"If You Take No Thought For Yourself, GOD Will Take Thought For You

You Are the Reproduction of the Resurrection of CHRIST - On This Side of the Cross"




'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 35

Denominations Shall Be Pulled Out of the Heart of Humanity


At a large open-air meeting held on a hillside outside the Community Baptist Church at Manhasset, Long Island, lasting all day Sunday, April 3, 1931 for which FATHER provided special weather, a man testified that he had a vision of FATHER pushing a bamboo rod down his throat into his heart and pulling out with it a snake with many heads and a frog. The man was a minister. In referring to the testimony at the Table tonight FATHER said in part:

'Now that was denomination, a pre-evidence of pulling denomination out of his heart. Some denominations have so many heads and so many horns. Some may have one head and many different horns. Every denomination, practically every big denomination has many horns. It is Wonderful! But some may have seven heads and ten horns. That is the significance of it, maybe he did not get the interpretation of it. But yet that is the way it is to be. It may not be manifestedly seen at this particular juncture, but the time will come when it will be seen that denomination will be pulled out of mankind.

'He as a person could represent or be a representative of the whole denominational world, the whole religious world. He is a representative of the whole religious world, having denomination in his heart and being as a snake with seven heads and ten horns. But after getting denomination out of humanity or mankind, as out of the whole of the religious world, still there is something in the mouth, isn't there? Didn't he say there was something in the mouth? Didn't he say there was something else in his mouth after he got it out? Now that does not have to apply to him as an individual. I said it could represent the whole religious world. That is, collectively and dispensationally it could represent something within the individual and it could represent something of the interpretation thereof that is to be brought out in the sunlight by the Spirit of the living GOD. It is Wonderful!'


72 and 76 Macon Avenue, Sayville

72 and 76 Macon Avenue, Sayville





Greater Is the Spirit and the Mind, and Nothing Can Hinder ME

'The Spirit of this Truth will go right through the earth and the stones and rocks. Nothing can stop ME, with or without a Body it will be just the same. No iron walls, no cement walls, no rocky mountains can stop it. The point of view that I AM trying to convey is that the Spirit of this Mind and the Mind of the Spirit can penetrate the rocky mountains and can penetrate the walls, not only of Jericho, but the walls of the earth; it will go right through them. So it is Wonderful! So greater is the spirit and the mind and nothing can hinder ME. As I said yesterday, you can see it. If you prove faithful you don't have to worry about the mortal expression of a thing, for if it is needful for the mortal expression of anything to be, it will be visibilated. Now think about it!

' There were those that were with this Body and if they would only have stayed faithful, meek and lowly in heart, they could have been in this vibration, they could have been in this rapture. But the bodies have been cut off from this stage of action, and the bodies have gone to see if there is any reality in the mineral world. They have gone back to the mineral kingdom from whence the mortal version of that mortal mind came. But still you are here and I AM glorying, not in you, but in MY Spirit because it brought you and it is to let ME know that I don't have to be beholden to bodies.

'When one ceases, another will appear, for it is by MY Spirit says the LORD, and this material demonstration both in the physical realm of expression and all the other manifested expressions, are but the outer expression of the condition of the mind within. It is the outpicturing of the abundance of the limitless blessings that are in storehouse for the children of men.. So you see, the material is but the out-picturing, as it is but the outer expression. So it is Wonderful!

'And now you can see that it is something within that holds the reins, something within you cannot explain, but these mottoes I have given you to partially explain some percent of a percent of a percent of a shadow of a sketch of some things that are yet to be explained. So if you open your mouth, the Spirit or something will fill it. If you close your mouth why then your mouth will be empty, for he that seeks to hoard for himself shall have for himself hoarded up, spoil that will be counterfeit and profitless. It will be unprofitable. It will not profit you anything. If you try to keep that old breath in you all the time you will have a very offensive breath. If you don't let out some why then your breath will be very offensive. That is why it is essential to let out as well as take in. Let out and take in a fresh supply every moment, every moment of the day. It is Wonderful! Now aren't you glad!'

Those That Have Their Gods To Confess To Will Be With Their Gods, and I Will Be With My GOD

'It seems everybody wants to preach as though they haven't had a chance. So often they are not attaching their points of views to the points of views that I AM conveying. So often they are reaching out in a different direction. Now I haven't told anyone for the public to go and confess to you and that you are supposed to take confessions; always someone starting out in a way that it causes ME to talk. 'Now you don't have to go to FATHER to confess, but you just confess to FATHER in me.' As well confess to FATHER in a pine tree or an oak tree. 'GOD is in everything,' so you can take a little dog and confess to him. Get him in your private room and confess to him, or GOD in him. So that is just where some will, no doubt, get into it.

