"Be Free From Ancestors and You Will Be Free From Their Diseases

"Copy After the CHRIST As the Ideal"

'Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth...' St. John 16:13


Installment 44

I Came To Give the Chick A chance To Hatch Out

Sayville back yard

Sayville back yard



A visitor testified at the Table this morning that she had been referring to her so- called relatives and children in the meetings but that she had heard one of the Angels say that claiming them as 'so-called' was just the same as claiming them in the old way, so she had discontinued referring to them in that way. FATHER replied:

'There are so many things said at times, even in the testimonies in the churches that if I would move every time I AM moved or should move, in a way of speaking, for the benefit of those that are talking many times, and for the benefit of those that hear, you would not get a chance to have much to say.

'So now at this particular juncture, there is something that Miss B- said that is worth considering, a simple word. First of all, I would say that it is good to mean well and have a pure heart, to have a pure intent, a pure spirit. Now she said that someone said if it is your 'so-called', it is just yours. I have not come to bind anyone in materialism or mortality. I came to give the chick a chance to hatch out, if he will. I did not come to try to break the shell and get the chick out when the hen has only set two weeks, neither did I come to break the shell and get the chick out when he starts to break out. Neither did I come to bind up the shell and keep him from getting out. It is Wonderful!

'It is only so-called! That is all it is. Now you that will try to bind someone in mortality, watch that you do not bind yourselves. GOD is your father, your mother, your sister, your brother and your sons and your daughters and your country and everything else. It is verifiable, and if you search the Epistles you will find some place in some of them that will verify that statement. CHRIST is All in all. CHRIST is rich and all you need. It is Wonderful! So therefore, CHRIST is your all, and being your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your sons and your daughters and all that you may claim, those that are spoken of, they are so-called, or called so, by the mortal version of the human mind. So the statement is right.'

Your relatives Are Rightly Called 'So-called' Because They Were Never Yours

'The statement is right, and it is called so, called so by yourself and called so by others until you get away from that. When you get away from that, and rise above materialism as a bird out of the shell, one of those that can fly real good like an eagle, that when he is hatched out can fly several miles above that shell, it may not be near him So until you get away from that thought, it will be so-called yours, because it has never been yours anyway. Even in the mortal version of the human mind, the human race, they are still saying that GOD loaned this child to you. HE loaned those children to you, don't you see, HE didn't even give them to you. You see, that is the mortal version of the human mind, not even as we may say, in the highest light of Truth. But it is commonly known, most any person will say, 'Why GOD only loaned those children to you,' because when they grow up they are no longer yours anyway; they will say, 'I am my own man', 'I am my own woman', 'I am of age.' Jesus said that in verifying this statement, and said,

'He is of age.'

'When you are your own, why you are not others' anyway. You are your own from that standpoint of view, humanly speaking. If you are twenty-one in this country, especially a man, after he is twenty-one, he is a man. A girl after she is eighteen, she is a woman, even according to the authorities, and that one that is their own is the one that will lay claim to you according to the flesh, don't you see. So it proves conclusively that it is not yours, but it is only so-called yours, and especially if they are of age.

'But still, they are with yours and they are yours as long as you live in mortal consciousness. They are not yours even though you are living in mortal consciousness, they are not yours anyway, but they are so-called yours. So you can justifiably say so-called, because in mortal consciousness they are not yours if they are of age, they are their own men and women. It is Wonderful! Of course, I have heard lots of them claiming to know the Truth that will have those different things. They will say, 'My mother, my father, my sister, my brother, according to the flesh.' Why surely, you are according to the flesh if you are in the flesh. But you are not according to the flesh if you are not in the flesh, there fore, you have nothing to be in accord with if y6u are not in the flesh It is better to say 'so-called' rather than to say my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, according to the flesh,

' for you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit if so be that the Spirit of CHRIST dwell in you.'

So that is well worth considering, and it is really needful for such thoughts as that, which are left as handicaps to those that are struggling to get out of the ruts of materialism, to be eradicated, for with them they bind themselves to that mortal mind in someone else, and it is the mortal mind that says it.'

