

"The Gift Of GOD Is Within, Waiting For the Stillness Of the Conscious Mentality"


'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 32

Losing Your Personal Identity and Gaining Your Identity With GOD


'For this cause I came to convey to you this Message of Truth that it may be in you your highest ideal of perfection -- the CHRIST in your lives. So perfect your lives in the CHRIST and unify yourselves with the Infinite Whole that you may be one and one indeed, having lost your personal or human identity and being dissolved in the Infinite Whole. It is Wonderful! '








'It is such a glorious privilege, Dear Ones, to know that by this Truth you will bring your body into the atonement or to the great atonement, the great at- at-one-ment to GOD your heavenly FATHER, and being one with HIM you will be made one in body and in spirit. And your body will be blessed with the Spirit and hence, when all shall have been completed you cannot get the soda out of the biscuit without getting the biscuit. But it is essential to lose your mortal conception of things, for he said that the first Heaven and the first earth passed away, and then the second one came down out of that imaginary Heaven. It is Wonderful! Came out of that spiritual realm or spiritual concept of things, saw it coming down out of Heaven to the earth, coming down to the material state of consciousness or manifestation. And that is why we are so materially blessed, by our recognition of our personal identity with GOD and by losing our personal identities with mortality, for all mortals are subject to death. It is Wonderful!

'Losing your personal identity and gaining your identity with GOD from whence you came, it will make you new in spirit, in body and in mind and you too will know and be known even also as I AM, for GOD is no respecter of persons and has no respect unto persons. But know your GOD first, and then you will know yourself. You will find that your self, that you called yourself once, you will find that you will have lost all thought of that self as was called self from your mortal human standpoint of view, and you will not see it as part of yourself any more, as being that old individual that once lived. You will not feel like it.

'By so doing you will get all of those negative conditions and sickness, physical sickness and mental sicknesses and spiritual ones, they will get off of your track when You get in the CHRIST and let the CHRIST Life, as being called in the religious world, 'When the Christ life shall prevail and the blood of Christ prevails,' and' you can say that the CHRIST Life prevails and you shall have been freed from all of your characteristics, instincts and tendencies that you were attached to, undesirable ones, and all inherited infirmities and every negative or undesirable condition Only from above will you get presentiments and intuitions. You will only get them from that which you are at-tuned to and that which you have tuned in on, and you will not get it from those adverse adversaries of the former, for

'the former things shall have passed away and there shall be no more sea.'

GOD'S Ways Are Past Finding Out

'You can go back from the earliest existence and you will find that GOD's ways are past finding out, but yet there are some of HIS expressions being revealed. GOD has always had a way to come, but not according to the mortal version of the mortal mind, not according to your human desires, fancies and pleasures, but according to the Will of GOD. Not my way,

'not my will,'

in other words, says the Master,

'Thy will be done.'

The way of the expression of GOD was revealed wherein it was hid, and many said, 'find GOD some other way,' but they found HIM in a different way from the way that they said to find HIM. They always did,

'For my ways are not your ways, neither are your thoughts my thoughts, saith the LORD.'

In the expression of GOD through the prophets and patriarchs of old, GOD would appear in expression as being prophets and leaders and seers in a way that would be least expected. The human mind has set plans and set ways to bring out the pure perfect example. But so often it comes in a way that you know not. It is Wonderful!' 'If you are naught from a human standpoint of view, why GOD can make you something.'

'There was a man in olden times called Abraham, and GOD told Abraham to cast out the bond-woman and her son and have the free woman and her son remain. And Isaac was born when Abraham was well stricken in age, and he came not in the way expected, for man had thought in his heart, no doubt, if there be a man of promise, GOD will set apart some young man and some young woman and HE will see that they marry, and they will be strong and vigorous and their son, the son of the promise, but GOD's ways are past finding out. The son of promise came by the way of Sarah and not by the way of Hagar. And it was wonderful all the way through ages of time that blessings would come and would appear, and would be made manifest in a way that you thought not, in a way that the human mind thought not. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!'

