"If One Wishes to Live in the Kingdom of God on Earth, Let Him
Abide under the Jurisdiction of the Spirit and Mind of GOD"

GOD HIMSELF Shall Be A Shelter From the Winds and Doctrines of Men



'Howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come,
He will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 39


If You Wish To Live In the Kingdom, Abide Under the Jurisdiction Of GOD


'You see there are those in Truth and Sanctification, and Truth students and such as that, that have taught you there is no sin in anything. You can do what you will until your mind frees you from that, but yet they do not give you a home, nor a spiritual resting place. They have not prepared for themselves nor for you, a spiritual or a mental or a physical resting place, not even a physical resting place. But I went away from the mortal concept of the human mind, out of their observation and prepared a place for you, that in this state of consciousness where I AM you may be also. It is Wonderful!

'So if you are going to continue in your own way and ways and not deny yourself until your own spirit or mind within tells you not to drink liquor and not to do any of those things that are not in harmony with the Life and Teachings of Christ, why then go out there and do it where you can do it as a man, or as a woman, you see. So that is why the Masters in India or the Master in many forms, always send them back.

'Madam D---- was a research worker and a Truth student and she was there for three years and went from place to place studying among them. She could not stay in one place among the higher-ups and they told her to go back to the world. She wanted to stay there and they said, 'No, you won't, you can't stay, you must go back to the world.' So if one will live the Life of CHRIST let him put on the Mind of CHRIST. If one wishes to live in the Kingdom of GOD on earth, let him abide under the jurisdiction of the Spirit and Mind of GOD and so let him abide with GOD.'

Home of the Soul -Garden

Home of the Soul -Garden





Your Human Mind and the Spirit Cannot Work Together

'It is a great essential to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Your human mind and the Spirit of this power cannot work effectively together. You must needs be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of GOD. With all of the greatness of the Presence of GOD and with the Inspiration and Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, that is mainly the reason that you should be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If you are not transformed by the renewing of your mind, I AM the Resurrection and the Life, and the wheat and the tares will spring up together and I will have to separate them.

'Your body is the field, or in other words, your mind, and the words of Truth, they are the seed. They are sown in the field of your understanding, but unless you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, the old mind and ideas and opinions will spring up in you. That is why I said,

'If you hear any man inquiring after me, tell him I said first deny himself.'

Cast out of your system by casting it out of your consciousness, all prejudice, bigotry, resentment, anger, jealousy, envy, malice, strife, covetousness, deceit, human affection and every mortal version of the human mind that tends to hurt or bind, or separate you from the perfect fellowship with GOD your Creator. When you shall have separated yourselves from all of those tendencies, every idea, will or opinion, and every will and every desire, every fancy and every pleasure, every inclination and every intuition of the mortal version of the human fancies, then and there and here and now, you are ready for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, or the resurrection of the CHRIST in you that has been lying so long time dormant in your soul waiting for the resurrection.

When Gabriel Shall Blow Calm and Easy

'When GOD shall place, in the name of Gabriel, one foot upon the land and the other upon the sea, as it is now, it is Wonderful. One foot upon the material things and the other upon the mental plane, and declare that the time that has been shall be no longer, when HE shall blow as HE is now blowing, calm and easy, the first of the just men will rise as in you. For this is the general assembly of the church of the firstborn, where the spirits of just men are made perfect. But as they rise first in you, if you have not stilled your mortal conscious mentality and cast out of your consciousness those mortal versions, fancies, tendencies and pleasures, then the d - -nable Spirits will rise up in you. The resurrection goes on in you. It is Wonderful!

'The CHRIST and His co-workers in you will rise very readily and very easily without the blowing of the trumpet so loud. But when you shall have cast out all of those unclean spirits out of your system by casting them out of your consciousness, when you are resurrected there will be nothing to rise in you but the spirit of just men to be made perfect. The spirit of injustice will have no place in you to rise in resentment, anger, strife, prejudice, bigotry, malice or anger, or doubts, or fears, or anything of the kind. When they are completely cast out of you, then resurrect I both you and them that dwell in you, and those that have supposedly slept in the tombs of your mind will rise in your understanding with the resurrection of the dead, for I AM the resurrection and the life. No man cometh to the FATHER but by ME, in you. So it is Wonderful!'

