You Cannot Bring Forth the CHRIST Unless You Have Courage, Boldness and Zeal.
Nothing Satisfies But the Recognition of the Presence of the FATHER



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 37

Enjoying the beach

Enjoying the beach






Love and Truth Are Stronger Than Death and Can Overcome If Rightfully Applied

'Now it is Wonderful! If there had not been a thought, that mind of the whole medical field saying through one man and those that believed in him, that the husband was dead, it would have had to have been so. I mean, he would have had to go in that way as though he were dead, and he could not have come through out from under that coma of that belief of death saving by the Name of GOD. 'The name of God is a strong tower.' She ran in the Name of GOD in the time of the storm of fear and of doubts that were buffeting her ship of faith from side to side until she was willing to give up, but there still was just one little hope of what she heard ME say and what she heard concerning ME.

'Now that does not say that I did anything, it was the Name and the fame that accomplished the work through her faith. It is Wonderful! It actually brought into her consciousness the real Presence of GOD, and if she will not be deceived, for GOD is not mocked, why she will always realize that GOD is Ever Present from henceforth, and she will have no occasion to doubt any more or fear or dread what may seem to be.

'So it is a wonderful thought to think that through the insignificance of this individual, as it may be termed, the very Spirit of Truth emanates and goes forth conquering and to conquer. Through that, you can see that love and truth are actually stronger than death and can overcome it if you will rightfully apply them. That is why I say continually, that it is great to have substantiated faith and unshaken confidence that GOD is Present everywhere. There are those of you that mentally and spiritually and physically may be somewhat doubtful at times to relax your preconceived ideas and opinions and your conscious mentality generally and give your whole heart to GOD, relaxing and laying down. As a man used to sing once, 'I am working on the building for my Lord,' and then he would say, 'I lie down on the building . . . I get up on the building . . . I rest on the building', etc. So if you can lie down on the promise of GOD and rely on the promise of GOD, you will be unshaken in faith and substantiated in confidence. That is the idea.

Some Are Fearful That They Might Become Subjugated To ME

'I do not mean for one to get a spirit of self-conceitedness, as I say as was with the party I spoke about first, and then through fear they knew that they had not demonstrated the desire of their heart; they knew that they had not brought into fruition the full expression of the CHRIST in perfection, but yet they were fearful that they might be subjugated to ME. Now I say I know all of you come here because you believe that you derive some benefits, all of you. But yet I want you to know that if you live the Life, just as fully consecrated and self-denied as I advocate and demonstrate, you will be even also in the Presence of GOD wheresoever you are and the Presence of GOD will be with you in your mental world, physical and spiritual, yea, even in all things that concern you on the material plane and it will be the same as if you were right here with ME in Person. That is the idea. I have to continue to stress that point of view because there are thousands and thousands of people feel as you do, that they must personally come to ME. It is Wonderful!

'Just as I continue to say, we have discontinued our public visiting hours out here and I have gone to the general public for the purpose of reaching those that cannot come and those that can come. Therefore, I have again given MYSELF to the world. But I want you to have that unshaken faith, substantiated faith and unshaken confidence to know that whether you are here or there, you can be happy, yea, so happy. The great thought of it is to know ME, your GOD. Not just in words, but in actuality, in actual truth, know ye your GOD. Not just for the sake of being a man or being a woman, as many have applied that knowledge of the Truth, they have applied it as being a man or as being a woman. They have applied the knowledge of the Truth, of the Allness of GOD and the Ever Presence of GOD, as being a man or a woman -- 'I do what I please. I won't go a place where I can't do what I please!' And they go carrying it sometimes as being in the Name of GOD, as if it is a man or woman from a human standpoint of view, better known as John Smith. They may just as well say, 'I am a man or I am a woman, and I want to have my way.' But yet it is a blessing to know that GOD is Present everywhere, and as I continue to say, I advocate the non-willingness.

If You Wait On His Own Time, It Will Produce the Sweetness

'I was just thinking a little while ago, when the different speakers were talking, I thought of how peaches, apples and the different kinds of fruit they get something from somewhere. In the beginning you will find that the apples, peaches and practically all kinds of fruit, they are very sour and after awhile when they begin to get ripe, they get sweet.

'The kingdom of God cometh not with observation.'

