"There Is A Work To Do.

Spirits of Just Men Are Made Perfect"

The True Interpretations of Jesus' Temptations



'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...'
St. John 16:13


Installment 38.


'John came, not eating and drinking, for he was not the Body, he was the voice, and a voice can live without eating.
But Jesus was the Body, therefore, He came eating and drinking.'


Jesus said,

'He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father,'

but He also said,

'I must go unto my Father.'

That left a question and a doubt. It seemed not to be that He was the manifestation of the FATHER or that the FATHER was with Him, and Philip said,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

Jesus bore testimony as many do today. They bear testimony and then they in some degree refute the testimony they have testified concerning GOD.'

Objectionable Spirit To Re Rejected

'If you are faithful and true, and endure unto the end, even though it might be possible that you might fall short so that you would not inherit eternal life in the body, the spirit of your mind would be recognized and could find a hiding place or a resting place in the perfecting ones and in the Perfector. For at this general assembly of the church of the firstborn, the spirits of just men are made perfect in the perfecting One and in the Perfector. But if you are unjust and unprofitable and a slothful servant, you would be driven - the spirit of your mind and the mind of your spirit as an individual - would be driven from the Presence of GOD.

Now there are characteristics expressed and manifested that you would not desire to have in the household of your faith. There are others that you would love to have, that are expressed by many. There are some that you would not desire to have here and now, and if they were seemingly dead, or passed on out of the body, you would reject that spirit and that mind, that individual; therefore, they could not find a resting place in you. And as with you, so it is with many others or any other One that has a knowledge. of GOD would refuse to accept the spirit and the mind of an objectionable spirit, one that you did not approve of. So it Is good to live in obedience to the Spirit of GOD wherein GOD has prepared in consciousness, a place where the righteous can be preserved and can be perfected, where the spirits of just men are made perfect. It is Wonderful!

' Think about it! It is better to express a closer walk with GOD than to express the walk of the negative expression of GOD, for that negative will be rejected from ages to ages. That spirit or that mind will not be desired by the coming generation. The same as I heard one say today in reference to the transmutation of the spirit, the characteristics, that were handed down from their ancestors, undesirable ones, someone expressed those undesirable characteristics. The bodies that are the inheritors of such, they are expressing misery and sorrow and undesirable conditions, they are expressing that. But you that have been fortunate enough to inherit the spirit of the just, the morally good, that which is desirable, you that are inheritors of these characteristics, you are blessed to that extent. There are others that have inherited the other tendencies, and they are in prison, they are in distress of all kinds, don't you see? So it is always best to have a closer walk with GOD, whether you live on in your body or are transmuted to other bodies.'



MOTHER DIVINE, Sayville Dining Room

MOTHER DIVINE, Sayville Dining Room





I Came To Show You That Which Satisfies

'There was evidently a doubt in the minds of the Disciples that Jesus was the FATHER, for Philip said,

'Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.'

Jesus said,

'I must go unto my Father.'

That seemed not to be that He was the FATHER or that the FATHER was in Him, but He also said,

'Have I been so long with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip?'

And then He turned right around and said,

'I go unto my Father,'


'I and my Father will come and make our abode with you,'

and therefore, it looked as though He was not manifestedly the FATHER. He bore testimony as many do today; they bear testimony and then they In some degree refute the testimony they have testified concerning GOD. It caused humanity not to conceive the idea of GOD's Ever Presence and conceive the idea that the FATHER was away.

Now this is the satisfying portion and I came to show you that which satisfies. I brought it out in modern times In the language of psychology so that all would know that the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD Is the Source of all Supply, and will satisfy every good desire. That is the answer to Philip's question. It Is Wonderful! That is the actual answer to the question.'

Someone Has To Fill the Many Places in the Scheme of Life

During a discussion at a small informal breakfast in New York City recently, one who has recently come to the Kingdom brought up an interesting subject for discussion. FATHER. had been saying that HE did not advocate idleness and that so long as people wanted to have some- thing to eat, drink and wear, and a roof over their heads, they should work for it in some way, so that they might also have a place to take others in as the Master taught:

'When I was an hungered, ye fed me: when I was naked, ye clothed me; when I was a stranger, ye took me in.'