Mortality Is A Spirit and Mind Of Rebelling That Is Desirous Of Overcoming GOD

FATHER has said many times recently, that there is nothing in dreams unless they are brought out into expression on the material plane and can be pointed out, but this morning one of the Angels supposed to have the Holy Ghost, got up when FATHER was not in the dining room and said, 'FATHER says there is nothing in dreams, but I know there is something in this one,' and then continued to relate a long dream in detail. Upon FATHER's return to the Table HE was told of what had been said, and HE spoke as follows: 'As I often say, mortality will never be checked, will never be changed or restrained to walk in the light of GOD, for mortality is not subject to the law of GOD, neither indeed can be. It is a spirit of rebelling or a spirit and mind desirous of overcoming GOD. Whether individuals that live in mortal consciousness or not - it in them - whether they know it or not, it in them has a desire and an inclination to bring out something as an accusation and as a condemnation of GOD, not knowing that when they condemn their head their body must die.

'So it is a thought in mortal mind. The spirit of man, the spirit of man, oh, it is Wonderful! I quoted then the Spirit of GOD from the body called Mr. Titus. I heard him. When I repeated that I heard the Spirit of GOD from the body of Mr. Titus say that. It has always been a spirit of rebelliousness, it is a spirit of trying to refute that which is perfect, that which is the Ideal, and of course, it will come up in you, and the only way to meet, of course, with a spirit that tries to curse and condemn, is to cast that spirit or that characteristic or that personality out of you, which is mortality. The mortal state of consciousness, cast it out of you, for he will rise in you and cause you to do, think and say things that will be detrimental to your well-being, detrimental to your physical development and betterment. It is Wonderful!

'You must be born again, born of the new and living way. You must be born out of the mortal version of things and out of the mortal tendencies and out of the mortal inclinations and out of the mortal characteristics and be birthed out into the light of GOD, be birthed so that you can be free from the infirmities and the curse of such that has been imputed upon mortality. Rebellious against GOD! So you had better be watchful that you cast out those thoughts or every mortal version or every mortal tendency by casting it out of your system through casting it out of your consciousness, all of the characteristics of mortality that tend in any way to seek anything to refute the Truth.


'Now if there had been anything in that dream wherein it would have manifestedly proven, humanly speaking, to be true, if there would have been or would have been some evidence in this message that he terms it not true, that one would have been stamped as true from a natural standpoint of view. But there is no evidence in that one there, because you say that in the dream Mr. Thomas was a witness in the meeting. If we had gone to that big church this morning and if it had been fulfilled, with him there in the same suit and saying the same things, and if he had acted in the same way, and if all of the different ones had been there and you could have declared them beforehand, their quotations, etc., if you would have seen it and explained it beforehand and then brought it into fruition, then you could say that you knew that was true, and it would be true from a mortal standpoint of view. But there is no evidence to prove that it was true, no natural evidence, much less spiritual evidence for you to condemn that which I say.

'Now even that which I say, some of you have tried to refute MY Words and have continued to say so often that there is truth in dreams. One of these days I will let your dreams materialize for you the things that you desire to realize, materialize you your dreams, materialize your food, materialize your raiment, materialize your comforts and conveniences, materialize your personal friends, personal associations, materialize your every desirable expression of good for the sustenance of the body and for the comfort and convenience of the body.

'Now when I step back and allow your dreams to support you, you may dream of flying but you will not have any wings. So you can see the great significance of realizing the Truth, because if you do not realize the Truth I will see if you can materialize the Truth without realizing it. And that is a lesson for all of you that will try or allow mortality, personality, John Smith, or human inclinations, fancies or pleasures, to refute what I say or do. It is Wonderful! It is a lesson. Now I don't recall saying that there is nothing to all dreams. I don't recall saying there is nothing to all dreams, but I know there is nothing to some dreams and especially those of you that live in the mortal concept of things and live in the dreamy state of consciousness and not living in the reality of things. Therefore to you these are revealed according to your mortal version as have been always given to the different individuals. It has always been given to the different individuals according to their mortal version of things.

'What you visualize vividly, consciously, often you can, if you are living in the mortal consciousness, see that in a dream or in a vision, as it may be called, but when you shall have wholly relaxed your conscious mentality, when you shall have put off mortality and put on the Divine Principle, the CHRIST Consciousness, allowing this Mind to be in you which was also in CHRIST JESUS, the Spirit of the CHRIST Consciousness will bring all in the spirit of your mind, or your individual mind, the things that are in the CHRIST Mind, and will reveal them unto you.'