You cannot see that sweetness when it comes there, but you will say, 'Those are sweet apples.' You will say, 'They are ripe.' Then you will say, 'There are some which are green, they are sour. These are ripe and they are sweet.' Now how is that, and from whence cometh that sweetness, and from whence cometh the ripeness of the same? It cometh not with observation, but when you see it, it has been brought into materialization and manifested to the world. It is Wonderful! Truly might the great Love Master have said,

'The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation.'

'When Bishop Selkridge saw ME in 1917, why of course, the time was not ripe. He was not ripe and ready to be plucked. In fifteen years of time you cannot tell what will be with many that see not now and that are not ready to be plucked. But when the ripeness comes forth at the right time and when they are ripe and that sweetness comes forth, they will be fit meet for the Master's use. It did not come by observation, but when you saw it, when you did see it, you saw it as it is. It is Wonderful! It is wonderful how the watermelon or anything like that, apples and peaches, when you see them sometimes, they are green and then in a little while they are red and you can cut a watermelon open and it is red and the seeds are brown or black.

'So it cometh not with observation,

'but when He shall appear . . we shall see him as He is.'

Now where was that sweetness? You could have chewed the trees and you could have chewed the limbs and you could have chewed the blossoms, but where was that sweetness? Instead, you would have found bitterness. The very blossoms of the trees are bitter. It is Wonderful! But if you wait on His own time, that will produce the sweetness that will be fit meet for the Master's use. Now aren't you glad? Facts and figures when they come so plain and so straight, they are too stout to be denied.

If We Keep Jesus' Sayings, Death Will Not Appear

'The speaker spoke concerning the 'concreting' of Truth, the 'concreting' of GOD. The Word was made flesh. And the speaker also spoke concerning,

'If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.'

Now that was a pre-evidence of what will be in the whole universe. This party is a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of what will be universally made manifest, that very identical expression of GOD.

'If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.'

It was a matter of impossibility for even that which appeared to be death, which would have appeared to he death to appear there where one kept the sayings, being substantiated in faith and unshaken in confidence, not only, if a man keep my sayings, he shall never taste of death, but he shall not see it in somebody else. He shall not see it in somebody else.

'No one version of that text or of that quotation there,

'If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death,'
but you know it is wonderful and it is more wonderfuller to know that he shall not even see it in someone else, for it will not exist in his world. It is Wonderful! Truly,
'Blessed and holy is he that hath a part in the first resurrection: for on such the second death has no power . . .'

has no power over or on his mind. It has no bearing on his mind, it cannot exist in his consciousness and he cannot see it mentally, manifestedly, or spiritually he cannot see it. it is Wonderful!

'You may not keep MY sayings and you may manifestedly see it, but if you keep MY sayings effectively as did the lady in reference to her husband, in all of MY ways and all of MY sayings, why it cannot appear. The appearance of it cannot appear. The appearance of it cannot even exist there. It will have to disappear before it expresses itself in actuality. It is Wonderful!

'It is eternal life to know thee, the only true GOD and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.'

The sacrifice of the Life had to be made, and the sacrifice of the Body had to be made to be the Ideal Redeemer of bodies.

'If I had not been willing to sacrifice the Body in which I lived, I could not have redeemed bodies which I came to redeem. But because I was willing to Personally sacrifice the Body in which I lived, producing the manifestation of the Power within and without, and even MY Name, to redeem bodies in which I AM to live, it is Wonderful! For this cause, around four million bodies, I AM talking about the temples, have been prepared and are being prepared for this glorious event, the reign of CHRIST in the hearts, spirit, minds and bodies of men. They have been prepared and have been and are being prepared for CHRIST to reign therein, that His Kingdom may be universalized even as it has been individually materialized. It is Wonderful! Your glorious privilege!

Being Willing To Sacrifice the Body Spells the Redemption of Mankind

'So then as I say, I will live, and I will live on: I will reign eternally, this Mighty Holy Name, this Name into which you are being baptized, it is the Name of GOD that is a strong tower. The Disciples did not get the great significance of this Truth when it said,

'Baptize them in the name of The Father.'

You know this Name is swallowing you up wheresoever you go, and belching you out. This Name is uppermostly in the consciousness of the souls of men,

'and GOD Himself shall be with them, and shall be their GOD!. . . and they shall be His people.'