HE said that as long as we wore clothes some-one had to pick the cotton and shear the sheep and the many places in the scheme of things had to be filled. HE said GOD told Adam to dress the Garden, meaning to prune the trees and make paths to walk in, etc. The Angel referred to said, that was a point that was troubling her. She wanted to do the Will of GOD and wanted to be guided by her highest intuition. She wanted very much to stay in the Kingdom and partake of the wonderful joy and inspiration, but she felt that she could do so much out in the world. FATHER asked what she could do and she replied that for years she had been supporting certain relatives financially and otherwise and that they looked to her for everything. It was a large family and there was hardly a day went by that she was not called upon for something. There were many friends too that she assisted and she often had as many as six or seven telephone calls per day along these lines. She felt that she was not doing her duty in just being in the Kingdom, when all of that work lay outside. FATHER had just finished talking about how we work in the Kingdom in various ways, and said that was the only justification for not being employed elsewhere in some useful occupation.

There Is A Work To Do

In answer to the above question, FATHER continued: 'In mortal consciousness, why would it have been necessary for Jesus to withdraw even from the Holy Virgin. There was no reason to suspect that Jesus did not honor the Holy Woman who was called His mother, because of her wickedness. If He had been like the mortal mind today that wants to justify itself in materialism and mortality, and someone had said' 'Why follow your mother?' He would have said, 'Well, I am doing a work with her and her virtuous spirit is a help to My Activities' and would have justified Himself like that, but the CHRIST in the body called CHRIST JESUS made a complete detachment from all of the flesh and He could not bring It forth unless He did.

No person can bring forth the CHRIST to fruition and be connected with the flesh. That has been the cause of the failure of all of the Truth teachers and preachers. That has been one of the many bars and barriers that has prohibited them from bringing forth the CHRIST to fruition in their lives. And that is why you and others have to recognize ME as Supreme as long as you live in that state of consciousness.

Rise above that State of consciousness and then you will be on the same plane where I AM and there will be no supremacy manifested in the midst of thee. There is a call for everyone to rise above materialism. You cannot serve two masters, you must love one and hate the other, and if that is not true we might just as well burn up all of the Bibles. You see it is a close walk with GOD, it is a calm, it is a heavenly walk. It is Wonderful! I think I will speak for the party.

They that stood on the mount with the Lamb were redeemed from all materialism, from families and all such as that, teachers, friends, everything. 'Alone in the field with GOD.' Every individual must stand alone with GOD. They must realize their attachment to GOD and their detachment from all other things. They must be alone with GOD. So you see, there is a work to do. No one knows what the great significance of this work actually is, but there is work to do, and you can bring it into expression by yielding yourselves servants to obey,

'for whom ye obey his servants ye are.'

If ye yield yourselves servants to obey the human mind, you yield yourselves to the mortal law of sin and death.

This Name As A Flame Is. Consuming the Nations

Now that is a great privilege for you to stand on the Mount Zion with the Lamb of GOD. It is the highest honor anyone could get through the insignificance of the appearance, through the insignificance of the human mind, it is honor beyond degrees, if you are called to that place, to stand with your Creator. You are called to contact the Supreme Being as though being a human being to contact, and to stand with the Supreme Being to bring your supremacy to perfection, and there is no other.

With or without the Body there is no other name, no name so great in fame or heart, as the Name you are attached to. This famous Name that has gone forth as a burning flame that has spread and Is consuming the nations. It is burning them up root and branch. It is Wonderful! For the world shall be no more destroyed by water, but I AM destroying it by fire. Noah came, and he built the ark and he was a sample and an example of the CHRIST. He saved the elect of the antediluvian world, and has come back through the ages of time to save in the Name of CHRIST by fire, the elect of the modern world.

All that will be garnered in MY understanding, they will be saved and redeemed in this fireproof house.