When Gabriel Shall Blow Calm and Easy

'That is why this is the melting pot and this is truly the word Malachi spoke of, that HE

'shall purify the sons of Levi, and shall purge them as gold and as silver are purged,'

shall purge off all dross and all impurities and then resurrect both that which is left and that which is left to you, your real self. Then and there and here and now is the great resurrection. The resurrection of life, the resurrection from the dead, that you might live in the glorious light of the living, for GOD is a GOD of the living, and not a GOD of the dead. So it is wonderful to realize your glorious privilege here and now in the presence of the holy Angels and in the presence of the LORD where the spirits of just men and the invisible Hosts of Heaven bring with them the invisible Heaven and the invisible earth, to visibilate them and materialize them and manifest them in bodily forms.'

GOD HIMSELF Shall Be A Shelter From the Winds and Doctrines of Men

''Prepare me a body, and I will go down and reign.'

It is Wonderful! You have heard the old proverb that CHRIST said,

'Prepare me a body, and I will go down and die,'

but you can use the second proverb as well as that after the Crucifixion and disappearing of the CHRIST in the name of Jesus. You can use the second proverb that can be as the saying was, as the unwritten Word of GOD. 'Prepare me a body, and I will go down and reign.'

'Sacrifice and offerings I wouldest not, neither had pleasure in them,'

saith the LORD.

'He taketh away the first, that He may establish the second.'

But I say it is written of ME,

'Lo, I come (in the volume of this book as it is written of me,) to do thy will, 0 God.'

'Prepare me a body and I will go down and reign' -the second proverb in the unwritten gospel of, Truth, 'Prepare me a body and I will go down and reign.' The body thou hast prepared me to go down and die in, they have taken it and they supposedly crucified it and it supposedly disappeared and vanished out of their sight. But I will come again and receive those of MY elect unto MYSELF that where I AM, there they may be also.

'For this cause,

'Sacrifices and offerings I wouldest not, neither had pleasure in them,'

but 'Lo, I come (in the volume of this book as it is written of Me,) to do thy will, 0 God.'

'A body thou hast prepared me to do thy will.'

The Body 'to do Thy will' is to reign. For,

'A king shall reign'

by the prophecy, by the inspiration of the Almighty and

'princes shall rule in judgment. And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and the tempests that blow; as a river of water in a dry place, as a rock in a weary land.'

And as a shelter in a great time of storm, when the storms of depression are come, and storms of affliction, and storms of confusion and disasters of every kind. HE would be a rock and a shelter at that time and would hide you from the winds and tempests that blow, and the winds and doctrines of men, and GOD HIMSELF shall be with you and HE will hide you from the winds and doctrines of men. It is Wonderful!

'In the different churches that I have been, I see Mr. Joseph get up in the pulpit and preach in those churches and it seems that he is hid from the winds and doctrines of men, because I never hear them say, 'Show me your credentials, what doctrine do you preach?' and it seems as though he is hid from the winds and doctrines of men. As a rock in a weary land and a shelter in the time of storm, when the winds of materiality and carnality shall rise and come against your house, when it is built upon the solid rock they will not so much as touch the door, for they are begging you to come in, though you they know not. It is Wonderful!

'I don't hear them ask the brother, 'What doctrine do you preach?' He gets right up there and starts to preach. Apparently there is a shelter and a rock and a shield and a bulwark to hide you from the winds and doctrines of men, that they cannot blow you from the shore, that they cannot blow you out into their ocean or seas of materialism, or denominationalism, or any kind of sectarianism. It is Wonderful! Being hid! Isn't it a wonderful blessing? When you can read plainly your titles clear to mansions here in the sky since you can bid farewell to every tear for CHRIST has wiped all tears from your eyes. It is Wonderful! Not only wiped all tears from your eyes, but has placed you at the place Job spoke concerning,

'Even though the skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh I shall see God; and I shall behold Him for myself, and not another.'

