"The Mortal Versions Bar the CHRIST From Developing Within

"There Must Be Love Sufficient To Overcome With the Willingness To Sacrifice"



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 33

The Rooster and Mortal Mind Take Credit For What GOD Has Done


Mrs. Marmein visited the Kingdom today and gave a testimony in which she used the story of 'Chanticleer' as the illustration of a point she wished to make. FATHER afterward referred to it as follows:

'It is Wonderful I was just thinking about the rooster Mrs. Marmein talked about. As she said, every time anything, speaking from a scientific standpoint of view, every time that nature has produced anything, and brings it about, the mortal mind will try to stick out its chest and say that it brought it about. So it did bring MY thought back to many things that are being brought into expression now. The same as the Federation of Churches and their organizations that are supposedly advocating unity and oneness by bringing about just what the Spirit has brought about, and they see it and know that GOD has accomplished that, and they know as the rooster knows, it is just about time for the sun to come up anyway and then he crows and all of his guests and his members believe that he has brought the sun up and they will look up to him every time. So I think that is a wonderful thought, not only about the sun coming up, but about the sun coming out When it is cloudy and stormy and he about knows and sees that the sun is coming out, then he begins to crow and makes it appear as though he is a prophet. Makes it appear as though he is bringing the sun out, sure enough. So that is the way it goes.

'The mortal mind sets itself up with that thought. But I thought so much and so vividly about the Federation of Churches. When GOD, through the Spirit, with and without bodies, and through the mind without bodies as flesh, has accomplished it and is bringing it into manifestation, the Federation of Churches has now and for a few years, organized themselves to take credit to themselves for bringing all denominations and nations together, when it is nothing less than CHRIST and nothing more than GOD.

76 and a bit of 72 Macon Avenue, Sayville

76 and a bit of 72 Macon Avenue, Sayville





'And the time has come when it must be without a body or organization or anything like that. The time has truly come when the Spirit will bring into fruition the conscious realization of this great universal at-one-ment, and it cannot be prohibited. This Life and this Love that transcends and penetrates all substances and all expressions and manifestations of mankind, those that are and those to come, this Spirit and this Life is penetrating both it and them, and will rule in and through them all. For,

'He rules the world with truth and grace.'

And as Mrs. Marmein said, this is the Truth, and this Truth will rule the world, and it is ruling the world, for the Truth is truly the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of all of your destinies, yea, even the Controller of time. It is wonderful to realize that the Truth will fully and wholly set you free, and it has set you free. It is just waiting for you to realize your freedom.

Superstition Will Deprive You of Your Joy, Rest and Peace

'Now do not be as a chicken. Sometimes you can have a chicken's legs tied and carry him in a bag or something of the kind, and if you let him loose he thinks he is still tied and will not go because he thinks he is still tied. CHRIST has fully set you free, but the generality or the majority of humanity, they feel as though they are in bondage to some limited degree of expression in some way or some form, or some fashion by some means. They seem to think that they are limited, they think that they are buried or barred, they think that they are tied, they think that they are not free and free indeed. But you are free if you know the Truth, and you are free to enjoy it if you know it or if you do not know it, the only thing you must needs do is to come to the conscious realization that you are free, and fill I, your wants. Then as I say, you will be just as free as a bird to the tree; you will be able to say it just as I say it if you will take your cross and follow ME. It is Wonderful! So it is just such a glorious privilege to know that it is true.

'He that the Son sets free, is free indeed:'

free from the limited expression and interpretations of the mortal version of the human mind, free from all suppositions and beliefs on every side.

'As I say, because the rooster has crowed once and the sun did come up soon after, then since that time man has believed that superstition. Man has believed that it came up because he crowed, and he has set up a superstitious law in humanity's consciousness and handed it down from ages back up to this present time. If the rooster crows at midnight - only for day he must crow, and if he crow at any other time, then there must be some disaster or some bad news to come. He has implanted that in the soil of the souls of the children of men that live in mortal consciousness, and through that superstition thousands of people have been deprived of their joy, of their rest and of their contentment and peace and happiness, being filled with fear when they, around nine or ten o'clock at times, would hear the rooster crow. Sometimes they could not sleep at night, thousands of them are just that way. They could not sleep at night when they heard the rooster crow at nine or ten o'clock.