You That Are Worthy Of ME Must Sacrifice Every Attraction Of the World

One of the Angels in the likeness of a woman testified this morning that a man who recently came to the Kingdom after being released by FATHER from a term of seven years in prison, had put his hands on her. FATHER spoke as follows:

'This is the Kingdom of GOD and we are not representing men and women or the opposite sex. We are representing the CHRIST, and request that you and all individuals be completely self-denied of all of your pre-inherited mortal fancies, affections and actions in every way. I know that you in mortal consciousness out there in the world, you live in that state of consciousness where men and women, if only for sociality, they like to contact, but those of you that are worthy of ME and of MY blessings and of being here in the Kingdom, must be willing to deny all of those things for MY blessings and MY Life. Whether you be those that are so-called male or female, whether you be those that are so-called married or unmarried, you must be willing to sacrifice those habits and customs for righteousness' sake that the Spirit of GOD may abound in you, that you might be detached from every attraction of the world and that you may be free to enjoy perfect peace and contentment in the Kingdom of GOD.

'Those of you that are willing to live according to MY immediate pre- rehearsed instructions, you will be able to enjoy the limitless blessings that I have in storehouse for all mankind when they are redeemed from among men and from those preconceived and pre-inherited influences and tendencies that are not in accord with MY Will and for the advancement of the Kingdom. MY Spirit is sufficient to guide you and keep you from these tendencies and from the customs or ways that tend to reflect your human affections, fancies, tendencies or pleasures, as would-be mortal mind in the mortal world. Those things are for the world out there and not for the Kingdom of GOD. I say that from the beginning, for if you or anyone else will allow those tendencies or fancies or pleasures to exist in you, it will separate you from the material home that GOD has prepared for you, the comforts and the accommodation, as well as the peace and happiness of the Spirit of CHRIST that has being brought into actuality here in your midst.'

** *** **

'Your human gifts, your mortal righteousness will bar you from ME. If you see anything, do anything, hear anything, or know anything that you know you would not want ME to know, and you conceal that thing from ME, maybe I will be busy when you want to see ME. Maybe you are not doing anything wrong, but you want to be modest and to be nice and not tell what you saw them do. Maybe you were so modest you didn't want to be a tattler. You have been taught not to be a tattler and your training has been that you will not break peace or anything like that. 'Well you are not going to break peace by not telling FATHER' something somebody else doesn't want ME to know, then when you come to ME I will be too busy.'

(Sung By FATHER Personally)

I Have the Spirit of All

'I have the spirit of all, I have the spirit of all,
I know that I have the spirit of all,
The spirit of all, The spirit of all,
I know that I have the spirit of all.
The spirit of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob.
I know that I have the spirit of all'.
The spirit of all, The spirit of all,
I know that I have the spirit of all.'

Parable Of Going To New York

One of the Angels brought up the subject tonight, of feeling resentment because someone else who claims to be following FATHER, is not living up to His Teachings. FATHER spoke as follows:

'Thousands and thousands of people tonight are going to New York City from Canada, from Boston, from Chicago, from St. Louis, Missouri, from Baltimore, from Philadelphia, from Washington, from Richmond, Virginia, from Raleigh, North Carolina, from Augusta, Georgia, from Jacksonville, Florida and they are coming into New York by boat, all endeavoring to make New York their individual trip and destination, and yet, the majority of them are not thinking about the other one that is going. They don't know anything about them. Thousands of them don't know anything about the other fellow going -have never seen him. But thousands of them are going to New York City. Keep your thoughts stayed on GOD and not on another. If you keep them on another you will get out of line, making your confessions to the mortal mind like yourself and as though you would be blind, for self is blind, blind physically, blind mentally, blind spiritually and otherwise blind.