Aren't you glad? It is Wonderful! Where the wicked shall cease to trouble us and the weary soul shall be at rest.

'Aren't you glad that you are now resting in the Presence of the LORD? Your souls are now resting in the Presence of the LORD and now the answer to the request of Philip is fulfilled and your soul is satisfied. It is Wonderful! I don't think it, but I know it. Just this little step into the consciousness of the Presence of GOD, it is worth all of the whole world. It satisfies beyond degrees. It satisfies, I say, beyond degrees. It is Wonderful!'

Thoughts For Consideration

'They have been trying to do that, but it was written away back in the other law,

'Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;'

but they have taken MY Name in vain. If they would have taken it and not taken it in vain, it would have been a different thing. But because they have taken it in vain therefore it brought them to an open shame, but the true worshipper can declare as the Apostle did,

'I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.'

For one records it,

'As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.'

It is Wonderful! I had better stop I think. It is Wonderful!

'I know I have the hearts; I know I have that which satisfies the heart of humanity, the satisfying portion of the heartbeat of the universe, and it satisfies your every desire for that is the first and last desire, that mine eyes shall see him for myself, and not for another. That has been something always desired of man, the desire to see GOD. It is Wonderful! There was something deep down in the soil of the souls of the children of men desirous to see GOD and it was something there that knew that they could not and would not be satisfied until they did see HIM. It is Wonderful!'

Since Adam, No Man Has Really Believed He Was In the Presence of GOD

'After the fall of Adam, Adam was driven from the Presence of GOD and no man has been, as a whole - there has been no time as a whole- that the people really believed that they were in the Presence of GOD since then. You may find here and there, one who would get a glimpse of it and believe that GOD was Present with them, but as Adam was driven from the Presence of GOD, as he was driven from the Presence of GOD, there has been nothing to bring man back to his satisfied state of consciousness, other than getting back in the Presence of GOD. It is Wonderful!

'You cannot realize until you see the Truth materialized. It is Wonderful! You cannot emphasize rightfully until you see the Truth materially demonstrated. It is Wonderful t For

'He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.'

But blessed are the pure in heart, if they have never seen him, they shall see GOD. And that is this that you so long have been sad and mourned because you found it not. You have not been satisfied, and no man can be satisfied until they come to the conscious realization of the Presence of GOD.

'When Adam was driven away from the Presence of GOD - you look and you can see the picture of Adam and Eve, as they went out from GOD with their heads down like that - they went out and they no longer could see the LORD. It is Wonderful! They went away from GOD for they did not keep HIS sayings. They thought they could do something that HE didn't see or wouldn't know.

'Do you not see what will separate you from GOD? Even Adam thought they could do something that GOD wouldn't know. That is what separated them from the Presence of GOD. Then they thought after they did it, their conscience condemned them, and they thought maybe they could hide from the Presence of GOD. Then they were in a miserable state and then GOD called them in their conscience,

'Adam, where art thou?'

in his conscience, his conscience called him. And he thought he was hiding some place, and then I did give him a chance, I answered his request. He wanted to get away from ME. He wanted to do something, so I told him to go ahead, go out into the world. 'From dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return.' It is Wonderful!

'You watch it closely, and it has always been that way in the Adamic state of consciousness, that that Adam mind will always do something first before GOD tells them to do it. GOD told them not to do it, as if to say, 'Do not leave MY Presence, do not leave MY Word,' but they turned away and did that which was forbidden them to do. And then they went away from the Presence of GOD as they thought they were going from GOD's Presence, don't you see. And then GOD came along and endorsed what they had done, in a way of speaking, and let them die in their sins, saying, 'Now you go away, get out of this Garden, get out of here.' But they first went away anyway and tried to hide from the Presence of GOD, and because they tried to hide from the Presence of GOD, GOD drove them away.