'So you see what fear has done, and what confidence in the Almighty can do. All things are according to your faith, and because you believe that something will happen like that, through your superstition, it will bring that into actuality in your lives and manifest i unto others. The chicken can crow all night for all I care, it does riot make ME think some accident is coming. I don't have to care what he says. I don't believe he makes the sun come up, and I don't believe he makes an accident or makes a fire, even if he crows at nine or ten o'clock at night. What do I care.

'So it is wonderful to get that thought out of your consciousness and rise above superstitions, and you will not be subject to so much heart failure, trouble and diseases. It is Wonderful! Isn't it a wonderful place to be, to be free from all those conditions and free from all such as that superstition? Now from henceforth the rooster will crow when he wants to but he will not frighten you all, will he? That is a wonderful and a simple subject. It is Wonderful, for through that there will be many freed from restless nights and nights of torture with fear and fear is torment and where there is fear there is torment, and how dreadful you do feel when you think that the house is going to catch fire or something like that and you are going to get burned up. All such kinds of day nightmares you have. So hereafter we do not care what the chicken rooster says, we are going by what GOD says, and perfect love casteth out all fear, and will fix things to suit HIMSELF, not to suit the mortal mind, but to suit HIMSELF. If you have dreamed anything or seen anything, I don't care what you see, it will only be such manifestations or expressions will be produced and brought into MY experience as I desire to be brought into MY experience.

Do Not Listen To the Spirits Of the Dead But the CHRIST Who Will Tell You the Truth

'Now you can have them sometimes come to you and tell you all kinds of things, 'Why I dreamed such and such a thing, you had better be careful.' Someone was telling ME something about their dead mother came back to them and every time their dead mother came back to them they had an accident and they had been in the hospital eight times. So you will always have something to go to the hospital for if you believe in such superstitions. And especially those spirits that came out of dead bodies as they would be termed, they are especially likely to carry you to the spirit world and take you out of the body so you will not be here with ME. So if you don't want to he here with ME, you believe in those spirits that are out of bodies and then you will be very quickly withdrawn from this present expression of yourself and be no more seen with ME on this plane. Believe in superstitions all you please and to such as that who claim to be the dead, all you want to, and especially seeing it from that standpoint of view as though they are individuals. That is why they have such hard times, the majority of the people that worship those instincts and vibrations. GOD is a GOD of the living and not a GOD of the dead. It is Wonderful!

'If you know the truth, the truth will set you free. There are those that have desired not to obey GOD and have put on a mortal mind that was less developed than you have declared it yourself, even those that have worshiped those spirits and those inspirations of a mortal mind that was not as much developed as someone else, and then when that body has passed on you take that mortal mind and come back and tell somebody, and then that mortal mind is functioning on the same mortal plane and you are worshiping something that is your inferior.

'Like once, there was a party that came to ME, and their friend was supposed to pass on. The doctor had said they would pass on at a certain time, so they said that their son came back and said that they would pass on at a certain time, and when they came in contact with ME didn't die. So those parties got so offended at ME because I didn't let them pass on, saying, 'The spirit from the spirit world, my son, said that, and the doctor said they had to go, and why is it YOU keep holding them here.' I said I did not come to destroy life but I came to save life. It is Wonderful! And that is just the thought of that mind. It is functioning from that mortal version, and you worship that rather than worshiping from the standpoint of Truth.

'If so be that anything come into expression from the standpoint of that individual that has passed on' why not X-rayedly behold the CHRIST and not the mortal version of that person as an individual. Why not purge, or in other words why not seal that spirit and allow nothing to come in your consciousness and your consideration saving the CHRIST even from that Appearance, and refuse to see the likeness of the individual. So I don't care how the rooster crows, I will not allow him to make ME think that the sun comes up because he says so.'