'Now some try to take advantage of MY not taking money and they try to get money from the people, and some try to take advantage of MY not seeking the honor for them to worship ME Personally, then they try to take the honor of coming to them. 'All you have to do, we will have a meeting at such and such a place and you can come and make your confession to FATHER in me. We have special nights and you can come and make your confession to me.' After awhile, why then maybe all of them that have their gods to confess to, will be with their gods and I will be with MY GOD. Don't you all fool ME.'

Physical Activity Is Essential For Mental and Spiritual Development

'I spoke concerning Mr. Joseph. I said, His brows are wet with honest sweat, He works whenever he can, He looks the whole world in the face, His arms are like iron bands, his muscles are like the muscles of an elephant. I said, by activities and by personal activities, he has brought into expression this Life that gives you power over your mortal condition, that gives you power beyond the man that is too lazy to work. It gives you more health and more happiness, more vigor and more health and more use than any man that is too lazy to work and wants to sit around and do some trifling job so that they will not put their bodies to exercise. So that is the way I said it has been with Mr. Joseph and that is the way it has been but if he changes, then the Spirit would get in another body.

The person or persons that develop anything mentally or spiritually, physical exercise is essential for their development, mentally or spiritually. That is why I must do something, if it is nothing but to jump up. That is why Mr. Joseph thunders down from Mount Sinai.

'CHRIST can speak in ME in buying these hams. Now openly, manifested, both Victory and Faith here are active, not that I say they are just active physically, but because you can see the expression of GOD manifested or brought into manifestation there. And some that have been around here for months and years and are not active. I see them expressing the 'other fellow.'

'You know the idle head is somebody's workshop. So it is Wonderful! As I told the man yesterday, I would, if I did not have ways and means, I feel that I would be willing, if I had no other way of meeting the demands of life and was seeking to work, I would go picking on the streets and I would feel just as good. I would pick cement. The spirit of a man and the power of a man would be you so you could do a man's work. Some say, 'Well, I have to do two men's work.' Well then, two men's power will be there, and if you have to do three men's work, the power of three men will be there. And the more you have to do, the more of the expression of the power will develop.'

I Will Endorse Your Will If It Is Self-denial

'When you have come to that place where you will consciously be lost in the Will of GOD and give ME your fancies, hopes or whatsoever they may be, and leave the result with ME, then and only then will you be ready for the Kingdom. But some will insist upon being something or going some place whether I will for them to go or not. They are not after MY Will, or for a blessing for someone else that MY Will be done, but it is their wills to be done and that is why they are stopped so often.

For this Teaching and this Standard, all should be to that place that they can say, 'Not my will, but thine, be done.' When you have got to that place in reality, when you can say, 'FATHER,' knowing that you are not saying it unto man but unto GOD, and knowing that you are not mortal but immortal, then the immortal Son of GOD in a mortal body apparently, said, 'Not my will, but thine, be done,' and that same spirit will always make the same proclamation wheresoever it may be, whether in a mortal body or not, but yet it will petition and express its desire. The lesson was explained in that, when He said,

'If it be thy will, let this cup pass from me: but nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.'

That was just presenting His will, what would be the Will of GOD. That is to say, 'if it is YOUR Will for me to go today, let me go, but if not, then not my will, but THY Will be done,' and let you be joined to MY Will in spirit and mind. Then and only then can you be and will you be at the place that really can please.

'Now many times I will endorse your will if it tends to be an expression of self- denial, for that is for your highest development. It is something like our beloved steward here, not the steward but the cook. You see she doesn't want to go although I have said lots of times about her going because I have considered that I would like for everybody to go if it would be their pleasure and their enjoyment. But some personally want to go, not considering that you are serving GOD when you make nice cakes and pies more than you are when you are just jumping in the car and going.

'When you are serving one another and mankind, through some practical service, that is the true service of GOD.

