"Where Is Wisdom?

Life Eternal Is In the Opposite Direction From Your Will and Way"



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 36

Description of the Sonship Degree


If you have any will or way or desire or idea or opinion persisting, contrary or in opposition to MINE, that is rebelliousness, and then you are not expressing the Son, neither has the Sonship Degree been brought into your experience manifestedly, for the Sonship Degree is lost in the Will of the FATHER and the FATHER's Will is the Son's. If you have any thought, will, desire, idea or opinion or pleasure that you cannot relinquish and fully, wholeheartedly, willingly, voluntarily, expressively discontinue and give up, you are not expressing the Sonship which should say 'FATHER.' Then when you say 'FATHER', every one of you, get in the Will and stay in the Will and say 'FATHER' all you please and nothing can separate you from the FATHER's Love. For, 'Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.' And in every deed, in every move and in every action, we cannot tell, you cannot tell, for it does not appear what you shall be, but you know that whensoever HE shall appear upon the scene, you will be like HIM, for you will see HIM as HE is. It is Wonderful!

There Is No Name Above This Name.

'Then wisdom is no more hid from the meek, and understanding no more concealed from the righteous and the lowly in heart,

'But GOD has taken the dumb things of the world to confound the wise;' and .... has hid these things from the wise and prudent, and has revealed them unto babes,'

that you might be partakers of this and will have a lot and a part in this great Cause. Isn't it a glorious privilege?

'Some day you will not be ashamed, for every eye shall see HIM, yea, even those that wail HIM, that wag their heads and say thou-so-and-so, and so-and-so, they shall see HIM in HIS Glory and the beauty of HIS Holiness shall be made manifest. It is wonderful to realize how GOD condescended to come in the most insignificant of the insignificant, and yet manifested HIMSELF unto perfection and to glorify HIMSELF in the hills, that you through meekness and lowliness of heart may have a part in this great Cause that is the highest expression of life ever brought into manifestation. There is no other office that can be held above the Name of GOD, yea, even above the name of JESUS CHRIST, and every knee must bow. It is Wonderful!

'Do you realize the great calling you have? Do you realize that some think it is a great honor to be a representative, or to be a servant of a noble Name? But the Name of 'I AM' you are serving, the 'I AM' I AM serving, is a Name that transcends all limitations. It is perfection of expression, mentally, spiritually or physically. It could be no other name above this Name. There is no grace above this Grace, for Grace and Truth came by JESUS CHRIST. I say there is no honor above this honor, for honor and true expression of things came by JESUS CHRIST, that is this light coming through the insignificance of the insignificant, by the condescension of GOD with all of HIS Omnipotence and all of HIS perfection, yea, bringing into expression the insignificant converting the isles among the people. Now aren't you glad!

42 Holmes Street, Sayville

42 Holms Street, Sayville.





Where Is Wisdom?

'Where is wisdom? and where is the hiding place of her understanding? From whence cometh the wise? Where are they created? Who has inspired them? To whom shall we look? It is Wonderful! 'Thoughts are things,' I heard one writer say, but from whence cometh the thoughts, and who is the Creator of both it and them? Who is the Inspirer to inspire? From whence cometh the wisdom of the wise, and where is the hiding place of the children of men? From whence cometh their intellect and their intelligence a n d their understanding? From whence cometh the Spirit that giveth them life, that causeth them to stand in the land of the living? Who has lifted you up above your fellow? Who has brought to you the light of understanding that they desire to look unto? Who was it made a way in the deep, yea, a way in the sea, in the dark and gloomy day? No man can comprehend. Who has inspired you with that intellect and inspiration that is beyond the interpretation of the Angelic Choir? Who has given you to sing praises that are beyond the comprehension of the Angelic Host? Who was it that trod from planet to planet and surveyed the distance between the planets? Who has inspired man to express these things in artistic expression? Who is the Architect of your understanding, that has inspired you to express these things and brought them into expression in your day? It is Wonderful!

The Son's Prayer

'Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.'

Remember, the Sonship Degree is the Standard.

'Not my will, but thine, be done.'