Your Highest Development Does Not Lie In Your Old Environment

'When Abraham received that call to go out and receive his inheritance his highest development did not lie in his own land and among his kin. That is beyond the human comprehension, for its extent and its extension will be as far as your eye or your eyes can behold, as far as you can place the sole of your foot, your feet, will be for your inheritance. Look out upon the fields and out into the land as far as you can see. Out from among your kin, and out of your own land, for there is your true inheritance. Isn't it Wonderful? The transplanting of the LORD. You are being transplanted. Transplanted in the field where you can prosper, where you can be peaceful, where you will have no barriers nor anything to hinder you from bringing forth to fruition, to full development a n d expression, the true ideal, your true internal self that has been hid, that was handed down from the Almighty. It is Wonderful! Isn't it? It is Wonderful!

'A thought came, was brought into expression in MY consideration today. There was someone, and there is someone, there are many, but there is someone now, an individual, to be freed from prison. I mean from a physical or in other words a natural prison, to be freed physically, and there is a person that actually expresses the expression of social service work and hospitality, but limited in concept and it is a matter of impossibility for them to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in expression because they are limited in their concept from the mortal version, and their human mind, according to customs, they are limited. They could not bring forth the CHRIST. The CHRIST cannot be developed where there is a barrier, where there is a limitation in consciousness or in activity. If I were limited to one race, one creed, or one color, it would be a matter of impossibility for ME to express perfection. That is where they fail. They go to a certain degree and that is the destination of man. And they do not pass the bounds and barriers of the human concept, of the mortal version of man, and therefore it is impossible to develop the CHRIST and bring HIM forth to fruition as long as they are limited to any mortal version. It is true.

'In the good things of GOD, this party that I AM speaking about has come to her high pitch of development, and because of the mortal version of her human mind to understand ME, and because of her limited concept of her activities, and because she cannot actually be free, unlimited and unhampered, and universally extend the unselfish expression of hospitality, sociality and love and compassion, I say she cannot express the CHRIST or manifest HIM or bring HIM into fruition.

'That is why man has always failed to manifest the CHRIST, because they had a limited concept of their activities and limited themselves in words, deeds, and in actions, in hospitality and in their expressions of love through the social activity of their duty. They could not bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in their lives, they could not be manifestedly the CHRIST. Isn't it Wonderful? The limited concept of things has limited man in the expression of GOD and of CHRIST. It is Wonderful! When the same seed idea is implanted in the soil of the souls of every living creature in the human race, waiting for development by the actuality of thoughts, words, deeds, in activity towards their fellowman, by expressing the Impersonal Life, the CHRIST, and by so eliminating themselves in these expressions of GOD, of good, they also limit themselves to a certain expression of GOD which comes far short of the full development of the manifestation of the CHRIST and therefore they are limited and they fall short of the full glory.

The Mortal Versions Bar the CHRIST From Developing Within

'If one would knock out every mortal belief out of their system, and completely out of their consciousness, and let that light of love and life shine in, and love unselfishly, absolutely unselfishly, without a mortal fear or dread of any mortal human version of what may be surmised or suspected or said concerning themselves or their activities, the CHRIST is there in the hearts and lives of men, ready to be instantaneously brought forth into fruition in the lives of men. It is not another. HE has been there all the time but the limited concept of the human mind and the concept of your duty, these limited concepts and these vibrations and operations have prohibited the CHRIST from being brought into fruition in your lives and manifested to the world. There are many that CHRIST has turned over in and started to rise in them and reign in them as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords but some mortal version barred HIM and prohibited HIM from taking full control and being developed and brought into expression and full fruition, and the CHRIST has not been seen there. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'So I thought of that today when it came before MY Mind's eye. There is another party that I AM freeing from prison, and he will come through this party I have been speaking about. They contacted the other party before they reached ME. They would have come to the other party and the Spirit would have been the expression of the CHRIST, but it was a limited view there, and free expression of the CHRIST could not be seen or heard from that standpoint of view. There was a barrier. Oh, that men could only know the great significance of self-denial, consecration, and relaxation and sacrifice.