'So be governed by your highest intuition by keeping your thoughts directed to GOD instead of another. It would be your destination, that which is your Ideal, that which has been revealed, that which has been brought into expression as the real for you, let that be your thought and be your mind, then you can be with HIM and if you want to, go where someone else is going, where thousands of people are going, to New York. Now there are thousands of people also going from New York, and there are those that would be, if you wished to go to New York, if you would get your mind on them and go where they are, you would not go to New York, you would go from New York. You would be going from the place that you are supposed to go to by going the way that someone else is going. So keep your mind steadfast and unmovable, saith the LORD. You all don't know how much love you have, do you? So loving and kind you are to ME.'

When In America, Speak American English

There has been a German-speaking woman in the Kingdom for some weeks and although she has been in this country for some years she has not learned to speak English very fluently. Several of the Angels speak German and they have been carrying on conversation with her in that language. The subject was brought up at the Table, and FATHER spoke as follows:

'That is a point of self-denial. You want to be your own, do your own, see your own. Having your own, being your own, doing your own, in that particular case you may have a desire to speak in your so-called own language. If you do not fast from that you will be subject to the germs of that nationality. Whatsoever kind of imperfection exists in them from a national standpoint of view, you will also be subject to the germs of that imperfection that exists, or did exist in them.

'That is another psychological point of view, that you detach yourselves from all of yourself, and in whatsoever state you find yourself, be therewith content, and whatsoever country you are in and whatsoever flag you are under, if you have the understanding to speak in that language that is mostly used, you verify the Scripture when you do that which was said,

'When in Rome do as the Romans do.'

Not because someone cannot understand what you say, but you see or you hear Me speak to you or to you all, in English, because I AM in an English-speaking country, unless perchance that MY invisible Spirit would move to say something by unction or by volunteer volition or by intuition, but to make it a practice to say anything that is as considered not by the Spirit or force of the Spirit, it is not necessary if I can speak it in English to the person that speaks English and he can understand.

'It is not a law that a person cannot speak other languages, but I say that when you can speak English, talking to ME or those that are around, why attract attention or reflect any thought upon yourself in any way, or cause anyone to think that you are speaking something about them or anyone else that you wouldn't want them to know. Why do you do that when it is not necessary? I have noticed in many cases at many times when someone is talking MY thought may be now to suppose 'little sister' came in and attracted attention, it matters not what it is, why call her in to cause our thoughts to detract from the things that we are talking about, to bring division,

'for where there is division, there is strife.'

So that is the great essential, to be watchful that you do not do anything or say anything that will cause distraction. It is Wonderful.'

How You Can Be Sure Of Getting Your Message Directly From GOD

One of the Angels testified this morning that whenever she heard another one that she mentioned by name, testifying of FATHER, she always wanted to say 'Peace' and stop them. She said she wanted to get rid of this tendency as she did not consider it the perfect love that FATHER advocated. FATHER replied by saying that it had been said to try the Spirit by the Spirit, and that when HIS Spirit rose up within her she had a thermometer that would give her the correct temperature of anything. HE said a thermometer had a substance in it that was the heaviest thing which could be found on the globe, outweighing any other mineral substance, but still in a thermometer it registered the slightest variation of temperature and you could tell whether things were hot or cold. HE said HE did not mean to imply that the one spoken of as causing the reaction being discussed was not in HIS Spirit, however, as there were different expressions and some could never walk together. HE continued:

'How do you know that an inspiration that comes to you is right? You know it by your self-denial. If an inspiration comes to you when you are living in the worldly state of consciousness you cannot positively know that it is right unless you are wholeheartedly consecrated, sacrificed and self-denied. But if you are wholeheartedly consecrated, sacrificed and self-denied, then that inspiration that comes to you must come to you from the world in which you are living, not the world that you are detached from, because you could not get a message from that world.

'But if you are living in your old world, or in the consciousness of others that are in that old world, if you are attached to others from a selfish standpoint of view, or if anyone is attached to you from a selfish standpoint of view, legally, mentally or otherwise, your words and inspirations may come from them and may not come directly from the Almighty. That is why the Word says, 'Unless a man forsakes all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple,' for unless you are completely detached from races, creeds, colors and such as that, and from every mortal version of the human mind, you may get an inspiration from them and think it is from GOD. That is why it is essential to walk with GOD and get inspirations directly from the Almighty. Detach yourselves from your mortal tendencies, fancies, pleasures, characteristics, etc., and from every personal thing, whether it be persons, personality, or any other individual thing, and attach yourself wholeheartedly to CHRIST through complete consecration and self-denial. Then by detaching yourself from your body, nothing less than CHRIST and nothing more than GOD HIMSELF, the Divine Spirit, can stand. Then and only then can you be sure of getting your messages, inspirations and interpretations directly from GOD. So it is essential to be completely self-denied and one with GOD and nothing with mortality. It is Wonderful!

