"Tune In On This Principle and Be Healed"

From The Notebook of John Lamb

Installment 47


There are thousands of people in Europe, Asia and Africa that have never even seen ME, that have never contacted ME even through the telegraph or any mechanical instrument, but they have contacted this Principle; and they have been abundantly freed from every adverse and undesirable condition. I have letters from Australia, Africa and Asia and they are flocking there, the same as they are here in New York. It is Wonderful!

Then I say that it is just as operative without The Body; and that is why I stress that because it is real and others can be abundantly blessed and they will not need to doubt nor fear because of the absence of The Body at any time. At any of MY Meetings that are set apart for ME, all are welcome and all that go can just tune in on This Principle and all will be well it matters not what kind of complaint you have for The Spirit of The Consciousness of The Presence of GOD is here and now!

We had in our meeting last night a lady that was healed of a cancer, although I was not there even a running cancer. And then we had a man that had been walking on crutches and he was so wonderfully healed that he kicked almost a high as My Head and he could not even walk before. And then Mrs. C , the one right here in Jersey that was healed; and the one in Newark last week that was healed after I had gone from the church. I stress that thought to let you all know that I AM not advocating the Personality but The Impersonality that is incorruptible, undefiled and fadeth not away. This young man, twenty-four years of age, also, that had never walked or talked, that, someone says is walking and talking now, is another case.

Now that is to prove to you that GOD is your refuge and strength and your present help with or without a Body. I do not desire to see anyone fail, but I do desire to see them be abundantly blessed and free from all adverse conditions of life and that is why I do try to avoid the material method or the material remedies in any way and will not shake hands with anyone for healing. Many have testified that they have gone out there to Sayville and been healed by drinking of the water.

But when you partake of MY Blessed Word and contact MY Blessed Spirit, with or without a Body and even if this Body were to go into oblivion it would be just the same. It would be just as operative without the Body as it is with the Body, when you know the Truth.

Sayville, Home of the Soul

Sayville, Home of the Soul

That is the great significance of this Truth, Dear Ones. I don't want to see anyone fall or stumble or fail because when you once stumble in the way of Righteousness it is hard to recuperate. But raise your consciousness to contact the CHRIST Consciousness and cast out of your system (by casting it out of your mind) all prejudice, all hatred and covetousness, all deceit, all doubts and all fears and realize that you are one with CHRIST and one with GOD but first by being one with One and one with all. Then and there and here and now you will be abundantly blessed and brought into the Glorious Liberty of the Children of GOD.

Now I don't have to go to any church to tell the Truth. I AM telling the Truth in words, deeds and actions. For as I said not long ago in one of MY recent composed but often rehearsed mottoes:

'I will preach CHRIST in words but more so in deeds and actions; and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes.'

Wheresoever You Be, You Can Be With ME and I With You.

I have the victory and so have you if you only know it for Faith is the victory. You do not need to fear, nor fret, nor worry when you know that you are on the victory side. When you know that you are on the victory side you can go forth conquering and to conquer. You realize that GOD in one man is a majority. It is Wonderful!

All you must needs do is to know that you have GOD in you and you have nothing to fret nor worry about. If you know that you are right, Dear Ones then go ahead!

I know that you have been enjoying the Presence of the Spirit today. As I was telling some today, it is not necessary that you must see ME in Person as I AM not advocating personality. I AM advocating the Impersonal Life. That is why I wish to say to those of you around New York City, or New York State, where I AM visible, that I have not answered your personal letters. Realize that your prayers are answered according to your faith without a literary reply. It is Wonderful!

That is the great consolation. That is the great consolation, I say, to realize that your prayers can be answered without a literary correspondence. That is why I can rest physically as well as mentally. When a person writes ME, 'I want YOU to come to my house,' I know that I don't have to go there with My Feet. I know that I don't have to go there by the way of foot neither by the way of any mechanical device. But I know that I will go there. That is the great consolation of this Truth. I know that I will go there, I say, and some of you realize that I have been there!

I have been right in your homes. I have been in your workshops. I have been in your cook- kitchens. I have been in your bedrooms at night. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! You know it is so Wonderful! Some of you all don't care what they say about you. You know that GOD is a present help in every need. I don't have to go there with My Feet. That is the great consolation of this wonderful Truth!

I paid the price; and the Spirit paid the price through many ages and through and many agencies and through many bodies even through the innocent blood of righteous Abel to stand in this judgment and for the defense of this Truth. All of the righteous blood that has ever been shed for Righteousness Sake it is a living testimony to this Truth. It is Wonderful!