'In my Father's house are many mansions . . .'

in this fireproof house I have prepared for you. I AM destroying the world by fire. But this is a fireproof house. As the ark was a waterproof house, so this house I have prepared for you is a fireproof house. Noah built the ark that they might not be destroyed by water, as a pre-evidence of how CHRIST would come and establish a fireproof house when the world would be destroyed by fire. So those things cannot reach you even though the house may be floating in the fire even as the ark was floating on the water. It is fireproof and although the fire may apparently consume the house, yet they that are therein will be saved, for you shall dwell in quiet, resting places whose mind is stayed on ME.

You know that in days of old, when Jesus would sit down, words began coming out of His Mouth, and it seems something like that now, but we have to go. So I say, yield yourselves servants to obey your great Creator in the highest light that has dawned upon you, and walk with GOD alone; in the field with GOD.'

Explanation of Dreams

One of the Angels told this morning of a vision he had had in which he was walking up a golden stream and shining raindrops were falling on him. He wanted the interpretation of the dream, which FATHER said would be revealed to him. FATHER continued:

'Many many years ago, a party saw ME in a vision and they saw ME with a ball in MY hand as though it was on an elastic cord and it was going all around the world. That is the way that party, a prophetess, saw ME, and that was about forty years ago or more. And they saw this ball going all over the world and the different ones were holding their hands out to catch this ball, and were saying: 'Jesus help it to fall in my hand. Jesus help it to fall in my hand.' But she saw it fall in MY hand. That is the way she saw it, a white rubber ball just like the children play with on an elastic, and it was going all over the world.

So it is wonderful sometimes to see things that seem to be pretty straight, in visions. It is according to the temperature and the regulation, and the contact of your mind. Many times dreams do not amount to anything, but your own imagination. That is why it is essential for one to have relaxation and self-denial, because if you do not deny yourself, naturally you will reveal something to yourself in self-defense.'

At this point another brother asked for the interpretation of a dream in which he saw himself in possession of a large farm with a colony of people living there and himself at the head, the whole thing being self-supporting through the sale of farm products and the income being used for extending the size of the farm and the numbers of those living there. After saying that this would be revealed, FATHER continued:

'I know you understand that I AM not confined to the person. As the Impersonal, I can speak to you as I have spoken to you in the dream.

'If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord, your God will . speak through in visions and dreams . . . but our servant Moses is not so... I will speak even mouth to mouth apparently.'

So GOD can speak to you in visions and dreams and HE can give you the interpretation of it through visions and dreams and through the inspiration of the Spirit.

It was a good consideration, it is a good thought. to consider the spirit of progression and success in that dream you saw. It is good to see that, it is good to consider that, it is goo to visualize abundance. You can materialize the thing that you visualize if you are faithful and true to your charge and will live in conformity to same. It is true that a sincere mind may get the inspiration in a vision of what will be, concerning themselves or concerning someone else. Sometimes it may. be your direct message and it may be somebody else's, but it is a thought of encouragement for you to be faithful, for you don't know what is in storehouse for you.

Many run in a race, but one obtains the prize, so if you be true and be faithful in all of your works and in all of your ways and deeds and actions, there may lie a field of endless joy the great Universal Mind Substance has prepared for those that love HIM. So it is a great consolation to know that it can be. It is nothing impossible. It could be like unto that dream, it could be brought into actuality in your experience if GOD so wills to do, and you being lost in the Will of GOD, GOD's Will can be your will or your will can be GOD's Will, if you let your will be GOD's Will, and that is the way that some overcome. They overcome by making up their minds to do what GOD says do and to please GOD, then GOD also does to please them.

It may be some day that your dream may be fulfilled materially with you if you are faithful and if you are true. And one day is as a thousand years with GOD, and a thousand years is as one day. So often things seem to be far away, but when you come to the conscious realization you see it as materialized today. So each one of those dreams was a wonderful thought if it was true or if it would be true. You will have visions and dreams sometimes to encourage you on your way.'

Question: 'Well FATHER, I would like to ask if my dream was true?'

Answer: 'Well why would you want it to be true?'