'It was a story told once about a man, and it said that this man went to a woman's house, an old raggedy man, and asked for something to eat. This woman said, 'I have no time to bother with you, Jesus is coming tonight and I am busy preparing dinner for Him.' First thing you know, an ugly old woman came and said the same thing, and again another old ugly one-legged man, and said the same thing, so then when the time came that they should have had dinner and Jesus did not come, she began to pray to find out why, what had caused Him not to come, or something of the kind. Then the Spirit or the voice spoke unto her and said, 'I have been here these three times today but each time you rejected ME.' So you see, it is a wonderful thought. And as in the case of the external Christ coming, so it is in the expression of the development of the CHRIST coming through your personal activities towards your fellowman, your love, your kindness, and your respect.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'If you say you know Who I AM, I will act just as though you do know Who I AM and when you write ME I will not have to answer your letter, but your prayer will be answered, for it is written, ... .

' Before they call, I will answer; and whilst they are yet speaking, I will hear.'

It is no more beseeching a nd no more groveling attitude, but knowing that the sincere prayer of faith reaches the Throne of Grace, and then you can say with the Psalmist,

'I will lift up mine eyes to the hills, whence cometh my strength.''

'GOD would not be Omnipotent if HE were confined to the spiritual world. He wouldn't be Omnipotent if HE were confined to the mental world, and HE wouldn't be Omnipotent if HE were confined to the physical world. GOD is not confined to the spiritual world, the mental world, or the physical world. We are preaching the nothingness of matter and the nothingness of all human versions. All of the human intellect cannot fathom out GOD. GOD's ways are past finding out. Now this mighty Love will go from shore to shore and from land to land, and nothing can hinder it, for the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Therefore wheresoever your mind can think to go, GOD is there. Your mind cannot ascend nor descend to any place that GOD is not. Know ye your GOD Again I say, know ye your GOD, and rejoice and give thanks at the remembrance of HIS Holiness. For it is well worth thinking about, the Allness of GOD, and the nothingness of matter, or in other words, thinking about the nothingness of the d - v - l and the Allness of GOD. Now aren't you glad!

'We can rejoice because we know that we are not merely preaching CHRIST in words. I know that the Spirit if it would, it could preach both this letter that has been written by the prophets of old and could also preach of the new and living Epistle that is seen and read of men. It is Wonderful! We can preach of the new and living Epistle that is seen and read of men. For one says,

'He will no more write it with pen and ink, and no more on tables of stone, but on the fleshly tablets of the heart, with the Spirit of the living God.'

Now aren't you glad! I have written a new and living Epistle in the hearts and souls of men, and this Epistle will live on in transmutation to transmutation from body to body. It is Wonderful;

'Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.''

The Insignificance Of the Appearance May Cause Doubt

Today one of the visitors told FATHER at the Table that she had an invitation to attend a very important 'Peace' meeting at which some very prominent people would be present, including Dr. Cadman of New York. She thought it would be a good idea to have one of FATHER's representatives there so that if there was an opportunity they could speak. FATHER replied in part:

'I may go in there in Spirit, but I will come out in body. The doors may be shut to ME in Person, but I will go in Spirit and come out in body. I will he there, whether or not. I will raise up one among them; and him shall they hear.' And that is for the great good of all, that you may see the Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence of GOD, that you may not doubt but that you may be comfortably satisfied to know that GOD is present wheresoever you be, with or without a Body, and is just as operative with or without a Body, and sometimes more operative without a Body. Sometimes the Body will cause the mind of man to reflect upon the Body. There are some in all parts of the world that say, 'I would just like to see YOU, and I say, if you see ME you may doubt.

'The insignificance of what you would see might cause your heart to tremble and fear, for what you would see is not as much as the average man. That is what I tell them when they call ME up from a distance. It is evidently known that the average man looks, not just a hundred percent but a thousand percent, I venture to say even a million percent more qualified than I would dare look from a Personal standpoint of view. The insignificance of the Appearance and that which could be seen with the mortal eye would cause you to doubt and see the Personality rather than the Lamb of GOD that taketh away the sins of the world.

'Look not upon the outward appearance, for God looks upon the heart.''

FATHER announced today that HE had received a letter from one known as a Master in India. He said he had heard of FATHER and wanted to get in touch with HIM. FATHER said in part:

'He spoke a lot about astrology. He thinks he knows ME, and someone wrote asking if he knows more about ME than I do MYSELF. They think they can tell about ME from the different stars and all such as that They are men the East, supposedly wise men The wise men of the East came once to some place seeking Someone. So it is Wonderful! It is not personality, individuality, nor the person that we are advocating. It is this Impersonal Life that GOD has condescended to manifest in a Person. The same Life should in everyone.'