I have no way, no desire, no opinion of mine own. I will put forth MY Will as it is revealed.

'Not my will, but thine, O Lord, be done.'

If my will be Thine, O Lord, let it be done, but if not, cast it out of me forever, that Thy Will may be reincarnated and be an inspiration to the people of the nations that I may contact, or that contact me. It is Wonderful! Cast it out forever from the midst of the congregation of all the people and from the atmosphere of Thy Holiness, that Thy Holiness may not be by any means germinated with the germ of human instincts, fancies or pleasures, but that Thy Will may be done in the congregation of the righteous and in the midst of all the people. It is Wonderful! Thy works, O GOD, are marvelous for the greatness of Thy Holiness is being unfolded. Some sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of Thy Love and Thy Goodness is being revealed that some may get a foretaste of Glory Divine, that they may realize What is in their midst.'


Life Eternal Is In the Opposite Direction From Your Will and Way

'It is a wonderful place to be, to be in that state of consciousness, to be so attuned to the Will of GOD, that you will be so lost that you will realize the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is all you need, that you will be able to say, as the Sonship Degree of Spirit always did say, though expressed or manifestedly one time recorded and that was this:

'Not my will, but Thy will be done.'

The Sonship Degree of Spirit has said that, and it means that throughout all ages, when and wheresoever the Son of GOD is expressed and made manifest in reality, it can say and has said as the Son in the Name called Jesus, 'Not my will, but Thy will be done.' It is Wonderful!

'So it is a blessed place to be in when you are willing to be lost in the Will of GOD and willing for GOD to have HIS way with you whatever opposes. But it is not, and cannot he any place where you can desire to have your own will, your own way, and then claim to know GOD, for you have prayed from your earliest existence, when you did pray,

'Let Thy Kingdom come. Let Thy will be done.'

And you have heard your mothers and fathers pray, 'Lord, not my will, but Thine, let Thy will be done and Thy kingdom come.'

'The Will of GOD is not the will of the mortal. The will of the mortal is just the opposite to the Will of GOD, and the Will of GOD is just the opposite to the mortal, or the personality. So it is a lesson to see and to go by. Whatsoever your human wills, fancies and pleasures may be, go exactly opposite to that and then you will do away with your will, and will not go according to your will and according to your mind. In the opposite direction to your will and way, is Life, and Life eternal.

'There is a way that seemeth right to man, but the end thereof is death.'

So it is to let every individual see and know that the way of Life is just the opposite way from where you have been going and the thing you have been doing, the way you have been thinking and the way you have been living, the way you have been believing and seeing. It is in exactly the opposite direction. So the Word says

'Your ways are not My Ways, neither are your thoughts My Thoughts. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are My Ways above your ways, and My Thoughts above your thoughts.'

So it is Wonderful!

The Great Command of GOD Is Your Intuition When You Have Made the Sacrifice

'It calls for sacrifice. There is a teaching of no sacrifice, but redemption, or the fullness of the abundance of all good things, but I say unto you that sacrifice is not the only thing, but sacrifice is essential.

'I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies as a living sacrifice.'
'Except a man forsake all that he has, he cannot be My disciple.'

Sacrifice is essential and then obedience to the great command of GOD, which will be the intuition of man. The command of GOD is your intuition when you shall have made a complete sacrifice through consecration, through self-denial, and after making a wholehearted sacrifice, through relaxation. Then the intuition that will rise there in your system and in your consciousness will be the great command of GOD. GOD commands you by the intuition. The intuition is the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS, that has made man free from the law of sin and death, and it will make every one of you free from the law of sin and death. if you be governed thereby.

Acknowledge GOD!

So it is a great thought, Dear Ones, to realize that you can in all of thy ways acknowledge HIM. It is the same as when you are on board a train, acknowledge the conductor. Every time he goes by to punch the ticket, let him punch it. That doesn't mean in all of your ways saying, 'I am God,' but acknowledging GOD, presenting your ticket to GOD in all of your ways. That is the thought. Let HIM examine your ticket and see that you have the right ticket. It is the same as a chauffeur driving an automobile. When the officer asks to see your license you let him see it. The same with the officers of the law, when you see a policeman standing on the corner directing traffic, acknowledge him. Don't go by if he says not to go by. Even if the green light is on, don't go by, for he is the one in charge there, even above the electric light, and the green light may be on and he may hold up his hand for you to stop, so acknowledge him.