So, therefore, we do not need to worry, being or going to any place in person particularly when it is to be done from a spiritual standpoint of view. I don't have to lay hands on anybody, neither does anybody have to touch ME. Not from a Personal standpoint of view for GOD is not absent from any place. Now I know you are glad of that. You knew it anyway, but it encourages you to know that I know it. I can reach your condition wheresoever you are and not only your condition but I can reach you wheresoever you are. Then with or without a Body I AM just as operative one way as I AM another, so long as you will tune in on this Principle. That is your great consolation!

Some may say, 'How does HE say that when GOD is the only one that is present everywhere.' But I will quote the Scripture from the Colossians to you that beareth witness to this from a personal and natural standpoint of view. GOD spoke through the mouth of Paul and said:

'When I AM absent in Body I AM present in Spirit.'

And some of you realize MY Presence when I AM absent in BODY. I say I AM here and I came to stay. It is Wonderful! You in ME and I in you and wheresoever you be, you can be with ME and I with you.

I know some of you realize that I was here the other night. When We left this church the other night, apparently, still I was here just the same for we are not parted. It is Wonderful! There is no division in this great Universal Mind, there is no division in this great Universal Scheme of things. I prayed that

'they may be one even as we are one.'

Therefore I say unto you, when we are apparently separated that is only the outward expression; but the heart may be united, also the mind and by so doing you will be drawn back again.

GOD Is In The Mighty Power of The Spirit of Love

Now whether you claim it or not, Dear Ones, it has been confirmed as I have confirmed it. It has been confirmed by your presence here today. It is Wonderful! And every one of you that has really made his contact here today, you realize that GOD is present with you. Therefore I say that you are in another day! You are not in the old day. You are in the Day of The LORD!. Therefore no adverse winds and doctrines and ideas and opinions can stand in the mighty power of The Spirit of The Presence of GOD, for GOD is in the mighty power of The Spirit of Love and this Love is a consuming fire! It is written:

'Our God is a consuming fire.'

That is what I AM talking about!

When you say a word or your hear a word and you do not know what it means, if you get a dictionary and you will look it up, you will find that same word means something else. It means the same, but it is a different name, a different pronunciation of it. And he said,

'Our GOD is a consuming fire . . . and He makes His ministers angels and His ministers flames of fire.'

Then what should His ministers be? Then what is that consuming fire?

' HE shall baptize you with The Holy Ghost and with fire.'

If you cannot baptize with The Holy Ghost and fire, why then, you must not be a consuming fire. That is pretty deep but I say it is true! John said

'I must decrease but He that cometh after me must increase.'

The disappearing of JESUS' Body did not stop the going on of the Christian Church, did it? It is Wonderful! It was increased then by thousands! Because JESUS' Body has not always been with you, that did not stop you from having Him with you, did it? You never heard such a wonderful testimony until after JESUS was gone, did you?

You Can Be As JESUS Is If You Live The Life

I heard you say in modern times,

'I know that my Redeemer liveth . . .because He lives in me.'

I heard you say,

'I know that He is risen for He is risen in my soul.'

They didn't say 'risen' before JESUS was risen and before JESUS went away. While JESUS was with them they did not say that; but they saw the triumph from afar and by faith they brought it near. Because He disappeared they could say; (and you can say with assurance)

'I know that He is risen because He is risen in my soul.'

If JESUS had not disappeared someone would have said, 'I know that He is risen for I saw Him in Baltimore.' 'I know that He is risen because I saw Him in Europe.' I know that He is risen because I saw Him in Spain and He was preaching in the streets,' or something like that. But because you don't see The Body, you can say,

'I know that He is risen, for He is risen in my soul.'

So I say then that GOD has always been just as operative for the souls of the children of men without a Body as He has been with The Body; and when and where and here and now that HE knows HIMSELF, HE brings HIMSELF forth into expression for the good of the souls of men. It is indeed Wonderful! That is why The LORD says:

'He that seeks to save his life shall lose it; but he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.'

Now take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, and realize that as HE is so are We in this present world. You can be just as JESUS is if you will live the Life according to His Teachings as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and let This Mind be in you that was also in Him for you have the right to live the same Life and to produce the same CHRIST, for every one of you has that Seed Idea implanted in the soil of your soul whether you are conscious of it or not.