Question: 'Well I would like to think that some day I would be one of YOUR Disciples.'

Answer: 'It is Wonderful!'

'One good thing is to always - when you are good and when you are self-denied - to stay in the state of self-denial and yet be persistent in your ambition and in your endeavors for the highest good of the expression of that which is good for the purpose of expressing that which is good in the highest way of expression. It is Wonderful!'


'To you that desire to see ME in Person, personally, both in deeds and in actions, in every way, you should do and say the things that will please ME and the things that will tend to be in harmony here and now and here and there and everywhere, that there may be no occasion for MY being or going anywhere else.'

You Cannot Stand This Mighty Love

One of the Angels testified at the Table that she was constantly troubled with thoughts that were antagonistic to FATHER and to her own progress coming up, and that she also had dreams of a carnal nature at night. She wanted to be freed from these conditions. Father replied: 'Well, birds are supposed to fly, but farmers are not supposed to let them stay in the fields.'

Then FATHER sang a song,

'When you think I AM gone then I AM there. I AM everywhere.''

HE continued:

'That is a wonderful, wonderful thought, that little song that I just sang. It is a wonderful, wonderful thought of this Love. You know it is Wonderful, isn't it? It is swallowing up everything, all lacks, all human affections, and it satisfies your every desire. And then you cannot help it you know, and even sometimes I try not to take you off your feet because I know you cannot stand this mighty Love if you just think there is nothing in the way. So it has got to be as though something is in the way because you cannot stand it. If there were nothing in the way you could not stand it. It is really true. There has to be something to appear to be in the way because you cannot stand it. I AM glad there is something appears to be in the way sometimes too. But you just can't help it, can you?

So many blessings you cannot think about them all. It is Wonderful! You cannot stand this mighty Love. Now you know it is wonderful, be cause I don't preach a gospel of emotions. It is Wonderful! But yet, when you get in this mighty Love, they take place. You cannot stand it . Peter, James and John, they fell as dead men. They had to fall down at the Presence of this mighty Unfoldment. There is a common phrase used in the outside world in America in reference to the thoughts of you r mind, thoughts, or dreams, or anything like that that would come to you.


Warning To Those Who Worship Visions and Dreams

To you that worship dreams and visions, you can fix yourselves in a place where you can he in a chaotic condition in your own mind, bringing before your mind's eye the thing that you do not desire. There is a thought that can bring even your dream to you that is desirable, to appease the mortal concept of your human mind. Then the reverse is equally true. It can come to you with an undesirable expression. So some of you that stress the point of view of visions and dreams and so on like that, when at times there are undesirable conditions, of the road being under construction, there are signs, 'Danger - Detour', and of course, if you will go ahead down that road full speed, after there is a sign, 'Danger - Detour', you may run into a wreck, but yet the road may be under construction.

There are times when visions and dreams may seem to be true. The desirable ones you can make them true if they are unselfish and rightful dreams to be brought into fruition or into expression. But as I say, if they are undesirable ones, you do not have to bind yourself to that thought or that mind, for Jesus, it reads,

'was tempted in all points like unto us, yet without sin.'


The True Interpretations of Jesus' Temptations

The thought came to Jesus, or Jesus had a thought to command the stones to be made bread, and also Jesus had a thought that came to Him to get up on the pinnacle of the temple and jump down and let the people see that GOD would not allow Him to be hurt or harmed. A thought came to Jesus like that. Then a thought came to Jesus, if you will go and serve the political world, you will be an International King. If you will join yourself to politics and will serve the political world, I will make you, you will become to be the King of all of the kingdoms and you will be the International King. That was a thought that came to Jesus.

You heard ME say the other day that GOD has all power in all of the worlds through which we came and in which we now live, the social world, the financial world, the political world and the religious world generally, and even in the underworld with all of its branch worlds and connections.

'All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.'

But that does not say that CHRIST will subject Himself to any of those undesirable conditions.

