"No Need For the Perfect Expression To Die and Be Reincarnated

"Live Exactly According to the Life and Teachings of Jesus the Christ
as Recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John."


'Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come,
He will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13

Father Divine's Words From The Notebooks of John Lamb

Installment 40

A Very Close Walk


'Now do you know that is a very close walk? It is not merely to be talked, but it is a very close walk. He advocated it, emphasized it, lived it and demonstrated it, and duplicated it, the identical Life as was in the Body called Jesus. You know if I were an infidel, or if I were a bandit or anything that would seem to be mean, with the stressing and advocating of this Truth, the Work would be effective, for it is founded on the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST and not on ME as a Person from a human standpoint of view. There is no way for them to get away from it. If I were a failure it matters not what I would be, the manifestation of this Truth in perfection, as brought into expression through CHRIST in the person of Jesus, they that would follow the copy and the sample thereof, it would be impossible for them to make a failure.

'The Apostle puts it on one occasion,

'Follow me, even also as I follow Christ'

And if you, the followers of CHRIST, will walk worthy of your vocation wherewith you are called, you will X-rayedly behold the Life of CHRIST as brought into expression by Jesus and recorded by the Apostles. You will see it through every avenue of life and through every adverse and every undesirable condition or appearance whatsoever it may be, and that would be your guide, your sample and your example, and that would be your protection. It is indeed Wonderful! Facts and figures that are too stout to be denied, incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away, for the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply and will satisfy every good desire: Therefore, I cannot be denied. I stress that point of view of living exactly according to the Life and Teachings of JESUS the CHRIST as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Then it is Wonderful.

It is Wonderful!

'Now then, that is where you are the inheritor and the inheritors of the Kingdom of GOD, both the material and spiritual and mental things in life that I have at MY disposal. On such terms you are heirs and joint-heirs with the CHRIST Consciousness, and not only that,

'. . . but of all of his fullness have all we received, grace for grace.'

Sayville Rail Road Station

Sayville Rail Road Station






'Do you know some of the Life and some of the Teachings of CHRIST? Do you know that you can very readily and very easily break your contract with HIM that liveth forever and forever? When you violate the contract that you have made with your GOD, even before you knew ME, the contract you made with GOD to follow Jesus, to live exactly accordingly, even whether you knew ME or not, and you sang the song, 'Where He leads me I will follow, I will go with Him, all the way.' You made up your mind to do that before you ever got an evidence of the Spirit reflected manifestedly, expressing that which is called conversion or being converted in parts of the religious world that you have been coming through and are coming through, and it brought you through those different expressions. The Life and Teachings of CHRIST is what you have said and have declared would be your guide, through all of the ages since the coming of Jesus and the resurrection of Him nearly nineteen hundred years ago. Eighteen hundred and ninety-nine years of time has expired but that Life and those Teachings have been recorded as the Ideal for the world that is to be redeemed, or they that were to be redeemed. That Life and those Teachings, then, when you live accordingly, it is a close walk.'

Requirements Necessary To Receive the CHRIST

'Some of the main points of view stressfully expressed by the Master in the name called Jesus you quote,

'Take no thought for yourselves, one day for the next, what you are going to eat, nor what you are going to wear.
'If any man sue you at the law, and take your coat, let him take your cloak also.'
'If any man smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.'

But before I get away from suing you at the law, I stress the point of view that if he sue you at the law and take away your furniture, let him have your house, and if he take your house, let him have your land also. That is the Life and the Teachings of the CHRIST and there is no redemption other than that. It is indeed Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'Lay down the world, take up your cross, and come and follow me.'
'Except a man forsake, yea, even hate, all that he has, he cannot be my disciple'

- his wife, his child, his house and his lands and everything he has.' This is recorded in the Gospels as recorded by Matthew, or Mark, or Luke, or John - except you hate them. In other words, one writer explained it a little more in another way and said,

'except you forsake them,'

and one said,

'except you leave them,'

so that was making it plain. One said it, and another explained it in a more distinct way. Jesus said nineteen hundred years ago, when they came to Him saying,

'Thy mother and thy brethren want thee'

Jesus said

'Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? and who are my sisters? but they that do the will of my Father.'

'That one, whosoever will live and think and act simplicity like unto the CHRIST in the person of Jesus, ye are walking in the light, ye are the child of GOD. I have said, who is my mother. Jesus said that. the Sonship Degree said that as a sample and as an example which is recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and that is one of the requests to be fulfilled in your day.