'When I was hungry, you fed me, when I was naked, you clothed me when I was thirsty, you gave me to drink,'

etc. Have a house, so that if someone come along and have no place to stay, in the cold, you can have nice fires here. That is preaching the real practical Gospel that is glad tidings to the world. But some don't stop to think to what they are called, they don't stop to think what their mission on earth is. But if you would only stop to think how wonderful it would be. If you knew that you are here on earth that the Will of GOD may be done, done in you, MY Will being done in you, as Priscilla Paul so often says, even if I AM a d -v-l, she doesn't care. Now whether that is true with her or not, that is a good saying.

'For those of you who have made the claim, if you are with anything, you should be willing to sacrifice your whole soul and body for that which you believe. Then it is not your will but the Will of GOD as being done through you, in you, and by you, and all are happy. Then we don't care anything about just the other side of the fence even. So long as you are all lost in the Will of GOD, and all would be subject to the one Will and the one Mind, it would be Heaven right here in this room. If we are all subject to the one Mind we don't need to care about anything, for then the Kingdom would be come and all would be lost in Jesus.

'Now you are all sitting here lost in the Will of GOD, and those of you that are not going, are going to be just as happy as those that are going. So that is the idea. Now your thoughts, your words, your actions and your presence should be the servant of GOD. Your very appearance should serve GOD. Not only your personality, but your very appearance should serve GOD. You should subjugate your personality and your wills and your desires to be the servant of GOD in whatsoever way GOD may will it to be. Sometimes your presence may be the expression of MY Love. Sometimes if your presence would express the lack of the development of MY Love, why then, you should not allow your presence to express the lack of development of MY Love. If you are imperfect, if you are untrue, if you are not true to what I AM advocating, why then you should not want to express that if it is not true to MY Standard. If you express that, you should show why you have expressed that, for the lack of obedience, consecration and self-denial.'

You Are the Reproduction of the Resurrection of CHRIST - On This Side of the Cross

After singing a song, 'Something like the two small fishes, when the five thousand were fed,' FATHER continued speaking as follows:

'It can feed ten thousand more. There is no limitation in the great Universal Mind Substance which lives and moves and has its being in you. There is no limitation to that, and since there is no limitation, you are the manifestation or the manifestor of that. It is Wonderful! And you are the expresser of the same, to be brought into manifestation in this last time where you may convince yourself and yourselves and others that would come in contact with you, of the reality of the Allness of GOD and the nothingness of matter. It is indeed wonderful that you can tune in on this great Universal Mind Substance by relaxing your conscious mentality, your limited human intellect, and be still for the CHRIST within to act and live and move and have HIS Being in you, and to will and to do in you, and HIS own good pleasure will be manifested in you, for the Kingdom has truly come and the Will is being done in you.

Truly might have the Apostle said,

'To whom GOD will make known what is the riches of his glory among all the Gentiles.'

Not only some of them, it is CHRIST in you, every last one of you, CHRIST the Head, to glorify Him we are warning every man,

'that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.'

Now isn't that Wonderful! It is indeed Wonderful! But know your glorious privilege and what you can do, and how you can express the identical CHRIST as was brought into expression and into fruition manifestedly, nineteen hundred years ago. It is indeed Wonderful.

They doubted supposedly, in mortal consciousness, according to the human version of the interpretation of the crucifixion and the resurrection just eighteen hundred and ninety- nine years ago today, that one whom they called Jesus of Nazareth, being the Son of GOD, veiled Himself and supposedly in their version disappeared and was lying silent, supposedly being dead. But the CHRIST liveth as He always has lived and has never died, but veiled Himself, concealed Himself as though being dead for awhile to the mortal version of the human mind, to verify that part of the Scripture that was apparently fulfilled at that time.

'You are privileged, as I might say, we are privileged to see and know that we are in another day, in the light of the living, and even the light of civilization from a human standpoint of view transcends the light of that expression as was made manifest to the living at that time. We are living supposedly, humanly speaking, in an age of enlightenment, the advanced light of civilization that has been brought into expression so that thousands of people are realizing the very Presence of GOD and the Allness of His Christ, that He could not have died, but only as though He died to the mortal version of the human mind. The Apostles' Creed says He was crucified, dead and buried; says he descended to h - -l. Going down to h - -1, He must not have been dead, but in the appearance of the mortal version of the human mind He was resurrected the third day. CHRIST lives once for all. CHRIST reigns now forever with you and in you and through you, and you are the reproduction of that identical resurrected CHRIST, not on the other side of the Cross, but on this side of the Cross.