So the thought came to Jesus, as I say, if He would get into politics and would serve the political world, He would or could become to be the International King; if not in those identical words, as it does not read exactly like that, but it was words to that effect. When that mind showed to Jesus the kingdoms of this world and the glory of them on an exceptionally high mountain, all of the kingdoms of this world and the glory of them and said to Him in the highest light of understanding, even in the high light of the Spirit, saying unto Him, 'If you will utilize your power for the service of the government as a political boss or representative, you will become to be the International King, all of these things will I give you if you fall down and worship me.'

That is the true interpretation of that vision there concerning Jesus' temptation. Because the tempter came to Jesus like that in a body and in mind, that does not say that Jesus sinned. He did not yield to temptation, for yielding is sin The Word says Jesus was tempted in all points like unto us, yet without sin. So I quote that old phrase used so often in America concerning your thoughts. 'You cannot help a bird, or birds even, flying over your head, but you don't have to let them build a nest in your hair.' Thoughts may come or thoughts may go. They came to the Son of GOD as I said, in the body called Jesus and He had a mind to be an International King, King of the natural world and all of the natural countries. He had a mind come to Him to do that, but He didn't do it.

There was a subconsciousness there, or a mind in Him, a subconscious mind in Him, being unexpressed and un-manifested in its entirety, waiting to be revealed and to condemn every thought that that mortal version of the human mind, the d - v -l, would say to Him. So therefore, that thought did not stay with Jesus, it leavest Him then; that thought left Him so He did not have that thought to do those things any more. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! You all might well know that that was no outside d - v - l that looked like a dog or something like that, standing on the outside talking to Jesus.'


CHRIST Is Waiting For Your Sacrifice, Self-denial and Relaxation

At this point, the Angel in question referred again to the dreams and wanted to know how she could help having them when she was not in a position at the time to consciously put them out of mind. FATHER continued:

'Well, that is why you must cast it out. That is why I say, cast it out of your system by casting it out of your consciousness, all prejudice, all bigotry, all denominations, all races, all colors, all families, all self, all of the flesh entirely. Cast it out of your system by casting it out of your consciousness, and one of the first and last ones to cast out is your own personal body. Cast out of your consciousness your own personal body and your own personal fancies and pleasures and when you cast that out rightfully and righteously, you shall have come pretty near casting out all of the other d - v -ls that dwell within.

Still your conscious mentality. It isn't just going and lying down, go ahead and be active and, be of practical service. That is stilling your mortal thoughts that pertain unto life and the way of your preconceived chaotic condition that existed in your system. Still that, and know I AM GOD within, and when you shall have cast out the first and the last d - v - l, all of which is your own personal body and the care for your own personal body and its connections, inclinations, fancies and pleasures, then and there, and here and now, is made manifest the Presence of GOD in your life expressed. And there and then and here and now, and here and there, GOD is expressing and manifesting HIMSELF to the world in your stead. It is no more you.

When you shall have relinquished all of your pre~conceived ideas and opinions, fancies, pleasures, thoughts and mind, and all of the tendencies that go with the personality of yourself, or your person, then CHRIST is ready to be revealed for HE is there awaiting your sacrifice and self-denial and everything, and awaiting your relaxation that HE might rise and unfold HIMSELF in the great explanation of Truth. and in the great manifestation of HIMSELF from a far more noble, finer and real way than that of your preconceived ideas and opinions.

So do not, you will not fail if you do all that and live in conformity to same. As was said,

'Not my will, but thy will, be done.'

Losing all contact with the earth, your tendencies, fancies, pleasures and all of yourself, and being wholeheartedly lost in the Will of GOD, then all of the birds may fly over your head, but you will not allow one to even so much as light on your head, for you will keep moving and you will keep walking along the King's Highway.'

