"The Great Significance of the Omnipotence and the Omnipresence of GOD.

"Some Will Say, 'Where Does HE Get HIS Money From?' I Say unto You,
the Mineral Kingdom Is Saying unto ME with All of the Abundance of the Fullness,
'Send Me, Send Me."




'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13




Love Beyond All Limitations and Undesirable Conditions

'So then again I say I will be with you all along the way. There is naught to falter, nor to fear, for GOD is in you and with you for your refuge your strength and your help In the time of need. Your prayers have been heard and they have been answered, and the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply and will satisfy every good desire. Be thou conscious of GOD's Presence wheresoever you are. Then I say unto you, and unto all that will come after you, whether I AM Personally Present or not, I will be there with you and in the midst of you wheresoever you assemble in MY Name. I do not have to be there in Person for anyone to be healed. You can be healed just as much when I AM in Europe Asia or Africa. That is the great significance of the Omnipotence and the Omnipresence of GOD.

Picture of MOTHER DIVINE and group at the Great South Bay

Picture of MOTHER DIVINE and group at the Great South Bay





'I do not give absent treatment. For where is that place that GOD is not there? I AM just as operative one place as I AM another. Men that live in mortal consciousness are limited to the body and to the personal expression of themselves, but those of you that will transcend the limited expression of your personality, your personal bodies, why then you will also transcend gravitation. Do not think one time that I AM not, or cannot be with you just as operative in Austria as I AM here. It is Wonderful! We are getting letters daily from the far countries, practically all of the far countries, telling of the miraculous healings that take place, and telling of the miraculous demonstrations there as well as here. It goes to show you that GOD is not confined to personality, to state, country, land or clime, but GOD is Infinite, Universal and Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, a present help in every need. When you have all of these infinite powers at your side you have nothing to fear, for GOD will take care of you.

'Then again, as I said today, I do not regret the criticisms, persecutions or would- be prosecutions, if they could or even the would-be executions, just so long as I demonstrate the Infinite Love that is far beyond all limitations, adverse and undesirable conditions. I can rejoice at the adverse conditions and so-called tribulations and so-called persecutions, for they are the means through which your blessings have come. Had the friends in Sayville not rejected ME, or in other words, rejected you, to try to prohibit you from coming out to a little village of about four thousand, naturally they would reject thousands and thousands, yea, even millions coming out there; for this cause, it caused ME to come to you. For this cause GOD raised up Pharaoh '' to spread HIS Name throughout the whole earth. Not one of you, in the way that it was going on, would have heard of ME had everything gone along smoothly and had nothing been adverse or contrary. So you can plainly see that all things work together for good, and that it is GOD that worketh both to will and to do of his own good pleasure.

'So therefore, again I quote unto you, the Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. It is wonderful to realize that you can make as high an affirmation as you can think, for it is

'unto HIM . . . now that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that ye can ask or think.'

There again I quote, 'just beyond your highest affirmation lie the fields of endless joy beyond degrees.' And this as you see it wheresoever I AM is always overflowing.'

'Here Am I LORD, Send Me'

'When we happened to go out to dinner tonight, hundreds of people were there. We could hardly get out of the dining room, out of the house. It is wonderful, for this Love is the great life Magnet that will draw all desirable things unto you. If you live the Life and let this Mind be in you, and doubt nothing, the very Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD will prove to you to be the source of all supply, and will satisfy every good desire. Then wheresoever you go you will see them from the man kingdom, as I explained today at the dinner table, you will see them coming forth because they will say that all things in CHRIST are now ready, in actions.

'From the mineral kingdom they will come at GOD's command. From the vegetable kingdom they also will come at GOD's command, yea, even from the mineral kingdom they will come at GOD's command, presenting themselves at the throne of GOD, saying, 'Here am I, Lord, send me.' It is Wonderful! The inhabitants of all of the kingdoms are presenting themselves with the fullness of the abundance of all of those kingdoms, saying, 'Send me, send me, send me.'