Whatsoever the Great Universal Mind Intends Is My Will

'It is not my will, but Thine be done. It is immaterial to ME. Whatsoever the great Universal Mind intends, that is MY Will. If it should want to do away with this Body and have this manifestation cease, it is all right with ME. That is the way to feel about it. It is written they

' shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake,'

not some manner, but all manners of evil. You know there are some dreadful things that a malicious mind can think and some dreadful things that a flattering tongue can say. It is written that they

'. . . shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake,'

and they shall bear false witness against you. So in such cases you should not be disturbed, it matters not what could be said or done, for it is with some people, as was at the time of the crucifixion nineteen hundred years ago, there are people that for a quarter, would be willing to hang you or cause you to be hung or sent to the electric chair if they could. So therefore you do not need to be in any way disturbed and in no way moved, for whatsoever GOD wills, must be. Then knowing not the will of the person or individuality, it is the Will of the great Universal Cosmic Mind that controls both it and them, and the hearts and the minds of men.

'I have often said if I could be sick for GOD to get more glory out of this Body in any way, why that is HIS business, that the destruction of the Body or the reconstruction of the Body, it would be immaterial to ME. That is the only place that you can be when you give up your will and please GOD, when you can say,

'Not my will, but thine, be done,'

and mean it with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, knowing that what GOD wills is just and right and no power is given you but that which comes from above. And knowing, according to the Apostles' Creed, as I have quoted to thousands of others and I again use it unto you that I may maintain it in MY Consciousness, when Jesus the great Love Master was supposedly crucified, dead, and buried. He arose on the third day and sat at the right hand of the FATHER and from there He was to judge the quick and the dead.

'When you go before the judge, if it be only in an individual conversation, in any little consideration that you may have, when you say, 'Judge, your honor,' think not that you are speaking unto man, but realize that you are speaking unto GOD. For from then on HE was to judge the quick and the dead. As Lawyer Thomas said, 'It is Christ, the great Love Master that will speak and will judge the case, whether it be seemingly good or seemingly evil, to the defense.' When you say, 'Judge, your honor, and gentlemen of the jury, you are speaking as unto men but not unto men, you are speaking unto GOD. I ignoringly X-rayedly behold the CHRIST in the children of men, to judge both the quick and the dead.

'If you go to see the coroner, you know this coroner must be a man, but behold the CHRIST in that name and see the silence of the man as the man or as a mortal and X-rayedly behold the Judge, the true Judge, that judgeth the quick and the dead, and that Judge will see why that body died, and tell you the cause of death. So when we come to the conscious realization as Jesus the great Love Master did nineteen hundred years ago, when He was beaten He threatened not, when He was reviled He reviled not again, but gave Himself up in the hands of HIM that judgeth righteous judgment, and we should do the same. When you do that, you are in the hands of the great Infinite One, and only a righteous judgment can be executed.'

The above talk came from FATHER after a discussion of the charge against HIM of Public Nuisance which is coming to trial in a few days.

There Must Be Love Sufficient To Overcome With the Willingness To Sacrifice

One of the visitors today, who has been in contact with FATHER for some time, said that recently he had had a great fear, not of circumstances and conditions, but of something else and he could not seem to get rid of it. FATHER spoke as follows:

'There are times when you can look out and see only half of the moon. That is, the way we are turned towards the moon, and it appears to be a half, and there is a time when it appears to be only a quarter and there is. a time when it disappears altogether. There is a scene of GOD in expression mentally and spiritually that is termed as dreadful in one phase of HIS expression, as being called dreadful, and mighty is HE, fearful, in one phase of HIS expression and unfoldment. There is another phase that is expressed just to the opposite. It is Wonderful

'So when you begin to fear, realize that it is 'Love that taught your heart to fear, And grace will your fears relieve.' When you first believed that grace did fill us it was precious. That was when you first believed. Then there came a time in life that YOU began to fear, fear that you might not walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called, the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD shaking and trembling your heart, the mortal version of your human mind for

'The earth saw, and trembled.'

