"Self-denial Means Deny Your Preconceived Ideas and Opinions and All of Your Inclinations,
Fancies and Pleasures and Everything Else.

"The Word Says, He That Loveth Any of These Things More than Me
Cannot Be My Disciple, and If These Can Control You,
Why Then You Are Not Ready for this Truth."




'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...'
St. John 16:13

Father Divine's Words From The Notebooks of John Lamb

Installment 41

GOD Is Not Confined To Where FATHER Is,
But The Same Law Is Everywhere


Referring to the testimony of a visitor who said that her friends objected to her believing that GOD could be in one place when she told them about FATHER DIVINE, FATHER said: 'In reference to GOD being just here in this place, the great thought of GOD IS THAT HE is everywhere. I stress that point of view daily, that GOD IS GOD. GOD is Omnipresent, GOD IS Omnipotent and GOD is OMNISCIENT ; hence, a present Help in every need. That is why I do as I do because GOD is Omnipotent, GOD is Omniscient and then GOD is Omnipresent, and GOD is All-knowing and All-powerful, which is the same.

'We say that, stress that, talk and advocate that, but the person so often that has a mind like that, 'Well, GOD is not just there in that place,' it is because they do not want to be subject to the Will of GOD in this place and with that they can go somewhere else and be subject, and hide from the Law of GOD and be subject to their mortal will and flesh. You see, that is it. If one knows GOD, he can know GOD wheresoever he is, and, it would be soul-satisfying to subjugate himself to GOD here as well as anywhere else, but that spirit or that mind that so often says that, it is a spirit or mind often that desires not to be-subject to the Law of GOD, and neither indeed can be, for it is the carnal mind. And that is why they say that. They say it because they do not like the ways of -GOD. GOD's ways are too strict.

'The way is too narrow and they refute it often by saying, 'Well, FATHER says HE is everywhere, you don't have to go to HIM.' But you have to be subject to this same Mind, subject to this restriction, I don't care where you are. or else you will go into the grave. It will be just the same. It requires nothing less and nothing more, it is a Law that pervades the universe. Everyone must be subject to this same Law, I don't care where you go, and if you deviate from it you will suffer loss. That is the idea.

'But so many of them will say, 'GOD is everywhere and you don't have to confine yourself there.' Well, you don't have to confine yourself here from a material standpoint of view, but if you deviate from here in the mental standpoint of view, you will separate yourself entirely from life. That is the great significance of this Truth, because it is one Law, the Law of Life that is over and in all, over each, and all should be governed thereby. It is Wonderful! It is the Law of Life and none can break this Law and inherit that which they are seeking.

'So that is what this is all about you see, and that is why they say, 'I know the teachings are right, but yet, how can GOD be confined there?' GOD is not confined here, but the same Law is in every place. There are those that claim to be MY representatives, they are not living up to the Law maybe. They are not living up to the Law! They will have to get off of that line that they are on!'

Sweeze's Department Store

Story Of A Modern St. Michael

'I may be held up for a little while until others are prepared to take their places. Just like on the battlefield when you violate the law, you will be court-martialed and it will be the same day and somewhere and somehow, for the robber must go; but yet the law is the law. You cannot deviate from it., it matters not where you are, it matters not where GOD is in consciousness, no matter where you go, the Name of GOD prevails. You cannot go one place any more than you go another. That is why you fall in divers temptations, that is why you fall in sickness and ailments, for no one should have any ailment but ME. I AM the only One to have the slightest suggestion of imperfection in ME. 'He took upon Himself our infirmities' with the Name. Whosoever bears the Name must bear the blame. 'In all of their afflictions he was afflicted, but; the angel of his presence healed them.'

'So therefore everyone should be healed of all of the ills, and abundantly freed from every adverse condition.So that is the great significance of this Truth, that if you desire to be freed from those divers conditions, to subject yourselves to the Law of Him that Liveth forever and forever and if you should, why then and only then can you be free from your condition, who have any kind of ailment.

'It is something like several years ago in France, we saw her picture in the paper, and they used to call her St. Michael, and she used to take upon herself all of the conditions of the people that came to her, smallpox and all kinds of diseases, and the doctors could even examine her and see that she had the same diseases, and yet they would go. She would take upon herself all of those diseases and they called her St. Michael. So the One that bears your infirmities, your burdens of sin, sickness and diseases of all kinds of infirmities, when you do that, HE will free you from all of those conditions. Yea,. you will be free and free indeed. It is Wonderful!'