'Now do you not see the great significance of self-denial? How can you judge between man and man, between yourself and another until you shall have or until you do fully deny yourself and sacrifice all your selfish personality, leaving individual self and individuality and all of John Smith's connections, relatives and kin. It is Wonderful! It is a miraculous change to take place in the lives of men. You cannot express ME, that which you say is GOD, nor be in fellowship rightfully and righteously until you shall have made your complete detachment. That does not only apply to what pertains to the external world, but all of your individual world in which you live, your personal body. A sacrifice was made by the Spirit of Jesus of all things even unto death, of His individual Body and of all connections of the mortal version of the human mind. He walked in the newness of life, He expressed the highest. And they could hear Him as they hear ME. Why do they hear ME? Because of detachment from the mortal world, from all of mortality, from all of John Smith and all of his relatives.

'You see, they are compelled to listen to ME and to MY call because it is the Spirit of the Allness of Omnipotence. It is a power that is so fascinating that it is in mortal consciousness you say, black magic, and some are afraid to touch MY Hand and all such as that, and yet they want to be around ME, and some want to be always around ME and shake hands with ME -- the different versions of the human mind of which GOD is independent of all. Such expressions are only for the appeasing of the mortal concept of the human mind. When you transcend both it and them you will be free from all mankind and you will be able to express CHRIST in the midst of the congregation of the people. It is Wonderful!'

'GOD desires that self, as human, be completely denied, that GOD may be expressed as GOD.'

The Whole Of Creation Responds To the Consciousness Of GOD

'It is wonderful to live in the spirit world and yet be visible and have the Spirit, the right to demonstrate and develop the things that are seen and heard in the spiritual realm of eternity. Because you are visible you can visibilate the condition of things that are within in the invisible realm. You can make visible things. It is Wonderful! For you are visible, the manifestation of GOD, making visible things that are invisible, materializing things that are spiritual, physicalating things that are belonging to the mental world and bringing into actuality all things that are spiritually visible, materially and mentally, and making them one, the true expression of GOD, the Creator of the things seen and unseen, and the Inspirator. Things that are unseen and could not be seen from the invisible realm, they are brought into expression, the real manifestor of the Invisible One, proving the Omnipotence and the Omniscience and yet the Omnipresence of GOD, then making it manifestedly material.

'The whole of creation responds to the consciousness of GOD. And the hidden treasures of GOD's Wisdom will offer up immediately when you touch the consciousness of the Allness of GOD in words, in deeds and in actions. All of the hidden treasures of GOD's understanding, they are willing to submit, they are willing to give up, they are willing to offer up all of the treasures, all of their mysteries, and all of their understanding as being concealed in them. They are willing and ready when you tap the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD. Recognizing the Allness of GOD, having the Master Key, you open up the hidden mysteries of all wisdom and it comes forth rushing at your command,

'Send me, send me. I am some ideas, I am some ideals, I am some interpretations, I am the inspiration of the Almighty, I am ready and willing to go forth and do thy bidding.'

'That is wisdom's treasures, giving up the great vocabulary of the Almighty, the great vocabulary of the Almighty, giving up. Offering up their treasures Offering up the hidden treasures of the understanding of wisdom, of life and of love, that have been hidden from ages back, and now are being revealed as GOD wills. So it is Wonderful!

'The very expression of the Truth is being brought into actuality by the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD. They are being revealed. So you can rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of great glory and realize the Allness of GOD being unfolded.'

When You Have Consciously Observed the Presence Of GOD, You Are Satisfied

'This great understanding of Truth still stands and stands still, and can calm the raging sea and hide GOD from the wind and the tempest that blows.

'As rivers of water in dry places and as a rock and as a shelter in the time of great storm.'