'Now there are those that claim to be sanctified, claim to be CHRIST'S, claim to be holy, claim to he in the Truth, claim to be many expressions of the religious world as followers of the CHRIST, yet thousands of them vary so far from that and would not think of advocating the Life of CHRIST as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and yet would desire to lay hold on eternal life and inherit the Kingdom of GOD. It is Wonderful Now it said, except you do that, you cannot be My Disciple. Now if that is not right, why you see, the Word being recorded there, and those of the governments of the world allowing that to be left on record as the Bible and as being the identical Word of GOD, especially as being the direct message of CHRIST, it has brought you under the jurisdiction of fulfilling that even if at the sacrifice of your own life, or else you cannot have any hope of eternal life. You know you can only have it by being what He says, with or without a Body. Your spirit and your mind must be willing to accomplish these things, Dear Ones, and unless you are willing, you have no right, not one time, to have and receive and maintain this wonderful Life for which CHRIST died.'

The Perfect Is the Only Thing I Claim and Experience

'I have said in this Body in practically all of your meetings: Try to bring into your conscious realization the fruition of the consciousness of GOD, that you might develop the real consciousness of GOD in your own lives and the Allness of GOD and the nothingness of matter. I have stressed for your sakes so often that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. Now if you say or think or act, in any other way from henceforth, you are disputing what I have said in words, in deeds or in actions, what I have declared in words, in deeds and in actions, that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. GOD is your mother and you never had another. GOD is your sister and your brother, your relatives and your kin, and all of your friends and every other thing, and you never had another. For CHRIST is All, and in all. I have spoken! It is indeed Wonderful! CHRIST is All, and in all. Now when that has been developed in your consciousness, and you are open-minded and ready to receive the Truth according to the Teachings of the CHRIST, salvation is yours wheresoever you may he, when you live in conformity to the same.

'Have you, or any of you here, and when I say you, I mean any of you, ever seen ME say that such-and-such a one is MY flesh brother, or MY flesh father, or MY flesh mother, or MY flesh sister? You promised to follow ME whithersoever I go. I AM traveling on in spiritual understanding, leaving the material behind, according to the version of the human mind. And I have told you that GOD is your FATHER and you never had another, and GOD is your mother, and you never had another. You subject yourselves to all of the ailments, complaints and sicknesses and diseases, mentally, physically, spiritually and otherwise, that they were heirs to by prenatal influence, by recognizing your atonement with any mortal limited expression as being called mother, father, sister, brother, race, color, creed or any other limited mortal expression. You are subject to all of the infirmities that they have had and that they are under, for you are mentally attached to them, and transmute to yourself the condition of that which was in the system of that to which you are attached, mentally, spiritually and physically, and bring it into your own experience, and say, 'my mother died with the heart disease and so I get a certain age and I will die with the same as my father was subject to such-and-such a kind of complaint and I am subject to the same.'

'That is the significance of your expressing in words, in deeds and in actions and reproducing the same in your lives, of that belief concerning yourself and those that you are connected with. I AM connected with life and more abundant life, and more abundant life, and I came to reproduce such things in ME as were manifested in those that have seemingly gone on that are the perfect expression of the Truth. The perfect is the only thing that I claim and psychologically I bring into MY experience as I claim them. It is Wonderful! From henceforth, this, as in all other lessons, will go down on record and will he universally broadcast from shore to shore and from land to land, and thousands shall hear this, the Word of GOD through the voice of GOD that is proceeding out of the Throne and out of the Lamb through this great at-one-ment. it is Wonderful!'

No Need For the Perfect Expression To Die and Be Reincarnated

One of the Angels testified this morning that he had had a vision in which certain members of what he had once called his family, who had been dead for years, appeared before him and he had said, 'What a pity I was not able to tell them about FATHER DIVINE before they died.' As soon as he made this statement one of them answered that FATHER DIVINE had resurrected her. FATHER spoke as follows:

'There is a party that I AM writing this morning, and when Mr. Van Speed spoke concerning the spirit of the party, saying that I had resurrected them, I thought about one particular letter I AM writing this morning. Some man called ME up and said that his wife was in one of MY meetings in Newark or Orange, or some place, and he said that she thought she lost her mind and they had taken her to the insane asylum or to the hospital. So they think she is dead now and they brought her back to an undertaking place and they think she is dead, so I AM answering that telephone call.