'You are the manifestors of the resurrected CHRIST, not to return to the Cross any more. Then we are not advocating nor emphasizing nor visualizing the Cross1 but we are visualizing the Resurrected Life that transcends gravitation, all lacks and wants and limitations, diseases and undesirable conditions, expressing the Glory of GOD.

It Is A Joy To Be Glorified - Free From Superstition

'Before the resurrection the CHRIST said,

'Glorify thou Me with the same glory I had with thee before the world was.'

And it was joy to be glorified, to know that there is a glory that did remain, and in that glory there was that rest, the rest we spoke concerning this morning, free from all superstition of roosters and everything else. I spoke to Peter - as though I might better say to you, as we know that there are those of you that do not understand all things and I will speak in your own language - Jesus spoke to Peter and said, 'Before the cock crows.' There was the CHRIST speaking to Peter because He knew that the mortal mind that was in Peter, that same mortal mind that was in all of humanity who subjected themselves to the expressions of it, was some superstition concerning the rooster. It is Wonderful.

'So CHRIST, as I may say so you will understand whom I AM speaking of, said to Peter,

'Before the cock crows twice.'

So it was applicable in Peter's case and it has been, all the way down the line in the mortal version of the human mind, that thought concerning the rooster would be applied in bringing out points of view and as an evidence of something that would happen or would come to pass.

'Now we are getting away from that state of consciousness that we are in, afraid, thinking something will happen when they crow or when they do not crow. Some say If a hen crows she should be killed for she is going to give you bad luck or something. So there is, here and there, every once in awhile, one will come out like a hen and stick their chest out and crow too. But it is a common phrase here in America, that, 'A whistling woman and a crowing hen, come to no good end.' So it is Wonderful!

'But there are many things said along those lines that seemingly appear to be true. We do not say that they are true, but they appear to be true in the mortal mind and it works out that way so often when one thinks so much in that light. But we can in reality rejoice because we know that the things that were once apparently true to us, especially those things that would frighten us arid cause us to limit ourselves and so on like that, we are free from those conditions. We can rejoice because none of those things can move us and cause us to subject or subjugate our thoughts to the limited expressions of those versions as are brought forth by the superstitions of the human mind. And we can say again that we do abundantly rejoice because this is truly something like the two small fishes.

'I do not have to knock on wood, or anything of that kind, because all superstitions must be passed away. We must cast out all of those things out of our mind. Now I AM talking on those points of view today because it is essential. There are those of you here that have some of those superstitious ideas existing in your consciousness and when you get rid of them the Spirit can work more effectually through you, and you will be able to express the CHRIST more distinct and more as the expression of your high calling.

'For some reason I had to continue to speak on that subject, for you may have faith and all like that and be still holding on to some of those old mortal views. You see you are made of all like that, and until you are transformed by the renewing of your mind you will have the tendency. And you are being transformed now, thought by thought, and view by view, and opinion by opinion, until your whole mind will be changed. Your whole mind is not changed instantaneously at one turning, but we turn thought by thought. Sometimes you might be frying eggs in a pan and you wouldn't turn all at the same time, but you turn one at a time, one by one. So any time we can turn those old thoughts and those old opinions we turn one, until we have turned the whole mind around and you are transformed by the renewing of your mind. And there is some thought existing here that has declared GOD with all the fullness of the attributes of HIS Glory, but there are still some thoughts existing in your consciousness that must be turned over and turned out until you be completely transformed by the renewing by your mind. It is Wonderful!'

CHRIST'S Picture Produced By Thought

'Sometimes there are signs reflected as an evidence. There is a sign some place now, a sign, a light, around light like a light ray on the ceiling of some place where I have been. It is because - it does not have to be because it was a light sure enough - but because it was so many thought it so vividly and thought it so firmly and thought it so enthusiastically until it actually made itself manifest in that because someone thought it so vividly. It is somewhat like, I have a picture, they claim it is an actual picture of Jesus caught in a record or something, caught in a camera in California and they said it was not a snapshot of anything visible. You see the Name of GOD had so permeated and saturated the air and the ether with the consciousness of the conviction that Jesus was and is the CHRIST, they claimed that this picture was taken, 'snap-shotted', without any picture, and it looks just like the picture called Jesus.