So therefore at that time HE appears to be a dreadful GOD. I know your hearts fear and quake and tremble, the mortal version of your human mind, at the conscious conviction of the Presence of GOD. It is Wonderful!

'Did not Moses fear the consciousness of the Presence of GOD? There were quakes and earthquakes. Isaiah, 60th chapter will tell you that there was even a declaration of a fear there concerning the great work that was going on, for the abundance of the sea would be converted unto HIM. And it appears even this morning that there would be a fear if there could be fear, when the abundance of the people are converted unto ME and come to ME by shiploads and car-loads and impose themselves upon ME and upon this Holy Name, and bring apparently, persecutions and prosecutions and criticisms against the Person that bears the Name, for the government is upon HIS shoulders.

If there was not love sufficient to overcome, with the willingness to sacrifice, there would be a fear when the abundance of the seas is being converted unto HIM, when the abundance of the people is being converted unto HIM. Then the fear passes on, for it is 'Love that taught your heart to fear. And grace will your fears relieve. So

'Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.'

You do not need to fear that you will not inherit the Kingdom, for if you live in accordance with the Life and Teachings of Christ as recorded in Matthew Mark Luke and John;

'they are mine,'

says the LORD and you can say, 'I. am one of them' when you see the abundance of the seas being converted unto ME and as I say, there is nothing to fear; for sacrifice to the fullest extent is nothing to fear for the great Cause and the good that will be wrought thereby.


Why Should I Care If I Have Taken Your Infirmities Upon MYSELF?

'If by the sacrifice of one man many are made whole and saved, how great and marvelous is that work. If one can save the lives of millions, then why not be willing to sacrifice yourself as one, as a committee of one, for those that are to come. This work of peace, this work of love, I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to care for. I don't have to take any thought for MYSELF, I don't have to take any thought to defend MYSELF in any way. The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, the Omnipotence and the Omniscience of GOD can defend ME if necessary, so I have nothing to fear and why should I? It is Wonderful!

'If I could, as a Person, be executed with all falsehood and all falsity bearing all kinds of false witnesses against ME, why should I care when I know that there are millions saved through the execution, many millions redeemed from all tribulations and trials and persecutions. Why should I care if I, as a sample and as an example, have taken upon MYSELF manifestedly, your infirmities. I have borne your weaknesses and I have 'responsible-ated' or obligated MYSELF to bear your diseases, persecutions, criticisms, and all of those things. Then some of you say, 'I will go with HIM all the way.' Some of you say, 'I love YOU so.' Then if you love ME, are you willing to suffer the name of 'blasphemer' that I also suffer? But yet I have borne it all, and it is imposed imputedly unto ME. It is Wonderful! Truly might have one writer said in the inspiration of the Spirit as was their interpretation of the Truth at that time from the Sonship Degree of their understanding, and they sang, 'All on Jesus, all on Jesus, I am free. He bore my sickness, and my diseases, In His Body, hung on the cross of Calvary.'

'Now what I have said unto one, I have said unto all. It is not that I must necessarily have any particular individual private communication with you; make your mental and spiritual contact, and what I have conveyed to you I convey to all. And everyone can be blessed and abundantly blessed of GOD within and without if you make th9 sacrifice and attach yourselves to the Sacrificed One, and detach yourselves from all materialism and mortality, carnality and all things that pertain unto the same and live exactly according to MY Life and MY Teachings as I declare to be the Life in words, deeds and actions, as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

'Whether you know it or not, I again stress the point of view and call your attention to the Teachings of Christ as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and you will have no more cause for doubt either, that the Teachings are right. It is Wonderful! I stress that as the formula and the formulas for your consideration, the hope of your salvation and your redemption, your Redeemer, the Life and Teachings of Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And by letting this mind be in you that was also in Him, you will be blessed also even as I AM, free from all bounds and barriers, free from all sighs and tears, and GOD will wipe away all tears from your eyes and there will be no more sorrow nor crying, and to you there will be no more sea.'