'So you can plainly see, the first step, they tried to hide from GOD and then GOD drove them away and you have to be under sorrow, you have to be under that curse; but, of course, GOD knew that HE would have a Redeemer to redeem them, but they cannot see GOD's face any more unless they be redeemed. It is Wonderful! So then they had to be redeemed through a Redeemer. There was no other way to get back into the Garden or into GOD's Presence or to see GOD any more for they were driven away. As said in the common proverb of human phraseology, 'No man can see GOD's face and live.' So then they could not see GOD's face any more because they first tried to hide from HIM. GOD did not hide from them, but because they would not hear HIM and would not obey HIM, then GOD drove them away from HIM and would not let them see HIS face any more. And that is why GOD has appeared today to that mortal mind, and whether GOD be material or physical, the mortal man cannot see HIM until they are transformed by the renewing of their mind. I don't care how many times GOD comes, they cannot see HIM until they are transformed by the renewing of their mind. They will only see something like this. (pointing to the Body)

'So it is a thought to consider, Dear Ones, now that you have this opportunity to be back as Adam and Eve were before they sinned, back in the Garden of Eden, in the Presence of GOD where you can see HIM face to face and tell the story, 'Saved by grace.' It is Wonderful! When you can see HIM face to face and tell the story, saved by grace - honor - no honor of your own, but saved by the honor of the LORD that GOD so honored you and saved you through the Life and the Love that HE is. It is Wonderful!'

Though Adam Has All Dominion In the Earth He Will Never Be Satisfied

'So that is why that you can readily see the great significance of the Name of GOD, and of seeing the FATHER that satisfies you, and that is why you have not been satisfied. Though Adam had the earth, and dominion over all the earth, he has not been satisfied, it matters not how much he acquired of the earth, and he will not be satisfied until he sees his FATHER's face in peace, and knows that he is in the Presence of GOD. He will never be satisfied! That is the lost chord, that is the long lost master key that will never be picked up until it is caught up in the consciousness of the Presence of your Creator. Nothing will satisfy! You need not try anything to satisfy. Nothing will satisfy! Nothing can satisfy the human heart other than to know your GOD. Nothing will satisfy. You may seek through every avenue of life. You may seek through every phase of life and on every expression or every point of view, yet I say unto you that there is nothing will satisfy. You may acquire your millions, yea, even billions and billions as far as money is concerned, and all of the social, political, intellectual and physical friends, relatives and kin any mortal could desire: you may seek and you may acquire it, but you shall not be satisfied until you come to this great at- one-ment with your Creator and with this great at-one-ment without anything else, you are satisfied.

'You don't want anything else. To verify the statement 'I am happy with Jesus all the time.' Nothing else will satisfy, and you can tell all the world there is nothing satisfies less than the simple prayer request of Philip that satisfies every heart's desire. And CHRIST in the name of Jesus, the great Love Master, said,

'In that day I will show you of the Father plainly.'

He went on to show from different points of view, even though He said,

'Have I been so long time with you, Philip, and yet hast thou not known me?'

Yet there was something left there that caused the Disciples not to believe, in a way of speaking, that He was the manifested FATHER, for He said,

'In that day I will show you of the Father plainly.'


'In that day ye shall ask me nothing.. but whatsoever you ask the Father in my name, that will he do.'

It is indeed Wonderful! It is indeed Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'Nothing satisfies! Nothing will satisfy! Every imaginable thing or expression you may acquire or experience on earth or in the Heaven or in the waters under the earth, or wheresoever you may be, or wheresoever you may go, nothing that the human mind can think other than this recognition of GOD your heavenly FATHER will satisfy, you will not be satisfied. Satisfaction is summed up in GOD and nothing else. Nothing satisfies, so you had just as well lay aside all of the weights. That is why the CHRIST in the person of Jesus said,

'lay down the world, and take up your cross and follow me.'