Be Free From Ancestors and You Will Be Free From Their Diseases

'As long as one lives in the mortal version of the human mind and subjects himself to same in words or in actions, they keep themselves in that rut and subject themselves to the infirmities even of the flesh. There are people whose fore-ancestors have been afflicted with the different diseases, and they cannot and never will be freed from the subjection to such conditions until they are freed from that mortal version of that human mind concerning themselves as being their relatives or kin. And not only claiming it to be so, but if you had a great-grandfather, whatsoever he had, you are subject to that. If you had a daddy, you are subject to what he had. If you had a mammy or whatsoever you may term it to be, you are subject to what she had.

'If you have that in your consciousness, you are subject to the infirmities that they were subject to. And then they wonder why they cannot get rid of such things. And they come into the Truth and still remain subject to that idea They think they are Mr. Johnson's sons or daughters, and Mr. Johnson was consumptive, and they think they can rid themselves of the consumptive germs by just saying, 'Well, I know, I am GOD,'or 'know the Truth,' or something like that and yet knowing that they are Mr. Johnson's son. The infirmities' are handed down from your ancestors mental, spiritual and physical infirmities. You cannot rise above your ancestors unless you detach yourselves from same, from the versions of their mind. It is Wonderful! The mind is the condition. And that is why it is necessary to get away from saying that you were Mr. Whitfield's or Mr. Johnson's or Mr. Jackson's son. If you detach yourself from all of those things, why then you will be detached from all of the conditions that afflicted those that you claim to be yours, for you will be detached from them, don't you see. You will lose even the physical features that were characteristic of them, for you will be detached from them and attached to GOD.'

Copy After the CHRIST As the Ideal

'Now I do not believe in a person copying after another, but I do believe in copying after the CHRIST that was brought into fruition as the Ideal, their mental and spiritual copy, after the sample and the example that was shown you on the mount. Not trying to copy after your imaginations of Christ's physical or personal appearance on the mount, but you can copy after the description of the expression, and the interpretation of those things that were given on the mount. It is Wonderful! I do not wish to try to have any Personal appearance like unto the body called Jesus. I AM not trying to have the least Personal appearance in the likeness of that I would rather physically and Personally look like some other man in this day, for the physical or personal likeness is not the true Ideal. That is not what I AM advocating.'

The Personal Will Not Produce For You What the Impersonal Will

'Then again, as Miss B--- said about sitting near ME at the Table, now where Mrs. T- is sitting is just the same. I AM right there where Mrs. B-- is sitting. I AM right there where Mrs. Young is sitting in Australia right now. I AM right there. I AM right there where Mr. Young is sitting and I AM right there where Barbara Young is sitting. So you see,

'It is eternal life to know thee, the only true GOD,'

and get away from the material or mortal version of the human mind, and glory not in the flesh or the material version of the thought concerning GOD, but glory in the Spirit.

'That is why I do not lay hands on anyone or give them anything, and never advocate any material method or blessing for their blessing. I never advocate any material method or material remedy, for I know that they can be helped without any material method or remedy or any material expression, for the Impersonal Life is the life that counts. The Omniscient and Omnipresent Life is the life that counts and that is why I AM here and I AM there and I AM every-where. That is why I can and may be and AM just as operative when I AM supposedly absent, as I AM when I AM supposedly present, and as a rule I demonstrate the expression of MY Presence more at MY Personal absence than I do at MY Personal Presence.

'That has been the case in those seemingly miraculous healings that have taken place. Those that have come from far and near, and even those that are far away, having not even seen ME, confess to this. So often they are miraculously healed, even more than those that are by MY side Those seeming discords disappear, for they are visualizing the Impersonal whilst you are visualizing the Personal, and the Personal will not produce for you what the Impersonal will produce. The Impersonal is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. The Impersonal cannot be absent from you or you be absent from it, for it is Ever Present in GOD. It is Wonderful!