'And it is the same with GOD. In all thy ways acknowledge GOD. Present your ticket to the conductor and see if he endorses it or not, because if you don't, you may get on the road somewhere and have to go all the way back. So any thought, mind, idea or opinion that comes up to you in thoughts, words, deeds or actions, present it to the CHRIST Consciousness and acknowledge HIM as the true inspector, and see if HE will let you pass. If HE does, it is all right

'It might sound like foolishness to be attuned to these vibrations and demonstrations and vigorations, but by being attuned and attached to this Vibrator, and this Demonstrator, and this Vigorator, and this Duplicator, it is Wonderful! These demonstrations and vibrations are brought into materialization by your conscious realization of the materialization of GOD, and by your attachment therewith mentally and spiritually, to both it and HIM and by losing all contact with the earth, materialism, carnality and mortality, and then you will be blessed of the LORD. It is Wonderful!

'When you live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST, as aforesaid, it is Wonderful! I think of it in words, deeds and in actions, and living in a practical way here and now. It is well worth considering.

'In all of your ways acknowledge him.'

I have not forgotten that.

'In all of your ways acknowledge him'

That is not acknowledging HIM, to get up in your selfish and mortal personal idea-ic way and saying, 'it is GOD in me saying this or doing this.' Acknowledging GOD is, as I said, to bring everything, thoughts, words, deeds and actions to the test of the investigator, to the inspector, or whatsoever it may be, and allowing it willingly to be weighed on the scale of justice under your consideration. It is Wonderful! Then you are acknowledging HIM and you will be guided, you will have your guide and your protection, for whatsoever the inspiration says, so will it be - the inspector says -according to the inspiration.

Obedience To the Command of GOD Brought Plenty


'In all of thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths,'

in thoughts, words, deeds and actions, it matters not how simple it may be, or how seeming great it may be. It is preaching the Gospel, it is glad tidings that all of you that are here can have something to eat. How beautiful are the feet of them that run and ring the bell to tell you all to come and get something to eat.

For that is the Gospel. CHRIST said,

'Feed My lambs' and 'Feed My sheep.'

Some may say, 'Well, He meant spiritually.' He also fed them materially as recorded in the Gospel. When He fed them materially that was the Gospel to them for they were hungry, and it was glad tidings for Peter and James and John to run around there and say; 'Fifty of you sit down here, and fifty there, and we are going to give you some bread and fish.' That was the Gospel and it is the Gospel.

'Then it was obedience to the command of GOD for them to sit down. They all obeyed the Lord's command. Jesus had them to sit on the ground and they all obeyed the Lord's command, and then it was plenty for them to eat, but you cannot swear that it would have been a plenty if they had not obeyed. 'Obedience is better than sacrifice.' You that are here are supposed to come and sit down and eat, if you want to eat when the bell rings, when it rings at the first table, especially you that are here and claim this to he your home and are staying here, you are supposed to come and eat and not to be waiting. That is the Gospel, for Jesus had them to sit on the ground, and I have spring-bottom chairs for you to sit in and you have forks and knives. And then it was no record given that they had forks and knives, they had to eat with their fingers and sit on the grass and it looked as though they enjoyed it mightily.

'So that is the way it should be here, you would not lag back, lay back and try not to come to the table and wait until the last. Now those that are of ME will do it, and those that are not of ME, everybody will know that they are not of ME. I mean those of you that are staying here altogether. I AM not speaking to the visitors, for they sometimes have breakfast before they arrive.'