It is Wonderful! All wisdom responds to the great cosmic forces of nature through the CHRIST Consciousness of GOD's Presence and all the fullness of HIS attributes. Just now you feel the presence of the nobles, yea, all of the noblest of the earth, for it is Wonderful! The Wonderfullerest, the expression of Truth that is being revealed. Your conscious mentality is contacting the source of all wisdom, of all knowledge, of all truth, of all love, so far beyond all imagination of the human mind that consummates the whole love of the universe and disseminates the fullness thereof, and it has all dissolved in one, the great Love of GOD in the Spirit. It is Wonderful! It permeates, it vigorates and saturates your whole being, making you feel new and yet old as though from the foundation of the world.

'You came by the breath of the Almighty GOD Who created you in HIMSELF's likeness, expressing HIMSELF through the ages of the past, bringing you to the present, old and yet new. That is the great treasure of ME. It is Wonderful!

Truly might have that spirit of the consciousness of many been brought into expression through one, 'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.' There was a conscious reality expressed as a committee of one, but as the representative or the representation of all,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

When you have brought to your conscious observation the realization of the Presence of GOD, you are satisfied. You are the deeply and the deepest inspired of creation. Therefore, it satisfies. And a great calm comes over the whole sea of your understanding when the raging billows of materiality rage and mortality floats upon the sea of your faith and you have been somewhat disturbed. But when you call on the Master that lies seemingly, apparently asleep, HE rises in your consciousness and HE calms the waves in your mentality and bids them cease and HE steps out on the sea and brings Peace.

The Gift Of GOD Is Within, Waiting For the Stillness Of the Conscious Mentality

It is a great calmness when you visualize the realness of GOD. When you believe, you receive. Therefore, you are no more anxious concerning things, your anxiety ceases and there is a great calm. Peace has been spoken to the sea of your mind and it is still. You are in GOD's Will. Oh, that humanity as a whole, being expressed in many bodies, could but relax their conscious mentality and be still and know that all of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and all of that much- sought-for gift and talent, it is in short, the gift of GOD and is within waiting for the stillness of the conscious mentality that the CHRIST within might rise and unfold HIMSELF in HIS great Power and Love, and still and calm the raging seas of your mind and bid your happy moments commence.

'How great and marvelous are thy works, 0 God, for great and Holy is thy name.'
'The gospel of Christ, of it I am not ashamed,'

for all the glory is in His Name. Your anxieties cease and there is a great calm for the raging seas of your mind, the billows that caused you almost to go to shipwreck, as being called in mortal consciousness, nervous breakdowns, have been stilled. CHRIST in your consciousness, being in the bowels of the ship, rises, says 'Peace,' and the ship becomes calm and peaceful and there is no such a thing as nervous breakdowns. The seas cease to roll and the billows are calmed and the light of GOD shines in and the Glory of GOD is risen upon us, did not say maybe, or it will, but it is! It is Wonderful! This great peace and great calm!

' Accordingly now it is fulfilled to you, the 60th chapter of Isaiah as the fulfillment, and you are receiving the spirit of the consciousness of it. There is a great calm and peace of mind overshadows your soul. The light of love shines in and the sorrows and billows cease to roll. For the fear of the billows that did rage, it has ceased. For the fear of destruction, in the place of it is Peace, and it has calmed those destructive thoughts. If you be still I will rise in you. Therefore, says the LORD,

'Be still, and know that I am GOD'

and the billows of your preconceived ideas and opinions will cease to rage and you will find Peace and rest and a great calm and you will realize that GOD is in the midst of thee, child of Infinite Spirit and Love Divine. There is naught to make you tremble, naught to make you fear, for you are self-denied and you are caught up and you meet the LORD in the midair. Taken completely out of self, as had been before said.

Attach Yourself To GOD and Detach Yourself From All Mortality

'Some may say, 'It is black magic.' Some may say, 'It is hypnotizing.' But I can say it is purifying and it is inspiring. It inspires you above your fellow and causes you to have that peace and contentment of mind that nothing else can give. It detaches you from all materialism, hence, from all worries, sorrows and woes, for if you are attached to those that are of that disposition, or in other words, are reflecting any of those tendencies and living in the mortal world, you subjugate yourself to the inclinations and fancies that proceed forth from that world to disturb the peace that you have in the depths of your soul. That is why it is a close walk. So if you are sorrowful, I AM sorrowful too, if I hold you in MY consciousness. If you are hateful, I AM hateful too, unless I detach you from MY consciousness or detach MYSELF from you in some way.