You Should Get Your Own Leading and Guiding By Taking the Truth

..... A lady away in the night, or early in the morning, gets a cab and comes out here and expects ME to pay for it. She didn't have any money to pay the taxi fee. Now I do not go into the city in a cab, and I have plenty of money, and that is why I have it, because I do not waste it foolishly. When I go into the city on a train I go to Jamaica on the train and pay $1.44 and pay five cents into the city on the subway, instead of paying $1.8O on the train. I do that as a sample and as an example for those that think they have no money. I think you all believe that I could pay fifty dollars for a cab to go into the city if I wanted to. But as a rule, unless I AM in a hurry or on some special occasion or some-thing of that kind, or have a special call to make when I go right through on the train, I walk down to the station and take the train and pay $1.44 from here to Jamaica and then pay five cents into the city, or Brooklyn, and at the same time that I do that, I may have ten thousand dollars, or a couple of thousand dollars in MY pocket, as far as you know.

Now Miss G-- took a cab and came out and then wanted ME to pay for it I said I didn't send for her. First, I didn't bear record of who it was when they called ME up over the phone, and I didn't see her. Now this morning, some-body else comes, one that testifies so strongly of ME, and you would think she had some sense. She sings the song, 'In the City of FATHER DIVINE.' Anyway, she took a cab and came out here without any money, talking about she is MY child, saying some woman told her that I said for her to get a cab and come out here. She said some Effie Divine or someone told her.

So as the Bible plainly says,

'If it were possible they would deceive the very elect,'

but they cannot deceive the very elect. But if it were possible they would try to get you out of line by' trying to bring some accusation or condemnation against the Truth that I teach, which is simple, plain and practical, and life that is beyond condemnation or accusation at all, if you live according to MY Instructions. I do not teach a whole lot of fanaticism of spirit and all such as that, and going by what the so-called dead say, or what the so-called living say when they are not living according to MY Word. And then they talk about the meetings and all such as that, and about Mr. Alexander. He has a message, but not a message to you for your guidance. He is supposed to tell you about the Truth and you are supposed to take the Truth yourself and get that leading and guiding yourself.

Here are you that are right here under MY Personal jurisdiction, that I AM feeding and housing and partially clothing from a Personal standpoint of view, a good many of you, and when You ask ME about anything, I do not tell you, 'You do this or you do that,' I always say, 'Be governed by your highest intuition.' I never get up in the morning and call you up in the night and say, 'The Spirit tells you to do such-and-such a thing,' I have come to create in you, or resurrect you in the new and living spirit that will be your guide so you would not be going about in foolishness, saying some spirit came to you and said do so-and-so.

Do Not Believe Anything That's Inconsistent With GOD

It is written,

'They will dress up in sheep's clothing, but inside they are ravening wolves.'

A spirit may come to you in mortal consciousness and look just like ME and tell you to do such-and-such a thing. A spirit may come to you in mortal consciousness and look just like the Angel Gabriel, and try to put your body in the grave. That is what that spirit wants to do. So the lady brought the cab all the way out here and then told ME, here she was. And I didn't even see her here, but Miss Blessed came to ME and said there was someone out on the porch and the man had been waiting in the taxi a long time. So I AM saying that to say this: there is no condemnation in being in the Spirit. Her testimony was wonderful and has been wonderful, but if you are foolish enough not to believe in ME and make an idol out of someone else and make them your GOD, they will send you to ah - -l and then it will be good for you because I said,

'Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, and thou shalt have no other gods before me.'

So if any spirit can come to you and tell you something that is inconsistent, you may know that it is not of GOD. So it was only through MY way or plainness that I made it possible, because when she first said it, I said, 'I will not pay it,' and I stood to it and made MY Word good. It would be five or six cabs here every day at twenty dollars and twenty-five dollars a piece if I would indulge in such as that. That is why I have all the money, because I know how to spend it. I wouldn't have all the money if I didn't know how to spend it.' 'Of course, that spirit and that mind wants to destroy your body and put your body in prison and all such as that. That is why it tries to destroy ME. So it is no more than what lots of you do, only you may not go in that particular way. It may not be that you have occasion to go to that particular extreme, to obey some mortal mind in some way, but no doubt, it is something that will bring something on yourselves and bring you to an open shame before the world.'

Thoughts For Consideration

'I will turn the brothel into the house of GOD and I will bring it under MY jurisdiction and the theaters and the dance halls are the offspring of the brothel.'