'So that is why I stress the Impersonal Life and do stress it for your sakes, the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of GOD. I stress that for your sake that I will be and AM just as operative without the Body as I AM with the Body, that when I AM absent I desire not that you would feel destitute or minus anything, for the voice of GOD is Ever Present. That is why I stress that, and even in one of those Metaphysical News we find that, and that the statement has gone on record so that you may know that this Life is not confined to person or individuals as men count persons and lands and countries, but that you may realize that it is Ever Present wheresoever man may be found. It is Wonderful!'

'So then, the Christ is just as operative today, and more operative today in the expression of His universal dominion than He was nineteen hundred years ago whilst He walked the shores of Galilee. At the disappearance of the person of Jesus there came forth the great expression of GOD being reproduced and reflected and brought into manifestation to the world and universalized, and now there are many millions believe in Christ, and the very spirit of Christendom has almost covered the universe.'

I AM Just As Much In One Place As I AM In Another

'It goes to show you that it is not confined to the person or personality of the individual and that it is not confined to one land, state or country, for it is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away, for it is universal, being Omnipresent. So that is the fundamental Principle that I desire to see you build upon, and then without the Personal Presence you will be just as real and just as expressive in your expressions concerning this Truth, as if I would be there in Person. It is Wonderful!

'The same as the different ones say about coming out here to Sayville. So often they tell about coming out here. Of course I AM willing to suffer for your sakes, if it is necessary, still it may not be necessary when I have ways and means to reach your condition. Now, I have gone to the public and I AM having public services so as to meet the public demand. Then I have, as I explained a little while ago, the greater expression of MY Life and MY Love, the Omnipresence of MY Spirit. It can reach the condition of men at all places and at all times at the same time. But for to help you that have not developed to that place, I have condescended to go to the public so that the public will not have to go or come to ME.

'But some of them think that the atmosphere out here in Sayville is in some way different from that of any other place. I hope none of you have anything like that, especially any of you that bring people out here for pay. I hope you would not have anything like that. I hope that would not be your thought. But I have stressed that point of view that I AM just as much in one place as I AM in another, if you will tune in on this Principle of life according to MY Life and Teachings. So when the different ones get up and testify about being in the Kingdom, and how wonderful it is out here, when I AM right there in their midst wheresoever they are, when I AM in their own home, in their own house of prayer, in their own coal bins and their wood bins, in the coal mines, and wheresoever they are, I AM there and not only there in those places but I AM also in their palaces and I AM in their houses, I AM in their ships and their airplanes, I AM there. It is Wonderful! And when they know that, and continue on in this Truth and live exactly according to same, why then they can be blessed wheresoever they are.

'As I say, what I have gone through for humanity's sake, and especially for those that seem to think they love ME, those that seem to, or pretend to, or think they do love ME, for this cause I have suffered many things to come to ME and I do not regret it. But when understanding points a way that you can be just as well blessed without it, I do not and will not permit it, but of course if it is necessary, as I say, persecutions or executions would be all right. I wouldn't care anything about prosecutions or executions.'

I Do Not Stop to Think about Anything; My Spirit Will Do My Wishes

'Some ask about absent treatment. I do not have to give absent treatment. I do not have to go to see you. Where AM I absent? There is no place for ME to go. Where can I go? It is Wonderful! Where is the place for ME to go? Then how could I give absent treatment? Then what need is it for ME to go next door even, to see anybody? I don't have to go next door to see them. Now when you know yourself you will know your GOD, And when you know your GOD you will know yourself, and as I said, then you will have faith without sight, for

'faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,'


'Therefore being justified by faith, you have peace with GOD.'

'Now I did not, as I told this young man, this preacher, whose wife was very sick, I told him to tell her to get up and she would he all right and I didn't have to go to see her, and when he got home she was up walking around. You must be willing to give service, it is true. I AM willing to give service. If it were convincing to ME that I could be of more service digging sewers, that I could be of more practical service digging sewers, I would do that If I were convinced that I would be of more service, I would do that. But unless I felt that I could he of more practical service I would not do it.