'Now you wonder, some will say, 'Where does HE get HIS money from?' I say unto you, the mineral kingdom is saying unto ME with all of the abundance of the fullness, 'Send me, send me, send me.' I say the mineral kingdom responds to the voice of GOD. The copper mines are giving up their dead. The gold mines are giving up their dead. And they are presenting at the Throne of GOD, saying, 'Send me, send me, send me.' It is Wonderful! Now what can keep the minerals and their products from GOD when it is recorded on the minerals known as the coins, 'IN GOD WE TRUST.' The Name of GOD has dominion over both it and them and they all must come at GOD'S command, as well as the man kingdom, yea, the man kingdom is giving up its dead. And the CHRIST Consciousness is judging the quick and the dead and they are coming to the resurrection of life, coming, presenting at the Throne of GOD saying, 'Here am I, send me, send me, send me.'

'Do you not see them coming up out of every nation and every tribe and every people, presenting themselves at the Throne of GOD here and now, willing and ready in words and both deeds and actions and in expressions and otherwise, saying, 'Send me, here am I, send me, here am I, LORD, send me send me.' Now aren't you willing to go? Aren't you willing to go? You are willing to serve wheresoever you are called to serve. 'Here,' you said, 'here am I, LORD, send me, send me, send me.' And if the man kingdom is so responsive to the voice of GOD, how much more are the minerals of the earth. How much more are the minerals of the earth, when GOD even giveth man dominion over the earth and the things that are of the earth, even the vegetation, the vegetable kingdom. You might know that GOD has dominion over both it and them. Then why should any man lack for anything when he knows the truth?'

Limitless Blessings To He Resurrected From the Storehouse Within

'Here, I say, the mineral kingdom with its products is saying today, 'Here am I, LORD, here am I, send me, send me.' The silver and the gold, the copper in the mines, they are coming out and coming to ME, and I have them this moment, and they are saying, 'Send me, send me.' Now aren't you glad! I hear them say it. I say, I hear them say it. I hear the gold mines with the nuggets there all saying, 'Send me, send me,' into all the earth as a means of exchange, to make men happy, to make the souls of the children of men happy from the mortal standpoint of view. 'Here am I, LORD, send me.'

'Now how can anything be withheld from man when the doors of the gold mines are flying open, for the Angel of the LORD has roused the gold down there in the mines and told the gold mine to give up the dead and to resurrect the gold from the dead of the earth and bring it to the resurrection of life as a means of exchange for the glory and comfort of man. Now aren't you glad?

'Now I thought I wouldn't say anything because it was getting late, but the copper mines are doing the same thing, and they are saying, 'Here am I, LORD, send me, send me.' I hear also the gold mines doing the same, and the diamond mines saying the same. Now aren't you glad? 'Here am I, LORD, send me.' It is Wonderful! They are coming forth to the resurrection of life. They are willing to be of service to GOD and to mankind, and none need lack in GOD's abundance, for there is a full and a plenty of everything and the doors of the kingdoms are opening now at the voice of GOD as the door of the kingdom of man has opened, and they are coming now crying, 'Here am I, LORD, send me, send,,' me, send me.' Now I think I had better stop. The vegetable kingdom, I hear them also saying, even in their invisible realm of life behind the field of individual vegetation, saying, 'Here am I, LORD, send me, send me.'

'I looked in MY storehouse the other day, where some onions were stored away and I began to see the onions and other things that were stored there saying, 'Here am I, LORD, send me, send me. Even though being in the storehouse and in the ground, they are coming forth and saying, 'Send me, send me, out to do Thy Will, to be of service to GOD and to man. Here am I, send me, send me.'

'I think I will really have to stop here now, and we will take up the situation some other time to the end. But I thought I would give you some sketch of the many kingdoms of the living and the dead, and how all the many kingdoms are but the outer expression of a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the outer expression of the condition of the mind within; the out picturing of a sketch of a reflection of a percent, of a percent, of a percent of the limitless blessings that I have in storehouse for the souls of the children of men, that I have in storehouse mentally, spiritually and otherwise, for the souls of the children of men. As time is seemingly well expired to the mortal version of your human mind, I will tell you more the next time.'