By the willingness to sacrifice the Body as a committee of One, spells the redemption of the universe of mankind. It is Wonderful! I say, by the willingness to sacrifice the Body as a committee of One spells the redemption of the universe of mankind. By the loss or by the sacrifice of One, many became righteous, and by the sin of one, or the disobedience of one, many became sinners. So it is Wonderful!

'I do not desire to do anything that would be unseemly, but I do say that by the sacrifice and by the willingness of one to be willing to sacrifice the body in which He lived, it is the redemption of the universe - of mankind that will believe - in which He shall live. It is Wonderful!

Without the Materialized Word of GOD, No Flesh Can Be Saved

'So it is a great consolation to realize these truths and that the very spirit of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD within you reveals same, giving you to know that the very words that I speak, they are spirit and they are life. It is to say, they are incorruptible and undefiled and fade not away. That is the interpretation of that, the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are Life. They cannot fade away.

'Heaven and earth shall pass away: but The Word of our God stands forever.'

The Word of our GOD stands forever if you will be faithful and true, and be not disturbed whatever betide, for GOD will take care of you. It is Wonderful!

'Unless those days be shortened,'
one writer says,
'there shall be no flesh saved.'

And again I say unto you, without the realization and manifestation of the materialized Word of GOD, there can be no flesh saved, for what need would it be to save flesh when the materialized Word had not, if there was nothing materialized from a heavenly state of consciousness. It would always be destruction and corruption in the flesh. The heavenly state of consciousness is the leaven, or as the salt of the earth that will preserve that which is left to its keeping, and it must be materialized from the heavenly state as long as you desire to live there and on the earthly plane, or else there would be no redemption, and neither would it be necessary.

'So let our minds rise from that preconceived idea and opinion concerning the great work of Truth, thinking only as in Spirit and from spiritual terms, and eliminate that thought without our consciousness of GOD being a Spirit from that standpoint of view that you have previously held, and realize that the Spirit produces things according to your faith on the material as well as on the spiritual plane. And that is what causes your very bodies to be healthy and manifest perfect vigor, manifest the perfect picture, because of your recognition of the Impersonal being made Personal and materialized in your lives. So it is Wonderful! It is free for one and for all, for it is the Gift of GOD.'

** ***

'It is Wonderful! The sense of separateness comes through the sense of individual selfishness, as was before said, and as long as one lives in that state of consciousness they subject themselves to every ailment and every undesirable condition that exists in the human system, yea, in the human mental world. They are in that world of things and they have brought themselves into subjection to such things that are in the world, and it says,

'By our law he should die.'

You are subject to the law that you are under.'

There Is Nothing Left But GOD When You Have Denied Yourself

'My', think of that 'my'. I have given a fore-light of that thought concerning 'my', in self-denial, even so simply as it has been given out in this Kingdom that you wouldn't say it is so. You would not say 'my' hand, 'my' foot, 'my' own, 'my' anything. In years back we have given it out that it wouldn't be 'my' anything, it would be 'the'. That is a pre-evidence of the way that it will be when humanity shall have risen to that place in consciousness where they have unified themselves with the Infinite Whole and denied themselves of all individual claims. Then there can be no death, the same as there can be no poverty and no lack and no want, because you are part of all and part of no individual something. Don't you see? It is Wonderful!

'So it is a wonderful thought to realize just what you can do and what you can be by self-denial. by denying yourself, and as it has been before said, 'man's extremity is God's opportunity.' When you cancellate yourself and all of your personal mortal ideas off of the screen entirely, why then GOD will appear on the screen. There is nothing left to exist there but GOD or the Infinite Whole when you shall have denied your version of your individual selves. If you will not be an individual why you can be an individual expression of GOD. That is why I stress this point of view.

'It is hard for a person to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in his life as long as he is in an individual expression of himself.

You Cannot Bring Forth the CHRIST Unless You Have Courage, Boldness and Zeal

'I brought out this thought when there were some to be paroled from prison here the other day. I spoke of one who has to do with that work. There is a beautiful soul, expressing the CHRIST Spirit, but unfortunately he cannot bring forth the CHRIST for lack of courage, boldness, zeal and because of his carefulness until they do get to that place where they do not care and will not be careful but will be careless in what they are to do. The CHRIST in you and the CHRIST in ME can be brought forth into expression, and can be made manifest to the world, but as long as you live in a limited degree of expressing your highest Ideal or your CHRIST, you cannot develop the true CHRIST.