Nothing will satisfy! Nothing satisfies! You may think some little human fancy, some little sensation, some little fancy will satisfy, but it will only lead you into more limitations and lacks and wants and undesirable conditions. Everything that the human heart so longed for, as they thought to satisfy their desires, everything that the human mind could think, none of those things could be satisfaction to your mind. Nothing less than GOD, your FATHER! Not a thing shall satisfy!

'And there be those that may claim to know the Truth, may go up on one side, they may rise up, spring up like a gourd vine, and be cut down by a worm. It is Wonderful! For nothing shall satisfy but this capsule of salvation which is, and embodies all of the desirable ingredients that satisfies your every desire, for it proceeded forth and came out of the heart of GOD with the very germs of life. That is the satisfying portion for every heart. What I have said, enough said. Nothing shall satisfy. Nothing shall satisfy! It is Wonderful! For it is written, 'Everything that is not planted by my heavenly Father, shall be rooted up.' Not a thing shall satisfy! You will find yourselves more unsatisfied than ever before when you seek any other way than the rightful connection with your heavenly FATHER in obedience and obeisance to HIS great command. It is Wonderful! That is the hidden mystery, the secret of life and the only sunlight of Heaven in the desirable expression which has been discovered and manifested to you. So glad!'

The Sons and Daughters of GOD, Make The Sacrifice

'When your spirit is more operative than you are, it is endless, don't you see. I don't care whether I have a Body or not. If I, as the great Universal Mind Substance choose to continue to subjugate the Body to 'I', the true Infinite Spirit and Universal Mind Substance, it is all right. If I don't will to do it, it is all right. That is a common sacrifice of life.

'I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, for such is your reasonable service.'

That is to give up your body for the Spirit's sake, and recognize the Spirit and the Life as supreme. And when you do that you are seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. You are looking to the heavenly state of consciousness and not to the material or mortal state, and then all of those things that are material or in other words on the material plane, shall be added unto you.

'So that is the great consolation of this Work. When you go out on the battlefield, think about it, there were thousands of people in the great World War went out on the battlefield. Not only did they sacrifice their homes, their relatives and their kin, but they sacrificed their own lives and they knew positively well, that they had subjugated their bodies to death. Some voluntarily did that, some did it involuntarily, some were forced to do it, but yet it was some sacrifice, and they lost their individual, personal lives, but they brought about that which they stood for, and though they have passed out of their personal, individual expression, they are still functioning in consciousness, but not consciously to them. They are functioning in a new world. One writer said, 'And must my trembling spirit fly into a world unknown?' He was unconscious of the great significance of that world. That spirit is flying in you today. It is a blessing to someone. Truly might have the song, as was composed in reference to the battle in Virginia, sixty odd years ago, or nearly seventy years ago, said, 'John Brown's body lies a-moldering in the clay, but his spirit is marching on.' They caught glimpses of the great significance of this sacrifice. John Brown was but a shadow and a type of the coming CHRIST that would sacrifice His Life in the last time for this people. He was willing to sacrifice his life for those that were in bondage. He sacrificed his sons and his family, and that was but a shadow and a type of what would be done in the bodies and the souls of men, to redeem them from superstitions, lacks and wants and all undesirable conditions.

'I have set before you an open example and also an open door and those of you that are spirit of MY Spirit and mind of MY Mind, as John Brown's sons were flesh of his flesh and pledge of his pledge, so you that are spiritual sons of GOD, you are spirit of MY Spirit and mind of MY Mind. Therefore, John Brown's sons were as Isaac in the days of old. They were willing to sacrifice their lives for the great cause of good, as we may term it to be, and as he was willing to sacrifice his life, Abraham was willing also to make a sacrifice of him. Why? Because Isaac was pledge of his pledge and flesh of his flesh and hone of his bones. That was also but a pre-evidence of this Kingdom, the sons and daughters of GOD that would be spirit of HIS Spirit and mind of HIS Mind and they also would make the sacrifice also as he did. That had to come through the sacrifice of Abraham as an evidence.