Answer To Perplexing Question Concerning Life and Death

A well-known Truth teacher who visited the Kingdom in Sayville today asked FATHER the following question: 'How is it possible for so many to say at one time that GOD is Omnipresent and at another time say that YOUR Spirit is withdrawn, or will be withdrawn from certain ones?' FATHER answered as follows:

'Have you not seen, or heard, to make a long story short, that which is commonly known as death? Well, that is the answer. It is evidently known that the spirit is taken. away from the present activity of the individual. It is taken away from his actions, don't you see, and his personal activities. GOD is present everywhere, that is true, but still HE is taken from the individual activity of the person. It is never taken away from the 'I AM', and as far as that is concerned, it is not necessary for the 'I AM' to study Truth or do anything. It is not necessary for any teachings for the CHRIST or that One that cannot be taken away, but that expression of life on the material plane, yea, even on the psychic plane, that is not a perfect expression and it has limitations. So that is true from that standpoint of view.

'Wherein there are expressions that we desire not, as we may term it to be, there are appearances, etc., and we may say, 'It is not,' and we may annul them in a way of speaking, but yet when we bring them into expression in our personal life daily, why then it cannot be denied. So therefore, it is evidently known there is an expression of the Truth that is brought into manifestation and in appearance it would be termed as discontinued, or as taken away from the actions or activities of the individual from an individual standpoint of view or from a personal standpoint of view.

'When we know the truth, as it is said in the last book, I don't mean 'Wonderful,' but the last book of Mr. Lanyon, it is true, and I have said it so often, 'That which God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.' The soul and the body and the mind are one in reality, and when it is brought into expression, a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, and there is no separation. But if it is not brought into the atonement, there tends to be a spirit of separateness, you see. So it is spoken from that version. We can lose apparently, yet we cannot lose. But if we see it in one sense of the word, to say that anything can be taken away from ME, or anything can be added to ME, then it is not necessary for any thought, word, deed or action. We could lie dormant from the beginning of the creation of the world, and just know that it is. We could do or allow the appearance and reflections of things to reflect in us and be subject to the mortal version of things and conditions, and not better them in any way. We could do that if we would do it.

'But there is a place where I can see and know that GOD works. There is a supreme demonstration, supreme intelligence or quality that will bring about the expression of good, and it is an expression that will also bring about an appearance of evil. Therefore, we adhere to the quality that brings about the expression of good, you see, and bring it into actuality in our lives.'

Visitor: 'Then there is nothing to fear, nothing anyone can say, no affirmation, to fear.'

'When they are true, when they are true, but as we say that this or that is false in our metaphysical treatment, we say this or that is a lie. We denounce it and say it is a lie and false. If therefore it is false, we cannot justify it as true. We so often, in the metaphysical field, say there is nothing but GOD; GOD is all that there is. And still, we may say 'error,' we may say, 'misunderstanding,' we may say, 'mortal mind,' or 'unbelief.' The orthodox religious world says d- v -l.' We all have a different way of calling that which is opposite to us or that which we disapprove of. We have different names to call it.

'I often think of that, that we don't like to call a name, and it is true, it is good not to call some names. There are some names that we do not like to even once name, but yet we may call it by some other name that would be a little nicer to handle it by, but we are referring to the same thing.

So the orthodox religious world calls it something that we may not call it in the metaphysical world. We may call it mortal mind, or carnality, or something like that, but the religious world calls it the d - v - l and it is speaking about the same condition. But yet it is true, there are some words that they use in the mortal world that we don't like to name because it tends to create that thought in the consciousness or the mind of someone and it will cause it to reflect upon them. So it is true that it is good not to call the name that will be destructive and that has an evil influence over the human mind.'

Why the Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence

FATHER was asked at a banquet in New York City, 'What is the interpretation of the Bible passage,

'. . . the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence . . .'?'