'Now suppose I would say - suppose I would be foolish enough to say - 'Well, I would do such-and-such a thing, but I don't want to lose MY reputation,' and yet there be an urge from the within to do that, that would prohibit ME from bringing forth the CHRIST to fruition. 'I would do that, but you know folks will talk about me.' The same as though I would, suppose I would have been that way. Well, I venture to say it has been the case that the CHRIST desired to express HIMSELF and desired to pick HIS way out of the shell of limitation as a little chick desires to pick its way out of the shell. Humanity has been trying to hatch, it has been trying to crack the shell of limitation and all kinds of barriers of the mortal version and come out. It has been hindered from one cause and another.

'The time cometh and now is that even between the sexes there will be nothing to bar the CHRIST from expression, from development, through bringing HIMSELF into fruition. It is Wonderful! There has been something to hinder the CHRIST from being developed and picking HIMSELF loose from the shell of materialism.

'The thought came to ME, or I brought the thought up within and extended it with expression' when there were some parties to be paroled, and this man is a beautiful expression of the CHRIST, but concealed so that HE cannot be rightfully developed or brought into fruition as HE could, if there had not been any drawback. Now there were those that were to be paroled, but there were some they thought were c--- and this party could not receive them because they thought they were c----. It would be a matter of impossibility for that party to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition, not only because of that, but because of any limitation that will hinder you from expressing your highest impulse of the CHRIST within. That is why the song says,

'Must I be carried to the skies On flowery beds of ease while others fought to win the prize, And fight through bloody seas?'

How To Bring Forth the CHRIST

'Truly I must fight: fight against all materialism, against all barriers of materiality, or else no man can bring forth the CHRIST to fruition. I say that and then I show why others are so far in the rear. Some will let families hold them back. How beautiful are the feet of them that carry glad tidings to the world! And if you will not do what your intuition bids you do because of your family, or your creed, or your denomination, or your race, or your nationality, you cannot bring HIM forth to fruition. It is a matter of impossibility if you will not go according to your highest intuition. You cannot manifest the CHRIST to the world unless you are free from all limited mortal versions of every human mind and be absolutely care-free and willing to sacrifice your life even as I have done and AM doing. And that is why I AM suffering so-called persecution for you, for I could not have expressed The CHRIST, could not have brought forth the CHRIST to fruition. HE would have been concealed had HE not been expressed as I desired, without favors and without affections and without attachment to the mortal versions of the human mind.

'For this cause, all that have not brought forth the CHRIST to fruition, it is for some such cause, for CHRIST in you would develop HIMSELF if you would be governed by your highest Christly intuition It is CHRIST in you that desires to be delivered. It is the CHRIST in you that has been pushing HIS way through. That is why every mortal version of the human mind, and society, and every human relative and kin and denomination hinders, and that is why unless

'you forsake all, you cannot be My disciple.'

You may go on to walk behind ME Personally, but you cannot go on in this high expression1 cannot bring the CHRIST to fruition in your lives until you cut loose from every mortal version of the human mind and shall have risen above all materialism.

'As the speaker said, one must he a committee of one. That is your only redemption, to be a committee of one to

'Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus:'

to make the same sacrifice that HE made. There are many of you that may not have to do exactly as I have done, but you will have to do it mentally and spiritually. What I mean by that is that you won't be any races, colors, creeds, denominations, families, nationalities, etc. You won't have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and all like that, for if you do, you will not see the Glory of GOD. Now it is a hard saying, but it is true, and as I say, coming to ME from a Personal standpoint of view avails not, unless you come in your heart. It is Wonderful! You must come unto ME, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, but as He said, you must

'lay down the world, and take up your cross, and come and follow me'.'

** ** **

''It is good not to know anything, and if you have learned anything, to unlearn it from a mortal standpoint of view. If you will get out of the way, I will speak and it is not necessary for ME then to speak in Person.'

You Must Deny the Relationship of All Matter To Be A True Child of GOD

'You have heard the last speaker and as many of you know, she never had a grammar school education, yet she has delivered a sermon that surpasses any of the preachers. She has never opened a Bible, but when you put off the old man with all of his deeds, GOD can rise in your stead, and instead of the one that once lived in His temple. Truly might the Apostle have said,

'I count all that I know as loss that I might gain Christ, and the power of his resurrection.'