'You are the producers and not only the reflectors of that thing that you gaze upon, and as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

Faith, Victory, Virtue

After singing a little song about Faith, Victory and Virtue, by three of the Angels of the Kingdom, FATHER spoke as follows:

'So Faith is the victory and the Virtue too, with or without a body, but it is expressed in a body now. Now if those bodies would not be the ideal expression of those attributes, they could not find a resting place there any longer, but as long as those bodies maintain their faith in GOD with unshaken confidence, then those bodies are the manifestations and the 'manifestators' of GOD in the name of Faith, in the name of Victory and in the name of Virtue.

You Have No Real Name But That Which You Express

'It says many will take the Name of the LORD thy GOD in vain, but it did not say that everybody will take the Name in vain. There are many of you that I have given names, mentally, spiritually and even Personally, and you have taken that name in vain by not living according to the name. And you are taking the name in vain if you violate any of these attributes of the names. I openly declared to the general public, apparently from a legalizing standpoint of view even to take the stand to that effect, in reference to Mr. Lamb. And as I declared with Mr. Lamb, whosoever produces the fruit of the Lamb or the fruit of such characteristics, they are that. When they have actually the nature of such characteristics of good or of GOD, then they are that. That is their rightful name. They have no other real name but that which they express. Nature means name. Mr. Lamb acted like a lamb at the time of so-called persecutions and at the time of the so-called raid, and then he stood up without any open evidence of resentment or anger.

My Spirit Has Taught You Not To Try To Save Your Life

'Mr. Weeks exhibited these tendencies, and Mr. Banks also, and they reaped the result, when MY Spirit has taught you not to try to save your life. MY Spirit teaches you in the Sonship Degree of Spirit to lose your life for my sake, and be led like a lamb to the slaughter, dumb as a sheep before her shearers.

'When CHRIST, the great Love Master, was led as a lamb to the slaughter, dumb as a sheep before her shearers, He opened not His mouth. The Sonship Degree's call is to that, to go as a lamb to the slaughter, and dumb as a sheep before her shearers. Seek not your own, make a complete self-denial of your own will, ways, fancies, pleasures and desires, and if you do not, then you are not of ME. He that will seek to save his life, even from a natural standpoint of view, shall lose it. It is indeed Wonderful So when the CHRIST, as being the Son manifested, was beaten, He threatened not. When He was reviled, He reviled not again, but gave Himself up in the hands of HIM that judgeth righteously, leaving us an example, as the writer says, that we should follow in His steps.

'Every one of you coming through the Sonship Degree that says, 'Our Father,' every one of you that has a FATHER to call upon externally, should be in the same state of consciousness that the Sonship Degree was when He said,

'Not my will, but Thine, be done.'

So He was led as a lamb to the slaughter. When He was beaten, He threatened not, when He was reviled, He reviled not again, but gave Himself up in the hands of HIM that judgeth righteously. The Sonship Degree of spiritual understanding is imputed worthy by such a sacrifice, and only by such a sacrifice can it he imputed worthy. So if you will bring forth these qualities, bring forth the Royal Diadem and crown Him Lord of all. Bring forth these qualities, these attributes and produce Him in your life, and henceforth be the manifestation of your name in your characteristics, which will be your name expressed.

Your Divine Nature As Expressed Through You Will Heal Them

'So Faith is the Victory and the Virtue too, and Virtue is the pure attribute of GOD Omnipotent, from all and through all the nations of the earth. It is the healing balm that went out from Jesus when the woman touched the hem of His garment And that is the most important or noted characteristic or attribute that was stressed of Mary, that she could produce the Son of GOD as a pre-evidence of how you must be to produce the likeness of the Son and bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives and give birth to the Christ Child. In your ways, in your actions, you must allow that most important characteristic of Mary to be your nature and your name, whether in words or not. Let it be that in the very innermost part of your being Then you too can be as was Jesus when one will come near you; in all of their afflictions you may apparently be afflicted, but the Angel of HIS Presence will heal them. The attribute of you, your Divine nature, as produced, and reproduced, and brought forth in expression through you, will heal them:` that quality that went forth from Jesus when the woman touched the hem of His garment. It was a quality that was a healing balm. It was a quality that was sufficient to save. It is a quality that is sufficient to save, that which is, was, and shall ever be. It is Wonderful! That seems to be quite clear in the spirit of your mind now.'