'I have prepared MYSELF and prepared you, so that you can know that I can reach your condition, then I can do what I please. I don't have to go to, say today now, I don't have to go to church. I can go and I do not materially have to be active if I don't want to. That is why I can take MY Body and do anything, and the Omnipresence of MY Infinite Spirit can fulfil MY Word. MY Spirit will do MY wishes. I do not have to stop and think about anything, I can go on doing MY daily occupation. We will have it all over the world like this. I can work and who can hinder ME? I can work physically. I don't have to stop MY physical activities to do MY business. I do not have to pay any attention to you. I do not have to pay any Personal attention to you. I know from whence I came and I know whither I go. It is Wonderful!

'That is just a slight sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of this Truth that is still to be revealed. I don't have to pay a bit of attention to you. I can attend to MY Personal activities and I can reach your condition So it is Wonderful! Because I can deny MY-SELF as well as you!'

In the Kingdom of GOD,

' prayer is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed,'

but in the other world, 'prayer is the heart's sincere desire, uttered or expressed.' So often in the world you will make long prayers and repeat your desires over and over again, but in the Kingdom of GOD you won't repeat your desires openly. It will be the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed, and you get to that when you get near to GOD and pray to HIM in secret, and HE that seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

'But when you are in the other world you pray and you will let someone hear you pray, and if they don't hear you pray, often you wil1 tell someone what you desire and what you have been praying for, and all such as that. You don't have to tell it to anyone. As the song says, 'Tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus alone. You have no other, such a friend or brother, tell it to Jesus alone.' Now you verify that in the Kingdom. When you get in the CHRIST Consciousness you don't need to go around telling anyone what you desire, only tell it to GOD. It is Wonderful! And then you will get your desire if you are pure in heart, for He says,

'If ye abide in me, and let my word abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.'

You must abide in ME and let ME abide in you by being faithful and true, and then whatsoever you ask, just know that your prayers have been heard, and

'before they call, I will answer; and whilst they are yet speaking, I will hear.'

'When a person does not get an answer to prayer it is because they have not, or did not abide in CHRIST and the Word of GOD abide in them by living exactly in conformity to the Life and the Teachings of Christ. If they live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of Christ and let this Mind be in them that was also in CHRIST JESUS, when they ask GOD for anything why they will get it, because it will be in the sight of GOD as though it is Jesus. It will not be you that is asking for it, you will be asking in Jesus' name and GOD will act just as though HE thinks it is Jesus and verify that which He said,

'In that day ye shall ask me nothing... but whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, that shall he give unto you.'

So you see, you will not be asking anything any more in your own name, neither will you ask Jesus for anything any more, but you will ask the FATHER, and the FATHER will act just like HE thinks it is Jesus. It is Wonderful!'

I AM Making the Earth My Home

The following was given by FATHER in Peace Memorial Church, New York City on Sunday, May 15, 1932. The first part of the address is not given as the writer was not present at that time.

'I AM going to do it. I speak it openly so that every mortal mind and every opposition may try to oppose it. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world, even your faith. Now I did not rise to talk this time, but I got up to sing that song that I AM making the earth MY home because I don't wish for anyone to think or have any idea of MY going any place. I saw a little small airship when I was coming down this morning. I saw a little airship, and I said, that is just a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the Vanishing City. It is Wonderful But I AM not thinking of going any place right away. In the year 2525, why, we are supposed to have that Vanishing City ready for ten million souls to go from planet to planet, or from place to place as we will.

'Listen! I do not mean imaginarily in imagination, in an imaginary way, I mean just the same as here a few years ago. Lindbergh went to Paris. Then after that why we find that the zeppelin came over here, and that is just a type of the way the Spirit of GOD will develop in the human form, don't you see, that GOD in the likeness of man will be able to transcend gravitation. And it will not be some place up in Heaven as man has supposed, yet you may go from one planet to another, yet you will be going as though you were natural folks..

'Now CHRIST is in man! CHRIST is in man and has brought the Heaven to the earth and to bring into humanity's conscious realization the infiniteness of GOD on the material plane, as well as on the spiritual plane. It is wonderful that GOD is infinite on the material plane as well as on the spiritual plane, and that GOD will bring to us the conscious realization the things that you have once imagined to be mystically hid some place in the sky. And therefore there is nothing impossible with GOD, nor with them that believe, and it is recorded in the Scripture that way in the Epistles. It is written,

'Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think...'