It Is My Duty To Give You An Understanding
Concerning Your Desire To Be With ME

'So think not when you hear anyone say anything like that, think not that they are so sincere, for if they would be so sincere, they would first desire - they would not be trying to seek any way out, they wouldn't be like a pig seeking a way to get out of the pen - they would be seeking a way to get in. Sincereness of heart makes you seek a way to get in, while it is MY part to give you an understanding concerning same. Everybody that is really of ME, and believe in ME, if they are sincere and true, they want to stay right here all the time. They desire to be subject to MY rules and then they are impressed with the weight of the mortal version of the human mind's consideration firstly, as if this is the place and the only place. They are impressed with the mortal version of the human mind firstly, and then they will come to that realization as I say, that I AM here and I AM there and I AM everywhere. But not that they will come to that just because they don't want to be subject to the Laws, thinking, 'Well, I can't do this and I can't do that,' they want to be subject to this Life. But you notice it closer and you will find that they do not want to come here and be here, so they say that GOD is everywhere. They don't want to be subject to GOD. that is why they quote that. They want to be subject to mortality and therefore they try to quote those points of view for their own destruction. If HE is everywhere, then what would be the difference to be here or anywhere else? What would be the difference?

'So you see, you have to see both sides. In your coming to that place you know that GOD is everywhere and that HE is just as operative one place as HE is another, if you will subject yourself to this Life and to these Teachings wheresoever you are, and you will be protected one place just as much as you will another if you will be subject to the leading of the Spirit. But if you mortal-mindedly think , 'Well, I would like to - go-such-and-such a place because that is my father, my sister, my brother or my race or my creed or my color, or any of those abomination, as they are divided in denominations, don't you see, father, mother, sister, brother, sons, daughters, etc., they are divided in denominations; they are denominations and because they are divisions there is strife, don't you see. But there are those that like to be here and really they know that the Spirit of MY Mind is the Ideal of their soul and yet they will turn right around and because of 'my relatives, my kin, my folks, I will not do such-and-such a thing,' and they do not know that they are burying themselves in a material, a mortal and a watery grave. They don't know it.

'Now, if I cannot do anything because some mortal person don't want ME to do it, why then I have put MYSELF underneath them, and I cannot go above where they will go, if it is no farther than h - - l. I could not get above them if I subject MYSELF to their will and to their wish, I could not get above them. Then IAM trying to justify MYSELF in that version and say, 'Well, FATHER says HE is everywhere and I might just as well to stay here with my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my relatives, races, colors, creeds and all such as that, and then you might just as well be one with them in all things, for you will be one with them in all things, for you will be one with them in death.'

A Time and a Season For All Things

One of the visitors who is a Follower of FATHER's in New York City, testified at the Table that although she had given up family, parents, country and all, she had been in communication with her mother by mail, because the mother felt she was being unjustly treated after all she had done for their so-called daughter. The daughter had been writing to her continually telling her about FATHER and letting her know that everything was all right. She said this morning that she hoped she had not done wrong in having this communication after she had renounced the relationship. FATHER replied:

'There are different diversities of expression and there are different diversities of callings and of professions. When CHRIST first called them out nineteen hundred years ago, there were some that went and sought to get theirs, and through that there were some in the number, the sons of Zebedee, and many others, because they were living in mortal consciousness of course, and it was the way that the others were reached. I reached others through the mortal consciousness of those that were living in mortal consciousness that had been called. There is a time and a season for all things, whilst yet, when the time comes, it is brought into expression, it is brought into the consideration, it is brought before your mind's eye and then you can see that it would take a pretty good-sized material bag to put them all in and dump them overboard, as one of the speakers said1 wouldn't it?

'Now the majority of the people, they have races, they have creeds, they have colors, they have denominations and they have all of those individual abominations, and in that, why it would be something for one to put their whole race, their whole creed and-all their colors in a bag. It would take a pretty good sized bag. I don't bear record of just what factory would make it And then I don't bear record of just what kind of a block and tackle it would take to lift it.'