All Have My Name That Have the Names of the Spirit - But the Personal Name Is Divine

'If I didn't want Elijah to find fault he wouldn't find fault. If I didn't want him to be resentful he wouldn't be. He wouldn't do what GOD didn't want him to do. He followed GOD in his wills, in his ways and in his desires. He did it personally, and then when GOD wanted to take the spirit, HE had to take the body too. That is the point I call your attention to, with Faith, Victory and Virtue.

'When the spirit and the body are one, it is one, but if it is not, it is not. When one is willing to do the Will of GOD in all things and in all things to do the Will of GOD, why then that one is governed by the Mind of GOD and not by their own mind and opinions, and then when GOD calls for the spirit, HE cannot get the spirit without taking the body, for the spirit and the body are one. So that is what all of it is about. Don't you see the greatness? So if one wants to be with ME Personally, let them be abandoned personally in all MY ways, in MY Will, MY desire and MY opinions.

'Now Mother, if she is not that way today, whatsoever would be MY Will, would be her will. You couldn't be of ME unless there were no limitations, unless no deeds, no actions could be put forth by ME and not be your will. Else you could not be one with ME, and because she was, that is why she can be one in millions and millions and millions, where millions could have had MY Name. She saw it long ago. I condescended to impute MYSELF unto man by giving her MY Name, MY direct Name. All have MY Name that have the names of the Spirit, whatever the name may be - that is the name of GOD or the nature of GOD - but the direct Personal Name is DIVINE.

'Some have never denied themselves, not even so much as smoking a cigarette, and then they have wanted to go around and take MY Name. They haven't even denied themselves in doing whatsoever they want to do. Talking about taking the Name DIVINE! I will not hold him guiltless that taketh MY name in vain! When you are lost in MY Will and have no will or opinion but MINE, why then you can take MY Name and then, and not until then, are you worthy to be called by MY Name. That is the work of GOD in mankind, not my will, as a man, or as an individual, but Thy Will be done. Did you get that? That is the work of GOD in mankind, I say, working the Will of GOD, to be done in him as it is in the FATHER,

FATHER'S Interpretation of tile LORD'S Prayer

'Then if you say, 'FATHER,' let it be within yourself that you want your FATHER's will and way in all things, it matters not what it may be. And unless you are willing for your FATHER's will to be done in you as it is done in HIM, why then you are not worthy of HIM. That is why it says,

'Give us this day our daily bread. And let thy kingdom come, and thy will be done on earth . . .'

(which is in us). John said,

'Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,'

and they beheld Jesus. Jesus was a pre-evidence or an outward expression of the kingdom of heaven, and He said,

'Know ye not that ye are in my Father, and my Father is in me?'

And then He taught them to

'Let thy kingdom come'

in me as it is in Jesus.

'Let thy kingdom come, and let thy will be done,'

as it is in Jesus.

Feeling Good

If anybody asks you how I AM
Feeling good, feeling good,
If anybody asks you how I AM
Tell them I'm walking in the Light
And filled with Love and feeling good.

FATHER'S Interpretation of the LORD'S Prayer

'He could have said that as an interpretation of 'Let thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,' it could have been said, but Jesus did not say that directly in words, but He made it plain that the Kingdom of Heaven was within Him and that He was the Kingdom of Heaven. He made it plain, for He made it plain through John when he said,

'Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,'


'Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world,'

making it plain that that was the Kingdom of Heaven. But that was not the Kingdom of Heaven in Jesus alone, don't you see? It was to come in others as it was in Jesus. Therefore, Jesus in a parable-ic' way of speaking as He always spoke, said,

'pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven.'

He could as well have said, 'pray ye: Our Father, who is in Jesus, and let thy kingdom come, and thy will be done in us as it is in Jesus,' for He always did those things that pleased HIM, and the Will was done in Jesus. It is Wonderful!