And when you roll away the stone of unbelief and doubts and fears;; and when you roll away the stone of materiality and carnality, The CHRIST in you will rise and can be brought to fruition in your lives as HE was in The Body called JESUS: The Reproduction of The INFINITE ONE manifested here and there and everywhere to all of His children and

'ye are the Sons of GOD!'

Did HE not say,

'As many as received Him to them gave He power to become the Sons of GOD, even to them that believed on His Name?'

Because you concentrated on HIM and you produced HIM in your life, and the

'little leaven leaveneth the whole lump'

and you became the Sons of GOD. All men may be that and if you are not living it you are leaving behind your GOD-given rights.

And as I said before, I AM not studying about what I AM, I AM not caring about what I AM, but I AM talking about what you can be and how you can live and how you can be filled and thrilled with the Joys of The LORD here and now in this present time and you do not have to wait for another time for today is the day of salvation! Today is the Day of Grace!

'In the day that you hearest My Voice, harden not your heart.'

I will have something else to say later on. The time is will expired. It is seven o'clock now and We want to give you a chance to get some fresh air and some water and something to eat. We do not wish to keep you fasting too long, that you may faint by the way. Your enthusiasm, your love and your devoutness and your love to your fellow man would keep you here all night too if I would stay here and not release you. But I will release you here at this juncture and give you a chance to go out and get a little fresh air and something to eat and return back at eight o'clock. It is Wonderful!

You Are Healed! You Are Healed!

In conclusion with this particular Message, I want to say, are you willing to take the Name of your FATHER with you? It is Wonderful! As you go out tonight, wheresoever you go, take the Name of your FATHER with you, child of joy, life, health and love! It will in joy and comfort keep you. Take this mighty Name wherever you go! If you are anyway doubtful of It; if there seems to be anything trying to befall you in any way, just say 'I thank YOU, FATHER!' I have said,

'Call upon ME in the day of trouble and I will deliver thee!'

The Name of GOD that will charm your fears; It will bid your sorrows cease! It is music in the believer's ears! It is Life, It is Health, It is Peace! Aren't you glad? Take This Mighty Name take it wheresoever you go!

'Fear not little flock, It is your FATHER's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!'

I say, take this mighty Name! The Name of GOD is a strong tower and the righteous run therein and are saved! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful!

I say , if This BODY is not victorious in everything, then don't believe in the Name of GOD! The Blood has paid it all! It is Wonderful! This Mighty Holy Name! The Name is a strong tower, I say, and the righteous run therein, and they are saved! It is Wonderful! They are saved!

'And you shall not see HIM until you say Blessed is HE that cometh in The Name of The LORD!'

Take these thoughts in, Dear Ones, you that think you are sick, you have brought your burdens here today. I want to say, you that think you are sick, or thought you were sick when you came, you have brought your burdens here today leave them here! Leave them here, I say! It is Wonderful! Leave them here! It is a mighty Holy Name! I heard you say,

'Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given . . . and He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor . . .mighty GOD. . .everlasting FATHER and Prince of Peace' and you say that the government shall be upon His Shoulders!'

I have borne your burdens in the heat of the day! You have brought your burdens here and you are going to leave them here! Forget all about them! Don't think about them any more. For here is rest for the weary; here is rest for you!

'Right here on this side of Jordan in the sweet fields of Eden, right here is a tree of Life a-blooming here is rest for the weary, here is rest for you!'

It is Wonderful!

I have borne for you, I say, the twelve manners of fruit. I have borne for you the twelve manners of fruit (the fruit of the twelve Apostles of The LORD JESUS CHRIST,) and the leaves of the Tree are good for the healing of the nations! I say the leaves are good for the healing of the nations. It is Wonderful!

That is why I said: live exactly according to the Life and Teachings of CHRIST as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; and

'Let This Mind be in you that was also in CHRIST JESUS.'

If you do you will find that these Leaves (holding up the Bible) are good. You will find that they are good for the healing of the nations. They have healed you. And here is rest for the weary; here is rest for you! In the sweet fields of Eden there is a Tree of Life a-blooming!

Drop your burdens here. Now leave them here. Don't take them away with you for GOD is here to help you. HE has taken upon HIMSELF your infirmities and borne all of your diseases! Aren't you glad? HE bore them all and GOD this very day has borne all of your burdens, your sorrows and persecutions; has been persecuted and criticized and slandered on every side. It is Wonderful!

But the Word says,

'. . . when they shall persecute you and say all manner of evil against you . . .Rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in Heaven!'