'When he spoke that, I just started to say, there are so many that are visualizing the personal things of life, materiality, or the personality of things, and not the true spirituality of things, that is incorruptible, undefiled and that passeth not away. In that I had thought to ask Miss Mary to explain to the assembly the message I have given her to give to those parties, as well as in many other cases of people thinking they have lost some relative, friend or kin.'

Miss Mary then explained that GOD is your only true relative, your only true friend, and your only true kin. Beside HIM there is no other, and GOD is absolutely incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. If death appear in a body and that body seems to disappear, the spirit is ever alive, and that spirit will remain with the relative, friend or kin forever and forever, for GOD is GOD, with or without a body. For GOD condescends to come down in the likeness of mortality from the various angles, to appease the mortal consciousness, to appease the sight of them that are functioning on that plane, etc.

FATHER continued: 'Then there seems to be also a proposition in this great infinite unfoldment. When GOD calls for you, if for any cause you wilfully refuse or wilfully try to go in the opposite direction1 or those that you are under the jurisdiction of, if they hold you, GOD will take HIS, and let you have yours. If they can hold you, GOD will take HIS and let you have yours. GOD, I say, will take HIS, and let you have yours. Then that is the place for reincarnation for the incomplete work of the spirit of the one that has not gone on to development. That is the CHRIST in that one reflected, and can only develop or manifest HIMSELF to a faulty degree of expression for the cause of materialism or carnality, or for the cause of being limited in some way. Wheresoever the CHRIST cannot develop HIMSELF in the Sonship Degree of expression, HE will come out and enter into a higher degree wherein HE can develop HIMSELF and expand HIMSELF to a greater degree of expression.

'Reincarnation is only for the undeveloped and imperfect. What need is it to reincarnate if you are a perfect expression manifested? The perfect expression manifested as the ideal expression, it is not necessary for it to he reincarnated, for it will remain forever after the order of Melchizedek. So it is wonderful to see and to know your privilege in GOD, that you do not have to be reincarnated unless you are limited in expression in your personal expression or manifestation. If you will enlarge your borders and allow the CHRIST to be developed in you by living exactly stressfully, according to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and let this mind he in you that was also in Him, then and only then can you bring forth the CHRIST to fruition and then and only then would he the way to avoid being reincarnated and recreated. It is Wonderful!

'But it is a glorious privilege to know that that is possible. That is why the sample and example has been put forth and brought into expression as we shall be, so that you can pattern after the example that I have shown you on the mount in the highest light of spiritual understanding, in the highest expression of the religious world, on the mountain and lo, I saw the hundred and forty and four thousand following the Lamb in the highest expression of Truth in the religious world on the mountain, and behold, I said it was another new mystery I would unfold.'

Lanyon's Book Delivered

'I stopped in the city at the customhouse last week, I think it was when we were going to Newark, and the first consignment of the book 'It Is Wonderful' had arrived, but they were held up in the customhouse and there was a duty on them, and if the author and the publisher is not an American, it is fifty percent of the value of the books. You see it is quite a little, but of course, I AM American, and I AM everything. Of course, Mr. Lanyon is an American too, so therefore, it would only he twenty-five percent ordinarily of the value by being an American. And so it would be twenty-five percent, but still they did not send ME any bill of lading or any-thing of that kind. Besides, they did not send the value of the book, what it would sell for, and it was quite a lot of red tape to go through to get it. So I said I wouldn't bother about it if it had to he like that, for since I have said what was written in that book, I have said something else, and that is in the Metaphysical News.

'There are many new mottoes and sayings that I have said since those books just a year ago. Since the getting together of the book it is many things that I have said that are not in this book now, many things, so I don't care much, although' I have paid for them and paid for the shipping charges over here and everything. I didn't care when the custom officer told ME. That is why I didn't have them published over here. It would. cost fifty percent less than if I were a foreigner, and Mr. Lanyon was a foreigner, but yet it is twenty-five percent of the value anyway. So if the book is two dollars, it would be fifty cents per book. And if the book is valued at two dollars, and Mr. Lamb says a book like that used to sell for two dollars and a half, it would be valued at two hundred dollars anyway, and it would cost a non-American at least one dollar per book, as well as the publishing charges over there, as well as the shipping charges. And I said I don't care much, and they said, 'Well, you will have to sign a bond anyway,' and I said I wouldn't bother about it.