'The dead in Christ rise first, but when you blow the trumpet as loud as seven peals of thunder, the d -- enable spirits rise on you.'

'It is all right to see GOD in everybody, but be sure you see GOD and not something else that is not GOD.'

'So don't go by what that spirit in somebody else may say, or what your own spirit says, unless it is something of consecration, self-denial and sacrifice, and what MY Life advocates. Now you see, I pay cash for everything. You will not go in debt. All of these things have been touched on, even in the Gospel, when Christ told Peter to go and catch a fish so that he could pay, and he wouldn't owe anything.'

I Join All Things Together In One Through the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

'It is Wonderful! Your mental and spiritual world is not without your physical world, and your physical world is not without your mental and spiritual world. I came that they may be one, even as we are one. Your mentality, your personality and your physical structure become one with your mentality and with your spirituality, the FATHER, the Son and the Holy Ghost. They all are one when the work has been done.'

'These words that have gone out of MY mouth, they will not come in void. They will accomplish that for which they have gone out. It is Wonderful! They are bringing peace and prosperity to the world and they are bringing harmony in your physical world as well as in your mental and spiritual world for they are one. It is Wonderful! Aren't you glad! So glad because they are one. GOD has brought the surface of the seas and the earth together and there is no more firmament. Truly might John have spoken in the revelationic prophecy whilst being on the Isle of Patmos, saying,

'And there was no more sea.'

It is Wonderful! The firmament, that which divides the waters from the waters of the sea, and the waters from the earth, will be no more. Absolutely I make all things one. There is no division. The spirit and the mind and the body have been brought into that great at-one-men, for GOD has joined them together. The great marriage supper of the Lamb has brought you into that great at-one-men with GOD and the LORD. It is Wonderful!'


'You do not have to think about tomorrow, and especially not in a negative way, but if you do have to think about tomorrow always be positive in your thoughts, for the positive is always the expression for tomorrow. The negative will not be. For the Truth will set all the prisoners free from their superstitions, free from lacks, free for wants and all limitations, until you as an individual, the earth over you will lose its gravitation. It is Wonderful! Then you are free indeed.

'If you continue in my words... ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.'

It is Wonderful!'



If You Are Redeemed, You Do Not Have To Go Back Into the World


A Mr. and Mrs. Barker from London, England, recently visited the Kingdom. They had recently been around the world in search of the Truth and had come in contact with one called a Master in India. They wished to stay there, they said, in the absolute silence and under his instruction. But he said, 'No, you must return to America to the world's largest city and to the most densely populated section of that city and there you will find what you are looking for in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.'

After attending a meeting in New York City they visited the Kingdom in Sayville and at the Table gave thanks to FATHER for the great blessing HE gives us in that we do not have to take thought for a single thing and that everything we need is supplied, so different from trying to live the Life out in the world where one has to take thought for so many things and run up against so many disturbing conditions.

FATHER replied: 'It is a wonderful thought that you do not have to take thought for yourselves here. It is written, 'You shall not take thought for your-selves, what ye shall eat, drink, or wear.' But Jesus at that time said,

'the birds of the air have nests and the foxes have holes but the Son of man has not where to lay his head.'

So at that time He did not obligate Himself from a personal or material standpoint of view as has been in this present time for some of you.

So the way has been paved out and it has been made possible as it is. But those people, no doubt, (referring to Mr. and Mrs. Barker after they had left) if they had been redeemed, and been willing to live just as they lived and be just as they are, it might have been that they would not have sent them back into the world, but it has been the case with thousands of people for the last two thousand years that have gone to India seeking the Masters as the Master is called, being manifested in many forms. There He is called the Masters, being the MASTER manifested in many forms. And they have been turned back to the world, but what caused it, and why is it? Because Mr. Barker consciously or unconsciously betrayed himself. He said, 'We smoke and we are worldly,' or, 'we smoke,' or something like that. And they said, 'Well, smoke all you want to until your mind frees you from that, until your thought frees you from that, but go back into the world, don't do it here.' You see that is the significance of it.







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