FATHER replied as follows:

'The interpretation of that was just as a dream to be interpreted. Now, when it is interpreted, the Gospel of the Apostles has been preached for nineteen hundred years, until now, the Kingdom of CHRIST is preached and they take it by violence. All of those sayings were as dreams, and the interpretation of it was the same as it said.

'I came not to destroy the law, nor the prophets . . . but to fulfil.'

That was as a dream. When it was brought into interpretation the interpretation would be, I came not to destroy the Epistles, but to fulfil them right in your very midst and before your very eyes.

'So you can plainly see that it is fulfilled this day in your hearing that the Kingdom of GOD is preached and they are pressing their ways into the Kingdom of GOD, and manifestedly, it is as though you cannot keep them out. The manifested expression of the Kingdom of GOD is brought into fruition in your very midst here and now. So it is Wonderful! Those of MY so-called opponents, they have love in them too. If they seem to be in opposition, behind that spirit of opposition lies the spirit of love and harmony.'

Bishop Lawson and Self-righteousness

At a breakfast recently in New York City, a visitor asked for the Interpretation of the Beatitude,

'Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.' Matthew, fifth chapter.

FATHER replied:

'You see, the Pharisees, they claimed to be just the same as those that claim the highest light of Truth today. They claim to be more spiritually minded, those that claim to have plenty of the Spirit, those that claim to be rich in Spirit, those are they that I came not to call, for they have their reward. That is why it spake in another place and said,

'I came not to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.'

The Pharisees claimed to be righteous, just the same especially as the so-called Holiness people today. They are supposed to be, or claim to be rich in Spirit. They claim to have a plenty of it, don't you see. They claim to have all of the fullness of GOD and of course, they are self-righteous and they don't need any help from GOD.

'So one that is poor in Spirit, I came to call the sinners, those that don't claim to have anything, for theirs is the Kingdom of GOD. The Kingdom of GOD is for the ones that were supposed to be unrighteous, not for the self-righteous that are commonly called righteous. Don't you see? The same as you find the so-called Holiness people, the same as Lawson, they fight more than anybody else and they claim to be living Holiness, and yet they take the Name of The Lord in vain.

'As I said last night, anyone that is holy would be advocating living a pure and a spotless life just as I AM advocating, but claiming to live a holy life they do not teach a person to be changed from nature to grace. They do not teach you to give up your old Adamic nature. They do not teach you to be saved in reality, even though they teach that the soul goes to Heaven. They should know that the soul wouldn't be redeemed that way, or the inner man1 more than in MY Teachings. They should change and cleanse the inner man more than MY Teachings, because they claim the inner man is the one that goes to Heaven. They should be the very ones that should teach you to cleanse on the inside rather than on the outside. But they are the very ones that teach you to hide behind the law to commit sin.

'They teach you to go and get papers and get behind the law to justify yourself, don't you see. and in that, why, of course, they are blind leaders of the blind, causing them to fall into the ditch. Therefore, they are rich in their conception9 in their way, in the Spirit. Don't you see? They claim to have all the Spirit, to have the Holy Ghost. GOD is walking and talking in them, yet they claim that you have to go to Heaven to meet HIM and all such as that, and yet turn right around and encourage you to commit sin, just so you get behind the law to appease the social world, or the natural world in which we live, the natural world, the social world. But they are not studying about being changed from nature to grace and getting that so-called sin cleansed out of you. They are not poor in spirit, they are righteous within themselves

'That is just the thought of it. When a person is changed, a person to claim to be sanctified is one that really should be living this Life. They would be more true, as I said last night, to do just as the Methodists and the Baptists do, and say the inner man is the one to be saved, but the old body is prone to sin, and go along and be honest about it But the so-called Holiness ones are the ones that go along in hypocrisy.