And when you count all that you know as naught and live in GOD, then GOD can speak and GOD can talk, for it is no more you but the CHRIST that dwells within you.

'It is wonderful to think what you can be made up of. You can be made up of the Spirit and the Mind of GOD and know nothing yourself, and it has been well said about denial of races, creeds and colors, families and friends, relatives and kin, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. As long as you live in them it is a matter of impossibility for you to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives. It is absolutely a matter of impossibility for you to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives otherwise.

'If you follow the Life of Jesus, why, at the age of twelve years, He was compelled to detract from His so-called mother's teaching. He was compelled to detract from it and compelled to deny the relationship there. And you must do the same. Every one of you must deny the relationship of all matter before you can rise in true spirituality and become a true son or daughter of GOD manifestedly. And that is what this is all about. It is Wonderful! It is the CHRIST in you that has long since been desirous of being brought forth to fruition in your lives, but He could not, and you would not allow Him, the CHRIST Consciousness, to hover you as a hen hovers her brood. There are many that ran in the race, and there are many that have started out on this celestial journey, started out from the City of Destruction to this Celestial City, but many have stopped by the way.

'When Christian started out, he put his hands on his ears and he ran, and so did you. But soon you began to look back at the world, at races, creeds and colors, and began to denominate yourselves, began to separate yourselves and as the speaker said, began to say, 'This is my race.' If you have a race, why then you have not the CHRIST manifested in you. HE is there, but HE cannot be manifested as long as you have a race. As long as you have a color you cannot manifest the CHRIST. It is impossible to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your lives as long as you have a race, color, creed, denomination, family or any individual thing. It is a matter of impossibility to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in your life that way, for CHRIST is as a public utility and you must be as public as the wind is. He said that, and every one of you has a right to the breath of life and every one of you has a right to GOD.

'Realize the great significance of your self-denial as was aforesaid.

'If you hear any man inquiring after me, tell him I said, first deny himself.'

The most important essential, the first step, is for a man to deny himself and take up his cross and follow ME. Then if that be true, are you willing to follow? It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! IT IS WONDERFUL! So then, if you are willing to follow, we will sing it, and I want you to sing it just like you mean it 'If FATHER lead. me, I will follow, I will go with HIM all the way.'

'This talk was given before a large audience in Peace Memorial Church, New York City, and was followed by fifteen minutes of singing of the song mentioned, accompanied by a great demonstration of The Spirit.

Great Manifestation of Light At Peace Memorial Church

'The following talk was given before a large audience in the Rush Memorial Church, now called Peace Memorial Church since FATHER's coming, on Thursday afternoon about five o'clock, April 16. During the course of the talk. the writer saw intermittent flashes of light down low in one corner at the back of the church which was in shadow. No one seemed to pay any attention to them and it was taken for granted that someone was looking for something on the floor with a large flashlight. The flashes continued, however, and started moving up the sides of the auditorium until they reached the pulpit. Here, they blazed up into a brilliant light overhead and on both sides that lighted up the whole church. Many claim that the light gathered around FATHER's head in the form of a crown, similar to that seen in pictures of JESUS the CHRIST, but the writer did not see this, as the attention was taken up with these notes and he was looking down at the paper.

The point where the light blazed up will be indicated in the notes. It will be at the end of the talk, because there was such a demonstration on the part of the audience at that time, lasting for about twenty minutes that FATHER just stood there, and did not continue. The moment the manifestation appeared, the whole audience sprang to its feet and cheered and danced and sang with hands in the air as a unit. And this continued until FATHER raised HIS hands and called for silence. This has not been the only manifestation of its kind that FATHER has given us recently. Others will be described in the course of these notes.

'I came to make the heaven and the earth one. It is Wonderful! I came that the Will might be done and the Kingdom come and the first heaven and the first earth are passed away, and where it is not fully passed out of your consciousness, I cancel it. I erase it from your memory and it shall not be called to mind. Finally, it shall not even be called to mind. It is Wonderful! I will cancel it from your memory. I will make you so happy here you will forget all about the first heaven and the first earth, for the LORD, your GOD, is here, right here now, and the holy Angels that you thought were in the sky somewhere, you will realize that they are here in this Divine Impersonal Life in which we all live, and move, and have our being. It is Wonderful!'