If These Old Things Control You, You Are Not Ready For This TRUTH

'It is Wonderful! I just wanted to say, in reference to the subject, before we get away from that so far, now there are lots of you that are making a great talk about this, about the self-denial, some of you have not denied yourselves yet, and then making such talk about it. Self-denial means deny your preconceived ideas and opinions and all of your inclinations, fancies and pleasures and everything else. As Krishnamurti says, he knows that the time will come that he must deny himself the external relatives and kin and such as that, and material things, that is but a small item. The worst thing for a person to do is to have their own personal individual fancies and pleasures and characteristics, etc. I would say that is the thought of this self-denial.

'So if you are not wholeheartedly self-denied, those fancies and tendencies will crop up and if they crop up they will produce or reproduce bodies to be recreated in. If it does not come in your own individual body, it can be transmuted by you to someone else. So you see, every seed idea that is implanted in the soil of the souls of the children of men, they are operative, they are effective, so that they can be brought into expression, and they are affecting you, even the thoughts and seed ideas of your own individual soul.

'Then again, I would like to say about the casting out of those that are in you, that is biblically quoted. The Bible says,

'Who is my father? and who is my mother? and who are my brethren? . . . it is they that do the will of my Father,'

and that is not only a biblical quotation, but it is Evangelical, it is the Teachings of Jesus and that is why I stress the Life and the Teachings of Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark Luke and John. Upon this foundation you are supposed to build, the very Life and the Teachings of Christ is brought into expression or manifestation by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It is Wonderful! But how many of you are there? There are very few exceptions that have not lived in the mortal version since you contacted ME. And all of you with few exceptions, have corresponded with your so-called relatives and kin. I never told you to do it Personally, I have never told you not to do it. You have corresponded with them, you have lived with them, you have adored them, some of you, but yet in love and mercy you say your 'Savior', and you say your 'FATHER.' There are few exceptions and very few exceptions, even in the external, but the internal inclinations or motives, even your old fancies, your old pleasures and your old characteristics are the abominations unto the desolations of the world, are the abominations that make desolate the world.

'Then in reference to the remarks of the speaker. often the ones that will take exception to this may not be the ones, because of their devoutness and trying to be faithful, that the condition reaches. It does not reach Miss A - - - - as much as it reaches you all. She is not around her people, her so-called people, she is not living with them, she has not gone back to them, she has not done it yet, 'for GOD is everywhere and -they are GOD's children and such as that,' she has not said that yet. Such cases exist among those that claim to be children of GOD and claim to know ME. They hang on and obey what their so-called relatives say. That is what I AM talking about mainly. But if she wrote to them and explained to them, that is no more than what most of you have done. Ninety-nine percent of you and ninety-nine percent of that one percent have done that, have told some of your relatives or some of your so-called kin about ME.

'But I would consider when you know the Truth, claiming to know the Truth, then to try to appease that mind when you know it is adverse to ME and adverse to the Truth, when and where anyone will do that and is afraid to come here, afraid to be here because of what some of their relatives will do and all such as that you cannot hide from GOD. GOD knows all about you. HE knows what caused you to do such things. HE knows all about you. That is the idea I know that there are none of you ashamed to own ME. There are not any of you ashamed to be in the midst. Every last one of you, especially you here in the Kingdom, desires to be in the number, desires to be on the platform where we are. It is Wonderful! Desires to be seen in the number, to be one in the number, because as the speaker said a little while ago, it is an honor to be named with the Name of GOD.

'So it is something to consider. You see, the Word says, he that loveth any of these things more than ME cannot be MY Disciple, and if these can control you, why then you are not ready for this Truth. If any of them have dominion over you, why you are not ready for this Truth.'

When Jesus and Buddha Met

One of the visitors referred to a very well-known Truth teacher, supposed to be very advanced and to have a very unusual flow of language, charging very high prices for his instruction and asked the question how it was that he could have attained to such a high degree of perfection in the technical side of the Truth when he started from a humble place, if he was not living in accord with the Truth as taught by FATHER and had wife and family, etc. FATHER said:

'All things work together for good to them that love GOD - everything! Now it is good and very good that there are some that fail to see the full expression, or even to Evangelically teach the Truth in every phase, for there would seem to be merit in such, without the slightest conception of the spirit of the thing. So all things work together for good, and as Mrs. L says, he that is not against us is for us.