'Their thoughts had been so filled and thrilled. and the atmosphere was so permeated and saturated, everyone visualizing the CHRIST as in the body called Jesus from that standpoint of view, the picture was brought into expression just as it is, and someone sent ME the picture and they said it was not a natural picture or anything like that, but it was actually the picture of thought. Someone has visualized the CHRIST so vividly as though being X-rayedly revealed, and they have visualized the Crucifix, and it has brought into the experience of the children of men the light reproduced, and being the reproduction of CHRIST that was on the Cross. It brings into materialization the Crown and the head, and the sunlight that is just like it is a ray of light over MY Head, and it is in the ceiling permanently. It is not just a light, but the ceiling there has faded out and it is just like an electric light on the ceiling. So that is just the way those things are. It is just like that sunlight. Someone visualized it, and for a convincement for those that believe, GOD has to appear to you in a way that you would believe. That is the way those things are.'

The Tabernacle of GOD Is With Men

'Just eighteen hundred and ninety nine years ago last Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey's colt, but today He is riding on the hearts and minds of men. He is riding on the hearts and minds, as said the great Love Master in reference to the good shepherd, or in other words, to the husbandman, or the farmer that planted a vineyard and let it out to husbandmen and went into a far country-speaking concerning Himself. And after a long time he sent servants unto those husbandmen to partake of that fruit, and they sent them away shamefully wounded, killing some and stoning some. And he sent another and another and so on like that, but at last he said - the lord of that vineyard said -

'I will send my son, the heir, and him they will reverence peradventure. They will reverence that son, for he is holy.'

But what did they do? When they saw him coming they took him and said

'Here is the heir, come let us kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.'

They took the son and killed him and cast him out. But what shall the lord of that vineyard do? He shall come himself and shall destroy those husbandmen and give the vineyard unto others. Aren't you glad!

'Truly might have John caught the reflection by interpretation and by the inspiration of the Spirit whilst he was on the Isle of Patmos and got the great mystery unfolded to him there, that great mystery when he was in a new Heaven. You will find it in Revelation 21:1 and 2.

'I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away...
'And I John saw the holy city, and the new Jerusalem, coming down from GOD out of heaven.'

All of that was coming out of your imaginary Heaven. That imaginary Heaven was the first Heaven you have been preaching about and that all of the clergy have been preaching about from your earliest existence and from the beginning of this world, from the beginning of your political history, preaching about that first Heaven, that imaginary Heaven, and it has passed away and John said,

'I saw the new Jerusalem coming down from GOD out of heaven,'

out of that imaginary Heaven,

'prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.'

And he saw that the tabernacle of GOD was with men, and GOD HIMSELF would dwell with them bringing your thought back to the husbandmen that the LORD will come Himself and destroy those husbandmen and give the vineyard unto others. John said,

'the tabernacle of GOD is with men and GOD Himself shall dwell with them... and GOD shall wipe away all tears.'

'Now are you not all rejoicing? Do you not feel that GOD has wiped away all tears from your eyes? There is no more sorrow, there is no more crying, there is no more pain, for the former things have passed away and there is no more sea. Sorrow, sickness and troubles depart from thee, for GOD, your Savior, is in the midst of thee, child of Infinite Spirit and Love Divine.'

It Is Essential To Develop the Positive From the Negative Sketch

FATHER said today that for many years HE had allowed the testimony of HIS Followers concerning HIM to stand, thereby subjecting HIMSELF to criticisms, persecutions and prosecutions, when HE could very easily have refuted it by claiming that all men were the same as HE and that the same GOD was in them. But HE remained silent, and remains silent today for the good of mankind, so that they may have something to gaze upon and visualize, for that is necessary. HE said it could be noticed, whenever HE brought out the point in the meetings that all had the same rights, it dampened the spirit of the meeting immediately. HE continued:

'The photographer focuses his camera to gaze upon the real object, and he gets only the negative, but when it is produced and developed he gets the positive reflection of the same. GOD created man in HIS own image and likeness, created HE male and female, but it could not be brought into full expression with the negative, which must be developed, so it was necessary to have certain conditions and requirements before the development could take place. The requirement and the requirements are the laws that are set forth in the world of 'photographyism' that it may produce the exact likeness. But as you catch the sketch, or in other words, the negative and not the positive, as you fulfill those laws and those requirements, you can bring forth the development and express it manifestedly.

'So it was essential for you to develop and bring forth the positive from your negative sketch that you first caught concerning ME. It was essential for you to get the sketch of the reality of the thing, the object itself. If I would have prohibited humanity from visualizing the positive and catching the sketch, even just the negative, for their development, you could not have brought forth to fruition the perfect. It is Wonderful! It may be like pouring water on a duck's back when the duck's back is oiled, but it is wonderful anyway.'