'Then through the sacrifice of many others partially expressed or manifested, he came to Jesus, which was a pre-evidence of the physical life that would be manifested as the sons. Jesus was the firstborn among many brethren. Jesus did not express the sacrifice of Abraham. GOD, the invisible Spirit back in the hidden mysteries of the human understanding, offered up Jesus as the Son, as Abraham offered up his son visibly.

'But the time had to come that the FATHERSHIP Degree should be brought into expression as was with Abraham, for in the FATHERSHIP Degree, the FATHERSHIP Degree would offer up the Son as a living sacrifice, and as it is, so it was, and they are now in expression. He was manifested, as I before said, as a sketch of a reflection of a sample of the reality of the sacrifice that would be made. John Brown in early modern times, sacrificed himself, his sons and what he had for the deliverance of the physical bodies of the souls of men. So now the sacrifice of the sons of GOD, and GOD has made the sacrifice and sacrificed their lives for the redemption of the souls and bodies of men to free them from superstitions, un-beliefs, lacks and wants and all kinds of undesirable conditions, yea, all limitations.'

The Spirit Can Work When the Body Is Sacrificed For the Spirit

'So the sacrifice was made, and that is why the Spirit can work effectively when one is willing to sacrifice the body for the Spirit. Then the Spirit is not hindered in any way, don't you see. But as long as you have a drawback to your activities and your sacrifice or your work on account of your body, that will hinder or hamper the Spirit, from its free access, and you cannot and will not express yourself in the higher standard, you cannot express yourself in the highest. So it is Wonderful.

'You cannot express yourself in the highest, as long as you subjugate yourself to your body, see? for fear of losing the body, or any such foolishness as that, for GOD cannot be expressed in the limited belief of the loss of anything or the fear of losing anything from a material standpoint of view. If a person is not willing to transcend materiality he cannot express himself spiritually in reality. You must transcend all materiality to express yourself in reality from a spiritual standpoint of view. You can only express yourself to the measure of a man or mankind if you will limit yourself or yourselves to the expression of yourself from a material standpoint of view. That will be the height of your ambition and they that are born of the spirit that you advocate, it will not be the Spirit of GOD, but it will be of the standard of the spirit of men, and hence, they may think they are born of GOD, but it will not be of GOD. For anyone that will limit themselves in words, deeds or in actions to the destination of man, and their expression to the degree of the limited expression of the body or person, why they are only in the man kingdom functioning. And that which is revealed to them, through them and by them, will not be the Spirit of GOD, but will be the spirit of men, hence flesh; and flesh will reveal things unto them and unto those that come in contact with them and they will speak it as the truth. But it is only coming through the man kingdom and not from the GOD Kingdom. It is Wonderful!

'That is the message that seems to be revealed, but it has never been hid from the Spirit of the Consciousness of GOD, for GOD's Consciousness is the Author and the Finisher of all things, the Creator and the Operator of both it and them, from which there is nothing hid. But it is as though it was revealed.

'So when you get those inspirations, if you limit yourself to the man kingdom you have not transcended the limitations and therefore you cannot get your inspirations from the Infinite Spirit, but it will be coming from the limited degree of expression which is functioning in the man kingdom, or reflected in the man kingdom1 and not in the GOD Kingdom. Therefore, you may think that you are being taught of the highest, but your inspirations coming from the man kingdom will only be from the height of the measure of the man, for HE that is wisdom and understanding, let us praise HIM, acknowledging the number of the beast, whose number is 666.

'So it is something to consider, how you can be limited to the measure of a man, for this number is the number of a man. But you will transcend limitations when you mentally detach yourselves from the body and be absent from the body mentally and spiritually and be present with the LORD. Then you will get your inspirations directly from GOD, and your intuition will be the direct expression of GOD. It is Wonderful!'