'So they came through this morning. One parcel of them came right here through the mail. It is Wonderful! So it goes to show you that the custom officers, or the government, or nothing else bothers. They said I would have to go and get someone to sign a bond for the value of the books and then go to the American Consul and get an appraiser to say what the value would be, and then pay twenty-five percent anyway of the value of the books. They thought I would have to go through a lot like that, but I didn't bother about it and so they came through this morning. It was so much to do, and especially someone had to sign your bond, and after getting a bond it had to be so much, and then you had to get the bond released before you could get the books, or something like that. It is Wonderful!'

Being With FATHER' Is A Place In Consciousness - Lost In His Will

A visitor from Boston testified at the Table this morning that when she had told one of her friends in Boston about FATHER, the friend had replied that it might be all right but she was never going to think that GOD could be in one place and that you had to go there to see HIM. FATHER replied:

''Being here' is to come to this place in consciousness, whether you be in Europe, Asia or Africa. It is to be lost in the Will of GOD, and say consciously or unconsciously, 'Not my will, but thine, be done.' When you come to that place in consciousness you are at the place that humanity has so long been looking for. It is to come to the at-one-ment with GOD. If you are at one with your GOD, then you are here and there and here and now, wheresoever HE is. And wheresoever you are, you are abundantly blessed. So that is the great significance of this calling. When you feel that you desire to be where I AM Personally, it is a call for you to come where I AM mentally and spiritually, and then haply if it be so that you are where I AM Personally, you will be satisfied.

'It is the same as that last Message in the Metaphysical News. It is to see the Omnipotence of GOD, to see the Omnipresence of GOD, and realize its fullness, to know that GOD is Omnipotent, yet realize that GOD is GOD and the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD will satisfy your every desire, for it is the creative forces of all things and it is the source of all supply.

'So what I say to one I say to all, for that is the place to come to and that is the great significance of this Work wherein you are not confined to materialism, personality or individualities as persons, but confined only and bound only to the spiritual perception and conception of the truth and to conceive that idea and to let it produce the fruit of the same. And when that is done then you will have no more occasion to falter or fear or dread, for you will he abundantly free and always in the Presence of GOD. You will not feel your absence from the Presence of GOD, neither will you feel the absence of GOD from you. For your calling is the most sacred calling to make your mental and spiritual con-tact, and then and there and here and now, with I or without the body or material expression of things, you will ever be the same. You will live in this glorious marvelous sunlight of love. It is Wonderful! This Love shall outlast them all.'

What FATHER Is Willing To Sacrifice For the Cause of the Truth

'The sacrifice of every material thing for the insignificance of the significance, for the insignificance, or in other words, for the significance of the insignificance of the thing that you desire! I sacrifice every thing that may seem to be good, to eliminate, or in other words, eradicate everything that is seemingly evil or adverse to ME. I AM willing, have been willing to sacrifice the visible expression of MYSELF and invisibilate MYSELF, as I often use MY radical and ignorant phrase, and invisibilate MYSELF for the purpose of eliminating or eradicating every ad-verse or undesirable expression that would conflict with MY true Self. Therefore, in short, I AM willing to sacrifice all that would seem to be a material protection, income, and so on like that, for the great cause of the Truth that I stand for. I AM willing to make a complete surrender. I AM willing to make a complete sacrifice of every material substance and even all of the hope of the material sustenance for the cause and the maintaining of MY Spirit in perfect peace and for MY Will to he done and nothing to exist in MY house but that which I approve of.

'Years ago, I have testified that I would be willing to throw off this Body rather than have one germ of mortality or carnality existing herein. I would eradicate the whole expression or visible manifestation of MYSELF to eliminate the adverse expression, even the slightest germ of mortality. Through the sacrifice of all material things for righteousness' sake, why then you gain a hundredfold more in this present time and in the world to come, life everlasting. So to speak, if I had an income of one hundred dollars per day, and if I thought, if I felt, that it was a germ of something in it that I did not approve of, and I could eliminate that by the sacrifice of that one hundred dollars per day, I would be willing to sacrifice that one hundred dollars per day to eliminate mortality and its tendencies, fancies and pleasures that would be contrary to MY Will.'