I Must Prove My Independency and My GOD By Showing Independence Financially

One of the Angels who has recently come to the Kingdom after being released from jail by FATHER, testified that he came all the way out to Sayville from New York, making two changes, and did not pay any fare as he did not have any money. He just told the conductors he was coming to his FATHER. He wanted to attend a meeting in the city with us yesterday, but there was not room in the cars for him to go, so FATHER told him he could go in on the train if he had the means. He testified today that he went to the station in Sayville hoping that FATHER would open the way for him to take the train without money, and finally, I believe, asked someone for assistance, but the way did not open up. FATHER replied:

'The money that I spend is always there when I need it, without soliciting, without progging in any way. It is there and I meet the demand. That is the way MY Spirit will do, and if I have not the means that I cannot prove MY independency and MY GOD by showing independence in a time of commercialism as exists in this country at this particular time, I AM not showing the light of MY Life and MY Power.

'That is why I pay cash for everything and don't ask anybody for anything. That is the only way of proving yourselves or yourself, as the real child of GOD, not doing anything infringingly on the rights of others and by proving the lordship of your authority in righteousness and truth, in kindness and in rendering unto Caesar the thing that belongs unto Caesar, and unto the LORD the thing that belongs unto the LORD. From henceforth, MY Spirit will, in all means and all ways or phases of life, express MY Mind in deeds and in actions. If it is for ME to go any place I will have the money to go, or ways and means to go independently, without any infringement of the rights or liberty of MY SELF or of others, without even the appearance of it.

'If I would have meant for you to go I would have said: You can go. Now if you had no money to go, why then that was to you not to go, as I said: If you have ways and means to go independently. Then you could have reflected ME without condemnation in the act of your duty towards your appreciation of ME and MY activities. I have never told anyone to take anything without paying for it. A person should always pay all their dues and pay wheresoever they go. Because I took it upon MYSELF to take on humanity's sins and bear their weaknesses, it is not for them to look to anyone else to do it. If I volunteer to give somebody something to do, it is all right, but they should not expect ME to do it. The Bible says,

'Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink...'

But I have taken upon MYSELF your infirmities so you will not have occasion to take thought for yourself, and therefore, if you were completely self-denied in thoughts, ways and deeds, then you would be completely taken care of by the thought of the ALMIGHTY. But when one takes thought for themselves, they throw themselves out on the thought of their own protection or subjugate themselves to the thought of their own physical or mental or financial power, and then they can be like that.

If You Take No Thought For Yourself, GOD Will Take Thought For You

'But if one would be fully and wholly living according to MY activities here, and fully subjugated unto ME and know Who I AM and live in accord with ME, perchance if they had $1, 250,000, they would not take thought for themselves. They would have given ME their whole hearts, souls and minds, spirits and bodies and all of their powers, mental, spiritual, physical and otherwise and would be under CHRIST's control. Then they would have no will, or way, or desire, idea or opinion of their own. Then GOD would take thought for them also, because they would not take thought for themselves. But as long as they are dependent upon their own skillful ability, or mental ability that they may seem to have attained to, why then and there they are detached to a certain extent from ME. for they are dependent upon themselves and not on the One that they say I AM. But especially the ones that I have assumed the responsibility and cares for, they should be the very ones to take no thought for themselves, that they may be lost in the Will of GOD and become as horses when men put bits in their mouths and turn the whole body about, and have no will or opinion of their own, but walk in the way of righteousness then and there and here and now. Then it is Wonderful!

'If it is for ME to have anything I will have it without any strain and without any soliciting, without any intruding or infringement upon the rights of others in any way, for I AM free from all barriers and free of all dishonesty and all appearance of dishonesty, for what I AM here for, is to prove the supremacy of GOD in all expressions of good on the mortal plane. It is Wonderful!

'We are not seeking to get anything for nothing, not that I preach or AM advocating that though you all are here and though I sacrifice time and talent and service and utilize time and talent and service for same, for the works to be manifested in you and through you and by you and with you. It is that each one might know that you are bought with a price and you are not your own, and that you should be and should do practical service as though for your existence, each one, that each one may know that you are no longer in the world of scheme, of graft and of chicaneriness, of litigations and denominations, in self and creeds and races and denominations of any and every kind, but that you are free from all of those abominations and you are the gift of GOD. As the gift of GOD is to you a free gift, you are the gift of GOD for the practical service of mankind, to be of practical, to be of mental service to both GOD and man, that you may be the expression of the plantings of the LORD, expressing GOD your FATHER, the Ideal that others may visualize and materialize and bring into expression in their lives the manifested CHRIST, produced and reproduced and manifested again.