'The truth of the Truth is the truth, with or without a body and it is not a matter with ME of trying or desiring to advocate what I AM -teaching, just to appease the mortal concept of the human mind thinking that they are pleasing ME. You cannot please ME just by trying to say I AM right and condemning every other thought or expression. You can please ME by seeing and knowing the truth, no matter through whom it comes, and not seeing from a material standpoint of view.

'If the life and the teachings of the Master, better known as the Masters of the Far East, if they are merely fiction, it is some good logic in it - very good! When it says there that Jesus appeared and because of the Teachings of Jesus or the Christian world, the Buddhists criticized the Christians and called them dogs of Christians, and said that they thought the CHRIST lived and reigned only in, and was confined to, Buddha, and the teachings of Buddha. They saw it like that because they were narrow minded, and as long as they lived in selfishness, and so would be the case with you if you lived in selfishness and were not self-denied from the within as well as from the without from the spiritual standpoint of view, from the professional standpoint of view, from the gifted standpoint of view, from your calling standpoint of view, your command standpoint of view, as well as from your every other standpoint of view. The Christians seemed to resent the belief of those that believed in Buddha, and they did not seem to know the true CHRIST of the story given there in the records.

'When Jesus and Buddha met, even after much conflict among the followers, it was a pre-evidence of the Life and Teachings of Christ from the individual states and times and countries, from the individual personalities, the expression of CHRIST meeting in the different appearances or individual expressions or individualities. The expression of the CHRIST in the highest light of understanding always did and always will recognize the spirit of the Truth wheresoever it is found. They agreed, for they knew that it could be but One. They knew there was but One and that it was the same, transmuted or manifested through the different ones and though it was accounted to be a different one, yet it was the same One. So they could understand, where their followers could not understand, living in mortal consciousness.

'So I say, whether it is true or not, if they have not come up to the standard of expression, the Browns, or whomsoever it is that you are speaking of, even if they have not come up to the standard of Christ, even if they are not living up to the Teachings of Christ, if they have trained your mind to not altogether resent and rebel against the Truth, it would be a help, even if it was only to train your mind. So all things work together for good.'

The Different New Thought Teachings
Have Turned the People To the Light Of Truth

'As I say, even thirty or forty years ago they desired to kill the Body for this Truth, about the time Prophet Crowder came out. He butted against this Truth and he went very quickly. But however, the Truth was expressed and they bucked against it. And many do that by not knowing the Truth. But when you know the Truth, you will know it is not person or personalities, but that it forms itself in persons for the appeasement of the mortal consciousness. Then you can see that you can comprehend with all saints. The bees, because they have common judgment, because they have at least the height of the insect judgment, as well so as the ant, they go in all kinds of flowers and plants to get something out. When they get through with it, it is the sweetest thing in the world.

'The CHRIST Consciousness can search in the hidden mysteries of the understanding of things and will bring out the sweetest thing to all mankind. Now if Mr. Purnell - I didn't try to get his name - but if, as I started to say, about thirty or forty years ago they would try to murder you for this Truth, but since that time through Christian Science and through the different schools, it has somewhat turned the people to the light of Truth. that they would not desire or openly try to murder a person that carried this Truth such ones are not against us but for us. So all things work together for good. 'Through Christian Science and through the Russellites and such as that, it has turned the people to receive this Truth so that they are not led to murder those that bear it. So even if it is only partially revealed through the different teachers and the different leaders, it has somewhat prepared your mind so that you would not want to kill someone. Even Christian Scientists. they say indirectly that there is nothing but GOD. They say everybody is GOD. So which would be worse. to tell a lie about everybody. or just to tell a lie about one body? So you see, even from that standpoint of view, all things-~ work together for good. All things are riot profitable for you. but all things work together for good. They have said. consciously or unconsciously, that everybody is GOD. From a pre-biblical statement I say unto you that ye are gods. So they have brought into expression to many people that they all are gods.'

There Is Salvation In Confession Of Sins

'Last night when we were in Hackensack several ladies and gentlemen, as they might be called, started to confess their sins and there were several present that began to laugh. They thought it was quite strange. But that little song I just sang is a composition for your consideration. If you cast those men out of your lives and confess your sins.. and live a pure and a spotless life, you will be free from your sins.