'Then He wanted you to ask for the reproduction of the Kingdom or the extension of the wing that He might put a wing on to the house and make it a little bigger, that the Kingdom might be extended on the earthly plane, even as it is in Heaven. For,

'The first Adam was of the earth, earthy:'

don't you see? That brings you back to the Adamic state of consciousness.

'The first Adam was of the earth, earthy: but the second Adam was the Lord from heaven.'


'pray ye: Our Father who art in heaven and let 'Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.'

Let THY Will be done in us as it is in Jesus, in this Adamic state of consciousness as in Heaven or as it is in the heavenly state, and let THY Will be done here, and in that state.

'Give us this day . . .'

don't you see?

'You were supposed to fast and not get any daily bread until you get it on the right plane. That is why they are fasting out there in limitations and lacks and wants. After the Kingdom comes and the Will is being done, then you can get the day, and you can have the daily bread. To verify this, it says,

'First seek ye the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.'

It is Wonderful! I think I had better stop, because I have said enough. It continues to expand and lead right out, deeper and deeper, launching out into the deep.'

** *** **

'I AM a fisher of men, '

' . . . and

'the dead in Christ shall rise first.'

It may be possible, for all you know, that the Dead Sea will give up its dead. And being a fisher of men, I have bait for everyone. All would desire to be absolutely independent and happy. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!'


I Made My Body A Target To Bring You To the, Realization of the Presence of GOD

'You see there are those that have supposedly had their millions, but they are still finding themselves unsatisfied, and nothing brings them perfect satisfaction but the answer to the request of Philip,

'Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

That is a sample as its expression in reality, manifestedly in your lives, when you come to that conscious realization, is the only thing that will satisfy, the request of Philip, nothing else will satisfy. None of the external or so-called internal friends of the world, of your large vocabularies will satisfy. Nothing will satisfy but that which was spoken,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

Nothing shall satisfy, for man's highest vision is to see the perfect, with or without a body. His highest vision is to see the perfect. That was what he was in the beginning of the creation of the world. He saw GOD, but he allowed the belief of separation to separate him from that state of consciousness and he could no longer visualize GOD and he could no longer dwell in the consciousness of the Presence of GOD, for he went away from the Presence of GOD, or he was no longer conscious of the Presence of GOD. GOD was there with him anyway, was even within him, but he thought he was separated from GOD and he went away from that consciousness of GOD's being there and being within him, and he hid himself among the trees of the Garden, don't you see? It is Wonderful!

'And Cain did the same thing, he went away from the consciousness of the Presence of GOD. That is why I stress that point of view the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD. Now GOD is present everywhere and man will ordinarily say that GOD is Present everywhere, don't you see, but subconsciously there is something in them, the conscious mentality to thinks they have gone away or that they have gone away from GOD. You hear the pastors preach that, 'All like sheep have gone astray.' They have not gone anywhere, but they have gone away in their consciousness, and therefore, they do not think that GOD is Present with them, and therefore, the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD cannot produce, for they are not conscious of GOD's Presence.

'You see, that motto is deep searching. It is not for something to say as a rhyme or as rhythm, but it is something to give you vision and to bring you back to the consciousness of the Presence of GOD. Then the Spirit of that is the source of all supply and will satisfy every good desire, for GOD is the Producer, the Creator and the Multiplier of all good things. Therefore, HE, the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, creates the Spirit and the atmosphere that is the source of every good desire, for that permeates and saturates and fills and thrills your very being. It is Wonderful!

'The coming of MY Body into expression was to bring to humanity the consciousness of GOD's Presence, and I sacrificed the Body through declarations and affirmations, don't you see, and the declarations of many concerning ME, and the Body stands as a living sacrifice for the declarations of many of you even now. For you were not conscious of GOD's Presence until GOD was ready to make HIS declaration in a Body, in deeds and in actions, and to produce that Spirit of the Consciousness in others that they may make their declaration of the same.