Being Detached From All Limited Expressions Ia the Highest Teaching

'This is the highest Teaching, the Teachings of the Infinite One, by being detached from all limited expressions of Truth, and free from the fear of the loss of any material thing. For when you detach yourself and disclaim all of the world, things that the world has claim on, why then and there and here and now, you shall have also let go of the earth and the earth has let you go, as I explained through the mouth of Mr. Lewis the other night. And as you let go of the earth, or material substance or expressions, and lose all contact with it, your claim on it, it must lose the claim it has on you and therefore with you the earth has no gravitation. Then you can ascend at will for your will is the Will of GOD. Your will is no longer limited to your persona1 expression or fancies or pleasures or wills or desires, don't you see, but your will is the Will of GOD, for you have detached yourself from all material expressions of life.

'On this foundation you can build, and that will be, and it is, incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. That is why GOD in the person of those that are called Masters in India can transcend. They can transcend gravitation, so to speak, because they have transcended mentally first, all limitations in their perceptions, and they have mentally detached themselves from their bodies as persons, and therefore maintain that; the reaction to it in their body takes form in expression, and the mind cannot go without the body if it wills not to go without taking the body. So it is Wonderful! But you must begin here and now to detach yourself from every mortal version of the human mind concerning yourself and all material things, that you may be free from the claim of the earth, and that the earth may lose its claim on you. And as you let go of the earth and lose your claim on it from a material standpoint of view, why the earth must let go of you from a gravitational point of view, and gravitation will have no more power over you.

A Mother Hen Does not Fly Around But Lives With Her Chicks

'There may be a question in the mind of those without, those that are living in mortal consciousness that would be opponently inclined, they would say, 'Well, how is it that HE does not express HIMSELF like that?' There is a thought that thinks like that. As GOD wills, HE expresses HIMSELF, but HE came in the likeness of sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh. You hardly ever see a setting hen flying around. You hardly ever see one singing and going around.

'0 Jerusalem... how often would I have hovered thee, as a hen hovers her brood, and ye would not!'

The hen will set on an egg. The hen is not flying around. When she is hatching she stays there until they are hatched. And after they are hatched she stays there with the chicks and leads them and guides them and she will not even fly over the fence when she could fly over it. She will lead them and guide them and teach them how to go through the fence. She shows them the way they should go and lives with them, and as they advance she advances the expression of herself to them that she may not be far away from them in their expression and manifestation of life. It is Wonderful! She shows them the way. She teaches them how to scratch. Truly might the hen have been as a point of view for consideration for this great Kingdom of GOD.

'0 Jerusalem thou that persecutest the prophets . . . how often would I have hovered thee, as a hen hovers her brood, and ye would not!'

It is Wonderful! Now it is true that those thoughts may come forth out of some of the mortal minds, don't you see, especially those that are opponently inclined.

'I AM functioning in your world and just in the place or on the plane where you are, to show you just beyond what is in your expression, that you may see the way to go. 'Oh, for a closer walk with GOD, A calm and a heavenly frame.' It is a light that shines on the road. If the light was showing far before you, it would still be dark where you are at. Therefore, let your light shine on the road. It is a light on thy pathway, and a lamp unto thy feet.

'However, it is a consolation to realize that GOD can be with you.

'He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.'

That was the promise nineteen hundred years ago. You see that is now fulfilled in your lives. And now you can see as I aforesaid, 'He lives in me, He lives in me, My Holy, Eternal Father, He lives in me.' When you use that with positive words, affirming and declaring from this standpoint of view, the spirit of the consciousness of GOD then will be expressed in you and in your affairs. The spirit of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD will be expressed in you and in your affairs, yea. even in your features.'

My Spirit Will GO Down Into the Depths and Cleanse This Underworld Generation of Its Filth

At one of the large meetings in New York recently. just as the meeting was drawing to a close, a young girl got up and started shrieking and crying and calling upon FATHER to help her. She confessed that she was seventeen years old and that she had a twenty-one months old baby by her daddy, that he was insisting that she live with him as his wife, and when she decided to live a clean life and refused, he threatened to blow her brains out. She had taken his revolver the night before and run away and had the revolver with her in her handbag. She said she could not go home again and had no place to go with the baby which she had with her, and called upon FATHER to help her. As a result, one of FATHER's Followers took her home and provided a home for her. In the meantime, however, she asked to be forgiven for her sins and FATHER blessed her and told her to go and sin no more. HE sang a song:

'I am Thine, 0; Lord, I have heard Thy voice, And it told Thy love to me; But I long to rise in Thine arms of faith, And be closer drawn to Thee.'