So I AM rejoicing. I AM rejoicing that MY persecutions and MY criticisms can save and free you from your sorrows, from your troubles, from your miseries, from your tribulations, from your trials and from your sickness and diseases.

You are healed ! You are healed! You are healed! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! I AM here and I AM there! I AM there, I say! I AM there as well as here! I AM here and I AM there and I AM everywhere! I AM here and I AM there! I AM there as well as here! I AM there!'

At this point there was a wholesale healing! People in various parts of the audience jumped up shouting they were healed; and many brought their crutches and canes and left them at the rostrum! The entire audience was on its feet in a demonstration that would not be stilled and lasted for fifteen or twenty minutes before order was restored; and the audience was dismissed for an hours' recess.

All of The Kingdoms Respond Immediately To The Voice of GOD

The above Sermon and those that follow were spoken before FATHER went into Personal seclusion but were not written up in the order in which they came.

Now you can see the man kingdom as they are coming unto ME. That is but the outer expression in our world as from the other kingdoms. They respond just as readily. The animal kingdom, it responds just as readily as the man kingdom. The vegetable kingdom, it responds just as readily as the animal kingdom. The mineral kingdom, it responds just as readily as the man or the animal or the vegetable kingdom; and I will be filled with the presence of them for they are filled with MY Presence! It is Wonderful!

The animal kingdom will say, 'Hold not back' and the vegetable kingdom will say, 'Cease not to flow.' It is Wonderful! The animal kingdom gives evidence that it is willing to come and go, and the man kingdom declares,

'All things in CHRIST are ready now.

All of the kingdoms are responding, immediately , instantaneously, readily to The Voice of GOD. It is Wonderful! They come forth. Now look at you representatives of the man kingdom. Wheresoever I go and sit, you see, you come and gather around.

Now the mineral and the vegetable kingdoms, they respond also thus, for you are but the physical expression or interpretation of how all things answer at your call: the expression of how all things respond at the call of GOD. It is Wonderful! Then none need lack for all things will come forth. Therefore we must have a full and a-plenty of all good things from the animal kingdom and from the vegetable kingdom and from the mineral kingdom, for the sustenance of the body as well as that which comes forth from The GOD Kingdom for the sustenance of the soul. It is Wonderful

You are telling ME in your very appearance and by your delight to come even without the call: that all things in CHRIST are ready now. They are all ready to be utilized and to give service to GOD and His Presence

The minerals will give up their dead. The vegetable kingdom will give up its living and its dead ; and they will be resurrected and given life and brought unto GOD for the glory of GOD for the sustenance of the body.. And all can see and enjoy the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good. It is Wonderful!

As a rule, apparently, man gets most of what he eats, not directly from the mineral kingdom but more from the vegetable and animal kingdoms. Apparently that which comes directly from the mineral kingdom, apparently, it is not for man, for the man kingdom, as much as it is for the animal kingdom. That which cometh forth directly from the mineral kingdom, in a great measure it can be consumed by the animal kingdom; and that which cometh forth from the vegetable kingdom is consumed by the man kingdom.

So you get your sustenance from the kingdom just below that in which you live and which you are a part of. The animal kingdom in a great measure, it can subsist on that which cometh from the mineral kingdom and the vegetable kingdom. But, however, you can see that it will respond to the call of GOD. The fish in the sea, they will come at the command of GOD. The diamonds in the mines, they will come at the command of GOD. So it is Wonderful! If you all don't think it is Wonderful, don't say so.'

The Holy Ghost and Fire and Power Are Just The Same Today

The following Sermon was delivered by FATHER in Unity Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York.

I just rise to say that The Holy Ghost and fire is just the same today. It is the same as it was at the day of Pentecost. And you may marvel at this wonderful gathering and those here of the thousands, even millions, that are following after this wonderful Truth. Some may say one thing and some may say another, but I want to say, this Holy Ghost and Power is just the same today. It is Wonderful!

When the Body called JESUS was crucified, that did not make it not be all right. When HE was crucified, that did not make it not be all right. We know that The Holy Ghost and Fire, it is just the same today. It is Wonderful! Now we know that you shall receive power, after that The Holy Ghost is come unto you. Power that moves beyond your personal control and beyond the power of man or mortal to control. We rejoice because it is the same today. We rejoice because we see that they received the same results that they received nineteen hundred years ago, and they will receive even more. It is Wonderful!