'As long as you are attached to anything, that is part of you. Attach yourself to GOD and detach yourself from all mortality and all that pertains to the chaotic conditions of the world, and you will be free from the conditions of the world. For all is in a state of mind. Such Peace and joy and such demonstrations of the abundance of the good of life, materially, physically and otherwise, these demonstrations are but the outer expression of the condition of the mind within. It is a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the outpicturing of the limitless blessings that I have in storehouse for the souls of the children of men, and you are waiting for them.'

.* *** **

'There are three classes of people that follow Me. You must be radical enough, or filled with fanaticism enough, or be ignorant enough.'

What Do You Say About FATHER DIVINE

In speaking before a large audience in a church, many of whom had not seen nor heard HIM before, FATHER told them that HE would be revealed to them if they would deny and detach themselves from all mortal preconceived ideas and opinions, versions, fancies, pleasures and desires and that HE would live in them. HE continued:

'Someone may think that flesh and blood cannot reveal anything unto you, but it was left on evidence that flesh and blood would reveal things to you when Jesus said,

'Whom say ye that I am?'

Whom do you say that I AM? Peter said,

'I say that thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.'

Jesus said,

'Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee.'

It was evidence there, a question mark there, that flesh and blood must have revealed those other versions. Flesh and blood had revealed it when they said He was Moses; flesh and blood had revealed it when they said He was Elijah or Elisha; and flesh and blood had revealed it when they said He was one of the prophets. It was flesh and blood that revealed those things, but that message that said He came from GOD HIMSELF was completely detached from mortal beliefs, or mortal mind, and what it might say. And that is what GOD is calling for tonight.

What do you say? 'Some say that YOU are a d - v - l.' 'Some say that YOU are black magic.' 'Some say that YOU are a hypnotizer.' But what do you say? That is what we are talking about -- what you say about it. I AM speaking to everybody, what do you say? After the manner of the human version of speaking, I believe that New York can talk. (Cheers from New York Followers.) I believe that Jersey can talk. (Cheers from New Jersey Followers.) It is Wonderful! Now aren't you glad? Now, such belief, such radical belief, it has brought Peace, it has brought Health, it has brought Happiness, it has brought Joy. It has brought Success and Prosperity. Now aren't you glad? It has bid your sorrows cease and it has bid your happy moments to roll on.

'Now whether I be a robber or I be a bandit, it is immaterial to ME. I came to bring peace and prosperity to the world, and those that make their mental and spiritual contact will be blessed.

How Dr. Dawkins Materialized A Beautiful Church

'Now how are these blessings made material out of the mental world? Things that we see and handle and feel, all things are made material out of the mental world, through the psychic plane, from GOD down the psychic and mental plane down to the material plane. It is made material by a simple quotation from the Scripture,

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.' (Invisible.) 'And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us . . .'
'He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.'
'And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.'
'And of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

'That is the way we all got it, isn't it? Aren't you glad that we all have it now? 'Of all of his fullness, have all we received . . .' And Dr. Dawkins contacted that thought and he brought it into materialization for the comfort and convenience of the people in this beautiful church, and we are enjoying it now. Isn't it Wonderful! But you beheld HIS Glory though being you. One of the writers said, 'It is better to behold God in somebody else.' That is where you make the mistake. So many will try to see GOD in themselves instead of denying themselves and seeing GOD in someone else, and when they do see GOD in someone else they bring that power that was in someone else into expression and materialization. Dr. Dawkins did that when he expressed this church. Man's depression is GOD's expression. And at that time of depression and lack and want, is the time for GOD's abundance to be made manifest.

'I will hear this plainly spoken, but in different words where it says, 'Man's extremity is God's opportunity.' At the time of depression and lacks and wants and limitations, that is the time of GOD's expression and HIS Glory. It is Wonderful! Now you all know that it was done, you have visited Sayville. At the time of so-called depression and lacks and wants, thousands have been fed and clothed and sheltered. At the time of so-called depression, that was the time of GOD's expression.'






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