You Must Be Willing To Lose Your Life For the CHRIST

'It is a wonderful blessing that some may think you can be ignored and vet to know that you cannot he. And it is a wonderful blessing to I be here and anywhere that you may he. And I th6ught then, as I was sitting here, about so many that have been here and they have allowed mortality to separate them from the Love and the Life of GOD. And that will he the test of everyone. Then it is to weigh on the scale of your consciousness, whom you will serve, what you will give in exchange for your soul, for it is the day of redemption. It is the testing time when you come in contact with M. J. DIVINE. It is a time to put on the scale of justice for your consideration, everything, and see which will outweigh in your consciousness, CHRIST, or it and them.

'I thought about some of you knowing Bishop Lancstead that was here last year. He was such a wonderful representative, if he would have remained, but because of mortality he could not, so he did not remain He allowed his sons to have him. It is Wonderful! His highly intelligent and well cultured sons to have him, and GOD has taken HIS part and they have the pleasure of having their part!

'You see it is something to consider. Now that is one case of many thousands. His spirit and his mind and everything was here and in this Work, but it must needs he, to see whether you are willing to lose your life for the Truth. If you are not willing to lose your life for the CHRIST, you are not worthy. You must lose everything that you seemingly have for the CHRIST, or else you will not maintain your calling with GOD wherein you stand. Now he was of age, his sons and daughters, they were all of age. They didn't want him to be here and seemingly going back on his own relatives, don't you see. He had been a pastor of the Methodist Church for twenty four years, he said, and then he had been in this church for fifteen or sixteen years, which caused him to have been a minister of the Gospel, supposedly, for more than forty years, and yet he could not be governed by his own intuition. His mind was here, his spirit was here, but he obeyed the mortal. Then the mortal had to take charge of him. See?'

The Appearance of Death Can Be Avoided

'So it is a wonderful place to he when you can lay aside all mortal versions of the human mind and don't care what it says or tries to do, for it is death. There is death. It is something to he recognized, it is something to he considered, that he that will be governed by his own intuition, the CHRIST within, or he governed by the mortal version of the human mind that is something external even to himself.

'Now it is evidently known that he had no cause to apparently go. Of course, I know that he has not gone any place, but it was with him to be subject to the mortal version of that which laid claim on him and turn back, in their way, or serve his own intuition, the CHRIST within, and free his own conscience. It is Wonderful!

'There are not many of you that desire to go the way of the shadow of that which is called death. We know, we may term it, that there is no death and so there is not. There is not any in CHRIST or in GOD, for GOD is life and life eternal. But there is an expression or an appearance that is reflected in and on the visible manifestation of things that is called death. That appearance can be avoided if one will live according to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I stress that point of view. Then I hear you say, 'Well, I believe he was a good man, I believed he lived it.' He didn't live it when he thought he had a son or a daughter to go to. That was not according to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST. His so-called sons and daughters, they were all of age. They were not like little children that it could he said he was deserting them. But because of that mortal version of the human mind as to what people would say, he went. I told him how it was before he left, yet I said that is up to you. You can choose life or YOU can choose death. It is Wonderful!'

Destruction in Preparation For Construction

'So it is hard sayings and maybe we don't like to hear such talk as that, but know that the most destructive appearances are in making preparation for construction. When you go along driving on the highway, they will tell you often to detour. There is a sign to detour. Why? Because the road is under construction. It would look like if it was under construction it would be a good road and it should not be danger in constructive work but only danger in destructive work, looking only at the words. It is Wonderful! But the road is in a most destructive way or manner, wherein that you can be destroyed if you continue in that way. The road is under construction GOD is building up, but HE must first tear down. They have their pickers and machines to tear up the roads so that they can do the construction work in the right way and it cannot be done otherwise.

'So on these points of views, and on that little thought, you may glean a point wherein it is essential often that for construction work there is that which seems to he destroyed. You must destroy the old to build up the new. They pick up all of that seeming concrete and throw it out and they rebuild the road. It is Wonderful! So, I talk a whole lot, but there it was put before him. Now if he would obey the mortal mind and they that would claim to be his kin, he must die. If you live after the flesh you shall die. If you follow the leading's of mortality it will lead you to the end of it.

'So that thought, it apparently would be good if left out But if I did not mention it, or had not mentioned such as that to him, although he knew his Bible - was supposed to have known it, had I not mentioned that, I might have felt that if I had told him that, maybe he could have avoided that experience. Now think about it! Going back for a few months. So many have experienced the same thing. Truly might have the Word said to remember Lot's wife. It is Wonderful!'