'Now it is more than seven d - v ls in some people. It is Wonderful! Some of you have more than seven to get rid of. But if you throw them out, you will be free from your sins. I don't care anything about what you have been, if you have not sinned against the Holy Ghost, if you confess and forsake your sins you shall have mercy and you do not need to care anything about what anybody thinks about you, or anything about what anybody says about you, for if GOD is for you, who can be against you.

'He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but he that confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.'

That is why there are so many of you, especially so-called Christians, who do not prosper, because you hide your sins. Many of you do the same things that they do in the brothel, yea that they do in Chinatown, but you hide your sins and will not expose them.

(In speaking of Chinatown here, FATHER is referring to the vice and crime that is found in any area where under-privileged people live. This is no reflection on the Chinese people.)

'Now, if you start from tonight, and if you are bold enough to confess your sins and forsake them, GOD is faithful and just to forgive you and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. And if GOD forgives you of your sins and if you take up your cross and follow ME, then you will be in the number that John saw, the hundred and forty and four thousand which were redeemed from among men, being the first-fruits unto GOD and the Lamb. That is what you must do to please GOD, and if you do that, it matters not how you have sinned heretofore, you are the same in MY sight as someone that has never sinned in that way. It is Wonderful!'

If You Throw Your Sins Out Of Your Consciousness,
You Will Receive the Highest Teachings

'That is the great significance of the Redeeming Life, as being called the redeeming blood of JESUS CHRIST, for when it redeems you from your sins you are no longer condemned with them, and then you can say, 'There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.' For, 'The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death,' and you will fear no more. So I just said, as the speaker made confession of her sins there, all you have to do is to throw them out, throw them out of your consciousness and hence throw them out of your life. Throw them, all of them, out of your consciousness and hence out of your life; for, 'everything that is not -planted by my heavenly Father shall be rooted up,' and you know that is why you cannot feel free because you are going around carrying a dead man tied to your back.

'Truly might the Apostle have said,

' who shall deliver me from the body of this death?''

There are many of you that may be carrying more than one. You have to get them out of your consciousness and cast them out of your lives before you can receive the highest teachings and be free from all of the condemnations that you want to be free from. It is a hard saying. Dear Ones, but it is true. There is no redemption except by living by the Teachings of Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark. Luke and John, for that is the fundamental Principle of salvation. So again I say unto you, cast them out of your consciousness, cast them out of your lives, cast them out of your world, all of those things that tend to separate you from the Love of GOD. For you know when a man is in your life. or a woman is in your life. why they take your thought off of GOD. and cause you to think about self. It is Wonderful!

'I declare unto you, you had to give up everything before you got converted, didn't you? You had to get your relatives, your mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers and all of your kin off your mind. You know it is true, if you ever have been truly converted. But maybe some of you have been truly converted. If you have ever been plowed up by the plough shares of the Gospel, if you have ever been set free by the Holy Ghost, you know that you had to get everything off of the mind. You know it is wonderful just to think about it and the contract that you made with GOD; that you would serve HIM all of the days of your life. And then after you got blessed you went back and took up those same old things, your mothers, your fathers, your races and creeds and colors, your wives and your husbands and all of those things in a way of speaking, when you gave them up, as though you were fooling GOD.

'If you got a blessing - it may be you didn't get that old-time religion - but if there is anybody here that really did get that old-time religion, something that moves in your body, in your heart and in your soul, and moves in you, if you ever got that, you had to come out of the world, you had to get your mind off of everything, didn't you? and get it on GOD, on the Immortal Glory. It is Wonderful! Now just as you have found HIM, walk therein.

'Now you can say that I AM not teaching you anything but what you were taught in the beginning. But if you were taught that to get those blessings and to get converted, and you got the blessing and then turned back, 'they all like sheep have gone astray.' It is Wonderful! Now you all know that is true. Some of you, when you sought to get converted, you know the preacher told you to get your mind off of everything. I don't mean yesterday when you just got that shake-hand religion, I don't mean that shake-hand religion, but I mean years back when you used to go down to the mourner's bench. You know something about it. It is Wonderful, isn't it? You had to get your mind off of everything and when you got your mind off of everything you said Jesus came down and you said He gave you a kiss of His Love. It is Wonderful! Now as you have found Him, walk therein. I know all about it too. If you have forgotten it, I know all about it, but some of you remember the day and some of you remember the hour.'