'So it really is true that if anyone really is changed, they would be changed in the house as well as out of the house. If your mind is not changed, if your disposition is not changed, what is it in the sight of GOD? For man looks upon the outer appearance, but GOD looks upon the heart. For you are only changed on the outside we appease the mortal concept of the understanding. It is Wonderful! So that is why those minds and this last article that Lawson put in the paper about ME, he put that in because one of his members was downstairs in the church yesterday and testified. One of the members that was attending his church, a man and his wife both were attending his church and they had been at MY meeting and came back filled up with the Spirit and said, 'It is Wonderful.' And he said Lawson came over to him to get that out of him and said, 'So you have been around to FATHER DIVINE's', and such as that, and tried to condemn it, and he said, 'It is just Wonderful.' And Lawson and others tried the Bible on him, and he said, 'You can't show me any place in the Bible in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John where Jesus ever told anybody if they lived right they would die,' and Lawson said, 'I am going to burn HIM up. You buy the New York Age next week. I am going to burn HIM up.'

'And so he left Lawson's church and faith, he and his wife. They belonged there, and he told Lawson, 'You are going to be sick over it,' and he and his wife testified downstairs last night. And that is why Lawson got so angry. He can't get anything from the Bible to condemn MY Teachings, he can't bring any condemnation, so he told what he was going to do.'


'It is claimed, as a condemnation against these Teachings, that I do not teach you to pray and that the Bible says to pray without ceasing. The Bible does say pray without ceasing, that is recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and you will find there that prayer is essential and justifiable. But not in the way that men have been taught to pray.

'Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed.'

You are praying when you or those of MY immediate co-workers say, 'Contact FATHER' That is praying. Contacting GOD and making your contact mentally and spiritually, that is praying, don't you see. Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, uttered or unexpressed, but more so unuttered or unexpressed, for the prayer that you pray, pray in secret. The Word says,

'when ye pray, be not as the Pharisees, as the hypocrites, thinking that you will be heard by your much speaking. But when ye pray, enter into your secret closet, and when the door is shut

-that does not mean necessarily a natural closet, but in the closet of your own soul -

' pray to HIM that is in secret,'

which is in the secrecy of your own heart and your own mind, that no one else can see or hear at the time, what you are asking for, don't you see, no one else but yourself and HIM that liveth forever and ever. That secret prayer then will be heard, that secret prayer will be answered, for if you pray to HIM that is in secret,

' HE that seeth in secret will reward thee openly.'

So that is the great significance of the prayer.

'You do not pray in any emotional prayer, in a multitude of words that are spoken outwardly. You speak them in the secrecy of your heart, in your mind, with that sincere desire to God wards , don't you see, and He that seeth in secret shall reward thee openly with anything that you desire, if you do not tell anyone about it. It is better not to tell anyone, much less tell every- one. That is prayer.

'If you were going to buy an automobile today, the secret prayer would be just knowing that you wanted it and that you wish to use it to the glory of GOD for a good purpose, with a desire like that, and not telling anybody about it That is the secret prayer, and out of that secret prayer that which you desire today will come forth, an automobile, a great big automobile, out of the wish of your heart. But if you tell anyone, even those that are closely connected, their thoughts will block your game. Even those that are in harmony with you often, if they are so that they cannot co-operate as a committee of one with you, don't you see, in harmony, why they also will hinder you. When I would go to buy a piece of property, and even Mother's name is to appear on the title, Mother does not know anything about it until I get ready, unless for some reason it must have her signature as a witness or something like that. Heretofore, it has always been like that. Now when it got out that I was going to buy property up the Hudson, I paid on some property like that, but what I paid I just gave it away. There were too many mortal minds in it. In the secret place of the Most High it will come forth without any help.'

Whatsoever FATHER Wills, HE Always Gets

'As L - - says, if HE will form it in the womb, who will hinder HIM from bringing it forth to birth. If HE can form anything in your mind, who can hinder HIM from bringing it forth, don't you see? The Creator of your desires, who can hinder HIM from bringing them forth? And then, the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD, as I say, is the Source of all Supply, and will satisfy every good desire, and none need lack at this time when you shall have the fullness of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD brought into actuality in your lives. It is Wonderful So that is why it is always good to get understanding.