Do Not Lay Claim On the CHRIST Life Without Subjugating Yourself To the CHRIST Mind

'So I think so often of that, and that is why you all are so happy when you are governed by your highest intuition and do not allow the mortal version of the human mind to lead you into temptation. You feel happy, you feel free when you are freed from such. I cannot see how a person would try to lay claims on the CHRIST Life without subjugating themselves to the CHRIST Mind. It looks like they should know that it is true that man will try to rob GOD. How can I expect to lay claims on the infinite blessings of the Infinite One unless I live in conformity to same, or else I would apparently be trying to get something that I AM not entitled to. That is why CHRIST in the person of Jesus said,

'Who is my mother? and who are my brethren and my sisters? it is they that do the will of my Father.'

Now with ME, what profit is it for ME to talk like that? I would be and it is apparently a disadvantage to ME to take up time to stress those points of view, because I could say things that would be tickling and pleasing to the ear. It is Wonderful!

'In all of the religious teachings you find them still going on in the same old way, and you see that with all of the Truth from a Truth standpoint of view in the Truth teachings, with all of the Holy Ghost, from a Holy Ghost or Holiness standpoint of view through the Holiness movements, you still see them expressing the same thing with those that do not claim to know anything. We are trying to put forth a remedy here that will avoid that.

'Do you not see and know when you look back in the past you can see, those that were so-called Holy, those that were so-called Sanctified, those that were so-called Truth teachers and professors and such as that in the religious world, they have gone through the same experience as those that did not claim anything. Then what profit have the religions of the world been, because they have not lived up to that which they have taught, and that they have not taught exactly evangelically. You can look back and see those that have been taught through science and through studies of psychology, etc. it may have eased their mind to some extent, to prohibit them from consciously acting out that, and expressing chaos in their bodies and in their souls. But in and at the same time, they expressed manifestedly the same condition that was existing in the world that did not claim to know GOD. So then I feel that it is our duty to stress the points of view that will Occasion peace and happiness, life and health and love in this present world, that will bring about the desirable condition among the children of men, that each one may see and be with HIM and protected from that which is known as sin.'

Bishop Lanestead Found His Ideal Yet Exchanged It For Mortality

'So that is why I stress that point of view so often and so much, to live exactly according to the Life and the Teachings of CHRIST, for it has been the case of so many. Now he, Mr. Lanestead, was a man old enough to know what he wanted to do and yet he said he did know what he wanted to do. His mind and his spirit were in this Truth and he had found the Ideal of his life.

'Well now, when you find that what are you going to do? Are you going to let mortality lead you out of it? Are you going to let mortality exchange itself with you for that Pearl of Great Price, the Ideal of your life, that which you have so long sought? Now to think about it! That has been the case. That is just one among thou-sands, 6n lower planes and on the lesser manifested expressions of intelligence that have gone that way. There have been thousands, but that was one that was an outstanding picture. You all used to see what he used to testify here. He was here last summer. I AM quite sure you all have seen him, he was quite stout, and a very noble looking gentleman and very highly cultured. He testified that he had fourteen years in college and he had studied everything and was twenty-four years a Methodist minister and had been connected with the Church of God in Christ for sixteen years, I think it i~vas, and he and his wife both were here and of course, she first went back. She was known as the mother or the overseer in their work, and he was known as the Bishop in some states or in some state, and I thought about it, and of course, mortality will lead you out of your life.

'I do not like to speak of things that pertain unto death. I AM trying to show you what hap pens to the partakers of the mortal. I AM not showing you that to throw a gloom of sadness over you. I know the preachers, they like to preach about your dear old dead mother, but really and truly, I love you so much I would rather see you suffer the name of being as one that is ignorant or insane or anything of that kind, than to see the body dead. For GOD is a GOD of the living and not a GOD of the dead, although there are many bodies that will not inherit eternal life nor manifest perfection, but yet, it is to let you know that they are not the ideal, nor the true expression. Nothing that dos not inherit eternal life nor manifest perfection is the true ideal or the true expression.'