'You would offhandedly speak of GOD as being present everywhere, but you were not really conscious of it because even in Truth you were somehow conscious of the thought that you had to go somewhere, and therefore, you consciously put HIM somewhere in the spiritual realm of life and not here where you were. Therefore, you were not conscious of the Presence of GOD. But I came to cast out that thought of some other place to go, for you are here and now in this DIVINE Presence, don't you see? If there would be another place, why GOD must be in the highest realm, and there is some place to go and you would not be conscious of GOD's Presence. For this cause I made MY Body a target, to bring to your conscious realization the Presence of GOD on the material plane. And by so doing I declare and have declared unto you that, The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply, and will satisfy every good desire. I did not say it would satisfy every evil or adverse or mortal desire, but it will satisfy every Godly desire. It will satisfy every unselfish desire. But it was necessary to bring GOD to the earth, on the material plane, to the earthly state of consciousness; it was necessary for ME to do so, and it was necessary for ME to make the declaration in words or in deeds and in actions. As I said, I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes. It is Wonderful! Then by so doing, I brought to your conscious realization the Presence of GOD. Hence, you are conscious of GOD's Presence and until you became conscious of GOD's Presence from a personal standpoint of view, I have held the consciousness of GOD's Presence as an external Statute, that- you might gaze upon it until you can reproduce the same.'

Thoughts For Consideration

One of the Angels remarked this evening on how different the consciousness is here in the Kingdom than it is out in the world, when, as she said, a radio was installed, but they very seldom bothered to listen to it. FATHER replied,.'

'Unless you can transcend all material, human, mortal pleasures, your work is not complete. It would be wonderful if you all would have some positive thoughts, and essential, and make them real, positive essential thoughts.'

This was said after someone had said something in a joking way about something they had visualized being made real.

If GOD Be For You, Who Can Be Against You?

'If MY Spirit could get more glory by MY Body being in prison for a term of fifty years, as Gandhi did for the honor of his people, as MY people is all of humanity, I would be willing to do it. I don't care. And if MY Spirit doesn't will ME to do it, it is immaterial to ME. I know I have about four million to live in when I AM Personally absent. I AM here with you anyhow.

'Wheresoever you be, if you live by MY Name I will heal the sick, I will give sight to the blind, I will even raise the dead, for the Mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. You shall have some of the physically dead, the bodies that have been declared dead, we are going to have some of them to rise, too. That is what I AM talking about. It is Wonderful!

'Now I know all of you wouldn't be out here for nothing. If you didn't believe, you wouldn't be here, would you? If you didn't believe ME, you wouldn't be here, would you? And I heard you say, 'Where FATHER leads me I will follow, I will go with HIM all the way.' And I know you will go, I know you are willing to go wherever HE goes, so I don't care what the mortal mind may try to do,

'If God be for you, who can be against you?'

Their Own Thoughts Will Harm Them

'Now one more thing I want to say: you heard Dr. Walker speak, and you heard him say his own brother spoke a word against ME and turned around and his leg was broken. You heard him say it here tonight, that his own brother, with a head full of liquor, when his wife wanted to come to MY meeting, said, 'Go to meeting nothing,' or something like that, and said something about ME, and he turned around and his leg broke in two places and is in a plaster cast now. Now he said that. I didn't tell it. I didn't say anything about it until he told it.

'Then at his church, the first Thursday I stopped up there when I was coming out here, there was a fellow came in and spoke about ME. He spoke it on the outside, and when he came into the church I said, It is Wonderful,' and he fell like a dead man. Ask Dr. Walker about it, and they carried him out of there and he didn't come to right away, either. It is Wonderful! Their own thoughts will kill them. I don't do anything. I don't want to do anyone any harm, but their own thoughts will harm them. You heard Dr. Walker tell about the minister out there going to jail the next day after I was there. Now I didn't wish him in jail, but maybe he may have wished someone in jail.

You Can't Put This Fire Out, For They Tried To Stop It In Sayville

'Dear Ones, this is what I wish for you all, I desire to see you all blessed even as I AM blessed. I don't want you to be races, for I AM none of your races, I AM none of your nationalities, you don't have to think I AM an American, you don't have to think I AM an Egyptian, you don't have to think I AM an Indian. I AM none of them, and I want you to get all of that foolishness out of your head. I AM no race and no creed and no color. Get that out of your consciousness and you will be abundantly free from all of your lacks, wants and limitations. The Mouth of the LORD hath spoken it!