I Will Go Through Fire and Flame To Hold You To Your Contract

'Now where is that blessing you received when first you received the LORD? Where is that soul that was so fresh? Now you know it is true; you were not studying about fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives1 sweethearts, or any of those things. You have to return back to your first Love. If you don't turn back to your first Love I will take the other love from you.

'What did you promise? You know the engagement you made. It is Wonderful! Now I just came in this last time to bring you back to your calling; to call your attention back to your promise and see if you will come back and re-sign your contract.. It is Wonderful! I know it is Wonderful!

' If you want to go along with ME you have to re-sign that contract, and if you re-sign the -contract, you know you had to give up everything. You know that you wanted the LORD to save you if HE had to send your soul to h - - l

'Now that contract, you want to renew that contract. Now every one that wants to renew the contract again, let it be known by the raising of your hands. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Well done! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! Now I will hold you to your contract. I heard one say, 'Leave all to follow Jesus.' I heard you say, 'I am stepping out upon the promise, all I have is His today.' Now are you willing to do that? Are you willing to do it? If you are willing to do it, then take your stand and after having stood and after having taken your stand, then stand. It is Wonderful! Because I AM here now and I will hold you to your contract. You know I will go through fire and flames to hold you to your contract, and I will lead you if you will follow.'

Throw Every D-v-l and All Men and Women Out Of Your Life
or You will Die

'For I know it is the only way Dear Ones, the only way. You can only have peace and sweet rest as you yield to HIM your body and soul. But you never can know what the LORD will bestow of the blessing until you have brought your body and soul to HIS full control and your all on the altar is laid. It is Wonderful! You never can know, Dear Ones, you never can know. So I say in conclusion with this little talk, I just rose to say, throw them out, and as I sang that little piece, I wanted to give the message to throw them out and I wanted to give it in a little song as I speak in songs and hymns and spiritual songs. I wanted to sing it so it would rest upon your mind.

'Now, throw every d - v -1 out of your mind. To go with ME you have to throw all men and women out of your life. It is Wonderful! You have to throw them all out of your life, because you had to do that to get converted, didn't you? Well, you have to do that to follow ME and to inherit eternal life. You have to throw them out of your life and you have to live a pure and a spotless life as those that are redeemed from among men and as those that are not defiled with women and as those of virgin heart, and only then will you be so you will not die. It is a hard saying, but yet it is true.

'I don't care how much you claim to be something, you will die as long as you live in flesh, for

.... 'they that live in the flesh cannot please GOD. But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of Christ dwelleth in you.'

So I would say, if the Spirit of CHRIST reigns in you or has dominion in you, if CHRIST rules in your life, why then you will not obey man, or flesh, you will not obey for CHRIST's sake, and you will cast those things out of your lives, and you will live a pure and a spotless life.'

A Life of Flesh, Excitement, Pleasures and Passions Brings Death

'Now, if you wish to live and always to be happy, you have to cast that kind of life out of you. It is a hard saying, but yet it is true. be cause a life of flesh, of excitements and pleasures and appetites and passions will certainly bring you death, for it is a life of destruction. And it is written,

'In the world ye shall have tribulations... but in me, ye shall have peace,'

and it is written again,

'Such shall have trouble in the flesh.'

But GOD has called us to holiness that you might present unto GOD a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. It is indeed Wonderful! You know it is true! And as it is with others, so can it be with you. And if you are willing to live that kind of a life now, here we have those that you would ordinarily call right young men and real young women, those that have experienced married life and those that have experienced lives of debauchery and all kinds of debauchery other than that of merely drunkenness and wine, and yet those that have been redeemed as samples and as examples, they are standing as outstanding witnesses now, that this way is right.

'Those that you see here, they are declaring that they are willing to live a pure and a spotless life. They are declaring that they are willing to deny themselves and live the Life, for that is the first Principle of the Teachings of Christ.

'If you hear any man inquiring after me, tell him first to deny himself, and then take up his cross, and follow me.'

I believe that most of MY students, I believe some of them anyway, are willing. I believe that there are a few of them willing to give up fleshly affections. It is Wonderful! It is a mighty host. It is Wonderful! Giving up human affections to live in the light of life and to give up their lives to GOD. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

'Now just look at them. Look at those that you would call real young men, those that you would call real young women, those that you would call real young girls, even not of age, and they have agreed to live a pure and spotless life. Now are you willing to do it? If you are not willing to do it, don't say so. You don't have to live this Life if you don't want to. If you don't want to live this Life why then you don't have to live it. If you want to live the life of your own mortal tendencies and if you wish to die in your sins, don't live this Life. But if you desire to have a life of righteousness, and peace, joy , happiness and prosperity, you had better live it. It is Wonderful!'