(At about this point the flashes appeared in the back of the church.)

'And you will also realize that the first heaven and the first earth are passed away. You will realize that you do not have to look to see Jesus descending from the clouds. For it is written plainly,

' .... lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world,'


'He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.'

All you have to do is to come to this conscious recognition of the Presence of GOD, and the joys of GOD will be unfolded, and the mysteries of GOD will be unfolded as never before. Why? Because all of you are out here because it is a Power that is more than mortal to command.'

At this point the great light blazed up and the speaking discontinued. The meeting closed with the following Message spoken by FATHER:

'With such zeal and such peace, I say unto you, Go, and sin no more, free from limitations and free from wants, and MY Spirit will go with you.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'You know anything that is not worth paying for is not worth having, and you know this Kingdom - a person must pay the price to obtain the prize.'

'I have always stressed the point of view of not fasting particularly in the physical body, but fasting from those undesirable tendencies that will antagonize the true Spirit of The Almighty. I have stressed that point of view though I have come in contact with the leaders and the teachers, and the schools and different ones that stress the other point of view and fast from the physical point of view. I do not stress the point of view of overeating, but I do stress the point of view of the human appetite and such things as life demands for the sustenance of the body. Then the body can relax very readily. That is MY impression, that is MY view, you see.'

Motto: 'You are in the day of the LORD, that the LORD shall rule in your hearts and minds, and rule and super-rule in the lives of all mankind.'

'They believe, whether they admit it or not,' said FATHER, speaking to the Angels about the audiences, 'there is a consciousness called the subconsciousness, and it believes it. They believe it even if they are unconscious of it, for all Power is in GOD and can be brought into expression by HIM that lives forever and forever. Aren't you glad?'

GOD Has Joined Jesus and CHRIST And Let No Man Put Them Asunder

'Things are brought into expression according to your functioning to things that you have visualized. If you visualize limited degrees of expression, or knowledge, understanding, or anything, then to you it is that. If you bring to your conscious realization the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, you will manifest it then according to your faith because you believe it. But if you only believe in the invisible, or in the Spirit of CHRIST as being 'body-less' why then, you might just as well realize that you might as well pass out.

'If you will not give GOD a Body, neither will GOD give you a body. But if you will rightfully and righteously give GOD a Body, GOD will also give you a body, for whatsoever you measure unto others, the same shall be measured unto you. It is Wonderful. Rightfully and righteously give GOD a Body and GOD will rightfully and righteously lovingly and wholly, give you a body.

'Now if you only believe in the invisible Spirit, why GOD will only save your spirit. To believe in the Spirit alone, that is only a spiritual salvation, and to believe in the Mind alone, that is only a mind salvation, and that body will always be in a chaotic condition and there will always' be division in that body as long as you are divided in mind concerning it, and keep your mind in a divided state of consciousness concerning yourself and your Creator, which subjugates you to be separated from your body.

'If you separate JESUS from the CHRIST, you have separated, mentally and spiritually, though it may be unconsciously done, you have separated the CHRIST from your body. If you separate JESUS from the CHRIST, you have separated the CHRIST from your body.

'That which 'God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.'

GOD has joined JESUS and CHRIST together, you know that is true. Everybody can verify that, because He was JESUS the CHRIST. The so-called Truth teachings have separated JESUS from CHRIST, saying JESUS was a natural man and CHRIST was the inner man. Well, that is about the same as the Baptists and the Methodists and such as that, teaching that the outer man will be lost but the inner man will be saved. It is Wonderful! Now whether you inherit eternal life or not, that is up to you, and you are or can be the cause of whatsoever you desire to express.'


Nothing Satisfies But the Recognition of the Presence of the FATHER

'The Disciples were all there with Jesus, and He fed the four thousand in a miraculous way, He fed the five thousand in a miraculous way. He healed the sick and He raised the dead, but still they were not satisfied, for Philip said,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us,'

not show me, but show us The FATHER. There was a question mark there. Nothing would satisfy but the conscious recognition of the Presence of The FATHER.