'Now then, I sang, 'It is love that moved the ALMIGHTY GOD, It is Love that brought ME here.' It was love that caused ME to be willing to sacrifice MY Life for you all. I knew that those would-be persecutions and would-be prosecutions and would-be executions, if they could, would come against ME for your sake and for doing what I have been doing, feeding and clothing the hungry and doing just like the Bible said GOD would do, or like Jesus told the shepherds to do,

'Feed My lambs . . . feed my sheep.'

And because that was done and the people got happy, the mortal mind got indignant about it and they thought I was some kind of inferior race of a person, and they thought that those people being some kind of inferior race, are being exalted above us and we are going to stop it, and they set out to stop it, but they haven't stopped it because it is just like this, not only here, but in England. It is just like this in all parts of Europe. It has become to be just like it is here in Asia and in Africa and in South American countries and in Australia. So I AM rejoicing to know that, that this is that fire that John spoke about. He said,

'He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire,'

and he said,

'He shall gather the good wheat in his garner; and the chaff shall be burned up with unquenchable fire.'

Now you can't put this fire out, for they tried to stop it in Sayville and it has gone to Australia and all parts of India. I have begun to get letters now from those that are called the Masters in India. They say that they have heard of ME and they want ME to send them some of MY lectures. Mr. Lamb and some of MY students here are short handing MY sketching, MY Words when I speak at the Table and elsewhere like they are doing now and they are sending them out to the different countries in all parts of the world and all the different papers, and so MY Message shall go from shore to shore and from land to land. Now think about it being after twelve o'clock and you are just as patient about it, it is Wonderful! You know I AM compelled to love you, and I don't care what anybody can do to ME for you because I love you so..'

The above talk was given at a public meeting in which mention was made by one of the speakers, of a court case pending, supposedly against FATHER, in which HE is charged with maintaining a public nuisance in Sayville, bringing large crowds to this small town and causing singing and praising at all hours. It was suggested that although absolutely nothing could be said against HIM in court for what HE has been doing, there might be paid witnesses try to swear falsely against HIM. FATHER said they had better not try to do it, and then mentioned the above incidents referred to. One of the speakers also told of a case in which he had spoken to a so-called Jewish woman about FATHER and she did not want to listen, but said, 'Go away from here with your - CHRIST.' Within two days she was rushed to the hospital for an operation on her appendix and has had three more since then. Finally she has called upon FATHER and received help.

Some Have A Fear of Being Controlled By MY Spirit

'I hope that you all will not be as was someone that followed ME about a year or more ago, a so-called Truth student or Truth teacher. They advocated just what I advocated, that GOD is Present everywhere, and yet they desired to be where I AM, and yet they Were under a dread or fear of being controlled by MY Spirit. Now what they said was true, GOD is Present everywhere and I want you all to know that as you do know it, and it is not that one must necessarily come to ME Personally, but when you selfishly conceive that idea, that you are afraid someone else's spirit, or GOD in someone else will have dominion over your mind, why then you put yourself in torment. But it is true as they say, that GOD is Present everywhere. I often used to say it when they were here, and oftentimes when they were here and thought that they would be controlled by MY Spirit, they would be tormented by the most terrible fear.

'So I just wanted to say, of course I know you all are with the last speaker, I AM saying it to all, I know you are happy and I AM glad that you are happy, but I want you to know that GOD is present everywhere. You know that, but I want you to verify it in deeds and in truth, and as I AM, I want you to be, wheresoever you be, not to be some place for a selfish purpose. I AM not advocating that, I AM not trying to convey any thought or tendency of self-conceitedness to you, but I AM trying to convey the true thought of unselfishness, yet the recognition of the Omnipresence of GOD. Then you can be blessed wheresoever you are, the same as the statement that was given concerning this lady that called for ME or MY Spirit at the time they had given up her husband for dead.






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