So we can think some wonderful things a n d GOD can bring them to pass.'

California Man Bears Witness and Seeks Endorsement

'Now I will not talk, for it may be that I will have something to say a little later. There are some more here that would like to have something to say and we also have with us a doctor from California and Florida, and we would be glad to hear him, if he wishes to say anything, as he was sent from California by his intuition and directed by Mr. and Mrs. Burnell to ME and directed by them to Dr. Grier who would direct him to ME. He is a representative of a community as bearing witness with this light of Truth, so to speak, and he desires ME to endorse it or cooperate with him. He is here and will speak for himself.'

The visitor from California then told of his work and of his conviction upon seeing FATHER, that HE was the GOD he had been searching for.

FATHER Solves a Domestic Problem

Then a man who had testified before, to having had the desire and the intention to shoot FATHER because his wife had been induced to change the basis of their relationship through FATHER'S Teaching, and that his wife had left the house and not returned when she discovered this intention: that through this he had been reformed and accepted FATHER, confessing all of his sins, testified again. He said that through his previous confession he had hoped to be forgiven, but that he still felt regret and condemnation within and that his wife had not yet returned as he had hoped. FATHER replied as follows:

'Now I would like to say in Person to the speaker that just left the floor, it is wonderful when you do make an open confession of all of your deeds of sin. If you have confessed everything and have not deviated and have lived according to the Truth, then GOD will help you. When you go before the judge you are requested to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so GOD will help you, or, 'So help you GOD.' But if you do not tell the truth in any way, and hold back any thought, word, deed or action, or don't want the public to know any thought, word, deed or action, then you have not told the whole truth. But if you tell the whole truth and nothing else but the truth, you fulfil your vow that you made with GOD and man.

'I don't bear record of ever seeing your wife saving the Wednesday night before she left. I think she must have been the lady that testified that she left her husband, and that was just before I had said that she would go hack if you lived the life. Then I told her when she testified, I told her, lf you are the one, your husband told ME that he was going to live the Life and stop drinking, gambling, smoking and all of those things, and if you go back to him now and live with him, if you live right, no doubt he will treat you right. Now I haven't seen her since, and I haven't heard anything from her since, so I suspected her to be the one.

'Now those prisoners that I AM corresponding with in Person now, that have life sentences, they can be freed if they will confess all of their sins and cast out of their systems all resentment, anger, covetousness, prejudice, bigotry, doubts and fears and live the Life according to the Life of Christ, for if GOD forgives them, then man will also forgive them. If you then, should forsake all of your sins sure enough, and do not conceal any thought, words, deed or action from ME, you will be forgiven and you will have free access to be as happy as you ever were. But you must not keep anything back. That is the only thing that will set you free.

'So if you will have the faith and confess and forsake all of your sins and live the Life and forgive everybody for everything that they have done to you, holding no resentment, bigotry, envy, jealousy or any of those things within you, you will be abundantly blessed, and freed from all of your worries.

'Now let MY Words go home with you, and if you do, and if you will live the Life, if she has not gone back, maybe she will go back, but your case is just a slight sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of what will be done and really is being done to the universe. Now when you were thinking you were cursing ME you were cursing your wife's spirit out of you and you drove her spirit away from you. And that is just the way it is with thousands of people. They don't know that they are driving that which they want away from them when they are trying to get rid of MY Spirit. Now I don't hear record of ever having seen you, or your wife either. I may have seen you in the audience, but I didn't pay any attention to you. I don't bear record of you until after you called ME up and after I received your letter. But if you make up your mind to inquire for the old path and when you have found it, walk therein, and go back to your vow with your wife, the vow that you made to love her and cherish her, don't you see, you wouldn't abuse her, and not only you, but that is just a sample and an example. You may be freed from that if you live the Life now, if you have not sinned against the Holy Ghost.