GOD, Through the Light Of Civilization and Every Law and Organization, Is Trying To Save Life

Dr. Grier of the Church of Truth, New York City, who has been in contact with FATHER for some time, visited the Kingdom today, and during the course of a talk at the Table, he said the miracles and wonders that FATHER was doing were all right, but there was something of greater importance, the saving of civilization from going down to destruction, as it seemed to be on its way; and that it took a greater consciousness than that which was able to manifest money to do that. He said he hoped we, including himself, who were so close to this great Work of FATHER's, would not be blinded by the immensity of it and stress the material benefits extended, overlooking the great importance of salvation for the world. FATHER replied in part

'There was once an old lady in Sayville who lived to be about a hundred and ten,' and HE went on to explain that her husband had died at the age of seventy-eight, but she said she would not die, just for spite. She had sons who ran a business here in which she was concerned and she always wanted to run things and caused them a good deal of inconvenience. But when she got sick, every time, although it was her time to die, they would run for the doctor to save her life, and all would do the same.' HE continued:

'CHRIST is the Spirit of Life and He came to save men. Think of all the legal ways and means and laws we have to avoid death. Even GOD, through the light of civilization, and through every law and organization in the mortal world, is trying to save life. That is GOD's Love. It is Wonderful. And it is so fixed that if a person fall overboard, as a rule, 'most any place, if there are many people around someone will go over there and risk their life to save him. That is the Love of GOD to us whether you are conscious of it or not.

'So it is that unselfish love and that non-personal life that is being reflected through humanity and the light and the life to save that which would be lost. So, as Dr. Grier said, it is not the limited personal love that we have, nor the limited thanks and praises for what GOD has done for you here or as individuals, but it transcends all limited expressions and goes on to bless all that seem not to be of GOD, to save that which would be lost, and it is the Love of GOD to us. So it is Wonderfulness!

'And this Truth, as he says, will cover the whole earth. It is your only propitiation, your only hope of salvation and for the whole universe, for the whole light of civilization, for without the right concept or recognition of GOD or Being, you can see those things of the mortal world tottering now. It is but a sketch of a reflection here and there, of what will be. You can see how firmly and abundantly things are expressed and things are expressed here and things stand and things are expressed here and there when one comes to this recognition of GOD their heavenly FATHER, as bringing forth the Kingdom of GOD on earth among men. It is Wonderful!

Look At the Blessings, Not Confined To the Blesser Nor To the Individual, But For the Great Cause

'Therefore, again I say, that the abundance of these limitless blessings, being the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, there is no place in and around you, vacant of the fullness thereof wheresoever I may be, here or there, and yet it is but a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the condition of the mind within. It is but the outpicturing of a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the limitless blessings I have in storehouse for the souls of the children of men.

'Now do not look at ME as you see ME with your mortal or human eye, but behold the Words that I speak and behold the Impersonal Life, incorruptible undefiled and that fadeth not away. Yet I AM the Personal in the Impersonal Life for the glorification of the world in which I live, and yet not that we will worship the idol, but the Ideal. Not that we will visualize the material, but the immaterial. It is Wonderful Not that we will worship the gift, but the Giver. Not that we will worship the blessing, but the Blesser. Not that I preach or teach the gift, but the Giver. Not that I preach or teach the works or demonstrations, but the Demonstrator and the Creator of both it and them. Not that I teach or preach the inspiration, but the Inspirator. And from that view, as Dr. Grier says, we are not looking at just the blessing that we receive as individuals, but the great Cause, the Blesser, as not confined to the Blesser and not confined to the individual, yet HE is not confined to the spirit world else HE would not be Omnipresent.

'You have been taught that the great Creator was confined to the spirit world humanly speaking. GOD would not be Omniscient, HE would not be Omnipresent, HE would not be Omnipotent if HE were confined to the spirit world alone. There is power and light and love being expressed in the material world and on the material plane and through all the worlds through which we came, and yet you may see them expressed apparently, in that which is known as sand, but there is no power given except that which cometh from above, and GOD is not confined to any particular world. Therefore, we could not reject our thoughts of GOD on the material plane as HE fills all space and is absent from none. But as Mr. Lamb said, so many have separated themselves from Christ their Savior. They have separated themselves from their Redeemer. They have separated themselves from that which was their only propitiation. When you separate yourselves from Jesus, you separate yourselves from GOD's Presence, and separating yourselves from HIS Body, you separate yourselves from all protection.'






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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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