Then FATHER spoke as follows:

'Now do you not see the great significance of this Truth? It is needful to cleanse and purge this underworld generation of their filth, but MY Spirit is sufficient, for it will go down into the depths of the lowest and will bring them out. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Therefore I say,

'Go in peace and sin no more.'
'Go in peace,'

I say,

'and sin no more.'

It is essential that this Gospel should be preached unto all the world. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It is well worth considering. That song we just sang, 'I am Thine, 0 Lord, I have heard Thy voice, And it told Thy love to me; But I long to rise in Thine arms of faith, And be closer drawn to Thee,' I believe some of you have been closer drawn.

'I believe the testimony of this young lady has drawn you closer, to think about what kind of love man has: love that will destroy both soul and body. But the Love of GOD is always sufficient. The Love of GOD is sufficient to cleanse and to save to the uttermost. Confess and forsake your sins. The Bible says,

'If you confess your sins, God is faithful and just to forgive you, and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.'

And it is written,

'An open confession is good for the soul.'


'He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but he that confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.'

I AM so glad to hear the confession of this child, to give another blow to mortality and its lustful love and passion. It is Wonderful!

'This Truth shall go from shore to shore and from land to land, and shall bring them out of all kinds of debauchery and you will find out eventually that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. You have been taught to pray,

'Our Father who art in heaven . . .'

but GOD - Jesus, the great Love Master - said,

'God is your Father.'

There is one that is your FATHER, and you can see that by such actions and by such deeds, mortal man is not a real father. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Now aren't you glad? Aren't you glad you are freed from such debauchery? So I say again, 'Take the name of your Father with you, child of joy, life, health and love,' that one that has once been a child of sorrow and of woe, you can take the Name of your FATHER with you, and the Name of your FATHER will protect you wherever you go. It will help you in the time of need, it is a rock in a weary land, it is a shelter in the time of a storm.

'Fear not, little flock; it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.'

Fear not, fear not, for if GOD is for you, who can be against you? Now someone that feels like singing, will sing, 'He is all over me and HE is keeping me alive.'

The above incident was just one of many such that occur in the meetings in addition to the wonderful physical healings. On this same occasion a woman came shrieking and running up the aisle of the church, which was choked with people, and when she reached the altar she threw her pocketbook up to FATHER and begged for forgiveness for stealing.

The Contract Made With GOD

'You know there is a contract that is signed by the followers of CHRIST, and in the contract the policy reads the exact words, line by line, and word by word, that Jesus said, the Life and Teachings reflected or brought into expression is the contract that all have made, to follow ME, to follow the CHRIST. If you will live exactly according to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it is the insurance policy.

'Most of the insurance policies have so many clauses in them that you overlook, and most of them have some clause in there that the majority of the people overlook and do not read every word, and it is fixed so, as a rule, that you cannot get away so well with the insurance company. The contract that is made with GOD and mankind, the contract that I have brought into actuality and into fruition in this last time is the renewal of this contract for the modern age, the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST exactly as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Both the Life, but first the Life, and the Teachings of CHRIST exactly as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

'I stress that as recorded thereby, because there may be someone realizes, have gotten to that place in consciousness that they know that CHRIST was not limited to the Christian world, and thereby say that CHRIST did not say this or did not say that. But you are bound to your vows by the contract as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. CHRIST was expressed or manifested in many different individuals, and there may be those of you that have developed that place in consciousness and in spiritual understanding that you may know that there are some things that Jesus said directly that CHRIST did not say directly in some other expression of CHRIST, as Buddha, and as many of the other representatives of the CHRIST Consciousness. And to keep you from having any loophole to get out from being governed by the Spirit of Life, the government of the Kingdom of GOD, don't you see, I stress that, and you are contracted to that and that is your contract, exactly according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.







GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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