'Adam had the whole earth and had dominion over it, both it and them, but still he was unsatisfied. It is Wonderful! You could not be satisfied until you are brought back to your GOD. As I said, the Sonship Degree of spiritual understanding did not satisfy you, did it? The conscious conviction of the Presence of Jesus, the Son, or CHRIST, that did not satisfy, did it? How could it satisfy when it did not satisfy Philip and the Disciples that were with Him at that time?

'Do you not see the great significance? He said,

'In that day ye shall ask me nothing.'

Why? Because you will get nearer to your GOD. And when they ask you, 'Why do you always Say, 'Thank YOU FATHER'? Why don't you say, 'Thank you Jesus'? You can answer that it is written,

'In that day ye shall ask me nothing,'

and this is the day when you do not have to ask Jesus anything. It is Wonderful!

'It is a hard saying to the mortal mind, but yet it is true.

'In that day ye shall ask me nothing.'
And He further answered Philip's doubt there, as to His being the FATHER when He said,
'In that day I will show you of The Father plainly.'

In this, He somewhat refuted His own testimony, as so many do today when they testify of ME. They say they know I AM GOD, and then they say something which would apparently contradict their testimony. Jesus said,

'I and my Father, are one,' and 'Hast thou been so long with me, Philip, and yet hast thou not known me?'
And yet He said,
'In that day I will show you of the Father plainly,'

and it is evident that Philip doubted that He was the FATHER. Now what day is this?

'This is the day of the LORD, and John was carried away in the Spirit on the LORD's day, and he heard the Voice and this is what HE said:

'I am Alpha and Omega, I am the First and the Last. I am the offspring of David.'

It is Wonderful!

'I have the key to death, and I can open doors that no man can open.'

Now I AM so glad that your hearts are merry. If there is anything I have said here tonight that you are pleased with, let it be known by the raising of your hands.'

Fast From Everything That Separates You From GOD

'Such perfection will only come by fasting and prayer. Not fasting from material food' oh, no, no, but fasting from all mortality and mortal characteristics; fasting from such material characteristics that would cause many to fall below the level of the beast; fasting from that which has separated man from his GOD. Fast from that which has caused Adam to be driven from the Presence of GOD, and in fasting from those tendencies, inclinations, fancies and pleasures, such kind will come out.

'The same as Mr. Rowell was saying a little while ago, that GOD had taken away even the appetite for strong drink. Why? Because I AM that which satisfies every ingredient in you. If you are compound, I AM compound too, and through being compound the Spirit of this Compound Being can satisfy every desire that is therein and verify and also fulfill that which the Master said,

'My grace is sufficient for thee.'
'He fulfils my every desire;'

the CHRIST is rich and all you need, the capsule of salvation, having all of the ingredients in one Ideal, the Ideal expressed and in CHRIST. It has everything in it that you can desire, everything.

'You find some things may have the vegetable ratings, some the meat ratings and it may be some the sugar ratings, but in this CHRIST Consciousness, this seed idea, this capsule of salvation, it is ready from every angle, and from every point of view, to satisfy and to eradicate every appetite and every desire. It is that which has been spoken by the Mouth of The Almighty in this last time:

The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply, and will satisfy every good desire.

I think I had better stop!

'There is no end to this Infinite Wisdom, this Infinite Love, the Fount of all your joy! It is Wonderful. No end to it. The Fount of all your joy. Fast from every undesirable tendency: everything that will separate you from the expression and the manifestation of the Love of GOD. It was essential to fast until the Bridegroom came, for fasting is the forerunner of the coming of The CHRIST. John came, neither eating nor drinking, and they said he had a d-v-l. Jesus came both eating and drinking, and they said He was a wine bibber and a friend of publicans and sinners. It is Wonderful! They began to feast when He came, began to get a plenty to eat and drink, and didn't have any occasion to fast, not from the material food.

'The mortal mind is attached to material or mortal things to do, 'for to him that is natural, all things are natural, and to him that is spiritual, all things are spiritual.' Therefore, it was common to see them in mortal consciousness take up the fasting method from a material standpoint of view, for they were natural and mortal minded, and everything after his own kind. To the natural, it was natural, to the mortal it was a fast from the mortal things to the mortal minded. And the spiritually minded they would fast from such conditions, therefore, you fast from every undesirable tendency and everything that will separate you from the Love of GOD, and express the Love of your Heavenly FATHER. It is indeed Wonderful!'






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