I have not done anything to what I AM going to do. I AM going to do more on every side. As for the blind receiving their sight, the dead shall be raised! It is Wonderful! Now I do not have to be there for any of these things to be done, in Person. That is the great significance of The Omnipotence, or in other words, of The Omnipresence of GOD.

GOD is all Power; GOD is all Knowledge and all Understanding; and GOD is Omnipresent: present everywhere and can reach your condition wheresoever you are.

You know that is what stirs up the mortal mind. The materialists, they are standing on and figuring on the material things. They are depending upon the material things but to those of you that are spiritual, you do not have to depend upon material things or rely upon material things. You know that the Spiritual things are the things that count. It is Wonderful!

And if all appearances would disappear into the nothingness of the invisible from whence they apparently came, still GOD would be the same. So then I say, the Power, or in other words, the Fire, The Holy Ghost and Fire, It is just the same today! It is Wonderful!

The More I Say, The More I Want To Say

You know, I don't like to talk so much. Sometimes I try to keep quiet; but when you get ME wound up, I AM something like a little alarm clock. From the Personal point of view sometimes I would rather see GOD speak through some other appearance or through some other temple rather than here. It is Wonderful!

But I was just up in the other lecture hall and, of course, I somewhat; or they somewhat started ME up, up there, and you know it is Wonderful! I wanted to say something to them there because I knew that they wanted to hear ME, while yet I AM there anyway whether I was there or would have been there in Person or not. But as I began to talk, of course, the more I said the more I felt like saying, and when I got through saying that apparently, I was a little more spiritually thirsty. It is Wonderful!

You know, you have heard of dogs or wolves or something like that, getting a sheep and they would be more bloodthirsty and would want to get another sheep. It is Wonderful! So in coming up here the more I say sometimes the more I want to say because I know from whence I came and whither I go although you cannot tell from whence I came and whither I go. It is Wonderful! The mortal mind cannot tell, but I know from whence I came.

Do Not Get The Shadow, But Get The Substance

Therefore I say, the power of The Holy Ghost and Fire, It is just the same today. And I will do a hundred times more this month than I did last month! I will not stop! And the mortal mind, as I often say, may say, 'You all say FATHER is GOD, and some may say, 'HE calls HIMSELF GOD.' I heard a man say once, 'If HE calls HIMSELF GOD, HE is not the first m-a-n that called himself GOD. However, I wish to say, I do not have to call MYSELF anything in words. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! And I don't care what you call ME in words. But something will be done. But some may say as they have said, 'Well, if HE is GOD, why is it HE does not heal everybody. Why is it HE does not do this and why is it HE not do this and why is it HE does not do the other?'

Now just a moment! In all of your getting, I want you to get understanding. Those of you that are MY Followers, I know even you sometimes get the shadow and miss the substance. I AM not after you getting something less than the substance. Now some may say that. But anybody that says that and claims to believe that there is a GOD, why not tell them, if they tell you that, why not ell them, 'Do you believe in GOD?' And when they say, 'Certainly, I believe in GOD, but I don't believe in that m-a-n,' then you can say, 'Well what is GOD?' They may say, 'GOD is Spirit and GOD is All-Power and man cannot do anything.' If they say that, well then you just say, 'Do you pray to GOD?' And they will say, 'Yes, certainly.' Then you can say, 'Why is it that GOD that you prayed to lets anybody die on Earth? That GOD that you pray to, you say HE is everywhere, why does HE let anybody on Earth die and they crying to HIM, LORD have mercy and HE will not have mercy, and you down there praying to HIM?' It is Wonderful!

I say, it is eternal life to know the only true GOD! Why does not GOD, in that imagination, or from that consideration, heal everybody in the world and not let anybody die or have an ache or a pain? I mean their GOD, the one they are talking about. Why is it that your GOD lets there be wars and rumors of wars? Why is it that your GOD lets suffering be on the Earth? It is Wonderful!

GOD with a Body or GOD without a Body, GOD is the same today, yesterday and forever visible or invisible. GOD is the same Spirit and the same Mind within a Body or out of a Body. Therefore, we say the Fire, the Holy Ghost and Fire is just the same today. Aren't you glad? Lift up your heads with courage bold, and look out on the field, for the harvest truly is ripe but the laborers are few. It is Wonderful!