'Now, some of MY students and representatives that have gone out to carry the Message, even some of the best of them that have done great work in a way of speaking, such as Mr. Alexander, may not have got some of the points of view that are most essential for the development of the spirit of the Truth in the consciousness of the children of men. For it is essential for them to know that we do not violate the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS, and that we are not rejecting that which is Evangelical, which is according to the Gospel that Jesus taught and lived, and Jesus did say,

'Pray without ceasing.'

The mortal mind desires to get something wherein we deviate from the Teachings of Jesus, and then they will say it is all bunk. So therefore, we do pray, and you pray, it may be termed that I pray, but MY heart's sincere desire, unuttered or unexpressed, and whatsoever I desire is whatsoever I Will.

'Humanly speaking, it is a desire. Godly speaking, from the GOD standpoint it is MY Will, what 'I Will'. Humanly speaking, it would be whatsoever I desire, don't you see? 'Whatsoever FATHER desires HE usually gets.' Now Godly speaking, whatsoever FATHER wills HE always gets. When you are not conscious of the Presence of GOD to bring it to pass, then you may say, 'Whatsoever FATHER desires,' or whatsoever I desire, I always get, or 'HE always gets what HE desires.' But when you are conscious of the Presence of GOD, and conscious of MY ability to bring MY desires to pass, then MY desire is MY Will. Whatsoever I Will, it must be, and whatsoever I desire, it must be done. It is the one capital I in the alphabet and it is applicable to every soul. I set before you an open door. And all can enter through this open door through which I have brought many thousands and through which I will bring many more.

'So therefore, prayer is essential, but not in the orthodox or religious ways of prayer or of praying, but in the true sense of prayer. As in the beginning and as it is today, the true prayer is a sincere desire to God wards for whatsoever may be required to meet the purpose and to satisfy individuals or the individual, or the especial need. It is Wonderful!'

My Spirit Will Be W With You As Your Shadow

'So when we get this - that is why I say that there are some that will go out - it was a man in Brooklyn, I have his card here, he is teaching MY Message, giving out cards, 'FATHER DIVINE's Message free,' and he is teaching FATHER DIVINE's Message with HIS Name, and here it is he is selling medicine. He got a whole lot of medicine made up and even personally asked ME to help him get rid of it. He made it up of roots and herbs, or something like that. Well now, you can see that is absolutely contrary to MY Teaching, just to be selling his medicine. When I AM telling you that I don't even want to do what the Bible says, and that is spiritually legitimate for the one that is not developed, to lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. But to those that know the Truth and have contacted ME and are representatives of MINE, they do not need to lay hands on anybody. That is why I stress that point in the meetings and the congregations where Mrs. C ---goes, because I do not want her to lose out in herself. If she will stay out of herself, as long as she feels that she must lay hands on, she will have a tendency to try to seek some personal or physical honor and it will rob her of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD, to do the work. It is Wonderful!

'That is why I want all to get the understanding to go forth, and the Spirit of MY Presence will heal the people. Even the shadow of those that carry this Message, it will heal them for it will reflect in those the Presence of GOD. It will go with you just as your very shadow and it will be effective. It will go as the shadow of the Spirit and it will be effective upon them and they will see the very Presence of GOD by the shadow and they will know it is the Spirit and not you.

'I don't desire to see anyone get a misconception of anything, to seek for honor of their own, neither to seek any honor for ME, for the Spirit of the consciousness of the Presence of GOD will satisfy every desire, don't you see. To get that consciousness of MY being with you, whether you are conscious of MY being HE as I use that phrase to those of you that know ME and know of MY Honor and MY Majesty and MY Omnipotency, to you I say 'MY' but to those that are not conscious of that, I will speak in their language and I will say, if they are conscious of the Presence of GOD. Being conscious of the Presence of GOD, it is operative.