'But there are others that have not refrained from that way of trying to get rid of MY Spirit. They are going to get rid of all of their happiness, of all of their peace and all of their physical strength, and all of their success and all of their prosperity and all of their love, for in trying to get rid of MY Spirit they are only trying to get rid of that which they desire. I AM success, I AM prosperity, anybody can see that, and whether you are conscious of it or not, I AM the Spirit of universal progression or prosperity, and whether you recognize it or not, if you reject MY Spirit you will be a failure. It is Wonderful!'

I AM Here Now Only For Your Sakes

'Take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, and consider them for your own good, not for MY sake, for I AM satisfied. I would not be in these meetings had it not been that you are calling for ME. I AM not calling for you. I have stayed in the Home for twelve or thirteen years in Sayville. since 1914 and even before then it was even as it is now partially. I just went where they actually wanted ME, for MY services have always been gratis, they have always been a free gift to mankind.

'I don't have to go for the dollars and cents, and I AM only here now for your sakes. And even though I tell you, you do not have to come to ME and to MY meetings if you don't want to, I don't ask anyone to do that, to even come to the meetings, but if you think it is a pleasure to come, if you are happy to come, I AM glad to make you happy, not for any gains of MY own, for I have a full and a plenty and to spare from every angle and from every standpoint of view. I thank you.'

I Came in Your midst to Reveal Mysteries That Were Hid

After the reading of an article from the Metaphysical News at a banquet at 135th Street in New York City, FATHER spoke as follows;

'I AM so glad that your prayers are answered,

'Give us this day our daily bread.'

Can you not see the great significance of personal relaxation, or in other words, complete relaxation of the human mentality that GOD may work? For this cause came I in your midst, to allow the mysteries to be revealed, that which has been hid and that which could not be purchased for money and for price.

'With all that you have paid the Truth teachers for the Truth, did it satisfy you? Did you feel as much satisfied? It is Wonderful! And it is true that the whole world has gone after it. It is Wonderful, isn't it? It is Wonderful!

'The great consolation is to know that you have the same Principle to work out in your own lives that was made manifest in Jesus, that you have a sample and the example in your own lives or before your mental eye to keep in the Life and the Teachings of the Christ to produce that and bring it to fruition in your life.'

'Great God, Thy Nature Has No Bounds'

Continuing speaking at the above banquet, FATHER said:


'You know it is something like the speaker said today. When I hear and see intellectually and morally, supposedly, such noble men as that gentleman that spoke today, that could be debauched with the spirit of prejudice, bigotry and such as that, which would prohibit the man or individual from bringing forth the CHRIST to fruition in their lives, you know it is wonderful. I feel very sympathetic for mortality or for the mortal world when I think about it and see it, supposedly a great worker, a greater humanitarian, and yet one that would allow the spirit of prejudice and bigotry and such like to exist in his system, which would prohibit his calling. It is the same as being drunken with wine. But I AM so glad that I came in this Body, and AM. willing to stand as a living sacrifice, yea, as the sacrifice for this great and universal and unselfish and unlimited Cause. It is Wonderful! Something that is interracial, international, and inter- denominational. We could not see CHRIST and He could not be brought into fruition, into human life if that would exist in their system.

'That is why I stress this point of view so vividly and so firmly so often, cast out of your system all bigotry, prejudice, resentment, anger, envy, malice, deceit, doubts and fears, anger and jealousy and all of those fancies and tendencies that would tend to separate you from your fellow-man. It is indeed Wonderful! When you shall have cast those tendencies out of your system by casting them out of your consciousness, then you are making ready for the glorious event. You are making ready to ascend from the mortal state of consciousness to the CHRIST state of consciousness and be caught up and meet the LORD in the midair, the place in consciousness where there is no division. And hence, being no division, there is no limitation As long as you live in a divided state of consciousness you must have limitations. It is Wonderful!

'Some of you recall your childhood days just for a moment and think about when you studied geography. The United States was bound. Though it was seemingly a pretty good sized country, yet you said it was bounded on the north and on the south and on the east and on the west. It had bounds. But I heard you sing in a song back there in your childhood 'Great GOD, They nature has no bounds.' I came to bring no bounds to this great national Movement. 'Great God, Thy nature has no bounds.' Do you not see a sketch of a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of the reflection of GOD's nature, HIS nature to live and reflect and manifest brotherly love and friendship to all man-kind, unlimited? That is GOD's nature to do that, for GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS Son. How can men be like HIM as long as there be the least germ of that prejudicial seed existing in their system. They cannot be like HIM as long as the least germ of that bigoted seed exists in their system.