Unmingled Love

'Now I don't believe any of MY Followers want to drink liquor. I mean MY real sons and daughters do not desire to drink liquor. They don't want to play cards. The theaters they go to is this church and the other churches where we go. Their pleasures, their summer resorts, are the resorts that we have, that we have re- served unto GOD. We don't have to ask them to come here or to go there, but they will come anyway. You all will follow ME anywhere, won't you? (Chorus of 'Yes, yes'.) It is Wonderful! I don't need to do anything that I AM teaching you not to do. Lift up a standard for the people and then you are not ashamed; for with the standard that you lift up, the Spirit of the Power will be with you to endorse your activities. 'Now take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, I did not rise to talk, but whensoever I get up, you all hold ME up. It is Wonderful! But I just wanted to say, throw them out! Throw those old men and women out of you, throw them out of your life and I AM sure, if you ever taste of this unmingled Love, as many hundreds of you here tonight have, and those that have not, will, I AM sure, and you will not want to live in the flesh for this is unmingled Love and it is joy without a tear. Now you know that this is a wonderful Love, don't you? You never had such a Love as this. did you? It is just like a magnet. It attracts others and draws them unto you and they will be blessed of the LORD according to their faith.

'Now I may say something else, if I do not say it through this Body I will through someone else. We all are as radios and you that are attuned to the Truth, you may catch up the vibrations. It may be somebody down in the audience there that does not seem to be a speaker. The Speaker may rise up in them and give you the highest message of Truth, for they are radios, and GOD may speak through someone that you think not, for I AM in the midst of thee. I AM here and I AM there and I AM everywhere. All you must needs do is to make your contact and have an open mind and be ready to be attuned to the vibrations that are sent out and the inspirations that are sent out on the spiritual wave lengths of salvation, and-you will get them as well as I.'

The above was a talk given in Unity Baptist Church in Brooklyn with every available inch of standing room taken up. Several were healed.

The Power Is In Sincerity and Consecration to GOD

'When you really know GOD, as I was telling a pastor yesterday, X- rayedly beholding GOD, with or without the Person, or persons, or bodies, and if GOD condescends to work through one, I was telling him in reference to MYSELF, and I said, if you live the Life with MY Personal Presence, or without MY Personal Presence, you will be happy, you will be successful and you will be prosperous. It is Wonderful! To make a cancellation of every material visible expression, and yet through avenues or channels we can recognize the ALMIGHTY functioning. It is Wonderful!'

'So it is a blessing to think about it that way. He was telling ME about how his congregation had increased about seventy~five percent since we had been there and he was telling ME he knew he was a different man and a better man and he knew he had more power. He said the people said he preached Sunday as never before, and he said, he knew he did because he knew when the Spirit used him. So it is Wonderful!

'After awhile all of the so-called preachers will know that without ME they can do nothing. They will find out that in ME is joy and happiness and in ME is peace and success and prosperity, and without ME they will have nothing. They cannot even falsely and hypocritically preach this Truth and not live it. They may do that in order to draw the crowd for their own greedy gains, but that will not even work. The power is in the Life, the power is in the heart and the sincerity and consecration to GOD. Then they will have the power. And if they live it as well as preach it, why then I draw them unto them, and if they do not, it is just too bad for them.'

How To Attend To Business

'When all people learn to know that everybody's business is nobody's business, then they will know how to attend to business. Everybody's business is nobody's business. You know, heretofore, if I were going to buy a house and lot or anything like that, Mother did not know it until I wanted to put her name on the records as the party of the second part. Then she would know when I wanted her to sign. That is the secret place of the Most High. Success and prosperity will never fail you in the secret place of the Most High. It is written,

'In the world ye shall have tribulations.'

You cannot succeed. It is a failure in the world, but in the secret place of the Most High it can never fall you, and especially to some other mortal mind below your standard, or even if they are up to your standard, if they are not an ideal cooperator in that thing that is being revealed. The song says, 'There is One, only One.' So it is Wonderful.






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