'The very Spirit of the Presence of GOD is operative and it is the same as the thought and even more so. It is reflectable and it will reflect in those you come in contact with if you will live unadulteratedly in this Truth and unadulteratedly in the Presence of GOD, not adulterated by the least fear of GOD's Presence not being with you. Then you will not have to touch anyone, for MY Spirit will be with you as your shadow. MY Messenger, and MY Spirit will be heard and will answer accordingly. It is Wonderful!'

'The great significance of this Work is to bring into your conscious recognition GOD's Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. It is Wonderful.'

February 6, 1932

Father Divine Answers Denunciation of Bishop R. C. Lawson;
Denies He Will Start 'Divine City' Upstate
By Clifford Smith


Sayville, L. I., N. Y. - Commenting pointedly on the statements made about Him by Bishop Robert C. Lawson in a meeting of the Interdenominational Ministers last week, Father Major J. Divine told The Age reporter that He thought the. bishop was jealous of Him and His work, and that Bishop Lawson could not prove any of his charges.

Said Father Divine: 'I wish to make it plain to you and the public that I know there is no reason but that Bishop Lawson is: jealous of ME and MY work and that he as a minister cannot prove one of his charges that I AM teaching anything but the true Gospel.

'That he and a number of ministers with his ideas have not been truthfully and clearly teaching it is being proven by the many, many ministers, teachers, lecturers, etc., who are coming to ME for teaching of this great truth. I leave that alone to prove Myself what I claim to be and do.

'About the money question, I answer by saying that I do not receive donations or gifts, for I AM a free gift to man. As a minister and a teacher, I question the true faith of Dr. Lawson for his remarks, for did not God feed many from two small fishes. etc.? Did it not rain manna?

'I do not say it rains money from heaven to ME, but if the bishop and others had the Christ consciousness, true faith and belief, they too would be as I AM and do as I do.

'Why teach the world about peace and love and kindness and beauty of God and tell them to love and follow His law, then try to scare that love away by teaching that He will cause them to burn and burn forever, that you must die and go to judgment? What, I ask you, is there to judge a dead body? for Christ expects you to die once from sin, then receive your judgment, for to live in sin is death. To repent is to live eternally and eternal life is what I stand for.

'I AM glad to say that so many churches are offering ME their time and pulpits to expand this truth that I must say that it is wonderful. It is such charges as Bishop Lawson makes that make for a clearer and better understanding of ME and MY teachings.

'I hold no ill feeling toward the bishop, but I lay his action to the fact that he does not fully understand that which he is supposed to preach.'

Continuing His comments of the story appearing in last week's issue of The Age about His moving to upstate New York, Father Divine said:

''I have not made final arrangements to move anywhere and do not intend to be subject of any legal lies or make a 'Divine City' anywhere, for I Am not confining Myself to any one place, but Am trying to get that great word, peace and divinity, known all over the world.

'The people in England are trying to induce Me to come over there for a while, and I have not decided if I shall or not.'

Tuesday evening, January 26, Father Divine held a meeting at Haskell, N.J., at the American Legion Club House. The hall was so crowded that there wasn't even available standing room but the meeting was enjoyed by all present. However, this meeting comes nowhere near reaching in spirit or attendance the meeting held in Englewood, N. J. on January 29.

Never have I seen a meeting as orderly, attentive and interesting. Many people gave wonderful testimonies of healings received, although they had not even met Father Divine. There is no doubt that Father Divine has won many converts or followers since this meeting in New Jersey, for many people got up in the meeting and stated that they were going to follow Father Divine and His teachings. There are in hands of The Age reporter, several notes and letters given by some who were present at the Englewood meeting, and the names and addresses of 4 persons who personally told him of their healings.

Father Divine is trying to arrange several meetings to be held soon, so that there will not be the same occurrence of January 29 when a meeting was arranged causing Him much haste in the Jersey meeting in order to try to attend both meetings in Person. He will be in Paterson, N. J., on February 12, and probably in Sparkill, N. Y., on February 27. Several other meetings have been arranged but the dates will be made public at a later date.






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