There are those of you that haven't professed even knowing anything, are coming from far and near to enter into the Kingdom of Life, into the Kingdom of GOD! It is Wonderful! You are seeking and you are finding. So many of you as have been baptized into CHRIST have been baptized in His Belief. I know that you have been baptized in the belief of CHRIST, and therefore, as JESUS believed, even as JESUS believed, so believest thou ME. It is Wonderful! And as I say , you realize that it is just the same today, the same today, yesterday and forever.

Remember, on the day of Pentecost, Ananias and Sapphira, they were there in person, so to speak. They lied to GOD as though lying to men, and Peter rising up said,

'You have not lied unto men, but unto GOD.'

Both Ananias and Sapphira, his wife, they fell down at his feet Then the young men came in and wound their dead bodies in sheets and carried them out. It is Wonderful!

'The wages of sin is death; but the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS CHRIST our Lord .'
'Verily, verily I say unto you, if a man keep My Saying he shall never see death.'

And if JESUS said that, why is it that anyone that ever said that he was a Christian died? Why is it that anyone that ever said that he was a Christian died? Why is it that anyone that would believe, even in your imaginations in your mortal way, in h - -l, why was that someone that joined the church and said they were converted, went to h - -l in their imagination? It is Wonderful!

I Came To Turn You Back To The Truth of GOD

That does not change The Word of GOD, neither does it change The Spirit of GOD, neither does it change The Life of GOD, for GOD'S Life is just as operative as it was before you sinned.. For all of you have been called to this Life, every one of you, even before you knew or heard anything about ME from a Personal standpoint of view. Those of you that have been converted, if you were converted sure enough, why you know that you had to give up everything too get that conversion, didn't you? You know you did. It is Wonderful!

Now isn't that true? You had to get your mind off father, mother, sister, brother, wives and husbands, houses and lands, and everything else before you ever got a kiss of His Holy Love! That was in your way, wasn't it? But still you had to go His Way to get it, didn't you? But still, if you didn't get it that way, you have to get it that way and you need to get it that way now. And if you had it that way and if you have gone back and taken up any of the habits that you had before, any of them, any of your old habits, fancies and mortal pleasures, any your mortal desires or any of your relatives or kin, after you got that, well now, you have got to go back and put them all down.

Now, you know it is true, because you didn't do right. You made a contract with GOD, you signed a contract with GOD, you signed a contract with GOD before you got the blessing, didn't you, each time you got it? Some of you got several blessings, didn't you? And every time you made a contract with GOD. You know it is true. It is Wonderful! Then if you made a contract with GOD, in a way of speaking, it was a if though you fooled GOD. You didn't fool GOD, GOD knew you were weak and GOD knew that you were not going to stand up to it. That is why HE had to prepare HIMSELF a Body for you to get back to your old landmark. It is Wonderful!

Now you all know these are facts and figures that are too stout to be denied. It is Wonderful! But it was as though you fooled GOD, and GOD thought you meant what you said and let you have the blessing, because you promised to serve GOD all the days of your life and you gave up everything to get the blessing, everything. You forgot your father, your mother, your sister, your brother. If you were married, you got your wife, your husband, your child and all off of your mind to get the blessing, didn't you? Well then, why complain at ME because I AM trying to get you back to the same place again? It is Wonderful!

Now you all know it is true. You know it is true! It is Wonderful! And then if you got converted and got the blessing and went on shouting a little while and then you went back and picked up a scarf or something you had thrown down when you got happy you know it is true now if you have gone back and taken up that scarf, you have got to go back and throw it off!

Everything that you threw off to get the blessing, and have taken on again, you have to go back and throw it off, or else you will not have the blessing. Now the blessing will leave you if you don't do it; for I have come to turn you back to GOD. It is Wonderful! To turn you back to GOD! Now you know it is true. You know these are facts and figures that are too stout to be denied; because you know , even from a physical, external, collective standpoint of view, humanly speaking have I not turned thousands of people back to the church? Now do you not see that there are even thousands here tonight that would not be in the church if I had not come? It is Wonderful!

Do you not see that the church tonight is filled wherein ordinarily there would be a very limited few? Now, it is practical, it is simple: you can easily see that I came to turn you back to the church, to t he Truth of GOD from which you had strayed. And to let you know that you have left your first Love. You know you left your first Love and went back and took up the mortal love. You began to love mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers, and sons and daughters and races and creeds and colors, and men and women and all such as that, when you should have been loving GOD. It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! You know it is true; and GOD said in Revelation. through the mouth of the Apostle, HE said:

'Repent, and do thy first work . . .'






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Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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