'Therefore, I have come to purge them of that spirit and as that gentleman spoke today, how great could have been the expression of GOD in him had he not allowed that prejudicial seed to have existed in him until now, or as long as it did develop. A man with a quality of intelligence and all ability to accomplish a great work, and did accomplish a great work in the Name of GOD, having twenty thousand acres under his own jurisdiction, and a community and school and such like at his own disposal and under his own jurisdiction, and a population of about six thousand, but yet said that he had to come to find ME.

'The CHRIST in him was there as well as here but until one eliminates all seeming barriers and allow their thoughts to revel into the glorious liberty of the sons of GOD and unify themselves with the Infinite Whole, it is a matter of impossibility to bring the CHRIST forth to fruition in their lives, therefore, it was a hindrance. Do you not see it is wonderful?'

Parable of Two Men Who Jointly Owned a Cow

'As I said last evening, when we limit ourselves in thoughts, words, deeds or actions, when we will bring ourselves to a standstill because of some race, creed or color, or denomination, or any mortal belief contrary to our highest intuition that cometh directly from the CHRIST Consciousness, we also will limit ourselves in expressing the CHRIST and thereby we will not be privileged to bring forth the CHRIST to fruition in our lives and in our world. Why do you see CHRIST expressed here more than anywhere else? Not because it should be, necessarily, but because I know no barriers, I know no bounds, I know no races, creeds or colors. I do not know anything about a nationality. And because I do not, I have a free access in the great cosmic forces of nature to produce the thing that can be produced by the great cosmic forces of nature, and they will come at MY command.

'But if I were limited to any limited society or any limited degree of expression, and see MYSELF to that extent as MY destination, then only could I express from the strength or the spirit of that which I had access to, and that which I was allied with. If you ally yourself with the Infinite Whole you become to be a partaker and a part of the same, and that is why it is wonderful. It is Wonderful because you are one with the Infinite Whole, and being one with the Infinite Whole, consciously or unconsciously, the Spirit or the power of same must be responsive to you and satisfy your every desire. A great organization, one that is connected with that organization, he can no doubt, draw from that organization as being one with all men, such power, intellect or spiritual inspirations that are imparted to that people or person or persons or organization, or nationality, or whatsoever it may be that he is a part of or has a lot or part with.

'So therefore, it will be to you to have a free access to be partakers of the fruit of such as you are connected with. Not as the man - I will tell this little story and then I will conclude, for this seems to be getting a little too serious for some of you. But I want to say, not as it was with the two men - we don't believe in such as that -but it was two men bought a cow together and one said the head of the cow belonged to the other man and the rear part of the cow belonged to him, so the one man had the cow to feed and water and lead around all the time, and the other man had the milk all the time. So the story goes that one said he had to feed the cow and lead it around and water it all the time and then the other fellow wouldn't let him have any of the milk, so he killed his part and the other part died.

'Now I AM not talking about you all must unite and join the Infinite Whole in order for your part to be killed or MY part to be killed, but I AM saying that so that you can unify yourselves with the Infinite Whole and be a partaker of both the milk and the feeding of the cow at once. Of course, if you just want to milk the cow and let the other fellow feed it, if the other fellow kills his part, why your part may die.

'But in reality, we all belong to one great universal brotherhood of man and FATHERHOOD of GOD, and we will manifestedly universalize this Movement, manifestedly universalize this Movement without reserve. Nothing can prohibit it. Now even if I would go to Florida, I would do the same as I do here. GOD is no respecter of persons. I would do MY work the very same as I AM doing it here. I would bring them in one heart and one mind and let humanity know that GOD is one GOD and HIS people one people. Let everybody know that out of the one Spirit, GOD through CHRIST has created man and all mankind, and out of the same Spirit all denominations come forth. It is Wonderful!'






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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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