Your Thoughts and Messages Must Come Through the 'Central'

'How glorious and how marvelous is this Work then. Truly might have the writer said,

'How great and marvelous are thy works, O Lord.'

It is Wonderful! When all selfishness and self-bewilderment gets out of the mortal system and out of their consciousness, and that genuine love of GOD and unselfishness, and impersonal love be replaced in the temples of the children of men, when they have become blind to themselves as individuals and visualize the good thing and do for GOD, how great will be the work done in them and through them and by them, and how great will he the Work of GOD that is possible. Then all will be able to

'Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice.'

You will all be able to make your moderation known to all men that the Lord is at hand, not only by your deeds and actions, but by your transactions and by putting your transactions in them and causing others to walk in your statutes. Then it is marvelous, it is Wonderful! Then it is marvelous, it is great and all will be able to see the mystery of the Holy Spirit as brought into expression here and now.

'The next thing that is a great essential, is that if one is of ME and is lost in MY Will, and desires to be lost in MY Will and desires to be governed by MY Spirit, if they only desire, sons and daughters, give ME your heart! Your heart is all that your mental world consists of. Your heart consists of all of your mental and spiritual world, of every thought, every desire, every suspicion, everything you can imagine as included in your heart. Then if you would have a desire to think anything or do anything, to say anything or go any place, especially under such conditions that you, with your human mind may deem it that I would open the way for you, you would bring your thoughts to ME immediately and see if I would pass upon them, if you respect ME. You would not try to go around some other way if you claimed to know ME. Your thoughts should come to ME and be passed upon, the same as when you call Sayville 211 when you are in New York or Sayville here, the message must come through the central.

'If you are right here at the central station it must come through the central. And you have to go through the central and you have to come through the operator from New York and then through the central and through the operator before you can get your party that you are calling, even though you are paying for your call.

'Call upon me in the day of trouble: and I will deliver thee,'

and 'before they call, I will answer,' but set your thoughts on the legitimate and rightful and honest and positive way of correspondence. It is Wonderful!


You Should Not Say 'FATHER' Unless You Know the FATHER

'Next thought: the Sonship Degree, you all here say 'FATHER.' Visitors, friends, students. associates and pupils, and Angels of the Kingdom, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, you all being, all of you under MY jurisdiction, you that are here and you that are visiting here, practically every one of you say 'FATHER' to ME. You should not say or call any man father,

'for no man knoweth the Father, but the Son.'

You should not call any man father I say, and if you know HIM that is your FATHER, call only HIM that is your FATHER, 'FATHER,' for there is one FATHER in all, through all, by all, wheresoever you may be there is one FATHER for the fatherless. When you become to be fatherless you have a FATHER and that is One which is GOD.

'When you say 'FATHER' then, you should know the FATHER. You should not say 'FATHER' unless you know the FATHER, for I have given humanity a name that they may call ME by, Mr. DIVINE, Reverend DIVINE, Dr. DIVINE, Elder DIVINE or Brother DIVINE. They can call ME any of those names, that would not be exactly saying 'FATHER,' whilst yet when you say 'Reverend' you are saying 'FATHER'.' Reverend, in one interpretation of the name, is GOD. Therefore, when you say 'Reverend,' you are consciously or unconsciously saying GOD. But to the average person you can say 'Reverend' without condemnation in their consciousness, for they call their pastors and leaders 'reverend.' But they do not call them by the other name of GOD in that expression, 'GOD.' It is Wonderful! But they are saying it anyway.

'But however, to say 'FATHER,' you should know the FATHER

'for no man knoweth the Father but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal him,'

and if you are not the Son. it should be revealed to you. Then if it is revealed to you, the Son should express the reflection in you the same as expressed in reflection and by nature and by reality in the body and name called Jesus,

'Not my will, but thine, be done.'

'Wheresoever the Son is expressed it should he the complete limitation of every mortal version of every will, desire, claim and of all things such as individual tendencies, wills, desires and pleasures, to be as the Son said in expression that was in that body called Jesus brought into fruition,

'Not my will, but thine, be done.'






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