Only the Duplicator Can Make Duplicates

'Mr. Joseph here, may be the ideal expression, yet he may not be the exact stencil or Duplicator. He may be the duplicate, but he may not be the Duplicator, so therefore, it is wonderful. It is wonderful to be a duplicate, for the individual. Mr. V---- says he wants to he just like ME, but whatsoever I AM, if he would be just like ME, still he wouldn't be the Duplicator but he might be the duplicate. And therefore, it may be hard to duplicate the duplicate because you may not have any carbon paper. The duplicate is just like the Duplicator, but the duplicate may not be the Duplicator and that is where you may try to duplicate from the duplicate instead of duplicating by the Duplicator. And then you get out in deep water trying to duplicate by the duplicate instead of duplicating by the Duplicator. Many have sunk that way. Many have sunk that way. They tried to duplicate by the duplicate instead of duplicating by the Duplicator. And they will never get there that way, trying to duplicate by the duplicate instead of by the Duplicator.

'It is a wonderful blessing to be in the presence of the nobles, the mighty and the well-bred. It is a great inspiration. It is the inspiration of inspirations. And those inspirations will go forth and be brought into expression by being in the presence of the nobles, yea, the noblest of all the earth. That simple thought had not yet dawned upon your consciousness, as simple as it is, to be a duplicate, you cannot be made a duplicate by the duplicate, but you can be made a duplicate by the Duplicator. It would have to be by the Duplicator, even if it was made through the duplicate. It would have to be had sometime from the Duplicator. It is Wonderful!

'So there are many that have started out on the highway of life and they have seen the expression of the identical CHRIST, which is the Duplicator, and seeing the expression of the identical CHRIST, they tried to duplicate by the expression and not by the Expressor. There are many that would rather go around and come in at the window anyway, rather than come in through the door. Because it is Wonderful! It is a 'wonderful blessing to be like the expression, the identical expression of GOD, but you can be like the expression of GOD by being made so by the Expressor.'

Thought. For Consideration

'The same kind of life that Mary lived to bring forth the Personal CHRIST, we must live to bring forth the spiritual CHRIST in our lives.'

'We must, in MY Mind, live that same kind of Life to produce that same Principle and those same characteristics in our lives. And then when it is finished we will see a glorious Church, without spot or wrinkle. We are seeing a glorious Church. We are seeing the hundred and forty and four thousand redeemed. I see them getting ready. Being redeemed, redeemed from among men and not defiled with women. If you have ever been defiled you will be cleaned up so you will not be defiled.'


'There may be some of you under MY Personal jurisdiction here at this particular juncture that may call yourselves of ME, and yet you may think that MY ways are not spiritually or naturally legitimate. For some of you have talked, some of you have thought, and some of you have acted in a bigoted way to the Life and Teachings as brought forth into expression here, so often, to the extent that some one of you has been corresponding with someone on the outside, carrying or conveying thoughts that would seem to be discordant to the mortal mind. For what cause, or for what purpose would you say that any of the Angels that you thought were relatives don't talk with each other? What good would it do to tell anybody that? That they are not like they used to be in the flesh with one another, as relatives, as kin, Now if they want them to be so, if there is anyone here that think they have any kin here, and if they want them and if they want you, why you might have a chance to have them, if they want you. I will let you take your part and I will take MINE.'

The Parable of the Young Insane Woman

FATHER spoke today of a well-known case in which a woman, when quite young, went insane because her lover went away and did not return. Through years and years she waited for him and looked for him from the same place with her mind fixed on his return. As a result, when she was a very old woman in years, she still looked as she did when her lover went away. FATHER continued:

'So, if you will be radical enough and fanatical enough to maintain your position, you see what it will do. That is a great psychological lesson. It shows what will happen when you lose your conscious mentality and are carried away into a certain realm of the Spirit. The Spirit will keep you just as you are and you will not change. But you have to maintain that place. Just as I told Mrs. Cox when she was healed, that if she kept the faith she would continue to walk. For there were some that told her she was hypnotized, or something like that, and would not continue to walk. And I told her there was one about twenty years ago that could not walk, and she is walking with ME here today. They said then that when I left that city she would go back, but I told her if she would keep the faith, she would continue to walk, And I say now 'Your faith has made you whole.' not so of what you believe ME to be. It matters not what I would do, or what you think I would do, it matters not how things would appear, if you lose your faith in ME. you have lost your healing. That is why it is like hypnotism in a way of speaking. because when you mentally attach yourself. you get results, but when you mentally detach yourself, you do not get results.

'So it is for anyone not to be a stumbling block for others in coming to a place where they are blessed or healed. So I would not do or say any thing that would cause an~ne to doubt ME. If you doubt ME, you know what it is. It is Wonderful!'







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